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  1. Please reformat to letter-sized page instead of mural-sized page.
  2. Since when is a non-college class period two hours long?
  3. Your character broke the gym's property and he was surprised that he was asked to leave? He was lucky the gym didn't call the cops and have him arrested for vandalism!!
  4. Most of this story is dialogue. Did you originally conceive it as a script?
  5. A snuff story. You actually think it's acceptable - even in fiction - for one character to kill another just to show the reader how strong he is...
  6. In the first few issues of "The Incredible Hulk" comic book, the transformation from Bruce Banner into The Hulk was triggered by sundown. Stan Lee then realized that it was more thematic to have the transformation triggered by anger. Aside from this bit of trivia, don't worry about other stories with the same theme - just write your story the way you want to write it. But don't make the common mistake of labeling a split personality as schizophrenia - it's "dissociative identity disorder".
  7. Google the term "faustian bargain" to confirm how it's spelled and exactly what it means.
  8. Good story including classical Greek themes... and the fight scene is well-thought-out & believable.
  9. aitchbee

    A new world

    "He was at least 200 lbs and 8 feet tall. " A guy that size would be quite skinny - a guy 200 lbs. and SIX feet tall would be slim.
  10. The Boskone science-fiction convention in Boston has had a panel on the LEGION for years... I guess you're right.
  11. My brother would be thrilled by this story - he's been a fan of DC's League of Superheroes for decades.
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