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    bodybuilding, muscle worship, cam shows, in person worship
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    5'8" 270lbs
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    muscle worship, sponsorship, muscle growth, feed and grow me to reach 300lbs+
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    300lbs + help me get there by visiting my wish list: http://a.co/5Efha1M
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    I live out the stories you read...living out fantasies every session. I'm the real deal. Life is to short to not make your fantasies come true. Imagination is cool & all...but nothing beats the real musclegod.
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    Dorian, Mattia Vecchi
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    my thick powerful alpha massive muscles worshipped, oiled, kissed, bit, sucked, licked....etc.

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  1. why do you say that @mystery7
  2. I'll be in Atlanta for a few days in March. Message me for details
  3. there's a ton of meat here to worship guys
  4. Hi @Dentistclark are you a real dentist? haha very cool if so... i don't know my arms or chest size...i like not knowing and just going by the size of huge. many of my worshippers have been 6'2 or taller. one was 6'5"! haha i still outweight them all. seems like the tall guys love a musclebull. you should worship me someday. EVERYONE: I'M SEEING PEOPLE IN THE DETROIT AREA STARTING FEBRUARY. If you're in Chicago, Ohio...come and see me. Or fly me to you!
  5. I am @Chrisgf13 and getting bigger. in two weeks i'll begin seeing people in Detroit for MUSCLE WORSHIP. already have appointments from people in Chicago and Ohio coming to see me in February. message me for details!
  6. @Keychain i'm 5'8" 270lbs
  7. the goal is to make the strings on my stringer meet and become inseparable because my pecs are so damn big
  8. I'll be seeing people for muscle worshipo in DETROIT next month...I've got fans from Chicago, Ohio and nearby cities driving or flying in...message me for info about a muscle worship session with me!
  9. are you gonna see me in atl? i can't remember what we talked about....
  10. hopefully the answers i provided to your questions help and are a great start. i think its always best for people to ask me directly. muscle worship can be very sensual. yet everyone's definition of sensual is different. and their experience withsensuality is different. i get some guys who ask me if i enjoy the stories. i don't read them since i live out the stories. hehe feel free to message me direclty or here wiht more questoins.
  11. i inferred 'done' as worshipped a bodybuilder.
  12. @Keychaingood questions. i actually have thought about doing a FAQ, i'm new to the forum, about 3 weeks, and these are common questions. q: Why do you enjoy in-person worship sessions more? a: i'm a realist. not into fantasy. i live the stories. i don't read them. so i enjoy the physical contact and appreciation of my hard work and discipline to develop my body and mucles. the physcial tactile experience is more enjoyable to me. q: What do you do with first time worshippers? Ie how do you guide the session a:i make sure they are comfortable and excited and guide their hands feeling my muscle. eventually they take over. so its like a spotter in the gym or a lift off...just to get them going q: and what do you expect from them/what to they normally expect from you? a: it varies for each individual. the only expectation is for the worshipper to have the time of their life. q: How often do worshippers ask you to manhandle them, and do you enjoy manhandling them? a: some want to be dominated. some want the boyfriend experience. so 50/50 q: What do you get out of physical domination; if you do that with your clients? a: the satisfaction of being an alpha musclegod to everyone: DM me if you would like a worship session with me
  13. Hey guys, Just found this topic. very interesting stuff. I'm worshipped online and most enjoy in in person. I'm in Michigan and folks from Chicago and Ohio will be seeing me next month. I'll be travleing to major cities in the USA later this spring. I'm looking to add Tampa to the tour. Anyone interested in Florida? https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16666-muscle-worshiop-tour-2019 Message me if you are interested plus for details and info. FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME ABOUT MUSCLE WORSHIP. WHAT ITS LIKE? HOW MUCH? WHAT'S PERMISSABLE? ETC... Whether its your first time or a veteran of muscle worship, you'll love my dense thick muscle. Massive pecs, thick wide back. A ton of muscle at your fingertips. Pedro
  14. Thanks for following, man!

    1. Rugbyjock92


      No problem, keep it up!

  15. Thanks for following, bro!

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