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    Pomona, CA.
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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Lifting, growing, sex haha
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    help in the gym, gym buddy, trainer, role play, and fwb?
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    no limits
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    muscle growth, cartoon music growth, muscle worship, 3D muscle growth, hyper muscle, hyper cock and balls, no limits/neverending growth, macro, size difference, muscle on muscle, muscle on fat, muscleguts, immobility, lots of cum, sweat, pits, pecs, furries, uberfat/weight gain, lactation, growth by cum/milk, magic, pills/steroids, gym/locker room/shower settings, alpha males, gods/deities, transformations

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  1. Looking for trainer/sponsor/master/someone to feed my addiction to grow HUGE

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