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  1. john245

    Muscle Tales # 1

    Dose any one have any good ideas for a title for this ??? Honestly i cant think of one and this one doesn't quite fit.
  2. john245

    Muscle Tales # 1

    Thanks for the correction and feed back. normally i don't write porno but its something i wanted to try; yea this isn't an erotic story but this fairly came out easily since this recently happened so it was still fresh in my mind.
  3. john245

    Muscle Tales # 1

    I thought I'd try something new and share a story that happened to me recently, I got plenty of stories to tell from things I've experienced in my adventures out in the world so I thought I’d shared them here on the forum. Whatever I write down on here are real events but some things will get exaggerated mostly for fun. Well hope you guys enjoy. P. S I have writer's block so I thought I'd do this to get my gears going again. So it's the 18th of may, Me and two of my friends go and hang out, we decide to get dinner at Round table pizza(a chain restaurant here in California) and like always, it was a calm night. We were cracking mean jokes at each other, sharing memes, talking about animes we’ve been watching, projects we've been working and personally and for college, etc. And like always, we were checking out women; talking among ourselves who had the best butt, boobs or rocking body, who was cuter, the first cashier or the second, and who among us would have the balls to go up and talk to a random girl and ask for their number; you know guy talk. Now both my friends are heterosexual but as for me, I am bisexual. Both of them know that I like both men and women, they’ve seen me with my girlfriend (now single) and know the type of girls I like; also the type of girls I like to fantasize about; and I've told them about a few of my exploits I've had with a few guys I’ve met, but they never knew the type of guy I liked. So we’re sitting down waiting for our pizza, and one of my friends points out a random man who just walked in. the moment he said, “look at this dude, he’s ripped." i immediately turn around and walked in this jacked up guy who looked like he just finished a long gym session, probably at the local gym where we lived. He was tall, pretty ripped, bald, and handsome, he was wearing a white tank top that fitted him tightly and the best part was that he was pumped, he looked like he’d been working out for hours. He’s his biceps were bulging out, veins snaked across his arms, his pecs looked like they could explode out of his top just by flexing, his quads looked meaty and calves looked like they were from a bull, his abs even looked steel hard. To my friends, they saw a guy who wanted to be healthy, but had their doubts about his personality; as for me, i wanted feel how hard his biceps were. Since he was a muscle god among people, I couldn't help but stare, I’m pretty sure I wasn't the only one, some women couldn't help but stare and other men couldn't help but both admire and enviously stare, not everyone but some. The Best moment I had been when we made eye contact and he gave me a cute smile while we both said hello; my heart sank and I was screaming on the inside like a schoolgirl. All I wanted to do is oil him down and just worship every inch of muscle that man worked to build, and after just cuddle together. After a comedy filled evening, we were heading out and see what else we could do before we called it a night, we stepped outside, but before we headed to the car I turned back and went back inside. The other two didn’t follow and they thought I was gonna go and talk to one of the waitresses we all thought was super cute but they were surprised that I went straight to the muscle bound man. Since i pussed out, instead of seeing if he was gay by flirting, I went up to him and complimented him on his size, I went up like I didn't leave the place, I got his attention and asked him if he was new in town, he said no and said he was from out-of-town visiting the gym again and then I said “it’s rare to see a guy your size here in a town, well a guy your size and build, you’re pretty jacked man” I complimented him, he laughed and gave me a big smile and said thank you, lifted his arm and proceeded to flex his bicep . Where I live, there are guys who workout just to show off so they're results are poor and sadly there's many of them, others workout to become bodybuilders, power-lifters or physique models and compete in competitions or strive to do so, unfortunately there’s only a handful of them, but luckily for me, I know some of them and I slept with of one them who was just a sweetheart; but that's a story for another time; so seeing a guy his size was a treat. After my heart started again and trying not to walk awkwardly , I made my way out to join the other two, who looked at me confused, they asked me why I didn't go talk to the waitress but to some meat head, i jokingly told them “when it comes to women I'm not picky, but men, my standards are high and plus he looked pretty cool”. They made fun of me, I laughed and fought back and from there we went on our way. epilogue The next day I went back to round table to get a pizza for my sister and her husband, since the cute waitress was working again, I managed up the courage to talk to her, she was really cool, we both were into the same things but sadly she was already taken.
  4. Done with with college now back to writing, finish up projets and start new ones


    What should i write about this time?


  6. Time has passed and the jock brothers have finished their work out and now find them selves in the gym sauna, only the two of them alone, still in their gym shorts and this time shirtless, both setting across from each other hot and sweaty. The sauna was quite except the constant hiss of the rock heater heating up the mini shack until one of them finally broke the ice "Hey man thanks for giving me pointer for my chest, i feel like they've been getting more toned" the bro in the lime green shorts said to the other who was wiping away seat from his face, he replied "youre welcome, you know i have your back; but you do need to work on your abs though" knowing his bro would be teased, green shorts replied back " shut up bro" he said with a smerk as he flexed his abs. "Man its hot in here" said the bro in the gray shorts, he got up and walked out leaving lime green to him self, "its only been five minutes you giant puss, get back in here" he demanded his bro to come back but he didn't How will the jock brothers over come this conflict. To be continued. . . .
  7. A bodybuilder is getting to get to the gym, he's was quite massive for Training for several years. He picks up his backpack and begins to walk to the door. His wife stops him to give him his lunch "Aww thanks honey" the massive man said happily and bent down to give her a kiss "Have fun ok" she wished her man happily and accepted the kiss. As he walk away, he then flustered gleefully as his wife gave him a nice spank on his muscled bum. The end. Happy April 1st
  8. Two muscle bound jocks are in the gym working out, both looking pumped from a hour session One who's curling a heavy dumbbell in one arm looks at his partner who is doing push ups "Hey bro, your position is wrong" he said to his bro on the floor, "Oh my bad, thanks" he repositions himself and continues his push ups. he looks up while working and say to the other bro " hey, nice pump you got going there" he complemented watching him curl the dumbbell, he replied " thanks bro you too" and the both of them continued their workout. The end. Happy april 1st
  9. Got to try the second life john full flex muscle program and i wasn't disappointed, was worth the dollar and getting  laptop messy ;)

  10. Ima continue it when I have the chance, right now im working on a new story
  11. Since winter vacation started, i usually spend it with family or my boyfriend Danny. We met in college a while back, I'm two years ahead of him and he just completed his first year. Now Me and him meet in class and we fell for each other, he’s kind, funny and just so cute, like a little ball of joy you can keep in your pocket to cheer you up whenever you’re down. I loved to play with his wavy blond hair; he had that skater twink look I liked for some reason. He’s pretty skinny for a guy his age, like you can pick him up like a toothpick with one arm, it was just adorable. He wasn't skinny to the bone, he’d could eat whatever he wanted and wouldn't even gain a pound. The other thing I loved about him his mini plump ass that I could (and have) destroy countless time and pretty decent dick I could have fun with. We haven't spoken in a while since he went to go visit his parents; I've gotten pretty lonely without him around, id loved it when I would get back from the gym and he’d welcome me home asked how my gym session went and I'd show him by flexing my pumped body, he loved to feel me all over when would come back from the gym; to be honest having your muscles worshiped feels great. One day I got a text message from Danny while I was at work. Danny: hey sorry i haven't msg you in a while hope you're OK, I miss you a lot since I've been gone and don't worry I'm doing just fine, I'm keeping this short because I'm heading back home soon. I hope you like you gift, see you soon ;] He sent me that picture and could not, for the life of me believe this happened in two weeks; it took me years to get big and now he's almost halfway to getting my size, i'm 235 pounds of muscle and the last time I checked, he was 129. Whatever it is that happened to him, I want what he's having.
  12. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/dhw-nsfw-blog




    I started a nsfw blog for mostly porn for muscles and other fetishes

  13. Nice avatar! Huge muscle flexing on the beach! Woof

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