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  1. 當其他所有人試圖逃脫撞擊時,馬庫斯站著不動,他的眼睛粘在流星上 馬庫斯當時在想什麼?
  2. Yeah marcus finally shrinked,what a lovely twink lol i would like to see marcus shrink and grow again! felt excited froy being 6"10" muscle giant,thank you! looking forward purple meteor effcts,lisa......
  3. You do it very well dude! i like these couples eric and seth,amy and rudy, hope seth will hit 300lbs, i like the progress of the story,looking forward eric and seth's secret, thank you so much!
  4. Like marcus so much lol does he real become a muscle giant!? sammy can steal marcus's muscles then marcus back to 5"11 and non stop growing, hope marcus will be a friendly giant! can't wait for the next one!
  5. Thanks for keep writing,looking forward massive mountains of muscles patrick back!!!imagine that he need to ducked through the door to get in!!! hope you can write about patrick side which means about his growth during he left aaron.
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