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  9. I'm hoping I get an answer on this one... I'm searching for a story where a regular guy stops at a bar for a drink, but it turns out to be a biker bar. A bunch of bikers come in after a funeral for one of their biker brothers. The leader of the pack offers the hapless main character a cigar which transforms him into a hugely muscled biker. During most of the story, various member of the biker gang are toasting to their deceased friend. Anyone have an idea what the title is? Thanks! Jim
  10. CHAPTER 12 - EDITED TO REMOVE FORMATTING - JIM CHAPTER 12: THE LAKE HOUSE The next morning before Ted swung by to pick us up for or clinic visit. We were going early to get treated before we left for the lake house. Ted honked his horn from the driveway and we went and climbed into the cab. Ted glared at Dad as he sat in the front seat. “Well that's new...” Ted said cryptically. “What's new?” my father replied. “You visibly crouched down when you came through your front door. Why were you crouching down, big guy?” Dad stared back at Ted and smirked, “Why do you think, little man?” “Shit, are you serious? You're taller, AGAIN? I didn't even notice til just now.” “Believe it, shorty. And yeah I didn't really notice it either till I bumped my head on the doorframe yesterday.” I chimed in with my own explanation. “Well, it makes sense. The bigger Dad gets the harder it will be to notice relatively small changes in his height and size since those changes will be proportionally smaller. Plus we see him almost every day which makes those changes harder to perceive.” Ted and Dad looked at each at grinned. Ted joked, “I can't believe we're friends with this engineering nerd.” We all laughed. Dad defended my honor, “Yeah, but you better watch out, that nerd is almost as big as you, now.” We stepped into Dr. Jock's office. He too took note as Dad just slightly ducked through his office door. We were in a hurry to get on the road so we didn't waste to much time. We all weighed in and got our shots. After a week of normal eating Ted had “bloated” back up to 226 lbs. “Damn, I'm getting fat like Chad again,” he prodded. I weighed in at 220 lbs. 220 lbs!! Me! And my bodyfat was now under 8%! Dad patted my back proudly and glanced down at Ted, “Only six pounds less than YOU, shorty!” I was happy as could be. I could remember when weighing 215 lbs seemed like an impossibility, yet here I was. I chuckled with Dad at Ted. Of course, Ted's bodyfat was still a couple points lower than mine and he was an inch shorter, which made him still look decently bigger than me. But I couldn't help but remember when I first met Ted back at Christmas and thinking how massive he looked compared to both my father and I. Now, he was on the verge of being the smallest of our little clique! Finally it was time for the big reveal. Dad was now at 387 lbs! “SHIT, big buddy! You just don't stop,” an astonished Ted said. “You are honestly one of biggest bodybuilders in the world! Do you realize how close you are to 400 lbs! I don't think I ever seen a bodybuilder, either in real life or online, who stepped on a stage weighing more than 350 lbs. You are HUGE!” Pops stood there proudly with his hands on his hips as Ted rambled on his praise. “You ain't seen nothing yet, little guy. In fact I think you just set my goal. I'm going to be the first contest ready 400 lb bodybuilder you've ever seen, I promise you that.” My Dad said the words with an almost ominous tone. Big Chad's infatuation with his own size was growing right along with his size itself. After meeting with Doc we all loaded up in Vanessa's SUV. She let Ted drive and my father sit up front since he would've been squished in the backseat. I thought about how it was a good thing Dad drove a big pickup, along with Ted. He would have a lot of trouble fitting into a normal car nowadays. Even in this full size SUV, his head was almost brushing the ceiling and his bowling ball shoulders spilled well past the edges of the seat. At about 5 pm we pulled into the “Lake House”. I use quotes around that term because it was more like a “Lake Estate”. Ted wasn't kidding when he said his cousins were well off. There were actually two houses on the property. The main house I had termed a “log mansion.” Ted told us it held eight bedrooms. The second house was a smaller building that contained had four more bedrooms along with a kitchen and living room. We would be staying in the guest house. The property was huge and sat along a plain that ran next to a beautiful shimmering lake at the base of a small mountain. On the edge of the lake was small sandy beach adjoining the property. All the properties surrounding the lake were very impressive, this was obviously a very affluent vacation area. Along with the two houses there were three huge RV's parked along the property and also a few tents on one side of the lawn. Ted's cousin had obviously invited many people to share his beautiful property with for the holiday. Ted told us that in all there would probably be about 30-40 people plus children hanging out here for the next few days. As we climbed out the SUV a sightly balding man of average height and build came over to greet us. He looked to be about Ted's age and was trim but was obviously not of Ted's acquaintances who was heavy into workout culture. Ted and the man embraced in bro hug with back pats. “Brody! My Man! Great to see you again, cuz!” “You too, Ted. You're looking stacked as ever, how'd you do at your contest last week?” Ted and the new man caught up for a just a couple minutes and then Ted introduced us all to Brody Bowen, the owner of the lake house. First impression of Brody was that he seemed like a very nice guy. He was constantly razzing Ted playfully and charmed Vanessa. I knew we would all get along with him. Like anyone, he was obviously impressed with my father. “Wow, Ted said on the phone you were a big dude and he sure wasn't kidding! You'll be happy to know I'm putting you in the room with the bigger bathroom in the guest house. Haha, I think you would get stuck in the other bathrooms. So how long have you been training with Ted?” “Hey thanks man. And thanks for hosting us, this property is beautiful, “ Dad replied. “Ted actually helped me get into serious weightlifting about 6 months ago. He's helping my son and I here train for our first competition in three weeks. I was actually smaller than him when I started.” Brody was awestruck, “Dang! Those are some serious gains. Man, I would hate to be on stage next to you, you would dwarf even the biggest men I know! Ted, I see you still got the trainer's touch. I'm gonna have get you to start training me again! You wouldn't think it now but back in college I was really fat and overweight. Ted helped me get down to a healthy weight and I've been able to keep if off since. I owe all to cuz, here. Just then a pretty red-haired woman carrying a baby girl with what looked to be a 5-year old boy in tow. “Ah, every one, this is my wife, Melanie. My baby girl, Lilly and this little tyke here is Tucker.” We made our pleasantries and complimented Brody and Melanie on their beautiful children. Brody then directed us to get settled in to the guest house. He explained that they would be hosting a nice supper every evening but otherwise the rest of the food was up to us. The guest house had a full kitchen that we were more than welcome to use. Of course, we would have to share it the people in the other two rooms. Brody reached up and clapped his comparatively small hand on my father enormous right delt muscle, “Hey buddy, I'll let the kitchen know to set aside some extra steak and chicken for you and Jed. I've known Ted and a long time and I know how serious you guys are with your training. Also, if Ted didn't tell you, we've got a decent gym in the basement which you guys are welcome to use anytime you are here.” My Dad was visibly pleased. “Hey thanks, Brody! Seriously, it was so nice of you let my son and I stay here. Jed and I don't get to get away much. I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend!” Brody returned to the others and we unloaded the SUV and hauled our stuff up to our rooms. After we got settled in, us three men decided to head to the local market to stock up on food. Vanessa had decided to take a nap while we went out. We jumped back into the SUV and headed to the store down the road. While driving there I was still in awe of the scenery, both natural and affluent. Huge houses, brand new fancy sports cars, beautiful people, you name it. Because we were in a rural area the local grocery store was quite small, no bigger than a typical Walgreens. Also, due to the holiday weekend and the fact that it was Saturday, the place was a madhouse. The small parking lot was packed. We cruised the lot looking for an open spot. Eventually we made it to the back row, the last option before we would have to start the circle again. Toward the back corner of the lot we saw a space. As we got closer we were dismayed to see a small Miata in the space. AND, to make it worse, it was parked so that it was straddling the parking line. I guess one of the downsides of living in an affluent area is the inevitable rich douchebag with a fancy car. “Ugh, damnit!” Ted cursed as he saw the car. “Wait right here, I got this,” my Dad said and climbed out of the SUV. Ted and I looked at each other confusedly. Dad waltzed over the back of the Miata, stood against the bumper and crouched down. “NO FUCKING WAY,” I shouted as I realized what he was doing. Dad curled both his big hands under the bumper of the small sports car. Keeping his back straight, he let out a loud grunt and deadlifted the back of the car off the ground. “WOOOOO! YEAH BUDDY! That was easier than I thought!” Dad stood there holding the back of car off the ground as he turned to look at Ted and I staring back dumbfoundedly. His arms exploded into a mass of tightened cables and sinews. Then he slowly began to step forward, rolling the car forward. Past the back row of the parking lot was a field, so Dad just decided to move the Miata into the long grass of the field. Once the front tires of the car rolled off the pavement, the process got tougher. “GRRRRRR. C'MON YOU PIECE OF SHIT...” Dad now had to lean forward to get the extra oomph to keep pushing the car forward. Due to the exertion and the summer time warmth, sweat was now beading up on handsome face. Eventually he rolled the car forward enough that the two spaces were open. Dad set the car down with loud, “OOOO AAHHHHH.” He swung his meaty arms back and forth and twisted his back to work out the tension from the lift. He caught his breath and slowly turned around with a giant smug grin on his face. He was clearly pleased from his feat of strength, his bulge plainly obvious in his oversize basketball shorts. Dad looked at us through the windshield with that handsome grin plastered on his face. He quickly brought up both arms, puffed his tectonic chest out and performed a god-like double biceps pose. The sleeves of the stretched shirt thankfully had retreated into the crook between his shoulder and arms to avoid destruction. Then he looked at both arms, first the left and then the right. Then in the same order, he brought each bicep to his face and gave each each one a quick kiss! We were brought out of revelry by some whistles and claps from a few people in the back of the parking lot who saw the action. “Dude that was amazing!” “I'm so glad you did that. I was so mad when I saw that stupid car taking up two spaces!” “Holy cow, bro! Your bod is stacked!” Dad waved to everyone and thanked them for the compliments. Then he stepped out of the way and waved us into one of the now open spaces. I was having trouble thinking straight. My father was now so strong that he could move cars! We headed into the market and loaded up on meats, vegetables, and some healthy carbs to help us get through the weekend staying relatively on diet. When we came out we saw a fat, 50-something man standing in front of the Miata scratching his head wondering how his car ended up in the grass. All three us had to use considerable effort to keep from busting out laughing at the scene as we loaded up our vehicle. We headed back to the lake house for our first supper with the other campers. A few more people had showed up, including our housemates, two young couples who looked to be in their mid to upper 20s. Ted knew them both from previous 4th of July gatherings and and introduced us. One couple consisted of a pretty, but weathered young blond woman and large blond man. Ted introduce them as Emily and Josh. Josh walked over to Ted, wrapped his arms around Ted's neck and gave him a noogie. “Ted, Little Buddy! Great to see ya again! I see you're still trying to pack on the muscle, pretty boy!” We watched as Josh rather roughly manhandled Ted. Josh was Brody's cousin from the opposite side of the family. Josh was big dude, at least compared to a normal man. He was 6 ft 5 in and probably just under 300 soft pounds. Ted would later tell us that he played football as a lineman in college. As a former college athlete he was still relatively athletic and fit, especially for a big guy, but you could tell he had developed a belly and his bodyfat percentage had to be in the upper 20s. Josh, of course, couldn't hide his admiration of my Dad's size. “Nice to meet you big guy! You've got some real size on you. Did you play football in college? What're you doing hanging out with this shrimp, Ted? We should workout together this weekend, Brody's got a pretty sweet home gym. It'll give you a chance to workout with another actual big guy for once, haha.” Brody again reached over and mussed Ted hair. I could see a look of annoyance on Ted's face. I could feel it too. To me, Josh seemed like one of those big, brash, loud boisterous guys who think they can get away with stuff by throwing around their weight. Josh roughly shook my hand as we met. “Wow, this is your son, Chad? Handsome guy, great build on you little fella. You look like you gotta ways to go catch up to your old man though, little guy.” Normally my Dad would've been making jokes like this himself, but I could see that he was getting just as annoyed at Josh and Ted and I were. He obviously didn't like this guy people picking on me or Ted, especially someone he just met. Emily didn't say much. Like any woman with a pulse, she was obviously checking out my father. Maybe she was just quiet or maybe she was tongue-tied by the 6 ft 8 in beefcake she had just met. We enjoyed a wonderful meal provided by the Bowen's. As he promised, Brody even gave Dad and I a couple extra plain chicken breasts to help us stay on diet. Josh was just a loud and brash as when we first met him. He was constantly trying to join into the various conversations of the different groups of people. Much of the talk was of course, centered around Pops. Several of the guests inquired him on his stats and how much he lifted. He was gracious and happy to answer all their questions with the perfect amount of charm, never coming off as arrogant. Unlike Josh, who even when Dad was answering questions about his poundage, was happy to rattle his own best lifts unsolicited. It was an interesting dynamic. Josh was clearly used to being the big man, the center of attention, at this holiday gathering. As I mentioned, the guy wasn't an asshole, just overbearing, he couldn't seem to let any conversation proceed without his input. After dinner we all lounged on the lawn around a large fire pit. Most people were fairly tired from their travels so it was fairly low-key night. A few of the kids were making smores and a few were happily chasing fireflies. It was a beautiful night as the sun set over the mountain that overshadowed the long narrow lake. Across the fire Josh was pawing at Emily's legs. Even through the dim of the fire I could see her eyes were locked on Dad sitting next to me. Eventually we all tired and decided to retreat to our rooms. We had two full days of fun ahead so we needed to get rested. Ted and Vanessa and the other couple had already headed back and were probably asleep by now. The four bedrooms of the guest house were arranged in a row across a balcony Ted and V had the outer room on the right. The bathroom we would share with them was in between our rooms. On the other side our room was directly adjacent to Josh and Emily's, meaning we shared a wall. As we were getting ready for bed we could hear Josh and Emily arguing through the wall. It was virtually impossible to hear Emily, but Josh was being his loud usual self so we could make out what he was saying. It didn't seem particularly heated, but there was some tension. We heard Josh say, “You couldn't take your eyes off him..” Ah, so that's what it was about. Dad heard it too, smirked at me and shrugged his massive traps and delts. “Well, I can't help if I'm beautiful.” We both chuckled at his joke. We could hear Josh continue. “C'mon baby, I'm more than enough man for you. Plus you know with that body he's obviously loaded up on roids, which means he's most likely got a tiny pecker...” Dad flinched his head and raised his eyebrows at me. “I guess some stereotypes die hard, huh.” I said to Dad. “You got that right, sport. That's alright, the poor guy just isn't used to not being the big man. He'll learn to accept it,” Dad said with a smug grin. “He better or else he's going to regret it,” Josh and Emily eventually quieted down and we finished our nightly routine and went to bed. Our room had two beds so thankfully I wouldn't be squished out of bed against Dad. The beds were twin beds though so my father was likely going to overhang some. Again, one of the downsides of being so huge, I guess. We fell asleep looking forward to our first full day at the lake and the fun to come. The next morning we woke up and had ourselves a breakfast heavy on eggs and oatmeal. Dad and I were eating at the kitchen table, both in basketball shorts and wifebeaters when Josh walked in. “I see you guys are chowing down on a typical bodybuilder breakfast. Good for you. I remember eating that like that back in my playing days. I think I was even eating more eggs at one point than you, Chad.” As Josh looked away Dad and I glanced at each other and just rolled our eyes. After we ate, Ted, Dad and I used Brody's personal gym. He had a great setup with all the basic needs. Obviously it was not fully equipment but he did have a rack of dumbbells that went up to 100 lbs. While Dad wouldn't be maxing out on anything we were able to get a real good pump on. Soon after we enjoyed the property It was beautiful warm summer day. Both Dad and I sported our basketball shorts and tank tops. Dad looked humongous as his musculature spilled out of his. That morning we engaged in some fun lawn games that had been set up. Brody had even devised a small horseshoe tournament which we competed in. We got knocked out right away but it was still fun. More than one of other teams joked about how they should let us win or else they were worried Dad would throw them in the lake. Pops would laugh and play along. “It's true, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry! GRRR!!” Dad made a HULK pose, all his glowing, sinewy muscles tightening in bold relief. “I could throw you BOTH in the lake, one in each arm.” The other horseshoe players would laugh at his playful joke, but I knew the truth, that he absolutely did have the strength to do that. After a fun morning of lawn games we all broke to eat lunch. After lunch we noticed Josh and a few guys were playing 3-on-3 basketball over on the driveway. Josh's team looked pretty good and were having an easy time beating their opponents. After a few minutes we heard Josh shout out “WOO! That's 21 to 12, good game guys.” After that, three other younger guys who looked to be in their late teens took on Josh's team. This game was even worse. Josh's size was a definite advantage, especially against the skinnier, younger guys. He could easily shove is way down low and was a rebounding machine. Mercifully, the match ended. “Good game, guys! That's 21 to 7. You guys got a little bit of growing up to do before you can compete with us. Looks like we're still champs of the Bowen Independence Day Weekend!” Josh boasted out loud for everyone to hear. Dad and I looked at each and nodded our heads. With Ted, we decided we would challenge Josh's team. I was a decent basketball player myself. I actually made varsity my senior year, but wasn't good enough to see any significant playing time, But, I had the basics down. I knew Dad was OK from when would shot hoops in our own small driveway when I was growing up. Ted looked a little apprehensive but agreed to join us and we walked over to he court. Josh saw us coming. “Uh oh, looks like we got some new challengers. Ted?! You sure you want to play me. I remember a couple of years ago I thought you were going to run away crying because we beat your team so bad.” “Yeah, you got us good last time. I've brought some new blood though so we thought we would try to at least give you a competitive game, you'll still probably win.” I couldn't tell if Ted was sandbagging or not. I honestly didn't know if we could win. I wasn't familiar with Ted's skill and Dad's was average at best skill-wise. We warmed up for a couple of minutes and the game began. “We'll be skins,” Ted announced. Ted, Dad and I stripped off our tank tops. “OW OW OW!!!” Shouts and whistles and catcalls rained down on us from those sitting over on the lawn who had decided to watch. Not to sound arrogant, but it had to be quite a site. Ted was just out of competition and still ripped as hell, I was at my best ever and Dad was the towering 6 ft 8 in, nearly 400 lb muscle giant I knew and loved. Even Josh was impressed, though he did his best to repress it. “Well I'll admit you fellas certainly brought the muscle, but basketball is a game of skill! And from what I know about you bodybuilders, you don't have the best endurance. We're gonna run circles around you meat heads.” The game began. Of course, we had Pops match up with Josh down low near the hoop. The game began and we quickly realized that my hulking father's size was an enormous, pardon the pun, asset. Josh was actually very skillful and had great feet for being a big guy himself. But, at the end of the day, with his extra paunch Josh was no faster or quicker than my brutish father. My father easily jumped up and blocked Josh's first two shot attempts with his long arms. Those 25 inch calves of his weren't just for show and they gave him some surprisingly good 'ups' for such a large man. Dad was also able to easily rebound almost any missed shot. He would spread his arms wide, shove his ass into Josh and simply walled him off from everything. With Josh neutralized, their team had to rely on his two teammates, who proved to be no better than Ted or I. In fact, after Josh, I was the most skilled player on the court. With some quick passes between our team I was able to score the first four points and we quickly led 4-0. When Josh got the ball back it was comical to watch him try to back my father down near the hoop. Josh was used to using his bulk to slowly back into his opponents and get close the rim. My superDad simply stood there with his arms wide and his feet planted as Josh tried to move him. He simply looked down at Josh with a smug grin, Josh might as well have been trying to move a building. Ted and I didn't even need to rely on Dad to score. He would chip in of course, mostly when we would miss. He would easily sky up and grab our missed rebounds over Josh and drop in the ball for easy putbacks. Josh teammates had managed to drop in a couple of outside shots, but the score ballooned to 10-3 us. Josh was visibly frustrated and started harping on his teammates to do more. The game continued on in much the same fashion. At one point Dad was reaching straight up for another rebound when Josh jumped toward in him in a feeble attempt to snatch away ball. As Josh looked up at the ball his face smacked right into my father's firm, hairy right pectoral muscle, smearing his face in my Dad's beef sweat. Josh bounced of my dad and fell flat on his ass. “THAT'S A FOUL!” he yelled as he clenched his face. Dad stood there with his hands on his hips peering way down over his pec shelf at little Josh on the ground. “A foul? On you or me, little guy?” Dad asked innocently. “ON YOU!” Dad just chuckled down at Josh and offered him a hand to help him up. “Don't think so, short-stuff.” Dad was getting off belittling Josh. “I stood straight up, you jumped into me.” My father easily heaved up Josh to his feet. “If you are going to play with the big boys you gotta be ready.” Dad patted the top of Josh's head, I could see Josh fuming. He was muttering under his breath. Dad looked over and Ted and I gave us a wink. As the game wore on Josh and his team became desperate. Josh had given up on inside shots and was now heaving up deep bombs to avoid my father's long muscular arms blocking his every shot. They were able to make a couple, but we kept running away. Eventually the score was 20-9, all we needed was one basket. I was dribbling at the top of the key and saw Dad posting up Josh down low. My father was so fucking big and wide that I couldn't even see Josh behind him. All I could see were Josh's pale arms flailing around as he feebly tried to get around Dad. I gave Dad a look and lobbed the ball way up high toward the hoop. Dad crouched down and jumped up as high as he could. Holy cow, those huge pillars of muscle legs and calves elevated him so high I could see most of Josh between his legs. He grabbed ball out of the air with one hand and SLAMMED it through the basket for the win! “YEAHHHH!! THAT'S GAME, BOYS!” Dad shouted. Ted and I joined up and we gave ourselves a round of high fives. Dad picked up the basketball off the ground and held it one hand and turned to face Josh. While still holding the ball in his right had, he brought up his right arm to shoulder level. He then rested the basketball on top his right arm and FLEXED the meaty mass of his biceps. OH MY GOD! The basketball looked to be the same size as his arms! “Looks like we brought the muscle AND the skill, little guy, haha!” Dad said smugly. We shook Josh's teammates hands. They showed no ill will congratulated us and complimented us on our physiques. We then shook Josh's hands as he continued to mutter grumpily. We walked back to the group on the lawn and many people clapped for us. Several swooned as our sweaty muscular bodies glistened in the warm sun. “Looks like there's a new champion!”, one guy said. Many were happy that Josh had been put in his place, he had been bullying his way on the basketball court for years. After we re-hydrated, since we were all gross and sweaty we decided to head over the lake and join those hanging out in the water. We headed to our rooms and changed into our new swimming trunks. Dad put his baggy basketball shorts back on over them. I had to use the restroom so Dad, Vanessa and Ted headed out a couple of minutes before me. As I was walking across the lawn to the small beach my three traveling partners setting their stuff down on some beach chairs. Dad suddenly pulled down and kicked off his basketball shorts, leaving him standing there godly in his new brief square-cut red and blue swimsuit. It felt like time had frozen. Everybody in the vicinity turned to silently gaze upon the utlra-tall, ultra-muscled, ultra-sexy creature that stood on the beach. He still had a light sheen of sweat and so his physique glistened in the sun. His enormous hairy legs spilled out of the trunks. His softball-like bulge mounded out from his crotch. As I continued toward the beach I could hear some of the awestruck phrases coming from many of the women who had managed to find their voice. “OH MY GAAAAWD.” “That is the hottest man I have EVER seen.” “He looks like he's twice or three times as big as my husband...everywhere!” “Wow, I used to think big muscles were gross, but on Chad they look so sexy.” By the time I walked over the beach people had mostly returned to normal. “You're causing quite the stir back on the lawn, Dad,” I said. “Haha, I'm aware son. I almost feel bad for all the little husbands and boyfriends who are here.” Ted and V were visibly flustered as well. “Where did you find those little booty shorts?” Ted joked. “They were the only pair that fit my waist and legs!” Dad responded defensively. Ted rolled his eyes and spoke quietly. “Yeah sure. The only pair they had were the ones that make your already huge schlong even more obvious.” Dad massive shoulders bounced up and down as we laughed out loud at Ted's reaction. “It's the truth, little guy. But hey, posing trunks are even smaller, right? So I should get used to wearing stuff like this right.” I saw a look of surprise flash on Ted's face. He hadn't thought of seeing Dad in just a tiny posing thong. He wasn't sure there was currently a posing strap in existence that could contain my Dad's equipment. Ted came too and added, “God, you are going to cause a riot at the bodybuilding show.” Dad chuckled. “Yeah, maybe. Those little people at the competition are in for a quite A BIG presence, haha.” We all headed into the water. Now that it was mid afternoon, it was warmed up to near 90 degrees and the water offered refreshing relief. By now there several people swimming around including many children. The kids, of course, were also in awe of my superhero father. After a while a few brave kids came up to my Dad and asked him to 'make a muscle.' He smiled handsomely down at the kids and flexed his massive left biceps and offered the kids a feel. Each one took their turn touching, punching and trying to squeeze the mounded ball of flesh and letting out squeals and shouts of glee. Dad was so big I was sure that there was more mass in his one arm than some of the younger children. One boy who looked to be about nine years old asked, “Are you strong too, mister?” Dad smiled down that boy, “Well you tell me, little guy...” He suddenly snatched the boy out of the water and with his power packed arms threw the boy about 10 feet up into the air. The boy came sailing down and made a big splash. The boy resurface and yelled, “WOAH! THAT WAS AWESOME.” This of course set off frenzy from the rest of the kids as they clamored to have him throw them as well. He happily obliged. From my childhood I knew Dad was always good with kids and he was showing that here, too. He happily launched child after child in the air so they could fly up and come down to make a big splash in the water. I headed up the beach to get some sun and watch the action. Dad continued to play with the kids for another 30 minutes or so. After that I noticed a fit woman in a bikini and one of those big sun hats on an inflatable raft paddling toward my dad. There was a glare on the water so I couldn't see her face right at the moment. Eventually she started talking to my father. Of course she was animated in her discussion and anyone could tell some playful flirtation was afoot. Finally the sun had moved just enough that I could see the woman was Emily, Josh's girlfriend. Wow, she looked great in her bikini. She was modestly dressed when we met and had a pretty, but average face. But her body was tight and firm and toned in all the right places. Eventually their conversation ended and Dad came up and out of the water toward me. WOW. If you thought he looked good standing there shirtless you hadn't seen anything yet. The giant muscular man waded into the shallow water and then walked up the beach, droplets sensually falling off of his deep curves and bulges. He lifted his arms to rub the wetness off the top of his head, exposing the wet hairy cave of muscle that was his armpit. He massive biceps and triceps flexed in and out of relief has he quickly moved his hand back and forth across his short dark hair. He came over and sat on the beach chair next to me. “Boy that Emily sure is a lot more talkative than when we met her.” Soon after it was time for another wonderful supper prepared by the Bowens. Tonight we even got steaks! Of course, Brody again slipped us a couple of extras to fuel our bodies. The rest of the evening was more low key hanging out. Once it had got dark, Brody offered to read some ghost stories for some of the older kids and adults out around a smaller fire pit that was out near the trees. I decided to join in, wondering where my dad was. He left to use the restroom and I hadn't seen him in about 15 minutes. Brody held a flashlight so that it was shining up on his face. You know, typical campfire scary story fare. Brody's story involved a series of vignettes about several people “from these verrrrrry woooooods” who have gone missing, being taken by a something in the woods. Brody was a master storyteller and though it was cheesy, most people were very engaged. As the story wound down Brody continued, “...and the creature was never caught and some say it still lurks in these woods. Nobody knows if it was an alien, a bigfoot, a bear, and we may never know...” At that moment a huge creature jumped out of the trees from behind us and let out load roar “GGGGRRRRRAAAAAAWWWRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!” We all jumped in terror and several mortified shrieks pierced the night air. The creature hunched over and was shaking violently like it was laughing. Brody was laughing hysterically as well. It then dawned on us that this was part of the story. From the veiny mass of the arms of the 'creature' it dawned on me that this was my father in a cheap bigfoot mask. Dad ripped off the mask smiling brightly. He and Brody gave each other a high five. Once everyone's heart beat had returned to normal, they laughed and clapped and congratulated Dad and Brody on the successful scare. At some point during the day Brody had recruited my father to help him scare the bejeezus out of his guests, and it worked beautifully. I loved my big playful father. Not long after the ghost story it was time to call it a night. We headed back to the guest house. Before we entered the door we could hear Josh and Emily in the living room through the window. We stopped to listen. “I saw you looking at him Emily! You don't need that tiny-dicked roid monkey when you've got ME! What?! You go for some big dumb meathead, now?” Josh said. Uh oh. It seems Josh had seen Emily chatting with my father in the lake. Emily shot back. “Did you see his shorts, today Josh? Did you see that bulge?” Josh, “Oh please, he's obviously stuffing his shorts in some lame attempt to make his junk look bigger to match his muscles.” Dad looked at me and shrugged again. “Well, MAYBE if you would pay more attention to me I wouldn't have to look at other guys!” Emily spat. We then tromped loudly up the steps of the porch to let them know that we were on our way into the house. “Good evening guys, just going to get ready for bed. We won't bother you out here.” We knew there was tension so we walked past them and up the stair to our room. Once we got to the door of the room they started bickering again to each other under their breadth. Once in the room we stripped down to get ready for bed. Dad cryptically asked me if he could borrow some of my loose boxers. “Ummmm...sure??” I responded. I gave him one of my clean pairs and he turned away from me, slipped off his WEMs and slipped them my boxers. On him they were obviously tighter around his tree trunk thighs but still loose enough to allow them to slightly billow. He turned back around to face me standing their in just my loose boxers. “I've had about just about enough of little Josh challenging me behind my back.” Dad then reached into his shorts and adjusted himself. As he did so it became apparent why he wanted my boxers. As one of his big hands fumbled around in the underwear I saw his big plum sized dickhead fall out of the left leg of the boxer shorts. Dad knew my boxers would be just loose enough and short enough to let his junk hand out. “I think I need a late night snack before we go to bed,” he brushed past me, opened the door and walked of the room. I could here Emily and Josh still arguing. I stood at the door and peeked out to watch and listen. I couldn't miss this. Dad sauntered down the stairs and into the open kitchen area. He made himself a small sandwhich. Josh and Emily were staring at his bulging body. Dad only had his back turned to them so far and was now standing behind a kitchen island so they had yet to see anything that truly surprised them. “Hi guys, just making a late night snack. Gotta keep these muscles fueled,” Pops said cheerfully. Josh looked back at Emily and angrily stated to her, “remember what I said about them.” From our eavesdropping we knew “them” referred to “bodybuilders”, and Josh was alluding to the small endowment of said bodybuilders. “What's that?” Dad asked happily again, with a bite of sandwhich in his mouth. “Oh nothing, Chad, it wasn't about you,” Josh meekly sneered. Yes it was. We knew it was. Finally the time for the big reveal came. Dad stepped out from around the kitchen island toward Emily and Josh. Even from up on the balcony I could see Emily and Josh's mouths fall wide open. Dad was now standing a few feet in front of them. His enormous fleshy cockhead was hanging a couple of inches below the legs of the loose boxers, it would've been hard to miss if you were blind. Dad acted as if he had no idea. Dad put his big mit-sized hand on Josh's shoulder, “Josh buddy, I hope you don't have any hard feelings about basketball.” Josh was looking straight down at the pendulous salami. I heard a soft voice. “Um. Mr. Graves, you're, uh, you're penis is hanging out of your shorts,” Emily point to the dangling cockhead. Dad looked down suddenly and feigned embarrassment. “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. This is so embarrassing. He reached down to readjust it back into his shorts. He did and pulled out his hands. However as he straightened back up the massive dickhead fell out AGAIN, but this time out of the right leg of the boxer shorts. Dad continued, “Ack! Sorry again. This thing is so big it sometimes it's hard to keep contained.” Wide eyed Emily giggled as Josh stewed. “That's understandable. It certainly looks like it's a handful,” Emily spoke. My father stared sexily at Emily and smirked. “More like two, or even three handfuls, haha.” Josh exploded. “GO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. WE DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT, YOU JERK. YOU SHOULD...” My father instantly reached out and wrapped his big mit around Josh's neck, choking him just enough to prevent him from talking. Josh reached up and tried to pry Dad's arm off his neck to no avail. “THAT'S ENOUGH FROM YOU,” Dad stated authoritatively. “I'm going to let go now but you better calm your tone!” He released Josh. “In fact, why don't we go up to your room and you, Emily and I can have a little chat.” Dad grabbed Josh's wrist and headed up the neighboring bedroom. Josh tried to resist, but my car-lifting father could not be stopped. Emily followed close behind and the three of them entered their room. A second later Dad quickly entered our room and walked over to the dresser and fished something out. He winked at me as he quickly walked back into the adjacent room. I was glad the walls were thin because I could hear their conversation. I think Dad was purposely speaking loudly because he knew I was listening in. “Josh, you are going to sit in that chair right there and listen.” I imagined Josh sitting in this chair with my father towering over him like he was a punished toddler. “Emily tells me that you have been neglecting her. A beautiful woman like this should always have your full and devoted attention. Plus, my little friend, I have heard some of the remarks you have made about me and I don't take to kindly to them.” “No I haven't!” Josh protested. “Oh you haven't? I seem to recall hearing things about bodybuilders having no endurance. That we're dumb meatheads. Roid-monkeys. That we have tiny dicks...” I imagined Josh's face blanching as he realized he had been caught. Dad continued, “Look, I don't think you are a bad guy. But I can tell that you are used to being the big man, the cock-of-the-walk. And ever since I came along you've been moody and unpleasant. Well I got news for you bucko, I AM THE ALPHA HERE. I am MUCH bigger than you, in every important way. Look at these pecs, Josh. Watch me bounce them. Can you do that? Didn't think so. Look at this massive arm, Josh. Watch how it explodes when I bend my arm. It's bigger than your own thick skull. Look at these humongous thighs of mine. When we were playing basketball I wasn't even using a fraction of my strength against you. I could have easily sent you sprawling on the pavement with a light nudge.” I believed him 100%. Pop's continued his lecture, “And of course, how can we forget the coup-de-grace of manhood. Look at this fucking cock! Does this look like a 'tiny roid dick' to you? Look how it hangs out even past these boxer shorts. I bet it's bigger now SOFT than you are hard.” Emily jumped in, “It is, Chad. I can't tell you're much bigger than Josh here even soft.” “Thank you for that information, Emily. So, Josh, the point is, you are big man yourself and you know that. But, what I hear from Emily and and the other campers is that you have been abusing your own size for years via some subtle bullying. I'm here to tell you that ends tonight. Because my friend, as you see standing before you, eventually a BIGGER FISH will come along. Do you understand?” I couldn't here response through the wall. Dad was not pleased with the response either. “I CAN'T HEAR YOU JOSH.” “YES SIR,” I finally heard Josh. “Good. I don't ever want to see you bullying anybody else ever again.” “FINE. Are you done here?” Josh stated angrily. “I don't think so just yet. I don't believe you get it, yet, Josh. So we need to continue until you do. Emily, how long has it been since you and Josh have been intimate?” “Way too long,” I heard Emily reply. “Well, that's a shame. Josh, do you see how beautiful this woman is? How could you neglect her? I tell you what Emily, I would be willing to help you out, you sound like you deserve it.” “How so?” Emily asked. “Well, if you want, and I promise it's completely up to you babe, I'll let you play with my cock...” “WHY YOU SON OF A BIT...” Josh clearly was not pleased at this revelation. My father ordered, “SIT ON THE GROUND DOWN, LITTLE BOY AND SHUT UP” I then heard a light thump and assumed my father had easily had pushed Josh to the ground. “NOW YOU SIT THERE WHILE THE ADULTS ARE TALKING.” “If you want to, Emily, go ahead. No pressure. Oh, so it looks like you do want to. Oh yeah, babe. You look so good down on your knees. Go ahead an pull those boxers all the way off. There you go, good girl. Ohh wow. You're tongue feels great on my dick head. Yeah, use those tiny hands. Keep working it, it's got A LONG way to grow. See what I mean about three-handfuls, haha. Yeah, last I checked it was just under a foot long. Might be a foot long now, maybe. I just know it's really big, like the rest of me. GRRR YEAH look up at these these huge biceps and chest of mine!” I listened to my father's narration through the wall with rapt attention. I pulled out my own cock and was jacking away. Dad continued, “UHHH...Oh babe. Don't worry. No really, it's ok that you can only fit the head in your mouth. Unless you can unhinge your jaw there's no way this monster would fit in your throat, haha. Just use those tiny hands of yours to give the rest of the shaft the attention it needs. You see Josh, you see how I am being accommodating to your woman? You treat people with respect and they will give it back to you in return! Ok, babe, go over and lay down on the bed. Josh, get over and sit on the edge of the bed! Good boy. Ok, now I am going to eat out your girlfiends pussy. She told me you haven't done that in months, Josh. That is pathetic! I can't believe she still puts up with you.” I could hear Emily whimper and moan as Dad ate her out for a few minutes. “You see Josh. This is how you pleasure a woman. Eat her out. Massage her tight body with your fingers. Get her good and ready. She's a goddess and deserves to be treated as such. A true alpha bestows his gifts of the deserving. Sure, I could power fuck your girlfriend through the walls and no one could stop me because I'm so fucking muscular and strong. But just because I can doesn't mean I should. Write that down, Joshy-boy, lesson number one of being a true ALPHA. Now it's time for the real lesson. Give me that condom set on the dresser, Josh. Very good thank you. Yes, I have to by them off the internet because I can find big enough condoms in stores. It looks like you don't have to worry about that, lucky guy,” Dad said sarcastically. “And then when you get them warmed up you give them the ultimate pleasure. OHHH UHHHHHHHH. Fuck you're tight, Emily! Josh, have you been fucking her with your fingers? Oh my god this is the tightest pussy I've ever had!” “OHHHHHH YESSS!!!” Emily's feminine voice was crying out, no doubt at the pleasure and pain of being invaded by his enormous tool. “FUCK! AHHHHHHHHHOOOOHHHH AHHHHH!!!!! HOLY SHIT!” cried Emily. Dad responded with wicked satisfaction. “Emily, my babe, you just had your first orgasm of the night already! Congratulations. JOSH! I am so disappointed in you. I've barely got my dickhead in your girlfriends pussy and have already given her an orgasm. Don't you know how to please your woman?!? I've never seen a woman this beautiful wound up this tight. Are you OK, Emily? Ok good. Let's go a bit further than. Ohh yeah, there's a couple more inches, good girl. I'll take it slow, I don't want to hurt you, Babe. This is all for you, I'm just the the big, tall hung bodybuilder giving you what you've been missing out on. Josh buddy, I hope you're taking notes. Of course, I don't know how notes will help you get a bigger cock, haha.” Damn, Dad was really letting Josh have it. “Annnnd there we go, we made it just over halfway in Emily, great job. Should we go further? Ok, a little more. A little more...” “OW OW STOP STOP!” I heard Emily shout. Dad grumbled deeply, “Sure thing babe. Now we know your limit. You little boyfriend here clearly hasn't made it that far before. It's ok babe, I didn't expect you to be able to take my entire monster cock, especially since poor Josh hasn't stretched you out AT ALL, the little twerp...” After that Dad and Emily fucked for about 45 minutes. I had long ago cummed in my shorts so sat back and listened to my Dad's deep heavy grunts and Emily's whimpers of pleasure. She repeated her orgasm wail at least three more times. Finally, Dad roared in pleasure as he finished as well. After he caught his breath Dad spoke. “And that, Joshy, is how you please a goddess like Emily. Oh, I see from that wet spot on your shorts you liked the show as well, haha. What? Oh yeah, I better be careful with this condom, it looks like it's about to BURST! I would hade to spill this all over Brody's room. There's gotta be like a cup of jizz in packed in there. Damn, am I a beast or what?!?” Dad finished his lecture before he left. “Josh, buddy, I just want to let you know I didn't do this to punish you. I did this for Emily.” I'm sure part of it had to do with punishment but my father probably didn't want to completely crush Josh's spirit. He was still a nice guy, after all. “I have full faith that you are going to come out of this a better man. Tomorrow you are going to have a better attitude not just toward me, but everyone. You are going to patch things up with Emily too. You better, or she is going to leave you. Trust me, as of right now she is way too good for you, so if you don't buck up she's is going to be gone. Got it?” “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” I heard Josh say submissively. “Good, if you want, tomorrow morning you can join Jed, Ted and I for our workout.” “Yes, sir! I would like that very much.” “Good. Oh, by the way, buddy, I give you permission to just call me Chad.” “Awesome, thanks Chad,” I heard Josh say with more pep in his tone. - The last day of our short vacation went off without a hitch. My father's words had definitely sunk into Josh. He was much less intense and far more relaxed and easy going with everyone. He was very encouraging during our group workout and we returned the favor. We invited Josh to join us in some lawn games and he was gracious in defeat or in victory. When he wasn't with us he was very attentive and affectionate with Emily, who seemed to be radiant. Had she always looked this beautiful? Apparently when she arrived she was run down by her strained relationship which is why she had sort of a haggard look to her face. Josh was happy to get her food, snacks, anything she wanted. All in all he was being a much better person, thanks to my Chad's paternal advice. That night we enjoyed the beautiful fireworks show put on by Brody to cap off the holiday weekend. We had an awesome time and hoped we would be invited back next year. The next morning we loaded up into the SUV with Ted and Vanessa and headed back to real life and to officially kick our competition training into full gear. I couldn't wait to see where we would go from here. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Whew, this chapter took a lot out of me. I felt like I bit off more than I could chew when I set up the lake house premise. It made this chapter quite long. Hopefully it still floats your boats!;)
  11. Chapters 11 - EDITED TO REMOVE FORMATTING. - JIM CHAPTER 11: THE BENEFITS OF FRUSTATION We returned home late Saturday night and immediately went to bed. We met up with Ted the next day in the afternoon to go see the Dr. Jock. As Dr. Jock was doing his examinations and giving Ted and my father their treatments we began to discuss my dad's plans to compete at the next regional bodybuilding show on July 29th. Today was now June 25th so he had just over one month to prepare. Doc said he and Ted would come up with a nutrition plan to really help him shred up. “No more pizzas, Big Man!” said Ted. “Say goodbye to those tasty carbs for he next four weeks.” Dr. J had my father remove his shirt and drop his pants so he could examine his gigantic physique. As his hulking muscles were unclothed the doctor shook his head side to side in awe. “My goodness, Chad. I haven't seen you without you shirt in a couple of weeks. Your progress really is astounding. Ok, let me look you over. Ok, raise your arms. Give me a quick double-biceps pose. Ok, good. Great size, of course. Amazing fullness, fantastic muscle-bellies you've got. Turn-around. Give me a lat spread. Grab your hip and flex those lats. Hmmm. Ted, you'll need to help Chad here on the posing aspect.” My Dad turned back around and faced the Doc. “Ok, Chad. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, you've obviously got the musculature. Boy do you ever! I'm not really seeing any major weak points. Maybe just your traps. They are certainly not small, but because your neck and your shoulders are so big they are a bit undersized in proportion. Try doing some extra shrugs for the next few weeks.” “Will do, Doc,” Dad responded. Dr. J added, “You will just need strip away the fat to really make those muscles pop out. As Ted said, cut away the carbs and add some cardio to your workouts.” My Dad sneered at Ted and joked, “Ah man, you didn't say anything about cardio! Cardio is for sissies!” Ted retorted “Gotta do it, fatty! Haha.” Ted raised his shirt and rubbed the legendary bumps on his stomach. “Cardio is how you get ABS LIKE THESE!” As we continued to chat the Doc looked at me and asked, “How about you Jed, you going to compete?” I was taken aback, “What!? Me!? Haha, no way, I'm not ready to compete.” Dr. Jock gave me a wry grin. “How old are you, Jed?” I confirmed that I was 19 and would be turning 20 later this summer on August 3rd. “Ah, so you would just barely be able to compete in the teen division, then. Jed, I have been helping bodybuilders and weightlifters for years. Trust me, Son. Where you are right now you would be fairly competitive in the older, college-age division. In the teen division you would do very, very well, possibly even win depending on who shows up.” I could see excited smiles on Dad's and Ted's faces as I stood there silently thinking about what the doctor said. Me? A bodybuilder? I know I was in good shape, but I'm not buff enough to be a real bodybuilder am I? “I don't know Doc, I feel like I would need to be a lot bigger to actually compete.” I saw my Dad's face frown a bit at my revelation of doubt. Dr. Jock interrupted, “Nonsense! You have more than enough size for the Teens. Nobody in the Teen division is that big, especially at a regional show like this. For Teens it's a lot more about conditioning, symmetry and proportion than it is about size. Take off your shirt and let me give you a good luck over and I will tell you what I honestly think.” “I don't know, Doc...” I began. My father had then decided he had enough of my negativity. He waltzed over, reach down, grabbed my shirt and easily worked it up and over my torso and dropped it on the floor. There was nothing I could do to resist as his immense strength forced me shirtless. He was easily able to manhandle a man of my size. “For gosh sake's, Son! Just let the Doc look at you before you completely dismiss the idea.” He huffed, stepped back and the three older men examined my body. It was awkward. I felt like a sow being paraded around the grandstand at a country fair in front of bunch of interested farmers. Doc whistled as he looked me over. “Man, looking over this young buck sure makes me miss those days as a young man. Nice wide shoulders and that tiny waist. And look at those young guy abs. They are almost as defined as Ted's.” My dad jumped in and chuckled, “Yeah, and the little shit here eats anything and everything. I always catch him pigging out on junk food in between meals.” “Jed, my boy, trust me. You would do very well at the show.” I stood there thinking it over. I mean, could I really stand up on stage in front of a bunch of people in just a thong?!? I've always been more of a reserved guy so the thought was giving me fits. I looked at my fathers face and saw him pleading with his eyes. “Well...um...Ok, I'll do it.” “Hooray!” The three older men threw up their arms simultaneously in excitement. My big Dad quickly lumbered over toward me with his arms wide and huge smile on his handsome mug. I felt like I was about to be attacked by a gorilla. While still shirtless, he crouched down from his superior height and crushed me into another constricting Dad-hug. His enormous, hairy, armor-plated pectorals bunched and squeezed up against my own smaller yet firm chest. His wide arms, so packed full of muscle mass, seemed to compress my delts inward toward my spine. He stood up leaving my feet hanging inches above the ground. He continued to squeeze me and then he playfully swung me around like a 10-year old. He paused for a second and gave my cheek a big sloppy kiss and set me down. He mussed my hair and spoke excitedly, “This is going to be so much fun, Sport! Doing this together, we can motivate and keep each other on task. I'm so glad you are doing this with me. I can see it now, Father and Son Graves, bodybuilding champs!” I of course couldn't help but smiled proudly at my adorable father. “Haha. Yeah Dad. Let's do it.” “Excellent!” Doc jumped in. “Alright, if we're going to do this let's do it properly. Strip down to your undies and let's get your stats. Since Dad was used to this he went first and stepped on the scale. I knew he was getting bigger but I hadn't taken note of his stats in what seemed like a couple of weeks. Doc grabbed a tape measure and started taking his stats and recorded the information. The results were nothing short of awe inspiring: Sunday, 25th Chad Graves Weight: 370 lbs. Bodyfat %: 10.8% Chest: 64 inches Arms: 24.5 inches Waist: 34.5 inches Thighs: 37 inches Calves: 25 inches Holy crap, my father is huge. I know, that's the understatement of the year, right? “And your height is 6 ft 6 inches, correct?” “Yeah...last time I checked anyway,” my father replied with a mischievous grin. “Alright, buck-o, your turn!” I proceeded to get my stats taken. Sunday, 25th Jed Graves Weight: 216 lbs. Bodyfat %: 8.1% Chest: 48 inches Arms: 18 inches Waist: 29 inches Thighs: 25 inches Calves: 18 inches “And height is 6 ft 1 inches. Got it.” He recorded and stored my numbers. My father shook his own short-haired head side to side. “Would you look at that. The little bastard's already at 8% bodyfat with under a 30 inch waist. You're making me look bad, Son!” “Well, that's cause you're a FATTY,” Ted could never miss an opportunity to poke fun at my Dad's fat content. It was ONLY thing either Ted or I had on the mass monster that was my own flesh and blood. My father retorted. “You better watch it, Tiny! I'll put your amazing abs between these tree trunk thighs of mine and squeeze the life out of ya'. We'll see how strong those abs of yours are then!” Dr. Jock steered us back on track, “Ok. Now, Chad, Jed. On a more serious note, I would be willing to give Jed here the same treatments as you and Ted. Certainly not to the same dosage for either of you two. For one, Jed, you are still young so we will want to be careful, and two, since you are so young you are already full of raging hormones so you truthfully don't need much of a boost anyway. But, if you want to try it just say the word...” I stood there looking at Dad as we thought it over. I can't deny that I was little bit excited at the thought of getting bigger with my father. I looked at my Dad and he shrugged his bowling ball shoulders up and said, “It's up to you, Sport. If the Doc says it's safe I'm OK with it.” Lifting with Ted and my father the past few weeks had definitely sparked my desire to put on mass and my encounter last week with the cute girl a the expo sealed it. “Alright, let's do it.” The doctor then took a blood sample and told me he would analyze it to determine the best dosage for myself. He told me to come back on Tuesday to get my first treatment. Later that Sunday afternoon we headed to the gym for our leg workout and then after Ted came over to our house to go over the plan for the next four weeks to prepare for the contest. Ted fell right into trainer and coach mode in the kitchen. “Ok fellas, the next couple of weeks we're not going to do much different lifting-wise. This is really your last couple of weeks to put on some size before we start slicing and dicing. The only thing we are going to add is some cardio. That means you have to do some running, fat Chad!” My dad jokingly grumbled at Ted. Ou coach continued, “Also, before our workout this afternoon I worked up a new meal plan based on what I had given Chad a few months ago. For the next four weeks we are slowly going to cut down on the carbs and fats. You're going to be eating a lot of unappetizing food. Trust me, it's not the easiest thing to do, especially alone. The great thing about this for you two is that you will both be suffering at the same time. Misery loves company! So use that teamwork to encourage each other and keep each other accountable.” Dad piped up, reached over gave me a playful shove. “Got that, squirt? If I see you eating those potato chips I'm gonna grab your little neck between my big bicep and chest and shove your head into my armpit!” “Oh god, Dad! Not that!” I jokingly responded in a horrified fashion. “Your stinky, sweaty ass could scare away a skunk!” Ted continued, “Two weeks from now we'll really start cut away the junk food so slowly weening you off for the next two weeks will help you prepare for that. Ok, boys now for the really awkward part. To really help you dial in, for the next four weeks you want to keep as much testosterone in your body as you can.” Dad and I looked at each other as we processed what Ted was saying. Ted let the moment sink in, grinned deviously and crudely announced, “that means try to avoid whacking off and fucking!” At the revelation my old man threw his arms up, chuckled and announced, “Whelp, that's it. I'm out! Good luck Jed!” Ted and I roared in laughter. Ted settled down and replied, “I know it sucks, but this is what champions are made of. Look, I'm not saying NO sex or jacking off. Lord knows, we're all men, we all know that would nearly be impossible. I'm just saying, the more you can resist your urges the better progress you'll have. C'mon, Chad. Surely you can keep it in your pants a bit for the next month.” My big Papa smirked arrogantly at Ted, “Ted, little buddy. You know what I'm packing. Heck, EVERYONE knows what I'm packing. It's so damn big I can't hide it, even in normal clothes. It will be MUCH harder than you think to keep my big dick in my pants.” I slapped my hand to my face to hide from the amazing awkward language I was hearing from my father. Ted rolled his eyes at my father's arrogance and responded “Haha, you douchebag! Look, big man, this is where we see if you got what it takes or not. Even if you are a ridiculously hung muscle stud who can't resist some women.” “Haha”, my father chuckled. “It's more like they can't resist me. But I'll try my best.” “Chad, buddy. You got more strength than any man I have ever seen. It sure would be shame if you got all those muscles but can't use that strength to stay mentally focused.” I was impressed with Ted's coaching. He had appealed to my father's ego to challenge him to stay on track. “Trust me, I promise it will help with your progress. Think about it. Think about how you get when you're in a dry spell. You get antsy, angry, frustrated, right? You can use that energy and channel it into your workouts. As the competition nears, your energy levels will continuously drop. That sexual frustration will be a good source of energy.” “Hmm. Makes sense, I guess,” I realized. “Ok, the meal plan is here on the table. The main thing is to try to follow the macros as close as you can. And don't worry, I'll be helping you closely for the next four weeks. If you have any questions just let me know. You two are going to rock the competition, I can feel it!” Before he left Ted added, “Oh yeah I almost forgot. So next weekend is a long weekend for Independence Day. Do you guys have any plans?” My father confirmed that we didn't. “Great! Well you two are welcome to join Vanessa and I as we head up to the mountains. My cousin has a big cabin on a lake and he throws a yearly shindig for the holiday. That side of my family is pretty well off, lucky bastards. They've got a big 'ole property out there, lots of fun things to do.” The idea of a lake house excited me. Dad, Mom and I never really got to take many vacations while I was growing up so anytime I could get away I still got excited. “Awesome! C'mon Dad, let's do it.” “Of course, Son. It will be a blast!” “Good to hear, boys,” Ted added. “Trust me, take advantage of this. This will be your last weekend until after the competition that you will get to indulge in some tasty, unhealthy food . Alright, I'm off. We'll see you tomorrow at the gym!” And so began our first week of official competition preparation. As Ted said, that first week wasn't too much different. We mostly just weened ourselves off junk food and slowly added in more and more cardio. We started by adding 30 minutes on the elliptical each day. I had no problem with this but if there was one weakness of my superDad, it was cardio. The big guy does NOT enjoy cardio. And who could blame him, he carries A LOT more weighty beef than either Ted or I. He of course tackled the elliptical with his usual intensity, but he grumbled the entire time he cycled away. I also noticed my father seemed to be taking Ted's challenge to control his urges to heart. By Tuesday Dad still had not had any encounters with one of his adoring female “friends”. By my knowledge, the last time Dad got any action was last Friday, the same night I did at the expo. That means it now been a four-night dry spell for the hulking stud, the longest he'd gone since I had returned home for summer. On Tuesday after my shift at the hardware store I dropped by the Doc's office for my own treatments. The shot fucking hurt! No pain, no gain I guess, though. Workouts with Dad the rest of the week were insane. I could definitely feel the influx of Doc's additional hormones flooding my already saturated system. I could tell I was a more antsy and aggressive than normal. Due to his own self-imposed dry spell, Dad was the same way. Ted was right, the extra hormonal and sexual frustration was pushing us to attack the gym like never before. While we were never big chatty time-wasters in the gym before, our chit-chat was virtually eliminated. All Dad and I wanted to do was get to the next set and lift heavier and heavier weights. Dad was now using the 200 lbs dumbells, the biggest in the gym, for benching. We were getting so pent up that week that it seemed like any little thing would set us off. On Thursday, Dad and I got into a heated yelling match over who drank the last of the whole milk and left an empty carton in the fridge. There was never any threat of violence and once we both calmed down we both looked and each and busted out in raucous laughter at our ridiculous situation. All that extra aggression was definitely paying off. My old man was looking absolutely titanic. Due to the holiday we both had taken off that Friday afternoon. That afternoon, we had another realization. I was preparing our lunch when I heard my father suddenly let out a pained yelp as he entered the kitchen. I turned away from the stove to see him rubbing the top of his head with a pained look on his face. I suddenly realized, he had bumped his head on the top of the door frame!! I knew the standard American door was 6 ft 8 in tall. My muscle-packed old man was now about 6 foot FUCKIN' 8 inches tall! Once his pain subsided I saw a wry grin spread across his face and he started to slowly chuckle, almost ominously. “You know, Son. I thought I felt a bit taller these last couple of days. I guess this confirms it. I didn't even have the growing pains this time. I guess that means I have A LOT more growth potential than we thought. Shit, if I'd known that blue balls would give me an extra boost I would've tried to to stay away from some of those pretty ladies sooner!” Dad reached up and was now able to put his hand flat against the ceiling without rearing up on this toes. “Six foot eight. Wow. Son, your big Daddy is now six foot eight and still growing. What do you think about that, Champ?” He was fishing for compliments but I was happy to oblige. “It's awesome Dad. I'm so happy for you. You are such a good guy, no one else deserves this growth. I love how every time I see you I have to look up even further to meet your eyes. I have to stand back further as well because your heaving pecs have been surging outward lately. All your muscles have been exploding in size and strength this week. You look like a superhero. One thing I absolutely love about you is how you will always help out and protect those weaker then you. I guess that means in a way that you really ARE a superhero! Well, your my superhero anyway. You are really the perfect role model and I am so happy to be your son.” Since we were both hormonally and sexually stressed I could see my praise had touched an emotional nerve. His eyes watered up just a bit. He stepped forward and wrapped me up in another hug. He then held me out at arms length, with his big hands under my armpits and my feet dangling well above the floor. “Hey Son, remember when we used to play airplane?” With that he lifted me up even further with just his two massive arms and hands. First he held me up so my back was flat against the ceiling! Then he lowered me just enough so he could “fly” me around the kitchen like he used to do when I was seven years old! Only now I was a 216 lbs man and he was showing hardly any effort at all! “Ok! Ok!, Dad. You are going to make me lose my lunch, big guy!” Dad set me back down on the floor. “Holy crap Dad. You've got some serious freak size and strength going on. Can...can I feel your bicep, Dad?” I asked tentatively. He chuckled at my toddler like hero worship. “Of course little guy. No need to be ashamed. I can't help but flex and feel it every time I see a mirror too.” Dad crouched down so his arm was at my face level, balled his left fist and forced the sinewy meat of his left arm to surge upward. The cantaloupe size mound hardened into a fleshy granite. Wow. I thought back to the last time I felt his arm. Back then his biceps were a measly 20.5 inches. Now, they were last measured at 24.5 inches. And that was last weekend before our crazy-intense week of workouts and his latest growth spurt. The veiny bulging monster in front of my face had to easily be over 25 inches by now. I reached out my hand and against tried to encircle as much of his arms as I could. I massaged the heavy sagging triceps. I ran my finger over the split in the two heads that formed the biceps. I couldn't make any sort of dent whatsoever as Dad hissed and squeezed his muscle with all his might. “Wow, Pops. That muscle is amazing. I think you may have the best arms in the world!” “Haha, Thanks, Champ. I love it!” He then gave me an intense most muscular pose, again testing the stitching of his plain white t-shirt. He then turned to leave the kitchen. I also noticed that he now had to consistently turn sideways to make it through the doorway. As he exited he again bumped his head and let out another “Ouch, DAMNIT!” I laughed back at him. “Remember, SuperDad. You have now outgrown the standard American building code. This world wasn't built for 6 ft 8 in muscle monsters. You're going to have to learn to duck through most doors now!” He rubbed his head and chuckled back to me, “Yeah, I guess you're right. One of the problems with being a muscle-giant, I guess.” After another vein-popping arm workout on Friday afternoon we came home to pack up for our trip the lake house with Ted and Vanessa. Vanessa has a large SUV and we would be all heading out together early Saturday afternoon. We would be returning on the 4th since we all had to work on the 5th. As we packed up Dad again realized he needed another trip to the store. None of his old swimsuits would come close to fitting him anymore. Plus, his shoes were again feeling snug due to his recent growth. We decided to hit up the local sports superstore. We first headed to the shoe department and Dad got himself some new sneakers. Dad was now up to a shoe size 18! Seven full sizes bigger than my own! Then we headed over the swimsuit area in the back corner of the store. There were two full aisles full of all types of swimwear for both men and women. I had not purchased a new swimsuit in a couple of years either so I decided to get a new pair as well. As we were looking, an employee, a trim, fit blond man of about 25 came over to ask me if I needed any help. He was about my height with broad shoulders, long lanky arms and a blonde coif. He had the body of a former swimmer, which would explain his position in this department of the store. I let him know that my Dad and I were looking for swimming trunks. By the way he was looking and smiling at me I got the impression he was gay. I certainly had no problem with this, but he was almost overbearing in helping me pick out a swimsuit. My suspicion was confirmed when he finally saw my father and nearly choked on his own saliva. I couldn't help but chuckle at the scene, my giant buff old man was basically everyone's fantasy walking on two striated, muscular legs. Soon I found a cool pair of dark blue board shorts with some lighter blue stripes on the legs. The employee, Austin, as I gathered from his name tag, helped me find my size, pulled them off the rack and handed them to me to try on. Dad was always a bit of a picky shopper, so he was taking his sweet time examining all the different styles. Austin was continuously stealing glances at him as he offered his help to my father as well. I stepped out of the dressing room to let Austin and my Dad take a look. I had left my t-shirt on and held it up to see how the board shorts fit on my waist. “Looks great, Dude. Those shorts really fit you well,” Austin praised. “Yeah, Champ. You look studly in those. I like that style, I might try something similar.” As I went back to dress my father grabbed a similar pair of shorts in a red an black motif. I came back out fully dressed with my board shorts in hand and Austin and I waited my old man to make his selection. “Is your Dad a powerlifter? A strongman?” Austin asked. “Well, not officially, though the amount of weight he can lift you would think so. He's competing in a bodybuilding show later this month.” I purposefully left out that I was too. “Woah. That is so haw... I mean...um...honorable.” Austin made a poor but amusing attempt to avoid saying 'hot'.” I didn't hold it against him. “Shit, man. Your Dad may be the biggest man I've ever seen. I've never seen a guy with both that height and those size muscles.” “Yeah, he's got some crazy good genetics.” “I'll say!!” Austin replied exuberantly. Dad stepped out of the fitting room in the board shorts and his t-shirt like I had. We looked him over. While I don't think Pops could ever look bad in anything, something just wasn't quite right about his outfit. The shorts were plastered to his tree thunk thighs yet still hung past his knees. This was because he had to choose a pair that had such a large waist size to get them over his over-developed quads, hamstrings and ass. This also meant the board shorts were way to loose around his waist. Austin had a keen eye and was able to quickly pinpoint the problem. “Hmm, Sir, may I make a suggestion? You obviously are quite muscular and so I'm guessing you had to pick some board shorts that had a large waist so your legs could fit. I've seen other buff guys before have this very problem, although none of them were so huge eveywhe...” He trailed off again trying to remain professional. “What I'm saying is, there are better styles of swimwear that will fit and accentuate your...build of frame. If you don't mind let me pick out a pair for you to try.” Austin went over to the wall of swimsuits with his hand on his chin and examined the choices. He picked out pair of royal blue and red square cut trunks. They were the biggest square cut trunks they had and he handed them to my father. My giant Dad grinned down at Austin from over his heaving pecs and I saw Austins's knees quake just slightly in the presence of his ultimate fantasy. “These are a little shorter in the legs than the board shorts, yeah?” Austin was able to compose himself. “Yes, sir. Since board shorts are basically sized purely on waist, muscular men like yourself will always have trouble finding a pair that fits off the shelf. The trunks I handed you have a consistent width from the waist to just above your mid-thigh. This will allow the shorts to sit snug across your abs and allow your large thighs room to move.” Dad continued to playfully toy with Austin. “This will also leave most of my legs exposed, though right?” “Ye...yes, Sir. But I'm guessing that no one would complain seeing legs like yours.” Pops smirked down at Austin. “Yeah you could be right, little buddy. I'll step in and try these on.” Dad stepped back into the dressing room to try on the trunks. I noticed Austin had stepped up to one of the circular clothes racks nearby to act like he was sorting the clothes, when really he was adjusting his boner. A second later Dad stepped out of the dressing room and I heard an audible moan from Austin. The trunks looks absolutely fantastic on him. Austin did a good job, it was like the trunks were made for this studly giant. The swim trunks were nice and snug across his lower waist, his adonis belt rising above and outward from the trunks giving him that sexy abdominal “V” the everyone loves. The trunks masterfully contained his massive muscular ass without being too obscene. Similarly with his pounch. I mean the pouch was full, but seemed tastefully so, if that makes any sense. The bulge was enormously pronounced, but not so tight that you could clearly make out the thick tube of flesh encased within. The legs of the trunks went down and covered about 1/3 of his upper legs. Once again the shorts were perfect, they covered just enough of his legs before ending to allow his enormously massive thigh muscles space to explode outward without threat of tearing the fabric. Not only were they incredibly sexy on the big muscle brute but they would allow him the freedom to move an swim. BUT, what really got Austin going though, Dad had this time decided to completely TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF. He stood there in nothing but these small, square cut red and blue trunks, nearly the entirety of his fuzzy, hulking musculature on display for Austin, himself and I. He lumbered over to his helpful employee, Austin's eyes right at the level of his mid chest. “Austin, my friend. These were a great choice. You have great taste. I love the red and blue too, it's very patriotic, perfect for the holiday.” “Uh...tha...thank you, Sir. You look amazing. Those shorts really accentuate your...um...features.” “Hehe,” Dad chuckled down at Austin. He stepped over in front of the full size mirror and began inspecting himself. Twisting and turning, bending over, make sure the trunks could hold up this hulking body's abuse. “You know Austin, I'm competing in my first bodybuilding competition later this month.” “WOW! You're FIRST? Your Son mentioned you are competing but didn't say this would be your first time. You look like you've been competing for years.” “Haha. Nope! First. Not only will these trunks be good for swimming, I think I can use them for my posing practice.” Dad slowly flexed his left arm at his side. He grabbed his left wrist with his right hand, arched his back and puffed up his pecs and gave Austin a titanic side chest pose. “Do you think these will work for my posing practice?” Dad teased. Austin's eyes were glazed over with lust. He was having trouble speaking. Dad then turned to face Austin directly and gave him a herculean double biceps pose. Austin was visibly shaking, trying to control himself. “Oh but I forgot. In bodybuilding I have to wear a little thong. And here I thought these shorts were small, haha! Maybe I'll have to come back and have pick you out a speedo for me. I bet a speedo would REALLY make me look BIG, huh?” Did crabbed down into a most muscular pose, his chest muscles squeezing together so hard they could crush ball bearings, the pencil thick cephalic vein on each bicep thrusting itself into relief, the valleys of his abs deepening. He bared his teeth and leaned over so Austin was right at chest level as he performed the pose, “GGGRRRRRRRRR YEEEAHHHHHH.” Finally, Austin could take no more. He closed his eyes and sighed loudly as he undoubtedly unloaded himself in his underwear. It's a good thing he worked at a clothing store, he would be needing to change his underwear as soon as possible to avoid showing any wet spots on his work pants. As he came too and opened his eyes my father smiled brightly at Austin and cheerfully spoke. “Thanks for the great help in choosing these trunks. My son and I are very happy with your services.” Austin quickly rang up our shoes and swimsuits and excused himself to the backroom. “That was mean, Dad,” I admonished. “Oh it was not. I just gave the little guy the best thrill he's ever had.” “Haha. You naughty devil, you. Let's head home and get ready for tomorrow, Pops!” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next chapter, more fun at the lake house.
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