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    I’m on Kik. Ask me for my info.


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    Bodybuilding, Bodybuilders, weightlifting, Olympic style wrestling (high school, and college), boxing, football, baseball, steroids. Typical alpha stuff.
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    Highly: 6ft, 3in. /Weight: 210lbs /Body Fat: was 19.4% (unsure)
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    Workout buddies, and friends. Growing bigger so I can compete, and dominate in the gym, and in the bedroom. Bodybuilding, training, nutrition, and steroid advice.
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    Height: 6ft, 3in. /Weight: 350lbs /Body Fat%: 3%
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Flex Lewis, Steve Moriarty, William Tray Brewer, Anthony Green, Cody Cummings, Tom Coleman, Greg Golias, Sean Parker, Tim Gabel, Brandon Harding, Bradley Castleberry, John Hirka, Calum Von Moger, Jay Cutler, PJ Brawn, Jake Burton, Scott Dennis, Erick Berringer, Joey Swoll, Charlie London, Davy Barnes, Dominic Nicolai, Brandon Anthony Flihan, Jo Linder, Sagi Kalev, Regan Grimes, Enzo Pileri, Jason Poston, Dominick Nicolai, Owen Powell, Roberto Merlo, and of course, Arnold S.
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    Bodybuilding, bodybuilders, jocks, muscle, and cock growth, muscle morph photos, videos, and stories. NOT THE KID KIND!

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