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    United Kingdom. (South Bedfordshire)
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    Muscle growth/ transformation stories. ;Having been a long standing member of a previous forum too. It would be good to see this community grow bigger
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    6ft Tall, 48" chest, 15" arms 18"calves 25" thighs and a 36" waist, would like that smaller...
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    Like minded muscle growth lovers and writers of muscle growth stories
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    To be thinner and a bit more defined.

    Actually, if I'm honest. I'd love to look like my profile picture which is not me...
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    Growth of any kind, skinny to muscular ... Any sort really. Strength stories too.
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    Ward Patrick... Heck. All bodybuilders.
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    Muscle. Growth. Bulging biceps, legs, chest, back, viens... Heck everything muscle

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  1. Blake

    m/m Eric and Seth

    What a rollercoaster of a super story. Thank you.
  2. Love it. Absolutely catagorically totally. A-MAZ-ING....
  3. Oh Wow. Can not believe that a favourite story of mine is now being made in to a real life strip. Thank you so much
  4. Something I did notice. The changes are on the same date.
  5. I love how you’ve kept the writing flowing in such a way, it leaves us wanting that little bit more each time. I love i Thank you
  6. I’m loving this story... Thank you pray it continues...
  7. Such a great story and the artwork is fantastic too. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
  8. The other story it could be is on Metabods..? https://metabods.com/stories/company-guys Company Guys..? i love this one. Sorry if I shouldn’t post links.
  9. Blake


    Oh my word. What a second part! leaving us with a cliffhanger. I love it. ?
  10. This is such a beautifully written piece. i look forward to reading your stories so much. No other words. Thank you.
  11. WOW...... yet again another thrilling part. I’m loving this. ? thank you
  12. Another instalment. WOW ? thank you.
  13. man...I clicked on your profile dude's pic cause I like his face/smile...holy fuckin' SHIT!.....INSTANT BONER!

    1. Blake


      Yep. That's the reason he's on there. 

      I pop one every time I see it 

  14. WOW.... ? fantastic.
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