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    Austin, TX USA
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    real profile.
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    Muscle growth, transformation, mindchange
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    5'11, 200lbs, 33w, 50c, 18a, 26q
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    Roleplay, chat, stories and art
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    5'11, 225lbs, 32w, 54c, 20a, 30q
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    Mine! Just teasing. :) More than Expected, Musclove, Himbo Drops, Adventures of Rex, Ad Man
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    Rob Krieder, Caleb Blanchard
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    Spandex/speedos, superheroes

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  1. Hello everyone!

    This is the original story author WBHunk, reappearing and glad to be back on the Muscle Growth Forum. Stop by and say hello if you enjoy my stories (check them out in the Before 2007 portion of the Story Archive) and if you like to roleplay.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you.eJGDu8w.jpg

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      OMG, you look absolutely incredible! It has been a LONG time! I think this is the best you have ever looked! :)

    2. wbhulk


      Awww, thank you sir! Hit me up on one of the chatty thingies and we'll catch up.Insert other media

    3. Spandexmuscle


      Dude, looking fucking jacked as fuck! Also love your stories from the old archive. What a fucking stud, dude!

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