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    Wisconsin. Moo.
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    Bodybuilding, growth (by any means), cigars, Harleys... I could go on and on.
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    Big. Just...big.
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    Like-minded younger guys (25 - 35 years old) in my general area who are into the same things as I am. If you wanna know more, ask.

    Lifting buds, someone to bounce gear/dose ideas off of, other single dads, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...
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    Muscle growth, Dad/son, granting muscle, muscle theft, super wide lats, insane traps, delts and quads... prolly more.

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  1. I didn't intend to rattle anyone's chains regarding this post. I simply wanted to restate that we maintain civility before things got too heated. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. I understand that. But political conversations sometimes get heated - whether intentional or not - and we're just trying to keep that fire down to a dull smolder. That's all. Maybe I should do my mod duties after my first pot of coffee and not before. LOL
  3. Gentlemen, we're adults with varied points of view. Let's respect that.
  4. Cardi - Forgive my ignorance on that one.
  5. Who knew that we all have additional talents and hobbies, and that my post went to two whopping pages (that's a feat feature of for boring ol' me....). Thanks for sharing, everyone, keep 'em coming!
  6. Cards - Is that John Lithgow (Spelling?) in that image?? RPJ - Now that's something to behold. In my experience with friends and acquaintances, relationships are all too often tossed - regardless of whether a legal marriage or otherwise - because someone better has come along. It pisses me off because we fought tooth and nail for the right to love who we do and we toss it away all too easily. Muscleace - You take the cake (On cheat day, of course)! Very interesting and noble.
  7. Seriously, Ralphie. You need to try out for Jep[ardy! You would kick some serious ass.
  8. I hope this isn't a repeat, if it is, say so and I'll merge and or move it. Does anyone have an additional hobby or talent that they would like to share? I play the Theatre Organ. Yes, The Mighty Wurlitzer that used to grace movie palaces around the world starting in the 1920s until the advent of the talkies. My interest in the Theatre Organ began when I was a kid. My mom used to play it in her day at both theaters and at skating rinks. I picked it up when my mom would take me to one of the theaters she worked at and she would have me hit chords on the key desk (or console, or keyboard) while she was up in the wind chests cleaning and tuning the pipes that were a little off. I thought I asked if I could plink away at it but she always said no. So, one day I decided to belt out "That's Entertainment" while she was working her way down from the lofts. I thought for sure she was gonna slug me for disobeying her. But she loved it! So did her boss. That risk allowed me to play for a few minutes before or after the concerts they would play. As I've told others in a conversation on my profile, I would (and still do) badger a pizza parlor near where I live to play their Wurlitzer, but all I get is a polite "Umm... No." and a couple coupons for free pizza (their pizza is delicious, by the way). The theatre where my mom used to work still lets me play theirs but not for an audience due to union constraints. So c'mon! What's your hidden talent?
  9. I think I would like to have the ability to look at a person and know their deepest desire - and the ability to grant that desire if I choose to do so. Before I retired, I would often see people living in horrible conditions. These were good people who were dealt a shitty hand in life and they are doing the best that they can to muddle through. It was depressing to see families where the parents would forego their meal so their children can eat something. I often would sit in my cruiser and wish to anyone or thing that would listen that this family finds a better way. Sorry I got mushy on y'all. I think another is to have all the powers of a genie but not the trappings, like living in a bottle or being bound to one person who holds that bottle. One wish is based on a story I read and I'll be dipped if I can't remember the title. But a gentleman would essentially speak his will in general conversation and the person he's speaking to would change to fit what was said. And another would be to cure cancer and grand world peace and save the puppies and kitties. LOL
  10. Boop.

  11. Situation is resolved. It wasn't the cache in my circumstance, it was my Antivirus app that was causing a conflict.
  12. To echo what hotboi above has said: The chatbox on the forum's homepage doesn't load consistently. There seems to be no particular time that this happens either. The rotating circle just whirls and whirls away making me all dizzy. This appears across all my devices (Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 tablet, Android tablet and mobile phone.) on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome including reverting to using stock browsers on mobile devices. Other than that, the site is very zippy and responsive. Nice to see my $1.98 per month at work. Maybe I'll up it to $1.99!
  13. Thanks for the follow!

  14. Thanks for the follow big guy.

  15. I was having a conversation with a dear friend from this forum and confided a secret. I said that if he ratted me out I would (jokingly)  publicly call him a liar and a Trump supporter. 

    But then i thought why would I want to keep this a secret? It's not a detriment to my masculinity. So here goes... 

    I have, since I was a kid and still do today, play the theatre organ. 

    There. I admitted it.

    I love to get in front of an audience and play the Mighty Wurlitzer (the kind of massive pipe organ that was found in movie theaters until the advent of the talkie) until my fingers bleed. And while I'm no virtuoso, I'm damned good at it and I bring a lot to joy to the folks who come to listen. 

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    2. Jim


      I have to add that when I attend an organ concert I almost always cry at some point. The music is so soulful and nerve rattling at the same time that it brings out my emotions. I even sometimes cry while I play a ballad. It's not that I impress myself, but I end up empathizing with the message of the song. One of the songs I play, Rhapsody in Blue, (check it out, I imitate this particular style but I use the bombards and swells a little more than Llewellyn Williams does) always makes me jerk tears and I have to sometimes slow the tempo and timbre of the song so I can wipe my eyes - and it's not even a somber song! LOL My style is more like Buddy Cole. You can check him out here

    3. biggymnast84


      So I have to share with you Jim, my dinner experience. :) We were down in the area tonight and decided we wanted pizza. For whatever reason your mention of Organ Piper jumped into my head. I'm glad we went! It was an awesome experience and the food was excellent. Thanks for the heads up! Definitely one I will be going back to...both for the pizza and the music. :)

    4. Jim


      They do have good pizza there, but dammit they won't let me play their organ!