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  1. reading this reminded me that the series finished and got me feeling sad again
  2. I was actually hoping to read it or at least copy it for myself so i can always have the story on hand without needing the internet
  3. And here's the story that is the last one for the 1st Anniversary of this site. hope you all enjoy. A Caveman’s Journey Thousands of years ago, in the early stages of man, there was one who didn’t fit into the normal standards of a caveman. His name was Unf. While all other cavemen were strong enough to hunt huge animals, Unf was not strong enough to even gather a bunch of fruit for an hour. The average height of a caveman would be close to 5’10’’, yet Unf can barely stretch enough to reach 5 feet. The reason his name was Unf is that growing up he was pushed around by the bigger guys that he always go “unf” from being shoved and so the name stuck. Due to his short, skinny size, he was treated as an outcast and like a pack of animals; he was only fed the scraps. The food for the cavemen were getting lower and lower as the animals were becoming more difficult to hunt, which meant that Unf was barely eating. It was as though the animals have become smarter and stronger in order to avoid the cavemen. It was looking like they’ll all starve….. Until he arrived. Know one knows where he came from, but he was considered to be a caveman’s caveman. He stood as tall as what would be 6’5’’ now and twice the average caveman’s width. The size of his muscles were enormous; pecs as big as boulders, arms as big as a caveman’s thigh, abs so shredded and tight that can break through rocks with ease, and legs so huge that he would swing them around to walk forward. His muscles were not the only thing that made him manly, it was also the body hair that covered his form; lightly directed with dark hair covering his chest, arms, legs, and stomach, along with the beard covering his strong jaw and his long, flowing black hair on his head. The only piece of clothing he had was something akin to a loincloth, though even that can barely cover his cock, which was huge and thick in its own right. The new guy’s name was Gruf. When he first arrived, no one trusted him, but when he hunted with the group for the first time, their opinion of him changed. He was able to capture so many animals in the first hunt, at least twice as many as the cavemen got after a week of hunting. The group of was able to eat like kings, even Unf was able to eat more, even though they were still scraps. Gruf was not only strong, but kind as well when he offered a piece of good meat to Unf. Men wanted to be him and women (and some men) lusted after him. Unf felt like he should do something, especially if it can help the mighty Gruf. One morning before Gruf left for hunting, he told Unf about a tree that had some of the juiciest fruits that can go well with the meat. Though it was quite far, Unf left the home area and searched for it. He walked quite a distance in the direction Gruf told him to go and it was at the time where the sun was at the highest where he finally made it to the tree. Even if he could only grab a few fruit, he wanted to take as many as possible. After grabbing the fruit, Unf felt the earth shook under his feet. It wasn’t that jarring, but it did worry him since the tremors felt stronger from the direction he came from. By the time he came back, it was sunset and what laid before him made Unf feel despair. It was his home, in ruins. Boulders and debris covered the area and bottomless cracks spread into the cave-homes of many people. It could have been luck that spared his life, but in turn left him alone. He tried looking for survivors or at least Gruf, but there was no one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As night arrived, Unf ate the fruit that he brought. Gruf was right about the fruit being juicy. As he bit down on the fruit, tears rolled down his face knowing that he was all alone now. When he fell asleep, he had a dream where he was sitting with Gruf. Dream Gruf told him about this place that was like paradise and to find it, Unf would have to keep walking the path of the rising sun. Dream Gruf didn’t say how long it would take, but once Unf was ready, then paradise will appear. Dream Gruf wrapped his strong arm around the small Unf, pulling him close. It looked like something was about to happen, but just as Unf was close to Gruf, he woke up from his dream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was the crack of dawn and he was still in his ruined home. He remembered his dream that told him of paradise and after taking one final look of his former home; he left, following the path of the rising sun. It was long and arduous trudging along the wasteland desert, he felt like he was walking forever, but at the point where it was near sundown, he spotted a tree in the distance. He walked over there and picked the fruit hanging from the branches and ate them for dinner. It tasted just like the fruit, Gruf told him about so he ate plenty of that. It was funny though, ever since he left, he had more energy than ever. Before he would never walk this far, because he would collapse from exhaustion, but he only felt fatigued and now he’s eating even more than usual. He paid it no mind as he fell asleep under the tree. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As he dreamed, Unf was in nearby a lake with bubbling water, where it felt warm when he dipped his toe into it. He saw Dream Gruf there as he walked past Unf and was about to enter the lake. Before Gruf got in fully, he took off his small loincloth and was completely nude. Unf couldn’t see the front, but only saw the back; the wide, mountain-like back, with the huge, hard glutes. Gruf entered the water but only waist deep and invited Unf to join in. Unf got nude and joined in the warm water as he sat near the manly caveman. Unf was staring deep into Dream Gruf’s eyes as he was hypnotized by the sexy leer. The small caveman placed one hand on Gruf’s huge thigh, feeling the muscularity and the hair that covered it. Gruf placed his big hand on the back of Unf’s head, stroking the blond hair and pulling him closer. Unf moved his hands more inward and felt the thick, meaty shaft of the strong caveman as he brought his face closer to Gruf’s, their lips were about to meet, but then… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unf woke up with the sun beams hitting him in the face. He felt disappointed that he couldn’t finish the dream. As he was getting up, he felt something wet around his legs, he took a look and it was some kind of white goo. He didn’t know what it was, but just like a caveman curious about everything in the world, he coated a finger with it and brought it to his lips. It tasted a bit bitter, but also sweet at the same time, like the fruit he ate the night before. He wanted to continue tasting it, but he had to get going on his journey to paradise. As he walked, the earth didn’t feel as hard like the wasteland he was in; there were more green plants in the area. Not only that, but he felt taller and a bit stronger, like he had more energy and endurance to keep walking and go farther. The animal skin he had on felt a bit more snug, but it didn’t bother him a bit. As sundown was approaching, his stomach growled hoping for some food, but he didn’t find any fruits for him to eat. Just then, a pack of rodents came by and Unf followed them. If he couldn’t have any fruit, he would surely eat some meat. As Unf caught up to them and captured them, he realized that he was hunting just like the cavemen that treated him like the outcast. If only they could see him now. As he caught his prey, he saw a tree nearby, and it had some fruit, so Unf will be able to eat meat and fruit. After killing his prey and collecting the fruit, he prepared a fire that he saw a wandering caveman created a long time ago back in the wasteland. He ate his fill and then some and patted his bloated stomach as he slept near the warm fire. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the dream, Unf was in a cave that he was sharing with Dream Gruf. Gruf laid back on a huge pile of soft leaves and dirt that made up a bed, and he stripped off his loincloth so he was in the nude once more. Unf was able to see Dream Gruf’s full form in the bare, showing not only his enormous muscles, but the genitals as well. The base of the shaft covered in a dark bush of hair, the thick shaft going down the thighs, where the bulbous cockhead was resting at the kneecaps. Unf himself got nude and climbed into bed with Gruf. He had never seen a caveman quite like Gruf and started to worship his body like he was a god. Unf climbed the mountainous man and started the worship by licking his thick neck. Then he slid downward to his huge pecs, where he licked every inch of those meat pillows, especially at the nipples where it made Gruf moaned so loud. He went back up to the big arms, where he licked and kissed the sweaty hills, and then went into the armpits to smell the manly musk of the caveman. Back down he went where he licked with slow intent on each and every one of his cobbled abs. Unf wanted to go straight to the cock, but Dream Gruf pushed him towards his thick legs so he can be worshipped there. Unf did as he was told and so he made love to each of his legs, licked and kissed his huge quads, gnawed at his juicy hams, caressed and rubbed his big calves, and his hands even got to reach around and squeezed that huge, hard ass of Gruf’s. The worship aroused Gruf so much that his cock started to harden, and pointed straight up to the ceiling of the cave. Unf was finally able to reach his prize and started to work on that shaft. He first went to the balls, and licked them, and from there he licked slowly upward on the shaft, eliciting some very loud and sensual moans from the huge Gruf. The pleasure was so much that the same white goo Unf found on himself in the morning was now coming out of Gruf’s cock. Dream Gruf said it was called cum and that it was delicious. Unf took a lick and found that it tasted much sweeter than his own and he wanted more. Gruf was about to give him a huge load when he announced his explosion. Unf was ready with his mouth over Gruf’s cockhead, and as Gruf was about to bellow signaling his climax……. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unf opened his eyes on another morning. He felt depressed that he had to wake up from such a wonderful dream. He did wonder where he learned those techniques on worshipping a body like that, because he had never done anything like that before. He looked below and saw that he had the white goo all over his legs like yesterday. He now knows it was cum and just like he did in his dream, he scooped up a dollop and swallowed some. It tasted sweeter than last time, but yet not as sweet as Gruf’s even though it was a dream. As Unf stood up, he felt even taller than usual, and much stronger, too. He saw a lake nearby and walked towards it, feeling a bit clumsy from his new height and what he saw in the reflection scared him a bit. It looked like him, the long blond hair and face was the same, but the body was totally different. Height-wise, he looked a bit taller than the cavemen he used to be with, but it was more of his muscles. They looked much bigger like he was a mini-Gruf. His arms looked strong, his legs were like pillars, and even the animal skin he wore was starting to feel tight over his body. Unf felt his cock under the loincloth and even that felt bigger and thicker. He also felt his butt and saw in the reflection that his ass was bigger and stronger, no longer the flat ass he used to have before. When he took a closer look in the lake reflection, he saw that his jaw was becoming stronger and that some stubble was forming. He wanted to gap at his reflection for a longer time, but he had to continue on his quest. For Unf, walking felt a bit awkward as he had to learn how to swing his thighs over each other to keep moving forward. As Unf trudged forward, he noticed how there were more trees, and he even noticed how he was walking on grass, instead of the wasteland. By the time he got the hang of walking, his stomach growled signaling his hunger. Unf took a look around and saw a large animal walking through the jungle. It was ungodly huge, like it was an animal form of Gruf. The animal’s haunches were so large that it could’ve fed his former group of cavemen for a solid week. Looks like Unf found a perfect prey to test his newfound strength on. Unf grabbed some vines and rocks and set up a trap for the large animal. He used the rocks to make a large sound to scare the animal into the trap, which was a big tangled web of vines. The animal was caught in it, but using its own strength, the animal was about to break free. Unf grabbed more vines and tangled the animal in it, while tying the ends to some trees. As he used one more vine, he had to pull hard against the animal’s own strength to tie the vine to a far tree. Unf struggled and struggled, until he dug deep down into his own strength and was able to power through. He kept heaving and heaving, not even noticing that his chest and break were muscling through his tight animal skin shirt, causing holes and tears. As he tied the vine, he grabbed a big stick and rock and proceeded to hunt his prey. It was later at night, next to a big a fire, Unf had just finished eating his whole prey along with some fruits he found nearby. Even he was surprised that he ate all of that, though considering that his former meals consisted of scraps, this was a step up. He let out a huge belch as he rubbed his bloated stomach, marveling at his new strength by flexing his arms. As he kept flexing and rubbing his strong muscles, he felt his cock getting hard, just like in the dream, and so he decided to stroke it, the way he stroked Gruf’s cock. After a few minutes of stroking, he made a loud moan as he spurted a huge amount of cum some which coated his body. He took some of his cum and swallowed them, the taste being sweeter than this morning, almost to the level of Gruf’s cum. He felt exhausted and as he leaned back against a tree, he fell asleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another dream, another chance to see Dream Gruf. Unf looked around and hoped to see Gruf, he was still in the jungle so he could be hiding somewhere. Unf walked forward until he reached a clearing where in the center, was the huge, gorgeous caveman, Gruf, already in the nude. Unf ran towards to give him a hug, but Gruf stopped him there. Gruf then yanked off the animal skin clothes that Unf had on and circled around him, like Gruf was stalking his prey. Gruf then got close to Unf and started squeezing and rubbing his muscles. He was making grunts like he was pleased with the size that Unf had put on. Gruf squeezed the smaller caveman’s pecs, arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and ass looking amazing at the results. Unf got so turned on by this that his cock got erect fast and was sticking out from his body. Gruf placed his mitts on it and started squeezing and stroking it. Gruf then got in front of Unf, still stroking Unf’s cock, grabbed one of Unf’s hands and placed it on Gruf’s cock, inviting him to stroke it at the same time as his. They remained close, breaths picking up in speed, both of them feeling close to climax. A few moments before cumming, Gruf leaned in close, his chest rubbing against Unf’s, and whispered this to him, saying you are ready and just keep moving forward. Unf closed his eyes and was about to make a loud moan…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unf opened his eyes and moaned so loudly, like he was savage animal. It was morning again, and he was on his back, panting and sweating hard. He reached down to where his cock was, felt his cum, grabbed some and brought it to his lips, tasting just as sweet as Gruf’s in his dreams. As he lifted himself up, he felt heavier, yet moved at a faster speed to get himself up. When he looked down at himself, he got a big shock. What he saw below were muscles of a god, so huge and hairy, and the strength behind each muscle was like a feeling of pure ecstasy. It was like he was as big as Gruf, if not bigger. He felt his back as much as he could and felt the huge size. Even his cock had gotten huge, though it didn’t match up to Gruf’s length, it was surely thicker than Gruf’s. Even the body hair that covered him was so hot, like a perfect dusting of blond to cover every inch of his muscular form. He didn’t realize he was nude, until he saw the remains of his animal skin clothes. Seeing his rags, the new size, the body hair, it got Unf so turned on that he just jacked himself off, not caring who saw. After cumming for a second time, he used the rags to clean himself up, tossed them on the ground and just walked forward, following the path of the rising sun, in the nude. Unf kept walking still feeling aroused that he was huge, walking just like Gruf and by the time the sun was at its highest, he saw quite a sight. It looked to be a valley within the jungle and the only entrance to it was blocked by two other cavemen, wielding huge spears. Unf would have no problem with them, if they were average cavemen, but these guys were as big as Gruf, wearing only a small loincloth. It did occur to him that he was bigger than those two, but maybe they could help Unf find paradise. Unf walked out of the bushes and into the cavemen’s vision and seeing the nude Unf got those two so aroused that their cocks were poking through their loincloths and pushed upwards. Things were about to get hot until a loud grunt distracted all of them, a caveman, a bit bigger than the two guards came up from behind them and told them that Unf was his. Unf could only stare in shock as the new caveman was really Gruf. As Gruf walked past the guards, wearing nothing to cover his body, Unf could only just run towards him, pulled Gruf into a hug, and then finally gave him a deep kiss. Tears rolled down Unf’s face as he kept the kiss going. Both of their hands were rubbing their wide backs as the kiss kept going, unbeknownst to them the two guards were highly aroused and started jacking off from the hot kiss. Gruf broke the kiss and said that he missed Unf as well. Holding Unf by the hand, they walked past the guards and into the valley, leaving the two cavemen to their masturbation. In the valley, it was a beautiful sight; trees covering the landscape, huge walls of rock to protect them, three waterfalls on the walls which leads into rivers, which all flow into one big lake at the center, and caves lined the walls which meant they were the homes of other cavemen, as well. Though the more exotic sight was seeing the cavemen, they were just as huge as Gruf, wearing either a small loincloth or nothing at all. There were a variety of them, differing in hair and skin color, how hairy they were, how big were certain muscles compared to other cavemen, even the cock sizes were different as well. As Unf continued to follow Gruf, Gruf explained that an earthquake was going to happen at Unf’s old home, Gruf wanted to save the group so he ventured from his home here to Unf’s home to gain their trust and bring them here. When he got there, it was easy to gain their trust and when Gruf saw Unf’s small form, he decided to give him a boost before the others and coated one of the meats he hunted with his cum and gave it to Unf, thus triggering the growth process. When Unf left to get the fruit, he was about to inform the cavemen about the earthquake, but it was too late and in the end, he was the only survivor. He returned home devastated. Gruf fell into despair, but on the night he returned home, he had an odd dream about Unf, the first one in a warm lake. And then every other night, he kept dreaming about Unf and in different situations, with Unf looking bigger than the last. Unf said that he was dreaming about Gruf, too in the exact situations. It was as though fate was leading Unf back to Gruf and Gruf was happy to see Unf again. As they neared Gruf’s cave-home, Unf saw a bunch of other cavemen making out with each other, worshipping each other’s muscles, and some were stuffing their cocks into either their asses or their mouths. Gruf said that was called fucking and they were going to do plenty of that. Unf could only get aroused even more from hearing that. By the time they reached to Gruf’s cave, it was sunset. The cave floor was soft and littered with soft leaves. Unf stood close to Gruf, noticing that he was slightly bigger than the caveman he lusted after. Gruf told him that after taking in the cum for the first time, his growth is ffected by how much food he ate and then Unf remembered all the food he had on his journey, from the fruits, to the rodent meat, and the giant animal that he ate whole. That must have been why he got so huge, even a bit bigger than Gruf. After so many days apart, he gave Gruf a much better kiss than earlier and proceeded to make love to him. They lied back on the floor and worshipped each other’s bodies, ravishing each other’s lust; kissing the huge, hard, hairy muscles, groping each other’s asses, stroking each other’s cocks. Unf wanted to try this fucking and Gruf was only happy to oblige. So Gruf turned Unf around and stuffed his cock into Unf’s muscular ass. The motion gave Unf so much pleasure that he climaxed after a minute of the thrust, yet Unf was ready to keep going. He returned the favor to Gruf and rode his ass hard. They kept making love to each other until the sun rose over the valley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a new life for Unf, he found a new family that didn’t treat him like an outcast, he had a body he could only dream of, and a mate to share all of this with. He didn’t just share his cock with only Gruf, but with all the other sexy cavemen of the valley. He kept fucking them so often that now his name meant the sounds him and the other cavemen made when they have sex. He does his share of the hunting, providing a lot of food for the group, plenty of which he shared with Gruf. And at night, he returned to his new home, sharing the cave that used to belong to only Gruf, where they made love constantly and slept together until the next day started. It was only another day for Unf, in this valley of paradise. I hope you guys had fun with this story
  4. yay on Cecil and Linus. maybe you can get Barash Benski to draw some of the characters. ah ok, so that means in the end, it's still on genetics on how big you get. and when i read about what the coach was doing, i thought it was him scanning the room to see if anyone got horny for him and maybe he'll get into Vance's pants. My other head must have been donig the thinking during that passage
  5. the coach helped Vance cheated? I didn't get that. As for the senator's name, Cecil Gulls. Sounds like seagulls, when you take out the "-cil" sound. as for Logan Anchors, i can't help but feel that you watch Anchorman movies. and seeing the name, Linus, reminded me of the Peanuts character. I remember doing tests like those. all multiple choice and with the subjects that i know, i would pass it very easily and in a rapid time. I wonder though, if based on the scores the boost would push you to how much of your max potential your genetics would take you. You did say a score of 60 would arrange a 30% boost and based on the results, it would look like that the higher the score, the further to max you would be. If that Shaun guy was 97 looked like that, then one who would score 100 would be god-like. Excellent story, all in all. even if it was only a one-shot, i would wish that you continue this in some way
  6. wow can't believe i'm lucky to read a brand new MaxMann story and such a good one at that. and based on the epilogue, may i assume that he sold it to a orphan teen? I know that you like to get that incest going when they're all huge
  7. I'll join in on this, it's been a long while since i posted up Camp Myosin. I'll be able to post a complete story for the even so put me down for a day in May
  8. Are you making a story as well?
  9. it was definitely worth the wait. Can't wait what you got in store for the truckers
  10. story look great, but I can see why it's rushed. There's no detail of pleasure or ejaculation from the transformation. Maybe describe a little bit more of the clothes trying to contain him, either ripping out or more details on its alteration to his new size. for example, "As his quads continue to engorge with muscle, they broke the side seams of his pants and ruined them. though they didn't stay torn for long, for as if by magic, the shreds of fabric went up and realign themselves to become shorts big enough to contain his new girth of his thighs, along with containing his trouser snake and enormous squat butt." Something like that. As for the ending, maybe a bit more dialogue between Daryl and the two other guards, like them hitting the food court or getting in a group workout. Other than that, excellent story
  11. wow that's very clever of using another guy's experience with Uncle Matt, may I be right to assume that the guy who gave Matt the blowjob was Lloyd?
  12. wow i loved this series a lot, but what about the 4th chapter? it was posted up on the old website and it was told in the perspective of a new character, an officer whose partner was growing and becoming a part of Uncle Matt's Farm before the officer himself grew.
  13. great way to finish; i love how you made the ending somewhat ambigous but making it look like it could continue, by not having Kurt win. Nice touch
  14. I too would like to see the conclusion
  15. Wow, now he suddenly got into passing the disease along
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