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  1. Clodmuscle

    Asian world part 2

    After the reality change was done, it became very clear from a. younger age than Asians were the superior race. Instead of been more inclined to be interested in video games and comics Asian kids now were into sports especially bodybuilding and wrestling thanks to their now superior genes Asian kids were now able to pack muscle at a very superior rate than any other race. In the video, we have the Lee brothers who decided to start out a month ago they were already quite fit, but now they are the biggest guys in the local gym. Their teenager’s muscles are way bigger than no Asian men that had been training for years, and they have only started to grow…
  2. Clodmuscle

    Asian world

    I was tired of the stereotype of Asians been nerdy and small....well I'm nerdy and small but not because of I'm Asian. However thanks to my nerdiness I was able to create a reality alter machine. I wanted to completely swap the males stereotypes from now on Asian will be the biggest males in existence with an average of 7 ft tall and an ability to pack massive muscle mass easily meanwhile I would make all the men from the other races into tiny wimps white, black, latino, European it didn't matter all other men will be 5'5 in average with barely any muscle mass. As I activate the machine reality, start to swap all around me. Little Asian guys suddenly becoming huge meatballs of muscle forgetting everything about the old world as their minds adapted to the new reality. I also start to change in this new reality I wasn't a nerd anymore but instead a personal trainer the room where I was started to morph into a gym full of pictures of massive Asian men in the wall. Even I was changing too my clothes morphing into workout clothes my muscles quickly expanding to match the new reality huge arms and biceps replace my noodle arms, massive pecs pushed my XXXXl tanktop to the limit. All my knowledge about reality bending machines replaced by knowledge about working out, diet and supplementation. My body starts to move by its own as I make my way into the gym like owned the place I smiled and nodded at some fellow big Asians while at the same time some other guys were staring at me obviously not Asians since they barely reach my chest and were skinny without an ounce of muscle. For a moment felt weird like it should be the other way around however I just laugh at the idea. a small and scrawny Asian what a joke
  3. Clodmuscle

    Swap site

    For years i was in love with the body of this personal trainer called Mark. Mark was the complete package, massive pectorals, huge biceps a manly face and piercing blue eyes alongside a cocky attitude to complete. I envy Mark he was everything I wasn't, so that's why I looked for a way to take that, I found a site on the internet that promised to swap bodies I only needed a picture of the person I wanted to swap I had plenty of pictures of him which I took whenever he wasn't looking for...research. I upload the picture, and almost immediately my consciousness was transported to the gym. There a guy was taking pictures of me, later I would know those pictures were for a famous fitness magazine, I was dumbfounded for a second then I looked down at my body I couldn't believe it I was in mark body I would recognize that tan skin and massive chest anywhere. I even was wearing one of his very revealing tanktops that he usually wear it. I was so happy that I start flexing for the cameraman enjoying every inch of my humongous body. Mark was probably screaming in terror from my body as he stared at a computer desktop but I couldn't care less the transfer was only one way and even if he tries something in more than big enough to take care of that wimpy boy...
  4. Clodmuscle

    school fair

    I was a little worry at first when the science professor partners me with Chad for my project in the science fair. Chad was the captain of the wrestling team, and he was as dumb as he was big the only reason the professor pair us was because Chad needed an A to stay on the team . it didn’t matter I was going to be the one doing all the job or that that chad usually bully me flexing his huge muscles against my wimpy physique. However, I knew exactly what to do to win the fair and gave Chad a little taste of his own medicine. As I suspected Chad never helps me even once during the entire project, but it was good because the surprise would be even greater, then it took me a lot of nights without any sleep, but I was able to finish my muscle transfer machine. On the day of the project, I only need chad to present himself the only thing he did for the entire project, and even when he arrived late just as the professors were about to examine our project. “ Good morning dear professor, our project is something that would revolutionize the fitness industry. Here, my partner, Chad will help me with the demonstration as you see Chad is really buff. How about you show us those muscles big guy.’ Chad boosted by all the praises immediately flexed his huge biceps in double pose straining the sleeves of his XL shirt to the limit. "Wow really impressive it would take me years or even decades to be even half as big as this man” i said as I imitate chad pose although less impressive because of my noodle arms. “ however now with this machine that will change "I said as I hit a button and the machine started working a single beam of energy was shot from the machine and hit change and me . As the ray hit us, I saw chad quickly start to shrink right in front of me. His physique becoming smaller and skinnier his impressive biceps and pecs deflated like balloons int happen so quickly that chad face went from one of cockiness to one of confusion and then one of terror as he became the smallest guy in the room. Meanwhile, I was barely able to contain my laugh as my own physique started to expand, my noodle arms became big cannonballs bigger than a person’s heads, my legs transformed into two massive tree trunks to carry my weight, they also grew longer making me as tall as chad used to be. By the time the transformation it almost seems as we had swapped heads, chad now a scrawny wimp while I looked like a pro bodybuilder. Little chad demands me to return him his body but a single flex of my now massive biceps make him clear he was not in a position of power anymore. We, of course, win the science fair but had still had to leave the wrestling team, the captain can be someone that is smaller than the waterboy. I, on the other hand, was actually invited to fill Chad position, I knew nothing about wrestling but if dumb little Chad could do it, how hard could it be for the genius giant new me….
  5. Clodmuscle

    Muscle suit version 2

    legs looking huge!!
  6. Clodmuscle


    I need some more gamer buddies you can add me on Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070829220/ Battlenet: MuscleClod#1338 Nintendo FC: SW-2697-1832-3889

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