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    Staying 6'2" and going to about 220-230 and lowering body fat.
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  1. Sedoriku

    The cost of gas : Google to the rescue

    This is also in culmination with (at least in Great Britain) the disparity of fuel efficiency. American cars, in general, are less efficient with gas usage. (I think the best example I have is an [and I may have numbers wrong here, it was years ago] 80-90's desiel car that got arround 50 mpg, something that many cars in the U.S. still cannot achieve.) So a higher gas price in Britain, where a car might have a ~7 gallon tank, is less problematic than, say, filling a 40 gallon tank.
  2. Sedoriku

    The Other Side of the Mirror

    ^What he said. *┯* (It really was hot. The notion of men giving birth to muscle men seems to be becoming more and more popular and I am not complaining. I also enjoy how you nestled most of the exposition in the narrative, allowing you to go straight into the story. Though, personally, it might be a little too fast of a start. I would have loved to see some set up of what the room was like, something that allows you the writer to develop the main character's personality. However, if you were trying to make any 'every-man' type character where the reader can readily place themselves, then you do it perfectly and adding too much exposition about him would ruin the effect... ramble ramble ramble....... Long story short: good and please continue writing )
  3. Sedoriku

    The Muscle Professor: The Giant Reveal (5 of 6)

    *sad kitty face* Please sir, we'd like some more... ()
  4. Sedoriku

    Pumping Up Your Muscles With Just Your Mind

    Haven't ever tried this myself, but some people can control, to some degree, involuntary muscles (such as making their heart beat our of rythm, moving their ears or nose, or even causing themsleves to throw-up) so I wouldn't be surprised if you this is possible.
  5. Sedoriku

    Avatars' Id

    Mine is a picture I have taken...
  6. Sedoriku

    Working Close To A Gym *swoon*

    I work literally across the street from the gym I go to but we rarely get customers from there and I can't see it readily either... Though it is very convenient for going to the gym regularly.
  7. Sedoriku

    Cat Physics

    Well for the "being everywhere at once" kittens can be magical little balls of pent-up energy. Also cats can move very quickly if they want to, and from the stories I have heard about overturned Christmas trees and seen in real life they can knock things over in a heart beat. If he or she continues it after kittenhood, please do share because that would be amazing. Also they MAKE bubblegum flavored tequila?
  8. Sedoriku

    But First, Lemme Take A Selfie

    Zelpheit: Oh god, I can see it now "Selfie videos." (Perish the thought.) JohnoUK: Well it should not matter then. He lived, no one died, and you can find it hilarious. No, as far as I am aware (brain injuries are FUN), permanent harm done. Also does anyone know how to quote people, or multiple people?
  9. Sedoriku

    Tall Guys

    I have been thinking about trying to go for a deep squat lately, but this cinches it. thanks.

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