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    I really like it when someone is transforming, if they're trying to conceal it at some points, and desperately trying at that. I also fetishize the idea of someone starting unaware that they're changing, and then slowly realizing it.

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  1. JRamezo

    Anyone Seen The 1313 Movies?

    Stefan Gatt is very impressive, and I'm doing his shoulder workout tomorrow. I'd be up to doing some kind of MST3K thing.
  2. JRamezo

    Anyone Seen The 1313 Movies?

    Stefan Gatt is a pretty buff dude in Bermuda, and I'd really like to get to his level.
  3. JRamezo

    Anyone Seen The 1313 Movies?

    Oh, you mean David DeCoteau's offerings? I'm hoping to act in one of those. I've got the briefs for it and am working on getting toned enough to be a sight to behold. I know what kind of movies they are - and intend to overact to the best of my ability.
  4. JRamezo

    Comments On Your Physique

    I really enjoy compliments regardless who they come from. I've been really working hard to improve my body, and so whenever someone mentions something about me, I really enjoy it. I was basically invisible for most of high school, so being actually noticeable in my twenties is a big thing for me. Ergo, I really try and maximize that feeling. My metro / spornosexuality is, I suppose, a reaction to being mostly ignored early on.
  5. Trump was devastated by the reveal of that interview and his own ongoing comments. Attack ads? Just air that man's words and it'll get the same point across.
  6. What a debate! By all indications Clinton thrashed that fascist. His supporters are in full damage control.
  7. JRamezo

    Shirtless Workout

    I've never had the opportunity to do this - the place I work out at has a strict shirts on rule.
  8. Please, Clinton, keep Der Fuhrer and his toady out of the White House... This is really looking possibly bad.
  9. And Manafort just quit. This is a man who has served several horrible dictators and warlords, and he...he could only stand Trump for a few months.
  10. You know, its funny, looking at the current people aligned with Trump...but you know, funny...could be substituted with scary. * the overweight underling with a loud mouth and a liking for currying political gain. Am I speaking of Chris Christie or Hermann Goering? * the skull faced propaganda man who perverts history and creates works of propaganda for the young. David Barton? Or Joseph Goebbels? * the scheming man, happy to seize power whenever its available, and playing to his boss' neuroses for his own ends, involved with other bad guys on the side. Paul Manafort...or Heinrich Himmler? * the loud, brutish man at the front who seems to be getting a bit too big for his britches, necessitating, perhaps, a night involving some long knives. Is the person I am describing Alex Jones? or Ernst Rohm? The only person who is absent is The Heydrich.
  11. And apparently Trump got a group calling themselves "The Lion's Guard" or even "Lion's Guard SS" to declare themselves protectors of his rallies and the goers therein. As in, this is a group unironically calling themselves "The Lion's Guard Schutzstaffel". They also registered a domain name called Trumpstaffel.com Given the calibre of Trump's supporters and the man himself, I believe the Nazi References are both deliberate and encouraged.
  12. Trump won everything but Ohio it seems. Fascism is on the rise...
  13. In other news, Trump continues to tout fascism, is now regularly heiled by Nazis instead of Hitler, and advocates banning all Muslims, closing Mosques, and slaughtering the families of ISIS terrorists along with them (no solution like a Final Solution). And now Carson has apparently been replaced by Cruz due to some downright baffling gaffes (Hamas / Hummus? Really?)
  14. Another debate, another win for Donald Fucking Trump. Patrick Bateman would be a more sympathetic candidate for the nomination. At least Carson is falling fast. At least Trump can keep you awake during his nonsense speeches. Carson could put a lion to sleep by power of his voice. Also, Jeb Bush is falling fast - I wonder how long it'll take before he drops out of the race...
  15. I hate to double post, but there has been quite some news in the election. Scott Walker, the one most on here said would likely be THE guy...has dropped out of the race, due to sheer incompetence in direction. Rick Perry has dropped out.

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