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    Glendora, CA
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    real profile.
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    Muscle, Chat, Video Games, Movies/TV, Social Media. RP and story wise, my passion is for Muscle Theft and Role Reversal. I am not limited to this, as I love everything this genre has to offer including the romantic mushy stuff to even macro.
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    Started At - July 13, 2016: 5'10" 298... ALPHA BEAR

    Current Stats: 5'10" 280 31%BF... ALPHA BEAR
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    Friends, RP, Gaming Buddies, Motivation and support. Recently started back into getting fit. My feet hit the ground and I ain't stopping for no one till I am at my goal weight, and then it will be time to pack on muscle!
  • What are your dream stats?
    So big, you won't be able to handle me.

    Real Stats: 5'10" 220lbs (thats my first goal! Let's get that and see what happens from there!)
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    I don't really follow the bodybuilding circuit. But I do got some fave gay porn stars... ROGAN RICHARDS IS A GOD!
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Nipples, Pits, huge cocks, military, jocks, hypermuscle, Hairy, dominance.

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  1. It's fine just try to release it after the person who goes before you.
  2. Added you for May 8
  3. Sure... Won't be adding anymore dates. Less then 1 month!
  4. This is the only exception, why they must be labeled...
  5. Yes they can but must be labeled correctly.
  6. I don't think I have many hidden talents. I do like to do karaoke though and a few of the places where I do it at I have a few people request me to do specific songs. A few people have heard me vocally on here so they probably know why (no I don't have a high pitched voice). Hobbies, besides working out as of late, is I'm a pretty much hardcore nerd. Comics, anime, Mangas, video games... I'm the guy my friends ask to go to the movies with cause I will give them the realist answer on if it's good and matched the source and what would have made it better. I also run a Gay Otaku Facebook group as well as a Manga review blog I do for fun... when I was in college I worked professionally with a little company called Tokyopop. My writing, opinions, and ideas can get a little crazy (my rp buds can tell you pretty much); I made a college professor take a semester off to rethink his curricular cause of my final (he told me when I saw him roaming campus when he returned).
  7. My bad lol. Fixed it
  8. Sorry I was busy for a few days taking care of personal stuff. List updated... story doesn't need to have a limited or required size. Just don't make it a joke post and it be like a sentence long lol.
  9. One new thing I'd like to add to this project, was going to state this if we had a good turn out which we are for something for next year, but keep this in mind... Yes, the story HAS TO BE A SINGLE COMPLETE STORY, but IT CAN BE OPEN ENDED. I am saying this because when we get around to NEXT YEAR, you can add ANOTHER COMPLETE STORY TO THIS NEW ONE if you choose to. Enjoy
  10. We are going into May... 7 dates added... 7 more writers... good luck!
  11. Only 4 spots left!
  12. 23rd just taken Jay pat
  13. I'd prefer the stories not be broken up. Once the last person posts theirs I was gonna lock the forum put for any additional threads and make it an anthology subforum so no spam and such would be added in the future. That way to, every year would get a new subforum and the previous years will go in an archive subforum.
  14. The idea is a story a day from an individual writer, but if you can pull off all 8 chapters over the course of the entire month, I'll let you post it. The idea is once the event is done, the forum will be locked from adding more topics. Comments will still be added though by members. I love your story's jaypat... and I don't want a serial by you to be split apart, unless you like edit your original post and keep adding the chapters to the original thread.
  15. Everyone added so far.