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  1. I have most of another part written. I just haven't had time to finish it. It will be coming soonish
  2. That last part is great. I am not a fan of alpha or cocky attitudes, but then you can feel how afraid the dad was that he pushed his son away. It also opens up endless possibilities for where they might go with the growth. Awesome ending!
  3. Lol, I love it Don't worry about it. This is clearly a topic I have thought about for years. In my head, I always outsmart the genie. But when I started thinking about it for this story, I realized that my plan would probably leave me trapped. I believe the first wish would actually work and the promise to free a genie might engender some help from his side. But the second wish is always the tricky one . I always imagined illusions would be the way to go, but maybe I have to rethink my wishes.
  4. Genie's Curse - Epilogue (for now) It has been 3 months since I got trapped in a Genie's Curse. Adjusting to my new life has been a struggle. Sometimes I pulverize a door frame trying to go through. Once through, I can see behind me that it is perfectly in tact. I often use my shear size to try to intimidate people, but they are not even phased by the gesture. Listening to myself talk was the hardest thing to cope with. I came countless times until I started getting used to my voice. In those cases, I have been thankful that it was part of the illusion. Walking around at full mast or with soaked pants and people not even giving me a second glance is somewhat liberating. The same can be said for when I hulk out of my clothing in a public place. It is great being in a boring meeting and just having my clothes explode off of me. I learned quickly to stifle my laughter at the situation. It turns out laughing can be perceived by others even though they cannot see what is so humorous. Awkward... Gene has been doing well. He sleeps through the night, every night. He pretty much did that from day 1. He never cries. If he needs something, he just makes a little baby sound and I immediately know what he desires. If he does start to get fussy, I can just lay him on my massive chest and he becomes completely relaxed. Or if I am busy doing something else, the crystal ball does the trick. About a month ago, my 8 week paternity leave was ending and I had to hire a nanny. I interviewed a few men and women for the job. I was pretty selective - making sure they had proper credentials, certification, and education in child development. All of them were perfect for the job. But on the ninth interview, Gene made his happy gurgle sound, the guy's heart almost visibly melted, and I knew that he was the one. His name is Al and the two of them get along great. I always feel confident that Gene will be OK with Al while I am at work. So yeah, home life is taken care of. Work, though, will be weird and stay weird forever. I crush my keyboard and mouse a few times every single day. Once, I took a chunk out of my monitor when I pressed the power button. I know that my chair and desk do not fit my body, but somehow I am able to sit there. My huge salami fingers should be slamming 8 keys at a time on the keyboard, yet I am still able to type. This life has showed me the power of meditation. I constantly need to take a deep breath and calm myself enough to start seeing through the illusion. I still haven't quite figured out what to do with my free time outside of home and work. Before all of this, I was trying hard to build some muscle - working out and clean diet. My current situation has made that difficult. No matter how much I eat, I always feel like I am hungry. My reflection in the mirror has lost at least 20 pounds over the 3 months. And on the flip side, I cannot find weights that provide any challenge. My home gym was basically an all-in-one machine and a couple of dumbbells. So I joined a local hardcore gym. Ignoring the weird looks that I got, I went about my business trying to throw some weights around. Even there, I could not find a challenging amount of weight. I maxed out every machine, barbell and dumbbell on my first workout. Doing hundreds of reps at max weight barely works up a sweat. I tried going to the manager and asking for reinforced heavy duty bars and more weights, but I got laughed out of the office. I quit a couple of weeks after that. No doubt I looked like just another newbie who got discouraged. Other activities are difficult and unwieldy since I lost a lot of manual dexterity in the transformation. Just like with the computer keyboards, I can never tell how much or how little force is needed. It is also difficult to judge where exactly my fingers should go. With a keyboard, it is like blindly stabbing into the dark. Autocorrect picks up the majority of my mistypes, but most other recreational activities are not as forgiving. I have shied away from my friends because I do not have any clue how to act around them. Will any of my feats of strength translate through the illusion? The last thing I would want is to hurt one of them. Luckily, Gene is the perfect excuse for being a hermit for a while. Once I can get a handle of everything at work, I will try to incorporate friends again. I still do not really know what I look like. Some things that I can pin down are: - My body over produces melanin (or at least overproduces compared to regular people). I have a permanent deep tan covering my body. The skin on my arms and the top of my pecs is like cellophane wrapped around the muscle. Even though I can see the tan, I can also partially see through to every single muscle fiber. The top of my chest, parts of my forearms and shoulders are about the extent of what I can see of my body. - My hands are gigantic. Each of my fingers is close to the size of a cucumber. One time at the gym, I reached over and grabbed a regular guy's head. My mitt engulfed half of his skull. I made sure to pay close attention to the mirror while doing that. Obviously the reflection did not grab the other guy's head. Although, I was licking my lips lustfully thinking about how I could just pick him up like he was nothing. The guy just thought that I was attracted to him and checking him out in the mirror. - I cannot get a good look at my feet, but I wear a size 18 US. - When I move my lips around, I can barely see at the bottom of my vision that I have a thick beard. - I can feel a squared off jawline, but that is pretty much all I know about my face. It is not like you can get a sense of fine details with hands like mine. It is like trying to play golf with a basketball. Everything else about my body is basically found by feeling around. My giant catcher's mitt hand cannot fully grasp my cock. I have tried measuring it, but the illusion always warps back to around eight inches. I can feel putting my hands side by side that the cock extends past them. Even though the ruler says my palms are somewhere in the 4 inch width area, I can visually see that they are double that. What does that mean for my cock...? I have an eight pack of meat slab abs. My pecs are so large that they obscure the top abs. Each pec is much bigger than the guy's head I mentioned above. My hands can feel the heft, but I know that I cannot grip them fully. Feeling around below the belt (to the extent my size allows), I cannot really tell how big my thighs are. They seem to be bigger than my waist, but that is just an assumption without any ability to accurately measure them. I have taken to buying weights for home whenever I have the spare cash above and beyond the food budget and baby supplies. I bought one heavy duty bar to use for my exercises at home. I am not quite at the point of feeling resistance, but I feel like I am getting close. Every once in a while, I try the lamp and device just out of curiosity. I test different methods of activation. So far, nothing has worked. Something has been bugging me right from the start, though. Am I the one seeing and feeling an illusion like when the genie grew my cock? Or am I really this big and everybody else sees an illusion of me at regular size and has their perception distorted for what is actually happening? Since I see the original me in a mirror that isn't performing the same actions... does that mean the latter version is true?
  5. Well that didn't last long. I already broke down and started an epilogue. I created a nice little piece of artwork as inspiration. I left the narrator clothed in underwear, sorry
  6. You'll just have to wait until next Storiversary to find out I'll probably break down before next year and write some more on this storyline lol
  7. Thanks for the comments! Yeah, the morale of the story is appreciate what you have and never make wishes if you do get the chance. You can never predict all of the angles hahaha It is not all bad for the narrator. He gets the most fantastically muscled body in the world and can do amazing feats of strength. He just will never know what is real.
  8. I wanted to play out a little scenario that I have thought about on many occasions. This is actually what I would do if I happened to find a genie's lamp. I hope you enjoy The Genie's Curse People always talk about the Genie's Curse when it comes to wishing for things. The best thing to do is just not make any wishes. This is theorized to be true for two reasons - a genie will always twist your words and whatever you wish for will have dire unforeseen consequences. When I found a genie's lamp on the beach, I got to see first hand whether or not that would be true. My first inclination was to tell the genie to go back into the lamp and bury it. But then it came out and said, "Greetings my master. I have been exiled in the lamp for a millennium. For releasing me, I will grant you three wishes. Anything your heart desires will come true," curiosity got the better of me. How could I possibly bury it? It would haunt me until my dying breath if I lost this chance. But I had to play it smart. Why was the Genie's Curse really a curse? The first reason was that a genie's sole motivation would be some enjoyment after many years of being imprisoned. If you had magic and could do anything with it, why not have a little fun, right? The second reason is that wishing for grand things has an impact on human events. Any action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you influence human events through magic, that unnatural force is bound to bite you in the ass. So let's see, the first obstacle is getting around a genie twisting words for its amusement. I took the bait. Though it was a little hard to concentrate while looking at the genie - it probably intentional in order to make the wisher slip up. The genie was quite attractive. I am hesitant to call it a 'guy' since it was some magical creature. Although, it looked incredibly masculine. It was a haze from the waist down, trailing towards the lamp. From what I could see in the haze, it had quite a bulge stuffed into sort of silk loincloth looking garment. It was naked from the waste up save for a star tattoo on its right cheek and a bunch of piercings all over the place. "Hello... er... genie? What are the rules of wishing?" I tried not to get entranced by its V-taper. Its shoulders looked like they were twice as wide as mine, heading down to an impossibly hard and cut waist. The V was further enhanced by the hips shrinking as it disappeared into the haze. That was all hard enough to avoid staring at. Not drooling over its plump and juicy pecs with nipples pointing slightly towards the ground would be a little more difficult. The genie grinned. "Ah, such a wise master." I, of course, told myself that I was immune to it buttering me up. "Start the wish by saying 'I wish'. You cannot wish for more wishes. You cannot wish to influence another human's mind - such as forcing them to love you. You cannot wish for another human's death. Anything else is yours for the taking. Do you want wealth beyond your wildest dreams? Do you want world peace?" The genie rolled its eyes. "Wealth comes with its own problems. I would never know who my true friends were. I would lose all sense of accomplishment for working hard and getting a reward or paycheck. Nah, money would not be the way to go." The genie nodded knowingly. It had an expression of remembering those circumstances happening before. "And world peace would be even worse. Either people would start wars over the peace or all good would lose its meaning because you need some evil to appreciate the good." The genie got a smirk on its face. It screamed 'so you think you are smart, eh?'. Although, it did raise an eyebrow quizzically at me. If it didn't get enjoyment out of twisting my wishes, at least it seemed to be finding my rationalization amusing. "No no, none of those things. I already know my first wish." "Please, master, I am all ears." "I wish that you would answer any questions that I ask you with honesty and the absence of double meanings." I carefully considered how that should satisfy both of my criteria for avoiding the Genie's Curse. The genie started laughing. "That is certainly a unique wish. None of my former masters ever asked for honesty from a genie. Your wish, even though quite odd, is my command." It snapped its fingers. Nothing happened, but that was to be expected. "What would you ask of me?" "You said that I cannot get more wishes. Can I get more genies?" I was choosing my words to avoid say "I wish" in any context. The genie doubled over laughing and shook its head no. "Can you create a machine or some type of magical device that grants more wishes?" The genie stopped laughing at this and had a thoughtful expression. It actually looked like it did not know the answer. It slowly opened its mouth, "...No... Hmm interesting." It said that with some surprise in its voice. "I guess wishing for honesty can give you answers that even I do not know. You are quite amusing, master." It began to chuckle again. "What happens if I grant you your freedom?" The laughing stopped once more and the genie grew gravely serious. "The lamp needs a magical tether. If it is broken from me, it will connect to the next closest being. Since you would be making the wish, it would turn you into a genie." "Is it so bad being a genie, I mean isn't it great having magic?" "The lamp's magic only becomes true for the master. Anything I do for myself..." It started swelling in size to make its point. Its shoulders became these massive caps - looking like there were football shoulder pads underneath of its skin. The pecs plumped up even more, forcing the nipples to face towards its abs. And those abs even thickened, giving it that armor plating look around its waist. "...is just an illusion." It maintained its new shape. Every muscle looked like it was flexed as hard as possible, but the genie's expression showed no effort being exerted. It was doing it on purpose, trying to throw me off. It could see that my vision trailed down to its hazy crotch, which had tripled in size. My throat suddenly felt like they were as dry as a dessert. All I could do was stare with wide eyes at the pulsing hazy fabric. A groan bubbled up from my chest. The genie had used some of its magic to make me triple in size, as well. I could feel my cock stiffening and starting to run down my leg. It also tripled the sensation I was feeling. My cock slowly rubbing along my leg as it engorged was sending shockwaves to my brain. When I felt a little breeze softly blowing against my cock head as it peaked out the bottom of my shorts, I almost popped. I bucked my hips a few times. My abs and thighs were contracting with the power of the ocean. In and out, ebb and flow. I had the overwhelming sensation that I was going to blow a load 10 times greater than ever before. And when that event finally happened a new galaxy would be born into the universe. I was beginning to lose my balance at the sheer ecstasy overwhelming me. I didn't realize that a genie could do something like that. I knew it was an illusion, though. I couldn't let it win at this game. Before long, I would be wishing to be a sex god or something just to feel like that all of the time. That would break all of my criteria for avoid the Genie's Curse. No, focus on the mission. However, it sparked an idea that I tucked away for later. I bit my lip before speaking. "Ok, so what about destroying the tether?" I also poked one of my nails as hard as I could into my thumb to shake off the rest of the sensation. The genie had a faint smile watching me squirm. It licked its lips as it watched my cock head pulse at the bottom of my shorts. The genie shook its head. "Anything magical like the tether would be released into the world. It would be like a tsunami of magic. The explosive force would kill 4 billion 813 million 120 thousand 94 humans." The genie groaned a little. Obviously the honest truth was not very enjoyable for it. The absolute facts were certainly killing the genie's own lust. "What if I made the lamp into just an ordinary lamp?" I suddenly realized with some sadness that my cock was back to normal. The genie maintained his massive size and bulge, though. The genie started to open its mouth to answer, but was again unsure. "The tether would cease to exist..." "And what about you?" "The magic binding me would be gone." "So you would be free. You could go live your life." I didn't actually ask a question, but it seemed like it gave a truthful answer anyway. "I am thousands of year old. Without the magic, I would be turned to dust instantly." "But you want to live your life, right? There has to be a way to save you." "No..." It suddenly hit me that I had asked another question this time. "You want to die?" "Yes. I have nothing in this time. I would rather die a thousand deaths over staying one more second trapped in the lamp." So that would be wish number three. Although, the smart thing would be to elude the Genie's Curse and just make the wish right away to end it. But I still felt that I could outsmart the curse. "I will make it happen, but I just have a couple more questions." The genie smiled at me. "How long can a wish be - as in how many words or the amount of time to say it?" "There is no word or time limit. However, the wish will be judged on a natural break. If you try to include 100 additions to the wish, at some point a natural break will occur and the wish will be granted up to that point." "Can I make stipulations on a wish, such as making a wish and then adding on extra parts of the wish before you grant it?" "Yes, but the wish has to be granted and the stipulation added before the magic takes full effect. You only get one." "How long before a wish takes effect?" "Possibly 10-20 seconds depending on how extensive the wish is." "Interesting... Alright, last question. Can I create a device that can make illusions that I ask for?" The genie had mentioned that it had an endless supply of illusion magic. When the genie increased my cock a few moments ago, I could feel all of the sensations. Meaning if I could obtain some of that illusion magic, I would be able to feel all of it. I wouldn't be asking for more wishes, just the illusions. And the illusions would not have a direct impact on other humans. I could feel all of the sensations of being whatever I want without anybody else being the wiser. So that also would satisfy my criteria for evading the Genie's Curse. "Illusion devices are acceptable wishes." So now I had to word the second wish correctly to get it just right. And any stipulation had to be added very quickly. I thought about it for a few minutes while the genie waited patiently. I needed some sort of activator that I would never say during regular conversation. Having illusions appearing all of the time while I am talking would be dreadful. I also did not want other people to see the illusions - cannot affect humans. And since this is an outside device instead of an ability granted to me, I can always discard the device if the genie did twist my words. But that meant there had something about only me being able to use it or else someone would see the illusions and others people would be impacted. "I wish for a device that creates illusions that only I can see whenever I start with the phrase 'Okay Google' followed by my request." I did not have an android phone, but if someone overheard me saying it and then a request, they would not think anything of it. "Your wish is my command." The genie lifted its hand and snapped its fingers. Time for the stipulation. "When I say 'become the illusion', I will take on the form of the illusion without anybody except for me noticing the difference for 30 minutes." The genie started laughing again. "Adding stipulations after the fact is also a new one. Very intriguing." The genie already had an orb the size of a bowling ball in its hands. It had a mischievous glint in its eyes, but I ignored it. "Here is your illusion device. You have one wish remaining, master." I took the bowling ball. It looked like smoke was swirling on the inside. I do not know what I was expecting for a magical illusion device, but a crystal ball struck me as a little cliché. "As promised, you know what is coming next. I am glad I got to meet you for as brief as it was." Realizing that I was not lying about the third wish, the genie floated over and hugged me. My face was smothered in its pecs, but I wasn't complaining. If its arms could curve, I bet it could have wrapped them around me twice considering how wide it was. Instead, I felt completely engulfed. "Thank you master. You are more generous than I could have hoped for." It swelled a little more as a sign of appreciation. My face was all but swallowed up by the genie's pec cleavage. I "swelled" some from the embrace. And continued swelling. The genie had sprinkled in a little of its magic again. I found myself lengthening and lengthening, peaking out of my shorts once more and going further. I could feel my cock head brushing past the middle of my calf. It was too much, I lost all feeling in my legs. The genie was easily able to hold me up with its embrace. As if I didn't already feel like I was floating on a cloud, the genie rose up a couple of feet taking me along for the ride. My balls started to swell with my ever increasing cock size. My shorts completely tore down the front and fell to the ground. The genie's pecs were so huge, that my entire head and torso were being swallowed up. I was past feeling like a galaxy was going to be born. I was going create a new universe - and I did. The orgasm caused me to black out. In the blackness, big bang 2 happened and a hundred billion new stars were created with a million new galaxies to go along with them. I opened my eyes and was panting for air. I was on the beach and the genie was floating in front of me with that mischievous smile again. I put my hands on my knees to catch my breath. I could see that my shorts were perfectly in tact. The orb was in the sand next to me. If that orb even had a tenth as much power in its illusions as the genie itself, I was going to have a lot of fun with this. But why the mischievous expression? The thought flashed in my head for a moment that the genie could have been lying this entire time. I only assumed that the honesty wish actually worked. I could be unleashing an evil into the world, one of which it could never conceive or defeat. Or maybe the tsunami magic explosion thing would happen. I swallowed hard, trying to push those fears down. I had made a promise. If it was telling the truth and I backed out of my promise, what would that make me? I stood up with confidence, "I wish that the genie's lamp became an ordinary lamp." The genie mouthed the words 'thank you' and snapped his fingers. The haze began to dissipate. The genie itself looked like it was turning to ash, still with a smile on its face. "And the genie's soul and essence gets reborn as an ordinary human to live a full life!" Stipulation! Now it would have a chance to live the life it was robbed of thousands of years ago. The disintegrating face in front of me got a shocked looked. I could swear I saw an ashen tear roll down its cheek before vanishing as dust in the wind. I stared at where the genie was just moments before. I stared for at least an hour at nothing. I was slowly coming to grips with what had happened. I picked up the lamp and tried rubbing it. Nothing happened. I fiddled with it a bit more and still nothing. I didn't really need a lamp, but I decided to keep it as a memento. I spent the rest of the day sitting there on the beach, looking out over the water. I was lost in thought, but not thinking about anything specifically. My friend, if you could call a genie that you knew for only 20 minutes a friend, would finally be happy. And I had something that would bring me pleasure without affecting anything else. I knew I had beaten the Genie's Curse. ================= Later that night, I finally made my way back home. I was eager to try out the big orb. I knew the first thing I wanted to try... "Okay google, what would I look like in 20 years if I started taking steroids and busted my ass in the gym." The swirling smoke sped up and an image began to emerge. I was a little disappointed that the image was trapped in the ball instead of projecting a life size hologram. I guessed that I needed to be more specific on that part. "Maybe next time I find a genie's lamp." I chuckled at the thought. The little guy definitely looked like me, with silver hair. I looked like a taller Feri Andrasoni - glasses and all. The older me was completely naked. I unzipped my pants and started jacking off looking a super hot 60 year old version of myself. "Okay google, show me the same image but add in that I used the best methods for penis enlargement over those 20 years." The image remained, but the muscles all inflated with an extra 30 or 40 pounds of beef. The cock also inflated, still soft, to around three times the thickness, and hung down past mid-thigh. I couldn't even stop myself, I immediately blew all over the orb in my lap. It didn't seem to be affected by the cum dripping down it. But I still got up and cleaned off the big glass bowling ball before getting back to it. I looked down in my lap and instantly got hard again. I chuckled, "Okay google, clear the image." I didn't want to spend the whole night jacking off to the same thing and that image definitely seemed to be a trigger. I had some others I wanted to try and could always come back to it later. The silver haired me vanished into the smoke, but I still jacked off for a few minutes with the image burned into my mind. I made a mental note to figure out what exactly the older me used for that penis and muscle growth. I now knew it was possible, but it wasn't like the older me was holding up a bottle of some supplement or giving me instructions. Hmm, maybe I could say something like, 'show what the current image looks like when it is taking its supplements'. Or I could 'become the illusion' and see if I find any clues while inside of that body. It would take some work, but definitely worth the effort. I decided to save that for later. "Okay google, show me what I look like." A naked image of me appeared. "Okay google, shrink the current image to five feet tall while keeping the muscles the same volume." The image shrunk down by a foot and a half and all of its stats puffed up. My 19 inch biceps looked somewhat regular at my current height, while at the same volume on a five foot tall me they were looking massive. With the shorter limbs, the same volume pumped them up to at least 22 inches. The torso didn't shrink as much as a limbs. My pecs did jut out another inch or two, though. They definitely had a nicer shape on the smaller frame - like if you squeeze a balloon a little to force air into a smaller space. My legs were spectacular! My quads had to be in the 35 inch area since those limbs took the biggest hit in terms of height. I grinned as a mischievous thought popped into my head. "Okay google show me what I would look like at my actual height with the same muscle proportions as in the current image." The image grew by 18 inches and the sizes of everything swelled with it. The chest, the arms, the legs, the neck, and even the waist all expanded by 20%. I repeated the same command as earlier: "Okay google, shrink the current image to five feet tall while keeping the muscles the same volume." I giggled with delight as the body became that of a five foot tall version of me with inflating muscles. The thighs were growing past 50 inches. Its ab muscles were thicker than a bodybuilder's bicep and somehow six of them were jammed into the small space between the pecs and the waist. Its pecs were so engorged and heavy that they drooped down over the abs. They would have been hanging even lower if the meat slab abs weren't fighting for space. The top of the pecs were obscuring the creature's shortened neck. I called it a creature because this thing had already passed the point of being human. It looked like it had entirely too much muscle. Well beyond anything a normal human could have with or without drugs. I was really getting into the mounds and mounds of muscle, though. It looked like the thing was made of clay and the sculptor got fed up with shaping and just slapped on more and more and more. But I wasn't done, yet. "Okay google, show me what I would look like at my actual height with the same muscle proportions as in the current image." I was jacking off already before the image began to change. The expectations of this massive muscle giant was too much. However, the mood was instantly killed off... literally. The huge hulk that was forming turned pale and vacant. It was obviously dead. I shucked the ball on to the seat and quickly got up. "Woah, I have have to be careful." If I used my 'become the image' part of the wish and that version could not actually survive, would I be dead, too? Does the illusion magic protect me from something like that? "Oh shit, the things heart. It was inflating with size during the growing and shrinking." I couldn't risk becoming something for fun and winding up dead. I promised myself if I was going to become something, it had to be healthy enough to last for the 30 minutes for me to change back. "Okay google... Show what I would look like growing up if I had the best diet and exercise for my health." Swirling smoke inside of the orb began to feed into the image of me. I grew up right before my eyes looking incredibly vibrant throughout my youth into adulthood. I could immediately recognize myself, but at the same time the image was totally different. The guy in the ball was built like a cover of Men's Health magazine but even healthier. He had to be in the 10-12% body fat area with clearly bulging abs. Striations in his chest and delts were slicing up the muscles with definition even at 10+% fat. His arms had thick veins standing out and roping down to his hands. The image had stopped aging for some reason. "Okay google, using the same parameters, show the image at my current age." I waited a bit and nothing happened. My eyes bugged out of my head, this was the health nut version of me at my current age. The guy's skin was absolutely flawless - to the point where I would have suspected makeup and plastic surgery to look that good at 40 years old. The most shocking part was that his skin and face looked to be 21 or 22 years old, around half of my age. "Well, that guy would definitely last 30 minutes." My cock began to harden again at the thought of combining this image with the silver haired hunk. "Okay google, show me the current parameters aged by 20 years." I was picturing in my head the silver haired hunk from before but with a healthier fitness model kind of vibe. The image of Clayton Paterson came to mind. The one where his is naked with leg covering his junk and butt cheek hanging off the table. I moaned with lust filling my head. The image in the orb began to change. The muscles were not as pronounced as in the 20-something looking version. So age did make him lose a bit of muscle mass, but he was still looking tight and stacked. I then got a feeling of annoyance welling up rather than erotic pleasure. The guy looked younger than me. "Fuck you dude," I spat out. This ass in the ball was 60 years old and looked to be around 30. The only thing identifying him as a senior was a bit of silver forming as his temples. His skin was still flawless. He had no wrinkles what-so-ever on his face. His eyes and lips were vibrant. His pecs and especially his cock and balls were really pert and raring to go. I knew this image was not in the 'become the illusion' direction. The 20-something looking guy at my age was OK, but a 60 year old looking 10 years younger than the real me would constantly make me feel regret. "Next... Let's make this guy bulk up some. Okay google... Show me the same conditions as the current image but with his diet and exercise focusing on maximum muscle growth." I saw myself growing up again. Instead of having a vibrant youth, I was a swarthy jock. My glasses appeared on my face as I aged - gaining more of a nerdy jock look. The thought popped into my head that I had not seen my glasses on the health nut. That thought quickly vanished as my bone structure expanded and thickened to prevent injury from all of the stress it was put under. By the time I looked like I was college aged, I was looking like a totally beefy hunk. Then the freshman 15 of college hit, or I should say the freshman 150. I reached and quickly exceeded the old Žydrūnas Savickas (before his weight loss). The thought of being a 400 pound version of Big Z walking around campus immediately made me blow a second load even though I was only partly chubbed. I didn't even bother cleaning up as I was enamored with the movie of my alternate life playing before me. I could see the skeleton reshaping as it continued to age from years of heavy resistance and pressure straining the bones and joints. This allowed more and more mass to be packed on. My pecs became so bulbous that they encroached on my chin's space. Then, they continued growing even more, pushing my head backwards. The pecs weren't drooping like the inflation I had witnessed a few minutes ago with the growing and shrinking fantasy. Instead, they maintained a lot of perk from the healthy guy's body. These things were made for holding mass. Kind of like how Johnnie Jackson's pecs keep building outward instead of down or to the side. The forever bulk version of me gained at least 700 or 800 pounds, passing by the one thousand pounds mark. I couldn't even tell what the waist line was. However, the tree trunk legs, huge gravity defying pecs and arms that would surpass most normal people's waist measurements, made my gut look much smaller in comparison. I started jacking off again thinking about how powerful this freak was - my cock had continued chubbing disregarding having already blown a load during the growth sequence. I had 60 years of dedication to muscle mass. I didn't care about aesthetics or even strength. I ate for mass. I exercised for mass. It was so freakin hot seeing myself at quadruple my current body weight. I was a half ton silver haired muscle nerd. I was unreasonably massive while still looking like I would enjoy building you a computer or might own a comic book shop. As I was getting close to another climax, I thought about how I could do one better. I could try combining the silver haired hunk and this massive brute with some youth and health mixed in for good measure. "Okay google... Show me what I would look like today if my family had the genetics for optimal hormone production as a starting point, while I had the best diet and exercise regime for balancing health and muscle growth." The new image began to form. There was only a small hint of looking like me. He had incredibly masculine features - a jawline cut from steel. He apparently did not need glasses like me. His skin was almost as flawless as the health nut, save for a few moles. I grinned at that, even family history changes and perfect diet couldn't save him from my signature moles. I looked over the body. Was it my imagination or was he actually taller? "Okay google, show the real me standing next to the current image." I appeared beside him. "Holy shit, he is taller by at least a few inches inches. And his penis has got to be..." I pinched my fingers together and squinted, comparing the 'me' image to the other one. "maybe 3? 4?" It was tough to tell at that size. If I could just get it a little bigger. "Okay google, zoom in on the groins of the current images." The images zoomed in and the bigger me was definitely at least 4 inches larger, soft. "Okay google, show the current images getting fully aroused." The cocks both started lengthening and inflating. The real me reached his respectable 8 inches, tilted slightly downward and perfectly straight. Just like me, the bigger guy was a grower, not a shower. "Holy shit..." I sputtered as I watched the thing continue inflating. The massive club finally stopped expanding, ending with a just a hint of an upward curve and maybe 30 degrees angled upward. His suspensitory ligament was certainly much stronger than mine to hold that monster at an upward angle. "Okay google, zoom out to full size images." It complied, still showing the two guys fully erect. The bigger me looked like he oozed testosterone next to the real me. I lifted the ball and turned it. I could see everything turning in 3D. "Oh, yeah..." I made another mental note for myself to check out some of the others from behind. I had been jacking off the entire time but not fully hard until seeing the cocks from the side view. I started spasming in my chair a little. With the other hand I continued looking at the two from every angle. This was the one. I grunted out, "Oh... oh..." I was close to blowing a third load. The globular bubble butt on the bigger me was incredibly hot. I currently can fill out a pair of pants nicely, but this ass was putting mine to shame. I placed the ball on the coffee table. "Oh... kay... gmmmm" This guy was taller and so much wider than me. I didn't know how the transformation would take effect and didn't want my clothes shredded. So I quickly removed the clothing, practically ripping them off and defeating the purpose. I continued pumping my hand up and down my cock. "Ooookay goo... gull..." I closed my eyes and started feeling my body. I was imagining what it was going to be like in a minute when I was cumming as this perfect god of a man. "become the illusion..." ================= My eyes flung open when I heard the clanging of metal. I looked down, it definitely was not my body. And I was clothed. I had some sort of hospital scrubs on - is this guy a medical doctor? I looked up and around. I wasn't in my home anymore, I was at some small gym. There were a couple of other guys and one woman there. All were wearing scrubs. One of them called over, also surprised from the metal clanging sound. "Hey buddy, you OK?" "Y... yeah." I was surprised by my voice. I already have a deep voice, but this guy was like a rolling thunder. It was so silky and rich that my one word sent a jolt to my cock. That was also weird, I wasn't currently hard or cumming. I had expected to finish masturbating as this big guy. I became aware that I was half holding a bar above my head. I looked behind me and the weights on the machine were stacked. So the metal clanging that startled me was also caused by me - it had slipped out of my hand during the transfer and smashed down. The pieces started fitting together. I was doing lat pulldowns and the pin was set at 600 lbs. I muttered under my breath, "600 pounds..." I grab the bar and did one more rep. It felt like I was using 50 pounds with my real body. How strong was this guy that 600 pounds was barely a warmup weight? "I mean yes. I am fine, I just lost focus for a second." I released the bar slowly this time and adjusted the pin up for the next person. The guy laughed. "No kidding. With everything you have going on, anybody would be unfocused. Just keep relieving your tension. We are happy to share the gym with you." So I wasn't a doctor in this body - one mystery down. Some memories started filtering in. My life had occurred the same way as before. As I had wished, nobody noticed the difference with this illusion form. For every event of my life, I had been this statuesque version of me with looks to die for, but people treated me the same. Every bully had still bullied me. My parents and siblings still treated me like I was just a kid - even though I was more masculine than my brothers and father, while clearly the tallest in the family. It was really odd picturing this version of myself going through the same life events. "I..." Another shockwave to my cock. "I think I am going to take a walk." The full sentence rumbled vibrations of pleasure throughout my entire torso. I had to get away from this guy, if I kept talking, I would probably blow in the scrubs sitting there. The guy nodded. "Good luck, man. Come back if you need to relieve some more stress. Just don't push yourself too hard or you might pull a muscle. You weren't using any heavy weights though, so that shouldn't be a problem." That was odd too. So they could notice my actions but do not see the difference in me or exactly what I can do. The guy must have seen something like 100 pounds or so set on the weight rack. That would take some getting used to with any other transformations I do. That would be especially true if I was a 10 foot tall muscle giant and people still talked to me like I was normal height and size. I reached up and twisted the scrubs a little to look at the tag. It read 6XL on the label. As I was walking out, I could see myself in the mirror. It looked like the real me staring back. However, I could see the top of my head. It was so trippy looking straight at myself in a mirror but at the same time seeing over myself. I felt at my face, the reflection was adjusting his glasses, but I could not currently feel them with my hand. Even the scrubs looked fine in my reflection - certainly not 6XL. But I could feel them tight around my upper body and hanging like I was wearing tent over my abdomen. I explored around a little underneath of the top. The scrub bottoms must have also been in the 4, 5 or 6XL area but felt like lycra pants hugging my thighs and calves. The waistband was very loose and the top of my ass was exposed, as well as what felt like a generous forest of pubic hair on the front popping out. The waist was drooping so low on the front that the top of my cock was probably also visible. The thought of which brought me to full mast. I could feel my cock straining hard against the scrubs. With my pecs in the way, I wasn't able to check. While in the mirror, the bottoms looked more fitted and my reflection was just adjusting the waistband a little. I felt my knee getting moist from precum leaking out and soaking into the scrubs. My reflection did not reciprocate the wet spot or even being hard. I definitely needed to take that walk before I tested the limited of illusion magic. I mumbled, "so weird...," before exiting. The walk was good. It cleared my head and memories continued to come in. I still lived at the same apartment and had the same friends. I wasn't a patient at the hospital - which was nice to figure out. But why was I here? "Excuse me..." Someone said, as if on cue. I spun around and saw a nurse. "Come with me, we're ready." I followed her, not really sure what we were ready for. We turned the corner at the nurses' station and entered the maternity ward. Another nurse approached with a bundle in his arms. "He is in perfect health and ready to go home." I took the baby. It was my baby. "This is my baby..." The nurses both had big smiles on their faces. "Did you think of a name? We can sign the birth certificate now or you can contact us later." "Yes, his name is Gene Desato..." The name popped into my head like it had been there all along. "Who is the mother on record?" They shrugged nonchalantly. "There is no mother, only you, his father." They said it like they always see children born without mothers. "But...," I looked at their faces and all of this seemed normal to them. I had to keep in mind that all of this was being influenced by illusion magic, "...thank you so much." They both gave me a little squeeze on my massive arms - not like they were feeling me up - just as a gesture of support. So weird... how are they not seeing that something is off with this godly man having a child with no mother. This was absolutely a fantasy that I would 'become the illusion' again for. It would be a lot of fun raising a child I never had. I looked at the clock and realized that I had just enough time to get home and spend a few minutes with the baby before the 30 minutes would be up. "Whelp, we'll be on our way, thanks again!" The nurses waved goodbye to the baby and made some little cooing noises. He fell asleep in my arms on the elevator ride down to the first floor. When I got outside, I found my car - it was still the same car - but it had a baby seat strapped in. "That is convenient..." I strapped the baby in and opened the driver's side door. Reality inside of the car seemed to warp a little. I should not have been able to fit with my current size, but I had no difficulties getting in. I shrugged and drove home. Gene was still asleep when I walked in the door. I shut it gently behind me. Over on the chair was the orb, swirling with smoke again. I picked up the orb in my free hand and looked it over. I noticed the baby's eyes popped open. He didn't cry, but made some gurgling noises as he watched the smoke moving around. I chuckled, at least I wouldn't have to buy him a mobile whenever I am in this body. He seemed fascinated enough by the movement inside of this glass bowling ball. I brought him into my bedroom where I had a basinet already set up - also convenient. I loosened the swaddled blanket around his head to get a really good look at his face. The boy was absolutely stunning. I guess he had to be with such an attractive father. If I brought him to Gerber's or Huggies, they would pick him up as the new face of their companies instantly. He had a birthmark on his right cheek - it was in the shape of a star. I got a big grin on my face. "Gene, what a perfect name... So the stipulation worked after all, good for you..." I laughed quietly and set the former genie down into the basinet. "I was not expecting this outcome. You really were a trickster until the very end." I got the orb and placed it next to the inert lamp on the bookshelf. Gene just silently watched the glowing smoke swirling around. I walked back into the living room and sat on the chair. Only a few seconds left before things went back to normal, I promised Gene in my head that I would come back soon. I closed my eyes and the image of the genie and the lamp came to mind. The genie had that mischievous glint in its eye, handing me the orb. I mumbled out loud, "When I say 'become the illusion', I will take on the form..." Why did it look like it beat me at my own game? "...without anybody noticing..." The orb was in its hand. "Oh my god, the orb was already in its hand!" I opened my eyes with a start. I looked at the time and then at my body, I was still wearing the scrubs. I ran through the events from earlier again. "When I say 'become the illusion', I will take on the form of the illusion without anybody except for me noticing..." the orb appeared in its hand when I reached the word noticing. He said the stipulation would only work while the magic was taking shape. The part about 30 minutes didn't make it in... I waited a few more minutes and was convinced. It was definitely past the 30 minute point. I got up and walked into the bedroom. Gene was sleeping soundly. I grabbed the orb off of the shelf and went back to the chair. "Okay google, show me what I look like." Nothing happened. I remembered my first request from tonight, "Okay google, what would I look like in 20 years if I started taking steroids and busted my ass in the gym." Still nothing. I sunk into the chair a little, "Fuck... The orb doesn't work because I am not the same me as before. And I cannot return because the stipulation says that I will become the illusion with no end..." I massaged my face a little with my massive paw of a hand as I tried to think. Now I am the epitome of health and masculinity. Picture yourself growing a few inches in height and doubling your bodyweight with 100% pure muscle. Then bulk up a second time from there, adding to your overall thickness by leaps and bounds. Give yourself a masculine look that puts movie stars to shame, but still has enough of you to be recognizable. And Steve Reeves proportions be damned, you are the pinnacle of aesthetics. You are so beefy and massive. Someone could lose a credit card in your pec cleavage. All of your shirts are tailored made because your neck, arms, chest and lats would not possibly fit into anything that could also fit your waist - less you look like you are wearing a giant muumuu. Your ass can fill out the back side of anything you choose to wear. Your thighs force you to buy multiple pants sizes larger than what your waist needs. You have to always wear a belt to prevent indecent exposure, yet that only serves to highlight the magnificent curve of your glutes even more. That picture in your head is how I look and feel... only you'll still have to bulk up even more to add a bit more body mass and a few inches in size here and there to match me. My voice can cause someone to orgasm just listening to it. I could step on any bodybuilder stage and win without even posing. I could waltz into a power lifting contest and beat them without even using my warmup weights. If they used my face in an advertisement, any guy or girl out there would buy the product more out of lust than actually needing it. But nobody can see it... My voice sounds the same as before to all of them, deep but not overly sexy. They view me as tall and strong, but not someone who would win a bodybuilding competition. Even if I lifted ten times as much weight as anybody else at a powerlifting meet, they would not notice because of the illusion magic somehow telling their brains otherwise. I basically have to live my life as before with the constant knowledge that I could be more. That I could do more. At least I have a son out of all of this. I can train him and feed him the perfect diet since all of that knowledge is now stuck in my head. He has an absolutely amazing aptitude for muscle growth since he is this version of me's son and not the original me. Our family line in this reality had optimal genetics for hormones and health. And while nobody sees a difference in me, he is not under the same illusion constraints. He will be incredible with my help - an amazing life that I will only be able to witness from the sideline. I walked into the bedroom again and smiled down at my son. I whispered, "Genie, you sneaky bastard. You caught me in the Genie's Curse, regardless of how much I tried to avoid it. You came out of it with everything you wanted and I am trapped in an illusion of my own making." I chuckled and went over and kissed Gene on the star birthmark before turning out the lights in the living room to get ready for bed. I was left to contemplate my choices. If I could do it all over again knowing this outcome, would I do the smart thing and just bury the lamp? Would I change my wishes? No... I would do it all again and sacrifice myself to the illusions to give Gene the amazing life that he was robbed of thousands of years ago.
  9. Just a quickie to get myself motivated on this story again Part 5a What do you do when you know the future? What if that future says that you are going to die? Well, in my case, the future doesn't specifically say that I will die from my condition, but I certainly cannot see how I could possibly live. Let me explain... The revelation that I was growing and shrinking without end gave me quite a shock to my system. I immediately ran into my bathroom and checked the pencil markings on the wall again. Each mark was on the same day each week and around the same time. Sunday evenings for growth and Monday mornings for shrinking. I had started on the second week, I remembered it clearly. It had read a half inch gain in height. "So this one, 5'8" and three quarters, well even less than that, but closer to 3/4 than 1/2... Just a hair under 5'9"... a hair over 5'9" and one quarter... If this continues, I bet I will be around 5'9" and a half tonight." I grabbed my laptop and plugged in those values into a spreadsheet. I just did a quick chart to check the line. With only four points, it wasn't the best trend line but it would do for now. My heart sank. The trend line was curving upwards. So not only would I keep growing, but it would be ever so slowly accelerating. I did the same for the shrinking measurements and the very few data points I had for my chest. I projected the points out based on the trend line equations and filled the cells as far as it would go. I added a date field for a reference and began to look at the weeks to come. I continued looking at the values, absolutely horrified at what I was seeing. I just went for it all and scrolled down to the numbers 10 years out. "Under 2 inches tall... And what is that number?" I had to stretch out the column on the spreadsheet because the number didn't fit. "One... One..." I was losing my breath reading it. "One point five million pounds... At less than two inches tall. Oh wonderful, and I would be over 35 feet tall and 13 billion pounds a few hours later. And my chest would be 1.3 billion inches in diameter. Of course, that makes sense," I said sarcastically to myself. I tapped a few buttons on my keyboard and did a quick internet search. "The Earth is 42 million feet in circumference. My chest would be 107 million feet. Great, so I would be 35 feet tall with a chest that is over twice the circumference of the Earth." I forced a nervous chuckle out to try to give myself some form of comfort. I skimmed back to the 2 year area. Even that was looking pretty dire. I skimmed up a little bit more to where things made a little more sense. I got to most of the way through next year. I would be somewhere in the 3 feet tall to 7 feet tall range. At 3 feet tall, I might be around 600 pounds. Not great, but possibly manageable. The tall side was 7-8 feet tall and over 2,000 pounds. Again, not very good news, but I might be able to still move. I set that as my cutoff. Anything past that point and I most likely would be immobile or worse. "So I have less than a year and a half to live... What do you do when you know the future? What if that future says that you are going die?" The question resonated in my head. "I have to fight it."
  10. Hot off the presses I kinda felt like the narrator was a little conceited at the end of the last part. That is totally not his character. So this part expands on the story a little, giving explanation to why he acted like that in the meeting. There is also more to the meeting scene at the end. Part 4 The trainer was still on his knees, staring at me flexing my glutes. He was making some sort of guttural gurgling sound. The trainer was very good looking. He was 5'8", carrying well over 200 pounds of beef. He wasn't competing any more, but you could tell that he totally earned that IFBB pro card on his wall. Apparently he was completely into super thick and stocky guys. My boyfriend and I had discussed it some before coming. "I feel like we are just using him. I do not want to become some entitled meathead through all of this." I was referring to the trainer. We were at home. My boyfriend kissed me passionately. "I wouldn't want you to. I fell in love with the tiny shy guy hiding at the corner of the bar. Out of everyone there, you were the least into yourself." He stood up straight, towering over me and waggled his finger. "If you turned into a meathead, you could kiss this goodbye!" He hefted his cock in his pants to make his point. He turned and started walking to the kitchen to prep meal 2. "Or maybe I should say, you won't get a chance to kiss it goodbye." He chuckled. I followed him into the kitchen with a grin on my face. "That is the only cock that I ever want to touch my mouth. I couldn't bare to lose it. So then the problem remains. What do we do about the trainer?" My boyfriend went about his meal prep with a thoughtful face. "He is obviously into you. Or maybe into the thought of what you can become. We can certainly use that to our advantage." "But I do not want a man slave devoted to me and oogling my body." He whole heartedly laughed at that commend. "Yeah I know. But I am not sure if he actually wants you or if it a muscle worship sort of thing. Think about the guy next door." My cock instantly got hard and I shuttered. My boyfriend had a crooked smile. "See, you do not want him specifically, but the thought of his body gets you going. You get the high of dopamine attraction but you are not chemically linked with your oxytocin levels." This was starting to go over my head and my boyfriend could see my face going blank. "You are in love with the idea, but not with the man." "That is why I fell in love with a neuroscientist. I loved the man but not his ideas." My boyfriend almost doubled over laughing. I realized what I just said and joined in laughing. We first met at a campus bar where we were both going to school. Like he had mentioned, I was trolling for some college hookup. At the time, I was in my senior year in the CS program. I never got a date at bars or any other hangouts. It was more my own fault than just bad luck. I could not get myself to interact and most people would not even notice someone hiding in the corner. I was much more comfortable behind a computer screen. When a tall guy approached me and then mentioned that he was a second year doctoral student in neurology, I was more than a bit intimidated. But there was just something about him. And that something is still there many years later. We finally calmed down a little and he continued. "Just like how our neighbor can get you hard with his muscular displays. I think you could give the trainer what he wants with the same." I nodded. "But what if he wants to go further?" "I don't think he will. Just the look of the computer model on the screen got him off. Never once during our workouts have I seen him looking like he wants to have sex or anything. Actually, the thrill of seeing you bigger seems to be motivating him as a trainer." "You'll be there too to break it up..." I sighed deeply, feeling anxiety creeping in... ===================== That anxiety was still there from hours before. I had no clue how I pulled off what I did already. But we needed the trainer to stay on board, that that meant putting on a show. He was practically drooling already. I look at my boyfriend with hesitation written on my face. He just gave me a nod and made a little heart symbol with his hands. I love that man so much. I turned away from the trainer and slowly began to pull the shorts down the rest of the way. If I was taller, my ass spread out like that while leaning over might have eclipsed the lights in the room. I smiled at the thought of a giant ass shaped shadow darkening everything around. Ah, that relaxed me a little. I began to wiggle getting the shorts the rest of the way and then stepping out of them. "Oh... my... g-mmphf." I heard the grunts of a second orgasm behind me. I thought to myself, "If he got off on that, he is going to love what comes next." Without standing, I reached back and tugged on the boxer briefs a little. They immediately snapped back into place. I tried a second time, but the waste band wanted the safety of my waist instead of screaming as it stretched over my glutes. I sighed and stood up, my big reveal was foiled. Instead, I flexed tight and tugged them down. It was now small enough to get the waistband 1/4 of the way over my glutes, displaying a jockstrap underneath. The trainer was making sort of a clicking sound in the back of his throat, like he was trying to breath and swallow at the same time and his body didn't know which one to do. I turned around to face him. I could see that he was very much into it. I suddenly had some stage fright with him on the ground below me staring at my body. I close my eyes and mouthed, "just go for it... just go for it..." In one swift motion, I tore off the boxer briefs. They already had runs and were stretched to the breaking point anyway. It really didn't take much effort to remove them in one piece. Obviously, it had the desired effect. My boyfriend gave a low whistle - that part was unrehearsed and unexpected. The trainer looked like he was about to pass out. Quickly, I threw the briefs on the floor and flexed my legs to bring him back into the moment. That too had the desired effect because he blew his third load. The waist on the jockstrap looked normal when looking at my upper body. But then the completely exposed legs just exploded out. Flexed like that, my quad sweep had to be nearing twice the width of my waist or even more. I was actually taken aback by how big my legs looked. They were still massively pumped up from the leg workout. They even still burned a little from the deep squats. With massive globular glutes like mine, 'ass to the floor' squats are pretty easy. I get to save a few inches over normal people. Without giving myself time to second second guess the decision, I then turned around. My ass was fully revealed. I had on this jockstrap with multiple bands on the back. It was a pain (in the ass???) to get on. I took forever adjusting the straps to where it didn't feel super weird. The jockstrap was sort of like a push up bra for your butt. It even advertised that it would 'lift and separate'. Just like the boxer briefs, it felt like the straps were strained - it is not like I could get an extra extra large or something with my height and waist measurement. So there's my glutes jammed into this thing. With the tight straps, it gave bubble butt a whole new meaning. You could almost see two perfect 3D spheres attached to me. I flexed my calves a little, going up on my toes. My calves were like beachballs that joined some cankles. It wasn't that I really had cankles, my calves were so large and legs so short that they couldn't do anything other than form cankles. I then held that and made the motion like I was bending my legs, but held that in place too. My hamstrings created corrugated rows heading down my legs. I began shaking a tiny bit from the strain. I could feel my ass cheeks jiggling in the jockstrap. I then flared out my quads as best I could without losing the other two flexes. And then flexed my ass. It was so difficult holding this and I even felt a cramp enter my butt cheeks. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I clenched my ass and flexed as hard as I could. I could hear my boyfriend sit down hard, back into the chair. The trainer mumbled, "Oh my god, that's not fat... that's all muscle..." He then began moaning with his fourth load coming. I could only hold for a couple more seconds before the cramp overtook me. I released all of it and had to hop around the room bit, oblivious to being practically naked. I massaged my ass cheeks deeply and shook my legs to get the cramp out. Once that was feeling better, I turned around. Both my boyfriend and the trainer were totally awestruck. I suddenly felt completely exposed and grabbed the workout shorts to put back on. "So how was that?" I received no response. My boyfriend was shaking his head - not like a 'no' type of head shake, more like one of disbelief. He finally got some clarity back in his expression and just gave me a weak thumbs up. I went over to the trainer and picked him up to bring him back to his desk. "Hey buddy, did you like that?" He nodded his head like a child. I could not imagine what that looked like carrying someone 7 inches taller than me, cradling them in my arms. "Good. We love everything you have done for us and we wanted to give you something in return." I gently sat him in his chair. He looked at me and nodded again. I walked back to the other side of my desk and put on my shirt. "We want to work with you for a long time. You have been great to us. Now, how about we finish up the meeting? My stomach is telling me that it is time for my next meal." They both just nodded in response.
  11. I actually started writing part 5 before this and realized there would need to be something inbetween lol. Part 4 was just going to be something small. As I wrote it, more and more things starting popping into my head.
  12. Now we start to unravel the mystery :) Part 4 I learned very quickly that I needed to buy baggier shirts to wear to work. It really was a funny story... Weeks 3 and 4 went just like the previous weeks. Sluggish - pain - excitement and energy - pain - complete exhaustion. I started planning my schedule around the noon and midnight changes. I made sure to get everything prepared for the following day just before midnight. When I would wake up, things were all ready to go and I could leave for work without even thinking about it. Getting chewed out by my supervisor was a thing of the past. Now I only saw him during the infectious enthusiasm times. Work became so much nicer. At my job, I knew that I would get practically zero actual work done in the mornings. So I spent what drive I could muster on setting up and organizing my work space, emails and agendas for my "afternoon shift". I even would eat at my desk (a lunch packed before midnight the night before) at 11:30 am. Right when noon hit, I was ready to dive head first into my work and usually finished within a couple hours and then got myself into outside projects. I started becoming known as the "go getter" at work. Because of the infectious nature of my attitude, everybody else's productivity sky rocketed in the afternoon. We even started getting to work only five days a week since productivity was up by 30%. That was cause for an extra 5% boost in productivity. Funny how we were working less (me only half days) and we were getting more accomplished. Anyway, we were into week 5 - a Tuesday. Around 5 pm, I noticed that my shirt was tight. That had happened in the previous few days and I did not pay any attention to it. Around 5:50 pm, I was packing up my stuff to head home. The button on my shirt around mid-pec (yeah I could finally say that I had pecs) popped off when I stood. On the next day, I was typing a few end-of-day emails on my computer around 5:30 and my mid-pec button popped off just like the previous day. When I got home some time after 6 pm, I looked up how to measure your chest. I took off my shirt, lifted my arms and put a tailor's tape around my chest and then lowered them in a relaxed stance. I did not really know what I was expecting. I had never measured my chest before so the information was useless. Needless to say, I still wrote it down since measuring myself (height and scale) was becoming a common activity. On Friday, my shirt was uncomfortably tight. When I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was take it off. When I reached up, the mid-pec button and button around my lower pecs both popped off. I crunched down and flexed - the two buttons just above and below both fled the scene. I chuckled as I undid the rest of the buttons and did the tailor's tape thing again. I mumbled to myself, "That is odd, up by a quarter inch from Wednesday." I went to the mirror and flexed. I could see striations in the muscle form - rolling up from the bottom. I did it a few more times, mesmerized by the twitching fibers dancing under the skin. I turned to the side and my waist looked so much smaller. I wrapped the tape around it, again not knowing what I expected. But wait, I had my physical paperwork somewhere. I took a few minutes sifting through some old paperwork, "Aha!" The doctor had height, weight and bunch of bloodwork things that I did not understand. He had taken my chest, neck and waist measurement for something having to do with heart disease. My waist was the same, but my chest was up by 3 inches. I turned to the side again in the mirror and jutted it out. "Woah... so thick and ruddy." Oh crap, are my body proportions changing in addition to height? I really needed to think about things. I grabbed a white board and started writing. "What were those things Madame Tempest had?" I drew a quick little diagram. A card and four cards around it. I remembered the plus sign on the table. "One two... Three... One two three..." Three cards on the side? "...Four..." Yeah, I think a fourth. Next to the diagram I wrote 1-9. '1. The devil 2. The grim reaper 3. The castle burning 4. Wheel of fortune' I tapped the marker to my chin, producing a little smudge. '5. The king 6. The women 7. The man 8. Sun 9. Moon' Ok, so those were all of them. I did not even know what any of them meant. I started looking up tarot card readings. "9 of wands?" I did not remember them having numbers on them. Did they have numbers? I moved on and saw all sorts of variations. V shapes, 3 cards at a time, just dealing them, and then the Celtic Cross. It flashed in my mind that she had said those words. At the top of the white board, I wrote 'Celtic Cross'. Time was slipping away from me, though. I needed to get some dinner and walk around a bit outside before it got too late. So I left the white board on my table. ======================== The following morning I got up and the first thing I did was draw a horizontal card on the middle of the plus sign. I was so proud of myself, you have no idea. Thinking of that had been the crowning achievement of my mornings for the past five weeks. I saw the shirt with the missing buttons tossed on to a chair. I put it on over top of my sleep shirt. It was loose. How in the bloody hell could it be loose? I went into the bathroom and measured my chest. My eyes bugged out when I saw the measurement was down by almost 2.5 inches. I grabbed the measurements from the physical, my chest measurement was still up by a half inch from the physical but how could it be down from the previous night? That was all too much for me to handle. I climbed back into bed and fell asleep. You can guess was woke me. Once the pain had stopped, I shook my head. I was silently chiding my morning self for sleeping in. My shirt was still off from earlier when I walked into the bathroom. I checked myself out in the mirror. My skin had a healthy and vibrant look to it, but everything else was off. This was not the same man from the previous night. I measured my chest and it was still the 2.5 inch decrease. I quickly hopped on the scale and I was down a good 15 pounds from last Sunday's reading. All of that had to wait. I had to take a piss so bad and my stomach was aching from not eating earlier. Once all of that was taken care of, I threw on an undershirt and went back to researching the tarot cards. "Devil... reaper... hmm... sun and moon." Those two were in the same spot. Actually, I remembered her saying that two of them had doubles. "With the sideways one, that means 12. I'm missing three. Wait, death was my fear." I started a second list, trying to place them in the correct order of the reading. '11. hopes and fears = grim reaper = death' "The sun and moon was the one double and the other was my boss and... my willpower..." It occurred to me that Tempest said that I needed other people to help me since I couldn't help myself. Or something to that affect. But whatever my boss's card was and my willpower card was the other double on the table. I spent quite a bit of time working on the reading. It was very late afternoon by the time my concentration was broken. The slim fit undershirt that I was wearing was groaning every time I reached forward. "Huh...?" I walked into the bathroom and looked at it in the mirror. The armpits looked like they were ready to bust out. I poked around and squeezed. It was definitely me under there. I made a note in my head to research that flared out flesh later on. This was all new to me. I had an ok, maybe slightly above average build before. All of this muscle and body measurement stuff had never been a priority before. I stripped the shirt off and I could pretty much see the guy from last night again. I measured my chest (jeez, from never measuring to four times in less than a 24 hours). It wasn't quite there, but around 3/4 inch off from last night. All of that could wait, I needed to use the rest of the daylight to do something fun instead of being cooped up inside. Everything was still weighting on me when I got home after dark. I started forming a picture in my head. I jotted a note on to the white board. 'Light and Dark. Growth and Reduction.' I had an idea of what the tape measure would say, but wanted to confirm it. Yep, chest was right around where it was last night. So that means I need to figure out what is happening. It was going to be a long night. I got changed and hopped into bed to take a nap. I knew I wouldn't need an alarm clock to wake me. At 12:01 am, I got up out of bed (reluctantly) and hopped on the scale. I figured the scale would be the easiest way to test. It was around 30 pounds increase from when all of this started. I then proceeded to force myself to stay awake watching tv. I drank some coffee to help. By 12:14 am, it was the latest I had stayed up since before the changes. At 1 am, I was down a pound. At 2 am, I was down close to 2 pounds. 3 am - down 3 pounds 4 am - down 5 pounds 5 am - down 9 pounds 6 am - down 15 pounds 7 am - down 15 pounds I couldn't make it to 8 am and just finally crashed. After my noon "alarm clock" went off, I jumped on the scale. It still read over a 15 pounds decrease. I decided to work on the tarot research for a bit before heading to the park for my weekly Sunday constitutional. But I still jumped on the scale. 12:02 pm - still down 15 pounds 1 pm - down 14 pounds 2 pm - down 13 pounds 3 pm - down 11 pounds I could see where this was going. That explains why the shirt fit tight in the late afternoon and the buttons were popping after 5 pm. The sizes change over a period of time and then it evens out until the next shift. I really needed to clear my head, so I went to the park. It worked to some degree, but my friends could tell that something was on my mind. I let them know that everything was fine, even though I gained another 12 pounds while playing frisbee. My shirt was becoming tight by the time we were done. After our weekly dinner, I went out shopping. I knew I would need some bigger clothes. It costs a few buttons, but I learned very quickly that I needed to buy baggier shirts to wear to work. When I arrived home, I did my Sunday evening height and weight measurements. "Up another quarter inch and 6 and a half pounds since last week..." I stared at the measurements on the wall for a while. As I started packing lunch for work, the pieces began to fall into place. The marks on the wall were increasing very slightly in distance from each other. "Oh my god, no. It's not going to stop." Maybe it was the lack of sleep or too much time researching, but this was my first "afternoon shift" where I started to panic.
  13. Part 3 My week continued pretty much the same. I was even starting to get accustomed to the pain. Or as much as one can get used to 2 minutes of absolute agony each day. I even started noticing that I acted and felt different. In the afternoon into the evening, I would always feel on top of the world. In the mornings, I felt like I had zero sleep and was completely drained of all motivation and happiness. It was Sunday morning, around 11 am. I had only made it to the chair in the living room (the same I had fallen asleep in three days this week). I was trying to think about this weird cycle each day. My mind was hazy and it was somewhat difficult to keep track of my thoughts. But I did finally recognize that it was Sunday. But that was even more depressing because there I was wasting away my only day off sitting there doing nothing. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and all I had to show for it was realizing that it was Sunday. Then it happened, just like the 6 times before. The clock struck 12 noon and by the time the chimes had finished, so had the pain past. It was only noon. There was so much time left in the day. "I should go back to the Ren Faire and see if I can find Madame Tempest again," I said to myself. I pulled up the Ren Faire information on my phone and looked for the times and shows. Maybe Tempest would be listed. A tinge of disappointment hit me when I saw that the Faire was only in town last weekend for the end of spring. It would not be back until the start of fall. The disappointment was quickly replaced with excitement. I decided to go to the park. I could take a walk and maybe meet some new friends. I didn't actually have anybody that I would call a real friend and that needed to change. ================== I arrived home after dark. There were more people at the park than I had expected. But they were just as friendly as I had imagined. I played frisbee with some young guys, chatted with some nice ladies walking their dogs together (and played with the dogs), and even got invited to join a yoga club doing their thing out on the grass. There were so many other things going on and people to talk to. I did all of it and even went out to dinner with the frisbee guys. I checked the time when I walked in the door, it was 10:30. Good, still some time to have fun before "going to bed", more like being forced to sleep. I got changed and decided to take a shower. If the other days of the week were any indication, I would not be in the mood tomorrow morning. As I walked in front of the bathroom mirror, I had to double take at my reflection. There was something odd. I was definitely standing up straighter, giving off the appearance of being taller. I also looked healthier. My skin looked good and somewhat tighter than I remembered. Since I was already naked, I hopped on to my scale. It was around 6 pounds up from the last time I remembered weighing myself. I went back and checked myself out in the mirror one more time before the shower. I then grabbed my a book and hopped into bed. It was already after 11 and I figured why risk falling asleep on the couch or in the chair when I could just read in bed. Sure enough, soon later the pain came and went. I fell asleep without even turning off the light. ================== After I dragged myself out of bed the next morning, I took a piss and then shucked my clothes to look at myself in the mirror. I must have been high on endorphins the previous night. My skin had almost a grayish color to it. Nothing healthy or glowing about it. Even in my normal slouched posture, I looked shorter in the mirror. It was like the weight of the world was just crushing me. I stepped on to the scale and I had lost 3 pounds from the previous night. "Huh... that must have been some piss." I stood there staring at the scale for many minutes. It had even shut itself off from inactivity. Finally, I got myself moving. I was going to be late again. Here we go. That entire week was much of the same. Crappy mornings and great afternoons and evenings. My supervisor threatened to write me up a couple of times and then seemed to change his mood. It was odd, he only threatened me in the morning. Any time I saw him in the afternoon, he was happy to see me. Maybe there was something going around that started to let up after lunch each day. Or maybe I wasn't crazy thinking that everything looked better after after getting some sunlight. Sunlight, like the sun and the moon that Madame Tempest had talked about. Was my life really changing based on the sun and the moon? She said that it had to do with something like fears and positivity or my sleep schedule. Is the moon actually initiating fears and darkness inside of me? Does the sun then bring back positive thoughts? When Sunday night rolled around again. After spending my time in the park with all of the friends I had met the previous time, I weighed myself when I got home. I was up by almost 12 pounds from a few weeks ago, and another 6 pounds tacked on to my weight from last week. In the mirror, I was positive this time that I was taller and healthier looking. I actually stood with my back to the wall and marked it with a pencil. "Hmm, 5'8" and three quarters. I think the last time I had a physical, the doctor said I was 5'8" and one quarter." I was talking to myself, no biggie. "Meh, that was probably just me slouching like usual at the doctor's. Plus, measuring yourself is always hit or miss." I flexed a little in the mirror. There was definitely something up (or I should say more than one thing up). So the sun and the moon. What else had she said...? Something about my ultimate goal, which we figured was to gain balance. Those things about my past and present leading me here. And then my goal being related to primal instincts. Was that right? Is balance in your life a primal instinct? Or was it freedom? Or maybe something else, eh whatever. Oh right, the good and the bad. Maybe the sun and moon and these changes are all related to the good and bad and whatever karma stuff she was saying. Then there was a bunch of things about my boss and inner something or others and my hopes and fears. And there was a card with some building in it, the castle maybe? What did she say about that... Something about turmoil and the outcome. "Ah whatever. It is getting close to midnight and I am pretty confident that I won't care about any of this in the morning. Evening became night. Night became dawn. Dawn brought my alarm clock. "Ugh....." I basically slid out of bed and crawled into the bathroom. I silently cheered in my head that I only hit snooze three times. That was a record since all of this started. With great effort, I pulled myself up on to the countertop. I looked at myself in the mirror. Bloodshot eyes, unkempt hair - even some grays showing up, and pale-sickly looking skin. "Why me..." was all that I muttered. I tried to flex in the mirror like last night but could not even muster the strength to do so. I hopped on to the scale and it read 5 pounds less than last night. Even in my haze, that struck me as quite odd. I stood up as straight as I could and marked my head on the same wall as last night. I turned around and could immediately see that the new mark was over two inches shorter without even having to measure it. I turned around again and forced myself to stretch and straighten to the max. I wasn't even trying to stretch last night and I was still at least an inch shorter today. With a slightly wild look in my eyes, I got dressed for work. I knew that nothing was going to get done in the morning half of my day because I would be daydreaming about all of this craziness. But at least I could avoid getting chewed out for lateness.
  14. Just a quickie. I'm still not sure if I want to slow play this story or go for a "a few weeks/months from now" sort of thing. Part 2 The rest of the day went great. I felt so energetic and focused. I was able to make up for the morning daydreaming and then some. It wasn't so productive that anybody even noticed - not like they would notice even if I got twice the amount of work done. But I still felt a great sense of accomplishment. Like for the first time in my life, I was not just a cog. The great feeling continued into the evening. Normally I would be crashing and falling asleep on the couch around 8 o'clock and still feeling like crap in the morning. That night I was watching some comedy shows and really finding the jokes funny. I was genuinely laughing and still feeling on top of the world. I was getting up to make myself a literal midnight snack since I was still wide awake. As the popcorn was microwaving, the clock struck 12 and my ornate grandfather clock began to chime. I doubled over in pain, this time falling to the fall. The pain earlier in the day felt like something was being jabbed into me. This new pain felt like a black hole in my gut and everything was being sucked in. The grandfather clock hit its 12th chime and the pain ended. The clock read 12:01 am. After all of that, I did not feel so energized any more. I actually just walked to my room and crawled into bed. The tv was still on and the finished popcorn sat alone in the microwave. ============== The following day, a Tuesday, I woke up feeling absolutely awful. I immediately regretted staying up late the previous night. After hitting snooze more times that I usually allow myself, I dragged myself into the bathroom. I looked so sickly and drained. I skipped a shower (for lack of time) and just threw on some clothes and grabbed the 7 hour old popcorn from the microwave to eat for breakfast. I turned off the tv on my way out the door. Things didn't get any better at work. I still felt like I was run over by a truck. Not that anybody cared. I was lucky enough to arrive 10 minutes late and slip through the cubicles without a second glance. I looked like I had just rolled out of bed, mostly because it was pretty much true. A little over three hours into the day, and my immediate supervisor came by my desk to scold me for being 10 minutes late. Shoot... I thought I got in clean. That was just what I needed to make my crappy day even worse. I couldn't even look him in the eyes from the shame and embarrassment of being scolded by another adult. He continued on and on about how lazy I was and how he was putting a note into my file, blabbity blah blah blah. And then the clock struck 12 noon. I immediately remembered the previous day as I clutched my chest and stomach. My face was turning red from the strain. My supervisor sighed, "Yeah sure, like I haven't seen people faking a heart attack before when they are being written up. Just pathetic." 12:01... I took a breath and looked up at him for the first time during the tongue lashing. "I completely agree. Listen, I will work through lunch again to make up the time." I felt like I was sitting up straighter in my chair. I was more confident and even smiled at him. Suddenly his demeanor shifted, "We understand the grind some times. You know, let's skip the write up. I am sure you will be able to finish your work. We want everyone here on time for solidarity. If people start coming in late, even if they finish their work, it starts fostering jealously among other workers. You get it, right?" I nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely. That last thing I want to do is cause trouble for the company leadership. I am totally on board. Let's get back to work and crush it." He chuckled and patted me on the shoulder. "That's the spirit. Keep up the good work!" He walked away looking a little happier than I had ever seen him. He even greeted a few of the workers on the way back to him office - much to everyone's surprise. I did not even take the time to think about things. I dove head first into my work and before I knew it, the end of the day came around. I even stayed an extra ten minutes even though I had finished the day's work hours ago. I left work and headed to the mall. I wasn't really in the mood to buy anything. I was mostly window shopping and people watching. Out of no where, I started saying hi and good evening to everyone I passed by. They all immediately got smiles on their faces. This one younger lady looked so sad and just about in tears. I walked up to her and said, "You look lovely today. Whatever is making you sad is not worth the tears." She sniffled and took a deep inhale and exhale. The tears had already dried from her eyes. She picked herself up and nodded to me. She then walked off with determination in her step. My happiness and enthusiasm was infectious. I stayed at the mall until it closed at 9. I then went home and pulled a book off of my shelf. Was I actually going to read a book? When do I ever have time, energy or focus to read a book? But it happened. It had been years since the last time I just enjoyed reading a book. I got through 3/4 of it and the clock struck 12. You know what happened. At 12:01, I was already asleep in the chair with the book in my lap.
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