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    Aside from the obvious, I like anime, games (tabletop, board and video [mostly RPGs and Visual Novels]) movies, and anything related to technology (especially hosting and server management, file storage, cyber security, and transmission technologies)
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    If I had to pick, Jocks of the South by Scott Goulding, Ad Man by FanTCMan, or Mr. Muscle Daddy's Prize by FanTCMan.
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    Big men. Muscle Growth, Worship, Appreciation, etc. Like anything from chubby muscle bears to hairless, ripped gods. Likewise, depending on my mood, I like 'em caring and nurturing or sadistic and domineering.

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  1. 1.) This is not fit for the stories section. 2.) I would move it to the section where it belongs, but as per the announcement, it doesn't belong anywhere. I'm locking this thread. There's not a question raised here that hasn't been answered in this thread or further answered elsewhere. The discussion ban will likely be lifted sometime in the near future, but at this point, there's nothing more to be said. There will not be as much leniency to discussion on the topic until then.
  2. 我不会说普通话(使用机器翻译),但是看到有人用我们在这些论坛中看不到的语言撰写一篇热门故事(我可以收集的内容)真的很酷。希望你能找到一些说母语的粉丝!
  3. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/21578-p1.html
  4. Cover Image Source Hello again everyone! I decided that I would let Wednesday blog posts be reserved for my reviews of things tangential to this forum, such as Patreon pages, comics or muscle-focused adult sites/films, both paywalled and freely available. For now, of course, I don’t have a ton of ideas of specific things to review, so first things first I’m asking you to leave a comment for what you want a review on. I’m curious to see what you are curious to see, as it were.
  5. BRAXTON’S SAUCE GUIDE V1 INTRODUCTION: Sauce is the common slang for source. This guide is intended to be an easy and simple guide to help you find the source of an image. STAGE -1: SAVE THE IMAGE! Keep it on your hard drive! Never depend on anyone else or any site to keep an image you like online. STAGE 0: SHOOT THE MESSENGER Before you go on a quest, a voyage to discover the origin of a jpeg, ask the person who posted it. Really investigate their post, reply to them, ask in the thread, PM/DM them, whatever you need to get in contact with them. If they say they don’t know, at least ask them where they found it, that can help you out as well. If those leads dry up, move up a stage. STAGE I: WATERMARKS A watermark is those semi-transparent or fully opaque logos or lines of text. Television stations (at least in the USA, don’t know about other countries) will always have one of these in the lower right-hand corner. most all pieces of art will contain these, left by the original artist as a sort of signature. Your first step should be to look up any watermarks or lines of text, or at least use it as a guide, even if its a third-party one (for example, many Tumblr [rip] blogs do this, and usually either within the post or in the notes someone will have listed the performers/artists). Basically, just google it. If you can’t find anything, move on to the next stage. STAGE II: REVERSE SEARCHING There are many services (primarily operated by search engines) that constantly crawl the web, archiving and caching info on images so that users can search for pages using a picture rather than a string of text. These services are the primary way to find the sauce of an image. No two of services are alike, and all of them are the best at something. Most can be accessed through a meta-search engine called ImgOps, but more on that later. Here’s a basic rundown of all available services, tailored to this community (bolded services are accessible through imgops). Google Images – Fairly useless for porn in general, Google intentionally messed up their search after The Fappening. Still, indexes the most images. Tineye – Greatest reverse-image search engine, it can recognize edited images and still recognize the original, even if its cropped, morphed, inversed, whatever. Tineye just has some magical technology. However it hasn’t crawled many images, so results may be a bit limited. Reddit/Karma Decay – Reverse-search images posted to Reddit. Granted, its not every single image, but if you get a hit its bound to have all the info you need. Yandex – Russian search engine. Best general option, possibly the best for general porn. WAIT (What Anime is That) – The best resource if you have a picture or a gif from an anime and want to know what its from. Just drop it in and it’ll scan thousands of episodes and movies for similar frames. Not meant for anything else, and I’m not sure it even does hentai. SauceNao – Essentially WAIT but for illustrations rather than moving images. Has a continuously updated database of over 37 sites, including pixiv, where many Japanese and Korean artists call home. Again, not intended for anything that isn’t an illustration, only run through it if its an illustration that looks to be of an East Asian origin. Baidu/so.com/Sogou – A TOTAL and COMPLETE waste of time for anything remotely sexual or originating from an adult or western site. These services are all Chinese and either are partially owned/run by the Chinese government or have strong connections to them, and porn’s a big no-no in China, as is non-Chinese stuff. e-hentai – how to gain access to e-hentai in its true glory is a topic for a different time, but for now, if you have a comic page, 98% (or so, my own esitmate) of all erotic manga and doujins find their way on to e-hentai, a futher 75% or so of western ones make it there as well. On the front page, click the “Show File Search” link under the search bar and upload the page to show galleries with that image or similar images. iqdb – Basically a worse version of SauceNao, but still has a few sites that SauceNao does not index. Also only for East Asian illustrations. 4chan archives – 4chan’s /y/ (Yaoi) and /hm/ (Handsome Men) are anonymous discussion boards for male-on-male illustrations and male-on-male adult video respectively. While threads on 4chan get deleted after a while, many sites exist to archive 4chan posts, my personal favorite being archived.moe. Just click the “Search or insert post number” field in the upper right and drag and drop the image you’re searching for on to the “Image Hash” field. Bing – Cannot really reverse-search, can only find similar images. Basically useless for finding sauce of any kind. Even if you don’t find direct information through reverse-searching, you can still use them to find more leads. For example, a Yandex search will often return matching images in several sizes. Try searching with those as well. If none of the options available for your specific search (for example, you can’t exactly use e-hentai to search for a porn scene), find the highest size of the image you can find using the methods above and move on to the final stage. STAGE III: ASK FOR AN ID There’s a few places around the web to ask for sources on images (videos as well). To prevent spam, I STRONGLY suggest you try all of the stages above before asking around. This should be reserved only for those tricky images where you really need someone who can recognize the faces, artist, morpher, etc. Our own ID Thread – Best for MG-related images. Not the most active, obviously, but more likely to recognize a morph posted on DeviantArt in 2008. /hm/ Sauce Thread – Best for general gay porn scenes, even indie stuff, like guys who do flexing videos on clips4sale. The current thread can always be found at that link. Reddit –/r/gaypornhunters is the biggest subreddit dedicated to identifying gay porn scenes, but many other gay porn-related subreddits will help you identify scenes as well (but be sure to read the rules first to see if that is allowed). Be patient! Wait a few days, and don’t repost it just because you haven’t gotten a response. BUT I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET! Patience is the key. Keep it in a folder on your computer to check every once in a while, start at Stage II (more images are always being crawled) and ask for an ID if that still doesn’t work. Hope this helps! And by the way, the guy offering you a steak with extra barbecue sauce is Jason Huh. You don't think that I would write a massive post about finding the sauce of an image and not list the sauce for the featured photo, would you?
  6. Nobody should ever turn down more Cronivac. Glad you chose here as your temporary home.
  7. Hey, thanks. If you ever need me to explain something in simpler terms, never be afraid to ask.
  8. This post’s soundtrack Cover image source Well, I suppose this is a reason to start a new blog. I don’t expect my Tumblr to survive The Great Purge, but I made it private a long time ago, and too be honest you aren’t missing much. I’ll introduce myself before I start bashing Tumblr, since you’ve likely never met me. I’m Braxton, I’m another internet deviant pervert that the local news warned you about. If you’d like to know more about me, you can go ahead and ask, I am, at the same time, a fairly open book and a fiercely private person, but I’m also easygoing so don’t be afraid of offending me. While I am a mod on the Discord, just don’t play dumb, don’t lie to me and you’re a fine person by me. I’m a supporter of artists and performers, as I hope all other people on this forum are. Aside from this community, I’m a big cinephile, I watch a lot of anime and play a variety of games, and am involved in those communities in some capacity as well. But what happens when a community gathering space dies? I’ve been on Tumblr for a very long time. For a brief history lesson, in 2013 Tumblr was bought by Yahoo, leading to a major outcry from the community over the fear that content would begin to be filtered. Even back in those days, sites had begun to try to clean up their image in an effort to appear more marketable to investors, such as LiveJournal’s crackdown around 2007 (which is the event that caused the first major exodus to Tumblr). But Yahoo promised they would keep the spirit of Tumblr alive, the site continually infamous for a very “If its not a serious crime, we don’t care” attitude. This very attitude was a hit with a slew of alternative and adult bloggers, especially artists, since Tumblr allowed for large images to be uploaded, shared, and spread around. Even more specific kink/fetish artists were able to gather a decent following through the tagging and reblogging features, circles feeling tighter and tighter, dozens of names springing to mind for Muscle Growth alone (I have very fond memories of checking the bara tag daily for new people to follow). This attitude was perhaps the only quality of Tumblr that was appreciated by the userbase at large, nearly every change resulting in massive amounts of (often deserved) backlash. I’ve lost track of how many issues marketed as “updates” I had to fix with Missing e, and later XKit. But what alternative did we have? Aside from FurAffinity (a site obviously not geared to non-antro art), there was no site that accepted uncensored pornographic art that gave artists even slight control over their work with an even somewhat comparable userbase. But even the attitude, the one aspect keeping the vast userbase seeking adult content on the site, was removed in an update. But why? The short of the answer is, and I hate fully typing this phrase out, child pornography. Images that I hope will only stay in FBI files to investigate the sick people that produced them were discovered during a routine combing through the database. But the long answer is, a refusal for someone along in the chain of command to keep any adult content on the site. I can absolutely understand and 100% support the refusal to enable a site that contains child pornography, and as such Apple removed the Tumblr app from the iOS App Store, and as of this writing it has not made a return. This obviously scared someone in the chain of command within Tumblr, possibly the entire reason for this crackdown. But who? The water gets muddy, as Tumblr is owned by Yahoo, but Yahoo was bought by Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon. Someone decided that it would be easier to completely nuke adult content, thousands and thousands and thousands of user-generated images, stories, videos, gifs will be lost (many of which will not even be adult or even NSFW, since the bot detecting this stuff can’t tell a dick from a flesh-colored book jacket), all to be marketable. Yahoo themselves have previously just decided to delete something of this magnitude before in the GeoCities shutdown. But at this point, does it even matter who? Or why? We can only accept that its happening, and archive everything we can before it gets deleted, and find new homes. A company can shut down a site, but they could never kill a community. While we are watching Tumblr burn down, we can only wait for the vibrant erotic community the site fostered to find a new home, when a brilliant Phoenix rises from the ashes. But for now, it’s time to Pack It Up and Move In. Pack It Up (archiving and backing up the Tumblrs of yours and others) TumblThree - Windows Pros: -High customization of your backups -Files are saved as the date they were posted -Easy to set up -Can download every type of content -Can save protected/"sensitive" blogs/posts Cons: -Setup for a backup can be confusing -Backups can be strange to navigate -Only runs on Windows, even emulation on Linux/OSX has difficulty -No polish, just downloads files tumblr-utils - Any platform that can run Python 2.7 (just about every computer) Pros: -Extremely fast -Option to download Likes -Produces an offline copy of a blog that can be explored with tags and sorted by date Cons: -Command-line only -Downloading Asks seems to be broken -High difficulty level to download "sensitive" posts (blogs are fine, even on Adult blogs very few posts are "sensitive") RipMe - All platforms that can run Java (just about every computer) Pros: -Easiest option on the list, just essentially copy and paste Cons: -Lack of features beyond just downloading images (accompanying text isn't saved well) Move In (Finding a new site to call home) Muscle Growth Forums (You're here right now, so you already must be interested! Guide for Tumblr refugees from Scriptboy) Pillowfort.io (An excellent up-and-coming blogging platform, looks like it might be the Tumblr killer. Reasons to join it) barabox.io (A small, up-and-coming community) PornHub (Yes, really.) Newgrounds Twitter (Where most artists have moved to. Guide for Tumblr refugees) I hope this post found you well. WEEKLY FAVORITES: Model: Adam Gerber Story: Night at the Bar by Dandicoot Artist: Dragmire
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