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  1. supercravate


    with a friend? Do you really think the bodybuilder doesn't have any worries, uncertainty, doubts when he has to meet a fan in private he knows nothing about? In addition the fan could very well be an obsessive, unstable person difficult to deal with - I'm sure many have faced complicated situations. I think bringing friends won't help. Maybe it's rather about trying to make the man as comfortable as you can, so both of you can have an enjoyable experience. I will, quite soon, for the first time request the company of a bodybuilder (whom I got in contact with already) and I know I'll go for it, and it's not about courage - it's because I don't want to regret not having done so.
  2. Let me guess : New Orleans, Louisiana USA?
  3. supercravate

    AJ & Noah

    absolutely great indeed
  4. supercravate

    My Friend Got Jacked - And I'm Uncomfortable

    I just got to read that thread - about the initial issue, why falling into dramatics. Sounds like you have plenty of elements to try and make a genuine, close friend, out of an acquaintance. Those one-on-one cig breaks are a jump start for this. You won't have sex with him, so be it. If there's nothing else you can think about when he's around, then too bad.
  5. supercravate

    A new big friend

    or maybe you could rewrite them a tad older... it's such a hot start, please don't get it moved to the unfiltered section!
  6. supercravate

    Never met a muscle guy before

    You never met one... and it's far better than you could ever think. Be ready to have your heart trying to beat its way out of your rib cage.
  7. supercravate

    Musclave - a tribute to myoder

    I'd love more!
  8. supercravate

    Have You Seen These Posing Trunks?

    Great setup. Can't wait to read more.
  9. supercravate

    So you wake up tomorrow looking like this...

    If I can find any clothes of mine that sorta fit, I'd put sunglasses on, and walk down busy streets to enjoy the stares. And when I spot a lonely, shy guy obviously startled and amazed by my looks, I'd walk up to him, lift up the glasses and smile, then ask him for directions or something. Be friendly as can be. If he's fun and smart then I don't know. If he's just polite and/or musclestruck, I'd say goodbye giving him a pat on the shoulder or maybe a quick hug to remember, then move to the next. Of course if I encounter another playful muscle beast plans might change real fast. That would be day one.
  10. supercravate

    Muscle escorts in UK

    Based on responsiveness, accuracy, concision, this has my vote as best answer of the year
  11. Talking about sleazy, once I was out a small train station, there was nobody around, nor on the street. Except for a really big bodybuilder a few yards away, waiting for something. He was all covered in clothes but you could see he was stocked, his chest especially was really protruding. I was late for a meeting so I really didn't know what to do, all nervous of course, still I took a moment to pretend checking stuff on my phone while catching glances. Then he walked in my direction, and to my surprise walked up and talked to me. He held out a cigarette and asked me if I had some light. Not in a flirtatious way at all. I had just lit one for myself. I gave him my lighter, he lit his smoke and gave the thing back to me, thank you. Then I gave it a quick thought and put the lighter back in his hand. "It's OK, you can have it. - are you sure you won't miss it ? - no really, I've got another one, don't worry. - fine. Thank you then." Pause. " Now that I think about it, this lighter was a gift, see, it is a bit like a part of me you know." He stood there with the thing in his hand, wondering if I really had changed my mind, and how I got all sentimental about a stupid, bland plastic Bic lighter all of a sudden. " But since this is most likely the only chance I'll have to get any part of me into your pants, you might as well keep it." I had a wry smile, he had a quick laugh, we said goodbye and I fled.
  12. supercravate

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    Now that you mention it, I remember having seen that show too when I toured Universal in the mid 80's !
  13. supercravate

    How do you approach a big guy

    It is direct, blatant appreciation solely based on the physical aspect of the person. It doesn't have to be sexual. Certainly it can be perceived that way, and probably is most times. But if the conversation gets to last longer, as in the eventuality you are referring to, I tend to defuse this.
  14. supercravate

    How do you approach a big guy

    Just found this kinda-old thread... When I see a really built and hot guy, with no plausible relation to me whatsoever and that I probably would never meet again, I keep an eye on him, maybe follow him for a bit, so, if I have the time and the nerve for it, I just walk up to him. It has to be in the street, while he's on the move preferably, not in any closed space as it could (and certainly would) make him feel uncomfortable or trapped; he has to be all alone, not in a hurry, not on the phone of course, and I just blurt something out such as "Excuse me Sir, can I bother you for a second ?" I usually get a "huh ?" as he thinks he's being solicited for some reason, and adding a smile I go "Just to tell you that you are magnificent. Magnificent." That usually gets me a shy, surprised smile. I know I've already made the guy's day. Even if he rejects me (which never really happened) I know it will have. If he pauses long enough I extend my hand and introduce myself. If he gives his name back I ask if I can walk along for a bit to chat and ask him a few questions. If the guy is flattered and wants more attention he will play along. All questions then are pertaining to his training, his body, his goals, with some compliments there and there, but if another topic of interest shows up I jump right on it, or keep it for later if it happens too soon. I never, ever make any sexual innuendo nor act flirty, I keep my distances. First because he's way out of my league anyway, second because I don't even have that in mind, spending some time close to the guy with the chance of talking with him is already so great. Once I met a really huge guy, and asked for a selfie right from the start. We started chatting from there and ended up exchanging contacts, and we met again shortly later. I'm not doing this on an everyday basis, it really happened to me a handful of times only. The circumstances have to be right, plus you need to have the time and, well, the guts. Sure thing is, I've never regretted doing the approach, but I sure have been sorry for not having done it when I could have.
  15. supercravate

    Carnival Mirror Story


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