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    bodybuilding, muscle worship, cam shows, in person worship
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    5'8" 270lbs
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    muscle worship, sponsorship, muscle growth, feed and grow me to reach 300lbs+
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    300lbs + help me get there by visiting my wish list: http://a.co/5Efha1M
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    I live out the stories you read...living out fantasies every session. I'm the real deal. Life is to short to not make your fantasies come true. Imagination is cool & all...but nothing beats the real musclegod.
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    Dorian, Mattia Vecchi
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    my thick powerful alpha massive muscles worshipped, oiled, kissed, bit, sucked, licked....etc.

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  1. Nurse my nips in Dallas August 17-19 this weekend. 

    vneck nipple.jpg

  2. Dallas TX is hot mid July right? Lemme  know

    Follow me on Instagram- musclegod1.jpg

  3. who is in Chicago? Wanna go mountain climbing?


    1. Jormund


      Can I massage those bulging massive traps man? ;) 

    2. PedroAlpha


      yes! where do you live?

    3. Jormund


      Spain, think I might be a little too far...

  4. thick as hell, man!  powerful build!  

    1. PedroAlpha


      thanks man


  5. LA this weekend 29 -30


  6. I'm proud of the hard work I put in day after day. Proud to be myself as its so much harder being someone else. Happy Pride Month!



    Late night workout & tonite I’m reminded of being a skinny kid In high school where I worked at a movie theatre that the Denver Broncos would visit during the summer training camp. I admired their massive physiques. Dreamt of being huge one day. So when a follower of mine says today I have human football shoulder pads for shoulders...that’s pretty damn cool. Nostalgia baby. Wish that skinny kid in high school could see me now!


  8. Part of the fun of taking a shirtless selfie at a Starbucks public restroom is the risk of getting busted. If you walked in on me what would you do?

    IMG_1243 - Copy.jpg

    1. iHulkOut


      I would give you my business card. See if you need a good sports massage. Most people do.

    2. Jormund


      Lock the door and nurse those gigantic pecs 

  9. New titty morph by @nicee on Discord. Thanks bro! Wish I had that nipple diameter lol. I think I can get that chest pump tho

    image1 (7).jpeg

  10. Now based in  Southern California

    pedro gif.gif

  11. Thanks for following, man!

    1. Rugbyjock92


      No problem, keep it up!

  12. Thanks for following, bro!

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