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  1. I remember reading a really long superman/Jimmy Olsen/Lux Luther story where Luther steals superman's cum and uses it to make himself and Olsen grow. super hot. It was really long tho. 20+ parts. Anyone remember it? Have it?
  2. hey, hit me up on skype dude

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      Done! added you.

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      coll, message me so i know its you :)

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  3. Looking for trainer/sponsor/master/someone to feed my addiction to grow HUGE

  4. Part 1: “ONE MORE REP MAN! DO IT!” The muscular Amur tiger yelled to his equally muscular brother. “Gotta get ready for those Colorado girls, man…” “Yeah, you’ll have a lot of free time to spend with them once you break your neck in the terrain park…” Sam’s older brothers, Chad and Brad, were working out in their basement. The two were religious weightlifters, always competing with each other to see who could was the biggest and strongest. This constant completion had yielded some impressive results: They were massive. Sam, on the other hand, was not. He was the youngest and skinniest of the three, and while his brothers seemed to pack on muscle effortlessly, he had always struggled to gain any sort of weight. Today he was silently working out alongside them, struggling to bench press a bar loaded up with two 45-pound plates. “Hey bro, mind if we step in and warm up for a bit?” Sam looked up to see Brad’s massive figure standing over him. “Yeah, uh...” Before Sam could finish, the Brad picked up the bar the younger tiger had been benching and began to rapidly curl it, his monstrous biceps pumping with each rep. Sam sighed. His brother could curl more than he could bench. “I guess I’ll just use mom’s dumbbells in the meantime,” Sam said to himself. "Those are my old weights, they're a little too light for me now," his mom yelled from upstairs. Sigh. --- “Hurry up, man! We gotta get on the road!” Brad yelled to Chad. “The more time we spend here, the less time we spend at Breckenridge!” “Yeah, hold on, just let me give this stuff to Sam,” the other tiger responded. A few seconds later he appeared with a cardboard box full of supplements. “Hey little man, we dug out this box of our old stuff... Maybe some of it can help you while we’re away?” Sam took the box and rummaged through it. It was full of the typical muscle-building supplements: vitamins, creatine, and protein powders in various flavors. One small white bottle, labeled "Kitty-Gro,” managed to catch his eye, however. "Hey, what's this one?" Sam asked his brothers, holding up the ‘Kitty-Gro’ bottle. "Oh, that stuff? It doesn't work," Brad responded. "We both tried it... nothing." “They don’t even sell it anymore. The FDA pulled it for false advertising, or something,” Chad added. “Well, anyway, we’re off to Colorado. See ya next week, little man.” --- Later that afternoon, Sam began to prepare for his daily workout. While prepping his normal regimen of protein and supplements, he once again noticed the small bottle of “Kitty-Gro.” Eh, it can’t hurt, he thought to himself, and swallowed two of the pills. Sam continued down to the basement and began his usual workout routine. Today was an arm workout: His favorite. He picked up a set of twenty pound dumbbells and began to curl. As he exercised, he somehow felt… different. In the past, he had struggled with this amount of weight, but today they felt… lighter. He upped the weight to twenty five pounds, and then again to thirty. Moving on to his other exercises, he found that he could similarly lift more weight than usual. After he was finished with his workout, Sam encountered another new development: He was starving. Usually he never had much of an appetite, but today things were different. He raided the fridge, eating any and every bit of leftovers he could find. The next few days continued in the much same way. Impressed with his newfound strength and energy, Sam continued taking the “Kitty-Gro” pills before his daily workouts. He was clearly getting stronger (although he didn’t necessarily look any bigger), and continued to eat nearly everything he could. That night before bed, Sam stood in front of his mirror, studying his body. He flexed an arm, studying his bicep. Sigh. It was as small and sinewy as ever. Sure, he was stronger, but he hadn’t managed to gain any physical mass. Maybe his brothers were right? Maybe the pills were a flop? Part 2: Uhhhhggghhh... Sam awoke the next morning feeling like he had been hit by a freight train. A week had passed since his older brothers had left, and they would be arriving home any minute. The young tiger stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. Still groggy, he threw a towel around his waist and prepared for his morning shower. Something was different though, the towel seemed… smaller. For some reason, it barely fit around his waist. Dad must have shrunk it in the wash, Sam thought to himself. He always does that. That was, until he noticed his reflection in the bathroom mirror. What he saw made his heart jump. Overnight he had grown massive. Sold pecs protruded from his once-flat chest, framed by gigantic deltoids, traps, and lats. Equally impressive were his bulging biceps and triceps, sitting above incredibly thick forearms. It was the body he had always dreamed of, and then some. His formerly toothpick-like torso was equally wide and thick with muscle. He was even sporting a bit of a gut, which was a new experience in its own right considering he had never had any visible bodyfat before. Sam gave his bicep a flex, staring in awe as the muscles bulged... It was even bigger than he had imagined... 30 inches... or more! He picked up the “Kitty-Gro” pill bottle, which now felt even tinyer in comparison to his massive new body. It can’t be… it really worked? He thought to himself. Sam was eager to try out his new strength. Before he could, though, he needed to find clothes that would fit his newly massive frame. He rushed around upstairs, raiding his brothers’ dressers. He had grown so big, however, that he even had trouble fitting into any of their larger clothes. The only thing he could find that would fit his massive frame was a pair Chad’s old athletic shorts. They hadn’t been washed in years, but Sam was out of other options. Holding his nose, he put them on. The elastic was stretched to the max, and they tightly hugged his massive quads, but they worked... for now. Now that he was presentable, Sam ran downstairs the basement weight room. Curious to see what his new muscles could do, he picked up a forty-five pound plate. In the past, he would have struggled with the unwieldy plate, but now it was almost weightless in his hand. Looking for more of a challenge, he moved on to the 120-pound dumbbells his brothers used for chest exercises. He picked one up and began to curl it, watching his bicep strain with every pump. After ten easy reps, it was clear he was going to need some heavier weights. That felt amazing, Just then he heard a knock at the door. His brothers were back. What would they think? The tiger rushed upstairs to let his older brothers in. As the door opened, their jaws dropped. Sam stood in front of them, his shoulders nearly as broad as the doorframe itself. He easily eclipsed his brothers in size and muscle mass. “…Sam!?!” Brad remarked. "What... happened... to you?" Chad stammered. “You’re… huge!” “I don’t know,” Sam responded. “I just woke up like this! I think it was that ‘Kitty-Gro’ stuff!” “What? You mean it actually… worked?” Brad asked in shock. “I guess,” Sam replied. “H-how much did you take?!?!” “Two a day, or something like that.” “Give me that,” Brad said as he grabbed the bottle. “You’re supposed to take one a week!” “Oh,” Sam responded, blushing. “Hey, there’s still a few left,” Brad said, shaking the bottle. “Give it to me!” Chad growled. “No! I bought it!” Brad responded. “They’re mine!” “I’m older!” “I’m bigger!” “No you’re not!” “Guys, stop,” Sam interjected. “I’m better looking!” “I got way more numbers than you did this week!” “Yeah, but you still suck at snowboarding!” “Guys!” Sam tried to stop the argument a second time. “Why you little…” Chad said, swinging his fist at Brad. That’s it! Sam thought to himself. He forced his way between his feuding brothers, grabbing each by the coat. With his massive arms bulging, he lifted them off of the ground, one in each hand. The two older tigers’ faces instantly turned from anger to a combination of fear and surprise. “Give me the bottle,” Sam calmly asked them. “Y-yes sir,” Brad said, and dropped it to the ground. “D-don’t hurt m-me,” Chad pleaded. Sam put the two back on the ground, and picked up the small white bottle. He opened it, and dumped the last two pills into his mouth. “Problem solved,” he said, handing the empty bottle back to Brad as he walked away. The two older tigers stared at each other in terror. “What have we done?” Chad said to Brad, quietly. --- “Look, I’m happy for him and everything, but don’t you think it’s a little embarrassing? Our little brother being bigger than us now?” Brad whispered to Chad. It had been a few days since they had encountered the “new” Sam, and the initial shock had worn off. “And we’re never gonna get as big as him without more of those pills, and they don’t even make them anymore…” “I’m two steps ahead of you, man. I talked to my hookup guy. I don’t know how, but he got us some. I even put them in an aspirin bottle so he doesn’t find them. The last thing we need is him getting any bigger,” Chad replied. “Nice! Let’s take some right now!” “No, we need to ask Sam how he did it. They didn’t work for us the first time when we followed the directions, we need to do it exactly how he did,” “I guess. We’ll talk to him, then tomorrow, we start.” The two headed upstairs into the kitchen. Their mom was at the sink, washing vegetables. “Oh hey boys, how was your workout?” Their mother asked. “Oh, by the way, I have to say that new aspirin you picked up is amazing! I had a headache this morning but I’ve been taking them all day and I feel great!” Chad and Brad froze, staring at each other in horror.
  5. Its from about 3 years ago, MainLion posted it on FurAffinity and Parts 1 & 2 are posted here: Part 1: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5702983/ Part 2: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5718175/ But Parts 3, 4 & 5 are gone. Anyone have them or know where to find them?
  6. Hi fella, loving the new look forum. Big fan of jacked up muscle guys myself. Love cartoon muscle inflation also.

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