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    Pedro Alpha Muscle


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    real profile.
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    bodybuilding, muscle worship, cam shows, in person worship
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    5'8" 240lbs
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    muscle worship, sponsorship, muscle growth, feed and grow me to reach 300lbs+
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    300lbs + help me get there subscribe to my onlyfans
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    I live out the stories you read...living out fantasies every session. I'm the real deal. Life is to short to not make your fantasies come true. Imagination is cool & all...but nothing beats the real musclegod.
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    Mattia Vecchi
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    my thick powerful alpha massive muscles worshipped, oiled, kissed, bit, sucked, licked....etc.

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  1. Sexy seductive screenshot of the new addition to the Daddy/Son series. Link to my onlyfans is in my profile. This handsome muscular 21 year old just started bodybuilding. He puts his arm around my neck as he worships my pecs & arms...squeezes me...nurses my nips...so fucking hot. I've never moaned this much in a video.  You should check it out ;)



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