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  1. Amazing chapter, I really like the direction this story going. Everything is finally coming together. I love how close Seth and Trev are getting. The things I'd do to be in either of their shoes...
  2. Best case scenario for me ends up with a massive hieght difference between Seth and Trev. I think Trev will shrink about a foot, that would depress the hell out of him and he might stop working out completely but with Seths help Trev will build that muscle back incredibly fast on his tiny frame. Also worship, lots of worship (hopefully).
  3. I bet after being humiliated at the basketball game, Trevor is going to take his second shot of elongro, fed up with being "small". It's going to backfire horribly and then he's really going to know what it's like to be small. I hope he keeps his muscles though. Short buff guys are so cute.
  4. I dont think the story will go this way but I this to happen ?, I'd love to see the limits of his humiliation pushed.
  5. I hope Seth somehow gets his hands on another shot of elongro. Does the effect stack?
  6. My favorite muscle theft stories are the ones were they steal even more after becoming big already. There's one story I'm looking for where the main character gets drained a couple times by some guy, he then tries to distance himself from him. The main character rebuilds some muscle in his garage gym but the thefter comes back and drains him not only once again, but twice. Feel free to recommend any stories that have a similar idea.
  7. Whatever feels right, a dark path might set up a good revenge.
  8. The world could always use more theft!
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