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  1. Deep Dish, Extra Beef By Lidort As usual I pulled the short straw so here I am going to get pizza for me and my roommate. Well at least I found a place that had a special so I at least don’t have to pay for the pizza. Today is supposedly National Deep Dish Pizza Day and this local pizza place is giving free ones away today. I guess the place is new since I’ve never heard of Lidort’s Pizzeria before but who can argue with free pizza. I find the place easily and I swear there was an empty lot in this location only one week ago. I head inside and see the buffest man I’ve ever seen besides my dreams. I’m only 5’10” and 130 pounds so I’m was a twig compared to this man who must be six and a half feet tall at least. His shirt was tight enough I could tell he had little body fat yet he must weigh 300 pounds. I felt the shake of the floor as he came over to me. I stood so the hostess station blocked my crotch from the man’s view as I got hard seeing all that muscle. The big man approached me and with his deep sexy voice he said, “Dine in or carry out?” “C...carry out. A meat lovers deep dish pizza.” I say once I find my voice. “Oh yes the special today.” He goes to the back and returns with a pizza box. “Here you go. Your Deep Dish, Extra Beef. Please do come again” “I will” Even if it is just to look at the eye candy that is this man. I take the box and start the journey back to the apartment. When I get back to the apartment I see my roommate, Alex, on the couch shirtless like usual. He may not be as big as the pizza guy but he was still buff. I’ve had a crush on him since high school but I settled for being friends. Odd friends but friends, I was his tutor and somehow during our sessions we found common likes, video games and anime mainly. We would hang out regularly except when Alex had a hot date with one of the cheerleaders. At that time I knew I was gay but would never tell anyone. But I did wonder why Alex never commented on me not dating. I’ve been told I’m real cute and I have had girls try asking me out to which I had to turn them down. “Hey are you going to stand there or are you going to bring in that pizza so we can eat?” Alex said to bring me out of my thoughts. I hurried over and set the box on the coffee table. “I’ve never seen a pizza like this before” He responds when he sees the pizza. “It is a Chicago deep dish pizza. The place I went had a special since it is suppose to be National Deep Dish Pizza Day.” I answer him. “Well it does smell great. Let’s dig in!” We each grab a slice and sit back as our movie starts up. I don’t know what superhero movie it was since I was watching my roommate as we ate. As I look at him I also see images of the pizza guy making me swear that Alex is growing right in front of me. A loud explosion comes from the tv bringing me to my senses and I have to blink because Alex does look bigger. All the while we are both eating up the pizza. “Man I’m going to have to hit the gym hard after eating this pizza.” “Look like you have been hitting the gym hard” “Thanks man. I swear my pecs seem fuller” Suddenly there is a rip coming from my shirt and we both look to see that I have pecs with the cleavage now exposed. “What the!!!?” “Dude you’re growing!” I flex my bicep and the sleeve rips. “Wow this feels so erotic” Alex then reaches over and touches my bicep. His touch feels so good I let out a moan. “You like that? How about this?” He then move up next to me and start licking my bicep. I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. It took a moment to realize that it was tighter than normal. “Here let me help you with that” I watch as Alex slowly unzips my pants letting out a cock that is at least 10 inches long and still swelling. “I must be dreaming” “If you are then I am sharing the dream with you. I always thought you were cute but now that you have muscle your damn HOT!” “I thought you were straight!?” “I thought I was too but after high school females lost their appeal to me and I wanted to hang out with you more.” I blush as Alex gives me a deep and passionate kiss. In that moment I know that this is way too good to be a dream. With Alex’s help we remove our clothes and head to the bedroom. I make sure to give him a good view of my muscle ass. As he takes me to heights of pleasure I’ve never known I know that we will be having pizza again tomorrow only I will make sure to bring Alex with me to see the pizza guy in the flesh.
  2. Lidort

    A Prince and his Jinn

    Nice story but wish it had a happier start.
  3. Lidort

    Muscle-Growth's 1st Annual Storiversary

    Wow only 4 spaces left to fill.
  4. Lidort

    Muscle-Growth's 1st Annual Storiversary

    Put me down for NATIONAL DEEP DISH PIZZA DAY – April 5
  5. Lidort

    Pheromone growth

    Male scent By Frank Easky   http://metabods.com/mbxx/php/fetch_story.php?story_ref=582
  6. My will to live is not all that great at this moment.

    1. cutlerfan


      Sorry to hear that.

    2. Lidort


      When your income relies on the government be prepared to get screwed and not in a sexual way.

    3. cutlerfan
  7. Happy Birthday Lindort ;)

    1. hearmenowu2


      Lindort?!? How did the N get in there? Stupid phone..

    2. Lidort


      Thank you for the birthday wish no matter how my screen name is spelled. All that matters is the muscles. :P

  8. Happy Birthday, Lidort! Thanks for being one of my best friends on this forum! 

    1. Lidort


      I'm proud to be called your friend.

  9. Happy Birthday! Muscle hugs!

    1. Lidort


      *Engulfed in the warm muscles*

  10. 7 days till my 30th birthday.

  11. Favorite muscle, favorite exorcise, dream bod, what would you do if you have a growth serum.
  12. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lovable man!

  13. I like to RP but I am not good at being dominating and I don't care for death in a RP.


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