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    Hawaii, Leeward HNL
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    Bodybuilding, growth (by any means), cigars, Harleys... I could go on and on.
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    Big. Just...big.
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    Lifting buds, someone to bounce gear/dose ideas off of, other single dads, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...
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    Muscle growth, Dad/son, granting muscle, muscle theft, super wide lats, insane traps, delts and quads... prolly more.

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  1. Saw this. Thought of you.


  2. To all our members... 

    When the ball(s) drop where you live, it will be 2020. May be be the most prosperous and successful year ever!

    - Jim


  3. Don't forget leg (lamp) day!


  4. More Christmas greetings from me to all y'all.


  5. To all our members, my friends, and family (yes, I have family on here) I wish you all the merriest of Christmases, and a most prosporous 2020!! And, if you're dragging your ass getting it into the gym (even just to drool) here's some inspirational music from our friends at TSO.



  6. Mdlftr

    Thanks for the follow!

  7. Eadwig

    Thanks for the follow.  😃

    1. Jim


      You're quite welcome! And, if I may add a smidgen of unintended humor... When I first read your forum name, I read it as "Earwig" and not "Eadwig" and for that I apologize with a gentle giggle.

  8. Hey, you'll never believe what I did and I have been doing. I am actually reorganizing and purging my place. So far kitchen and 2 closets are done. I also got my ears pierced. I'm thinking of some thick masculine earrings after my piercing heals. You're in my thoughts and prayers too; And JJ too. Peace, CF


  9. Thanks for the follow bro

    1. Jim


      My pleasure, and welcome to the Forum!


  10. I'd simply drop by and say "Happy Birthday!", but since you've turned 40, you deserve something a little more special.

    <Clears throat, takes a sip of water.>

    Happy birthday to youuu! / Happy birthday toooo youuuuu! / You smell like a monkeyyy / And you act like one toooo!

    Happy birthday, GW!

  11. Jim

    Symbiotic Bonding Part 07

    Another great installation (and a healthy blob of spoo on my desk)! Thanks!
  12. Love your avatar picture.

    1. Jim




  13. Travis

    Thanks for following me.

  14. Travis

    Thanks for following me.

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