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  1. MWU awards scholarships based on a number of criteria. Students who excel in academics and have demonstrated a passion for muscle growth, would absolutely be cosidered, even if they are smaller in size. Aditionally, night classes and courses for continued learning are also available for those who like to add muscular development to their list of career or trade skills.
  2. Some rules are harder to enforce than others. Freshmen, not used to their newfound growth spurts, have a harder time with this one:
  3. Thank you for all the kind words! I appreciate all feedback, nitpicks included, so feel free to make or point them out.
  4. Muscle Worship Univeristy* is a place where students from around the world can further their academic goals in a setting where muscle growth and admiration are given free reign and encouraged by the faculty and programs to create the strongest, most muscular students possible. With so many hard, competitive, testosterone-fulled bodies in one place (both the professors and those they teach), there's bound to be some heated encounters. This is an idea I had the other day that I thought would be interesting to explore. Instead of a traditional written narrative or web comic, what if I made a storyline that incorporated a number of visual media to help explain the details and give this universe a sense of place? I can sort of write, sort of draw, and sort of morph, but I thought I could do a better job combining various skills into one setting to make for a more interesting reading experience. You could see internal memos sent to staff, student text messages, research reports, ads for events and gatherings, booklets outlining available courses etc. Where this project will go from here is something I'm not sure about. In a perfect world, there would be a whole wesbite dedicated to it, where you could click on different parts of the campus and see stories and videos (some indpendent from each other, others interwoven) from within those settings (dorm, classroom, locker room, football field, lab etc). However, the reality is I don't have the skills or talent to put something like that together, though I would be open to collaborating with others. Realistically, I'll just make posts in this thread for free (NOTE TO MODS: Please don't move as this is NOT an advertisement) to get feedback from all of you. If I feel there is enough interest, then MAYBE I'll start a Patreon for it, or I'll just keep posting in this thread. *I chose "worship" over "growth" because I thought it would more clearly tell others about the erotic nature of the material.
  5. Part 2 “First things first, I’m calling the police”. Again, my voice sounded stranger, deeper. I grabbed my phone and typed in 9-1-1, hearing a crack in the process. I thought I barely touched the thing, but my hand practically crushed the phone just dialing a three digit number! In my shock I dropped it on the floor, scared by my own strength. A scratchy voice came from the phone “Hello, this is emergency services, do you need an ambulance or-“ “Shit, my phone!” was my distracted response. “Sir, calm down, we’ll be there as soon as possible. Can you give me your address?” “We’re at the Holiday Inn Express over at...“ I turned to him “...what street are we on?” He didn’t answer, but pounced on the floor where my phone sat and ended the call before either of us could get another word in. “Listen, buddy. I’ll give you back your money. I’ll give you double! We don’t even need to get the cops involved. Just let me go before I lose anything else.” “Loose what?” I still hadn’t figured it out yet. “What, you think a wimp like you could just suddenly crush his phone like that, look at you”. He pointed to a nearby mirror. What I saw in it was the most impressive thing I’d seen all night (and that was saying something). It was me alright, but I looked totally different at the same time. I was downright buff! A deep cut ran down my now puffed up chest, my quads pushed out my briefs to either side of the frame, my shoulders spread wide above my torso and thick veins now wrapped around my bulging arms. Speaking of bulges, the one in my underwear wasn’t looking so bad either. For a minute or two, I forgot there was anyone else in the room. I just stood in the mirror, flexing like some wannabe teen bodybuilder, admiring his first gains. I’m sure it looked cheesey as hell, but damn did I ever feel good! I did every pose I could think of to see just how big I had become; stopping in between sets to run my hands up and down my now cut stomach. My PIN seeker was eager to see my show over and done with. “See, you’re ‘muscle stud’ too now, isn’t it great? Now let’s get moving.” I turned to respond and for the first time since I got off the bed I noticed something different about him. He was still built, but he wasn’t really a “God” anymore. Maybe my standards had now changed based on my own gains, but his frame didn’t look nearly as big or cut. He looked paler too, maybe from fear, or something else. His bugle wasn’t as big either. “How did you get this big?” I asked. “You know, years of hard work at the gym, pumping weights, eating the right food...” “Bullshit, nobody can get this big...” I flexed my biceps “...this fast.” “You know what? I’ll give you triple, hell, I’ll give you the other PINs.” “How many did you steal? I’m sure the cops would like to know.” “Hey, if you don’t want money, I can always help you get bigger.” “I’m sure you can.” I walked over to him, hearing the slight groans on the floor as my feet came closer to my suddenly generous “friend”. I knew this was going to be good. I grabbed him by his other arm. Again, the electric surge went off. He clenched his jaw in agony as he knew what was about to happen. I didn’t even say anything, I just stood there, drinking it all in. Feeling his energy drain from his body and run through mine, making my skin feel tighter, as the muscles grew and stretched and the veins worked overtime to pump blood to them. I felt an intense heat all over my body, causing me to sweat with burning intensity as I tried to maintain my physical and mental hold over the situation. I thought I’d black out after a certain point, but I kept my focus on the task at hand. At one point I heard the sound of tearing fabric, which was obviously the only piece of clothing I still had on me. Blood run to that part of my body too, making it grow thicker, harder. I saw the whole process in reverse while looking at him. He kept getting smaller, paler. He lost focus after some time, but managed to stay somewhat awake. After a while it looked like relief had passed over his face, as he finally accepted the fate he was now doomed to experience. Finally, I let go of my grip. The former God now looked like an ordinary college swimmer in a loose fitting speedo. He sank to the floor as if his body were a pile of braches falling off a tree. He was obviously tired, but the look he gave me was of intense hatred none the less. “Fine. You got what you wanted...can I go now?” “Well at least until someone touches me.” I said, responding to his first point. “No, no. It’s yours to keep. At least that’s what I think she meant.” “She?” “Never mind, it’s not important”. He quickly threw on his now oversized clothes, clearly embarrassed by the whole situation and just wanting to leave as quietly as possible. I figured he had suffered enough and was harmless at this point, so I resigned to let him do just that. After he gave me back my wallet, of course. But there was a knock on the door. “Just...stay here for a moment.” The knock was a sound that brought me back to reality. I had no clothes on and needed something quick to cover up. I found a robe in the bathroom that was loose enough to squeeze into, but looked ridiculously stretched on my newly massive frame. Still, I was at least no longer nude. I opened the door to find two police men on the other side. It was only when I saw them that I had remembered I called. One officer was an average looking guy. Middle aged, I guess. Nothing you wouldn’t expect from any ordinary urban police man. His partner however, was something else entirely. He was younger, taller with blue eyes and short black hair. Even with his uniform on, I could tell he was in good shape. His shirt puffed out from the weight of the chest inside, his forearms had the cuts of someone familiar with a gym, his biceps nearly filled out his sleeves and his wide shoulders were well in proportion with his waist. If I wasn’t into men in uniform before seeing this guy, I would be now. He smiled at me, like he knew what was going through my mind, and he had experienced similar situations many times before. Being the easily distracted guy that I am, the other cop had to speak again louder to get his point across. “We traced the call to this room, what’s the issue?” I shifted my gaze from one cop to another. “Oh, we’re fine now officer.” “It sure didn’t sound like that over the phone” had said bluntly. The ruined robber came over the cops to reinforce my point. “No, he’s right, there’s... nothing to worry about anymore.” Officer Average looked at him with disappointment. “Why do you kids always wear such baggy clothing?” He sighed with the annoyance of someone who knew their time had been wasted. “Come on son, I’ll take you home.” “Son? I’m 32!” “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you are, let’s go.” They stomped down the hallway together, equally frustrated, but for different reasons. I turned to the other cop. “Is he always like this?” “Well...not always, but he still has two hours left to go in his shift. Me, I’m nearly...” His gazed shifted to below my waist. “Damn...” “What?” I couldn’t figure out at first what he was talking about, but as soon as I looked down I could see what he was amazed with. I still had my robe on, but it didn’t cover everything around my waist, there was one leg clearly sticking straight out, and it didn’t have a foot attached to it. “Holy crap, and I thought I was big!” the taller, hotter cop remarked. I hastily tried to cover up, but the robe was so tight on my massive frame I could barely shift it one way or another. I’m sure I blushed bright red over the situation. “Hey man, it’s okay, there’s no one else in the hallway right now.” “I’ll try and get something else on.” I said, still feeling embarrassed. “Hey, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to for questioning.” He slowly walked into the room, relaxing his hands on his belt. “Questioning?” I didn’t think I’d be able to easily explain anything that had happened to me. “Isn’t there someone else who needs your help now? What about your partner?” “He’ll be fine taking that kid home. Like I said, he’s not done his shift yet.” He took his hat off. “Me, I only have about 15 minutes left, but I think I could do some more investigating into this case. Can never be too careful when you’re a cop, you know?” “I guess not.” We both stood silently for a moment while he continued to look me over. After a moment he started slowly licking his lips. Even I could tell where this was going. I slowly reached to grab my robe, before tearing it off in two like paper, leaving my newly formed, hulking, hard, ripped frame totally exposed in front of my handsome questioner. “Will this help the investigation?” I asked with new found cocky arrogance. The cop smirked with satisfaction. “Yeah, I think it will.” THE END
  6. New 2-part story, hope you like it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 “You were so desperate to meet me. You were just sitting there, at the bar, all alone, and then I walk in and you just started...drooling! Ha! Man you should have seen the look on your face. It was like a dog begging for a bone, hungry, starving for a good piece of meat.” Those were the first words I remember hearing when I woke up. I had no idea where I was, or what I was doing. All I knew then was that I felt incredibly tired, and the only thing I could see through my eyes was white. The unknown voice continued: “and then I walked over to you, said ‘hi’, put my hand on your back. You started panting then. You didn’t even have to say a word; I knew everything about you within 30 seconds of meeting you. That you had been sitting there for a while, getting nowhere and you were willing to do anything with the first guy willing to talk to you. But it wasn’t just any guy, it was a muscle God. And when you realized that you were practically begging to see more, do more, with this stud. By then I had realized what I had been staring at. It was the ceiling of a hotel room. Some Holiday Inn Express I guess. I was lying on a bed, feeling like I had been tied up, but there was no rope or anything. As far as I could tell, there was nothing on my wrists or ankles and I appeared to be fine – only I was wasn’t wearing anything but my boxer briefs. “Sit up man, you’ll get a better view” I did as the voice commanded, but found I could not move anymore beyond the basic order he gave. As soon as I tried to move again I felt like all energy had been drained from my arms and legs. Again, there were no ropes or anything else to weigh me down, but the pressure I felt on my body was unbelievable. Not painful, but it was as if invisible hands were working hard to pin me down. “So what do you think?” When the voice had mentioned “muscle God” I had no idea what he was talking about. Now I did. Standing at the end of the bed, practically naked, was the most incredible man I had ever seen. Tall, built, powerful, ripped, he was everything a championship bodybuilder would want themselves to look like. His entire frame looked like it was carved out of smooth, tan-flesh coloured stone. Not an ounce of body fat, but no loss in size for his arms, traps, chest and legs. Every breath he took showed contracting fibers, bulging veins and sweat covered ridges as if he had just completed a workout to puff up his body even more. His face? A work of art with short, blond hair and a warm stubble covering his razor sharp jaw line. He flashed his hot white teeth for a moment in a smile that made his oddly purple eyes burn up with car-headlight intensity. My eyes drifted around the mountain standing before me, wandering from head to quads, stopping to notice the pair of short cut Calvin Klein briefs, stretched to the point of straining, trying to contain the heavy muscle placed inside. Whoever this man, this thing was, he was absolutely worth drooling over. “Ah, see, there’s that look again!” he pointed his finger to what was obviously my stunned face. “You don’t need to say anything, I know you like what you see.” I don’t think I could have said anything. My mouth was just like the rest of my body; frozen, quiet, open just enough to breathe. The living anatomy chart started pacing the room, casual as ever, not noticing the slight moan the weight of his frame was causing the floor beneath him to make. “What do you think I should do first? Give you...a little bit of a flex show?” He slowly raised one arm to show off his bicep, but he didn’t finish the curl. “Nah, I think we need to get the important business over with first.” He walked over to a pile of clothes thrown on a nearby chair. He rummaged through the pockets of a pair of pants for a moment before he pulled out my wallet. “This yours?” my silence was the only answer I could give. “I always make sure I get paid first, for security reasons” he said as politely as possible. He opened and sifted through the wallet a bit, counting the bills. “Wow, 500 bucks!” he laughed, “you always carry this much money around with you?” he took the bills and stuffed them in another pair of pants that I assume was his own. “It sounds like a lot of money, but they say it you really want something, you gotta pay for it. Wouldn’t you agree?” Once again, silence from me. “Well now that we got the down payment completed (“down payment!?” my inner thoughts shrieked), let me give you what you paid for.” He did his first pose, double biceps, just like he was in competition. He took a deep breath to hold it in place. “Fuck ya!” he exhaled “just what you wanted man, a muscle stud of your own!” He moved on to side chest next, followed by a lat spread. Each move was taken slowly, building up the peaks, popping out the veins, all done with the ease of someone who had been through this routine many times before. “This getting you excited man?” he looked down at my briefs, before looking back up, smiling with the success of his show. “I guess it is!” Despite my frozen state, my cock was heating up beneath my briefs. They quickly felt very warm, and wet. “Works every time!” the muscle master beamed “but there’s more where that came from.” He grabbed his own tool, working his hand up and down its length, running his finger down the side to show just how long it really was. “Not even hard yet...” my limited breath quickened. He turned around to show the same poses as before from the back. “People often forget about how the body looks from the backside, but...you look like someone who might appreciate this.” His fingers gently pulled the back of his briefs down, showing the hard, full glutes that were covered just seconds ago. He shifted his weight from side to side. “Mmmm, yeah...sometimes that ass needs a hard workout too...think you could help me with that tonight?” The wood itched further up inside my briefs, leaking just a little bit more. He turned around again to face me from the front. “You know this body looks even better up close. Let me show you.” He climbed up on the bed, carefully avoiding contact with my body. He planted himself right above waist, straddling his knees on either side to support himself. The bed groaned, as if with pleasure, knowing this superhuman had chosen to make his base here. He took a deep breath before running his hands up and down his shredded, vascular abs. “Oh yeah, you can really see it now.” He rounded his shoulders and flexed his torso, causing each abominable muscle to pop out even further, and the sweat to slowly run over each ridge. “This is the view you’ve wanted the whole time”. My eyes never blinked as I took in every inch of the brick wall of power before me. I titled my head just low enough to see that the length of his cock-stuffed Calvins were just an inch from touching my torso. By now, my own briefs were soaked. The God showed a victorious smirk “You want this soooo bad, don’t you? Lie down”. Obedient, I lay down flat on the bad. My only movement since his last order. Shifting himself forward, but careful not to come into contact, he slid himself further up my torso. From my new angle, the mountain seemed to tower above me. He let his fingers trace his pecs, his abs, his nipples... “Soon you’ll be able to touch allll of this”. He clenched his fists, popping the veins on his forearms, showing a most muscular right in my face in short, fast, thirds shouting “This alpha! Fucking! God!” I was done. If this guy wanted anything from me, he could have had it. And he knew it. He put his hands on the bed, leaned further, lower, right in my face. His beautiful eyes and lips were inches from mine. “There’s just one thing I need from you first...” He leaned over to my ear, now hot with his breath, pushing, teasing against it. “One. Simple. Thing.” “What? What! I can’t stand it! Just tell me!” The voice in my head screamed as if it were a drowning man, begging for help. He pulled back to my face. “You’re pin number.” Deep, deep from somewhere in the fog of my head, I could tell that something was wrong. He went back to some light, casual flexing. Still calm, still in control “Just that little, 4-digit number of yours. Then you can have as much as you want.” A tiny, little sound from somewhere in the distance was crying for help. “Don’t do it!” it said in muffled, dim tones. For a brief moment, I lost focus on the stranger in front of me, flexing and talking like he was still in control. “Yep, just tell me that number and you can do whatever you wa - shit!” He slipped on the bed, falling on my arm. I thought the weight would crush me, but something else happened. My arm burned not with pain, but with energy, as if it had just been plugged in an outlet and shocked into life. To my amazement, I not only had the strength to lift his arm, but hold onto it too, with a vice like grip that stunned me with its strength. “Let go of me!” he cried with sudden pain and fear. “You’re not supposed to be able to do this, stop! STOP!” But I didn’t, I just held on while he lifted me from the bed with his arm, the electrical charge running through the rest of my body, humming with life and newfound energy. “Please, let go!” his face was losing colour, his voice not as deep. “I’ll let go of you after you answer a few questions...and the police arrive.” My own voice sounded deeper, my body felt heavier with newly born weight. But it wasn’t causing me to be still; it was making me stronger, tougher... “You’re not getting my credit card pin anytime soon.” Continued in Part 2
  7. Tyler would first have to know that he has any wishes for himself. Aladdin was good enough person enough to help his friend, but Tyler may not be as selfless as to give up any his wishes for someone who lied to him. Still trying to pull all the story elements together. When I wrote the first part I knew this could go any number of directions, but I'm trying to make whatever I choose fit into a logical whole. That and still give each part some sort of muscle growth and/or worship element. My goal is to upload a new part each week. How many parts in total the story will last is something I don't know yet. I'm surprised (in a good way!) that so many people here are enjoying it so far! It's only when I started writing for the site myself did I realize just how much effort goes into these stories. I really do appreciate everyone's work on the forum for developing and sharing their content.
  8. Part 3 “Should we continue the work out?” Genie asked. “Absolutely, I want to see how much this body can do!” “OK then, let’s go on to some bench presses.” A bench and loaded barbell quickly materialized next to them in the room. Tyler lay down on the bench to get into position while Genie walked around behind the bar to spot him. “I think I should be good to do this without any help, how much weight is on the bar?” “250 pounds.” Genie replied. “Only 250? That should be nothing for me now.” Indeed for Tyler it was, he kept pushing up the bar, rep after rep without any trouble, with a big, satisfied smile on his face for knowing how easy this was for him. From Genie’s perspective, he could see Tyler’s chest expanding, sweat running down his torso, his abs tensing and his triceps swelling with each successive rep. When the time for the next set came, Tyler eagerly took his hands on the bar once again, this time grunting with each push of his arms to emphasize just how strong, aggressive and cocky he could be. Genie couldn’t contain his excitement for much longer. As Tyler progressed more into an alpha-male type state, his cock began to heat up and swell in his jock, pushing out further and further and straining the fabric trying to contain the animal eager to escape. Tyler was so focused on his routine he hardly noticed the jock strap inching into his field of vision. When he had finished his last set, he sat up and spun around to face Genie, whose bulge now pointed directly into Tyler’s chest. The former skater boy just laughed, “Am I turning you on Genie? Am I now so hot even guys can’t help but get hard when they look at me?” Tyler brought his fists closer together to flex his chest, while still keeping his eyes on his workout partner. He had never felt more powerful and sexy in his life, and loved every minute of it. Genie was at a loss for words, this was too good to be true. “Tyler, if you continue working out with me you’ll be the hottest fucking guy on the planet!” “The planet? I don’t know brother; I still think I have the edge over most.” Genie was quickly pulled from his focus on Tyler at the recognition of this voice. It was his brother, another Genie and no less powerful than him. Unlike his brother, this Genie had short, black spiky hair and blue eyes that highlighted his handsome face and matched the pair of track pants he was currently wearing. His body, while smooth and slightly different in skin tone, was no less impressively built, even more ripped and huge than his brother. His torso was on full display as he walked in without a shirt, clearly visible to Tyler who was soon put in his place at the sight of this new muscle god. “Still, he is cute, and you seem to be enjoying him, or at least your dick is.” Genie was certain his brother wasn’t going to be here when he brought Tyler to the mansion and was very irritated to find out he was wrong. “Brother, we are in the middle of a work out. Could you come back later? I can introduce you to Tyler then.” Tyler wasn’t paying any attention to what his Genie was saying, he was much too fascinated by the idea of meeting another Genie and seeing just how incredible he looked by comparison. “Dam, bro, your abs are out of this world.” He reached out to touch them to be sure they were real. “Like a fucking brick wall.” The new Genie was quite flattered, and took Tyler’s hand to encourage him to feel just how hard they were. Slowly letting him outline the edges, and cuts with his fingers, all while thoroughly enjoying the attention he was getting. “You know, you can have abs like this right now if you want, plus some real arms, chest and legs too.” Genie’s brother went into some poses to demonstrate just how much bigger, vascular and more shredded he was compared to Tyler, even with his recently improved physique. Tyler’s mouth was open in awe the whole time. Genie’s brother was unreal. There was no way anyone could be that huge and that ripped at the same time, and yet here he was, looking at this living statue with massive shoulders, traps and thighs that only emphasized just how slim his waist was and how big his arms were too. After several moments of staring at this mountainous physique, words finally came out of Tyler to say “I’d love that! But it’s not like I can just wish for it.” “Why not, isn’t that why you have a genie?” He took a break from posing to look up at his brother. “He said I’m here to help grant him his wishes.” At this Tyler’s Genie began to speak up, “Brother, can I have a talk with you for a moment?” “Sure. Tyler, why don’t you continue to work out while we go into the other room for a moment?” The new genie patted Tyler on the shoulder as he said this, before turning around to walk away with his brother. Tyler was once again confused over what exactly was going on, but he decided to just do as he was told. Now that he knew there was more than one Genie here, he thought he should be more careful about what he should do or say. “You stay out of this!” “What did you tell him?” “I told him Genies grant their own wishes with the help of the person who frees them from their lamp.” His brother roared with laughter, “Well, that’s a new one.” Tyler’s Genie just ignored him. “He’s my master, and I can tell him what I want!” Knowing his brother’s past, this Genie was very amused at the whole situation. “Do you remember the last time you thought you could have your own boy toy?” “It won’t happen with Tyler!” “No, I supposed he won’t end up bursting into flames. Maybe he’ll just be eaten alive like the one before that?” “We’re in a different time and place now brother, if he doesn't get his wishes, there’s a real chance I can stay here and finally have relationship with someone.” Genie’s brother started to get serious, “I’ve told you this before brother, they’re not your wishes, there’s a reason we’re not supposed to stay outside of the lamp forever. Mortals are not like us.” “And I’m not like you!” Genie’s brother just sighed, “No, I suppose you’re not, but don’t say I didn’t warn you this time. You can’t hide the truth from Tyler or anyone else forever.” “By the time Tyler finds out, he’ll already have everything he wants....including me.” Tyler’s Genie quickly zapped himself from one room to the next, startling Tyler who was in the middle of doing some barbell curls. “I guess I’m still getting used to all this genie stuff.” Genie ignored Tyler’s reaction and cut right to the point, “You want your skateboard back Tyler? How about even more muscle? And sex, and money, and a car, and a way better place to live than the home you have now?” Tyler was pleasantly surprised, but still shocked by this sudden change in attitude, “Sure, that sounds pretty cool, I guess.” “Good, because you’re about to get it all.” Continued in Part 4
  9. I had so many ideas for Part 2, but I picked this one. Hope it lives up to everyone's expectations. Maybe I'll post alternate versions in the future? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 “You ready for this?” Tyler didn't really know where "this" was going. “Um, I guess. Don’t really know what you want with me here.” “Well for starters, I’d say do 15 push ups, 15 jumping jacks and 20 squats.” “What?” Tyler wasn't exactly the kind of guy who went to the gym. “Just a warm up to see how you do.” Tyler didn’t argue or question what exercising had to do with anything. He figured he’d just go along with whatever Genie was going to say and get this over with as soon as possible. While Tyler was somewhat fit thanks to all his skating, he didn’t really have the skill to do push ups and squats with the best form. Nevertheless, he finished his first assignment to the best of his ability. Genie wasn’t fully satisfied. “Hmm, I was kind of expecting more from you Tyler, but no matter, we’ll just go on to the next set.” Tyler was hoping this wasn’t going to be too long of a workout. He still hadn’t fully rested from when he was last sitting on the skate park steps. “Let’s move on to some strength training. Here...” instantly dumbbells appeared in Genie’s hands, “take these and do some curls. I’d say 12 each arm.” Tyler started doing curls, but he just swung the dumbbells without really concentrating on form or squeezing his biceps. Genie’s disappointment continued, “Dude, you really need to work on your form. You won’t gain much strength just doing that.” “Why do I need more strength?” Tyler didn’t get any of this. This guy was a genie, he could do more or less anything he wanted, “why do you need me for anything? You have magic powers and stuff.” “Well, I needed you to get out of the lamp. Not much you can do while stuck in there, except work out.” “Ya, I can see that.” Tyler felt embarrassed failing at these reps while standing next to this hulk of a muscle guy. “Besides, it’s kind of lonely in there, and I thought I’d do something I like with a friend for once.” Tyler wasn’t about to call someone he just met that afternoon and stolen his skateboard a friend. He was however, willing to play along since Genie didn’t seem too crazy for a loner with super powers. Tyler sighed, but tried not to sound too rude while doing so “O.K., so what’s next on the workout schedule?” “Well if we’re going to get serious about this, you’re going to have to get some decent workout clothes.” Genie snapped his fingers again. Instantly all of Tyler’s clothes disappeared, except his hat and now the only thing covering the rest of his body was a pair of black, Under Armour boxer briefs. Genie’s track pants were gone too. “What the hell? Where are my clothes?” Tyler wrapped his arms around his chest to try and cover up. “Relax man, I always work out in my briefs, it’s nothing weird.” “Briefs” was a generous word for them. What was really between Genie’s legs was a skimpy, dark blue jockstrap that barely contained the thick piece of meat stuffed inside them. Without his loose hanging track pants Tyler could finally see just how massive Genie’s tree trunk-like legs were, with bulging calves and a round, hard ass that was pushed up even further by the straps of his jock. Tyler was stunned by the sudden change in wardrobe. “Ok, you know what? Keep the skateboard. This is getting too weird for me, I’m leaving.” He started to walk away. “You’re just going to walk out the door in your underwear?” Tyler quickly came to his senses; this guy was clearly getting whatever he wanted. He shuddered to think what that might mean for him, but he tried to put on a brave face when he walked back to Genie to confront him. “I want my skateboard, I want my clothes and I don’t want to do anymore of this workout shit!” “But you’re making such great progress. Look how buff you’re starting to get.” Genie gestured his hand towards the skater’s body. Tyler didn’t understand how in two minutes of exercising he could build much muscle, but as he looked down at his torso he began to see what his so called “friend” was talking about. Tyler’s slim, lean frame began to quickly expand and fill out. His flat chest was pushing out from him and becoming more rounded, his arms felt heavier as the veiny, striated muscles underneath began to swell and press against his skin. He stared to lean backwards when his back started to add mass and stretch to match his widening shoulders. He stumbled when his legs began to shift and grow to accommodate the stacks of weight that were being attached to his upper body. He grunted when his neck thickened and became pressed against his traps, which like everything else was bulging and growing too. What felt at first like a stomach ache was soon discovered to be his abs being carved out, no longer just flat on his frame, but jutting out too, much like his chest, arms and everything else on his quickly developing body. Best of all his member started to grow too, snaking down towards his left leg and drooling with excitement over this new found hard and rippling physique. “Working out always makes you feel better, don’t you think?” Genie asked. “Feel better?!” That was an understatement, Tyler felt amazing! He may not have been as big as Genie, but he felt like he had doubled in size within minutes! He quickly forgot all about his skateboard and couldn’t help but have a big, cocky grin on his face as he hit a few imitation bodybuilder poses. Biceps, chest, abs, he flexed it all, not caring that he was still only in his underwear. “I feel fucking amazing! So jacked and pumped and...” hitting a most muscular, “BIG! Fuck this feels so good!” “I’m glad you’re happy Tyler, it means a lot to me.” Genie was pretty thrilled himself. He had clearly gotten his first wish. Continued in Part 3
  10. Part 1 Tyler had just finished practicing his moves when he decided to sit down on the steps at the edge of the skate park. It was a hot day in August, and even in his baggy sleeveless shirt and shorts, he couldn’t help but feel tired in the humid summer heat. Sweat was running down his face and chest and he had to take off his baseball cap to let his shaggy blond hair out for a minute. Knowing how thirsty he was he reached to his side to grab the water bottle he had brought with him, but instead picked up a glass bottle that he discovered was empty when he absent-mindedly put it to his mouth to drink and nothing came out. “What the – this isn’t my...” Tyler started to say out loud until he was distracted by the fading label wrapped on the outside of the bottle. It featured a flashy ad of a contest involving a chance to “WIN Up to 3 Grand Prizes!” with the details covered by dirt that had clearly been stuck there for a while. Having nothing better to do at that moment, Tyler picked at the dirt until he had got most of it off. The ad continued: “Hundreds of other chances to WIN cool stuff like...” but the rest was still smeared under the remaining grime. Tyler started to message the rest of it off to finish reading; “12 cash prizes of $500, 10 new mountain bikes, 20 gift cards to any store of your choice, 200 free drinks...” “...and more!” said a voice coming over from Tyler’s right hand side. Tyler looked away from the bottle to see a man leaning against the brick wall that backed up against the side of the stairs. With his Hollister track pants and tank top, wavy brown hair, and rear facing baseball cap, he looked like any other guy that Tyler might have seen at the park. Only he was taller and older than most and more muscular than any skater guy you’d expect to meet. “I remember when they first had that contest, it’s pretty old.” He continued, “Can I see that bottle?” “Sure.” Tyler replied. He didn’t think there was anything really special about it. “Thanks, weird that it would end up here.” He examined the bottle for a moment before looking up into the horizon. “Man it’s hot outside.” He brought the bottle to his lips and quickly gulped the water that came out, which was astonishing to Tyler considering it had been empty just seconds before. The guy let out a deep breath; “damn that feels good. I was getting pretty thirsty.” He handed the bottle back to Tyler. “...Yeah...I bet.” was his response. The two just awkwardly stared at each other for a moment before Tyler decided to break the silence. “Haven’t seen you around here before, what’s your name?” “Genie”. He said. “What?” Tyler thought he had heard it wrong. “Ya, it’s Genie.” Tyler was even more confused “Who names their kid Genie?” “’Cause I am one. There’s only, like, 10 of us so there’s no point in giving us individual names like Clark or Bob.” Tyler just stared at the guy like he was nuts “Sure, a genie.” “Yep, you set me free Tyler. Now I can get my wishes.” “Wait, how did you know my name? And what do you mean YOUR wishes? If you’re really a genie, you’d be granting MY wishes.” “Who told you that?” Genie asked. Tyler hesitated “...well, you know, movies and shit.” Genie just gave Tyler a blank look “movies...and shit. Well since I’m neither of those things I think we can tell who’s the expert on genie stuff here.” Tyler wasn’t interested in continuing this bizarre conversation, so he decided to grab his skateboard, get up and leave. “Yeah, whatever” was all he said before turning around to walk away, but as soon as he did Genie put his hand on his shoulder. “Look Tyler, I’ve been waiting a really long time for this to happen and it would mean a lot to me if you could help.” “Why should I?” Tyler was starting to get annoyed with this guy. “’Cause when you’re done helping me...” Genie took Tyler’s skateboard from under his arm and held it up to his side, before making it float just above his fingers. “...I’ll give you your skateboard back.” No sooner had he said this when he snapped his fingers and Tyler’s skateboard vanished in a flash of fire and smoke. Tyler was stunned. “You asshole, what the fuck?! Give me my skateboard back!” He tried to punch Genie, but his fist just met his hand. “Look, just 10 minutes and I’ll give it back. Promise.” Tyler was still pissed, but he knew there was no use in fighting this guy. “Fine, but let’s just get this over with.” “Fair enough, I’ll make this as quick as possible so you can get back to your regular, genieless life. Now let me see...” Genie looked around for a moment while thinking about what to do first. “Well for starters, I’d like to get out of this freakin’ heat.” Another snap of the fingers. “Holy shit” was all Tyler could blurt out when he looked around him. As fast as you can blink the two of them were transported to the interior of an enormous, spectacular, multi-million dollar mansion with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the cliff on where the house was built. The air conditioning wasn’t bad either. “That’s much better, so good to get out of the humidity right?” As Genie said this he took off his shirt, revealing the incredible body that had been covered all this time. His entire torso was huge, thick and ripped, with a perfect V tapper leading to his chiselled eight (maybe ten?) pack abs and slim waist. His arms were pumped like they had just been to a workout with veins running up and down to match the look. His shoulders were broad, rounded and full and his chest was a thick, square cut slab of meat with a light, even dusting of hair on top. All over his skin had a beautiful dark tanned tone to it and without the sun in his face Tyler could get a better glimpse of Genie’s face, with its short beard and piercing, neon green eyes. After giving Genie a good look Tyler said, “Damn, you’re looking jacked man! I thought Genies were all blue or green skinned and bald, but you look fucking amazing!” Genie didn’t understand why he should be bald and green, but he just brushed that comment off to get back to the subject at hand; “You ready for this?” Continued in Part 2
  11. Thank you for the positive comments and likes, I'm glad you all liked it. I deliberately left out the exact reason why the story happened the way it did, just to keep you all guessing. Was it hypnosis? An illusion? Can Andrew really change his body? Or maybe it was just a bad protein shake. Not sure when I'll post my next story, but I have some ideas.
  12. My first story! Not sure what are all the best tags to use for it, but I hope you all like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It happed like this: I went into the locker room after my workout feeling incredibly swollen and exhausted. My Under Armour tank was drenched with sweat and stretched tightly over my skin. So was the underwear underneath my baggy gym shorts. I had pushed myself harder than I normally did, but it was so worth it to get that pump and see those veins running up and down my forearms. I instantly grabbed a protein shake and chugged it while walking over to the mirror to see my progress. There was no need to take off the shirt to know how good I looked. My abs were clearly pushing out the shirt in front of my stomach and I had these great striations in my arms for someone my size. Lean, tall, but built thick and solid with a neck and jaw line like a rock. Not much body hair, but I thought I looked pretty good with some short, spiky brown hair on my head. Yeah, looking at that buffer than most reflection I knew there was no way a girl wouldn’t think I was hot. Apparently, so did Andrew. I barely knew the guy before that day. I mean, I might have noticed him in the gym on the treadmill or something, but I never stopped to think about or talk to him. He kept to himself, and I did too. Nothing against the guy, I just didn’t ever really want to talk to him. But there he was, standing behind me and noticing how I was looking at myself in the mirror. “Nice arms” he said. I couldn’t say the same about him. I looked twice his size and he had next to nothing in development on his equally tall, but skinny frame. His blond hair was all gelled up and I could tell he had just tanned since he was wearing nothing but a black and red jockstrap, but man did he ever look sad in it. I couldn’t help but pity him as he stood there with his arms on his hips and a satisfied grin on his face. I admire a guy for starting to work out and having confidence, but he just looked ridiculous in this case. “Wanna see my muscles?” he asked. I chuckled. “Sure bud, after a couples years of working out. You might have a good build by then.” I turned around to face him, attempting to leave the locker room. “I think they look pretty good now” he said calmly as he put his hand on my shoulder. “I can show you my posing routine; it only takes a minute or two. After I’m done you can tell me what you think”. Andrew stood there for a moment waiting for a response. While this was happening he started to gently rub my shoulder, which was really weird, but for some reason I didn’t think so at the time. I just saw these big, blue puppy dog eyes and I thought “well, just to humour him, it’ll only take a minute” so I said “yes” and he walked over to the middle of the room to start his show. For some reason I started to feel really light headed. Maybe it was the log work out? I don’t know, but I went over to the bench opposite him so I could watch, thinking at the same time that he really did have these deep, blue eyes. Andrew started with a basic double bicep pose. Man it looked pathetic. Not much definition or size, but all the same he thought he looked great. After that he went on to do side chests from two angles before doing a lat spread. He did them all with the best timing and posing he could do, but anyone else would have easily just laughed at him. “Think I’m making some good progress in the gym?” he stopped to ask. I shrugged and said “sure dude”, just to avoid hurting his feelings. I started feeling hot again for some reason. I must have really tired myself with that workout. Even my heart was beating a little faster. Andrew then turned around to show me the same poses from behind. Equally lame from that angle, but I didn’t notice so much since I started feeling really fidgety and sweaty. “Did the air conditioning stop working?” I asked. “It might have, this isn’t exactly the most modern of gyms” He replied. I had to agree, but still it sucked to have to sit there in the increasingly stuffy heat. At least his routine would be over soon. He moved on to showing off his legs before bending his left one to do some more arm poses from a different height. “It’s worth it to work out your legs too. Don’t want to be and all upper body guy right?” He asked. “Yeah...sure” I stammered out. OK, this was getting ridiculous, how could he not notice the heat in here? Maybe it was because he was mostly naked, but still I was burning up and my clothes were even wetter than before. Worse, I could feel my underwear tightening around my crotch like I was getting hard or something. “You almost done buddy? I think I’d like to get to somewhere where the air works soon.” “Sure bro, just a few more poses.” He stood back up at his full height again before bending over to do a most (for him) muscular. He growled out as he did so saying “Dam, there’s nothing like a good pump!” This was when I really started to lose it. I was trying desperately to take my shirt off, but my hands couldn’t seem to get a grip on anything. I keep running them up and down my torso trying to grab onto some part of the fabric I could pull up, but it felt tighter than ever against my thick body. After what felt like several minutes I was finally able to grab the top part of my tank and quickly rip it off, tearing it straight down the middle. “Sorry about that man, I know Under Armour doesn’t come cheap”. I was hardly paying attention to him when he said this. I just threw my head back in relief at finally getting some of my clothes off. “Fuck, it’s hot in here” was all I could say. “Need some help with those shorts?” Andrew took a break from his show to help pull them off. I was grateful for the help, but horrified to see what was showing when they were removed. A full erection, as big as ever was tenting up my underwear like it was a real campsite. Since even they were soaked through with sweat it at least helped to hide whatever pre cum might have been there at the time. “Are...you...finished...yet?” I panted out as best I could. “Just about, I can see it’s getting pretty intense here for you. I’m feeling pretty hot and sweaty myself.” He began to not only flex, but rub his hands over his body too. His frame may have been thin, but his jockstrap was starting to look pretty stuffed at that moment. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him while this was happening. My hands were trembling as they reached for my cock and I began stroking it through the fabric of my underwear with both of them at the same time. “Aw yeah man, just a few more bicep poses.” I gripped my cock harder still as he went on to curl his arms again and again. Mine were on fire, veins swelling and muscles stretching as I felt them pump up more than they ever did doing curls. I jerked myself furiously as I felt the sweat running down my back, chest and abs and my face getting red. “Almost there” he continued with some more side chests. Was my cock getting even bigger?! I couldn’t tell because my eyes were glued to Andrew doing his posing routine. He did another most muscular while saying “Fuck yeah, look at that shit!” sticking out his tongue for added cockiness. I was at a loss for words, I had never been so turned on in my life and I didn’t know how much more I could take it. “Looks like you’re about ready” Andrew said as he moved towards me and took my underwear off. How he did so with my hands moving so much and so fast in the way, I don’t know, but he did and I just stared into his beautiful face the whole time. Being able to feel the skin of my dick just turned me on even more. I was gasping for air as Andrew went back to his spot to give me his last pose. “One more, just like Arnold!” he said before returning to the same double bicep pose he had started out with. “FUCK!” I didn’t even say it so much as roared like an animal as I was finally able to close my eyes and throw my head back as I blew load, after load of cum into the air and all over my body. Grunting and growling as it went on for forever, it seemed. Finally I was able to calm down and begin to focus on what had just happened. I looked around the room, but didn’t see Andrew anywhere. All I saw was the mess I had made of the room with my load, and some blond bodybuilder standing in the centre of the room wearing nothing but a bulging black and red jockstrap. “Pretty good show, huh?” he said in a deep, masculine voice. Oh my God, it was Andrew. “Nothing hotter than getting some stud to jerk off to a skinny guy for a change.” He said before walking over to me and slapping me on the back like I was some quarterback who had just made a touchdown. “We should do it again sometime, until then...” he used his fingers to lift my chin up and give me a long, deep kiss. Best I can remember. After that he turned around and started to walk away. Just before he got to the door, he picked up a towel and threw it to me. “You look like you might need this.” I caught it, but still couldn’t stand up for the next few minutes. All I could think of was that was probably the best posing routine I would ever see in my life. End
  13. Worked perfectly for me, thanks for the tip.
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