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  1. Chapter's 1-3 can be found in the old sites archive. If you have trouble there I can just repost the previous.
  2. (Short edition from a little while back) The Growth IV “In here sir, this way.” A voice echoed in the locker room as, Tim, a thick and beefy cadet led Jake into the shower area. His massive frame extensively shifting side to side from his thick thighs and swollen lats, squeezing himself through the smaller openings. “Here.” Tim said pointing to the insanely huge mountain of mass before them. Brad looked like an enormous bloated beef whale lying on the floor, immobilized from his own growth. Of course, he would have certainly grown bigger, but his bones and tendons didn’t grow fast enough to accommodate. “I found them just a few minutes ago.” Faint moans were coming from Brad. “Them?” Jake looked down at the bulging pile with a grin, seeing two figures that looked like a couple of empty or deflated bags in front of Brad with a foot and a hand sticking out from his huge bulbous butt cheeks. “Should I go get someone to help?” Tim said almost urgently. Jake just looked over the awesome sight briefly. “No, everything should be fine.” “But we should really get…” Tim blurted quickly. “You did good Tim.” Stroking Tim’s hair and massaging his neck ever so gently when he suddenly thrust him down to his knees. “Such a good cadet.” Holding his head as his swelling cock rubbed Tim’s face. “Mmpghh.” Tim tried to breath as thick pre-cum gushed into his mouth and nose, squinting his eyes with his hands trying to pull himself up. Jake then crammed Tim’s head directly into his cock’s slit, pushing him in even further as the suction eventually took over, pulling the cadet down the inside of his shaft; his huge member was inflating even bigger to take in its meal. The entire process took just a few minutes for Tim’s body to wiggle and squirm all the way down to Jake’s balls where in just a short while all motion ceased. The huge muscle monster waddled up to Brad, dragging his swollen nutsack. “Looks like you got yourself into some trouble boy.” He rubbed the cadet’s overly thick traps and squeezed his huge pecs which looked like they were suffocating him. “Things don’t look too good for you Brad…this ship can only have one alpha.” He pulled Brad’s hair tight as he jammed the rock hard head of his cock into the cadet’s mouth; already having decreased its size to a reasonable, yet freakishly huge length and thickness. Brad started to gag on just the head as it painfully stretched and pulled his jaw in every direction. “Mmphgggglllleee…” Brad gurgled as more pre started to escape from Jake’s huge penis, flowing down into the cadet’s gut. “It’ll be over soon…a necessary sacrifice that many of your brothers have already faced…but growing is my destiny.” Jake winced his eyes and tensed his huge ass as thick creamy cum started to blow out his dick and into Brad’s already distended body, expanding quickly in his mid-section into a huge belly. The overflow went into the rest of his tissues, bloating and filling them to immense pressures as Brad looked like an over inflated balloon. The final orgasm arrived with a white rapid burst of ejaculate as Jake bellowed out in his deep tone, “YESSSSS!!!” Nobody heard the burst in the shower; a surprise for how loud and violent it was. The only thing that remained was a huge sticky mess, but easily vacuumed by Jake’s hungry cock. Overall it was the most he’d ever consumed in one day. His balls were so massive and tender, walking was the most uncomfortable thing he could think of doing. He needed time to absorb and rejuvenate. Jake plopped down on his massive glutes and leaned his head back against the shower wall. “Jake?” Dr. Matton’s voice softly chimed with a knock on the door. “You here sir?” The huge door to Jake’s quarters slowly opened as the doctor looked around, not seeing anyone. He stepped in fully, gazing over the large openness of the room. Everything had been significantly modified to accommodate Jake’s extraordinary size. There was no furniture, but just large blocks to sit on and a reinforced metal frame with a massive mattress for his bed. The dividing walls were torn out and just left open; the bathroom was even just an open space now. Matton looked over and saw a pile of torn and tattered clothes, some completely shredded, a testament to the progressive growth he was experiencing. The doctor stepped back and heard a wet squish under his boot, looking down he saw a large, thick puddle of white goo. “Ah shit.” He moaned, trying to wipe it off on the floor while inadvertently stepping in another puddle. The shit was everywhere. A good amount was even dripping from the ceiling; it was even noticeable that all his clothes in the torn pile were saturated with it. The entire room was literally oozing with Jake’s cum. Matton looked around as he pulled a specimen cup from his coat and scooped up a small wad. He headed out the door closing it behind him and began heading back to the lab as he sealed the cup. Jake finally came to, waking out of a relatively short, but deep slumber. The lockers were dead silent as the only sound heard was the humming of the lights and drips of water hitting the floor. He slowly stood up, pulling on one of the shower heads as it bent. “Ughh fuck.” He moaned, feeling like he was overcome with an intense hangover. Jake looked forward as everything seemed like a hazy fog, rubbing his eyes in hopes for a little more clarity. He started to take a few steps when felt a cramp in his right thigh; he reached down to rub it when he felt it on his left side. “Ah shit, this i…aAAGHHH!” He screamed out as both legs suddenly went into a violent spasm; gripping both of them as he could feel them push into his hands. His teeth grinded together feeling his legs swell and even his ass as his skin pulled painfully tight. “OHHH SHIIIT!!” Jake heard cracking and popping coming from deep in his leg joints; his toes and fingers thickened and inched out, snapping with each centimeter they grew. Every muscle in his quads was exploding out from each other, getting denser and longer while his already full hamstrings filled out even more. “CRACK!” Jake squealed as his left calf fanned out, causing the calcaneous bone to whip into a bigger socket as it too enlarged; his right calf soon followed suit. It started to feel like his rolling glutes were getting so big so fast that it was pushing his body forward, but it was soon countered with a thickening mid-section as his abs, staying as hard as granite, bulged and swelled. “NahhGHH!!!” Jake punched the wall with agonizing pain leaving a large broken hole and white powdery mortar on his hand. His back musculature flared out, pulling his ribs with them, it was getting large enough to project movies off of. Jake’s neck started to roll around his head while on the other side his already thick and meaty chest was growing so fast it looked like a couple of water balloons being filled from a faucet. He couldn’t imagine it going on for much longer, but he felt his jaw start to pop and click as it widened and lengthening, “OHHH!!” Jake moaned in an even deeper, thicker tone as his neck swelled and bugled with every vein visible. He tried to hold his face to brace the pain, but his arms weren’t immune to the growth as his biceps blew up bigger than giant watermelons, pulling down from his mountainous delts. He felt his jaw widen even more as he sensed something start to fill his mouth. It grew more and more until suddenly Jake gagged, throwing his mouth open as a huge, long, wet tongue slithered out. Jake’s eyes widened at the sight down his nose as it headed even further down, over the tremendous cliff of his pecs, through the valley’s of his abs, and then finally to his long, massive cock. He couldn’t fucking believe it, he was licking his own shaft, and it felt amazing. He was receiving more sensory input that he could with dozens of hands. The long and thick tongue slide up and down the monster appendage as it too grew with his body, not to mention his beanbag balls. Jake worked his tongue over the entire surface as he felt himself up with his even bigger hands, squeezing his pecs and running his fingers in the ridges of his ripped abs. His hands slide their way back to his magnificent ass, gripping and pressing on the meaty cheek bags, and giving one a hard slap. As he ran the other hand over to give his balls a good feel, he felt something else, something long, hard, and smooth…it was another cock, growing just outside of his main manmeat. Although it was probably a good 10 inches, it was nothing compared to the near 3ft he had in the center. He smiled as he stroked his new shaft, feeling it harden and drip pre, but as he brought back his other hand he found yet another. Feeling it dangle on the other side he started to stroke the other in unison. His tongue came back up and started to lick all over his pecs, twisting around and slipping over his tender nipples. “Mmmmm.” He moaned in delighted satisfaction. More pre oozed out and was sticking to his hands. But it just wasn’t enough, Jake’s tongue leeched down just under his balls by his man taint and began licking his own ass over. His huge drooling tongue lunged up his asshole, rimming himself deeply and passionately as he double jerked. The energy and power started to rush and surge through him as he tensed yet again, feeling his large toes dig into the ceramic floor as he cracked it, groaning deeply with an orgasm about to burst through his body as he howled to himself, knowing he was a true musclegod, “FUUCCKKKKKK!!!!” Three huge jets of cum exploded out of his cocks, spraying everything down with so much pressure tiles broke with the backsplash hosing down Jake himself. With a heavy sigh he let go the two dicks on his sides as they slapped back down into his meaty thighs. Jizz dripped from every inch of his even more massive body as he glided his fingers back through his hair with thick squish sound. His huge tongue rolled out and started to lick himself clean. To be continued...
  3. The Growth (part III) -all characters 18+ by Plasmanio200 The Growth III Several weeks had passed as Jake continued to push the envelope of his body's muscular capacity. The hypertrophy was quite amazing, experiencing more than any human could have ever conceptualized or even fantasized. Despite his bone structure growing significantly, the skeletal muscle cells in his body expanded and multiplied faster and larger than what could be considered normally proportional to his frame. The result was a freakishly large man, a man that couldn't walk with a normal pattern due primarily to his tremendous thighs and thickly rounded ass. No longer did he have the ability to reach his hands to his back because a pair of bulging, meaty arms wouldn't allow; at the same time, unable to see the floor directly under him from his massive, overblown pecs. His clothes would become torn rags on a weekly basis, almost as if his body refused to be covered in mere cloth. Jake wasn't complaining, however, but it was to the point where he no longer remembered or cared how it all came to this. Jake headed out of his quarters through the modified extra wide door as he began waddling down the corridor with what looked like a proud swagger. His growth hadn't gone unnoticed; every pair of eyes that passed him locked onto his physique until he was out of sight. It didn't help either with his modified uniform, which had become essentially a tiny pair of shorts and a t-shirt that looked like it was painted on him. Nothing was hidden as every massive muscle was clearly outlined in the fabric that was stretched painfully thin. Anyone could see his huge quads contracting and shaking with each step he took as his hams and glutes squeezed and bulged side to side. His enormous arms were pushed out to the side from his extra wide lat span; the men would get a good glance at just how full and dense his arms were when he would lift the right for saluting passing subordinates. He would grin as the same individuals passing by would often look in awe at the distention in his shorts from his ridiculously large crotch pouch. Even when completely soft there was no hiding it. Jake came around the corner to see two large food canister carts hooked together being wheeled towards the loading docks. He recognized the man pulling the carts. "Hey Kent, surprised to see you here again...what is this, the third time this week?" Jake asked in friendly small talk. "Fourth actually." Kent said looking up at the massive commander with his eyes slightly widening. "These kids have just been packing it away the past few weeks, by the time I get back to central command I'll be leaving for here again." "True warriors with appetites to match." Jake laughed. "Or something...I think I'll just have an automated pod from the service fly out here from now on, it'll be more efficient than me coming out here all the time." Kent loaded the remaining carts into the loading bay. "Hope that's okay with you sir." "No problem at all...in fact I like the initiative." Jake smiled with a grin as the bay doors closed. "Sir, do you have a minute?" A technician quietly requested as he put a metal clip board down on the desk with a small stack of charts. "Yes, what is it?" Doctor Matton said without looking, still documenting on his scribe. "I think there's something you should look at." He said in his quite voice. "What's that?" Matton casually replied. "It's the cadets sir. We had them go through a regular health screen and uh, well, the results are a bit unusual. We were just compiling data with basic body composition figures we collected only a few weeks ago, and well... a lot of changes." He slid the electronic chart in front of Matton. "Well you're working with young, testosterone charged men; it's not a surprise you're going to see some changes like that, especially in that respect. It's quite normal." Matton pretended to glance over the chart before turning back to his work. "This isn't normal sir..." Jake stood in the cafeteria, hands on his robust hips in an almost statuesque pose as he looked over the cadets loading up on helping after helping and cleaning their trays with ease. The atmosphere had changed from a noisy room filled with loud conversations and occasional shouts to one that was dampened by everyone's focused attention on their plates. Their bodies were bulging out of their PT gear which all had become more than two sizes too small. Their thick arms showed tremendous definition as they bent their arms to bring their forks to their mouths, causing their sleeves to pull up to midway over their mountainous shoulder. Pairs of big pecs and lats strained and created deep crevasses in the grey cotton with any upper limb movement. The shirts were so horizontally stretched that they pulled up from the waist, exposing their hard and defined abdominals. The cadets all needed to sit with their legs spread open wide to accommodate their bulbous thighs and massive rumps. They ate as much as they could to keep pace with their energy expenditure, a direct result from the tremendous amount of lean muscle mass. Jake watched the cadets file out with a smile on his face, seeing the future prospects become real men and exceptional soldiers. "You boys are going to impress me this afternoon in training right?" Jake asked with a deep and authoritative voice. "Yes sir!" The cadets responded as they passed their massive commandant with some high-fiving and flexing their arms and puffing up their chests as signs of male assertiveness. "Sir, they're waiting for you in the conference center." An assistant's voice chimed in behind Jake. Jake nodded as he headed out of the cafeteria. He walked into the conference room where all the department heads were seated around a large oval table, organizing their notes and chatting with one another just before their weekly meeting. The activity in the room quieted as they all looked up at Jake, whose monstrous physique intimidated the likes of anyone. "Good morning." His voice boomed as he sat down in the extra large chair that still creaked from his weight despite the ultra reinforcement. "Well now that we are all here, I think we should get started." Steve Winchester stated. He had been the director of education faculty for almost 10 years at the academy; a distinguished veteran. He reached into his case, pulling out digital files that he laid out and sighed. "Forgive me if I go out of our planned and usual agenda, but I feel there are some issues that should really take the focus this meeting, and I think many of you already know what I am talking about."A majority of people around the table began to nod their heads. "Well, yes, it looks like all of us have some concern here about the recent changes in behavior and attitude of our students." Steve said with everyone attentively listening. "Just looking from my perspective the average test scores in just the past few weeks have plummeted. Research papers and assignments are not being turned in and the ones that do have horrible quality. I've even had several professors tell me that they've observed students...masturbating during class. "Oh it's not just a problem there." Charles the facilities manager cut in. "These kids are jerking off so much in the showers I've had to replace the filters nearly every other day...and don't get me started on what I find in physical training facilities and the dorms. I honestly don't have time to be mopping up a bunch of horny jock jizz all day." All of the department heads broke in and began talking all at once, venting all their frustrations out in an unorganized manner. As everyone talked amongst themselves, Dr. Matton glanced up Jake, who appeared to be unconcerned about the raised issues as he just starred up into the ceiling corner. "What are your thoughts here sir." Matton asked as the room became quiet again. "Well." He said with a long pause. "Boys will be boys doc." Jake responded while nonchalantly putting his hands behind on top his head with his massive arms stretching and bulging. Everyone at the table had a surprised look to their face with some even confused at the response of their massive commandant. "So, what should or can we do sir?" Steve asked. "I'm really not too concerned about it; you all seem to have gotten yourselves worked up about nothing. Let's not forget the real reason why this academy his here. Soldiers don't get stronger and faster by reading; I'm training a future army here...priorities people." Jake sternly stated. "Sir, I beg your pardon, but this could be something that will eventually snowball out..." Steve quickly added before being cut off. "Unless, there's anything else besides this useless conversation, I will have to say that this meeting is over." Jake looked over everyone who had gone silent, just as he stood up with his power thighs and made his way out the door. "C'mon, last one; push it through the floor bro!!" A cadet shouted at another who was mid rep of a 450lb bench. "UghhhAHHH!!" He screamed as his elbows came into lock out. His pecs were so swollen and full from the set they pushed up and tore the thin fabric of his t-shirt from the collar all the way below the sternum. His huge chest exploded outward, the sweaty flushed skin fully exposed. He racked the bar and stood up to give a side palm slap to his spotter. "Fuck yeah!" He groaned out with achievement as his full pecs bounced and shook. Completely ignoring his destroyed shirt, he flexes his chest before moving into a double bicep, showing off his peaked arms. The entire weightroom was filled with cadets that looked like they were about to burst at the seams, grunting and pumping themselves up, lifting weights that would have been unimaginable for them only weeks ago. "Hell yes Connor, that's the way to do it!" Jake yelled as he walked into the noisy weightroom. "Keep it up." "Yes sir!" The cadet barked as he continued on with his next lift. Jake made his way around, checking over all the cadets as they stressed their growing physiques to get even bigger. He grinned with satisfaction with their abilities and progress. "I want to see everyone lifting at least 10% more next week." He yelled out as all the cadets smirked while giving Jake some form of verbal understanding. They would spend hours here, if not eating or sleeping. Their lives began to revolve around being big and getting bigger. The cadets hadn't even realized the changes that were happening to them. It just became a part of them as they lost their physical perspective of what was considered normal. Jake, still grinning, headed out the door. Jake found himself back in his quarters, standing in front of the large mirror he had installed. It couldn't even fit his entire, monstrous frame within its boundaries, but it did its purpose. He looked himself over, absorbing the awesome sight of man bigger and stronger than any, a true musclegod if there ever was one. He gently ran his large hands over his even larger muscles, feeling the hard, dense forms they had taken. Jake felt his entire body tingle with warmth as a soothing and relaxing state of mind came over him. He continued groping and feeling him-self, becoming psychogenically aroused by his own power and size. Running his hands across his torso, Jake swept his hand up to his pec, lifting and pulling it up. It was so heavy and thick, making his hand look so small in comparison. His pec was so large, it pressed up into his chin, tempting and luring his face down as he reached out his long wet tongue and began to gently lick and caress it. The muscle man's tongue slid up the smooth and firm skin, collecting every sensation he passed. He could taste his own ripped muscle through the tight skin, something he couldn't describe, but knew he was tasting pure, unadulterated testosterone. Jake was almost getting intimate with himself, but just then, he heard footsteps outside his door as he dropped his juicy pec, letting it bounce back into place. "I needed to talk with you." Matton's voice echoed in the hall as he knocked on the extra wide door. Jake opened the door, standing just in his green modified briefs which looked like a tiny strip of fabric around his groin, hanging on for dear life from the incredible tension from his huge cock and balls. "Yes what is it..." He stated rather than asking, sounding almost annoyed. Matton walked into Jake's quarters. "That was a ballsy move this morning, not sure the board appreciates being ignored like that." "Why, did they send you in here to tell me that they had their feelings hurt?" Jake said walking to his closet. "No, I'm here on my own account." The doctor paused for a moment. "We've got some bigger issues going on here." Matton held up another digital chart. "The cadet manifest for the past few weeks. It looks like we have several that are AWOL." He looked through a list of names. "Some have been gone for more than two weeks. I would have alerted you sooner, but it appears as if the new list has been altered." "And why are you telling methis?" Jake stated as he walked up to his dresser. "Did what I just tell you not raise any serious questions or red flags; perhaps any minor intrigue?" Matton responded. "No...I don't deal with the weak, Doctor." Pouring himself a glass of water. "They are drain on resources, time, and morale. Anyone who wants to graduate from this academy needs to be the biggest, fittest, and fastest...those who don't fit that bill would be best suited elsewhere." Dr. Matton sighed in frustration. "You have to at least care where they went or what happened to them?" "I'm sure they're fine, fulfilling their purpose somewhere..." Jake took a drink. Matton held up his hands as he disappointedly looked away, to non-verbally say he was done with the conversation; nothing was left for him to say. He walked out, slightly shaking his head. Jake was already starting to feel defensive, almost threatened. He started to form suspicion in his mind; Dr. Matton was no longer to be trusted. A roar of laughter and shouting came down hallway from the lockers into the showers. The huge cadets had just finished training; they were hot, sweaty, pumped and sitting on elevated testosterone levels. "Dude you're such as fuckin' pussy." Connor yelled as the group walked in. Their long dangling cocks slapping side to side against their swollen thighs. "Fuck you man." Brad said in an angry tone. "No seriously, you guys should have seen him, grunting and groaning like a little bitch with only 500lbs on the squat bar." Connor started mimicking Brad in a derogatory fashion with awkward faces and over-exaggerated postures. "I was still sore from the other day; I can move more weight than that." Brad said. "Whatever dude, you're just a small fucker, I got you beat any day." Most of the cadets were finishing up and heading out. "C'mon look." Connor broke into a double bicep pose, revealing his dense 250lb body stuffed into a 5'8" frame. "You've got nothin' on this." Connor went into more flexes, showing off his lats and tightening up his quads hard, revealing their incredible detail. Brad was getting even more annoyed by the obnoxious jock's behavior. "Fuck, my cock is even bigger than yours." He walked up to Brad, pressing up into his body as he grabbed both their dicks, pressing them together at the base. "See, I got at least two, three fuckin' inches on you." Brad gave Connor a huge shove directly into his big pecs, causing him to step back several feet. "Get off me you fuckin' fag!" "Ohhh..." Two of Connor's friends yelled out, the only cadets left in the shower. "Yeah? What'd you call me?" Connor jolted forward, slamming Brad to the shower floor on his stomach as he pinned him down. "Adam...Jason, hold him down for me." The two other muscled cadets came over and held Brad's arms and trunk to the floor. "Fag huh?" Connor began to slap Brad's big ass side to side as if he were smearing butter across a hot pair of buns. "Try this, fag..." Connor stuffed his long, thick meat stick into Brad's big bubble butt. "Ohhhh fuckkk!!" Brad screamed out as he felt it slide even further into him. "Get off!!" He yelled in semi-pleasurable pain. "Get off...yeah bitch, exactly what I'm gonna do!" Connor tugged on Brad's hair as he started to rhythmically fuck Brad. "Aghh...shit!" Brad winced as he felt the well muscled Connor relentlessly riding him like a bull. Connor dug into Brad's fleshy, thick muscle butt with his hands, gripping each side as he pumped himself in and out...in and out. "Ahh fuck yeah...you like my cock you little shit?" Connor pulled his hair and head back again. "Damn this tight ass feels good." He was getting closer and closer, his balls already wanting to bust. He clenched his teeth and moaned loudly as his cock blew a juicy payload inside of Brad. "Ohhhhhh!.....Yes...fuck yes..." A loud moan bellowed out from Connor as he gave Brad's right ass cheek a hard slap. Brad tried to get up, but Connor and his goons pressed back down. "Not done with you yet, this tight ass is due for another fucking by yours truly." Connor smiled as his two friends just grinned and nodded in agreement. But from just the few minutes they started, Brad's moans started to sound a bit different; a deeper, thicker tone filled the shower. Connor looked confused, trying to take a glance at his face, but just then Connor felt a tightening pressure on his dick. "What the fuck?" Connor looked down at Brad's ass, which actually looked like it was expanding; in fact, it was. Connor gave out a soft undesirable moan as he tried to pull out but couldn't. Brad's meaty ass swelled around his cock, forcing it to stay nice and hard. "Let go!" He whined. He looked down again, only to see not just Brad's glutes growing, but his entire body. "Shit dude, look at em'!" Jason gasped as Adam could only stare at Brad who was quickly expanding. His muscles were blowing up like balloons, pulling and straining on his already tight skin. He's groans and screams were sounding less and less human, becoming a low and loud beastly growl. "Yeeess!" Brad's mutated voice yelled out. His growing glutes pushed up higher off the ground, taking Connor with it, trying to keep pace with his swelling thighs that were rounding out with extreme muscular develop over bones that had no time to grow. Nestled in-between his blimping legs was a plump cock, growing in length and width faster than anything ever should. The change in his body spread to his mid-section, getting thicker yet leaner. His back paraspinals even started to gain in size all along the length of his spine, looking like long, huge sausage casings being packed with meat to the point of nearly bursting. It spread out to his lats that flared tremendously like a pair of wings on a 747, pushing his swelling arms further out to the side. Brad's shoulders filled out like a couple of ridiculously over sized beach balls that led down his gigantic bi's and tri's. "Ugghhhhhh!!" Brad screamed again as his pecs surged forward into a huge rack, sticking out nearly a foot from his solid abs, perfectly firm and tender. Brad looked up with a face that looked of pure rage with his eyes darkened and his veiny traps that looked like they were going to swallow his head. "Moooore!!!" His voiced shook the showers, flexing his gargantuan muscle butt as Connor squealed, feeling his man juice get milked out of him. Jason and Adam looked at each other just as they were about to flee for the door, but Brad reached up, gripping their long thick cocks, one in each hand at the base. "FEEED ME!!" Pulling them closer as just the shear energy from Brad's body caused the two muscle jocks to instantly harden. Brad stuffed both their dicks inside his mouth, stretching it wide as he started to violently suck them off. "Oh fuck fuck fuck!! Adam cried out as the awesome power from Brad's lungs sucked so hard on his shaft he could feel his nuts pulling up in his sac, emptying the thick creamy contents. All three cadets tried to pull away but couldn't escape the powerful grip of Brad, who was still thickening and growing at a lethal rate. The howls and loud screams echoed through the locker room...all going unheard.
  4. The Growth II (All characters 18+) It was a long three days of testing for Jake in the medical division. He felt like a lab animal being studied at every angle. His enormous body lying on a modified examining table to support the tremendous weight he now carries, taking several crew members to assist in moving or transferring him. The technicians and doctors were pacing all around him, taking various blood samples, reviewing heart rhythms, and extracting few small biopsies. The same group of people that was working so diligently and calm now were in utter shock when they first saw him. A huge mass of a man with muscles so large you would have thought they belonged to mythical creature. They were glistening with sweat as his huge chest heaved up and down. They desperately tried to find a way to get him out of his room; ultimately removing part of the wall next to the door. He could hardly walk, two people needed to be at each side to support him. With each step his thick heavy cock would swing over and slap one of the crew members, even knocking one of them down. Once in the department, Jake was of course, too large for everything. He broke nearly everything they tried to use on him. Equipment was reinforced and double the supplies were brought in to accommodate the newly enlarged man. Jake was still trying to adjust to moving his limbs and body with his increased size, still working with improving his coordination. He lifted his arm, expecting to see his normal toned limb, but saw instead a massive length of flesh and muscle. His biceps and triceps seemingly had expanded away from each other with each sporting deep curves and cuts; he could tell the bone structure and density had both grown, all in support of the new contractile tissue. As Jake put his arm back down he could feel someone at his leg poking and drawing another sample, but unable to see anyone below as his massive pecs blocked the view. He slightly sighed as he considered what was to become of him; possibly just a freak at the zoo where people could pay to see him. Just as he thought of closing his eyes, Dr. Matton appeared next to him with the division commander Colonel Thomas Jackson. "Good morning Lt. Smith." Matton said looking down at Jake. He looked back up, seeing the Colonel he tried to salute but had difficulty getting his hand up on account of his thick bicep and shoulder. "It's aright son," saluting back "I understand your circumstances." He skipped the small talk and turned towards the doctor, using a stern voice, "What I don't understand though is how these circumstances came to be." "Well sir, at this point, we honestly don't know. We've examined everything we could have, but nothing indicated abnormalities. Uh, besides the tremendous increase in muscle mass, there's technically nothing wrong with him." Matton stated as he unfolded his arms to his lab coat pockets. Jackson looked over to the doctor, "Medically he may be normal, but at this point he wouldn't be considered close to that in his combat unit. The equipment, gear, and transport pods were not designed to support a 450lb soldier; he would be putting himself and his men at risk." He turned back and looked down again at Jake. "As much as I hate to do this to a decorated officer, it is within my responsibility to take you out of active service." Jake briefly shut his eyes, "So... does that mean I'm just done sir, out of my unit and left to be a disgusting freak?" "No Lieutenant, there's actually another position I've had you in mind for. A new orbiting station academy has been constructed in the Gamma sector. It will house some of the finest cadets who are to be prepped for battle divisions through the entire fleet. Of course, we will need good leadership to make it the best. How would you feel being our new Commandant? You of course would be promoted to Captain. Jake was silent in thought for a moment, figuring this would his only option, he nodded, "Yes sir, I'd be privileged." "Excellent, I'll give the news to Command. The crew will be anticipating your arrival." Colonel Jackson gave a quick reciprocating salute. He turned to leave just as he mentioned to Dr. Matton, "Be sure to keep observation on Lt. Smith after he is discharged from you division, I don't want there being something important we missed, got it?" Without hesitation, Matton agreed, "Yes sir." The room cleared of the Colonel's staff as the doctor looked at Jake again, "You ready to get out of here?" Jake's huge chest slightly bounced with his head movement. "Let's do it." Jake found his new residence aboard the Bia, a newly constructed orbiting academy. It was the largest of its kind; however, a full enlistment was not given. The higher command was considering this the test run with an initial class of almost 100 cadets. Most were in their late teens coming directly out of primary education, but ranging to older students who were looking for officer training. Jake undressed from his formal uniform in his quarters after having just addressed the cadets in the assembly hall. Despite having worked on a good speech, there was a lack of full attention as the students could only stare at the beast of a commander standing in front of them. This was considered amazement as the biggest guys aboard besides Jake were the highly athletic cadets, but only weighing in at a mere 220lbs. Although, Jake had figured his reception would be close to what he received, he was actually more worried about tearing out of his uniforms by moving too far in one direction. A few buttons did pop off of his shirt under his jacket when he reached over for his water. A result from his chest that was so ballooned out that the metals on his jacket were sitting at a large tilt. This was still after receiving an entire new wardrobe to fit his massive figure; all having to be custom made. Dressed in his PT clothes he headed to the mess hall. His walk had a staggered waddle to it as his massive thighs brushed against each other with each step. Going past a darkened classroom that had a large observation window panel, he could see his reflection. What he saw was a man that was bulging out of his uniform; bulbous, striated quads that pushed up the seam of his shorts, his huge arms that pulled the sleeves of his t-shirt to make it almost sleeveless, as his thick hanging chest pulled the fabric down so much it looked like a deep cut v-neck. What was even more revealing was that it was almost impossible to hide his crotch basket. It looked light two grape fruits and a soft, thick foot-long bratwurst stuffed into his shorts. He walked into the cafeteria, grabbing a tray as he proceeded to dish it up, piling loads of food on to match his appetite. He walked out to the seating area, only to realize that every eye in there was staring at him. Jake continued on as he looked down at a group of younger cadets, "You boys mind if I sit here?" They quickly moved their trays, giving plenty of room, "No...no sir." The nervous cadet stammered. "Anderson sir, Tommy Anderson." "Nice meeting you cadet." He looked on at the others around him that didn't make a sound for considerable moment. "Well, you don't have to talk all at once..." He smiled as he took a few large bites, his giant arm flexing up with each motion. The chair creaking beneath him with his huge ass swallowing the seat. "Jimmy." A brown haired boy nervously stated. "Christopher, my friends call me Chris." The other chimed in as Jake nodded. "Zach." The one sitting next to him followed. "St...Steve." The final one said. "You boys must be good at roll call in the morning." Jake smiled. It was quiet mostly through the meal, but more conversing started once Jake made some jokes, finding where all the cadets were from and all the small talk you'd typically hear with meeting someone new. Jake thought to himself that he could get used to this, not as exciting as his previous unit, but something he could find himself enjoying nonetheless. It was a relaxed evening as the students attended orientation meetings with faculty and staff, learned their way around the station and met up with their cabin mates. Jake headed down to the fitness center, a state of the art training facility that fit every need, hoping to get in a workout before lights out. He saw a group of cadets that were finding their way around and trying out some of the equipment as he proceeded to warm-up on the squat rack. As he finished a set at 405lbs, a few students came up behind him while others whispered about the size of his thighs which were already getting pumped up, tugging on his already tight fitting shorts. "Wow, how much can you do on this sir?" He looks back to see a small crowd forming. "What, squat?" He looks at his current poundage, which didn't feel like much of a struggle at all. "I'm not sure, suppose we could find out..." He slapped on more weight and pumped out more reps. "Hopefully I won't break anything." He smiled as he added even more. More start to gather as Jake grinds out two more sets, the last at 750lbs. "Sir, you gettin' tired yet?" "Actually, no...a little sweaty though" He put more weight on as his smooth skin started to glisten, his dark grey shirt getting darker with his sweat...emitting an actual scent others had never smelled before. It was heavy musk...something so unusual that the only way to describe it would be raw testosterone...causing some of the cadet's heart rates to increase and even sport slight wood in their shorts. He took a deep breath with 920lbs on his massive traps as the bar was arching and started to rep out deep squats, "Eight....eghhh nine...." He grunted as he kept his form strong, his huge barrel of a chest popping out with his massive ass leading the powerful extension drive. "...ahghhh...ten." He racked the bar. His quads were so engorged with blood, every separation was highly visible...a tear drop that was bigger than his head...hamstrings that were thick as a ships anchor rope...and calves that looked like giant, overinflated footballs. He couldn't resist, he did more and more, getting up to 1200lbs. The bar was ready to snap as he moaned with the sheer force pressing down on him, clearing another 10 repetitions. Just as he ascending from the last rep, the bar finally gave way to the stress and bent in half like a small wire, causing all the plates to go slamming to the floor. With a thunderous roar Jake let it all fall behind him as his swollen thighs finally caused his shorts to split clear open down his ass cleft, exposing a huge meaty muscle rump; each cheek bigger than an average man's entire set. Firm, round and smooth they stared back at the group. He just stood there dripping with sweat, breathing heavily, as he tried to cover his huge genitals with what he had left of his shorts. The cadets went speechless after cheering and shouting him on, looking at their commander's godlike figure. "Uh...think that's it for now...you boys' best hit the showers and turn in for the night." Jake placed his hand on the wall, facing away as the cadet filed out, still turning their heads and looking back, some in amazement while some in disbelief. Jake managed to slip out of the training facility and back to his quarters without being seen by any other personnel, wiping himself down with stray towels he found on the way. The walk was extremely difficult as he could hardly advance his insanely pumped thighs. After making it back, he stood in his shower, feeling the warm water run down the tall peaks and deep valleys across his body. He just then started to feel an increased state of arousal as it became increasingly intoxicating. Still recovering from the intense lifting he did, this appeared to come from now where. His large nut sac ached as he felt a rhythmic surge through his entire crotch. He shut off the water and began toweling himself down; the sensation became stronger as his long soft shaft started to harden. Jake found himself not able to think clearly, he'd been horny before, but nothing like this. A full mast hard-on grew between his legs, swelling up past a foot. It didn't stop there however. "Ohh, fuck..." Jake moaned, squeezing his balls, which had become incredibly tender; he was even cringing and digging his toes into the floor just by giving a light touch to his hardening dick. It thickened even more, pulling the skin on it so tight which made it even sorer. He hadn't seen it this big before since the first time he grew...it lengthened to just over two feet and thickened to the size of a drainage pipe. It hardened so much that it was pressing against his ripped abs and sinking itself between his pec cleavage. "Shit...ughhhh....oh please." He moaned even louder in his deep rich voice. He was becoming disoriented and couldn't concentrate on anything except his new sexual drive. Grabbing his head and running his hands through his jet black hair, Jake groaned, "Oh please, stop!" He was actually starting to hear a voice in his head, a clear and specific voice giving him directions. "Yes...yes please, I'll do anything..." he was talking to the empty room. "I'll obey you sir, your every order....aghh, I am yours..." Just then a small knock was heard at the door. Jake was able to spare some attention as he replied, "Mghh...Yes..?" "Jimmy sir, I was ordered to bring you new towels for your washroom sir..." The young cadet spoke. "Uh, yeah, just...ugh, just set them in here, that'll be fine." Jake was turned behind a post, trying to hide the massive erection, just as clear pre-cum started to ooze out. Jimmy entered, placing the towels on his bed. "Permission to speak freely sir?" The fresh face nineteen year old looked over. "Yeah...go ahead." Jake winced hoping he'd just leave. "I just wanted to say that was an awesome demonstration in the weight room today sir." He walked over, trying to see Jake. "The other guys and I were talking about since we left and uh..." Jimmy saw the commander, sweaty, and with biggest, hardest cock he'd ever seen. "I...uh...sorry sir...I didn't mean..." But he was still too shocked to move, not sure whether to shut his eyes or just run. Jake then felt a warm flush go from his toes to his head, trickling down to his boner as he smiled. "No, it's okay, don't worry about it." "I should go..." Jimmy blushed as he turned to leave. "Hey, wait right there son." He walked around the post with his huge throbbing shaft aiming out at the cadet. "Probably never seen one this big?" The huge bell like head pulsed, as small amounts of pre-cum dripped out, stretching as a long drop to the floor. "N...no sir, I never..." Jimmy's face still blushed and his heart racing. Jake pulled it out towards him, having grown an extra six inches since he walked in. "Touch it..." Jake said in an almost whisper. "Sir?" Jimmy looked worried, turning around and looking at the door. "Touch the fucking cock cadet...that's an order..." Jake raised his voice. Jimmy moved in, his hand shaking as he ran it across the smooth warm surface of Jake's huge python. He could smell that same scent again, stinging his nostrils, causing Jimmy to harden in his shorts. "Good, good...you like it?" Jake smiled back. "Ye...yes sir." Jimmy said, finding himself running both hands up and down the long shaft, brushing his face across it while giving it gentle licks. He worked his way up to the full head, running his tongue into the deep slit. "Mmm, fuck Jimmy...service this beast." Jake closed his eyes in ecstasy as Jimmy suddenly stuffed his entire hand inside the shaft. "Ughhh, fuck yeah! Don't stop there cadet..." Jimmy felt a huge adrenaline rush come over him as he felt his hand move around inside Jake's warm slit. Jimmy grinned a bit as he slide his arm in and out as it was covered in warm clear pre-cum. He was giving slow stroking motions, varying his speed. Listening to the moans of Jake to determine how he should move. His own hard-on reached full max as he then slid both arms down as a large gush of pre splashed out all over him. Some got into his mouth as it swished around his tongue. It tasted incredible, like a warm exotic honey no human should ever be able to taste. The sensory centers in his brain overloaded as he shot a syrupy load in his shorts, "Ughhh..." he gave a soft moan, but was still has hard as ever. Jake on the other hand was receiving an internal fuck that was driving him wild. Did it matter that it was coming from another male? Fuck no. "Ohh god yes!!...Fuck yes!!!" He moaned in a strange mutant tone. The cock hardened even more, feeling like it would explode, but then suddenly Jake felt a tug and a gasp from Jimmy. He looked up to see both his arms in, frantically trying to pull them out as they appeared trapped. But what Jimmy was really experience was a feeling of something pulling. It yanked on his arms, dragging him further and further in until he was up to his shoulders. He gasped as his face was slapped around and blanketed with thick pre; coughing some out as it forced its way down his throat. The cock swelled even more in to massive proportions, so thick, so long, more than big enough to hold a person... "Stop...stop!! Sir...please don't!" Jimmy cried for help. Jake didn't respond, only moaning with delight as his own cock sucked and pulled Jimmy in. "Noo...nooo let me go!!* He screamed. But before he could get out another word, his head was pulled in as his legs kicked and thrust. "Ughh fuck yeah...more!!" Jake was taking in deep breaths as the pleasure over stimulating. Jimmy's resistance was making it feel even more amazing. He leaned back to put his dick in an optimal position to let gravity assist pulling in the cadet. With that motion he easily slipped down further until just his vigorously kicking feet were sticking out...then they were gone. Jimmy's figure could be seen slowly traveling down the shaft; still squirming and thrusting...like an actual python eating its prey. The shape moved down to his over packed balls as the movement of Jimmy finally ceased. Another splash of clear pre squirted out the slit as Jakes vocal moans started to sound like his normal voice again. His cock rose to a tall dominating stance, with the slit almost looking down at him with a commanding stare. He dropped to his knees and formed a deep bow, having to spread his thighs for the swollen sac, "Yes master...your wishes are my command...only to service you." He looks up and suddenly feels his shaft arch back and swell as a huge powerful surge shoots through him, screaming out in orgasmic pleasure...just as the cock violently erupts like a volcano, blasting his entire room with hot creamy muscle spunk. Just then Jake passes out, falling on top his now deflating dick, relaxing back to its normal size. Jake was completely out in an orgasmic coma, as the warm sticky cum slowly ran down the graded floor towards the shower drain. It ran over, sounding like water gushing down a city storm drain on a rainy afternoon. The pipes in the station however were not designed for this volume, especially this substance. The slow flowing cock juice began clogging the filters, putting strain on the system. Leaks started to spring around the gasket connections as the thick fluid escaped, over flowing into the tanks labeled, "Drinking water."
  5. Mr. Olympia 2100 The 135th annual Mr. Olympia was just minutes away from beginning in Sin City as audience members filed in to the large performance hall while the contestants were backstage, pumping up their massive physiques for the years' ultimate presentation. Oil was being rubbed all over their bronze skin with final touches being made to their poses and routines. It may sound like the same old song and dance at the current time, but what isn't realized is how much this competition has changed since it started back in 1965. The most notable for sure is the size of the competitors; back in the day someone weighing 240lbs with a 5'10" frame could easily be dubbed a champion if they had the right conditioning, however, this year the smallest athlete is weighing in at 408lbs at 5'6". The amount of lean muscle tissue on these men was unimaginable, but with science it was only inevitable. The result of these impossible proportions stemmed from the heightening bodybuilding craze that started in 2015 which came shortly after federal and state legislation lifted all bans on anabolic substances, with no regulating rules that followed. This subsequently allowed the pharmaceutical and supplement industry to boom like they never have before, creating new and improved drugs and products every year that would enhance and promote a muscular physique. Of course the competition was fierce as these companies fought for the highest sales; a new, more powerful drug would replace an existing product within months. Billions and then up to trillions of dollars were invested in creating these new enhancement drugs while ensuring maximum potency. If one company struggled or were unable to make an improved product for sale, another would just take its place, along with the profits. No strength sport was left untouched. Players in the NFL had become gigantic beasts while MLB fans got to see their hometown hero belt out 140 homeruns in one season. Even high school sports took a hit; it wasn't uncommon to see a sophomore running back flexing his 21" biceps after a touchdown. This, fueled with the nations unquenchable thirst for sport and athletic glory had turned the country's athletes into bulging monsters with a drug industry that was still seeing a 30% increase in sales every year. Much can't be said for the rest of the country's issues, including infrastructure and healthcare as priorities changed, but that would be a digression. Back in the convention hall, the announcer entertained the crowd that was eagerly waiting to the see the impossibly jacked up men, posing in their tiny briefs. Just as he finished up his corny jokes and thanked the sponsors, a large curtain raised as fog rolled out with streams of laser lights bouncing every direction, the huge tanned and oiled up men all waddled out in a single file order in a slow manner, blocking out most of the light from the back. Their thighs so large it would be literally impossible for them to stand with their feet together. They all were short of breath and already starting to show signs of perspiration as they hit the stage light with the cheering of the crowd; smiles greeting them all. The men were huge, grotesquely so. Their arms stuck out their sides from the thick lats that wrapped around their backs, the same arms that they weren't able to use to even touch the opposite boulder shoulder. And despite how large their thighs were, they still could not see down past their pecs, even if they tried to reach their necks over, the massive traps that were holding their heads up wouldn't permit. The lights gleamed off their huge oiled up bodies as they stood in line, smiling as they faced the audience that greeted them with applause and countless number of photographs. It appeared that this year's contest was going to be a very close match against the ten competitors, which is until everyone saw Aaron Stevens take the stage. By far the largest man standing there that night, in fact, he was the largest to ever compete in the Mr. Olympia. Packed into his 6'3" frame was 625lbs of lean solid muscle. His conditioning was amazing; skin so tight over his body every curve, every crevasse, and every detail was exposed. Even his skin condition was near perfection, smooth and color matched beautify to his jet black hair. As he started the mandatory poses, each one of his massive, thick muscles bulged and popped...each looking like they were a person of their own. He was already scoring high points, his physique was simply unbelievable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron had always had a knack for size. He was an all-state athlete in high school with football and track, ending his senior year at 250lbs. By that time he had received full scholarship offers from over 15 schools, eventually settling at Michigan as a defensive end where he helped send the team to three Rose Bowls in his four years there. Things were looking to become bigger and better for Aaron, including his body. He would leave the collegiate arena just over 330lbs. But after four years of playing, Aaron was beginning to lose interest due to plain boredom. He had always enjoyed the training more than the actual events he played throughout college. Despite being offered contracts to play for various professional teams, he found a job as a personal trainer, doing wonders for the clients that sought him out. This was also where he met Steve Heinz, a former Olympian many years ago who happened to be a member of the same gym. In his retirement Heinz had become a rep for Alltech Labs, the largest pharmaceutical and supplement manufacture in North America. Steve saw Aaron as the perfect poster boy for their products, good bone structure and handsome facial features with a body that was large, well balanced, and proportional. Getting into bodybuilding was exactly what Aaron was looking for. Training with Steve for three years had already turned Aaron into an NPC champion, plus the free drugs supplied to him, he placed in at least the top three with every contest. He was getting bigger and thicker with each show and people were noticing. His thighs had expanded tremendously, not to mention his glutes which had made it impossible to wear any type of jeans. Whatever pants he did wear would wear out within weeks due to his thick thighs rubbing together, despite him having to waddle when he walked. His dress shirts all had to be modified to accommodate his growing chest, shoulders and arms. Aaron's pecs swelled up so much that his nipples were faced downwards, basically from his chest growing over it-self. His delts had rounded and grown so much that reaching behind his back had become impossible, but his biceps have to be given credit too for impeding on his range of motion. But it didn't matter, all he needed to be able to do was train, eat and flex...although others could always help him eat. Aaron quickly made his way up in the ranks of the bodybuilding world, already winning his past seven shows he had finally qualified for the Olympia. One year out, he was at a solid 450lbs, but was determined to put on even more size before then. It was the same time Alltech came out with SX9, the most potent anabolic agent to date. Aaron was the perfect candidate, he'd tried every other drug they had produced and hadn't succumbed to the side effects, but this would send him to his genetic extremes. Other manufactures were already in the works of producing similar compounds, perhaps not the exact quality, but very close nonetheless. Aaron had disappeared out of the limelight after qualifying, receiving a full-time sponsorship to strictly focus on training and meals as all Olympians required; he would eat all day almost around the clock. The only breaks he'd take were to train intensively, practice posing, hygiene upkeep, and sleep. He had no social life of any kind and was deprived of any entertainment...he enslaved himself to bodybuilding. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He muscles ballooned in the past year, the biggest he'd ever been...the biggest anyone has ever been. For Aaron, it was completely worth it. He stood and flexed there on that stage, knowing he was the biggest, the hardest, and the most complete. With the start of his individual routine, his arm went out to the side as he performed a side chest pose with his huge left pec flooding out to the side, bigger than a king sized pillow, but of course much, much denser. It was pressing firmly against his tensed bicep that would put a ripe whole watermelon to shame, while at the same time showing off his thick trap the looked like it was swallowing his head. And not even the angle of posing at his side could hide his tremendous back musculature as it bulged out from behind his arm. His lats looking like a thick meaty cape as he elevated his arms into a double bicep. Aaron put one foot forward as he flexed his gargantuan thighs, which were bigger than two huge wine barrels made out of marble. Marble that was chiseled away to reveal the deepest cuts and separation while at the same time preserving the fullness and contours of the muscle bellies. He finished with flexing his glutes, which looked like two huge fleshy wrecking balls welded together. Aaron bowed to the audience before waddling off stage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The announcer then asked all contestants back to the stage for the X-round. A relatively new category in bodybuilding started about 25 years ago. The egocentrism that could be found in all sports, especially bodybuilding, had finally given way to a part of the body that was often neglected in the spotlight: the genitals. It would have been hard to believe that so many drugs would be developed to promote huge, massive muscles without giving attention to having a huge, massive cock. Yes, scores of drugs were made to appease this interest, ones that actually worked. And it didn't take long for there to be training protocols for developing huge shlongs. Machines such as stretchers and pumps could be found in gyms for such purposes. It would be typical for bodybuilders to have training splits of chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms, and cock. The men came back on stage, their huge packages straining their posing suits to death that were already tight from their massive muscles. This round is a repeat of the mandatory poses in flaccid and fully erect sequences. Some of the contestants pulled their posers off over their ankles, some tearing them with one quick tug. Aaron pulled his posers a little tighter on the sides as he forcefully flexed his huge glutes, causing them to snap off as his cock and balls swung down after losing their fabric support. The competitors completed their poses with their johnson's swinging and dangling below their ripped midsections. Not one man there was less than 10" soft. But Aaron had them beat at fourteen. They then stood facing the audience again as the judges tallied up their points. The announcer then told them to present their erections as the cocks all began to swell and lengthen. They began hardening to full mast with big mushroom heads, tight skin, and beautiful arches in the shafts, all pulsing with life. Aaron definitely stood out from the group; his was so full and balanced with perfect texture and color. There wasn't any adult in the audience that wouldn't want to touch and feel it. Everyone turned back once again as stage crews hurried out, pulling long stainless steel trofts with them as they placed one in front of each competitor lengthwise. The final part of the night was the volume collection. The men all kept their erections as they received a squirt of lube in each hand. They began to rub and stroke their thick cocks as their breathing rates all increased. Big hands connected to freakishly huge arms pumped away at their hard-ons with the sound of the sticky lube squishing against their skin. The audience looked on in amazement. It wasn't long though before their faces started to show signs of an impending orgasm. This wouldn't be surprising as many refrained from any sexual activity weeks before the show to make sure they would maximize their output; their balls had swollen to huge levels with most having cantaloupe sized testicles or bigger. The man on the end was the first to go, giving a grunt with a nice stream of white creamy cum as it spattered in the steel troft; crew members rushing over with squeegees to collect it in the measuring containers. Soon a few other competitors blew with big sighs of relief and deep moans of pleasure. The man next to Aaron, Ken Marshall, who was his closest competition that night, grimaced as he fired a payload far into the container, the biggest yet. He grinned at his achievement, flexing his free arm at the crowed. But it victory flex didn't last long as Aaron was ready to release; he moaned and grunted as every muscle on his body tensed and pumped. His cock and balls were so swollen it was a wonder what would explode first. He arched back in reflex to the stimulation as he shot a full thick jet of cum, shooting so far it went past the troft, splattering and spraying on some of the judges. There was so much that despite overshooting, there was plenty left to collect. The amount actually overflowed the measuring container, dripping to the floor as one of the crew wiped out his troft. The final round was over as the judges discussed the scores for several minutes. They eventually called out the three finalists to name the winner as they stood up on stage still naked. Third place was announced as Jeff Lagwell with the crowd applauding as he performed a few flexes and stepped back with his trophy. Soon it was just Aaron and Ken, but everyone knew the winner before the last round as it was no shock was Aaron's name was called. The crowd went wild as he flexed and posed his champion physique. He was given the overall trophy, the first place medal around his neck for best physique and best cock. He also won the volume and distance categories. Aaron stood and posed more as thousands of photos were taken of him to flood the sports media. He was the newly crowned muscle king. Jeff and Ken were quickly escorted across the stage into large devices that looked like stockades, if fact they were. They both were placed in, with their heads and wrists locked in. The devices forced their posture into a kneeling position as their huge muscled asses stuck out into the air while a few of the stage crew came up and began wiping very generous amounts of gooey lube around their holes. It had become customary at the end of the Mr. Olympia for the winner to demonstrate his alpha male dominance by fucking the two runner ups. Aaron's dick began to grow once again, becoming nearly two feet when fully erect and thicker than a large canning jar. Taking off his medals, he started to smear more lube all over his shaft as he walked up behind the bound bodybuilders, grabbing Jeff's ass. Aaron began to slip his heavy meat inside as Jeff let out a heavy groan, feeling as if he was having a stake driven through him. He pushed in further, pumping and thrusting, fucking his tight ass hard. It felt like an eternity to Jeff as he could only sit there and take it. Aaron started to feel the orgasm build within him and pulled out, giving himself a small rest to save his juice for the second place finisher. He then geared up and headed for Ken as he burrowed in, stuffing himself deeper and deeper. Ken was about to scream out loud but was gagged right before he could utter out a moan. Aaron rode the big muscle boy's ass, his huge balls swinging and slapping below. He could feel it; he was ready...Aaron roared with ecstasy as he flexed a most-muscular pose while gripping into Ken's huge glutes. Aaron's hefty and second load of the night filling Ken to the brim. He pulled out, still throbbing, and giving a hard slap to Ken's left ass cheek. Aaron waddled off the stage as a couple stage crews picked up his awards and followed. The two men were released from the stockade as they collapsed to the floor in exhaustion, panting and covered in sweat. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron walked off stage, meeting with various Olympia personnel and getting more pictures taken. He was in the best condition he had ever been in his life, something he would keep that way. He was about to inducted into the Mr. Olympia hall of fame, a place where he would be forever remembered as one of bodybuilding's greatest. But it needed to be completed the same night, as the process now is not so ordinary. Winners of previous Mr. Olympia's that occurred more than 20 years ago have had very shortened life spans. Some living only days after the show before developing systemic organ failure; one actually collapsed from just walking off stage as his heart exploded. The super-drugs they were taking all had their downfalls, but to them it was all worth it, just the chance to be the biggest, and most masculine man for that brief shining moment would equate to many years of living. But since then, there has been process developed by a German chemist that found a way to embalm a living person into a perfectly preserved figure. It was a wax that would be injected into various places on the body at one time, causing them to become petrified, leaving them exactly the way they were before their last breath. It was a much better fate then waiting for one's one body to give out. Each contestant understood this before entering the competition, but each looked forward to it. To them it meant that their hard work and dedication would last forever. Ten different IV's were placed into Aaron as he stood on a posing platform. He was given touch ups to his skin and any imperfections modified. He began to give himself an erection as it pointed high and proud, just as the wax began to flow into his veins. He could start to feel it, his body was starting to feel incredibly heavy and go numb. The competitor was to pick his favorite pose, as Aaron of course chose the double bicep. Flexing and posing in perfect posture, he gave his best smile and looked straight ahead and took one last breath. The hardening agent in the wax began to solidify as Aaron's entire body became stiff and solid...and then motionless. He looked just as if he were on stage, showing the judges his massive physique. The huge Aaron statue was carefully wheeled to the next process, where he would be coated in layer of solid gold. It was meticulously applied in a thin, yet durable coat. Perfectly applied as to not hide any of his separation's or cuts. He was cooled and polished to bright finish before finally being taken to the Hall of Champions were the previous winners had all been placed in successive order; Aaron being the biggest of them all. He was placed, standing tall with all his medals and trophy placed at a small pedestal below his feet including a biography with additional photos; huge body with cock and all. Here Aaron would remain, to motivate future contestants and captivate onlookers with his immense muscularity; his figure to be enshrined here forever. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A group of tourists walked through, admiring the physiques of history. One teenage boy lingered back. With his 20" arms, who also appeared to be ready to explode out of his shirt, leaned against the giant marble pedestal, looking up at Aaron's hugeness and saying to himself, "That's gonna be me someday."
  6. Posted in original forum *All characters 18+ The Growth "Contact with the Altair in T minus 2." The systems voice command alerted. Jake looked out through the rescue pod's small window, watching it begin to dock with the large freighter. The pod gently rocked as it positioned itself, making an air tight seal between the two vessels with a faint hiss. "Air lock sealed, boarding permissible." The similar voice added as a green light brightened the door as it slid open. The NASA marine grabbed his gear and stepped through the door channel, cautiously walking into the Altair's loading bay. His laser rifle aimed, looking high and low before each turn and corner, advancing further into the silent haul while avoiding any sudden movements or sounds. Jake progressed through the ships interior, clearing the various rooms he passed. It was when he made it to the mess hall where he thought he could hear something, shuffling of some sort, but not sure exactly what it was...stepping up to the metal door frame he slung himself and his rifle through the door pointing it in the corner with his finger putting pressure on the trigger, only to see three frightened crewmen huddled together. He made a quick glance of the area. "You men alright?" Jake said sternly, as the men could only respond by nodding like timid bobbleheads. He looked around, "Where is it?" One answered, "I..n there," he quietly said in a nervous stammer, pointing to the medical quarter's white painted door. "Wait here and don't make a sound." He ordered, checking his rifle over one more time as he walked up to the door, opening it. Jake had no idea what exactly he was going after, except that it had just killed four men of the Altair's crew, according to the distress call. He was the closest armed vessel in the area that could respond, but didn't bother to wait for a reinforcing crew, unwilling to let whatever it was pick-off the remaining crew members one-by-one. He placed one foot over the door threshold, hearing a squishy sound as he slipped forward with his right leg. Looking down he saw a thick slimy substance that coated the floor, it was almost clear with a slight blue tint to it and not to mention slightly warm. "What the hell?" He reached down and dabbed it with his middle finger, feeling its strange texture rub between his digits when a thick, gooey, rope like arm wrapped around his wrist from above. In an instant reaction he quickly pulled his laser rifle up, firing three shots up towards where he felt the pulling come from while burning holes through the ceiling before it was slapped across the room by another goo rope which also restrained his trigger hand before he could even think about reaching over to release the other. Something wrapped around his waist as it squeezed and lifted him off the floor, slamming his back into the wall behind. He pulled and tugged, desperately trying to free himself but to no avail. "Relax young man...relax." A strange and distorted voice soothed in as a slimy tentacle wrapped around Jake's neck and face, stroking his black buzz cut hair. "Let go you fuckin...aghhh!" He yelled as the tentacles pulled even tighter on his waist and rib cage, increasing the difficulty to breath. "My intent is not to kill you, but if you continue to struggle this will be excruciatingly more painful than it needs to be." Jake tried even harder to release himself, but despite his strength he couldn't overcome the constricting forces around his joints. But his problem only got worse as just then, one of the tentacles lunged forward and through his un-expecting mouth, pulling deep down his throat, causing him to cough and gag. As it settled inside it started to throb and give intermittent squirts of the thick fluid into his stomach just when small prickly hairs poked their way out, releasing tiny spores inside him that would eventually spread to every tissue. The fluid gave a burning sensation in his gut as he felt like he'd just swallowed a handful of needles and having it roll around inside him. Intense screams that would have filled the room were only muffled by the heavily planted tube, making Jake helpless in every way possible. It was persistent in inflicting pain as what felt like an eternity only lasted a few minutes as the mucous tentacle filled Jake with its strange slippery substances. But just as fast as it started, it suddenly released allowing him to the floor in a puddle of the sticky fluid, groaning in pain. Hardly able to turn his head and look up, his hazy vision almost caught a glimpse of the creature that had just assaulted him as it slipped out the crack of the emergency escape hatch, escaping from the ship. Not much more could be done as he went in and out, then finally losing consciousness in the spot he lay. ------------------------------------ "Lieutenant, sir, can you hear me?" A voice said closely as a bright light shined and moved over his face. "Ughh, wh..." Jake only muttered in response, suddenly becoming aware of a massive headache that pounded inside his head. "Ahh, geez.." "It looks like he's coming out of it...go update the charge nurse on the change of status." Another voice added in. "Can you open your eyes all the way for me?" "Ugh, yeah.." Jake blinked the sore lids open as he squinted from the room's heavily lighted atmosphere. "Agh...fuckin' feel like shit." His throat was tender and sore from the slimy insertion, grimacing as he tried to swallow. Lifting his head to look around and seeing all the hospital equipment, blinking lights and various beeps, not the best place to wake up in. "What happened?" Glancing up at the man next to him and seeing his name tag, Dr. Matton. "That's what we were hoping you could tell us....a patrol found you lying unconscious in that freighter which gave central a distress call this morning. But the crew is still scared shitless and won't talk to anyone. And, since then you've been here in the medical frigate for the last eight hours." Matton was listening with his stethoscope. "That's pretty much all we know now, however your vitals were out of control for awhile when you got here...fortunately you didn't slip into a coma, or worse." Pushing himself back in the chair and crossing his arms. "Yet we have no idea what caused your symptoms...all tests were negative." Jake rubbed his hand down his face, "You know doc...I'd tell you if I could remember, but everything's just fog right now." Feeling his light stubble that had grown. "Well, I don't want to interrogate you right now...we're just going to let you rest until we feel that you're safe to leave here without any complications." "Mm, sounds good doc...feels like I just got hit by a loading bus, don't feel like doing much of anything right now." "I'll be back later to check in on you, we'll take you down to the officer's quarters for now." Doctor Matton gave a nod to one of the nurses who then wheeled him down to a large room that was low lit and furnished with a small bed, dresser and shower. Jake jumped up on the soft bed, sighing as he found a comfortable spot and dozed off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake's eyes blink open again, but this time there was no one there with a bright light, just a nagging twinge he felt in his crotch...it was actually getting a bit worse as the thought about it. Curious to see, he lifted up the bottom of his gown, exposing his toned muscular frame as he looked down at the source of his discomfort. What he saw wasn't reassuring to the least as his testicles appeared to be swollen to the size of two grapefruits, in which his penis looked almost distended and lengthened. "Oh shit.." Poking them causing him quickly draw back as they were ever so tender. "Just what I need, dammit." He looked around for a call button but to find nothing. Painfully, he stood up, which made it feel much worse as the heavy ball sac tugged down with the force of gravity. But the motion seemed to have also excited his love stick as a hefty erection started to form, becoming rock solid as his body's lower head saluted him. It was throbbing and pulsing as he looked down at it, starting to develop a sense of fear realizing that his genitalia could explode. The throbbing became more intense as veins started to pop out and push the skin up just as his nuts swelled even bigger. Jake putting his hands around it, but scared too scared to touch and place any pressure on it. "Nu..nurse!" he tried to yell out but was only dampened by his own shock. "What the hell's happening to me?" It was almost like his cock was thrusting on its own, pulling and straining on his prostate. Just as he was about to call for the nurse again with more augusto, his member had a violent spasm as it shot out a thick jet of cum, striking the bottom of his chin as it splattered and noisily splashed all over the room, a few drops getting into his mouth. The large orgasm left him breathless as he looked down at the monster that had grown between his thighs, its fluid dripping from his chin...when it ejaculated again...this time even bigger, coating his face and upper body with hot male spunk. "Fuck!" Jake was wiping it out from his eye and spitting it out his mouth, squinting as he grabbed part of the bed sheet to clear his face and started to wipe it off his chest, his bigger, fuller chest. Confused, he grabbed his pectorals, one in each hand. They were gently pressing out against his fingers as he felt a light stretch in his skin...they were growing. Looking too he could see that the arms holding them were pumped, even more than he would see after a good hard workout at the gym. He scanned his body, seeing that nothing seemed to be normal right now. Jake's thighs increased their girth; he was able to see each head of his quadriceps filling out, almost like watching water balloons filling up on the kitchen faucet. They expanded as his vastus lateralis wrapped around, giving a beautiful sweep as it met up with his bulbous hamstrings which were thickening up at a comparable rate. The long length of those muscles reached up to the back shelf that is also known as the ass as his glutes poured out from his waist, becoming enormous globes of beef filling the other side of his pelvis, countering the heavy package that was delivered to his front. Down below his calves stretched out, looking like huge turkey drum sticks from the prehistoric age as the muscle tapered down to his ankles...the heads in his gastroc pulled away, giving a deep separation. Jake couldn't believe what was happening to him, it was all happening so fast. His heart race as each beat matched the tempo of his chest expanding. On the sides of his more than meaty chesticles were his shoulders, which looked like someone had literally dug up two giant boulders from the ground and implanted them there. But of course, there were nice striations and separations in each head of deltoid, including the posterior which highly complemented the thickness of his traps, rhomboids and lats. They were getting so big it looked as if they were rolling out from each other and engulfing his neck. Even the muscles running up and down his spine swelled with size as they met up with his already massive ass and traps, above and below. The lieutenant was sweating as the huge amounts of testosterone that were churning in his balls spread throughout his body... growing everything it passed. His arms were getting bigger and bigger, triceps that exploded into horseshoes that would be too big for even the biggest Clydesdale and biceps that went from baseballs to softballs to watermelons. Everything else was growing to perfect proportions, pecs looking like larger than average pillows filled with meat, thighs that were literally as big as concrete supports for light poles in parking lots, an ass that was bigger than two swiss exercise balls put together, and a back that would baffle engineers in ever getting it through a door frame. Jake looked down, but couldn't even see his massive cock and balls anymore...he felt them though, throbbing and slapping against his ripped 10 pac abs that sprouted during the experience. His whole body trembled, still adjusting to the immense size that it had suddenly acquired. Jake thought about lying down on the bed, but he was almost three times the size of it. It was a good thing he wasn't claustrophobic...the room felt incredibly small now as he was even slightly closer to the ceiling. The now massively muscled soldier took his first steps in his new form...incredibly awkward as he ever so slowly waddled to the door, feeling the thick muscles contract. He looked at the door to get out.....no way in hell. Seeing the square call button he pushed it as the little red light flashed against his skin.
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