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    Bodybuilding, muscle, worship
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    5’10”. 205lbs
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    Place to read and enjoy
    Dreams of growth
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    5’10”. 280lbs for now. Climbing in size. Slowly.
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    All of them. But Matt in the mirror is amazing

    Now I’ve read ‘Hey Big Man!’ Geez. Dreams can come true!!!
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    Luke Sando, Dallas McCarver. (RIP)
    My insta. @jlbtpa
    Want to support my growth
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    Leather. Muscle growth. Rapid growth. Forced growth.

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  1. Honestly I cried. And no words left more than that
  2. Wow.  An amazing talent and writer of imagination!!!

    1. SeaMusc


      that's kind of you to say. Stay tuned for more. ❤️ 

  3. This is just absolutely amazing! Love the concept. Live the storyline. Love everything about it
  4. Honestly I’m at a a loss of words imagine a story with kink and growth but love and passion all in one . tears. Love and beauty
  5. Love this story so much!!
  6. So I lost the story. about a scientist looking for growth formula. First a cat. Then a kid. Then himself. Then a fellow researcher. Eyes turned blue. And The powder was blue help
  7. Omg! Omg. How bad I want to be like Matt! Amazing story. The detail.
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