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  1. Thegaymage

    A new world

    11:00 PM Vince was walking to the offices bathroom, feeling grumpy about his terrible day at work. All day long his boss had been yelling he should fix his paperworks. The company was sadly about to take part of the economical crisis. Vince often was the only person working late. And with that I mean REALLY late. If he was lucky he was gone by 11 pm. But usually he got to go home around 2 am. He started the shower and dressed down. He looked at himself in the mirror and disappointed himself. Staying late wasn't the only sad thing happening. Vince had been trying to build muscle for over 2 years now. But he had not even gained the slightest bit. Vince sighed and stepped into the shower, calming down with some music in the background. He turned around to wash his face, but noticed a crack in the wall. He went closer to look at it. It seemed to go very deep somehow, and at the end there seemed to be what looked like a little golden statue in the shape of a moon with a face. *Odd...* Vince thought. He tried to get closer to it by opening the wall a little... 00:00 am The mouth of the moon opened and a gooey grey/silver blob shoh out of it, right onto the thoat of Vince. Vince panicked and tried to get it off, but it seemed completely flat and stuck to his throat. The blob started to take shape and formed a moon. But that was all Vince could see on the outside. Without him noticing the silver goo spread throughout his entire body and creeper into every cell, changing his DNA adding a new chromosome. Vince was still trying to wash it off but to no result. The crack in the wall had completely opened up now and Vince grabbed the statue to investigate it. It was very small, but with much detail. On the small pedestal the moon was placed on, Vince could see small letters in a odd language he had never seen before. Vince turned off the shower and put the moon in his bag. He was done with work already for today, so he got dressed and headed home. Once he entered his house he felt lightheaded. Vince stumbled to his bedroom and fell on his bed, falling into a deep sleep. He was about to wake up to a BIG surprise. The next day Vince woke up with a huge headache. He tried to remember what happened, but just couldn't remember it. He looked at the time and saw it was already 12 am! At days brightest! He was way too late for work! Vince shot up and grabbed his clothes for that day. Got dressed, but noticed that his clothes were all very tight. He stepped in front of a mirror and couldn't believe his eyes. He was fucking muscular!!! He turned from a skinny white nobody to a muscular black stud! And it seemed he had a nice bonus down there too. Was it finally his turn? We're the stories true about superheroes suddenly emerging everywhere in the world? Was he one of them? But still... Did that mean he had to fight those villains that also emerged? Wait... Vince was getting ahead of himself. Perhaps he was dreaming. He pinched himself, but nothing happened. Odd, it usually works... Vince looked a bit further into his closet until he found the weirdest outfit he had ever seen. It looked like a superhero suit, existing out of tight black pants, and no top. He tried to put it on and it fit perfectly. It was tight... But he liked the feeling. Then he realised he couldn't go to work this way. People wouldn't know what had happened! He can't let anyone know. So Vince decided to stay home that day and discover his new body. But he didn't realise that something was happening. Throughout the day Vince tried out if he had superpowers but to no result. The sun was slowly setting and Vince's powers would very soon be revealed. He stepped outside and the setting sun made his shadow bigger. And as his shadow did, so did Vince. At first he didn't notice, but once his shadow touched the shadow of his house his mass shot up greatly. And Vince definitely noticed. He was at least 200 lbs and 8 feet tall. But the sun was still setting. Time passed and eventually there was no sunlight left. Once that moment arrived Vince grew so fast that he covered his neighbourhood within seconds. He was an absolute monster! Vince kept on growing till midnight. People looking up at the new super mutant. Doubting if he was a hero or villain. Then it was midnight. Vince stopped growing and could see the entire city. He flexed his muscles and worshiped himself. All seemed well and good for ever, but then Vince heard a rumble. A gigantic silhouette appeared in the distance. It seemed to be an even bigger muscular monster destroying everything in his path. At that moment Vince knew he had to be a hero. And that he had to be quick. He knew that after the dark he would shrink back. This was his only chance... End of part 1 of Vince the shadowman. This story has been a request and the first part to my muscle superheroes universe. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Thegaymage

    A new world

    Hey there. Welcome to the gemini universe! Out here an ancient society on earth has released an powerfull spell, causing certain people around the world to gain powers and become quite special heroes and villains.
  3. Thegaymage

    Jock Sale

    Well, my name is Ian. I'm also 19 years old, and sadly own a lot of fat. A depression in my life caused me to eat more and more, causing my almost immobile body. And on my short 5"2 frame it looks even more disgusting. And trust me. Probably every dick is bigger than mine. So that would be a guaranteed improvement. I'd love to swap with his body because he's one of the guys in my neighbourhood that drove me to this depression and eating habbit. I'd love to own his body, and for him to own mine, so he realises what he has done. I'd love to ruin his "straight jock" look and become the most dominant and muscular gay top in town. I think he might deserve that lesson, and that after a depressing life, i would finally be able to live life to the fullest.
  4. Thegaymage

    Jock Sale

    Damn. Would love to switch with justin. I could only imagine what would be able being so gorgeous like that.
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