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    Films, manga, fiction novels, power/olympic lifting, lookin dapper
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    5'9, 180lbs
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    people who are interested in talking about weightroom stuff. or exploring the implications of what it means to peruse this website

    PS I cam on BC4M

    Profile is http://www.bc4m.club/profile/user/Raami
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    at least 200lbs for now. I'd like to join the 1000lb club before hitting aesthetic goals though. 100lbs to go!
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    muscle's a given. beefy muscle is an elaboration. domination and appreciation is another.

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  1. timovdrow

    AJ & Noah

    @muscleaddict Thank you for writing this. Thank you for taking the time to flesh out the feelings and thoughts so often brushed aside for the sake of a wank session. I had gotten into the pattern of thinking that my muscle fetish was never going to be a part of my romantic life, not in any substantial way. There aren't many models of how romance and muscle can look together, of how one can be both tender and a hound for growth -- I needed this. I feel more confident that this kind of dynamic can exist, that it's not some silly, 2-D fantasy -- that though rare it can be part of a relationship, of lust, jealousy, joy and the rest of the emotional spectrum. It's cathartic, is what it is. I'm moving states soon for uni and leaving behind someone...someone who, in retrospect, made me feel both like AJ and Noah. After reading and sitting with that feeling, I am indoubtedly a bit sad. But I am also happy to have experienced it, even if I wasn't taking it all in. Thanks again.
  2. meal prepping away. Gosh, this curry batch came out good.

    1. SeaMusc


      Mmmmm.  Curry.  Gives me a good idea for meal prep tomorrow.

  3. BC4M flex cam profile: http://www.bc4m.club/profile/user/Raami

    watch me cam sometime. I'm new at this, so constructive criticism would be great. 

  4. Stuck at 395 deadlift. One of those days where lifting makes me feel worse, not better.

  5. I'm sure its archived in the old forum, but the search function isn't working and my google search skills are subpar.... oh well
  6. Vague description, but the story's essentially about a guy's roomate who takes up a powerlifting club and gets yoked.
  7. 375 deadlift PR today. Wooot

    1. ThickRick


      You mean wood, which is what that gave me.

  8. I like this kind of style -- really fun. And, of course, erotic as hell. Cudos
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