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    Bodybuilding, wrestling, powerlifting, armwrestling, showing off size and strength
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    Nobody can have too many friends, too much humility or too much decency, so I'll take a heaping helping of all three.
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    6'6'' 350+ lbs, <8% bf, monstrous size, power and scary vascularity
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    Anything by Shade, BBMSN, Corwin, RPJ and many other authors: "AJ and Noah," "JP," "Nick"
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  1. Yeah, I actually feel kind of bad for Deano--although i have a feeling there'll be enough twists to change that soon enough.
  2. Oh wow, this is simply a twist I didn't see coming, at least not this fast....I love this complication! Another riveting chapter, and now, alas, another period of intense anticipation for the next chapter. Well-played Muscleaddict, well-played.
  3. Sounds like that Twat faced Deano is giving you some issues---let me handle him for ya!
  4. Sounds like that twat faced Deano might be giving you trouble? Let me handle him for ya! <G>
  5. That was great! Stop with the reservations @muscleaddict. You know your readers better than you give yourself credit for.....and always leave us wanting more.
  6. Damn muscleaddict! I looked late last night and didn't see a post, then tonight I'm 9 hours late to the best damn chapter of the lot so far. Thanks for this one especially. Can't wait for the next one!
  7. I like where this is coming from and the hints about where it's going. Great start, well written and interesting.
  8. But...but....but, I was expecting rainbows and unicorns! . . . The tension! And I know you like tension, muscleaddict! So I also know you're going to take your sweet damn time before posting the next chapter. You're enjoying this, just so as to imagine me and everyone else twisting in the wind, biting our nails to the quick, wondering for a little extra deliciously sadistic amount of time whether Woody and Max dance more than one song together, whether Steve makes it to Icon and makes his move on Woody or Woody makes a move on Steve, whether Woody makes it back to Emily's at all and whether Luke sleeps by himself at Emily's while Woody plays all night at Steve's before returning in the morning, pissed (in both the British and American senses) with a mix of regret, anger/petty vindictiveness and the resulting extended silence and awkward, anxious moments sitting across the train seat facing an equally angry, hurt, awkward Luke on the ride to MU. How big a hole gets dug tonight? And how long before it gets filled back in? So much foreboding in eight short paragraphs. It's great...nervewrackingly great. If I was the sort to get invested in characters, I'd have already set my stopwatch to count the seconds til the next installment....wait, I just did.
  9. Damn, always look forward to this kind of unexpected pleasure, knowing there's going to be some huge muscle and rough action coming our way!
  10. Not your traditional "cliffhanger," but that last sentence definitely has me waiting for part two of the chapter, rather impatiently, I might add. <G> I really love the way you write character dialogue, both internal and external. It just flows naturally and is realistic even to the point that I'm internally screaming "Woody, just fucking kiss him," "Woody, just put your head on his thigh on the bed," or "Woody, he's not going to bite, just make a move, just a little one." I know we're building to it and the wait and the build up is so much fun to watch, but every time Woody almost makes a move but then doesn't I am on the edge of my seat thinking just how fun and good and cute and nerve wracking and suspense filled all those moments are. You capture all that innocent insecurity and infatuation and the emotional highs and question marks so well, it's easy to feel like we're in the story too, like a fly on the wall of Woody's consciousness, if that makes any sense.
  11. I did pick up on the Dale Easter Egg--and thank you for it! I didn't think about Woody being one of the others in the bar when AJ and Noah had that encounter. However, I did wonder if Woody might have been in Ibiza when AJ went there with his family and then ghosted Noah after he came back from his trip. Small world indeed, if so! Outstanding chapter (translation: it's time for another!)
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