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  1. Thanks a lot, fellas! Well, Aldric can be mentally fixed by Psyshifter(Tatiana) and physically restored by science... Kinda. So it's not too tragic. Aldric is currently bloated and in custody until further notice.
  2. So this is kind of the official start. https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7016-a-supers-secret/'>The prologue (click this sentence!) isn't TOO important, but can shed some light on Evan's backstory. The story's segments have titles to them that relate to the upcoming part and act as a way to break up segments (time skips). Let me know what you think about the story or just point out weird parts/errors! Be as honest as you want. My super power is being able to take criticism. :^) ***An Underwhelming Beginning*** I stood there in nothing but a pair of white compression shorts. I was trying my best to appear confident, but my heated red face was not helping. Maybe it was done that way just to make me quickly choose a costume and get out of the science gal's hair. Well she's more of a PR lady with a degree somewhere in the science field and one in the magic field. Which was funny, because the line between magic and science became blurrier as technology advanced... Talk about a hard set of degrees to keep track of. "So I had a few concepts digitized up for you. The main part will obviously be a power suit. Otherwise known as this thing." She pushed a few buttons and brought up a 3D model of some tight jumpsuit. I could only cringe. “Put it on so we can decide what to do for the personal flare.” "Kay-la...” I cleared my the lump from my throat to speak clearly. “Why does that have to be the main part?" "Your powers. They decide what part will be the best. This is a very durable and flexible jumpsuit with several helpful features, hence why it's called a Power Suit. A-doy." Oh. How professional. As I put on the suit, I found myself doubting my initial feelings about the costume. It perfectly conformed to my body without smothering me and even the raised collar covering my neck wasn't restricting. The bottom section wasn't revealing despite the snugness around my legs. The top actually highlighted my musculature and gave me a shapelier upper body. More importantly, the freakishness of my muscles were hidden. The suit wasn't just flat boring tight material. It had some raised segments, particularly the shoulders, forearms, calves, waist, and up the middle of my torso. It made it look like a stitched together ensemble, not just a jumpsuit. “OK, nice. So you can look through the database here to find things for the flare.” She moused over some tabs and a cute cat video came up. “Um... Uh...” She hastily pulled up the right tab. “No cats were seen. Got it?” “Nyah~ cats here, ma'am.” I chuckled as her face said did you really say that. “Wait. Cats. There's no cat-themed Super, right?” “You're going too far with this joke. I will-” “No. I'm serious. Cat-me, woman!” She just rolled her eyes, then scrolled through the database to fulfill my request. Instead of watching her, I turned to the nearby mirror. Damn I looked good with the suit on. I was beginning to like my body a bit. I flexed a few times, smirking as my muscles and suit worked together to put on a show. Oddly enough, my flexes appeared less comical and more... Intimidating, I suppose? My face was handsome, but when my fighting stance was set I looked like a cut warrior. Perhaps I was like most Supers. “I just need the suit to make the final modifications.” Kayla poked the back of my head. “Make out with yourself later.” Kayla scurried off with my suit, leaving me alone with myself and the mirror. I didn't feel that great anymore. I knew the suit was going to be a self-esteem crutch. Maybe I could come to love myself as time went on. But until then, my Super Identity would be my second skin. A few moments passed and Kayla came back with the modified suit. I carefully put on the suit, mask, and headband. Mirror time again! “Hmph. This actually looks cooler than I thought. This kinda reminds me of that white cat my folks had. I think it was... An Abyssinian? Oh, that works. Abyss the Super. Super cool, am I right? I am a cat-genius. I just made your job super easy.” Truth be told, I didn't care about my identiy much. I liked cats and rolled with it. It's also thanks to cats that I got into gymnastics, mostly because their antics were fasinating when I was a kid... I may or may not have thrown a few cats around to study their anti-gravity tricks. “Adding cat in front of everything totally doesn't work. Please don't do that when talking to the public. Anyway, yeah, everything you're wearing has a nice blend of advanced technology and a little bit of magic. We're still haven't fully grasped magic, but I personally think we've made great strides with our current tech. The mask and headband-ears are all one piece. Your suit is a giant one piece, but you can detach the gloves and boots if need be. Here's a CaID with all you need to know about your suit. It's pretty straight forward to use, like a cellphone with a holographic screen.” A blend of science and magic sounded cool, that's for sure. I reach for the phone and Kayla pointed to my side. I shifted sideways, noticing there was a holster for my CaID and the belt was actually a tail. Well, it's a flat backwards belt with the extra flack just dangling behind me. All the features worked nicely to be cat-like without being unbearably cute. I was definitely a kitty now, or rather, a silvery-white cat man. My green eyes and brown hair contrasted nicely with the suit's brilliantly white default. “Not bad. It started as a joke and now we're here. This thing is getting cooler the more I look a-” “Are you a fuckin' cat?” Felix's voice made me glow red. No. Not cool anymore. Not when guys like Felix looked at me. It's like I'm in highschool and I'm trying to impress the cool kids. “Why am I seein' this shit, Kayla?” “But Felix and Catman, I mean Abyss, seems like a perfect pair. You'll be partners until further notice.” Kayla stated. “Mainly for publicity reasons since Felix gets tons of attention and you're new. We need to let the world know that although Hellrick fell a while ago, we are not short on Supers. You can also learn the ropes from a vet like Felix. Leave me alone and go to the location marked on the CaID's map. That's from the higher ups, not just me. Toodle-loo, kitties.” “What?” “What?!” ***Bleu Divinté Is Not A Dressing*** I was literally in Felix's shadow as we walked through the city. People cleared the way as Felix casually strolled across the pavement. He surely got everyone's attention. Some attention was directed my way too, mostly confused stares and double-takes. Sure enough, pictures were taken and sent to the data cesspool known as the Internet. Why have a press conference when I could just casually get a free ride on Felix's popularity? He's the only Super who didn't have a secret identity. That made him media-bait wherever he goes. “Here we are, stop being a little pussy and stand up straight. You're a fuckin' Super. Act like it.” “Heh, cat jokes! My look is totally growing on you, isn't it?” “What?” So he didn't realize his choice of words were actu-... I was not surprised. As we closed in on our destination, it became clear that we were going to the museum. I should have expected that given the location and that day's event. Guard duty seemed simple enough for my first public outing as a Super. “Hello, Felix. I am the museum director, Wendy Teal.” The woman's tone alone was far more professional than Kayla's entire demeanor. She gestured inside and we matched her pace. Felix's heavy footsteps drowned out most sounds, so I had to pay extra close attention. “The details are all over the news, so I am sure you know why you are here.” “I don't keep up with the news, lady.” “She's talking about Bleu Divinté. It's a-” “Is that a salad dressin'?” “Who said that?” She spun around with a look of confusion. She steps sideways twice and noticed Felix's hulking body was concealing me. Of course I was not intentionally hiding from her... I think. “You're the other Super?” “Yep. E- Abyss is the name, fighting crime and chasing elusive red dots is my-.” Felix clutched my arm, glaring and scowling to fully convey his feelings towards me at that moment. He's not wrong to be mad. I was more quirky compared to my old self. The best way to deal with my situation was to fake it until I made it. Meanwhile, the professional woman lightly giggled, chuckled, then let it all snowball into bent over laughter. She went on for a couple of seconds, leaving us to wait until she was done. “Really though?!” She wiped away tears, “That was the worst introduction I have ever heard. It was so awful that it was spectacular. You have got a fan already, kitty-cat.” “Seriously?” “Seriously?!” “Seriously.” She straightened her outfit as she eerily reverted back to her professionalism without a proper emotional transition. I wished I could swipe over to the next emotion like that. “This is perfect, actually. I bet you are far stealthier than Felix. You can be on the skywalk above the exhibit as a hidden guard of sorts.” “So it's a catwalk?” She snickered, “Yes. Yes it is. As for you, Felix... I have a lovely array of formal attire for you to choose from. You will be patrolling the first floor. If anyone is going to try anything, the first thing they will see is you. And quite frankly, I think any normal criminal would not try to go through you just to get a measly atleastone00millionupto300milliondollars.” “I fuckin' hate everythin' right now.” He mumbled and whined. “Bad cat jokes and we're guardin' salad dressin' or some shit.” ***A Tale Of Two Felixs*** Between changing my suit black and the intense spot lighting, I could easily blend in with the darkness engulfing the catwalk. Everything was perfect, if another Super was in his place, the museum-goers would probably be more interested in them than the Bleu Divinté display. The swarming attention would be a distraction for the Super, making it easier to get a head start on any heist before the Super can safely react. Felix on the other hand was a person-repellent. Sure people stared at him, but not for long. Me on the other hand? I was finding myself staring at him, the exhibit, him, the exhibit, him, him, him... And then the exhibit. Felix appeared to be an entirely different man with formal attire on. It was hard for my mind to register. “Which are you admiring? The exhibit or the Latino hunk?” “Yeh-eeee!” I slammed my back against the catwalk's railing. I could see a few people look around in confusion from down below before I turned my attention to the voice. It was an amazingly bulky guard. “Oh.” “You sure are a scaredy-cat.” The guard smiles, offering to help me up. He filled out his uniform nicely and was no stranger to the gym. He stood a couple of inches taller than me and was most certainly wider than me. “I'm in charge of patrolling the second floor of the museum. I, er, heard there was a new Super up here. I just wanted to see. Heheh, you sure are a cutie.” “Oh, ehem, yeah. I'm a Super.” I wanted to be cool, not cute. I held out my hand and spoke in a deeper tone. “Abyss' the name.” “I'm Felix.” He shook my hand, then backed up to perform a most muscular pose. His pecs nearly caused the buttons of his shirt to fly off and I could hear his thick biceps making the sleeves cry. The odd thing was, he could easily pass for Felix's brother. “As you might have guessed, Felix is my favorite Super.” “You share the same name and hobbies, it seems.” I crossed my arms and tilted my head, “Though something tells me you're far more responsible than him if you have this job... Probably.” “Probably indeed.” He nods. “So what's your power? Do you transform into, like, a beastman or something?” “Flexibility and super strength. Today's my first day out here. They're going to announce all the fun details later.” “Uh... Super strength?” I imitated his flex and my muscles nearly matched his in size. The guard was taken aback as his mouth fell open. I don't blame him, considering my muscles temporarily doubled in size. I couldn't help but laugh. “Pff-sorry! Sorry.” “OK! I believe you now! Your arm was all, like, boom!” He adjusted his hat... And pants. “I thought you were just a nice little kitty, but you're probably a scary tiger when your claws are out. I'll make sure not to commit any crimes. Unless it's stealing your heart. Yeeeah?” “Don't worry. It's right where I left it.” I pat my chest a few times and smirked. My uniquely dense muscles made it apparent my body was a weapon with each deep thump. “I'll work on my fabulous charming skills and get you next time. You'll rue the day you met me!” He waved as he exited the scene. Either he was legitimately crushing on me or he was a great, albeit overly-dramatic, actor. I crossed my arms and shook my head. What a character. A dumb character. I positioned myself over the most expensive part of the exhibit, the Bleu Divinté Crown, and used my CaID to pull up a list of the museum's workers. As expected, Guard Felix was not on the list at all. I called Felix immediately. “Apparently the cat's out of the bag. A guard named Felix knows I'm up here. Except the only Felix working here is technically you. Too suspicious, right?” “Hmph. You sure? You only had two weeks of trainin' so far. You could be wrong.” “Hey, I know I'm a rookie but I'm not dumb!” I hiss. “I know. I was just makin' sure you had confidence in your findin's.” Oh wow, I sure got schooled there. I bet he was waiting for me to spot something to confirm his suspicions of someone scouting the area. I was hoping that the knowledge of my powers would deter Faux-Felix or whoever he's working with from committing a felony. I just hoped it was enough. ***Catastrophe In The Museum*** The entire time Felix was purposefully making people uncomfortable. Just a simple look did the trick. It was his way to subtly get people out of there before the crap hit the fan. Time passed and the crowd thinned out, meaning if something did happen there would be less civilians in harm's way. That's when I saw Faux-Felix make a secondentrance nearly an hour after his first appearance. He looked upwards and put his finger to his lips, thought I doubt he could see where I specifically was. He pointed to the main entrance and signed for me to signal Felix. “Felix, the entryway... I think we should start clearing it.” Felix didn't respond, choosing to just work his magic and get people away from the entrance. All he did was stand there with his arms crossed, making the Museum patrons turn down other hallways. The ones in the room chose to leave the same way where Faux-Felix popped out. Was this just an elaborate joke to make us look like fools? Only time would tell, and quite frankly, time seemed impatient... Loud thuds and screams indicated something was barreling down the hallway. I could see Felix push people away before a giant man crashed right into him. Felix almost lost is footing as he tried his best to stand his ground. His power made him hard to move around and practically impossible to kill. Yet the hulking brown behemoth managed to make Felix skid backwards anyway. People scattered quickly, but the behemoth caught two civilians anyway. He wrapped his humongous arms around them and they passed out almost instantly, although it didn't seem like he was applying much pressure. I never seen the guy before, but apparently Felix did. “It's the asshole who crushed my truck!” “WAHAHAHAHAAA YEP! WANNA SEE ME CRUSH THESE WIMPS TOO?!” His violent baritone voice cut through the room. He was gigantic, almost 7 feet tall from my point of view. His arms were slightly coiled around the civilians, yet it was apparent he was just a jolt away from crushing them. So much muscle was on his frame that it seemed impossible for him to even exist. Based on his attire, he appeared to be an army man. His skin was coffee brown and his intense brown eyes pierced through the darkness to spot me. He smirks and throws the civilians at Felix. Felix catches them and tosses them over his shoulder, getting them to safety quickly. “Take the crown too, Felix!” I say, making sure to get both the civilians and the villain's target away from him ASAP. “Here kitty kitty kitty. I see you!” He punches the marble floor, causing it to shatter and fly upward. Some of the debris hits the catwalk, causing it to shake. I hop down, performing a double twist and sticking the landing. “So scary... WAHAHAHUUH! YEAH RIGHT! I'LL CRUSH YOU, YOU STUPID CAT, AND THEN MAKE MILLIONS AFTER!” “It's just us. The crown's gone. You're done here.” “You. Idiot.” His tone goes from bumbling villain to deadly monster. “I want to be the strongest. I want to be a God. So killing a super kitty... Then Felix the immortal... BWAHAH-HAAAH! IT GETS MY BLOOD BOILING! EVERYONE WILL WORSHIP AND FEAR THE ALMIGHTY ALDRIC! ” He winds up his arm and recklessly thrusts it in my direction. I skillfully dodge his attack, placing my hands on his arm to thrust myself upward. I flip, using my tail to latch on the leaning catwalk to halt my upward momentum. The feeling of his vascular arm still clings to my hands. I could feel them pulsing... It was unsettling. Aldric jumps, attempting to grab me and failing as I dodge yet again. He brings down the entire catwalk. With a sadistic grin he uses the broken catwalk as projectiles, causing me to evade them while still keeping the artwork safe. Finally one of them hits me and he cackles briefly, only to see I caught the metallic mass before it ruined a priceless bust of delicate lapiz lazuli. I let the metallic mass fall to the ground and twirl my tail as a way to taunt him. “Phew, close one! Can we stop playing cat and mouse? You should just come at me... Or are you a scaredy-cat?” “GRAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Aldric pulls out a syringe and injects it into his neck before busting out into a sinister cackle. His cackles deepened, almost as if he were transforming into a delirious demon. His muscles flexed and pulsed, changing him immediately before my eyes. It was almost like seeing what happened to me two weeks ago, but to someone who was already enormous. I took my chance and charged at him, aiming for his legs to take him down. As I charged, his legs thickened with muscles, destroying his pants in the process. The muscles were crammed together to the point where it looked like he had one monstrous tree trunk of a leg. Aldric swatted me away with ease. His footsteps cracked the marble below him. His shirt ripped into shreds as his bulging torso exploded through the fabric. Even though he stood over me, all I could see was a huge mound of fleshy meat hanging far above me. He laughs as he takes advantage of the situation. He drops himself on me, pinning me down with his growing bulk and overwhelming power. I could feel the marble shatter beneath me, digging into my skin. Despite the sound of the room cracking and creaking around us, I could audibly hear the growth of his body as it bloated. Deep sounds of satisfaction echoed throughout him. The growth looked painful, yet he clearly seemed to enjoy the power it was bestowing upon him. “THAT'S ALL?! REALLY?! PATHETIC KITTY CAN'T EVEN FIGHT BACK?!” He grunts as he applies more pressure. Aldric's stance widens over me, freeing my lower body as a look of confusion crossed his face. His still-growing bulk was removing any form of flexibility he had. Giving me just the right amount of leverage to fight back. I used my legs to lift his body upwards, although he tried his best to keep me pinned down with his hands. I flipped him over and wound up on top, maneuvering my legs around his mountainous traps and delts. Like a tenacious crab, my claws legs clamped down and refused to let go. He struggled against the might of my legs, but the monstrous size of his upper torso and arms pushed against each other. It was physically impossible for him to pry me off him at that point. Aldric tried his best to scramble to his feet, nearly falling over as he gets up a few times. He frantically tries his hardest to crush me between his back and any surface near him. Soon his pace slowed down as he ran out of air, but even worse, ran out of space for his body to move. He was practically waddling before he was forced to give up. He falls unconscious, smashing more of the marble floor below us to bits. I step back, seeing how the once enormous man was a pile of immobile flesh and muscle. His muscles misshaped, huge, and seemingly squirming beneath his glistening brown skin. I flipped him over and placed separate paralyzer cuffs on him, since there'd be no way to use one set. His body was sprawled out like a giant T-X combination. His muscles simply wouldn't let his body return to a resting position. “Shit! That was quick.” I hear Felix from behind me. He crossed his arms, showing off his glorious pecs and biceps. “Um... Felix... Why are you in nothing but boxer briefs?” “Fight in a suit? Yeah right.” He shrugs as he walks up to me and pets me. “Good kitty.” “S-stop!” I stammer as I swat away his hand. I look back at the man lying on the floor, his body still pulsating. It was eerie, yet mesmerizing. That's when I feel Felix's hands on my shoulder. “Your back is bloody! Are you OK?” “I'm fine Felix. You woo-rr-yyy toooo...” ***Good Or Bad*** I woke up somewhere engulfed in a loud commotion. I swear I could hear Felix's voice discuss something and then Hana. When I fully came to, I noticed I was inside some vehicle. An ambulance, perhaps? “See? He's fine! His first adrenaline rush just got to him is all.” “You may be right. For once.” She turns her attention to me, “I was a little worried. I think the pain just caught up to you is all.” “Idiot! I thought you trained? You have to focus on strengthenin' your skin! Or else shit like this happens.” “Rookie's mistake? Eheheh...” I tried to play it off as no big deal. I looked over and noticed Hana was actually Madam Butterfly right now. Her outfit was something similar to a purple monarch butterfly's design with a very elaborate skirt and some furry trim on the top. “You should be working. Don't worry about me.” “You're right.” She stood up and exited the ambulance. Before leaving she turned around, “You did great, Abyss. I hope to work with you in the future.” “You better watch out. Cats like to swat at pretty little butterflies like you.” WHY DID I SAY THAT? Still, Hana laughed as she closed the door to give me some privacy. There was a moment of awkward silence before Felix decided to rustle my hair/cat ears again. “The best fightin' cat around.” “Stop that!” I gasp, “Eeeey, the cat thing's rubbing off on you, right?” “Not really. I still can't believe you're a fuckin' cat. Anyway, never fight by yourself again, got it? I hate missin' out on the action.” “I'll be sure to leave some ass for you to kick next time.” “Now you're learnin'.” Felix laughed as he slapped my back. I cringed and he awkwardly reacted, giving my shoulder two pats before pulling back. He looked away and grunted while I sighed and shook my head. I knew it was only late afternoon, but it felt like the day was already over. It was extremely unsatisfying. I mean, sure, I saved the day and brought down a villain. I was super awesome on my first day. I feel like being a Super has made me more confident, if not a bit too cocky. So maybe it was satisfying enough. But what was Aldric's deal? Who was that Faux-Felix fellow? Or better yet, who made that dangerous serum? Perhaps time would tell. As my folks taught me, it's not wise to dwell on questions that clearly can't be answered. Not until there's some facts to go on, anyway. “So. Felix. Clothing actually exists, y'know?”
  3. Then you'll be happy to know that I'm in the midst of posting the true start of the series! This will be a prologue. I'm just swapping present tense to past tense to make it easier to write more. Buuuut I wrote most of the P1 in present tense so I have to just finish going over it before posting it. I am totally not lying this time. I will totally post it before 12:30AM EST! I am totally not bad with self-proposed deadlines. >__> <__< Totally.
  4. Thanks! I'm going to be using this as a prologue of sorts for the Supers series. I'm going to title them Supers #: Title from now on as separate titles. I hope to churn one out at least 1 time a month. Though the first part is going to be out within this week. I'm still working on how stories flow. I feel like I might be sticking too close to main parts and not having enough fluff for characters to do their thing. IDK. First one will be Supers 1: Cat Day Afternoon and I'm excited to get it finished. I have to wait until my day off to proof read it. So hopefully by tomorrow I can get it out.
  5. Spoilers contain responses to comments and also another author's note. I didn't want to get this post messy. Part 3 “Fuck.” Plop. “OH FUCK!” Ploppah. “Nope nooope!” Plopadopdop. I know my weight change also alters my momentum control, but this is ridiculous! Despite the high bars and laws of physics defeating me, I feel so spry and dry. As in, I should be a tad tired and sweaty after a 25 minute endeavor of reworking my routine. The high bar requires momentum and exquisite form, the obstacle being the bar which I keep hitting as well as gravity and blahblahblah. It seems I'm overexerting my strength without meaning to, so maybe I should give the rings a go. They're about rigid form, requiring total body control and strength. There's also no bar to hit, instead there are obstacles in the form of rotating my shoulder out of its socket if I mess up or a concision if I fall. This ain't your mama's/papa's old summer camp gymnastics. I step up and grab the rings. First pulling myself up and forming a giant T, my body's muscles locked in place to defy gravity. I feel as if I had gotten lighter, but why? My mind and muscles become one, syncing beyond anything I ever felt before. I slowly shift forward, bringing my legs back and upward so they are parallel to the ground. A familiar rush flows throughout my body, my muscles cheering me on and engulfing me in a satisfying pleasant aura over something so simple looking. I return to neutral position briefly before performing a total backward spin, facing the ground as I hold myself parallel to it. Why do I feel like a feather twirling in the wind? It's exhilarating! As I spin once more, the pleasant aura turns into a familiar burn. An unwanted surge of power boiling within me. “No!” I gasp mid dismount. I drop to the floor and try to hold myself up, but my body is shaking too violently. I place my hand over my heart as it violently pounds right through my chest. It's my powers. They were subtly active the entire time, hence the easier routine. I look down at my quaking arm, noticing it pulsate. My muscles are growing, but more so, they appear to be altering themselves. It appears as if the muscles are rapidly rolling under my skin, producing another fine crease in my skin with each rotation. The pronounced striations making my muscles bulge, or perhaps they are just growing bigger in general. The pain is unbearable, both mentally and physically. Yet a euphoric sensation rises to match the pain. Still, I am left sweating and writhing in agony as my body further alters itself. In a heated panic, I rip off my shirt in hopes of quelling this unbearable heat. It's a polyester blend... Very durable and stretchy... It came off like tissue paper. My body is screaming *more power, MORE* but my mind pleads for it to stop. Of course, my transformation gains attention and several people flock around me. I want to call out for help for a way to make this all go away. Yet all my mouth can do is let out sounds of distress. Two big guys reach down to restrain me, then quickly pull back as my burning flesh sears their hands. People began talking, on phones, to each other, at me, but I couldn't hear a thing. Instead, my eyes uncontrollably scan my body as I attempt to get in a stable position. My mind, still pleading for it to end, could not comprehend it. It is seeing, but just not believing. With the shirt gone, I can now visibly examine my torso, although, the sight makes me wish I had not ripped off my shirt. I could see my abdominal morph into something familiar, yet inhuman. Another set of blocks were added to my once uneven 6-pack. All the separated portions shifted, perfectly aligning and giving me an 8-pack only found in magazines. Obliques contoured my sides, appearing gloriously cut that they could put diamonds to shame. Ripples down my neck, shoulder, and back told me things I could not see are also transforming into strange muscles. It did not stop there, as each section of my abs became pronounced, pushing against my skin. Veins freely snaking along my body since it had no idea how to handle my mutant muscles. Of course my compact and strong pecs join in. It follows the same format as my abs, turning into every guy's dream pecs and then morphing into a nightmare. Growing overly striated, rounded, and vascular. I groan as the same thing happens to the rest of my body. I clutch the sweat coated mat, unintentionally ripping the lining and padding. The crowd around me back off and thin out. I do not blame them. Not only am I losing a crucial part of my life in a horrific display, but I am becoming a disgusting monster. Like the rest of my torso, my thighs and arms become vascular striated monstrosities. Roll, roll, roll - amazing, weird, grotesque. My shorts are becoming tighter in the most uncomfortable of places in addition to the squeezing of my thighs. I roll onto my back, defeated. I didn't want to see anymore. So here I lay, giving up and letting my body do whatever it wants. It's over for me now. My muscles can explode out of my skin for all I care. Even as the rolling boil within my veins and muscles cools, I can't find a single reason to move or open my eyes. *************** “He's not...” “... Kinda freakish...” “... Unique, actually...” “... Let's not...” “.... Dammit Evan...” My eyes flicker open, then I become instantly alert. First, to examine my situation. I'm lying down on a bed with sheets over me. I'm still in my gear, or should I say, my oddly fitting pants. Three familiar people are here with me. I sit up, wrapping the sheet around me to conceal my freakish body. “It's kind of rude to talk about someone who's in the same room.” “Evan!” Hana exclaims as she claps in excitement. “You are so lucky nobody filmed that. They just called it in to HQ. We were able to get you out of there. I'm so glad you're OK. I was freaking out.” “And. Luckily. I was present to fix the mess you have created. I had to alter 12 people's memories. To keep your new biography entry short, the gymnast prodigy known as Evan actually has a weak heart. So he had a heart attack one day while practicing and can no longer be a gymnast. Which does you a favor, since supers cannot compete in official sports. So you are indeed welcome for my miraculous services. Now please form your moronic alter-ego so you can obtain clothes that do not reveal... Whatever you happen to call that below your neck.” The pretentious voice of Tatiana stung my ears. “Wow. Evan's a super like us! That's cool or somethin' I guess.” Felix shrugs, as he displays his awful acting skills. “Yeah, I bet you're soooo surprised.” Hana glares at Felix. I assume she's the only one that pieced together last night's report with today's incident, considering Tatiana would be berating me and/or Felix by now if she knew. Tatiana, totally disinterested or annoyed, left the room with an audible grunt-sigh-groan. Hana ignores the oh so elegant princess and continues on. “So. Evan. You were only out for an hour. They ran tests on you and... Um... You are quite unique for a male Super. Or a Super in general.” “Yeah. I know. My body is super gross instead of being Adonis-like. My self-esteem is sky high, don't worry. My other super power must be grossing people out, though. Hooray.” “Don't... Wait. Scan findings first. Anyway, just stating observations here. Your body is extremely unstable. A Super's power generally wraps around the person's interests or skill sets. You are clearly supposed to be a Super with incredible strength, which means you should be enormous. But your life basically revolved around gymnastics giving you a warped version of your power. Your strength is still incredible and your flexibility is probably along the lines of those circus people... Like, um, the ones who fit in cubes and stuff. Your musculature allows for you to be flexible and incredibly strong at the same time. Your muscle fibers will shift if you stretch or bend. That's why your body is so very unique.” “So... He can be a damn ball bouncing down the street kicking people's heads off? That's fuckin' dumb.” Felix chimes in and chuckles at my expense. I look at him and want to be angry, but I think all I can display is sadness. He stops laughing and gets serious. He bends down and hugs me. He. Is. Hugging. Me. What. “Sorry, Evan. I know you wanted to be an Olympic gymnist, but now you can be like us. You can help set people and, I don't fuckin' know, still do your routines and shit upside people's heads.” “... Thanks Felix.” He pulls away and gives me a nod. He most certainty tried his best with that one. “We have somethin' in common, right? So if you need to bitch about somethin', I'm your guy.” I change my mind once again. Felix is a great guy when he wants to be. I think I see why he's... Well, himself. “We do.” I smile a bit and so does he. He shakes the happy-feel-goods off with a shrug. He gives me another nod and exits the room, leaving just a very confused Hana before me. “Well. Um. This day is weird. That was... Was that Felix? Er, he is right though. You lost all you worked for, but you can apply it to saving people now. In a stylish manner, no less. Pretty cool, right? You're going to be making serious bank and you can maybe open a gymnasium for kids. You'd be the coolest Sup-” “Always going for the silver lining cheering-up approach, eh? You're totally overdoing it.” “I'm very scripted, aren't I?” She sighs, “Evan this is weird to say, but I'm glad you're a Super. I'm tired of jerks becoming Supers and just tossing their weight around. I mean, sure, they save people and help out but their attitude or egos are just so-” “Hana, I appreciate what you're trying to do. But not everyone was groomed to be a Super like you. Maybe they come off as jerks because they're bitter over what they had to give up. Maybe they have egos because they really want what they're doing to matter to them, so they're faking it until they can finally believe it.” She was taken aback, her lips forming a frown. “I...” She tries to find words as she shakes her head. Then there's a flicker in her eyes, like an epiphany sparking. She smiles and bows. “You're right. This is exactly why you'd be a great Super.” “I, er, didn't mean to sound so profound.” I scratch the back of my head in confusion in embarrassment. The words fell out of my mouth, but they actually seem to ring true. “It's OK. You're totally right. I shouldn't judge without knowing.” Her smile grows wider. “Maybe with a Super sweetie like you around, you'll start rubbing off on those bitter Supers.” “Heh... I'm hardly the sweet-type.” “If you can get Felix to apologize and drop the machismo, you are totally nice and sweet.” She gives me a hug and wiggles me back and forth. I accidentally let go of the blanket, revealing my torso. As she pulls away she looks down and her eye twitches. “Does it bother you?” “A lot.” “Hmm, I think I have an idea that might help you out. In the mean time, you should go to the lab to get your Super identity sorted out. They're probably going to want a name, pictures, and coverage of you for the evening news. I wouldn't be surprised if they have ideas for product endorsements, too.” “Ug... The Super life sounds even worse than I thought.” “That's why most of us get secret identities. So we can shut off the media attention and actually have lives to ourselves except for some of us. You'll get the hang of it. And remember, you don't have to be a serious Super. You can just be a mediator who takes care of small crimes or issues. Or a special guard for HQ. It's up to you.” It's up to me, huh? Well...
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad people like this kind of genre. And you might be right about Felix, Ro. Here's a shorter part to get the ball rolling. We also learn a little more about Felix too... But yeah, he's still a jerk. Part 2 I use my own beat up car to search for him, driving through the hustle and bustle of the city before hitting the barren roads in the woods. I follow the path Felix took, only to find myself going off road and then... ! I slam the brakes and jump out of my car with a flashlight in hand. I swiftly move towards the crushed jeep; it was entirely pulverized flat. Felix should've survived something like that, but there was no Felix in sight. “Felix?!” I yell out, finding myself growing worried. A couple of months ago there was someone trying to kill Supers, mostly to feel like ultimate hunters. That's all I can think about right now. “Felix?! Come on! Say something!” I follow what appears to be signs of struggle, or should I say, fighting. There was a Swiss cheesed path leading deeper into the woods, closer to the mountains. I follow the path, thinking very little of my own safety and more about Felix. He was a jerk, but not a jerk who deserved to get physically hurt or worse... Finally I come upon an immense pile of boulders. They seemingly fell off the mountain and rolled down to the base. I look at my phone and use short ranged detection, confirming my suspicions that Felix was under the rubble. His beacon was very faint, but it was there. No wonder why I couldn't find him and the vehicle on the map earlier. I sigh, knowing Felix is most likely alright. However, despite his strength, it was hardly enough to dig his way out of a mess like this. I bite my lip and wring my hands. I could call it in and get a specialized crew out here to dig for him. But the rocks appear to be so tightly placed together. Felix might be hard to squash, but he still needs oxygen to survive. I could easily get rid of this rubble and find him within 5 minutes... But... I... If it gets out I'm a Super, I lose my life's passion; I can't be normal. But... AAAAAAAAARG! “Felix you bastard!” I grunt as I tear away boulder after boulder with ease. My powers have not been active for some time, so it took a while for me to warm up. I loved the immense feeling of strength I had when they were active, but it was a dangerous feeling. It could easily make me oblivious to what happens if I use my powers for too long. The Super transformation that usually occurs hasn't happened for me yet, but the longer I use my powers, the more likely it could. So I'll try my best to clear this landslide and figure out what happened. I could hear muffled yells. Or rather, muffled complaints. Felix began pushing through with his own might after I cleared away the heavy rocks. As expected, his clothes were tattered strands of cloth and he was an absolute mess. “FUCKING. HELL. THIS IS BULLSHIT!” He falls onto all fours, gasping for air. My suspicions were right, he had limited oxygen under those rocks. I'll just give him a few minutes. 1.2..3...4....5.....6. “What happened, Felix?” “I get a text from you sayin' I was needed out here. Then I get fucking ambushed by a big... Thing! I... Wait a minute.” “It wasn't from me, if that's what you're still thinking. I can show you the text recor-” “No. No. Duh. It's not you. Just shut up.” He glares as me, “You sneaky little fuck, you have super strength.” “Um... Yes... I do. But don't tell anyone! Please!” “The fuck I won't! You use your powers to cheat with that flippy-flip stuff, don't you? Then hidin' them... While us other Supers actually step up to the plate and help people. Wow! You're easily the worst person around for miles.” I keep my composure as best as I can. I know what to say. “You're right, I shouldn't have hid them. Go ahead. Call it in. Say you know for a fact because I saved you from starving to death out here. It'll be an interesting piece of information for the news, at least.” His glare intensifies as he snatches my phone out of my hand. Then right before his finger makes contact with the touch screen, he pauses. He dropps the phone and frowns. His ego wouldn't dare admit that he was saved from a little guy like me, let alone make it public. “This. Never. Happened.” “Of course it didn't.” I smirk, “I just came by to give you a ride home.” “No-no-no. I'm not going back to HQ like this. They're going to ask questions 'n' I'm not a dirty liar like you.” I bite my tongue, trying to not point out the hypocrisy of his statement. “Take me to your house. Get me new clothes. Let me get cleaned up and... Ug, I need grub. It's your job to take care of Supers, right?” “I guess.” I shrug as I make my way to my car. He hesitantly follows. As we get into the car, I could feel it become lopsided. He grunts and crosses his arms. “I'll text the outfitters to bring casual clothes.” *************** Despite Felix's annoying list of needs, I manage to accommodate him the best I can in a timely manner. The faster his list is done, the faster he gets out! While he's busy turning my shower into a mud pit with his filth, I'll start cooking. I take out all the chicken I have and dice it up. It is meant to last the whole week since I cook meals ahead of time, but I don't think this will last longer than an hour with Felix here. Before I even turn the stove on, I wipe my forehead, noticing beads of sweat forming. I can only sit here and grimace as I contemplate what's going on with my overheating body. I turn the stove on and throw all the diced chicken into the largest skillet I have. “Hey! I know you're a tiny person 'n' all, but would it kill you to have normal-sized towels?” A booming idiot distracts me as usual, but I think I'm thankful this time. Staying in my own head can be dangerous sometimes. I turn to see what he's talking about, only to find an awkward sight. “Pffhaahaahaahaa! You never heard of a hand towel? I have medium sized ones just for drying my hands... At least they fit you.” Barely. I could see some of his endowment hanging below the towel. Of course his waist was so impossibly trimmed to perfection that the towel could wrap around his body. Just like earlier, all I can do is turn away before he notices my flushed face. “Sssshhhh!” He seethes as I hear his foot stomp. Then an awkward silence follows. I could hear his sounds of frustration slowly die down. “You're drenched in sweat.” “Oh... Sweat?” I look down to find my shirt is drenched in sweat. It felt like it was clinging to my body too, or rather, maybe it was stretched to its limit. I was severely uncomfortable, but at the same time, I just want Felix out of my house. So I'll just try to ignore it. “Oh. Yeah. That. I'm fine, I'm fine.” “Your legs are shakin'.” “I'm fine! I'm just making you your dumb food is all. Pipe down if you want it to be done.” He forces his way to the stove and shuts it off. As he moves me, I could instantly feel the fatigue setting in. I almost faint, but he quickly catches me. I feel myself shaking as I burn up from the inside out, now unable to stop myself from groaning. It was an odd feeling. Just like intensely worked out muscle groups, my body felt unusually pumped. Every inch of my being pulsing and heating up. I hear ripping, but my brain can't process where it's coming from. I could feel my testes vibrate, possibly filling my body with testosterone to. Male Supers tend to have an approximate average of 2,240 ng/dL... My body is preparing to change me into a hyper masculine Super. “Make it stop...” I cry as Felix sits me down in the shower. He starts the cold water on full blast, causing me to let out a sigh of relief. My body inches farther away from the super transformation as the cool water washes over me. My body is now focusing on using the heat to keep me from getting hypothermia. Felix reaches down and unbuttons my shirt. “Stop, what're you doing?!” “Your clothes need to come off. Any stress on your body will make it harder to stop the transformation.” He continues undressing me until I'm nude. I look away in shame. My body compared to his bothers me. Not to mention being naked in front of a guy I could barely tolerate... It was too much. I catch a glimpse of the clothes I was wearing. They were stretched out, with some seams clearly pushed to the limit and buttons were missing. “The longer your wait for your transformation, the more intense it'll be. I learned that the hard way when I tried to keep mine away until I was 18. It felt like the best fuckin' thing in the world when it was endin', though. Then lookin' in the mirror after it was done Pow pow! I had a lot of cleanin' to do. Heheheh.” “Oh?” I bring my knees to my chest, mostly to keep myself covered from Felix's view. “Yeah. I was the best damn quarterback my school had in forever. It's like I could read minds 'n' dart across the field. Tackles felt like tickles to me me. I was a machine that couldn't be broken down... All without my powers.” He looks up and closes his eyes, letting out a sigh. “I probably would've been a bad ass quarterback for some team, winning trophies and stuff... But then my neighbor's house was on fire and I activated my powers to save them. I couldn't stop the change 'n' as you know, Supers are banned from sports. “Do you regret it?” “Uh, let's see... Be a super famous quarterback who entertains all of America or be a world famous Super that saves people's lives? WELL FUCK! TOUGH CALL, DUMB ASS!” “Right. Sorry.” Being a quarterback would've been significantly easier for Felix. I was seeing a new side to Felix and I think I... I actually liked it. He did care about saving people more than easy publicity and an easier life. The publicity a Super has to deal with is a lot harsher and more intense, almost unwelcomed, when compared to a sports player. Felix shrugs, “I'm not scared of people knowing you saved me. I'm not that simple! I just agreed so you'd think you had power over me or somethin' So you'd think you had a choice.” “Sorry again.” I look down in shame. I suppose after showing a small part of himself, the rest just follows. “Thanks Felix. I feel better now.” I get up and take a towel out of the closet, a proper sized towel. He grunts and folds his arms as he looks away. All I could do is smirk. As I dry off my body, I can certainly see the changes. I had a well defined body before, but now it was different somehow. Each muscle stood off my body more than usual. I ran my hands through the now-deeper gap between my pecs, all the way down my abdomen. I gasp as I feel the deeper ridges. I panic as I hop on the scale. “No, no, no! 158 pounds! No...” “You look taller too.” Felix adds. The panic inside me grows even more as I bring my hands close to my chest and wring them. “I tried to keep it away but it came out... I think... I don't know if I can...” “You can work with it. You're heavier and a bit taller. Just try out your routine later.” Felix pats me on the shoulder. “And remember, if it doesn't, you can be a Super. Your future has 2 perfect options. Be thankful.” “Felix, why are you being so nice to me now?” “I was in this situation. I want you to have a choice.” He smirks, “But... I kind of wanna know how big you'd get as a Super, too. Heh.” “That's not funny. I want to stay small and aerodynamic!” “Yeah, yeah, I got it. But hey, life is unpredictable sometimes, Evan.” He continues to smirk as he exits the bathroom. Suddenly, I don't feel like Felix is as nice as I thought he was just a moment ago.
  7. I had this fantasy stuck in my head for a while so I decided to type it up! This is kind of just the intro. I'll keep posting in this one topic since they come in parts. Please tell me what you thing, good or bad! This is my first story I wrote where the character is telling it as it happens, so IDK if it's entirely grammatically correct... I hope you enjoy it anyway! Part 1 I look at pictures of perfect deities drawn throughout the ages, and then I look at the super powered people of this world. Yep, they sure appear frustratingly similar. Body hair, what's that? Fat, never heard of it! Balding, sounds funny. Ugly, I am too busy looking in a mirror to see an example of what this “ugly” is. Signs of aging, uh that thing with the lines and stuff? I have to work around those kinds of people 6 out of 7 days a week! Sure they aren't as shallow or stupid as I make them sound, but they do act like divas from time to time because they know they are VIPs of the world. Even if a super powered humanoid came along with a better version of their powers, they would still be irreplaceable. We simply call them Supers. They say there are only 124 known Supers in the world. So the Supers Western Operations Center, or SWOC, only has 6 Supers on our pay role. There are similar centers like the one I work at throughout the world. We all have lightning fast transportation at their disposal, so we can transport Supers many miles away from the center within minutes. Technically, this is a branch of America's military but it has free range compared to other branches. After all, Supers are scary compared to normal civilians or even the military. So it's our job to make them seem like comic book heroes that everyone will love or at least tolerate. They are required to save people while being in the public spotlight, after all. Every Super is featured in a magazine or news segment at least once a week, or if they get a lucky break, every 2 weeks. As for me... I'm most certainly not a perfect being like the Supers around me. My hair is a dark golden blond and matches nicely with my turquoise eyes. I think I'm pretty handsome, especially with my rugged stubble on my face. I'm 5'6” and weigh 138 pounds. I may be on the shorter side, but I'm able to do things most men can't and my body is extremely lean, almost too lean. The thing is, I'm also a Super. My ability is the elusive super strength... A Super with super strength.. Yep. Sure, Supers are stronger than the average person, but my super strength is the real deal. I can lift my body weight times my body weight. If I worked out using my powers every day, I'd be massive. I have the ability to grow my body and join the ranks of the Supers, but I don't want to. Doing so would mean I have to give up gymnastics. I'm well on my way to the Olympics at this rate. I don't even have to use my super power to be great at it. Still, at the same time, I always wondered how I'd appear as a full fledged Super. “Evan! New clothes! Now!” A familiar deep voice rings through my ears, followed by a thud as charred clothing covers my desk. Soot exploded out of the clothing, causing me to cough so I couldn't respond right away. “Fire proof my ass! You fuckin' liar!” “... Ug... I thought I smelt something...” I look up to see the infamous Super Jerk, Felix, standing naked in front of my desk. My face flushes with scarlet hues as I turn away, but the image of Felix is forever burned in my mind now. Thankfully soot covered up some of his tanned musculature, making it easier to snap back to reality. “It's fire resistant. Fire resistant is not 100% fire proof. You're not supposed to dance through the fire to show off how cool you are, you know.” “I don't see you helpin' people 'n' riskin' your life! I'll do what I wanna do!” He grits his teeth and stares me down as he leans over my desk. I stare right back into those angry light brown eyes of his. Eventually his intensity lessens and he backs off. “I'll wait over here.” Despite being a coordinator, I have a lot of power. I know they can't hurt me and I'm the one who files their requests; I'm kind of like their work dad. Their only leverage of being powerful Supers isn't effective against me. I smirk to myself as I contact SWOC's #1 outfitter to get new clothes for Felix. I look up to see him sitting on the lobby's sofa, getting soot all over it. For some reason, I imagine the sofa doesn't mind, given the fact Felix is amazingly built. Even the weakest of supers are amazingly built... Well, the ones I've seen, anyway. Felix was a man of Hispanic descent, hailing from Puerto Rico. He had a slight accent, but not enough to be noticeable. He stood at 6'2” and weighed 275 pounds of pure muscle. Even with the soot covering his light brown body, I could see the veins snaking over his rugged muscle. His black hair was long, so he had to wear a headband or hair tie most of the time. Except it seems he lost his in the fire, so he was constantly brushing his bangs out of his eyes. Soot was going everywhere. “Heh.” I laugh to myself as I notice him gritting his teeth in frustration. I dug through my drawer and pulled out a hair tie. I walked over to him and waved it in front of his face. He looked at me with a flat expression before snatching it from me and pulling his hair back into a pony tail. He looked like a stereotypical smooth-talking Hispanic lover, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that. More soot came from his hair as he tried to get it into a pony tail, causing me to step back. He must be a sponge for soot. “I guess your other super power is generating soot and random debris, eh?” “What is that ev- Just shut up.” He crossed his legs and folded his arms, resuming his angst ridden teenager routine. His true age is 38, though he sure didn't act it. He was just the right age, where a man is fully matured. A male at his absolute peak of virility and perfection. I think he wouldn't age anymore, either, since I have never seen a Super appear older than 45. I hated the fact that such a jerk looked so good. “Fuck off until you get me some clothes.” “You know your clothes take a while... Maybe you should workout your body as much as you do your arms and pecs. Then get a shower.” I shrug my shoulders and walk away. “Shut up!” He demands again as he follows up with audible noises of contemplation and discomfort. He groped his pecs and then ran his hand along his thighs. I was right. He was defeated. He got up and darted for the locker rooms. I could hear gasps from the security desk as he ran out of my office/lobby. “DO YOU DO THAT ON PURPOSE? GOD DAMN BOY, YOU BETTER GET SOME CLOTHES ON BEFORE I HAVE A SUIT OF TUNGSTEN FUSED TO YOUR SKIN!” And of course, one Super leaves and another one enters. Probably with a request. Hana walks up to the desk and sits down on it, flipping her hair as if she's preparing for publicity shots. “Can you find clothes that actually stay on Felix?” “Well, there's no such thing as Super-proof clothing, only Super-resistant.” I sigh as I pull out my tablet. “Do you need anything?” “No.” She purses her full lips and flips her hair again. I don't know if her Japanese heritage or her Super genetics are responsible for her beautifully long hair, but either way she had it going on. “You know, isn't it weird how Felix always manages to destroy his clothing at least once a week?” “He's a show-off. He lingers too long in the line of danger and his clothes pay the price... Rest in peace, you once marvelously weaved strands of perfectly engineered fibers.” “Pfft,” She stifles her laughter, “Sure. That's why. Anyway~ Any gymnastics sessions coming up?” “Um. Yeah. Why?” “... So we can watch?” “So you can what?” I squint and grit my teeth as I frown, “I-” “Yeah. One of us usually goes to your things and records it so the others can see. It's entertaining.” “I'm glad you find normal people swinging around so entertaining.” “We hear you're gunning for the Olypmics at this rate. Super or not, that's impressive. I mean, hell, even most of the Supers can't do crazy stunts with that kind of accuracy. You don't need to be a Super to do extraordinary things. We're just rooting for you, not laughing at you.” She smiles and pats my hand. I feel myself radiate with embarrassment because: 1) I was thinking she was making fun of me and 2) because they actually supported me... From afar, but still, support is support. “Thanks, then. Sorry I get a little-” “Insecure?” She raises her eyebrow, accompanied by an all-knowing smirk. “Most Supers don't look down on others. It kind of sucks when people think we're making fun of them when we say things like 'wow awesome job!' or something. Have confidence in yourself and you'll go far. Um. But. Like. Not Felix's level of confidence. You lose expensive clothes that way and become a soot person.” “Heheh, yeah, but it's endearing.” “And oh so adowabuuu~” She adds, and we both laugh for a good while at Felix's expense. *************** The day trudges on and we find ourselves somewhat busy. But as always, the work gets done and paperwork follows. I'm busy filing the remaining paperwork at 8:40PM before my shift is up. I go over the inventory, making sure all gadgets and vehicles are in place or in a Super's possession. That's when I notice a standard jeep missing. It was taken out by Felix but for a reason unknown. Quickly, I track it to see what the big idiot is up to only to see the vehicle move from SWOC at 8:12PM and fall off the map at 8:24PM. “At the mountain range...” I mutter to myself. I look through the roster to see if any Supers are on duty or free, but it there was no one until 9:20PM at the earliest. I pick up my phone and dial Felix... Of course, no answer. “Ug, what is this idiot up to? If he gets in trouble again then he's suspended. Then it'll look bad for me.” I bite my lip and mull it over some more in my head. Round... And round... And round... Fine! I'll go look for him AGAIN just so I don't have to be held responsible for letting him go unaccounted for! Here I thought the security guards in the garage would do their job and alert me. But nope. Here I go. I suppose all I need to do is just verify his location and reasoning for being out there, then I can go home. I live out that way anyway, so I'll just go check up on him. At least he isn't putting me through too much trouble.
  8. Part 5 The day that would decide our futures arrived in a few days; very quick and confusing days. Roman forgave me instantly and tried his hardest to comfort me. I couldn't forgive myself or him, though. I loved him, yes, but it was his fault that all of this happened. At the same time, looking in the mirror fills me with such pride. I was a giant of a man, feel confident simply because of what I was. Feeling my giant arms sway as I walk, noticing them brush up against my sides because my chest was immensely wide. My wider gait as I walked because my thighs could barely roll around each other as I moved. . . I always wondered why Roman had that obvious swagger to his walk. Then I realized it's because that's the only way large men like him. . . Like us. . . Could move around comfortably. Despite it initially seemingly like an issue, it turned out to be constantly exhilarating. "Good morning puppy~" I heard Roman say as he threw his weight on me. The bed was fortified to handle over a ton of weight, but it still creaked. I must have been double Roman's weight. Regardless of my size, he'd always be my huge muscle monster. "Good morning alpha." I tried to say with a smile, but a toothy grimace took over. The feral part of me still demanded Roman's head on a silver platter. While the rest of me just wanted Roman. . . I needed Roman. I tried to shift the mood by rolling Roman off of me and standing up so I could shake off some of my jitters. "Iiiii'll go make us breakfast and then we'll discuss some things. . ." I darted into the hall, embarrassingly snagging myself against the walls along the way. I was still not used to my increased width and how I barely fit through our quaint home. I tried my best to gently go down the stairs, but it sounded like thunder booming with each step. I was almost afraid of falling through the stairs; I'd be OK, but the stairs wouldn't. As expected, right behind me was my alpha. He probably knew I was trying to avoid him, especially after that awkward morning greeting. Even after making it to the kitchen, I didn't look back. I had to resort to skittering sideways through the kitchen like a crab as I feverishly prepared breakfast. I felt Roman's arms wrap around my waist and his head against my broad back. Even though he was smaller, whenever he wrapped around me, I could just feel his overwhelming masculine power. His touch and his muscles always made me feel like a beta being protected and loved by his alpha. "Everett, it'll be OK." He rubbed his cheek against my back and his embrace tightened. I felt my knees go weak. I just wanted to fall to the ground and have him cuddle with me. "Cheer up, pup." "Roman. . ." I couldn't find my words quick enough. I didn't want to talk about it. "I'm fine. I just. . ." "I'll make us some coffee." He let go and I felt my body shoot upright. I became rigid all over, the alpha instincts snapping back into place and giving me the above-all-else posture. I loved that feeling of strength, but I loved Roman's embrace even more. I finished making us eggs, all 18 of them. Between the two of us, we ate a lot. The funny part is, that was considered a light breakfast for us. Roman sat down next to the fridge where I joined him. He was just being nice because I could no longer sit in our chairs, just the couch and our bed was it. "So. . . Alpha. . . We need to talk about tonight." My stomach was growling, yet my nervousness prevented me from eating. "What is it, puppy?" "Roman, the transformation can only happen when the full moon can be seen over the horizon. Soon after the sun sets, meaning it's a 30 minute window." "OK. Super serious business. Gotcha." "I need to. . . I need to. . ." It was so hard to even say it. "Take a chunk out of me, right?" I cringed when he phrased it that way. The thought of me hurting Roman and having his blood in my mouth made me sick. "Hmph. That's actually pretty intense." "Yes. . . It is. . ." I stared down at my plate. Roman placed his hand on my arm, redirecting my view. He was smiling, but it wasn't his typical cocky smile. It was gentle and reassuring; warm instead of sizzling hot. "The way it works isn't guaranteed. I have to fatally bite you. Your body will expel every drop of human plasma and have it replaced with magically infused plasma. . . Assuming you. . . survive. . ." "Well. Fuck. That sounds like some vampire shit. Are you sure you're not a hairy vampire?" He grunted, despite trying to sound like he was joking. "Eat up, beta. We've got a big day ahead of us." Roman was trying to play it cool, even though he was probably filled with confusing and frustrating feelings. The idea of him losing his bodybuilder status and potentially having a permanent scar must have been feeding his inner turmoil. Roman was quite vain, after all. I could see his forearm veins pulse as he gripped his fork tightly. I put my hand over his arm, attempting to comfort him with gentle caresses. The veins that pushed up against his light brown skin were distracting. I was picturing the kind of immense beast he would be, both in human form and his werewolf form. The alpha in me despised that idea, since he'd be superior competition. The beta in me, on the other hand, was just desperate to be his one and only beta. The day passed by quickly, as it always does on the night of a full moon for us. The alarm went off and I began to sweat. It wasn't due to transforming, but rather, it was my anxiety flaring up. Roman put his hand behind my head and guided me down so we could see eye to eye. I don't know how, but his hazel eyes always pierced right through me and controlled me. In this case, he was forcing my muscles to relax. Forcing my heart to slow. Making me feel safe. "How many times do I have to say it? It'll be OK." He kissed me. "Now let's head out. We only have 15 minutes to reach the spot before the sun sets." I nodded and let him guide me through the woods while there was still some sunlight. The way he ran through the forest was impressive, graceful even, for a human. Imagining Roman doing this as a werewolf was something I couldn't even picture. He'd probably be such an enormous and lightning-fast beast. He'd dominate just by being in one's presence. I shook the thoughts out of my head before they could fill me with mixed feelings. Instead I focused on the surroundings and noises around us; rather, the lack of noise. It seems we arrived at a cliff-side cluster of trees about 3 miles away from civilization. I could see the moon peaking over the horizon and sunlight quickly faded from the forest. "Do your thing, puppy." He let go of my hand and stepped back. Instantly, almost as if it were by his command, I began to transform. I instinctively tore the clothes off of my body, savoring the brief but euphoric moments of transforming. It was like wearing several suits and then taking them off one by one. My body felt so light, but gravity let me know my body was becoming just the opposite. My muscles twitched and my veins pulsed. My skin burned, but it felt great as my fur covered me from head to toe. Feeling my muzzle reveal itself as my teeth and claws sharpened. I let out a steady howl. Then it hit me, I was in control. I wasn't in a fog and my beastly body was under my control for the night, or at least I'd try to control it. My body grew even more then before. Surpassing the size I was just a month ago. I knew I was towering above 7 feet now based on how short Roman seemed. My chest felt so thick, so powerful. I looked down as I placed my hands over them. The globular mounds of pectoral muscles felt weighty as they blocked my view from the rest of my body. I couldn't even fit my paw around half of one pec. I felt limited motion wise. So much muscle on my frame. . . Why did it feel so good to have restricted movement? I couldn't control the sounds coming out of me. Grunts, barks, growls; I was actually scaring myself. "Calm down, big guy." I exhaled and pushed him down to the ground. “Calm down, beta.” He said with a more stern voice. My breathing evened out and I let out a sigh of relief. “I don't say it everyday, I'm more of a physical guy. Whatever happens, just know I love you, OK? So don't hesitate, Everett. I want to be with you. I want to satisfy all of your needs and urges. I want to be your alpha in all sense of the word.” It had to be quick. I took his clothes off, finding the best place to bite him where the scar wouldn't be seen. Though the thing about Roman is he loved being practically naked, especially on the beach. He'd have to give up those swim briefs and switch to swim trunks if I bit his leg. Though that was probably the best bet to give him the smallest fatal bite as possible. I nervously shook as I brought my head down to his leg. I could feel his hand over my head, comforting me and encouraging me to just bite him. As quick as I could, I chomped down on his leg, feeling his hand curl up and tug my fur. He didn't scream, but I swore I could hear the intense gritting of his teeth and breathing. I could feel his arm shaking, along with the rest of his body. Any normal man would've screeched, but not Roman. I pulled away and spat out his blood and cleaning it off of me. I could see his demeanor change as the blood drained from his body. The shaking became less frequent and it seemed like his eyes glazed over as he his body became limp. When his heart stopped, mine did too. I was holding my breath, hoping for a sign that everything would be OK. The puddle around him glistened like water reflecting the moon's light. It slowly rose and swirled above him, seemingly like sparkly stardust in a swirling galaxy. The specks of light focused into a single pillar of shining particles that passed through Roman's chest. The veins along his vascular body faintly glowed as the magic spread throughout his body. His scent changed almost immediately when his heart began to beat again. After a brief flash, the chunk I had taken out of his leg was nowhere to be seen. He stood up astonishingly fast, almost as if he hadn't been bitten at all. He was breathing heavily, almost angrily. His eyes were intense and he was glaring at me. I was somewhat on edge, but I was more so relieved that he was back on his feet. Roman tilted his head back and let out a feral howl, and as he did so, his face changed. His humanoid face pushed out, forming a muzzle and wolf-like ears found their way to the top of his head. Dense dark fur spread down from his neck over his body. The change was working from both sides, each wave meeting up in the middle. His calves expanded outward as his feet lengthened. Transforming his powerful humanoid legs into digitigrade legs. While his shoulders shot sideways, turning into immense boulders. His traps expanded upward, hiding more of his neck by the second until it seemed like turning his head would be an impossibility. The change traveled down to his biceps, making them swell to almost ridiculous proportions. Then his triceps hardened and bulged, making his arm look far from being that of a humanoid creature. Roman's fingertips lengthened, his nails transforming into dagger-like claws. Roman arched his back and threw his arms outward as his chest and lats widened. Although his entire torso was widening, his chest expanded to proportions that wouldn't be seen on a normal human. . . Or perhaps even a werewolf. His chest hung off his body, causing him to hunch as the weight caught him off guard. Roman's abdomen was rigid, having a nice taper along the sides down to his waist. His thighs were just about finished growing, which I had missed. From a telephone pole to a massive oak, would be the best way to describe the change. And of course, the magic did meet in the middle. The most important part of Roman's being, seeing as how he was an alpha with superior genetics. His manhood drew into his body as a sheath pushed outward. Even though most werewolves had a slightly hidden manhood behind a tuft of fur, his still happened to be conspicuous. His panting and growling ceased for just a moment as his eyes explored what he could see, his hands working over his body. Roman raised his arms, half-flexing them as he tilted his head back to howl. When he was finished, he walked over to the nearest tree. He clawed at it, splintering the bark into wooden confetti. He made it look very easy, intimidating the alpha in me and causing me to back away. He kept clawing and then forced the tree down when he took out enough of its base. He chuckled and turned around, crossing his arms as he looked at me. Normally an alpha would be in a more aggressive stance in the presence of another alpha. However, he took a tall stance that left him without a low center of gravity and his hands wouldn't be able to react in time if I did attack him. He was being cocky. He was being Roman, but as a werewolf. I wasn't sure if it was Roman, half of Roman, or just an entirely feral version of Roman. His steps were longer than mine and eventually he caught up to me. He raised his leg and kicked me down. Pinning me down to the ground with crushing force. His muscles were incredibly huge, but since he was a werewolf, they were magically charged with additional strength. He must have been applying over a ton of pressure at a time. I yelped and growled, clawing at his leg to get him off of me. This wasn't my Roman. He just chuckled at my vain efforts. I knew I was using all my strength, but all I managed to do was rustle his fur. His foot began moving lower. Although I could escape now, the pain held me in place. His foot stopped just a centimeter above my crotch. He was going to destroy my manhood to eliminate the competition, a fate most alphas would consider worse than death. I pleaded and yelped . . All of it just feeding his ego. The pressure lightened and I think I heard him say “Hmmm.” Thinking as his eyes noted my features, he took his behemoth sized leg off of me. Then he ripped me off of the ground, causing me to yelp some more. Either he was intentionally rough or unaware of his strength. He looked me up and down, assessing me, contemplating what to do with me. He wrapped his arms around me and thrust me into him. It felt like I was being smashed into a brick wall. Roman searched my back, tracing it's form and all the deep cuts and crevices. Down along my tapered sides, taking his time and appreciating the shape my torso took. Finally he grabbed my ass using both hands. His entire body grew stiff as he stood still. He looked down at me, and of course I looked back. He brought his nose down to mine and laughed. He hunched over further so he could rub his head against mine. In short, he was basically saying Sorry for almost destroying your manhood and fucking you up. But now I really want to fuck you. I was hesitant and he noticed. He pounced on me, witholding as much of his brute strength as possible. His hand gently rubbed my stomach, making sure to let me know that he was really sorry. To him, having sex with me was the only thing that mattered. He wanted me. He wanted to win me. He wanted to. . . Be my alpha. It wasn't the Roman I fell in love with, which was why I was so hesitant and frightened. But this Roman was now a part of the man I loved. So just as Roman loved my beastly side, I decided I would love his too. I massaged his pecs, slowly working my way down to his cock. It was fully engorged within seconds. Yet instead of plunging in to me, he massaged my body. He was becoming more aggressive, groping and pressing hard up against my body. Feeling every muscle he could while his cock pulsed in anticipation. Mine, too, decided to pulse in unision with Roman's member. I didn't even realize it, but my legs were raised and slowly spreading as his hands searched every bulging corner of my body. He got off of me and spun me around, putting his hips between my legs as the tip of his enormous cock massaged my tight hole. He slid in with a gentle push, but it still hurt. His cock felt like it was a heated steel rod pushing through my insides. My prostate swelled with excitement, growing more and more sensitive with each thrust. Soon I was clutching at the ground, feeling myself quiver and shake. Gasps, moans, growls, grunts, barks, and even short howls poured out of my mouth. Each one feeding Roman's ego. Making his cock throb harder and leak even more precum. He backed out of me and pulled me up to my feet. He placed me near a tree so I could brace myself, while he wrapped his arms around me and resumed pounding my ass. I was ready to cum minutes ago, but I was unable to until my alpha did. Yes, alphas are in control of their male betas when it comes to orgasms. . . Not that it matters. . . The intensity grew too heavy for either of us to bear, causing his thrusts to become more drawn out as they entered and exited my tight ass. His cock was ready to burst. Yet he pulled out of me again. This time he sat down, leaning against the tree. His cock stood upright and I knew what he wanted. I sat down on his cock and used his body to hold myself steady. His hips raised up, easily lifting my weight as he thrust in me and then out. 8. . . 12. . . 15. . . 35. . . 50? I lost count. His cock was drilling my insides, making sure that the only male that could fit inside me would be him. Then came the grand finale. He exploded, releasing the pheromone that would allow me to do the same. We used each other to stabilize our violently shaking bodies. So much cum was flowing inside of me and then flowing out because there was no room. Meanwhile, Roman's fur was being coated milky-white. In a matter of seconds, the black furred beast dropped to the ground. Gently caressing my stomach and nuzzling me. Of all the things to make Roman remind him that I was his beta. . . It was my wimpy demeanor and then my ass. I felt conflicted, but the affection I was receiving calmed me. It made me happy, even. Roman didn't care how much of a mess I could be. He wanted me, as a human or werewolf, he didn't care.
  9. Part 4 Another week passed, another pizza fueled sex party happened, but when we fell asleep I felt like we were separated by something. It didn't even cross my mind that relationships could change over night. The next day, I woke to a series of heavy thumps. I was already nearly awake since there wasn't any extra weight on me, so I was able to jump out of bed while instantly becoming alert. The first thing I noticed was a large figure in front of the closet, tossing clothes into a messy pile around it. "Everett?" I asked, almost in disbelief. He was enormous now. Wider than me, taller than me. In fact, he was almost the size of his beast form. He managed to find the biggest pair of shorts I had, and even then, his quads and muscled bubble butt stretched them out entirely. His stance was wide and his shoulders were incredibly broad. He turned around, yet he didn't seem like the man I fell asleep with. The bulge in front of his pants also didn't seem like the one I remembered from last night either. It was in his eyes, mixtures of fierce blues and greens glaring at me. "Oh." His voice was deeper and more gruff. He found a shirt and put it over his enormous body. He had difficulty doing so and it was oddly arousing. His muscles got in the way as he tried to pull the shirt over his head, and then of course, the shirt fought against his hardened body as he tried to stretch the shirt over his mighty torso. Unsurprisingly, the sounds of stitches stretching and ripping filled the room for a few moments. "I'm taking these." "I see that." I nodded as I approached Everett. The closer I moved, the more I realized this wasn't the Everett I went to bed with yesterday. "Rett, are you OK?" "Yeah. I'm perfect." He grunted, his bluntness was sharp. "You know what, no, I'm not. I'm so. . . So. . . Fucking angry!" Hearing him seethe with anger was new to me, and so was the fact he even had anger on his list of possible emotions. I reached out to him, since physical contact always calmed him down. "Beta, rela-" "DON'T CALL ME THAT!" He fanned his arm out, blocking me, and then pushed me back on to the bed. "I'm an alpha now. I don't even feel like. . . My head just. . ." His body was rigid, fists and scowl locked in place. Though in the blink of an eye, he pounced on me, using his massive legs to pin mine down. His hands wrapped around my wrists, hurting me in the process. It was clear he was angry with me, with himself, and his predicament. "Your scent used to be so good, but now it just makes me. . . Angry! I wouldn't feel like this if you just let me keep this side locked away! This is all your. . . RRRRAAAA! Just looking at you makes my head hurt." "Stop talking like that!" I flipped him over using his own weight. However, a large object in motion stays in motion for longer. So off the bed and into the dresser he went. He let out a sound of frustration as he got back to his feet. His arms were raised off his sides, his chest puffed out as he loomed over me. "Everett, you better calm the fuck down and talk to me right now." "I'm. . . An alpha! I don't have to take orders from you!" He lunged at me, though I anticipated it and scrambled around to his back. I put him in a choke hold, having to hop up on his back and wrap my legs around him to stay on. His thrashing made it hard to stay in position, and impressively enough, he was standing tall despite having almost 250 pounds of beef on his back. He backed up into the walls and furniture, banging up my back real good. Finally, with one last feral growl of frustration, he made his final move. He simply fell backwards, using his immense weight to knock the air and fight out of me. I let go and coughed, then he stood up with ease, while I was totalled. My entire torso felt tender and my back didn't feel any better. I was taking deep breaths and even that hurt me. Even then, through all the pain, I tried my best to keep him in the room. I reached out and grabbed his ankle, squeezing as hard as I can as I tried to pull it towards me. "I. Don't. Want. To. Destroy. You. Let me go, Roman." "Don't fucking pull that shit. You better stay and talk to me." My pride was injured more than my body. Even worse, my heart ached. I felt like I failed him and doomed both of us to be miserable. I was supposed to be his alpha and make sure nothing would happen. But I wanted him to embrace who and what he was. I wanted this. I made the decision as an alpha, and it was the wrong one. "Why?" He shook his head, "This is what I am now. I'm trying my best to not hurt you, but my muscles are screaming for me to just crush you with every pound of power I have. And if I don't give in to my instincts, it'll happen during the full moon. I'd kill you. So I'm leaving. I have to. I can't have your blood on my hands." Everett walked out the door, scooping up his wallet and other necessities before slamming the door. I managed to get up to my feet after a few minutes, taking my time in the shower and examining all of my body in the mirror. The damage wasn't as severe as I thought, probably because Everett was holding back during the fight. Even when he fell back I think he threw his arms back to lessen the impact. All these muscles and they were useless to stop him from going. I shouldn't have fought with him in the first place. I used my hands to gently probe my tender torso, missing Everett's touch as I did so. Whenever I got hurt, he would be my little nurse. My cute puppy Everett was now an alpha wolf in an entirely different league. Since he was an alpha, that means his word is his final decision. He's gone. He still loves me, but he's not coming back. That's all I could piece together at the time. "Some alpha you are." I stared at my face, trying to psyche myself up like I did before major competitions. "But you are an alpha. Why are you standing here? Go. Find. Everett." As I was leaving and driving through the city, I couldn't help but feel like garbage. Even if Everett was half closed off, he was happy. Though that wasn't enough for me. I wanted him to be more, I wanted him to accept something he originally had no intention of embracing. Further more, I let him down. I didn't respect the role of being his alpha and I clearly didn't understand what those roles meant to a werewolf. I even let my pride get in the way, letting it control me to the point where I actually physically hurt Everett. Or at least I think I did. A few notification rings snapped me out of my sad train of thought. Rita: Hey, I just saw Everett by himself I think. He looked really big and sad. What did you do to our little darling pup-pup? Rita: hugely muscled woof-woof* Me: It's a long story. I need to talk to him. Where was he? Rita: I was grocery shopping and saw him in the meat aisle. Rita: Like, the dude was scooping pounds of meat off the aisle into his cart. Rita: Even the other few werewolves there were all like "Yo bruh what are you even doing with all of that?" Rita: I guess maybe he needs all that protein now that he's huge? Rita: I said hi but he just glared at me and walked away. Rita: Soooooo is this a werewolf moody pre-moon kind of thing or what? Me: Nah. He's just really upset. He always ate like crazy when he was upset. Me: Thanks for telling me. I'll fill you in later on all the details. Rita: Na, I get it. Full moon's a-comin' in a few days. I hope he'll be fine. Me: Me too. That was astonishingly easy and convenient. I knew where he'd go. Since he couldn't go to our house to binge eat, that only left one other place. He'd probably go to the spot in the park where we first played together when we were kids; the spot we visited every week. I sped up and made my way over to the park. I skimmed across a parked car along the way, and then half parked on the curb when I finally made it to the park. I pushed open the door and slammed it. "Damn it Everett." I sighed, trying to release all my frustration before meeting him face to face. I didn't want a repeat of what happened early that morning. I rushed through the park, yelling excuse me and move, move, move many times as I darted through the park. As I closed in on the more secluded section, I could hear some horror-grade eating sounds. I could see Everett in the distance with his back to me. There were packs of meat scattered around him and it was obvious he was gorging himself on raw meat. His senses were sharp, yet he didn't seem to notice me. Or perhaps he didn't care. He was in another world, a monochrome depressing world. I stood right behind him and he didn't even notice me. I knelt down and threw my arms around him. He froze, which was a lot better than him fighting back. "Everett, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hurt you. I should've tried to fully understand what it means to be a werewolf. I'm so sorry. I love you. We need to work this out." "You're an alpha. Your scent tells me that much. So you're competition. So during a full moon I'd kill you or severely injure you and ruin your life." He grunted, "There's nothing to work out." "You're confused." I got up and went around to his front. I kicked away the raw meat, which didn't seem to go over well as Everett's eyes sparked. I tore my shirt off, using it to clean up his face and hands before bringing my face down to his. "You. Love. Me. That's a fact. I'm not competition, I'm your alpha. I'm the man that makes you happy, right?" "Roman, it doesn't work that way." His hand wrapped around my arm and squeezed tightly. I know he didn't mean to. I didn't even acknowledge the pain. "You fought these instincts off for years. I know you won't hurt me when you transform. I trust you, Everett." "I don't trust me." He let go and wrapped his arms around himself. I never seen him look so sad and defeated. "I just want to be your beta again. . . I want these instincts gone. . ." "A life without you isn't worth living. So either way, I'm taking my chances. You're going to transform me into a werewolf and I'm going to be your alpha." I kissed him on the forehead, "Come home with me, beta." "Roman we're basically kids. . . How can you be so su-" I kissed him on the lips to shut him up, "I know because I know. It's that simple. We know each other inside and out. We've spent over 10 years with each other, nearly together every day. I need you to function and you need me. Like it or not, we're stuck with each other. And if we go our separate ways, we'll never be happy. So let's just do this already." "I. . ." He started to tear up, and I wiped away his tears. "It's OK. I know you're sorry. It's my fault for not calming you down." I wrapped my arms around him, "It'll be OK."
  10. That's a good idea. I'll capitalize on that for sure. It'll be weird but I think I can manage it. It's going to get kind of weird next part. I'm thinking 5 to 6 parts total.
  11. PART 3 Everett drastically changed over the course of a few weeks. His size now matched his appetite, which is to say, he was practically my size. Except he was still a tad bit weaker and an inch shorter. All that muscle in just a few weeks. . . Well, it's just more of him to love. He began loving himself too, along with his power and heritage. Everett was his old self, a whole being, the man I always wanted. He moved with a confident swagger while he walked beside me. I reached out to hold his hand, since he wasn't hiding behind me like he usually did in public. It was honestly the first time I ever got to do it as we walked. He looked over at me, almost as if he were surprised. He smiled, "Come on, don't get mushy on me now." "But you love mushy romantic things." I looked him up and down. We were almost dressed the same. My clothes were tight on purpose, while his clothes were tight because of his new size. I had just bought his clothes a few days ago and he's already outgrowing them. I couldn't tell if I should be bothered or turned on. . . Probably turned on. I could see the deep outlines of his ripped abdomen through his tanktop. While his chest seemed like a cliff edge on a huge mountain. I pulled Everett into the alcove of our favorite pizza place. I kissed him, thrusting him up against the wall with all my might. He fought back, of course, to no avail. "Roman. . . Not here. . ." He moaned as I moved down to kiss his neck. My hand was on his crotch and I could feel his cock stirring. I paused, sighed, and then backed off. I wanted to fool around with him, but his new sex drive just made him hard whenever I tried. I loved that! But it would probably embarass him if he had a boner in public. I mean, he could barely hide his flaccid bulge. It would like like a tilted skyscraper if he were hard. "Fine beta, but you're paying for the grub." I pointed my thumb at the door. He jokingly gave me some sass as he walked off. I followed him in and stood back by the wall. There was some new guy behind the counter. But just like the other workers, he stared at me while mentally tearing my clothes off. He was completely ignoring Everett; I was stealing all his attention. "Um, can I. . . Place an order?" Everett sheepishly asked. "Can I help you?" The guy looked around Everett as he nodded to me. I had to admit, I was confused. "Yeah, um, excuse me?" Everett was ringing his fingers. He was never good with socializing. The counter guy looked back at Everett with a look of disgust. "I don't care if a trashy mutt wants to place an order. You dumb dogs aren't even supposed to like pizza, that's why I decided to work here in the first place. Ug, I hope I don't get fleas. Get out, just go!" I suppose Everett's enhanced body gave away his wolfiness. His teeth were intimidatingly sharp and his body hair was quite dense. Werewolf men also had an incredibly V-shaped torso, like, a torso you'd only see in photo-edited muscle magazines. Werewolves weren't fully welcomed in the city as much as they were around the country sides. At least 10% of our outings had assholes like this ruin our time together. Most of the time I had to take some serious action, too. "Yep, you can help me." I put on a happy little facade just to keep the stupid jerk comfortable. It seemed he didn't realize Everett and I were together. I gently nudged Everett aside and he shook his head at me while backing away. I gestured for the counter guy to come closer. "Can I get your number first, though?" "Oh. . . Hehe, of course, yeah!" He leaned over the counter, so I didn't have to reach far to snatch his shirt's collar. He choked, "H-e-y?" I smacked him with the back of my hand, putting him in a daze, so he wouldn't struggle too much. I dragged him over the counter with ease, outside, and around the corner. All the people on the sidewalk quickly moved away, the once busy sidewalk was practically barren. Whatever they think was happening, they didn't want to get in some huge guy's way. Finally I made it to the alleyway behind the pizza place. I threw him against a dumpster and tossed open the lid. "That gentle and sweet werewolf is my boyfriend. Trash like you doesn't even deserve to look at him! And trash only has one place. . ." I rammed my fist into his spongy gut, then tossed him in the dumpster. I slammed the lid down. I kicked the side of the dumpster and yelled. "Know your place, trash!" I turned around to see Everett standing in the alleyway. He seemed shaken, but happy. He tried to hide his faint smile by turning away. "Roman. . . You don't have to beat people up or yell at them when they call me names. . . I can take it." "You shouldn't have to take it." I gruffly replied as I approached him, wrapping my pumped up arms around him. Everett reacted quickly, rubbing his cheek up against mine as he held tightly on to me. My entire body was pumped up, but I ignored the tense feeling so I could comfort Everett. "Anyone who disrespects my beta disrespects me too. Got it, Rett?" "Roman, I. . . Love you." "I know you do, Everett." I returned his affection by rubbing my cheek against his. He seemed to melt in my arms. Unfortunately, my impatient stomach thought it was inappropriate to be affectionate in an alleyway. The loud whale-like noise made Everett flinch. "Uh. . . I was going to say I love you too, but I think the moment's over." "Yeah. Definitetly." He pulled away and pat my stomach. "I should've made sure my alpha was full first. It seems you worked up quite the appetite." "Of course I did. Keeping myself from mounting you takes a lot of effort, you know." I took him by the hand and lead him back to the shop. I'm sure the pizza place owner would understand why his new employee had to go so it wouldn't be too awkward to go back in. "I got another appetite to deal with. So, pizza and then sex?" "Um. . . We're going to the park though." "Yeah. Plenty of secluded patches of grass to fuck you on. Some of the park will literally be torn up after I'm done with you, Rett." "Aw come on Ro, don't be so modest." He smirked, "I'm sure the entire park will be ripped up by the time you're done with me." "Just stay away from the azaleas, eh? My wife planted those!" Everett shrunk and hid behind me after he realized the owner just heard him. The owner's energy was always off the charts. "I got your order readied-up since I heard you come in! So grab and go-whoa! Everett, you're big! I should double the jalapeno poppers and toppings, yeah?" "Um no, we're fine. . . I'm sorry about what happened to the guy who was working here." Everett dug around in his wallet and put 35 bucks on the counter. "I'm not." I threw a few 10's down on the counter. "I'll totally take double jalapeno poppers, BBQ wings, and veggie toppings." "I'll just take some from some other order. I don't want you to raid the place for food!" He chuckled, then turned serious. "Oh and don't worry about it, Everett, my friend! Garbage doesn't deserve to work at the best pizza shop in town."
  12. It was on FB and I was all like "this is a ton cuter than my original idea!" Tho I mostly just used the premise and branched out.
  13. I was planning on going a different direction with the alpha/beta thing. Though I find the idea of role switching hot, as long as the original alpha doesn't shrink! This next part gets a little heated in a good way. PART 2 I laid in bed waiting for Everett to come home, but wound up drifting to sleep. Everett could never fall asleep without me there by his side, so he'd be back for sure. I didn't wake to the sound of a giant furball getting into bed, but instead to the alarm. I was always a heavy sleeper. I let my eyes adjust to the light and noticed the curtains were drawn. That meant either Everett or a very nice trespasser was here. When I rose from bed I stretched upwards, yawned, and made my way to the door. I noticed the smell of cleaning supplies, and as I walked down the hallway, I saw a bucket of brown water. It must have been mud that he accidentally tracked in. When I was near the kitchen, the scent of coffee and the sounds of sizzling awakened all my senses. I was ready to chow down. I entered the kitchen and noticed he was very preoccupied and jittering in front of the stove. “Beta.” I approached him, my heavy footsteps could be heard over the sounds of sizzling pans. Then I was standing behind Everett, my shadow casting over him. I wrapped my arms around him and he was at peace. He still wouldn't turn around, though. “Hey Puppy, I see you were busy this morning.” “I wouldn't have been if you left that monster chained up in the basement like I asked.” He grunted, “You even stayed to watch. Then you encouraged it to be wild. I don't want to be wild. I don't want to be a werewolf.” “Hmph, are you sad or mad or annoyed?” “No. Yes. Maybe. . . I don't know.” “Look, Everett, up until 16 you were a feisty guy. Then we started chaining you up in the basement as your beast form grew. You slowly changed and now I know why. It's because the moment you chained up your other half, you chained yourself up. Don't be afraid to be a werewolf. Don't be afraid to be who and what you are. I'll love you no matter what, as long as it's the authentic version of you.” “Roman, you know my father is. an alpha. My mother was the daughter of an alpha too. So my body will. . . If I don't fight that monster off. . . I'll. . .” “Your other half is a gentle and strong beast. He's your fire, your warmth, and your passion. I don't care if you grow bigger, it'll just be more of you to love. I'll always be your alpha, big or small.” I spun him around and he looked ashamed. His body was bigger for sure, with his once flat-ish pecs now forming bumps under his shirt. His face had changed to. See, Everett was a cute guy but not someone you'd call hot. Now that I was looking at him, it seemed he manned up. His chin was broader, his eyebrows were a thicker, and he didn't look so wide-eyed and bushy tailed anymore. “I want to stay your beta. . .” I lifted his chin and looked into his eyes, noticing he had been crying earlier. “Then give me all of you. That means I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!” I chuckled, and just as I'd hope, he laughed too. I caught a glimpse of his sparkling white teeth, and most certainly they were starting to look more like a werewolf's set of choppers. Even in human form you can tell if someone was a werewolf simply by looking at their teeth or mannerisms. “I should be really mad at you. . . But I love you too much to even act mad. Especially when all you're wearing are those short legged briefs.” “I love me too, but not as much as I love you.” I kissed him on the forehead and spun him around, letting him get back to making us breakfast. I held him the entire time, gently feeling the contours of his new body. “You know, when you get like that, my other half is really hard to keep away. He just wants to jump up and take over. He craves your affection and your authority. . .” He sighed, “At least I know you have what it takes to handle him.” “Damn right I do.” Breakfast was kind of awkward after we sat down. It was unusually quiet, though we made plenty of eye contact. I knew him for over 10 years, so it's like I could still feel what he was feeling. He was nervous about letting his other side out for even a second. He kept looking at me, hoping to borrow some of my courage or brute strength. We always ate in silence since I shredded things up faster than the garbage disposal in the sink. We were finishing up our coffee when I decided to break tradition and cut the silence short. “I think we should fuck.” He choked, “Alpha!” “Except this time, you let your other half join in the fun. I don't mean going all Woof-Woof on me, just let his instincts mingle with your instincts, you know?” “I have to clean the dishes.” That was the first time he ever turned down sex. The worst part is we were using paper plates and styrofoam cups. I knew he'd let his other half join in simply because I asked him to. So he was trying his best to just avoid the situation; which he knew he couldn't avoid either. I flipped the table out of my way, giving him no choice but to face me and my growing erection. The loud bang of the table made him flinch, but he still looked at me. I walked over to him and then ripped him out of the chair so I could carry him to our bedroom. “When I'm done with you, we're going to have to remodel this entire room.” I said as I ripped his clothes off and threw him on to the bed. He couldn't even respond. I sent him into such a hot spiral that he couldn't focus on anything but my throbbing cock. The look on his face was different, as was his body language. He wasn't limp as usual, but tense. He was ready to interact with me, so to speak. I got on top of him, pinning him down as he tried his hardest to fight against me. He wanted to feel my raw strength overpower him. He was moaning even as I kissed him. I was taking his breath away. Finally it was time for me to claim my prize. I shoved my cock inside of him, quicker and harder than I ever before. Instead of crying out, he moaned even louder, wrapping his arms tightly around me. This was the version of Everett I wanted; the version that included both sides. He bucked his hips back and forth with a counter movement to make my thrusts harder and my pulls quicker. I noticed the look in his eye flicker from human to feral. His teeth had sharpened entirely and his hands were pushing up against my back. He was trying his hardest to hang on to me without clawing into my back. He let out a growl, followed by a moan. I noticed him push against me more, and more of my cock slid into him. Right down to the base for the first time. That's when I noticed his body had changed some more. His ass, once a cute bubble butt, was now a muscled pair of globes made specifically for my entire huge cock. His arms were thicker, and stronger, allowing him to wrap more easily around me. His core felt stronger as my hands glided over his stomach, probably to help stabilize himself as he drove his ass onto my cock. Even the hair on his body was denser and more pleasing to the touch. Running my hands over his hairy and thicker quads gave me a sensation I never noticed before. His breathing hastened as I exposed him to more pleasure just by touching his leg. Finally, his cock burst and I let mine fire off too. I never heard him make such loud noises during an orgasm. Even I yelled out as my cock overloaded my entire body with pleasure. He was sweating and breathing hard after it had subsided, laying there as if I had put him into a coma. “So was that all of you?” I asked him as I mounted him, kissing him on the lips a few times before letting him answer. He nodded his head and looked into my eyes. I could see it in his tourquoise eyes. His fire. His passion. It was back and he was embracing it, based on his slight growth. “It feels better to just let your other half join in, doesn't it? It's more fun when you're a whole person. More fun for the both of us.” “You were right, alpha. . .” He sighed, “You're always right.” I kissed him on the neck as I caressed his newly grown body. “Even if you're twice my size, I'll still treat you the same way. Maybe minus the carrying until I outgrow you.” He grinned, something he rarely did because of his teeth. “Roman, you're probably the weirdest guy around.” “What can I say? I love who I love.” “Since you love me. . . Would you want to be my alpha for real? My mate?” “You mean become a werewolf for you? Werewolves can't compete in bodybuilding, though.” “Oh that's right. . . Sorry for asking it was dumb of m-” “So I'll give up bodybuilding. I know you, beta. I know you're a sappy romantic. So yeah, if you promise to give me all of you, I'll be your mate. I know we're young but we've been together for such a long time. So yeah. I want to do it.” “Alpha, you can think about it for longer if you w-” “Beta, I always make up my mind the first time.” I groped his pec, something I could actually do now with his increased size. “If I get to have all of you, there's no fucking reason for me to not be your mate. I made up my mind to make you mine a long time ago. So that's what's going to happen. You're going to be mine.” “Both sides of me would love that more than anything.” “I think we can stop referring to him as his own person. You're both the same guy. You're Everett, the werewolf. Not Human Everett and Wolfie Everett.” “I'm Everett the werewolf. . .” He laughed, “Your puppy.”
  14. Part 1 I'm a bodybuilder, and like all bodybuilders, I decided to have an abnormal life. I took my body to the furthest point, broke down any barriers, and pushed even further until there was no going back. I was 72 inches tall (6 feet tall), weighing in at 218 pounds of muscle when I was cutting and 245ish pounds when I was bulking. Right now it's summer, so of course I've got my trimmed look for the season. Except trimmed was too delicate of a way to put it. I was ripped, cut, chiseled, and overall amazing. My body fat must have been 6% at the most. My muscles just jumped off my smoothly waxed body, which would cause some hard problems for people who saw me. Vascularity wasn't for everyone, so I didn't expect everyone to fawn over my body. Most people did, though. I loved the attention. I was 22 and considered a bodybuilding prodigy. Some say I use steroids because people are jealous. Some say it's synthonol because all young people are lazy. Some say it's because of photo editing because I'm vain. Some say it's due to me being half black because racism is still a thing. It's none of that, just my genes. Thanks to my genes, I also have the perfect skin color to just make the muscles POP off my body without a ton of oil or exact lighting. Saying I'm blessed would be an understatement. Men were envious of me, my good looks, my body, my voice, my demeanor, my everything. Sure I was arrogant and tough; I came off as a brute to most. Though that's just me and what I am. I'm an alpha at heart. My boyfriend had an abnormal life too, minus the choice factor. He loved me with all his heart and he was my beta. I was here to protect him, love him, and take care of him if he ever needed anything. In return he just makes me happy; so very, very happy. We were together, so to speak, since he was 11 and I was 12. After he hit the end of puberty, something changed in him. Like a light went out in the room, but it was hard to tell since there were other lights on too. Each full moon it felt like the lights were growing dimmer and I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was failing him as his alpha. “Hey Pup, wake up.” I drew the curtains on both sides of the bedroom. “Noooo. . .” He groaned as he rolled under the sheets. I could see his short yet messy bunch of light strawberry blond hair stick out from under the sheets. “Don't make me come under there. You know what'll happen if I do.” I playfully teased as I leaned on his side of the bed. He pulled the covers entirely over his head. “Look, Rett, I know you hate it. . . But you have to get up. I'll make you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'll make you all the things you like, Puppy.” “Don't call me Puppy. How would you like it if I called you Chocolate Drop or M&M?” “As long as you let me melt in your mouth and not your hand, I wouldn't care my darling little Woof-Woof.” I got on top of him and put half of my weight on him, kissing the side of his face through the sheets. “Pffhah-Shut up, Roman!” I managed to make him laugh a little. Though I knew he didn't feel up for laughing since it sounded so strained. I usually called him some sort of dog-related cutesy name to test his mood. If he didn't complain then he was happy. After he did get up, he seemed lethargic and depressed the entire day. I prepared meals for the week, so he just sat around in the kitchen. When I was working out he was lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling instead of working out with me. And after dinner I read a book about different workout methods while he sat next to me without cuddling up to me. He was in nothing but his shorts, and the air conditioning had to be making him feel chilly. His pale skin seemed even paler than usual, even with the added color of his sparse reddish-blond hair over his body. It was like he was just there and didn't want to even touch me, even if it meant he wouldn't be cold. I wrapped my arm around him and he didn't even budge. “It's been 10 years since we've had to do this. I wish I could make it better for you.” I kissed him on the forehead. “Unless you can change me from being a-” An alarm went off and his saddened state quickly turned to panic. I looked at my phone and it was actually 8:12, meaning the clock was off by a lot. Things were dire, but I didn't want to tell Everett. “8pm. . . It's 8pm!” “OK, come on, we still have some time.” I examined his expression and realized we didn't have nearly enough time. His sharp teeth were getting sharper and his turquoise eyes flickered between being gentle and fierce. I picked him up in my arms and took him down to the basement. Then I placed him on the floor in the corner, away from the cellar windows. I reluctantly pulled the silver chains around him, tying him tightly to the house's cement foundation. “I. . . Everett, we don't have to do this.” “Yes we do, Roman. He might hurt you. I don't want. . . Alpha, I-” He tried speaking, but a gruff sound cut him off. “Just go now. Don't look at me. . ." “Beta, relax.” I gave him a peck on the lips. I hated doing this to him. I hated to hear him growl and struggle while I sat on the couch upstairs. Everett nodded, but his eyes switched. There was a different man or creature in the driver's seat. What little control Everett had, he used it to yell at me. Something he rarely did unless it was playful. “Go! Just get out of here!” Everett grunted as eerie black lines snaked their way from his chest to the rest of his body. He barked and growled as the lines grew in number, thickness, and length. His teeth were now entirely pointed, and his nails were growing longer and darker. I was always interested in his transformation from a toned 5'8” cutie to something hairy and hulking. His face pushed out as his skin went from sparsely hairy to shag-rug in a matter of seconds. He arched his back as his chest swelled outward, his growls becoming deeper and gruffer. His arms lengthened, as did his back and legs. Although they weren't normal human proportions, his arms being longer and his legs being shorter than a normal human of his size. Meanwhile his musculature was drastically changing. Even with the dense strawberry blond fur covering his body, I could tell where his muscles began and ended. Each muscle group beautifully redefining themselves on his strange frame. His shoulders swelled larger than any bodybuilder's I knew, with his chest broadening so much thanks to his larger lats and of course his heavier pecs. His arm grew so big that it seemed like it'd be impossible for them to move. His traps made his neck disappear, and a slight hunch was forming since he was so top heavy. His growls were now feral, his eyes now staring directly at me with pride and ferocity. His shorts managed to stay on, though only enough to cover his pelvic region. His tail was poking out from the top of his shorts, while the legs where entirely torn. Everett' quads made sure to tear away at his shorts' legs, ballooning so far outward that the beast had sit with his legs in a V shape. His feet were no longer dainty, and instead, were large, long, and hairy with sharp nails at the end. He snapped at me and growled even louder. I knelt down so I was eye level, just a few inches away from his range of motion. I've seen Everett's beast form when he was younger, when he looked more like a wolf pup than a beast. Though now I had the chance to see the matured version of his beastly side. It's where half of his personality came from. In other words, this was half of the man I loved. . . In a form that he'd describe as monstrous. He still had the same beautiful turquoise eyes, but they seemed so intense. I yelled to put him back in his place. “Shut the fuck up!” Sure enough he did and his ears fell down. He looked more like a harmless puppy. I touched my nose to his like when we were kids and his ears popped back up as his tail wagged uncontrollably. Everett didn't want me spending time with his feral side. He didn't want me even seeing it just so he can pretend it doesn't exist. The beastly side of Everett seemed lonely and sad, probably due to years of being locked away in a cellar the halfway through puberty. But now he was bigger and possibly more dangerous. Despite popular belief, werewolves can transform whenever. It's just that when they do, they give in to their feral nature for a set amount of time. They essentially fall asleep as their other half takes over. “Heh, you still see me as your Alpha, don't you?” I rubbed his head. “You're so much bigger than me too.” Everett looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and patted the space next to him. He just wanted company. Everett always told me to just walk away and leave him alone, but I never really asked why. I thought it was because his wolf form would be dangerous, but he didn't seem that way. He whimpered as his puppy-dog eyes intensified. I couldn't not say yes. I sighed and sat down next to him, he leaned over and placed most of his weight on me. Thankfully I was a bodybuilder, so at least he didn't crush me. “You love me as much as the other you does, don't you?” He rubbed his head against mine as a way to say yes. “I don't get why Everett hates you.” He shrugged his shoulders and turned away to look towards the cellar window. Staring at the beams of moonlight shining on to the basement floor. He whimpered more and turned my way. Again, with the big-eyed look. I reached for a flashlight and put it in my pocket. “Now I see why. He knew I couldn't say no to that face. OK. . . I'll let you out. BUT! Only if you let me accompany you. I don't want you getting into trouble, understand?” The beast eagerly nodded and I got rid of the chains. He crawled around on all fours, individually shaking his legs and. . . Arms, legs, leg-arms? After that he stood up. I felt like I was looking up at a tall skyscraper, even though he was only 6 inches taller than me, perhaps 10. It was hard to tell, but his head was almost touching the ceiling even though he was slightly hunched over. I looked down to see the shorts still intact, finding it funny that it looked like a dog was wearing underwear. Though his body looked human-shaped, even if his arms and legs were slightly different proportion wise. He just looked wolf-y from the neck up along with his furry hands and feet. So he was 75% extremely hairy human and 25% wolf-thing. I unlocked the cellar door and opened it, yet Everett didn't budge. “Come on.” I gently said, as I held my hand out to him. He approached me and looked out the cellar door and then down at my hand. He was actually afraid, maybe because he hasn't been outdoors for about a decade. The way the moonlight reflected off his fur looked amazing. He almost looked white with tones of red, orange, and pink. “I'll be right here with you. I'll keep you safe.” He placed his hand in mine, carefully wrapping his larger hand around mine so his nails wouldn't scratch me. Everett' hand felt softer than I thought it would. Even in this gigantic beast form, he was still my gentle beta. I walked up the stairs and lead him to the outside world. He stared at the back yard and the dense forest beyond it. Then he looked down at me. I whipped out the flashlight and lead him towards the forest until we were deep inside. He let go of my hand and ran around a few trees. He sniffed a tree and licked it, his face contorting into a grossed-out expression. That's what he gets for being curious. I laughed and approached him. I pet him behind his ears and I could see his tail wagging back and forth. He did the same to me, letting his furry hands run along my head. He let out a strange noise, like he was confused. “Oh yeah, last time you saw me was 10 years ago when you were just a small pup. . . I got rid of my pony tail since then. So it looks like you're the only one with a tail now.” I heard him laugh, or at least I thought he was laughing. Then he lunged at me, playfully of course. He pinned me down, but I fought back. He grunted a few times as he realized I was strong in my own right. Sure he was stronger, but I was actually able to fight him off a bit. I used his oddly portioned weight against him and flipped him on to his back. He yelped and went limp, allowing me to pin him down to the ground without any effort. This was the playful Everett I knew. I never understood why Everett hated this part of himself. My hands ran over the beast's body and his breathing became strained. His chest, stomach, and even his arms felt oddly human. Sure it was all covered in fur, but the proportions and hardness reminded me of my fellow bodybuilders. Just. . . Bigger. Everett let out a soft sigh, and looked at me. I didn't have the flashlight, but the intense moonlight was enough for me to see him clearly. It reminded me of the look Everett gave me the first time we had sex. Nervous, excited, scared, but most of all he was happy. I backed off a bit, because I don't think I was ready to have any intense relations with this form of Everett. He shouldn't even be having thoughts of having sex with a human, not in his beast form anyway. Then it clicked. An idea that might help both sides of Everett in the long run. “Everett.” His ears perked up when I said his name. “Or Werewolf Everett. Whatever. I can't babysit you. You have to go out and do what you want tonight without me, this is your only night you can be free to do whatever. Yes you're my beta, and yes I love you very much. . . But you're a beast right now. A wild and humongous beast with a different set of needs. You need to hunt. You need to be free without me tying you down.” Everett reached out and put his hand behind my back. He pulled me down towards him until I was snuggled up against his powerful chest. It was obvious he didn't want me to leave him. “It's OK, Beta. Just promise me you won't hurt anybody and that you'll be safe. I don't care if you eat a stupid cat or whatever. . . Er, just don't bring anything home.” He hugged me tighter and whimpered. “Come on Rett. . . Look at you. You're powerful and intimidating. Nothing can hurt you out here. You don't need me to stay safe.” He nuzzled me and whimpered some more. I took the hint that he wanted to be tied down by me, as if he didn't even realize it was a bad thing. “Don't worry, Beta. I'll be home when you get there.” I got off of him, allowing him to stand up. I picked up the flashlight and made my way back to the house. He called out to me, but I kept walking. The beta-nature in him couldn't refuse my order, but he didn't want to go without me. Everett had to go get everything out of his system and me being there wouldn't help him do that. If anything, it would just stifle half of his own personal growth. It actually hurt to hear him bark and whimper, and the fainter the sounds, the more it hurt. I was his Alpha. I had to do what was right for him even if it didn't feel right at the moment. Finally I was back at the cellar door and I couldn't hear him at all.
  15. Very nice. The only issues were minor grammatical errors with tenses and redundancies, but none of them ruined the story. I got it loud and clear. Nice descriptions for sure. You know us guys, we love a novel's worth of muscle descriptions. What I do is read my writing aloud to myself. If it sounds odd or if I missed something, I'll know by hearing it. Even then I miss mistakes.
  16. Thanks a lot for the likes/compliments. It helps me know if I'm going in an OK direction. I'm glad people liked reading it as much as I liked writing it. I think I want to make a 4th part, but I'm also toying with the idea of werewolf+bodybuilder based on some super cute animation. Sadly my stupid Comcast ISP has been on the fritz since late Sunday. Da fuck, man?
  17. This one's pretty long. I was lucky and had a party with 2 summoners, so they basically carried through dungeons as I wrote naughty stuff. Just a heads up, this one contains growth and sex. It's also set about 2 weeks from the 2nd part. This might be the last part. I still think I really need to work on growth portions of stories like this. It's actually really hard. I feel like I'm being repetitive with word choices and descriptions. :C Part 3 I liked to fuck massive men. Muscular men, to be more specific. I liked pounding their tight muscled asses. I liked hearing their baritone moans as I ravaged their body with intense levels of pleasure. Rex could never offer me that, so our relationship wouldn't go past kissing and cuddling. Emotionally I could be with him in that way, but my body refused. I did like him, it's just he couldn't arouse my body. Demons liked stronger partners, since stronger partners means more stamina. . . Which means more excess energy being released during sex. Demons only preferred partners like that because their bodies would only accept strong people. I felt sorry for Rex while I was watching him work out. No matter how hard he'd push those weights, his body would always be on the lithe side. It actually bothered me that humans were bound to their genetics, but then again, demons were bound to their body and its needs. Inside, Rex was a bodybuilder; a masculine man who was perhaps still a beta at heart. His determination, his focus, his form. All of it was perfect. I could feel the amounts of energy his body was expending. I wanted to grow him some more, but I couldn't tell why I wanted to do it. Was it because I wanted him to be fuck-worthy of a demon? Or was it because I really thought he deserved it? After Rex was done working out, he wiped his sweaty bangs from his forehead and waved at me as he went into the locker room. I continued to wait, trying to sort my feelings about Rex. He's definitely my boyfriend. He is definitely ready for sex after a week of being with me, now coming up on 2 weeks. How would I break it to him? My body won't let me get hard without forcing my member to become erect. And you know what they say about forcing things. We walked back to my place, since I was going to show him my place for the first time. Once inside, he looked around. Admiring the furniture and various designs. I made it all myself, since I had the time to do so. I plopped down on the couch and he followed suit. Except he straddled my lap and wrapped his arms around me. He bent down and kissed me a few times, going straight to the most passionate things he could muster. He was even using his tongue to show what he's learned from me, and damn, it felt amazing. His cock was already hard, straining his shorts. So much for being a shy virgin. He must have been 6.8” long, which is decent for a human. He noticed that I wasn't getting hard, though. “Add, is something wrong?” “Rex, look.” I looked into those beautiful olive eyes, trying to figure out a way to sugar coat things. I didn't want to hurt him. “A demon's body is different from a human's body. Our functions are not under our control, in fact, it's almost like we work to please our bodies first. Our bodies only see results and not feelings. So sex to demons is essentially just another way to get excess energy. The stronger and more lively the target, the more sexual energy they'll release during sex. It's energy they couldn't use anyway, so it would be a win-win situation.” “OK? So you feel weird about munching on the sex-energy or whatever?” “No. Rex, you're not exactly the strongest guy. I like you a lot. But my body doesn't seem to think there's a reason to please you. Sex with you would only produce minimal amounts of excess energy. You can't make me hard as you are now. I wish I could change it, but I can't.” He paused and looked away. He seemed hurt. I tried to console him but he just backed away. “You can't change it, so I guess it's not your fault. . .” “I really want to. Believe me, I do.” He paused once more and got off my lap. He walked over to a mirror and stared at it for a few moments. I could see his face light up in the reflection. “But you could change me.” “I could.” I was surprised he would be up to change just to have sex with me. Surprised and happy. “I want you to do it for yourself, though. Not for me.” “Why can't I do it for both? If it means I can be intimate with my boyfriend and be stronger, then why not?” He smiled, “Besides, bigger is better!” “Yes. Yes it is.” I stood up and approached him. I caressed his cheek and looked into his eyes, searching his most frequent dreams. I was piecing together what he really wanted to be. I'm not sure I could give him what he desired, but I'd try anyway. To get what he wanted, he would have to sacrifice more than 2 measly years of life force. “I'm going to need you to commit to something or trade for this to work. It has to be serious.” “Oh.” He sighed, “Sex with a huge guy gets you energy, right? So what if I. . . What if I let you use my body whenever you need more energy for 5 years? That'd be worth more than 5 years worth of energy up front, right? I'll be at your beck and call no matter what.” “That's a start. It means even if you didn't want sex, your body would force you to anyway.” I was glad he offered that on the first go-around. Rex was most certainly a beta, so being at my beck and call would feel natural for him. “I'm not sure how big that will make you, but I'll try my best to get you what you really want. So, Rex, do we have a deal? Just strip to confirm you are OK with the terms.” He eagerly stripped, not having a second thought. Rex wanted to be larger and he wanted to have sex with me. He wanted both, and I also wanted both for him too. I worked my magic right away, starting from his neck. I massaged his traps and shoulders, making Rex melt right in my hands. I could feel his traps bulk upwards and his shoulders made my grip loosen so I could accommodate his broadening shoulders. He let out a soft sigh and I could see beads of sweat starting to form. Of course, his cock was standing at attention and I was feeling mine twitch. My hands slid over to his biceps and triceps, which I could barely fit my hand over. When they ballooned, I couldn't even touch my two hands together if I wrapped them around his beefy arm. His forearms pulsed and became sharply defined, growing slightly in size and thickening his wrists. My hands glided down to his pecs, groping what little bumps he had until it took less effort. Soon his pecs were raised enough so I could no longer grab them all. He let out a moan as I lingered around his nipples, making them more sensitive to my touch before moving on. “Add. . .” “Are you having second thoughts? I can't stop.” I halted my movement and let my hands play with his chest hair. He was still growing, even if it was slowed down a bit. “I. . . I understand. . .” He sighed, “It's scary. I feel like I'm about to give up myself.” “Just relax. You're not being torn down to nothing, you're being built up.” He nodded and I resumed my movement downward, gliding over his abs and tracing the shallow lines throughout his stomach region. Across his abs, around his obliques, and over the alluring lines that went straight down to his pelvis. Each faint line was becoming deeper and more defined. He let out a louder moan this time, probably because the growth was happening so close to his manhood Then came his glutes, I reached around and let them balloon just a bit, making him have the perfect muscled bubble butt; something we could both enjoy. Then came his cock, I pulled on it a bit, stretching it by 2 inches and making it more sensitive. My cock was still bigger by quite a bit, so I didn't mind him having a larger manhood. It'd just be more to play with. His body shook as he tried to steady himself and his breathing sped up. I could no longer wrap my hand around his thicker cock, and moved right down to his balls. I fondled them until they felt like large eggs in my hand. “Almost done.” I looked up at him as I knelt down to the ground. He looked down and nodded. I realized I couldn't see his entire face anymore thanks to his extended pecs. I couldn't help but smile at my handiwork. He was becoming close to what he desired to be. Last was his legs. I ran my hands over his hairy quads, feeling the once rigid but flat surface bulge outward. It was at that time that I realized his increase testosterone levels had made his hair thicker. He now had teardrops above his knees and his stance widened. If he didn't have a swagger to his walk, he'd need one to accommodate his package. Finally was his calves and ankles, which were probably the easiest parts. I just shaped up his calves, adding some mass and made sure to strengthen his ankles, including his tendons. His new legs might not have been the hugest compared to other men, but they were definitely the toughest. Even thought I was finished, he was still panting. He was too aroused to even speak. I stood up and admired him from afar, almost impressed with what he had become. His body was not humongous, though he could pass for a natural bodybuilder. Maybe he wouldn't win any contests, unless of course, the contests were solely based on how impressive the muscles actually looked. His muscles were covered in denser golden fur than they once were. And despite that, his muscles were still visible. I could tell where each muscle started and ended, and even the exact shape they were. His veins were prominent too, almost putting my vascularity to shame. I spun him around so he could see himself in the mirror. “Whu-” He groaned, his voice an octave deeper than it once was. His eyes widened and his cock throbbed even more. “I'm. . .” “You're hard everywhere.” I massaged his back, letting his lats and other back muscles grow. I almost forgot about those. His shape changed a bit, giving him a classic V-shape that most bodybuilders strived for. “And now I'm pretty hard too.” Rex turned around and grabbed me, looking down to see my erect member. The feral lust and higher testosterone levels were too much for him to bear. He couldn't control himself. His breathing was heavy and his cock was leaking precum. “I need it, Add. I need it now.” He growled. For a virgin he sure was eager and fearless. For now, anyway. I nodded and backed away, pointing to the floor. “Lay on your back. I've got to go get something.” I walked to my bedroom to grab some lube and came back with no clothes on. He was lying on the floor, his chest quickly rising and falling in anticipation. My cock was throbbing, but it still felt like my body was deciding if that man would be enough for producing energy. I bent down and applied lube to my fingers, gently massaging his virgin asshole. He groaned and his ass tightened up, making work even harder for me. “Relax, Rex. I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to give you what you need and I'm going to get what I want. I'm finally going to get to express my feeling for you in the best way I know how to. I really want you.” “You want me?” He softly laughed, “You never said that before.” “Yeah. I do. I want you so bad, you have no idea.” His ass loosened up and let my two fingers slide in. I massaged his insides, lubing up all that I could and loosening up his ass muscles so he could accommodate the tip of my cock at the very least. I got on top of him and kissed his lips, gently biting them and giving him a whole different spectrum of sensations to deal with. One hand tweaked his nipple while the other caressed his cobblestone stomach. Something about his body hair against my smooth skin felt so right. Rex became a bit more forward as he took the lube from my hand, while I moved down to kiss his neck. He pulled my head back up so he could kiss me on the lips and kept me preoccupied. Meanwhile, his hands were working my cock by lubing it up real good. His hands roughly storked all 10” of my cock, and he had a good idea of how I liked to have my cock gripped. Oh, that man had some tricks up his sleeve and my demon body decided right there and then that he was worth the energy. And to me, this was worth something just for the sole purpose of finally pleasing my boyfriend. I backed away and angled myself properly, teasing his ass with the tip of my cock. It loosened up instantly, letting my cock enter his virgin ass. It was tight and warm. It felt better than any other man I slept with before him. I slowly slid inside of him and he gripped the carpet, trying to hold back any sounds or signs of pain. I stopped halfway in and let him get used to my fat cock. I rubbed his thick quads while waiting, noticing his breathing was becoming less erratic. That was about to change. I pulled out, leaving only the tip of my cock in, then thrust back in using a bit more of my cock's length. He gripped the carpet again and let out a moan he couldn't even try to hold back. It sounded more like pleasure than pain. I continued thrusting, angling my pelvis and slightly changing my stance every 3 thrusts. I was trying to find the right form to give him the most pleasure, which would also produce the most energy. After about 39 thrusts he let out another moan. Except this time his back arched and he clutched the carpet. The deep moan followed into a symphony of moans, and it surely was music to my ears. I kept at it, pounding his ass and grinding his prostate in all the right ways. He couldn't even control his body anymore. Rex's muscles tensed and pulsed, his breathing was fast and hectic. His body was covered in sweat, making his sweet masculine scent cloud my senses. “Add. . . Add. . .” He tried to call me. By the look of his cock and balls, he was close. “Almost there, Rex.” I replied, hastening my thrusts to get him where I wanted him. One last, long, powerful, and deep moan escaped his lips as his cock erupted. His muscles tensed harder than I ever seen while his veins pulsed to the rhythm of his quickened heartbeat. His cock throbbed and spilled batch after batch of cum on to his body and on to the floor. Some even got on me, not that I minded at all. My giant cock was filling his ass with my seed, and I kept thrusting to prolong his orgasm and mine. The energy coming from his was fantastic and it felt like a secondary orgasm as I was absorbing the energy. However, my body knew the amount of energy wasn't what it should be. He was big, but not big enough for my body. Soon there was no more cum and our cocks shot blanks a few times before stopping entirely. Our cocks weren't fully flaccid, but they were telling us that we couldn't handle another sexual encounter like that for a while. I fell on top of him and he tried to wrap his arms around me. Instead, his arms just flopped to the sides. His entire body felt pumped, like he just had an intense workout. But it was obvious he couldn't move even if he wanted to. “Thanks for trusting me with your body.” I kissed Rex on the cheek and cuddled up to him. “I know you were scared but you braced yourself and went with it anyway.” “I wanted to. . . I really wanted to. . .” He looked at me and smiled. “I do trust you. . . And. . . That was the best thing ever. . . You're amazing, Add. . . I don't think. . . I can handle it. . . Just yet. . . So tired. . .” “It's not from the energy absorption, it's from the orgasm.” I reassured him, though he most likely wasn't thinking about that. “Go ahead and sleep. I'll be here.” “Demons. . . Don't sleep. . .” “That's fine. Just because I don't, doesn't mean you can't sleep. I'll just stay here and keep those nightmares away.” I kissed him once more. “Go to sleep, I'll be here when you wake up. I promise.” “You. . . Better. . . Be. . .” His eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep. I was expecting him to be dreaming, but he wasn't. Not yet. It was weird, actually. I think I laid there with him for 4 hours and he only had a couple short dreams. I never tried sleeping or dreaming, so I didn't really know how it all worked. It was interesting to say the least. I remember 2 of those dreams involved the same subject. We were both working out and I was huge, perhaps double my size. He was huge too, but not as huge as I was. Then it lead to sweaty sex, which of course made his newly grown cock push up against me in real life. The 2nd time we were working out, but both of us were growing at an intense rate before our cocks erupted from an intense series of orgasms. If I had dreams, they'd probably be very close to what he was dreaming about. I wondered, though, if I could make those dreams come true for both of us.
  18. Thanks for the nice words. Feel free to correct me or throw out ideas. I have a good idea of where I want to take this story and I usually write in between waiting for quick parties in DFO. So I hope to get out new parts every few days. Today was a really slow day in DFO, so now here's a very short part. I can't wait to write part 3 now that I have a really good idea in mind. Part 2 It was 5pm the next day and Rex wanted me to have dinner with him. So there I was, dressed in a nicely fitted polo and shorts while he was dressed in what seemed to be the baggiest clothes he could find. I felt like I beefed him up for nothing. Perhaps just because he was bigger didn't mean he had the swagger to go with it. 15 or 20 pounds on a guy his height isn't much to look at anyway. He chose a nice diner and a corner booth, insisting I take the booth that hid my face from the view of other dinners. He didn't want people to rudely stare at me, so at least he was being considerate. He ordered some sort of chicken salad and I just had water. I didn't have the nerve to tell him demons didn't need to eat. He quickly ate to quash the awkwardness between us and asked what I wanted to do. Of course, walking around in the park was my first suggestion. I liked the park. There weren't many humans and it was a big pile of nature. So that's 2 great things. He tried his best at small talk until I finally spoke up. “I'm a demon. There is no connecting with me. Just state your business and stop wasting our time.” “But. . . You're a person. Being a demon shouldn't matter.” He nervously replied. I was honestly shocked to hear him say that. A slight smile slid across my face without my permission and it refused to leave. I looked down at the ground so he wouldn't see. “So, come on, humor me. What do you like?” “I like building things, painting things, working out, studying, and a little bit of everything. Demons don't sleep and we mature incredibly fast once we're born. So I basically have 24 years of being awake under my belt.” He laughed, and it was actually kind of cute to hear. “You like studying and you call me a nerd.” “Well, getting straight A's for something I'm paying for seems like a good idea.” I changed the subject, only because things were starting to get good. He was throwing out too many compliments and he was getting less antsy. He was a human. I didn't want to make him happy. I thought he'd call me out here for business, but that wasn't the case. “So. You're a virgin. Wow, 22 years on this earth and nobody has even played with your cock or ass yet. How sad.” “Wait. . . How did you. . .” “I can tell a lot about a man's body by touching it. I can even tell your lips didn't get much action for over the years either. I guess you've only dated a few guys, and you only asked me out because I was sooo unique and apparently sooo nice; not to mention I made you sooo hard. So what do you really want from me, Rex? You should know by now that I'm blunt. Don't waste my time.” “I asked you out because you're nice. . . I want to get to know you. I don't want to get close to you to abuse your magic. I bet a lot of jerks already tried that. I'm not that kind of guy. . . I really want to get to know you.” The way he hesitated to speak bothered me, especially because he already knew what he wanted to say. He was just too nervous to saying it without preparing himself first. "Add, I'm sor-. . . I'm sorry that you feel like this is a waste of time. . ." “So it's not for my magic. Is it for sex then?” “No! No! I'm not that kind of guy!” He became defensive, “I just. . . I'm really lonely. This college is great for academics but most of the guys here are into sports. I feel like I'm the only gay guy here who doesn't like sports. . . And. . . You're probably the only demon around for miles since humans outnumber demons. So I thought we could keep each other company since we're both kind of lonely here.” “I get fuck toys whenever I want and I don't need to converse with humans. I'm far from lonely.” That last part was far from the truth. Rex was a sweet guy. To be honest, I wanted sex. I always did. Though I know even if I threw the idea out there for me to pound his ass or suck me off, he wouldn't take it. “Your sincerity and lack of horniness is killing me here, Rex.” “I'm sorry. . .” “Don't be. I don't like liars. I like men who tell the truth and don't hide their intentions. I can tell it's difficult for you to talk to me. Not because I'm a demon, but because I'm very sexy and confident. Yeah. I'm a narcissist. I know I'm hot.” “A narcissist wouldn't be as generous as you were yesterday.” He smiled. I had to change the subject again. “So then, that's all cleared up. What do you liked to do?” “I like to play video games, work out, and study. I'm a really boring guy.” He seemed embarrassed. "The more I talk to you, the more I realize you're probably way too cool for me. You're also way hotter than me so I guess I'm wasting your time. You can get any guy you w-" I decided I would help him forget about his embarrassment for a moment by interrupting him. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him down to my level. I kissed him just to see how he would react. He tried to kiss me back, but it was obvious he had no game when it came to this kind of intimacy. So we kept going at it for a minute until he found the right way to use his lips. My hand was still behind his head, tussling his blond hair. I couldn't help but stare at his olive colored eyes. When we pulled away he looked like he was in a daze. That make-out sesh was lame for me, but it told me a lot about Rex. At least he seemed to enjoy it. Humans sucked. Maybe Rex didn't. “It's good to know you're a fast learner.” I smirked, “Even with 24 hours a day to do things, I'm pretty damn boring too."
  19. Part 1 Being a demon means a lot of things. For me, it meant no sleep and no eating, or rather, I don't need those. If you've ever been up for 2 days in a row, I'm sure you know what it's like. Now imagine being awake for 24 years. I had to do something with myself, so I worked out. Just things that used my body, like yoga or push ups. My body wasn't large, but it was perfectly chiseled. I didn't have any fat, so my muscles were insanely defined and vascular. I was 5'10 and weighed 170 pounds; I was proud of those 170 pounds. My face was classically handsome, manly with a touch of prettiness. My black hair was permanently stuck in bed-head mode, but in a cute and not messy way. My eyes were red and my skin was lightly tanned. It was obvious I was a demon, yet humans were attracted to me anyway. They're such shallow creatures. “So you'll give me 2 years of your life force if I give you 4 inches on your cock?” I sighed. To be fair, 2 year of one's life force wasn't even a big deal for a young man, since humans slowly regain it over time unless they're old. I was actually tired of growing dicks, since that's all I ever did. I only worked with men, so I should have seen it coming. No pun intended. “Yes! Please!” The desperate jock pleaded. “Drop 'em.” I ordered and the jock obeyed. I rubbed his cock for a few seconds and he instantly grew hard. I had that effect on men. I didn't have to touch them to grow them, but I wanted it to be enjoyable for me too. Even ones that were allegedly straight such as the dumb jock I was rubbing would enjoy being touched by me. He was 4.7 inches long. “You asked for 4 inches in length only. Now, see, if I were an asshole I'd only give you 4 inches in length. You'd have a sad pencil dick. But I'm a nice guy, so I'll just switch your contract to something that includes girth. I'll also round up. For the same price, of course.” “Oh shit.” He awkwardly smile. “You're right!” I worked my magic and let his cock grow in my hands. I liked the feeling and I'm sure he did too. His cock extended with each pulse, growing thicker and longer. I couldn't even wrap my hand around his shaft after a few seconds, and soon, he was the proud owner of a 9 inch long cock with a respectable girth of 7.7 inches. He looked at his cock and his eyes lit up like a kid seeing a pile of presents. He grabbed it with both hands and moaned, noticing it was more sensitive than before too. What can I say? I liked being generous to the guys who fed me. “Thanks Adrian. Really! Thanks!” He looked at me and then back at his cock. “I gotta go take care of some business now. . . Thanks again, man!” The jock ran off and left me alone in the locker room. He wouldn't tell any of his teammates about me or his enhancements. It was illegal for demons to even use their contract magic. But I was in college now, which is the time when people really notice their shortcomings. So if they had to break a law to get their shortcomings removed, they'd sure as hell do it before they start their adult lives. “It's illegal for demons to use their contract magic, you know.” A voice called out. I turned around to see it was a scrawny and tall nerd. I thought I locked the lockerroom door, but I guess I didn't lock them both. “Yeah I know. But the life force supplements are gross. Besides, I like helping guys who give me stuff.” I could fix it so he wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not that type of demon. I poked his nose to bother him instead. “I could give you stuff if you want, little nerd-boy.” “No thanks. And my name's not 'little nerd-boy' it's Rex!” “Rex? What a masculine name for such a feminine man.” I put my hand up his shirt and over his abs. I used my other hand to grope his arm. “Ah, you've been working out. Your muscles are aching from an intense workout, aren't they? I could help you get bigger.” “No way! It's illegal and demons just screw over humans anyway.” “I'm sorry you think that way. Anyway, are you sure? Contract magic calls for you to give something to me. So you'll be giving me the memory you have of you witnessing what I did to that large man. Though that's useless to you, so this transaction is basically free.” He stared at me for a few minutes. Nobody, not even disciplined demons or law abiding humans, could resist something that was essentially free. He looked down at his body and used his hands to feel the patheticness of his wiry arms and over his flat chest. He sounded defeated, but still hesitent to give in. “I've been trying really hard to do it myself. I want to. . .” “I know. I could feel it.” I smiled, admiring the determination he had. Instead of just giving in he tried to hold back. He wanted to do it himself. So I helped push him along,“You put in all the effort and your return rate is non-existent. It's because you're 6 feet tall and your genes are geared towards making you lean. You put in more effort than your average bodybuilder and you've got nothing to show for it. I want your effort to mean something. You'll still have to maintain your muscles, and you've surely earned what I would be giving to you.” “I. . .” He looked away and tried to fight it, but he gave in. They all do eventually, though most of them give in instantly. “I'll take it.” “OK. Good.” I snapped my fingers and his clothes disappeared. He was shocked and his expression just made me laugh. I rubbed my hands over his body. His chest, stomach, legs, and arms were all covered with sparce mats of blond hair. I had to admit, the scrawny guy wasn't so scrawny. His body felt immensely hard, and I couldn't help but wonder how much harder I could make his body. Rex grunted as his chest swelled, turning his flat pecs into something more respectable. When he'd wear a shirt, you'd be able to tell the man has some chest muscles. He rolled his shoulders as he felt them widen along with his lats. His traps popped up too, signifying that – yes – he does have some form of neck muscles. His quads quvered and grew thicker. His muscles only grew slightly, but a raised bump is more noticeable than a ditch. Not to mention, it looked like his skin barely stretched with his body, making his veins visible. I might have added about 15 pounds of muscle, perhaps 18. I don't know, I was lost in the new sensation. I actually never grew a man's muscles before, believe it or not. It felt amazing for both of us, I think. “There, all done.” I snapped my fingers and his clothes reappeared on his body. Rex's once properly fitting attire was now tight, showing off his newly grown muscles. “I. . . Thank you. This feels so amazing!” His voice was slightly deeper now, but still on the andrognyous side of the spectrum. Yeah, OK, I went a little overboard. I decided to boost his testosterone too. “If you want more, you're going to have to give me something.” I smirked as I swirled my finger around his chest. I reached into his pocket and took out his phone, putting my number and name on his contact list. I handed it back to him and made sure to flash him my most professional of smiles. He looked at his phone and then back at me. “Add?” “I prefer that over Adrian. It sounds cooler and it's pretty accurate. I like to add things on to men.” I laughed and he let out a few chuckles too. I was smitten with that nerd and I didn't even know why. He's cute, sure, but he's not the kind of guy I would get hard over. “What if I call you for something other than business?” Rex was trying to be cute, but I knew better. It's always business with humans. They just want things. I cocked my eyebrow, “Well, find out by giving it a try sometime."
  20. Heads up! This entire story contains theft, muscle growth, humiliation, violence, foul language, and probably other things that would fall under the M-rating. Here are the previous parts. [Part 1] [Part 2] Sorry for the huge delay. I rewrote this thing many times until I finally stopped and did some research on how Isaac should act. Being totally ruined for 4 years and devalued does a lot to a person. This is to really drive home that Isaac is still the same he is on the inside. You can be huge as a truck, but harsh words from long ago can still hurt you if you don't let it go. So much for sticks and stones, right? [Part 3] Bittersweet Revenge Isaac spent the rest of the day studying all he could about bodybuilding. On paper it seemed easy enough and the diagrams didn't sway Isaac's opinion. When he saw videos, however, he could see the musclemen strain to lift the weight, quickly throwing out the this is easy notion. To Isaac, it looked like they were in pain, but clearly they were taking some sort of satisfaction from the experience... Otherwise why would they keep lifting? Isaac looked down at his own body, pouting as he noticed it definitely wasn't hardened like it was a few weeks ago. The nanobots were keeping the muscle there, it's just the tone wasn't sticking due to a lack of use. Besides his body's current state, Isaac was enjoying his new life so far. The new body. The new slave. The new found revenge he could revel in anytime. Isaac had other things in store for Trent, but at the moment all he wanted to do is tone up his muscles. He figured it'd take just a few sets to get his muscle tone back thanks to the nanobots. Which in theory should effectively speed up his recovery and growth. He figured he could also have massive gains within one day. Though that day was not today, considering he spent nearly 8 hours researching everything and it was now almost midnight. He yawned and trudged off to bed, eagerly awaiting to put his new found knowledge to use tomorrow. For once, and briefly, Trent was the last thing on his mind. ********** Isaac puffed out his chest and got some sort of swagger going as he exited his car. He tried his best to imitate the giant men he seen in videos or tv, but he wasn't feeling it. He may have looked a bit offbeat, but he surely was still intimidating as he pushed open the gym's door. “Hey do y-” The gym's receptionist looked up and just stared. “I think I've never seen you before. You look kind of familiar though. I think I saw you a few weeks ago? I'm not too sure.” “That is highly improbable. I never visited this gym before and rarely leave my house. I'm here to see what this facility has to offer for a large man such as myself.” “Whooa duuuuuuuuude. New beefcake on the bloooooooock.” An obnoxious male's voice rang out, complete with annoying surfer-boy tone. He trotted over to Isaac and eyed him up and down. “Damn, if Trent didn't run off with some floozy he'd probably like to give you a beating or two. He likes to test out the big guys, but he's an alpha so he always wins. I'm Rudy by the way. Want me to give you the tour?” “Who? I'm sure I would beat whoever that is in a fight.” Isaac grinned, knowing that he could most certainly give Trent a thrashing now. “And no thanks.” “Haha, you don't know Trent though. Dude, that guy is a beaaaaast.” He scratched his head, “Uh, actually I owe my beastly bod to him too. The guy knows how to get under your skin and drive ya.” The receptionist sighed, “I know what you mean. He's a jerk but he could motivate anyone. He makes most first time clients cry. Sometimes he's just such an ass... Oh sorry, excuse my language.” Isaac was growing tired of all this Trent praise. “He can't be that good. He sounds like a jerk or bully to me.” “Um... He's more of an anti-bully. What would you even call that?” The receptionist trailed off before shaking her head. “Like, I used to be a dress size 18. Before I got married, I was bigger than my chubby boyfriend. I asked Trent to help me slim down before my wedding and he was really mean. He even made me cry on my first day with him... But I came back the next day anyway. He didn't say anything that wasn't true, after all. He somehow helped me get down to a dress size 7 and I wanted to go lower and just couldn't do it. He said 'you look fine, besides everyone has a different kinda body. Some chicks would kill to have your curves, Lana!' or something like that. Not every trainer understands people are different... He doesn't expect his male clients to look like him. He pushes them to be the best they can be. Same goes for the female clients too.” “Haha! Oh man! Could you imagine if Trent did expect chicks to look like him?” Rudy chuckled loudly to himself while Isaac continued the conversation with Lana. Isaac seemed confused, that wasn't the Trent he knew. Lana got up from behind her desk and walked over to a wall as Isaac followed. “Really now? You make him sound like a miracle worker.” “Mmmhm! I decided to quit my office job and just work here. It's more fun and I get to keep up with Trent's success wall. It's really inspiring to look at and keeps me focused, that's for sure. Trent always looked so excited when he put up a client's after shot. It was kind of cute, actually. Like a parent who hangs up their toddler's first scribble. The first time my hubby looked at it, he decided to get fit too. He's right... Here.” Lana smiled as she pointed to a man. He looked like a hairy lard ball in a before shot, and a total muscle bear in the after shot. Isaac thought it was just a ploy for Trent to get his face plastered all over the lobby's main wall, though he didn't appear in any of the pictures. Isaac scanned over the photos seeing many different people of all ages and kinds. A before and after shot told the entire story. Some would look pretty nervous and even sad that they were wearing tell-all clothing while having their pictures taken for all to see. But in the after shot, they were just as confident looking as Trent appeared to be. Isaac even found a picture of Rudy, a twiggy kid with some ambiguous gamer trunks on. Then in the next picture, it was Rudy was wearing the same trunks but was twice his original size. A ringing phone made Lana go back to her desk as Rudy walked over to Isaac. Isaac was staring intently at Rudy in the picture before looking over to see the real life version. “Like what you see, big guy?” Rudy winked, “If you think I look hot there, you should see me without clothes... I'm definitely bigger now.” “I...” Isaac was lost. Normally the guys who'd hit on him wouldn't be nearly as hunky as Rudy. A chubby or twiggy guy would walk up to Isaac, throw out a compliment, and Isaac would just roll over. Low self-esteem would do that to just about anyone. Then Isaac's mind snapped back, reminding him of his purpose. “Uh, thanks but no thanks.” Rudy frowned as he awkwardly reacted. “Heh, I was just kidding... Er, but feel free to use the gym. I have a +1 on my membership and my +1 never comes, so you may as well take his spot.” “Thanks Rudy.” Isaac nodded as he walked off to the weight room. He could feel Rudy staring at him as he walked away. Though Rudy's compliments or attraction wasn't on Isaac's mind. Trent was on his mind. The way the two talked about Trent made him seem... Well, not like the Trent he remembered. Although Isaac's mind was preoccupied, he still managed to find his way over to a machine, set the weight, and get to work. He was almost surprised when he realized what he was doing. However, a realization came over him as he finished up the first set. It was quite hard. The machine was no doubt easier to utilize than free weights, too. His chest muscles pulsed with blood, feeling firmer already just after one heavy set. He prepared himself for another set of chest flies, feeling his member join in the pulse-session with his chest. “Fuck...” Isaac heavily breathed, “So this is what it feels like.” All it took was two sets and his chest muscles were back to their default hardness. He felt like he just had amazing sex and was now enjoying the aftermath. But there was more work to do. Now he had to work the rest of his body. He grimaced as he scanned the room, feeling very lost. Even after all the research he knew he didn't belong in the gym. He wasn't this kind of guy; he wasn't made for this kind of activity. The pump was euphoric, yet it felt all wrong to him. Isaac pushed through his doubts and moved towards the dumbbells, preparing himself to do as many compound exercises as possible to firm his body up. He just wanted to finish up and go home as quickly as possible. With each set he could hear fragments of Trent's ridicule from the day before and even from years before pouring in. “Graah!” Isaac roared, which surprisingly just garnered brief attention before everyone went back to their workout. Just another big man finishing a set, no big deal. Isaac rushed to his car and ripped open the container of his experimental nutrient packed drink. His body, or more specifically his nanobots, screamed for fuel. He guzzled it down, ignoring the awful taste as he reached for another container. And then another one, and then another one, and then another one... He took a deep breath and composed himself, taking a second to fully enjoy the state he was in. Or at least try. Isaac's body was pumped, his clothes straining to cling to his bulging frame. He didn't feel sore at all, so it was just nothing but pleasure he was experiencing. It was a feeling he could easily grow to love, though Trent's voice chimed in once again. You? Join the lifting team? No amount of lifting will fix your sad life. Isaac's happiness quickly diminished. You're still that loser from high school, aren't you?[i/] Isaac gripped the steering wheel as he furiously pulled out of the parking lot, almost as if he were trying to outrun the sense of dread surrounding him. Get out of my way, you fucking waste of space! Ug, it's such a chore showing weaklings their place. Why come to school? You just get in everyone's way. A loser like you is gonna get nowhere anyway.” Don't look at me with your ugly mug. It's so sad to look at. Oh you gonna cry now? Of course you are, you whiny weak little bitch. I don't give a shit if the teacher told you to be in our group. Fuck off, gaywad! That's really fucking sad, Isaac. “Shut up!” Isaac blurted as he sped down the road, his muscles trembling with rageful power. It was nothing new to Isaac. Every time he succeeded, he heard some form of Trent's harsh voice. Even simply being outside made Trent's harsh words appear. That's why Isaac rarely left the house. Each time he heard Trent's voice, he felt even more inclined to just punch Trent square in the face again. He probably wouldn't mind killing Trent. He felt like he'd explode if he didn't hurt Trent in some way. ********** Once home, Isaac burst into his house and didn't even bother shutting the door. He stormed to Trent's room, where Trent was lying on the floor. Perhaps resting between his useless workout sessions. Isaac pounced on Trent, readying his fist to slam into Trent's skull with every inch of might he had. Trent didn't seem all that frightened, and instead, was more focused on Isaac's actual expression. “Uh... Problem, bro?” Trent cocked his eyebrow, knowing that all of this was because he got under Isaac's skin somehow. The question caused Isaac to shake even more as his fist lingered in the air. “You! I should be in control now that I am so strong. But you... Are always still there!” Isaac's fell forward, his chest now inches away from Trent's face. He was trying his best to hold himself up, but his body's trembling made things harder for him. “I thought all it'd take is this to finally get you out of my head. I'm the stronger one now! You're the pathetic loser now! But... You're still... I just don't understand it...” Trent wiggled his way out from under Isaac, and stood up expecting Isaac to do the same. Instead, Isaac collapsed on the floor entirely. Trent rolled him over on to his back to look at Isaac's face. In short, Isaac's expression summed up his life. It was a sad and anxiety ridden mess. Trent realized what that all meant, and wasn't too surprised by what his past actions have done to Isaac. All it took was a few hours outside the house to reduce Isaac to a quivering mass of muscle. “Isaac...” Trent didn't even know how to approach the situation. Still, that's never stopped him before. “I'm sorry I did this to you. Really. Just tell me what I can do to make you stop crying? I... Man, I didn't even know what I was doing back then... I was just a stupid kid taking my shitty problems out on the first guy I laid my eyes on.” Isaac just looked at the ceiling with a watery stare. Trent mounted Isaac and leaned forward in an attempt to at least get Isaac to look at him. “It feels really shitty being the guy who did this to you, ya know? Just a piece of fucking busted garbage ruining a sweet guy. A guy who was smart and people liked you... Until I made sure they didn't... Just so I could feel better... So you know what? If beating the shit out of me makes you feel better, go for it. I deserve all of this.” Isaac glanced at Trent's face before looking back at the ceiling, just to make sure it was Trent saying those things. The Trent he knew would never say those kinds of things. Like some miraculous epiphany (or common sense at this point), Isaac realized that Trent was indeed different. He was a better man who could at least own up to his mistakes. Isaac almost didn't want to believe it. A part of him wanted to vilify Trent. To keep Trent as the evil thing that ruined him from the inside-out. “Is this some attempt to get some sort of pity from me? You are practically the perfect human being, in terms of genetics. You are driven. You are strong. Everything is easy for you. Your life is anything but hard.” “Yeah, I got some of that a few years back. But every time a hot guy walks by I feel like I'm in highschool again... Fuck, even looking at you now makes me feel like garbage. A fucking useless queer. A fake man.” Trent trailed off as he looked away in disgust. He was unconsciously rubbing Isaac's upper pec, gently and in a small back-and-forth motion. Isaac noticed that Trent's mind was also plagued by something out of his control. His mind was saying no, but his body was trying very hard to say yes. “... You're... Gay?” Isaac seemed winded. “That doesn't mean you're defective, though.” “Heh... If you say so. In the 8th grade I came out to my folks. When it was all over, my mom had to work two jobs to support me and my dad totally disowned us. So I felt like shit... Just so... Worthless. So when I got to high school in a new city I tried to keep to myself, but guys there were so good looking. And they got even better every month! Then... You... Fucking hell... I couldn't stop being hard around you... It made me sick. And angry. So I hurt you.” Trent's hand stopped moving over Isaac's chest and balled up into a fist. “A part of me just wanted to confess that I was gay and just make out with you or something but. then I was afraid of how everyone would treat me if they knew I was gay. I just... Isaac, I just want to fix you, OK? You didn't deserve any of that bullshit in high school. I did this to you. So I have to help you. Just tell me what to do.” Isaac couldn't help but admire Trent's stoic expression. He essentially just laid everything out and did it without a single tear or lip quiver. Isaac reached out and put his hand over Trent's. Isaac paused for a moment, and with a sigh, he knew what he had to say. “Trent... You can start fixing this by... Switching back with me. Get up.” “Uh?” Trent scratched the back of his head in confusion. He got off of Isaac and crossed his arms. Feeling awkward for being so close to Isaac just moments ago. Isaac stood up and gestured for Trent to follow him. First he closed the front door and then made his way to the lab. Once in the lab, Isaac feverishly went to work at the computer terminal. Pulling up current stats, entering rerouting instructions, and preparing to undo the mess he caused. “I can't get rid of the version of you in my head like this. I don't know what to do. But you're not the same man. So you should just go and let me figure things out how to deal with my own problems. You have nothing to learn from this. Only I do.” “Hold up.” Trent looked at what was on the screen for a moment. “I'm the one who fucked you up. So it's my problem too. Do you think this is going to solve anything?” “Do you want to stay small? Is that it?” Isaac became annoyed that Trent was holding things up. He just wanted Trent gone before he did something he'd regret. Isaac knew he shouldn't hurt Trent anymore, but the old Isaac wanted to rip Trent to shreds. “Fuck no! But I'm not gonna go anywhere. I mean, like, you sold my place so I have to stay here.” Trent shrugged his shoulders, “That means I should help you since I'll be here anyway.” “Fine. How?” “For starters... Don't go back to your old self. Look at that, 5'6”? Why the fuck even bother?” Isaac squinted, unsure if Trent was actually trying to be a bully or not. “Bump yourself up to 5'9” at least. And your body is fine, but why not just use my lean genes... Hehe, lean genes... Uh, yeah, use my genes to beef up a bit. But without taking my muscles! I want all of those back. Don't go back to your old self. You have the power to change yourself! Change anything you want to. Er, but your original body isn't bad at all. Let's just make it clear. Your original bod was still kinda hot.” Isaac looked at the keyboard and then the screen. He didn't know where to begin. He didn't even know if he could fix himself to be happy with what he had. Isaac felt Trent's hand go over his and guide the cursor over the various sliders. Isaac's height was increased, metabolism was set to be like Trent's metabolism, then finally his penis and testicle size was altered. Isaac couldn't help but blush. “That's... Too big...” “It's an inch shorter than mine.” Trent smirked. “It.... It is?” Isaac looked down at his crotch. “That's ridiculous.” “Wooooow, you have my dick and didn't even bother playing around with it?” Trent seem legitimately insulted. “That's a fucking shame, Isaac.” “Sorry I'm not a horny animal like you are.” Isaac rolled his eyes. “Huh...” Trent continued mousing through the tabs. “If I up your testosterone, that'll fix that.” “N-no, that's too much. That's crazy!” “It's a little bit less than mine. Last I checked, anyway.” Trent laughed. “I only set it to average last time.” Isaac trailed off. “You really are a ridiculous male specimen. Almost like a hyper idealized version of a man.” “Duh.” Trent continued making slight changes, but stayed away from Isaac's head. “You can't have my muscles, but you can feel what it's like to be me. Kinda. And if you wanna bulk up, you can. I'll even help you. Then you can beat me up even though I'll be huge too. That'd feel great, right? Heheh...” Isaac tried to hold back a smile, but it happened anyway. Trent's ability to act so nicely was amusing and impressive, given the circumstances. He finalized the changes for himself and went right for Trent's profile. He moused over to Trent's stats and set everything back to factory default, so to speak. He altered a few genes though, one to stop myostatin from interfering with muscle growth. And another to boost Trent's repairing speeds so he could workout more and sleep less. “Anything you would like to change?” “Can you make me straight? That's all I care about. Can you do it?” “Trent, it's not that simple. There's many factors and allegedly multiple genes in charge of what you're attracted to. I'm sorry, I can't make you straight. I can cut your libido entirely so you don't ever have to worry about unwanted sexual thoughts.” “Nah.” Trent sighed, “I hate them, yeah, but I like jerking off too. I even like banging chicks even if it's hard for me to do it. They sure love it though. What can I say? Orgasms are fucking aweeeeesome.” “Have you ever tried to have intercourse with a male?” “Nope.” Trent shook his head. “I can't shake it, man. I get sick every time I think about another dude like that. I fucking hate this, Isaac. Me being gay has done nothing but fuck up lives. My mom's life, your life, and even mine. It just... Ug, it fucking sucks.” “I see.” Isaac was saddened by Trent's response. Isaac knew of his own inner pain, but he didn't know how bad Trent's pain was. Sure, Isaac was probably worse off now. But Isaac didn't like the idea of Trent hating himself for being gay. Isaac was gay, after all. If a man like Trent couldn't be proud to be himself, how could Isaac ever hope to be proud of himself? Then it hit him. An idea! Isaac made a few changes. Ones to eliminate Trent's response to stimuli from another male's sensual touch. It wasn't easy to do, but making the nanobots suppress Trent's natural response was still doable. In short, it was now impossible for Trent to get headaches or stomach aches by altering his body's response. He also altered the nanobots to give Trent more control over the workings of his manhood, as well as receive more pleasurable stimuli while with men he finds attractive. He felt like if Trent could be happy, maybe he could be too. These changes would ensure Trent would finally be able to be with a man, and then perhaps finally accept his sexuality. Although, Isaac didn't know if he was going too far or not. But in his mind, he already knew he went too far after changing Trent in the first place. So what's another few changes? “There. Step into the chamber. It's time to fix this mess I made.” "Our mess. We'll fix our mess, Isaac." Trent awkwardly smiled.
  21. They both need to learn a lesson because they're both really awful dudes. In short... Alvin was an arrogant guy with little man syndrome. He clearly never worked for anything body-wise. Takes Mike's body and plans to keep it to live Mike's life, despite Mike actually being nice. Alvin considers Mike one of his friends, or rather, he's so desperate that Mike is his only friend. So that makes the implied theft even worse. Oh but Mike isn't perfect either. He straight up admits to being Alvin's pity friend. He's also arrogant but at least he has the goods to back it up, and he's not so straightforward with it like Alvin is. He encouraged Alvin's gross behavior for his amusement too. That's bad! He finally realizes how tormented Alvin is and he swaps his body, his hard work, to help Alvin out. Though it was obvious he didn't learn a lesson. Not in that short amount of time. Still, betraying one's genuine kindness is a vile act. Even if the person was awful. So in the end, Alvin is still the ugliest one in the entire story. He needs to be taught a lesson. Mike is kind of learning his lesson of what pushing someone so far can do, but probably still doesn't get it.
  22. Thanks! Also, I see you noticed. Trent's determined attitude and relentless passion for expressing himself makes him seem the same to Isaac; but he is actually a different person than his old self. Isaac on the other hand is, as Trent puts it, a very pathetic person trapped in the past. It's changed vs stagnated at this point. Well, he can at least take a beating. So he's got that going for him.
  23. Varg

    The Barfly

    I want to like this at least 10 times but it's not letting me do that.
  24. This is going someplace interesting. Can't wait for part 2.
  25. Heads up! This story contains theft, muscle growth, humiliation, violence, foul language, and probably other things that would fall under the M-rating. [Part 1] [Part 3] [Part 2] Bittersweet Revenge Isaac had issues getting Trent to obey his commands. Trent was proving to be a stubborn pet, that's for sure. He grabbed, slapped, threw, punched, kicked... Trent seemed to barely notice it. The nanobots would keep Trent alive and at his current size no matter what Isaac did to him. So Isaac could keep raising the intensity of his beatings without any hesitation. It only took 3 violent nudges to make Trent comply with Isaac's demands, but it was very annoying for him to constantly do it. He did enjoy it, it's just it was proving to be a waste of his valuable time. Between work at his job and home, he barely had enough time to take care of himself. To top it all off, his massive body made feeding, clothing, and cleaning himself take longer. His time was stretched thin, as was his patience. Isaac was finishing up his newer nanobot injection system, with fatigue quickly catching up to him. He looked around to see a mess that he didn't even know he was creating. With a sigh, the massive scientist stood up and stomped his way over to Trent's room. He found Trent doing pushups, sweat pouring from his feeble body as if he had been at it for a while. “Trent! Clean up my mess right now!” Isaac ordered, before noticing Trent going through pushups at impressive speeds. “Are you... What are you even doing?” “Working out. What's it look like?” Trent stopped his routine and flopped on his back. “You don't have shit to do around here, loser.” “You simple minded idiot, no matter how much you workout you will never grow.” Isaac grit his teeth as he gripped Trent by his ankle. He lifted him up with relative ease. He could strain his muscles more than a normal human thanks to the nanobots constantly repairing muscle fibers. In a way, you could say he was far stronger than he looked. “I like to workout when I'm bored or pissed. It's like, an instinct or something.” Trent paused for a moment before giggling, “Oh wait, wow, you thought just because I have your lame old body that I'd be as weak as you? That's cute. I'm putting these little muscles to good use. Better than you ever did, you lazy asshole.” Isaac grunted as he dropped Trent. He looked at Trent and was quite confused, his small muscles were very pumped. He could tell Trent had not grown, but it was obvious his body was somehow tougher and stronger despite Trent not having any testosterone to fuel any workout related motivation. Not to mention that even if the nanobots repaired Trent's body, the adverse effects of pushing his body would still be present. Isaac grunted a few more times before grabbing Trent by the ankle again. “Whatever. I don't care.” Isaac pulled him down the hall in a huff. Trent just laid back, taking the continuous carpet burn like a champ. “Here. Clean up this mess now.” “Nah.” “We both know you're eventually going to obey my commands one way or another.” Isaac raised his hand and clenched it into a fist. The veins rising from his hands alone were fierce. Although, the ones surging along his forearm and massive bicep were just absolutely horrifying. Isaac was supposed to be torturing Trent, but it felt like he was being tortured by Trent. “I don't break easily.” Trent sat up and shrugged his shoulders. “Most real men don't break easily. Not that you'd know anything about that, dipshit. I just let you tickle me with your punches and your kicks. Then I do whatever because I get bored of your lame punches. You have shitty form, by the way. You gotta stop sucking at everything you do. Seriously.” Isaac shook his head at Trent's continued defiance and a sinister thought flowed in. “Break easily... Ah, you don't break easily, huh?” “Duh. You might have fixed your eyes, but your hearing must fucking suck now.” “The nanobots keep your body's functionality stable and can even repair fatal injuries. However, you are still able to break easily.” Isaac said with a blank tone. He smirked, “Very easily.” Isaac violently ripped Trent off the ground and spun him around. His heavily muscled arms coiled their way around Trent's parenthetically narrow frame with ease. Isaac then squeezed tightly, forcing any air out of Trent's lungs in one swift motion. He continued crushing Trent until he heard a satisfying snap, and then a few more followed. Trent had no air left to expel and strained sounds of severe pain came from his open mouth in lieu of screaming. Isaac grinned, finally satisfied with the pain he inflicted. He let out a hardy chuckle as he threw Trent on the ground. The nanobots feverishly worked to repair his rib cage, realign his spine, fix a punctured lung, and any other damage such as bruises or broken blood vessels. In addition to the pain, Trent's stomach felt like it was turning inside out The nanobots were now forced to temporarily break down muscle mass and bone density, finding ways to keep his body stable with the available nutrients and resources. “Ribs break.” Isaac's scowled, “Then they break through skin and organs if pressure is continuously applied. You may be tough on the outside, but your innards are just as squishy as any other human... So much for you being an immortal muscle god.” Isaac picked Trent up and threw him onto a pile of scrap metal and loose screws. “This mess. Clean it up. Now. Or else I'll show you what else can break. After you're done I'll feed you. It's simple. Just follow my orders and you'll be fine.” Trent looked at Isaac with nothing but hatred and ferocity, which was nothing new at this point. He followed orders just to save himself from getting another dose of the pain he experieinced and was still feeling. Isaac smiled, “Good boy. Now it seems you understand where you stand... Hm, that was tiresome. I suppose I'll go make you a meal so you don't die on me for good. Then... Oh, I know. I'll go relax in the sun so I can calm my nerves and work on my tan at the same time. Too much time inside hasn't helped my skin at all.” Trent felt an odd rush of pleasure run through him when he heard Isaac say good boy. He knew it wasn't coming from him, but the feeling made him disgusted in himself all the same. ********** Isaac went through his closet to find what Trent was wearing the day he showed up. He found Trent's underwear which were an expensive and fashionable pair of boxer briefs. He slipped them on, instantly finding the appeal of such attire. The fabric hugged his massive quads, and the pouch nicely cradled his heavy package. Isaac looked in the mirror and really liked what he saw. “Mmm, nice. Who knew a simple pair of stretchy underwear would make a muscled body look so good. I almost look better this way than I do naked... Almost.” Isaac smiled and turned to the side, “Trent had a really nice ass too. Well, it's my nice ass now. And huge package. And monstrous legs. All mine. Heh heh.” Isaac continued to laugh as he picked up a bottle of low SPF suntan lotion and a metallic canister. Meanwhile, Trent had just finished cleaning up Isaac's mess and was wiping sweat from his forehead when a shadow loomed over him. Trent spun around to find Isaac there in his old underwear. Trent didn't think it was possible, but he was finding himself hating Isaac more and more. Trent could only scowl and clench his fists as he waited for his tormenter to speak. Isaac threw the metalic canister at Trent's face. “There you go. I couldn't be bothered to make you a real meal, so I just had to make a condensed nutritional shake. I created it to be used specifically to feed nanobots but didn't get around to testing it. I sure hope it works.” Isaac said without a hint of sincerity. Trent eyed the canister, the crushing feeling of hunger drove him to screw off the canister's top and guzzle down every last drop. He grimaced and cringed while the after taste made him want to vomit. Though he felt a pleasing sensation as the nanobots were replacing the muscle mass and bone density they previously took away. Trent didn't feel much stronger, but feeling even an ounce of strength return was somewhat comforting. “Now I just need my little slave to help apply this lotion. These muscles are just sooo big.” Isaac turned to the side and flexed his massive quads while throwing up his arm to give it a tight flex. “I can barely reach where I need to. Be a good boy and help your master.” “You fucker.” Trent seethed as Isaac dangled the bottle of lotion in front of him. He took it and obeyed, not wanting to feel the pain of being crushed ever again. The rush he got from Isaac calling him a good boy seemed to help motivate him too. And like before, it made Trent feel sick. He barely caught on to what was happening. It was the nanobots doing something strange to him; that much he knew. Trent's delicate fingers ran over the large surface of Isaac's back. The ridges his back muscles formed were enticing and pleasing to the touch. Trent was initially disgusted, but that churning feeling in his stomach began mixing with a fluttering feeling. A part of him was enjoying this, and that just made him feel even worse. His hands gently applied more lotion to Isaac's broad shoulders, although with some difficulty due to the height difference. Running his hands over Isaac's impressive traps caused Trent to briefly smirk before scowling again. He made his way to the front of Isaac, almost awestruck at the size of his muscles. Trent tried to rush himself so he could finally rid himself of the mixed feelings and sensations. His hands now zooming over Isaac's wide and powerful chest. To his embarrassment, he lingered a little too long around Isaac's nipples. “Stop that...” Trent mumbled. His hands made their were along Isaac's abs and he gasped. Trent felt his own muscles before, but this was like an all new experience now that they were on Isaac. His fingers ran between the lines of Isaac's perfect 6 pack and then along the contours of his obliques. Trent even slipped his fingers under the underwear's elastic band. His hands desperately trying to go for what was hidden underneath Isaac's underwear. Trent pulled away and mumbled again, “Stop. Stop. Just... Stop.” “Hey, runt, my legs need some lotion-lovin' too.” Isaac raised his heel and flexed his entire left leg. From Isaac's point of view, it seemed Trent was purely disgusted and disgruntled. That was exactly what he was aiming to do with this little display. Seeing Isaac flex his leg just made Trent's cock stir somehow; it feeling restless since it couldn't become erect and knew it should be standing at attention by now. Trent swallowed hard as he knelt down to work on Isaac's feet and shapely calves. His hands were quivering now as he was approaching the most dreaded part. He was eye level with Isaac's impressive manhood, sitting snuggly in the boxer brief's pouch. The feeling of pleasure and dread built as his hands ran over Isaac's quads. Their definition and hardness left Trent in awe. Each bumpy vein he ran his fingers over made him lose more control. He spent extra time using his fingers to trace over everything, even going up the underwear's leg holes. A playful voice toyed with Trent's mind, telling him his hands were so close to Isaac's cock as they ran along his quads. The voice was egging him on to just rub or even engulf the muscled scientist's massive member. You defective piece of shit... Garbage... That's why you... Just fucking stop! Trent pulled away one last time. “There. Done. I'm gonna nap.” “No. You'll stand next to me just in case I need something. I like it when my little pet is a good boy.” “I...” Trent closed his eyes and sighed, “Fine.” “Good boy.” Isaac guided his slave to the backyard. To fluster Trent even further, he picked up the pathetic boy and placed him exactly where Isaac wanted him. “There. Now just stand there while I get bronze and beautiful. I bet these muscles of mine will look wonderful with a tan.” “Whatever.” Trent still tried to shake away unwanted lingering emotions and sensations. He thought the past 2 weeks were torturous, but it was becoming unbearable as he was forced to confront a portion of himself he constantly tried to keep locked away. A few minutes passed before Trent grew bored of the silence. He had to ask, “So when are you going to be done with this sick game? A few months of doing this for shits and giggles before sending me back?” “I don't know. Perhaps 4 years at the very least, or maybe 40 since karma is supposed to come back tenfold.” “What?” Trent flatly asked, before getting fired up. “What?!” “I like this body. Besides, what will the world really lose if you were taken out of the equation?” Isaac laughed, “Nothing, of course. Your life sadly has more meaning as a slave. You and I both know it. If for some reason you don't realize it now, then you'll eventually learn to be a good slave. To think, you won't have to deal with me kicking you around if you learn to obey! Well, unless I get bored that is.” Trent was at a loss for words. Only streams of profanity ran through his mind. Isaac, pleased with Trent's frustration, rubbed his abs in delight as he stretched out on the lounge chair. He ran his hands up to his pecs, giving them a playful squeeze. He squeezed one more time, and then another. It wasn't for pleasure after the first time. “My chest feels... Different?” “Muscle atrophy, you dumb fuck. Great, you're going to ruin my muscles too.” “The only dumb fuck here is you. The nanobots will stop the muscles from ever shrinking.” “Yeah, ok, but do they know to keep muscle tone?” Trent's face lit up with the most ferocity Isaac had ever witnessed. “You're going to steal all of my hard work and then fuck it up? Really?! What kind of sick shit is this? Do you even know what you want? Look at you! You're still that loser from high school, aren't you? You don't even know what to do with yourself except stand there and look so pathetic. That's really fucking sad, Isaac. Maybe you should use these nanobots to fix your shitty personality.” Isaac stared blankly down at his chest before looking at Trent. He looked at Trent for 10 seconds before punching him square in the face. As he fell to the ground, Isaac took the opportunity to slip away without having to hear anything else Trent had to say. The force broke Trent's nose and jostled a few teeth lose, but Trent shook it off. He spat out blood and a tooth as if it were nothing. Despite his higher pitched voice, he managed to sound intimidating. “I'm right and you know it.” The runt had at least one point that Isaac could not ignore. What's the point of having muscle mass if it's not going to look the best it could? Isaac was off to research on how to properly workout. He would refuse to give Trent even an ounce of satisfaction. Trent was supposed to be crushed and subservient by now. He clearly wasn't and that made Isaac even more flustered. “Tch! That moronic ex muscle jock's thick skull seems to hold in things as much as it keeps out things. He'll learn his place soon...”
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