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  1. mjtunstall34

    Machu Man - Part 1

    why cant i read those msucle stories, it came up empty and nothing to read
  2. mjtunstall34

    The muscle app (1)

    great story! cant wait for second chapter!
  3. mjtunstall34

    …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    Shit! this is hotter than hell! whatever happen to the boy? like father, like son?
  4. mjtunstall34

    story called the growth

    i did found my favourite story called the growth but out of stupidity, i lost it and cant find it again time and time i remember seeing 4 or 5 parts of this story but the search never came up! know where to find it again so i can bookmark it!
  5. mjtunstall34

    Cockring 12 - Problem Discovery

    great story series! now i must find chad for the cool cockring! any chance for more chapters?
  6. mjtunstall34

    Home of the Gods Part Eight-Finale by F_R_Eaky

    btw i ned some gods residing in my cock too!
  7. mjtunstall34

    Home of the Gods Part Eight-Finale by F_R_Eaky

    great story series! man i was hoping for more series as my boner has been hard on all that time! keep it up bro!
  8. mjtunstall34

    …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    great story hope his son is becoming one too? like father, like son?
  9. mjtunstall34


    im looking for a story i cant remember the name, it is about a father and son walking into the bush, then the father was lagging behind as his son went ahead and saw a rock that looks like scortum then a green mist appear from it and went to his cock in his jeans and his body grew when he got home as he race to his bedroom from the garage. anyone know this story?
  10. mjtunstall34

    Worship me bigger

    nice story! cant wait for round 2!
  11. mjtunstall34

    Sometimes, I Drink My Dad's Cum...

    great story make way for part 2 maybe?
  12. mjtunstall34


    great story! hope to see more!
  13. mjtunstall34

    The Resurrection of Richard Sandrak

    i have heard of that name before about going to other planet or was it inner earth
  14. mjtunstall34

    Big Tyler

    if there is a story to read, where are they? cant read anything!
  15. mjtunstall34

    Next Us Valley

    great story!

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