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    Akron, Ohio & house in Ft. Lauderdale
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    Muscle, Getting freaky huge, stronger than 10 Supermen, insanely hard/horny 24/7, roids, not only into getting freaky huge/stronger than SUperman, I get into and get off on paying for and supplying my best buds, lover or men in their 50's, 60's and even 70's into getting freaky huge, stronger than Superman,insanely horny and juiced up all on my tab! That's how into muscle I am! Think of me as a sponsor with no strings attached, not selling any supplements or services of any kind! Just that into muscle and how incredible it feels that why shouldn't every man know how freakin incredible it is to make mind blowing muscle gains along with dramatic strength gains over night along with your already high sex drive going through the roof! Looking to meet and make more friends, married, gay or bi with the same interest and read lots of incredible muscle growth stories and growth reports from other muscle beast! There are the occassional younger muscle stud that I'd considered sponsoring....
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    Meeting and making more incredible friends who share the similar interest and goals. I've met some incredible friends here over the years into muscle, getting huge, stronger than Superman and gear and I'm hoping to meet more! You guys are the best!
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    Hell yes! Roids, getting freak huge, stronger than 10 Supermen, insanel hard/horn and having a fetish and fantasies of sharing my gear at my cost with a lover like I did my ex-lover, men in their 50's, 60's and 70's into muscle, roidng them up and watching them get freaky huge and stronger than SUperman with me! And at times, it's hot thinking about force feeding a boy or lover or older man roids and making him freaky huge and stronger than SUperman against his will until he discovers how incredible it feels to be so huge and strong enough to crush a bus loL! And one of my biggest fantasies that I've made happen is roiding up a man in his 50's into muscle, getting freaky huge and some how becomes 10 times bigger and stronger than I am, beats me to a pulp, rapes my unfucked muscle ass and pumps load afer load of roid filled cum and roid piss deep in my ass without going soft for hours! Love that side effect of gear! This may sound crazy lol but I get throbbing hard seeing a hot muscle boy or man with a mild case of roid acne! Makes me explode! Don't know why but it does lol! Must be because it tells me the guy is into roids and geting freaky huge himself and that is hot!!!!!!!!!! Now, I'm not talking a huge, gross out break that could use a huge round of doxycycline lol! Mild to moderate! Hope some of you are turned on by it also and not throwing up lol! Love flexing, showing off an cock teasing the straight, bi and muscle dudes at the gym in the showers or beach, especially the married roied up muscle dudes! They're the hottest sex and so hungry for muscle sex before going home to fuck the wife!!!!!

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  1. Man, wish I could meet someone like you to roid me up. That would be hot.

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