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    Bisexual (Female Preference)
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    asking, learning, discovering all the good advice from the awesome big boys here. And of course getting bigger myself :)
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    i'll keep it real: 175/ 88 :)
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    Petar Klančir, Miha Zupan, Boštjan Čebron
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    well don't you? ;)

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  1. Happy birthday! Wish you all the growth you can accomplish ;)

  2. Thanks for the follow mate.

  3. the scale said 80,1 kg this morning... good way to wake up :)

  4. i'm not competing against other people. It's purely a competition against myself!

    1. lifterwv


      you know, its taken me a LONG time to realize that. now that i have, im so much happier!

  5. i think i saw 40cm on the tape measure around my arm..... i did, i did :)

    1. ThickRick


      Flex for us...stud!

    2. Flmuscle


      Awesome bro! Keep at it and pass that 16" mark.

    3. apohar


      Damn right! Trying hard to reach that milestone!!! ;)

  6. apohar

    election 2016

    Frank Underwood :) sorry for the off guys, i just had to
  7. clothes feeling a bit tighter... finally! and i'm happy as a clam! ! !

    1. JoeM242


      Isn't that a great feeling? Keep up the good work!!!

    2. Bigdave


      Do NOT buy anything new until you hear tearing!

    3. apohar


      can't wait for that!


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