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  1. Just a quickie to get myself motivated on this story again Part 5a What do you do when you know the future? What if that future says that you are going to die? Well, in my case, the future doesn't specifically say that I will die from my condition, but I certainly cannot see how I could possibly live. Let me explain... The revelation that I was growing and shrinking without end gave me quite a shock to my system. I immediately ran into my bathroom and checked the pencil markings on the wall again. Each mark was on the same day each week and around the same time. Sunday evenings for growth and Monday mornings for shrinking. I had started on the second week, I remembered it clearly. It had read a half inch gain in height. "So this one, 5'8" and three quarters, well even less than that, but closer to 3/4 than 1/2... Just a hair under 5'9"... a hair over 5'9" and one quarter... If this continues, I bet I will be around 5'9" and a half tonight." I grabbed my laptop and plugged in those values into a spreadsheet. I just did a quick chart to check the line. With only four points, it wasn't the best trend line but it would do for now. My heart sank. The trend line was curving upwards. So not only would I keep growing, but it would be ever so slowly accelerating. I did the same for the shrinking measurements and the very few data points I had for my chest. I projected the points out based on the trend line equations and filled the cells as far as it would go. I added a date field for a reference and began to look at the weeks to come. I continued looking at the values, absolutely horrified at what I was seeing. I just went for it all and scrolled down to the numbers 10 years out. "Under 2 inches tall... And what is that number?" I had to stretch out the column on the spreadsheet because the number didn't fit. "One... One..." I was losing my breath reading it. "One point five million pounds... At less than two inches tall. Oh wonderful, and I would be over 35 feet tall and 13 billion pounds a few hours later. And my chest would be 1.3 billion inches in diameter. Of course, that makes sense," I said sarcastically to myself. I tapped a few buttons on my keyboard and did a quick internet search. "The Earth is 42 million feet in circumference. My chest would be 107 million feet. Great, so I would be 35 feet tall with a chest that is over twice the circumference of the Earth." I forced a nervous chuckle out to try to give myself some form of comfort. I skimmed back to the 2 year area. Even that was looking pretty dire. I skimmed up a little bit more to where things made a little more sense. I got to most of the way through next year. I would be somewhere in the 3 feet tall to 7 feet tall range. At 3 feet tall, I might be around 600 pounds. Not great, but possibly manageable. The tall side was 7-8 feet tall and over 2,000 pounds. Again, not very good news, but I might be able to still move. I set that as my cutoff. Anything past that point and I most likely would be immobile or worse. "So I have less than a year and a half to live... What do you do when you know the future? What if that future says that you are going die?" The question resonated in my head. "I have to fight it."
  2. Hot off the presses I kinda felt like the narrator was a little conceited at the end of the last part. That is totally not his character. So this part expands on the story a little, giving explanation to why he acted like that in the meeting. There is also more to the meeting scene at the end. Part 4 The trainer was still on his knees, staring at me flexing my glutes. He was making some sort of guttural gurgling sound. The trainer was very good looking. He was 5'8", carrying well over 200 pounds of beef. He wasn't competing any more, but you could tell that he totally earned that IFBB pro card on his wall. Apparently he was completely into super thick and stocky guys. My boyfriend and I had discussed it some before coming. "I feel like we are just using him. I do not want to become some entitled meathead through all of this." I was referring to the trainer. We were at home. My boyfriend kissed me passionately. "I wouldn't want you to. I fell in love with the tiny shy guy hiding at the corner of the bar. Out of everyone there, you were the least into yourself." He stood up straight, towering over me and waggled his finger. "If you turned into a meathead, you could kiss this goodbye!" He hefted his cock in his pants to make his point. He turned and started walking to the kitchen to prep meal 2. "Or maybe I should say, you won't get a chance to kiss it goodbye." He chuckled. I followed him into the kitchen with a grin on my face. "That is the only cock that I ever want to touch my mouth. I couldn't bare to lose it. So then the problem remains. What do we do about the trainer?" My boyfriend went about his meal prep with a thoughtful face. "He is obviously into you. Or maybe into the thought of what you can become. We can certainly use that to our advantage." "But I do not want a man slave devoted to me and oogling my body." He whole heartedly laughed at that commend. "Yeah I know. But I am not sure if he actually wants you or if it a muscle worship sort of thing. Think about the guy next door." My cock instantly got hard and I shuttered. My boyfriend had a crooked smile. "See, you do not want him specifically, but the thought of his body gets you going. You get the high of dopamine attraction but you are not chemically linked with your oxytocin levels." This was starting to go over my head and my boyfriend could see my face going blank. "You are in love with the idea, but not with the man." "That is why I fell in love with a neuroscientist. I loved the man but not his ideas." My boyfriend almost doubled over laughing. I realized what I just said and joined in laughing. We first met at a campus bar where we were both going to school. Like he had mentioned, I was trolling for some college hookup. At the time, I was in my senior year in the CS program. I never got a date at bars or any other hangouts. It was more my own fault than just bad luck. I could not get myself to interact and most people would not even notice someone hiding in the corner. I was much more comfortable behind a computer screen. When a tall guy approached me and then mentioned that he was a second year doctoral student in neurology, I was more than a bit intimidated. But there was just something about him. And that something is still there many years later. We finally calmed down a little and he continued. "Just like how our neighbor can get you hard with his muscular displays. I think you could give the trainer what he wants with the same." I nodded. "But what if he wants to go further?" "I don't think he will. Just the look of the computer model on the screen got him off. Never once during our workouts have I seen him looking like he wants to have sex or anything. Actually, the thrill of seeing you bigger seems to be motivating him as a trainer." "You'll be there too to break it up..." I sighed deeply, feeling anxiety creeping in... ===================== That anxiety was still there from hours before. I had no clue how I pulled off what I did already. But we needed the trainer to stay on board, that that meant putting on a show. He was practically drooling already. I look at my boyfriend with hesitation written on my face. He just gave me a nod and made a little heart symbol with his hands. I love that man so much. I turned away from the trainer and slowly began to pull the shorts down the rest of the way. If I was taller, my ass spread out like that while leaning over might have eclipsed the lights in the room. I smiled at the thought of a giant ass shaped shadow darkening everything around. Ah, that relaxed me a little. I began to wiggle getting the shorts the rest of the way and then stepping out of them. "Oh... my... g-mmphf." I heard the grunts of a second orgasm behind me. I thought to myself, "If he got off on that, he is going to love what comes next." Without standing, I reached back and tugged on the boxer briefs a little. They immediately snapped back into place. I tried a second time, but the waste band wanted the safety of my waist instead of screaming as it stretched over my glutes. I sighed and stood up, my big reveal was foiled. Instead, I flexed tight and tugged them down. It was now small enough to get the waistband 1/4 of the way over my glutes, displaying a jockstrap underneath. The trainer was making sort of a clicking sound in the back of his throat, like he was trying to breath and swallow at the same time and his body didn't know which one to do. I turned around to face him. I could see that he was very much into it. I suddenly had some stage fright with him on the ground below me staring at my body. I close my eyes and mouthed, "just go for it... just go for it..." In one swift motion, I tore off the boxer briefs. They already had runs and were stretched to the breaking point anyway. It really didn't take much effort to remove them in one piece. Obviously, it had the desired effect. My boyfriend gave a low whistle - that part was unrehearsed and unexpected. The trainer looked like he was about to pass out. Quickly, I threw the briefs on the floor and flexed my legs to bring him back into the moment. That too had the desired effect because he blew his third load. The waist on the jockstrap looked normal when looking at my upper body. But then the completely exposed legs just exploded out. Flexed like that, my quad sweep had to be nearing twice the width of my waist or even more. I was actually taken aback by how big my legs looked. They were still massively pumped up from the leg workout. They even still burned a little from the deep squats. With massive globular glutes like mine, 'ass to the floor' squats are pretty easy. I get to save a few inches over normal people. Without giving myself time to second second guess the decision, I then turned around. My ass was fully revealed. I had on this jockstrap with multiple bands on the back. It was a pain (in the ass???) to get on. I took forever adjusting the straps to where it didn't feel super weird. The jockstrap was sort of like a push up bra for your butt. It even advertised that it would 'lift and separate'. Just like the boxer briefs, it felt like the straps were strained - it is not like I could get an extra extra large or something with my height and waist measurement. So there's my glutes jammed into this thing. With the tight straps, it gave bubble butt a whole new meaning. You could almost see two perfect 3D spheres attached to me. I flexed my calves a little, going up on my toes. My calves were like beachballs that joined some cankles. It wasn't that I really had cankles, my calves were so large and legs so short that they couldn't do anything other than form cankles. I then held that and made the motion like I was bending my legs, but held that in place too. My hamstrings created corrugated rows heading down my legs. I began shaking a tiny bit from the strain. I could feel my ass cheeks jiggling in the jockstrap. I then flared out my quads as best I could without losing the other two flexes. And then flexed my ass. It was so difficult holding this and I even felt a cramp enter my butt cheeks. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I clenched my ass and flexed as hard as I could. I could hear my boyfriend sit down hard, back into the chair. The trainer mumbled, "Oh my god, that's not fat... that's all muscle..." He then began moaning with his fourth load coming. I could only hold for a couple more seconds before the cramp overtook me. I released all of it and had to hop around the room bit, oblivious to being practically naked. I massaged my ass cheeks deeply and shook my legs to get the cramp out. Once that was feeling better, I turned around. Both my boyfriend and the trainer were totally awestruck. I suddenly felt completely exposed and grabbed the workout shorts to put back on. "So how was that?" I received no response. My boyfriend was shaking his head - not like a 'no' type of head shake, more like one of disbelief. He finally got some clarity back in his expression and just gave me a weak thumbs up. I went over to the trainer and picked him up to bring him back to his desk. "Hey buddy, did you like that?" He nodded his head like a child. I could not imagine what that looked like carrying someone 7 inches taller than me, cradling them in my arms. "Good. We love everything you have done for us and we wanted to give you something in return." I gently sat him in his chair. He looked at me and nodded again. I walked back to the other side of my desk and put on my shirt. "We want to work with you for a long time. You have been great to us. Now, how about we finish up the meeting? My stomach is telling me that it is time for my next meal." They both just nodded in response.
  3. I actually started writing part 5 before this and realized there would need to be something inbetween lol. Part 4 was just going to be something small. As I wrote it, more and more things starting popping into my head.
  4. Now we start to unravel the mystery :) Part 4 I learned very quickly that I needed to buy baggier shirts to wear to work. It really was a funny story... Weeks 3 and 4 went just like the previous weeks. Sluggish - pain - excitement and energy - pain - complete exhaustion. I started planning my schedule around the noon and midnight changes. I made sure to get everything prepared for the following day just before midnight. When I would wake up, things were all ready to go and I could leave for work without even thinking about it. Getting chewed out by my supervisor was a thing of the past. Now I only saw him during the infectious enthusiasm times. Work became so much nicer. At my job, I knew that I would get practically zero actual work done in the mornings. So I spent what drive I could muster on setting up and organizing my work space, emails and agendas for my "afternoon shift". I even would eat at my desk (a lunch packed before midnight the night before) at 11:30 am. Right when noon hit, I was ready to dive head first into my work and usually finished within a couple hours and then got myself into outside projects. I started becoming known as the "go getter" at work. Because of the infectious nature of my attitude, everybody else's productivity sky rocketed in the afternoon. We even started getting to work only five days a week since productivity was up by 30%. That was cause for an extra 5% boost in productivity. Funny how we were working less (me only half days) and we were getting more accomplished. Anyway, we were into week 5 - a Tuesday. Around 5 pm, I noticed that my shirt was tight. That had happened in the previous few days and I did not pay any attention to it. Around 5:50 pm, I was packing up my stuff to head home. The button on my shirt around mid-pec (yeah I could finally say that I had pecs) popped off when I stood. On the next day, I was typing a few end-of-day emails on my computer around 5:30 and my mid-pec button popped off just like the previous day. When I got home some time after 6 pm, I looked up how to measure your chest. I took off my shirt, lifted my arms and put a tailor's tape around my chest and then lowered them in a relaxed stance. I did not really know what I was expecting. I had never measured my chest before so the information was useless. Needless to say, I still wrote it down since measuring myself (height and scale) was becoming a common activity. On Friday, my shirt was uncomfortably tight. When I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was take it off. When I reached up, the mid-pec button and button around my lower pecs both popped off. I crunched down and flexed - the two buttons just above and below both fled the scene. I chuckled as I undid the rest of the buttons and did the tailor's tape thing again. I mumbled to myself, "That is odd, up by a quarter inch from Wednesday." I went to the mirror and flexed. I could see striations in the muscle form - rolling up from the bottom. I did it a few more times, mesmerized by the twitching fibers dancing under the skin. I turned to the side and my waist looked so much smaller. I wrapped the tape around it, again not knowing what I expected. But wait, I had my physical paperwork somewhere. I took a few minutes sifting through some old paperwork, "Aha!" The doctor had height, weight and bunch of bloodwork things that I did not understand. He had taken my chest, neck and waist measurement for something having to do with heart disease. My waist was the same, but my chest was up by 3 inches. I turned to the side again in the mirror and jutted it out. "Woah... so thick and ruddy." Oh crap, are my body proportions changing in addition to height? I really needed to think about things. I grabbed a white board and started writing. "What were those things Madame Tempest had?" I drew a quick little diagram. A card and four cards around it. I remembered the plus sign on the table. "One two... Three... One two three..." Three cards on the side? "...Four..." Yeah, I think a fourth. Next to the diagram I wrote 1-9. '1. The devil 2. The grim reaper 3. The castle burning 4. Wheel of fortune' I tapped the marker to my chin, producing a little smudge. '5. The king 6. The women 7. The man 8. Sun 9. Moon' Ok, so those were all of them. I did not even know what any of them meant. I started looking up tarot card readings. "9 of wands?" I did not remember them having numbers on them. Did they have numbers? I moved on and saw all sorts of variations. V shapes, 3 cards at a time, just dealing them, and then the Celtic Cross. It flashed in my mind that she had said those words. At the top of the white board, I wrote 'Celtic Cross'. Time was slipping away from me, though. I needed to get some dinner and walk around a bit outside before it got too late. So I left the white board on my table. ======================== The following morning I got up and the first thing I did was draw a horizontal card on the middle of the plus sign. I was so proud of myself, you have no idea. Thinking of that had been the crowning achievement of my mornings for the past five weeks. I saw the shirt with the missing buttons tossed on to a chair. I put it on over top of my sleep shirt. It was loose. How in the bloody hell could it be loose? I went into the bathroom and measured my chest. My eyes bugged out when I saw the measurement was down by almost 2.5 inches. I grabbed the measurements from the physical, my chest measurement was still up by a half inch from the physical but how could it be down from the previous night? That was all too much for me to handle. I climbed back into bed and fell asleep. You can guess was woke me. Once the pain had stopped, I shook my head. I was silently chiding my morning self for sleeping in. My shirt was still off from earlier when I walked into the bathroom. I checked myself out in the mirror. My skin had a healthy and vibrant look to it, but everything else was off. This was not the same man from the previous night. I measured my chest and it was still the 2.5 inch decrease. I quickly hopped on the scale and I was down a good 15 pounds from last Sunday's reading. All of that had to wait. I had to take a piss so bad and my stomach was aching from not eating earlier. Once all of that was taken care of, I threw on an undershirt and went back to researching the tarot cards. "Devil... reaper... hmm... sun and moon." Those two were in the same spot. Actually, I remembered her saying that two of them had doubles. "With the sideways one, that means 12. I'm missing three. Wait, death was my fear." I started a second list, trying to place them in the correct order of the reading. '11. hopes and fears = grim reaper = death' "The sun and moon was the one double and the other was my boss and... my willpower..." It occurred to me that Tempest said that I needed other people to help me since I couldn't help myself. Or something to that affect. But whatever my boss's card was and my willpower card was the other double on the table. I spent quite a bit of time working on the reading. It was very late afternoon by the time my concentration was broken. The slim fit undershirt that I was wearing was groaning every time I reached forward. "Huh...?" I walked into the bathroom and looked at it in the mirror. The armpits looked like they were ready to bust out. I poked around and squeezed. It was definitely me under there. I made a note in my head to research that flared out flesh later on. This was all new to me. I had an ok, maybe slightly above average build before. All of this muscle and body measurement stuff had never been a priority before. I stripped the shirt off and I could pretty much see the guy from last night again. I measured my chest (jeez, from never measuring to four times in less than a 24 hours). It wasn't quite there, but around 3/4 inch off from last night. All of that could wait, I needed to use the rest of the daylight to do something fun instead of being cooped up inside. Everything was still weighting on me when I got home after dark. I started forming a picture in my head. I jotted a note on to the white board. 'Light and Dark. Growth and Reduction.' I had an idea of what the tape measure would say, but wanted to confirm it. Yep, chest was right around where it was last night. So that means I need to figure out what is happening. It was going to be a long night. I got changed and hopped into bed to take a nap. I knew I wouldn't need an alarm clock to wake me. At 12:01 am, I got up out of bed (reluctantly) and hopped on the scale. I figured the scale would be the easiest way to test. It was around 30 pounds increase from when all of this started. I then proceeded to force myself to stay awake watching tv. I drank some coffee to help. By 12:14 am, it was the latest I had stayed up since before the changes. At 1 am, I was down a pound. At 2 am, I was down close to 2 pounds. 3 am - down 3 pounds 4 am - down 5 pounds 5 am - down 9 pounds 6 am - down 15 pounds 7 am - down 15 pounds I couldn't make it to 8 am and just finally crashed. After my noon "alarm clock" went off, I jumped on the scale. It still read over a 15 pounds decrease. I decided to work on the tarot research for a bit before heading to the park for my weekly Sunday constitutional. But I still jumped on the scale. 12:02 pm - still down 15 pounds 1 pm - down 14 pounds 2 pm - down 13 pounds 3 pm - down 11 pounds I could see where this was going. That explains why the shirt fit tight in the late afternoon and the buttons were popping after 5 pm. The sizes change over a period of time and then it evens out until the next shift. I really needed to clear my head, so I went to the park. It worked to some degree, but my friends could tell that something was on my mind. I let them know that everything was fine, even though I gained another 12 pounds while playing frisbee. My shirt was becoming tight by the time we were done. After our weekly dinner, I went out shopping. I knew I would need some bigger clothes. It costs a few buttons, but I learned very quickly that I needed to buy baggier shirts to wear to work. When I arrived home, I did my Sunday evening height and weight measurements. "Up another quarter inch and 6 and a half pounds since last week..." I stared at the measurements on the wall for a while. As I started packing lunch for work, the pieces began to fall into place. The marks on the wall were increasing very slightly in distance from each other. "Oh my god, no. It's not going to stop." Maybe it was the lack of sleep or too much time researching, but this was my first "afternoon shift" where I started to panic.
  5. Part 3 My week continued pretty much the same. I was even starting to get accustomed to the pain. Or as much as one can get used to 2 minutes of absolute agony each day. I even started noticing that I acted and felt different. In the afternoon into the evening, I would always feel on top of the world. In the mornings, I felt like I had zero sleep and was completely drained of all motivation and happiness. It was Sunday morning, around 11 am. I had only made it to the chair in the living room (the same I had fallen asleep in three days this week). I was trying to think about this weird cycle each day. My mind was hazy and it was somewhat difficult to keep track of my thoughts. But I did finally recognize that it was Sunday. But that was even more depressing because there I was wasting away my only day off sitting there doing nothing. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and all I had to show for it was realizing that it was Sunday. Then it happened, just like the 6 times before. The clock struck 12 noon and by the time the chimes had finished, so had the pain past. It was only noon. There was so much time left in the day. "I should go back to the Ren Faire and see if I can find Madame Tempest again," I said to myself. I pulled up the Ren Faire information on my phone and looked for the times and shows. Maybe Tempest would be listed. A tinge of disappointment hit me when I saw that the Faire was only in town last weekend for the end of spring. It would not be back until the start of fall. The disappointment was quickly replaced with excitement. I decided to go to the park. I could take a walk and maybe meet some new friends. I didn't actually have anybody that I would call a real friend and that needed to change. ================== I arrived home after dark. There were more people at the park than I had expected. But they were just as friendly as I had imagined. I played frisbee with some young guys, chatted with some nice ladies walking their dogs together (and played with the dogs), and even got invited to join a yoga club doing their thing out on the grass. There were so many other things going on and people to talk to. I did all of it and even went out to dinner with the frisbee guys. I checked the time when I walked in the door, it was 10:30. Good, still some time to have fun before "going to bed", more like being forced to sleep. I got changed and decided to take a shower. If the other days of the week were any indication, I would not be in the mood tomorrow morning. As I walked in front of the bathroom mirror, I had to double take at my reflection. There was something odd. I was definitely standing up straighter, giving off the appearance of being taller. I also looked healthier. My skin looked good and somewhat tighter than I remembered. Since I was already naked, I hopped on to my scale. It was around 6 pounds up from the last time I remembered weighing myself. I went back and checked myself out in the mirror one more time before the shower. I then grabbed my a book and hopped into bed. It was already after 11 and I figured why risk falling asleep on the couch or in the chair when I could just read in bed. Sure enough, soon later the pain came and went. I fell asleep without even turning off the light. ================== After I dragged myself out of bed the next morning, I took a piss and then shucked my clothes to look at myself in the mirror. I must have been high on endorphins the previous night. My skin had almost a grayish color to it. Nothing healthy or glowing about it. Even in my normal slouched posture, I looked shorter in the mirror. It was like the weight of the world was just crushing me. I stepped on to the scale and I had lost 3 pounds from the previous night. "Huh... that must have been some piss." I stood there staring at the scale for many minutes. It had even shut itself off from inactivity. Finally, I got myself moving. I was going to be late again. Here we go. That entire week was much of the same. Crappy mornings and great afternoons and evenings. My supervisor threatened to write me up a couple of times and then seemed to change his mood. It was odd, he only threatened me in the morning. Any time I saw him in the afternoon, he was happy to see me. Maybe there was something going around that started to let up after lunch each day. Or maybe I wasn't crazy thinking that everything looked better after after getting some sunlight. Sunlight, like the sun and the moon that Madame Tempest had talked about. Was my life really changing based on the sun and the moon? She said that it had to do with something like fears and positivity or my sleep schedule. Is the moon actually initiating fears and darkness inside of me? Does the sun then bring back positive thoughts? When Sunday night rolled around again. After spending my time in the park with all of the friends I had met the previous time, I weighed myself when I got home. I was up by almost 12 pounds from a few weeks ago, and another 6 pounds tacked on to my weight from last week. In the mirror, I was positive this time that I was taller and healthier looking. I actually stood with my back to the wall and marked it with a pencil. "Hmm, 5'8" and three quarters. I think the last time I had a physical, the doctor said I was 5'8" and one quarter." I was talking to myself, no biggie. "Meh, that was probably just me slouching like usual at the doctor's. Plus, measuring yourself is always hit or miss." I flexed a little in the mirror. There was definitely something up (or I should say more than one thing up). So the sun and the moon. What else had she said...? Something about my ultimate goal, which we figured was to gain balance. Those things about my past and present leading me here. And then my goal being related to primal instincts. Was that right? Is balance in your life a primal instinct? Or was it freedom? Or maybe something else, eh whatever. Oh right, the good and the bad. Maybe the sun and moon and these changes are all related to the good and bad and whatever karma stuff she was saying. Then there was a bunch of things about my boss and inner something or others and my hopes and fears. And there was a card with some building in it, the castle maybe? What did she say about that... Something about turmoil and the outcome. "Ah whatever. It is getting close to midnight and I am pretty confident that I won't care about any of this in the morning. Evening became night. Night became dawn. Dawn brought my alarm clock. "Ugh....." I basically slid out of bed and crawled into the bathroom. I silently cheered in my head that I only hit snooze three times. That was a record since all of this started. With great effort, I pulled myself up on to the countertop. I looked at myself in the mirror. Bloodshot eyes, unkempt hair - even some grays showing up, and pale-sickly looking skin. "Why me..." was all that I muttered. I tried to flex in the mirror like last night but could not even muster the strength to do so. I hopped on to the scale and it read 5 pounds less than last night. Even in my haze, that struck me as quite odd. I stood up as straight as I could and marked my head on the same wall as last night. I turned around and could immediately see that the new mark was over two inches shorter without even having to measure it. I turned around again and forced myself to stretch and straighten to the max. I wasn't even trying to stretch last night and I was still at least an inch shorter today. With a slightly wild look in my eyes, I got dressed for work. I knew that nothing was going to get done in the morning half of my day because I would be daydreaming about all of this craziness. But at least I could avoid getting chewed out for lateness.
  6. Just a quickie. I'm still not sure if I want to slow play this story or go for a "a few weeks/months from now" sort of thing. Part 2 The rest of the day went great. I felt so energetic and focused. I was able to make up for the morning daydreaming and then some. It wasn't so productive that anybody even noticed - not like they would notice even if I got twice the amount of work done. But I still felt a great sense of accomplishment. Like for the first time in my life, I was not just a cog. The great feeling continued into the evening. Normally I would be crashing and falling asleep on the couch around 8 o'clock and still feeling like crap in the morning. That night I was watching some comedy shows and really finding the jokes funny. I was genuinely laughing and still feeling on top of the world. I was getting up to make myself a literal midnight snack since I was still wide awake. As the popcorn was microwaving, the clock struck 12 and my ornate grandfather clock began to chime. I doubled over in pain, this time falling to the fall. The pain earlier in the day felt like something was being jabbed into me. This new pain felt like a black hole in my gut and everything was being sucked in. The grandfather clock hit its 12th chime and the pain ended. The clock read 12:01 am. After all of that, I did not feel so energized any more. I actually just walked to my room and crawled into bed. The tv was still on and the finished popcorn sat alone in the microwave. ============== The following day, a Tuesday, I woke up feeling absolutely awful. I immediately regretted staying up late the previous night. After hitting snooze more times that I usually allow myself, I dragged myself into the bathroom. I looked so sickly and drained. I skipped a shower (for lack of time) and just threw on some clothes and grabbed the 7 hour old popcorn from the microwave to eat for breakfast. I turned off the tv on my way out the door. Things didn't get any better at work. I still felt like I was run over by a truck. Not that anybody cared. I was lucky enough to arrive 10 minutes late and slip through the cubicles without a second glance. I looked like I had just rolled out of bed, mostly because it was pretty much true. A little over three hours into the day, and my immediate supervisor came by my desk to scold me for being 10 minutes late. Shoot... I thought I got in clean. That was just what I needed to make my crappy day even worse. I couldn't even look him in the eyes from the shame and embarrassment of being scolded by another adult. He continued on and on about how lazy I was and how he was putting a note into my file, blabbity blah blah blah. And then the clock struck 12 noon. I immediately remembered the previous day as I clutched my chest and stomach. My face was turning red from the strain. My supervisor sighed, "Yeah sure, like I haven't seen people faking a heart attack before when they are being written up. Just pathetic." 12:01... I took a breath and looked up at him for the first time during the tongue lashing. "I completely agree. Listen, I will work through lunch again to make up the time." I felt like I was sitting up straighter in my chair. I was more confident and even smiled at him. Suddenly his demeanor shifted, "We understand the grind some times. You know, let's skip the write up. I am sure you will be able to finish your work. We want everyone here on time for solidarity. If people start coming in late, even if they finish their work, it starts fostering jealously among other workers. You get it, right?" I nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely. That last thing I want to do is cause trouble for the company leadership. I am totally on board. Let's get back to work and crush it." He chuckled and patted me on the shoulder. "That's the spirit. Keep up the good work!" He walked away looking a little happier than I had ever seen him. He even greeted a few of the workers on the way back to him office - much to everyone's surprise. I did not even take the time to think about things. I dove head first into my work and before I knew it, the end of the day came around. I even stayed an extra ten minutes even though I had finished the day's work hours ago. I left work and headed to the mall. I wasn't really in the mood to buy anything. I was mostly window shopping and people watching. Out of no where, I started saying hi and good evening to everyone I passed by. They all immediately got smiles on their faces. This one younger lady looked so sad and just about in tears. I walked up to her and said, "You look lovely today. Whatever is making you sad is not worth the tears." She sniffled and took a deep inhale and exhale. The tears had already dried from her eyes. She picked herself up and nodded to me. She then walked off with determination in her step. My happiness and enthusiasm was infectious. I stayed at the mall until it closed at 9. I then went home and pulled a book off of my shelf. Was I actually going to read a book? When do I ever have time, energy or focus to read a book? But it happened. It had been years since the last time I just enjoyed reading a book. I got through 3/4 of it and the clock struck 12. You know what happened. At 12:01, I was already asleep in the chair with the book in my lap.
  7. The frame after he busts through the wall is beautiful. The dust and debris, the lighting and shadows. That is truly a work of art.
  8. My Celtic Cross Tarot Reading I was walking around a Renaissance Faire one Sunday. I barely get any time off, and it seemed like a fun way to spend a day off. At least it would get my mind off of life. I reached a little tent as I walked down a trail, seemingly away from all of the festivities. It didn't even seem like it was part of the faire. Maybe one of the actors lived on site. I called hello a couple of times as I approached, with no response. I just wanted a quick peak inside before heading back. I got close and gently lifted the tent flap. You could hear a pin drop, I was being so quiet and not even breathing. Inside seemed dark, so I got closer. I could barely make out that a table was in there, but not much else. Still holding my breath, I got my head all of the way in, and then I heard the flap close behind me. In shock, I spun around. I was fully inside of the tent and it was lit by many candles. Turning back around, I saw a round table in the center of the room with various cabinets and supplies placed around the exterior. There was an incense stick giving off little wafts of smoke in the middle of the table. There was movement from the back room. Wait, there was a second part to the tent? Wait, wasn't this tent a lot smaller on the outside? Wait, how did I actually enter the tent? "How can Madame Tempest help you today?" A lady in a gypsy looking costume entered the room from the back. I must have looked completely dumbfounded. "Yes, yes. You are in my home, but nobody enters Madame Tempest's home without reason. I can sense that you are confused. But your confusion is not about why you are here. You are confused about your place in life. You are confused about your direction. Come, come. Sit at my table with me." She approached the round table and sat down, gesturing for me to do the same. I did so. "Let me see your hands." I placed my hands on the table. She took the left one and turned it over on to her own. She closed her eyes for a few seconds. Then, she went to my right hand and started tracing the lines in the palm. "Ah, I see now. Your life is not how it should be. You have great strength inside of you, but it does not come through. Others see you as weak and you have begun to agree. Madame Tempest thinks otherwise. Here, let me show you." She clapped her hands together and a deck of cards was in her left palm. None of this made sense, but I was just going with it. "Now, I will take reading. You must shuffle the cards and let your will infuse into them." She spread them out on to the table. "Now really make sure that the cards are mixed. They do not have a correct orientation. Right side up and up side down and both just as necessary to the reading." I mixed them up like I had seen poker dealers do before a game. I then pushed the cards together back into a deck. "Do you want to cut the cards?" I shock my head no. She nodded in approval and grabbed the deck. "This is called a Celtic Cross." She deal one face down and another perpendicular on top of it. She then dealt down, left, up and to the right of the original two cards. "These all represent your past, present and future. This will reveal a challenge you are facing with some reason drawn from your past." She then dealt four more cards in a line to the right side. "These cards will give you some insight into the challenge and what might affect it. Finally we will see what the outcome will be." I gestured at the cards for her to continue. She slid the first face down card out and placed it in front of me. "Present - Temperance in reverse... Not the best start to a reading. It indicates that you are currently being pulled in the extremes. Your life has lost its balance. Things may seem turbulent right now, but it may not be that way forever." She grins devilishly. "Obviously it will not stay turbulent into your future cards since we already drew temperance here." I nodded. She wasn't wrong. It is kind of strange though. I really do feel like my life is all over the place. Am I focusing on the right thing? Am I living my life the way I should be? The perpendicular card was then turned. "Immediate Challenge - The Magician... Since this card was on its side, there is no reverse. Your main goal will be yours for the taking. Make sure to take initiative and you will accomplish it. This is a very nice card to have as your challenge. Things seems messed up right now. But your challenge is to grab life by the horns and do what is best for you. If you accomplish that, you will have what you desire." That was weird. What is my main goal? "Distant Past - Justice in reverse. Your distant past has been plagued with other people affecting your life. You feel like your own decisions and actions have no meaning because you are constantly faced with other peoples consequences. This is probably what lead to you feeling the turbulence surrounding your life. It would certainly lead to temperance in reverse as your present card. Do not fret, as your own goals are now opening to you." She tapped on the Magician card. I really never have had control over my life. Why do I lend myself to others' whims all of the time. Being easy going is a curse. I watched as she flipped the next card. The devil??? Man, this keeps getting worse. "Recent Past, the cause for getting to this point - The Devil sounds like it is a bad card. However, it does not mean that Satan has been controlling you or some evil presence is here. All this means is that your main goal is being driven by you base desires, your animal instincts. You are not controlled by these instincts, instead you desire to follow them where they will lead you." I actually responded for the first time, "I do desire to have freedom. So my desire to be free and my past of having no control over my life is causing great conflict. That makes sense. But what is this goal that is supposed to bring my life into balance? Wouldn't getting balance be a goal?" She nodded thoughtfully. "I cannot claim to know what your base desires are. However, this next card may help you figure that out. This location on the Celtic Cross is the best outcome to the challenge. You got The Tower, reversed... The tower itself represents catastrophe and rebuilding, which would make sense for your situation. As in, everything falls apart from the turmoil but you can rebuild from that. Though, in reverse is has a different meaning. Through your challenge in obtaining your goal, you will be built up instead of falling apart. The best outcome will be that you come out stronger than you were before." I shrugged in acceptance. It still did not answer the question about my goal. But at least it does indicate that things will get better. "In your immediate future, we have The Wheel of Fortune in reverse... In general, the wheel means that sometimes things will go well and sometimes badly. In the end, karma will balance out. In reverse, karma will not balance out and you will be faced with good and bad changes. I am sorry, I know that is not what you wanted to hear. But let's move on to the next card because it should explain things a little bit better. Factors affecting situation..." I nodded. This one would start to get into the nitty gritty. "The Emperor is what will be affecting the challenge. The Emperor is a symbol of masculinity, authority and power. This means that someone in authority will have a big influence on your challenge. Perhaps a boss or a parent will help your reach your goals. Pay close attention to what those around you are saying. There may be an opening where they will no longer control your life and instead give you the reins." "Ah ok. Since the goal is unclear, I need to 'keep my enemies closer' as it were. They may be the ones causing turmoil, but they may also save me in the end." "Oh, there is a second card underneath. Strength in reverse. How odd. I never deal two cards in the same spot. But we mystics believe that when two cards are dealt, both have equal part in the story of your life. We are still on the factors affecting the situation. In reverse, strength refers to a weakened resolve. Your own inner strength will be low. This might be why you need to rely on the authority figure to help." I scoffed a little. These cards are basically telling me that I suck. Everyone else controls me. My own desires are squashed away. I am not even strong enough to accomplish my heart's desire - I need someone else to do it for me. "External influences - Wait, what? There are two cards here again. I believe these extra cards may have more meaning that we think. It is no coincidence that you have gotten two cards on both the factors affecting the outcome and the external influences outside of your control. This leads me to think there will be a duality to the situation. Outside authority versus your own will. Or in this case," she flipped both cards. "The Sun and The Moon. This is a very mixed message. This is a mixture of your fears and positivity, your dark impulses and upbeat attitude. It could also be a literal card definition - the factors influencing the situation would be the sun and the moon... Perhaps you need to focus on your sleep schedule. It might take some trial and error to find a better schedule than what you have right now." That actually made sense in a way. I have been wanting to go out to clubs more at night. Maybe I need to find a job with a later start time so that I could party late and sleep in afterwards. "Hopes and fears - Death in reverse. At least there is only one card this time." She noticed my eyes widen - I fear death? "Just like with the Devil card, this is not literal. In reverse it is more difficult to interpret, though. So your hopes would be that your journey will have convergence. You will not want things to keep changing. Your fear will be that you are at the end. Again, not at the end of your life. It would be that you are afraid you will not get a new beginning." I relaxed a little bit. That was somewhat comforting. Again, not liking the turmoil and change and want something more balanced. So my goal is to find balance in my life and someone above me will help. "Culmination/Final outcome - The World... This is literally the end of a journey. The journey will end in accomplishment and closure. Even though you face good and bad things," she indicated The Wheel of Fortune again, "the outcome will be the completion of the challenge." I smiled, "And all of it indicates that my challenge is to find balance in my life. That goal seems reachable." "Yes, I have full faith in you. Be weary of your surroundings. Start to move away from people that are controlling you and get closer to those (especially bosses) who want your life and work and anything else to be in harmony. Madame Tempest wishes you all the best in your journey. It seems like it will be exciting." I stood and gave her a little wave goodbye and turned around to leave the tent. I tripped on a stick, but managed to keep my balance. I wondered why there was a stick inside of the tent. I looked up towards Tempest to say something, but I was outside on the trail. When...? I stopped myself from asking any more questions and just quickly made my way back to the faire on the trail. The following day at work, I was not incredibly productive. That whole thing with the tent and the strange gypsy lady never left my mind. "My goal is to achieve balance. I need to distance myself from stress but keep some authority figured around for guidance." I was daydreaming and mumbling to myself. I glanced at the time and it was almost lunch. I shook myself out of it and groaned. I had nothing to show for my time so far. I needed to skip lunch and just focus on work. As the clock turned over to 12 noon, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I tried to cry out for help, but the agony prevented anything from escaping my lips. Tears were filling up in my eyes, and then it stopped. It felt like hours had passed, but the clock read 12:01. I just needed a quick walk and a drink of water to clear my head. The daydreaming must have been getting to me. The pain was completely gone, but I still had a lot of work to do. ============================ So do you think Madame Tempest was correct with her reading?
  9. Part 3a Step 1, continued Eating is hard. When you just eat for the sake of not getting hungry or because you are sitting at a computer for 10 hours straight for work, eating is not so difficult. It just happens and you do not notice it. Eating with a purpose is another story. We starting out shooting for 10,000 calories and we found out real fast that it wasn't going to happen. I loaded up on 1500 calorie meals and was sick during the third one of the day. After around a week, I was finally able to finish the third one and we start building up a fourth meal. Still, that only accounted for about 5200 calories - half of my goal. Even that was absolutely insane. I was eating ten chicken breasts in a day sometimes, plus all of the other stuff since the chicken only gave me ~2500 calories. By the start of month 2, I was up to working out 3 hours a day with Wednesday and Saturday off. I also surpassed 6,000 calories and was well on my way to 7,000 with a fifth meal. The problem was getting in carbs. With all of the protein and water I was downing, any carbs that touched my lips instantly made me feel bloated. Meal number 5 was basically tons of mixed nuts at night time until I couldn't handle any more. It doubled as my carb source and a nice dose of healthy fats. I could also stomach some beans with one or two of the meals. On most days, I was getting close to 20 chicken breasts - or equivalent amount of another meat. For some reason the chicken breasts were now so easy to eat and I could demolish 3 or 4 before it even registered to my brain that food was entering my body. With the 15 hours of exercise a week and overall low percentage of carbs in my diet, I felt like I was losing weight even though the scale said otherwise. My boyfriend was doing great with his diet. He was pounding out 3500-4000 calories a day and getting a great clean bulk. He started at 12% body fat from his consistency at the gym and overall clean living. I never appreciated how much work it took to look as good as he did under normal circumstances. Combining the extra hours in the gym with his super clean bulk, his cuts were starting to dig in deeper and really highlighted his attributes. When we got to week 10, the trainer took some quick stats and sat us down in the office to discuss progress and goals. "Let's see, we got 327 pounds. That is a gain of 24 pounds in 10 weeks. Normally, you might have some newbie gains of 5 pounds a month. I suspect with your diet... you are hitting around 7200 according to the food diaries... that you are gaining some fat along with your muscle. At five pounds a month of muscle, that means you might have gained 13 pounds of muscle and 11 pounds of fat. Even more likely is that the fat is a higher proportion of the total..." He paused for a moment and updated his logs. "So let's just make sure that we monitor things and keep you healthy during the bulk. I would like to check blood pressure and a few other vitals and make those tests routine." I did not show any expression on my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my boyfriend snickering a little. The trainer had suggested staying away from the scale and any other measuring devices, but we couldn't help ourselves. I already knew that I was around 24 pounds up. On top of that, we had been monitoring my body fat percentage. Right when I felt like I was losing some weight around the end of the first month, we bought a caliper and a scale with those bioimpedence things. The scale had a tough time measuring because of my overly large skeleton and usually gave some absurdly low value. However, the caliper seemed to be giving consistent results. It had me at 18% body fat. That means I had actually lost 11 pounds of fat, not gained 11 like the trainer was thinking. It also meant that I had gained 35 pounds of lean mass. "Yes, definitely want to keep healthy." The trainer nodded and grabbed his manual sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to measure my blood pressure. He started wrapping it around my arm and I flexed slightly. He struggled to get the velcro closed. "Oh my, that is getting tight." It may have been my imagination, but it seemed like he groped my arm while adjusting the strap. He then started to pump the ball to inflate the strap. He then just stared at my arm, mesmerized. Blood was pulsing in my forearm with no escape. My veins started standing out, snaking their way around my arm. My boyfriend and I became mesmerized by it too. I didn't even realize that I had vascularity. It had always been hidden by a layer of fat. My boyfriend mumbled, as if in a daze, "We have got to try some tourniquets for hypoxia training." I started squeezing and releasing my fist. The vessels started pulsing bigger and bigger. My arms was starting to look bloated and purple. The velcro pulled apart and it fell to the floor, snapping us all out of it. The trainer knelt down and grabbed it to put it back on to my arm. As he was taking the reading (actually doing it this time), I noticed that he was completely hard and leaking crazy amount of precum. His pants had a few inches of wet spot underneath of the obvious tent. He caught my boyfriend's attention and made a slight head nod towards the trainer's crotch. My boyfriend showed a knowing grin and then mouthed the words, "do it". "120 over 80. Absolutely perfect. Let me check your pulse." He started removing the cuff. I spoke up, "Let me ask you something. If I am gaining fat, why has my waist measurement gone down two inches? I know you said not to measure anything, but when I start noticing some abs, curiosity got to me." The the sphygmomanometer slipped out of his hand and fell to the floor. "Abs... but you are so... thick...?" The trainer started looking a little flushed. "Yeah, or is it just my imagination?" I stood up and slowly removed my shirt, exaggerating the motion from side to side to flex while my arms were over my head. I couldn't see his face, but could hear his breath get a little shallow. Once the shirt was off, I clenched my stomach and tensed my obliques one at a time to give a natural twist to my muscles. "Oh my god..." I already knew what he saw as I had been watching it progress in the mirror every day. I had a thick stocky powerlifter waist. Even at 18% body fat, abs were absolutely popping out. They were not shredded by any means, but clearly visible. The trainer's breath was getting deep and raspy. I could see his cock bounce a few times in the pants tent as he began clenching and tensing. "And then there's this..." I turned to the side and made sure to arch my back some, showing off all that junk in the trunk. "... my body fat percentage is lower, but my hip measurement has gone up by 3 inches. That means my hip to waist ratio is 5 inches larger than at the start." I slid the training shorts slowly over my booty, exposing the boxer briefs straining tightly over the packed-in flesh. The material had some runs forming from the squats we had just performed since it was leg day. The material had to be screaming for relief. A couple more weeks and it would certainly be getting it. I couldn't wait for the moment when I would hear my boxer briefs ripping to shreds during a squat. I slowly rolled my glutes, flexing them up and down. The boxer briefs made an audible groan from the strain. That did it for the trainer. "Holy... shit..." The trainer got weak in the knees as he blew his load in his pants. His eyes continued staring the entire time. "Mmmm... oh my god, that... umphf... ass..." My boyfriend and I fist bumped silently above the trainer's head. He didn't even notice. Step 1 was complete.
  10. The trainer was nice enough to print out a projected before and after of the narrator and boyfriend side by side The boyfriend is expected to gain 64 pounds. (64 pounds at his height is not as dramatic - a feeling I know all too well )
  11. Unusual Surgeries Part 3 Step 1 - Build Some Mass My boyfriend was always trying to motivate to join his gym, even for the four years we were together before moving. I had never wanted to go because of the fear of putting on more bulk and throwing my proportions even more out of whack than they already were. I knew I could stand to lose a few pounds, but it seemed like a lot of work with no real end goal. Now was different. My boyfriend and I decided to shoot for the moon and get me huge like the next door neighbor. We needed to play this smart, though. Getting huge was not worth sacrificing my health over. We were going to do this in steps. That way we could test effectiveness before adding more on or changing things up. Step 1 would be getting me into the gym to build some mass. Even though the end goal was to get taller (we both knew that you cannot gain height after 20), it would be useless if I did not have some mass to even it out. We quickly realized that gaining height without some conditioned muscle would just cause me to look sickly. My boyfriend also points out that I would need proper diet and exercise to make sure my body could repair itself during whatever trials I would be putting it through. The third reason was it finally gave us reason to work out together. We decided to hire a personal trainer with the platinum package - body analysis, meal guides, supplement guides, and training coach. Since my boyfriend was only working temp and part time work (when he could find it), his schedule was open to training whenever I was free. It was really neat getting a dexa scan and doing the submersion tests. The endurance/heart tests and MRI were not as enjoyable. But after spending half of our Saturday going through the rigors, we found ourselves in the back office. This trainer had multiple degrees, from exercise science to nutrition to even an IFBB Pro Card. It may have been just for show, but he definitely inspired confidence that one could reach whatever goal they had with his help. He was also entirely professional when speaking to us. He obviously had training in a business setting. "Please, come in and have a seat," he gestured at the chairs in front of his desk, "It looks like the computers are finishing the last of the analyses and I am calculating the models." He turned his second monitor to face us and we could see images starting to render on the screen. Mine finished first. He spoke again, "Great, let's start while the rest of the calculations are being performed." I looked up from the simulated human on the screen that didn't look exactly like me, but we pretty darn close. "Start what?" He smiled, "With the platinum package, we really want to hone in out your goals and dedication to reaching those goals. We will help you reach your maximum potential and do it without pushing you over the edge. This proprietary software calculates models based on you and exactly how you want to transform your body. It recommends training, supplements and diet with a learning algorithm based on previous case studies and clients. The more we input based on your experiences, the better it will become. Then, it is up to you and I to get it done." Both my boyfriend and I mouthed a "wooooow". He chuckled a little and starting typing in some parameters and calculations. "So we have you at 5'1.6" (yeah yeah, I know - I round up to 5'2"). Weight...," I noticed a slightly grimace micro-expression, "...303." He paused and looked me up and down in the seat. I laughed nervously and scratched at the back of my head, "Yeah, we talked about me going on one of those weight loss reality contests to drop a couple hundred pounds or something." "Not at 23% body fat you wouldn't. Both the dexa and submersion tests agree on 23 body fat percentage. That is quite impressive for someone who does not work out. Would you mind standing and turning around for me?" I felt embarrassed, like I was on display for his amusement, but never-the-less I complied. "Ah, I see it now. You have great density." He punched a few keys on the keyboard and two skeletons came up on the screen. "This is your skeleton on the left and an average skeleton on the right. As you can see, your frame is much thicker than the average male." He clicked a couple of times with his mouse and the pictures zoomed in to the wrists. Mine was quite obviously bigger at this magnification. "Have you ever measured your wrist?" I shook my head no. "I would guess that you are around 9 inches. The average man is somewhere in the 7 inch area. For your height and body fat percentage, that is a massive wrist size." He did not say it in an insulting tone, more matter of factly. I started to see his perspective and no longer felt as embarrassed. "Moving on... Waist 39, not bad at all for 300 pounds. Chest 52, biceps 20, really not bad for never working out. You are also around the normal range for body fat percentage so you have a decent amount of muscle mass to start with. Quads 30 and calves 22. Wow. Bodybuilders would kill for stats like that. All all of it packed on a 5'1" frame." "5'2"," I mumbled. He shook his head, "I am not saying any of this to hurt your feelings. If you put the work into this, I guarantee that you will never feel ashamed of your body or your height. You have the base to get some truly inspiring results." My boyfriend and I looked at each other and smiled. I watched as he clicked a bunch of options and a duplicate model started rendering on the screen. He turned his attention back to us as the computer did its thing. "So now I am going to show one of your possible end goals. With some exercise and a little bit of fat loss, you will have a nice lean and toned look. The computer gave a new weight of 240 pounds to get lean. You'll be ready to jump on any stage and win a bodybuilding con..." He glanced at his screen while the model finished rendering, "...test." We looked at the new model. My boyfriend pointed at the big round pecs jutting out, "nice...", he said. The waist on the model was definitely smaller, but the pelvis ridges were sticking out. The big ol' booty on the model was the size of its head. It did have a lean look to it, but the bottom half looked enormous compared to the top - which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. "This can't be right." The trainer continued adjusting parameters as he mumbled, "Hips 60 inches..." The model rendered very slight changes here and there. "Usually the computer shows someone that could be a fitness model or walk on to a bodybuilder stage. It is meant to inspire the client. I do not mean to dash away any of your fitness goals, but I pride myself on being honest with my clients. You most likely will never obtain a body that will be stage ready. You truly are too big-boned to reach that level of aesthetics." He had a sympathetic look on his face. My boyfriend and I started laughing. "Don't worry about that. I have no desire to expose myself to the public like that. I have a different goal. Here, do you mind?" Just from watching him, I was able to figure out the basics of the computer program. Having a programming background comes in handy for these situations. The trainer got up out of his chair with both a confused and curious expression. I changed around the options for a few minutes and then went back to my seat while the new model rendered. As model started coming into view, my boyfriend took a sharp brief, "yes... yes..." He looked over at me with lust in his eyes and he gripped my leg tightly. With a raspy whisper, "yes..." A tingle went down my spine and my cock jumped in my pants. The trainer's mouth was agape. "Holy shit..." He whispered. He rubbed his hardening cock in his pants. "Chest... so big... shoulders... arms..." He began to stroke his cock as he looked over the model. He started sounding breathless, "Legs... bigger than his waist... oh my god those calves... That ass..." The trainer starting bucking in his chair as he unloaded into his pants. I grinned, that was the reaction I was going for. After a few moments, the trainer regained his composure. "How did you do that? I have never the computer model someone like this." "I left the leanness blank for the computer to calculate on its own. I also removed aesthetics as a priority. I think on your model, it was trying to compensate for my big bone structure and could not find the proper algorithm to fit my body. I just wanted to see what 10,000 calories a day and dedication in the gym would do. I was hoping that the computer would find a model that fits, and it seems like it succeeded." The trainer scratched his chin. "One thing that is immediately apparent is that you look shorter in this model - obviously your neck was absent from the computer's calculations. You will not be shrinking and losing your neck by training." He looked up at us for a moment and then continued, "It also says that you can reach over 400 pounds at 14% body fat?!?! How is that possible, especially at 5'1"?" I let that one slide. Actually, 5'1" at 400 pounds sounded quite nice. He tried his best to bring himself back into the moment, "Now that we have a... ahem... goal model to work with, let me give you some details on your prospective transformation... Wait what? So by eating like crazy and working out, you will effectively lose almost 15 pounds of fat. You will also gain over 100 pounds of muscle." The trainer's eyes were almost bugging out of his head. "Your waist will be one inch smaller even though you will be 100 pounds heavier.... uuumphf..." He was obviously getting hard again. His professionalism had gone completely out the window by this point. "OK, let's do it," he said matter of factly. "I'll even throw in the employee benefits just for the honor of training you to reach... this... goal..." He was tracing the body with his finger on the monitor. "Both of you will have access to the gym whenever you want. Also, 20% off membership fees and supplements." He stood and stared me straight in the eye. "Let’s get you huge." His cock was full mast again and straining against his pants. The wet spot was spreading down the right pant leg almost to his knee. I nodded slowly. He looked over at my boyfriend, "It looks like your model is done. I'll just print out the first comparisons and we'll switch over." He printed out the screens with the various models with all of their stats. He handed them to me from across the desk and then sat back down. I noticed a second copy got printed and he folded it to fit in his pocket. "So we have you at 6'2.9". Weight..." The trainer was back to business as usually even with the tent and dampness in his pants.
  12. As requested, Part 2a to set up some new stuff lol Unusual Surgeries Part 2a There I laid with my face smashed up against the fence, completely incoherent. My brain had shut down after having six orgasms in less than five minutes and witnessing something that I could not comprehend. The faint image of his core tensed so tightly that his entire torso stretched towards the sky flashed in my brain. I involuntarily started humping the ground in a little spasm. I did not reach orgasm number seven, though, as pretty much any normal function was disconnected by this point. My brain continued playing the scene over, while exaggerating the growth. He was stretched taller than his house with a shoulder spam just as wide as it. There was something my brain was missing. It replayed again with his muscles all bulging and pulsing, thicker and thicker. Something missing... replay it again. I traced the striations across every part of his body - I did not leave any nook or cranny unchecked. But still something was missing... again. Where was it? My brain knows something is there. The moment froze in time, giving me a chance to fully appreciate his cock and the glute sized obliques jutting out and up his sweaty pecs. Still continuing skyward past his face to his arms reaching for the clouds... his face. It was his face. I felt like I was struck by a lightning bolt as I woke out of my haze. I knew that face! I quickly rolled away from the fence and got up. My neck was killing me, but it didn't matter. I ran towards the house. "Hey sweetie, all done with the edging? I made some iced tea if you want some." My boyfriend greeted me as I rushed through the door. "No time, I NEED to check something." I raced through the room to the office, leaving him with a bemused expression. I sat down at the computer and pulled up a bunch of the searches I had abandoned a few months prior. There he was, the short ex-husband bodybuilder. His face was exactly the same as the guy next door. I mumbled to myself, “... how could this be possible?” “Ooo he’s a cute one. Checking out your competition?” I glanced up at my boyfriend as he leaned on the computer chair and wrapped his other arm around my shoulder. “You know you’re the only stubby man for me,” he teased as he gently propped his chin on my head. I scoffed a little at the comment. I was 5’2” and incredibly stocky. I was never really into working out because I was horrified at the thought of getting even thicker and looking shorter because of it. People always encouraged me to try it out since I’d be a tank. Actually, looking at the image on the screen, I would probably look better on stage than that guy did. Or how he used to look before growing. I managed to say, “He is the guy next door… I mean…” “So he is dating that hermit woman?” We sort of joked that she was some old spinster with 27 cats and that’s why she never left the house. “No, I mean they were or are married. They have been together for like 15 years or something. But the records say they are divorced. I just saw him, or someone that looks just like him next door.” My boyfriend laughed at it, “With how short this guy is, how could have seen him over the fence?” “He’s grown, plus I saw him under the fen…” I paused and tilted my head back, noticing the curious look on my boyfriend’s face. I sighed, “I heard some noise and noticed a small hole in the fence. I wanted to check it out and I saw him over there.” My boyfriend took a seat next to me. I started describing how he looked currently, using the picture on the computer to illustrate his new size. I left out the details of the contortion act since I still could not comprehend it. A little bit to my surprise, my boyfriend just listened intently and did not make a mockery of what I was telling him. “OK, let’s do it.” He said matter of factly. “Do what?” He leaned forward and put his hand on my knee. “Let’s get you huge. I have never seen you so interested in anything before (other than me). I can tell this is what you want for yourself. I haven’t been able to find a job here since we moved. I can make this my job. I will manage things here, all of your supplements and whatever else is needed to take care of you. While you just focus on your job and growing. I cupped his cheek with my hand. He knew me better than I knew myself. I really did want to get huge like the guy next door. We started kissing and made our way out of the office. As we were removing each other’s clothes, we both finally noticed the damp and sticky pants I was wearing. My boyfriend leaned in, kissing my neck and then whispered into my ear, “You reaaaally want this…” That put me over the edge. My cock didn’t care about the 6 orgasms from 15 minutes prior. For my boyfriend, it would always be ready to go for round 7.
  13. Good suggestion, done. Actually, this was supposed to be a one off story. You guys discussing it inspired a couple of extra parts
  14. Unusual Surgeries Part 2 So my next door neighbor kind of freaked me out the first time I saw him. He has a gigantic privacy fence around his large yard. I had seen a woman coming and going, and had just assumed that she lived alone. See, I had bought a house and moved in with my boyfriend. I had gotten a new job and wanted to have a larger house instead of always living in an apartment. Anyway, we had lived there for over a month before seeing the woman for the first time. Over the next few months, we only ever saw her a hand full of times. At the four months mark, we had finally gotten the first first two levels of the house to our likings. My boyfriend was going to start tackling the basement and I was going to take the attic. The attic was unfinished, but a pretty nice space. It has a beautiful oval window at the far end. It overlooked the neighbor's yard. I could not see much because of the trees, though. While I was working, clearing out some of the junk left from the previous owner, I noticed some movement outside. It definitely did not look like the woman. It didn't even look human. I quickly moved to the side of the window and peered through. I wasn't a creeper or anything, but seeing something strange in your neighbors yard... come on... you have to look, right? The obscured view did not give me much to go on. Only once did the wind blow in just the right direction to see anything clearly. It was the face of a man. Much more than a man. I couldn't even detect where the end of his shoulders would be. It started to dawn on me that he was doing some type of yoga or stretching - and he was really good at it. He was bending or contorting in all directions. After staring out the window for at least 10 minutes, it looked like he glanced up at my window. I didn't even want to confirm that assumption - I immediately darted out of view. I started trying to do internet searches to figure out who he might be. That cushy job I mentioned was at an internet security firm. I knew I was breaking a few rules (read: laws) by digging into things like this, but I had to know what was going on over there. I found the woman's name. The records showed that she was single and the sole resident of the house. She had been married to a bodybuilder a few years prior. Ah, that made sense. The few times I had seen her, she did look like the bulked type. I could not find any other affiliations for her. I started checking into the bodybuilder. He disappeared from the bodybuilding scene around 4 years before the two had apparently gotten divorced. I pulled up a photo of him, but that definitely wasn't the guy I had seen in the yard. The ex-husband bodybuilder was a decent size, but had to be in the 5 foot area. A little more searching confirmed that he was 4'10". From my vantage point in the attic, I couldn't get a sense of height, but the guy in the backyard was at least average height or taller. I wasted another hour or so checking into the lady, but came up empty. I let things drop, but the image of the behemoth in the backyard stayed in my head. -------------------- A few weeks went by and the image still lingered, but I had pretty much forgotten about the encounter. For a while, every time I was up in the attic I would glance out the window every few minutes, to no avail. I figured I had just been day dreaming. That is, until I was trimming the grass near fence one day and felt the ground vibrate. I said out loud, "Oh my god, is this my first earthquake? What do I do?" I put down the trimmer and felt the ground - nothing. Then a huge shockwave rippled through the ground again. I heard a grunt soon after coming from next door. I noticed a small knot missing from the fence post near me. It was just large enough to see through. I lied down on my stomach with my face pressed up to the fence and peered through. I couldn't even tell exactly what I was looking at. It looked like legs standing up with the body completely folded in half backwards. But... the torso was facing forwards? And he was doing deadlifts? So this guy (and I could totally see that it was a guy from the massive bulge straining his training shorts), was doing regular deadlifts while twisted around behind himself. After doing around 20 reps, he dropped the bar and rotated around in the other direction. When the bar slammed into the ground, everything around me shook. I mumbled, "Holy shit..." Luckily, he didn't hear me or he might catch me creeping on him again. I looked at the bar on the ground and started counting - "7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13" - too late, he started his next set and I lost my place. It had at least 13 plates on one side. When he finished that set, the weights came crashing down again. He stood up straight to stretch a little and I gasped. He was well over 6 feet tall. His hands looked so tiny on his massive body. So did his hea... The thought escaped me. I recognized that face from somewhere... That thought was interrupted again as he slapped on 4 more plates on each side. His feet had never moved from their spot as he deftly twisted and turned, adding plates to the bar behind him (does it count as behind if your torso and head are facing it?). He then grasped the bar and started lifting - this time actually straining. He added something extra to the motion, as he lifted, he also twisted to face the same direction as his legs. His core must have been the strongest core in the history of the universe. Having the ability to lift from behind yourself must engage muscles in ways that people can't even dream of. As he lowered, he turned in the opposite direction and then started coming up again, only to lower back down to the original position. On the fifth full rep of full 360 degrees of rotation (I was counting), the seams on his shirt started tearing from the waist up. I could now see his exposed obliques. They were the most shredded and pumped obliques... in the history of the universe, no better words can describe it. If you think of massive striated glutes, that's what these things looked like sticking out from his sides. I could hear single fibers of the shirt still ripping with each rep and I blew my load in my pants without even being hard. Nor did I even notice it happen. He seemed to be enjoying it as well, because his shorts started straining even more. The shirt began to ride up a little in the back with each rep and without the compression to hold it in place. When he went down again and I could see the exposed lower back. It looked like a christmas tree bench pressing another slightly smaller christmas tree bench pressing a third christmas tree. His muscles had muscle that had muscles. They talk about double muscled animals and people. This guy would be triple muscled. He looked like he was straining a little bit, so he changed it up again for the last few reps. He was down in his original position, twisted 180 degrees to the right. But when he came up, he continued twisting to the right, reaching a "standard" position for a deadlift while his torso was turned 360 degrees around. He then did a standard deadlift with his body still contorted. I blew a second load in my pants, still not hard or touching myself. My brain had no faculties to even signal getting hard as I was transfixed on the scene before me. His next part of the rep brought him back down to 180 degrees behind himself. He came up to a normal standing position and then did the same on the other side. His cock was so strained that going down to -180 degrees behind cause his shorts to burst open. With his body turned and behind him, his cock was standing literally straight up. The humor of his real head being replaced by his cock head was completely lost on me at that moment. However, I did finally start getting hard at the sight of it - blowing a third load mid way through getting fully hard. His cock head was surprisingly close to being as tall as he was. On my stomach, peering through a knot hole in a fence, looking up at a 6'+ tall behemoth doesn't really give much perspective on sizes. I would guess maybe a foot and a half in length and possible a foot around. He came up to his -360 degree position. With how he was twisted, the cock was held fast in place, fighting for space standing up. The guy gave a little sigh through gritted teeth and tilted his head to put his mouth on the cock tip. He then proceeded to do his -360 degree deadlift with his cock in his mouth. I orgasmed again, but nothing came out. I was just dry and convulsing. He released the cock head and continued on to finish the full rep. He then dropped the bar one last time. However, this time the ground did not shake. The earth yielded to his superior strength and just let the bar sink a few inches into itself. The guy stood up straight while panting a little. He stretched his arms way over his tiny head and tensed all of the muscle around his waist. All of them became a striated body wrap squeezing in on him. I could see his arms rising further and further up into the air. His core and lower back were squeezing everything so tightly with steel that his spine was stretching upwards from the sub-30 inch waist. His hands had to be reaching 10 feet off the ground by the time he stopped stretching upward - and, of course, orgasm number five was completely dry again. Though, now my entire body was shaking. He tilted backward, forward and side to side while maintaining the tension. He then relaxed his core - returning to his original height - and took hold of his cock. His tiny hands were no where near reaching around it. He stroked it a few times as he went inside. I was violently shaking with orgasm number six, all six without touching myself. My brain could not process what I had witnessed. I do not know how long I stayed in the spot. My vision was completely blurry and mind foggy so I do not have a clue whether he came back out again before I regained my senses.
  15. I haven't tried that, but I have had some success with a couple of their products.
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