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  1. Yes, I totally agree with this. I know that I will never look big. I actually have a very big skeleton (I know people use the "big boned" excuse a lot) and it gives me the proportions of someone who is smaller. I am 6'5" and people usually think that I am 5'11" or maybe 6'0". My previous coworkers thought that another guy we worked with was taller than me and he was 6'2". I am also currently 260-270 pounds. When I was around 300 pounds, a girl I worked with said that I looked like 190. Yeah I guess I am genetically gifted to "carry my weight well", but it also means that I will always look smaller than I actually am. Yes, I would like to have a stocky build or a powerlifter's build, but I would need to be around 400 pounds to get the build that I want. I doubt that I could reach 400 pounds - somewhat lean - without taking a bunch of gear. Maybe I will some day, but I would want to reach at least 325 with sub-20% bodyfat before considering steroids.
  2. Part 10 added. Stuff and stuff and more stuff happens. If you don't want to read all 10 parts, I would suggest skipping to 9 and 10 or just reading 10. In my opinion 10 is the best part yet.
  3. My start is a little different from the norm. In seventh grade, I guess somewhere around age 12 or 13, I was exercising a lot at home because of the president's fitness challenge thing at school. One time I was doing leg lifts on the couch. The motion of flexing, stretching and crunching down on my penis caused me to ejaculate. It was a little confusing because it was my first time other than wet dreams. I read a book in English class a couple of years later called The Human Zoo. One of the chapters was about the development of a fetish. One of the examples was a boy who first ejaculated when his penis got clamped down on by a high heeled shoe. He then developed a fetish for women wearing high heeled shoes while having sex. For me, the fetish was muscle contraction - related to strength, exercise or getting muscles pumped. I don't fantasize about specific bodybuilders or the hulk or anything. I think about the way the muscles would feel being that big. Fat, lean, skinny, muscular, weak, male, female, non-binary, whatever - it doesn't matter to me as long as they are flexing, exercising, contracting a muscle in some other fashion, etc. The reason why I gravitate more towards bodybuilders is because you can find them posing and flexing more than someone who isn't interested in muscles. Unfortunately, exercising myself does not get me aroused. Feeling a pump lasting some time after a workout can on occasion
  4. Last night I went to a game night at the real Mikey's house (the guy who inspired the character). He had on this almost skin tight long sleeved shirt with a fairly formfitting t-shirt over top. I wasn't doing it the entire night, but I totally pictured him growing out of it If I could just get him to workout some, he'd be a tank for sure.
  5. I just finished writing part 10. I should be able to post it over the weekend once I've gone through a couple of rounds of edits. That third dream is actually one that's I've had before. The college class in the courtyard is actually a combination of three different dreams I've had. The dreams will come partially into play during the end of the chapter in part 10. I just have a vague idea how they will play into the story as a whole.
  6. Desato

    My New Job

    I'm rather confused by this. I think it is a great story so far, but it keeps ending and I have to ask myself what is going on. I get Harding being cocky and able to hulk out and such. I do not understand Scott's part in it. Does he have some kind of mind control? Or does he drain Harding's muscle? Harding seems to notice whatever it is, but does Scott know?
  7. I just added part 9. We finish up the game night from part 8. Then Mikey finds himself in the third dream sequence before Morgan comes back to start the muscle worship session. Enjoy!
  8. I usually make a rough sketch of what I'm thinking of so that I can describe it better in my writing. Here is a super super rough sketch of the muscle worship session with 15+ foot tall Mike on his hands and knees, the 18 foot tall narrator on his knees and ~5'5" Morgan standing on Mikey's back. If you remember, the 6'5" version of the narrator could not see over Mikey's pecs when he was on his hands and knees. Morgan comes up to around mid-bicep/lower-pec and definitely needs to climb to get any where with the worship The proportions are not exact, like I said - rough sketch. I used some other drawings for an initial trace and then resized and reshaped things to make it more accurate for this story. I had to add Mikey's goofy grin since I've mentioned it a few times.
  9. Even if the goal was getting massive, you'd still be my number 1, Rosie. I would never forget our dates. Though, shrinking in height as my muscles stay the same size and I keep getting bulkier is a secret fantasy of mine. You can shrink me any time
  10. He had already been pumping for a while at that point. He said "let's try the tube again". Next time I'm pumping maybe I'll snap a pic to join in this thread
  11. Thanks. I was curious how those dream sequences were going to come out when I was writing them. There is one more dream happening in part 9. I was thinking about doing a part 9 and 10 and calling everything I have as Chapter 1. Usually I do around 5-6 pages in my text editor for each part. Right now I have around 8 pages written. I might just do 9 and 10 as one longer part, but I'll see if there is a good break point to split them. The climax of chapter 1 is already done (double meaning there hahaha).
  12. At 6'5" 270, I have 19" arms. My arms look small on my body. I would say your guy definitely has to be in the 26" area
  13. Yeah I thought that was quite humorous. There are only two giants (that we know about) and they are considered the normal humans
  14. I just added Part 8: Game Night Returns. In this part Morgan meets two giants and reveals a secret desire. A couple pages of part 9 are written. I also wrote a few pages on Briggs' growth sequence (ooooo spoilers )
  15. I totally agree with the reactions being great. But I think Luther just looks like pillows stuffed into a jacket. They could have put a tiny bit more effort into making him look more realistic. I haven't seen all of the episodes, but the first scene with him getting out of bed is the only one so far where he looks good (imo).
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