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    Full Service

    Full Service Bryan loved going to ‘Full Service’, the bar just around the corner. It was calm and cozy, the beer was good, and it helped that all the staff were ripped young hunks bulging out of their suits. He loved going to the bar a bit too much perhaps, he felt even worse about his thick beer belly since all the personnel was so filled with hot studs. But, how was he supposed to say no to their handsome and commanding faces when they asked if he wanted another drink? Bryan thought he was probably pitied by the staff, he knew how it looked when a man of his age came to a bar so often. So he made sure to tip well, especially if they flexed their massive biceps through their suits. They gave him drinks on the house in return, or a winking bounce of their pecs. So when of the divine looking hunk that passed for a bartender asked if Bryan wanted to taste their latest brew it didn’t take long for Bryan to eagerly nod. “It fresh from the tap.” The big man had said with a chuckle, unzipping his fly. Bryan hardly even got to protest before a meaty soft sausage suddenly dangled right in his face. Around him the other bar patrons didn’t seem bothered in the slightest one of the staff’s packages was out in the open. One of staffs long, thick, full and uncut packages… “C’mon Bryan, we know you’re hungry for this, why don’t you pour your own drink for a change?” Bryan hesitated for a moment, but then pushed his face into the bartenders crotch, enjoying the cum themed musk surrounding his cock. Bryan’s own breaths grew short, feeling the loud pulse shooting through oversized manhood. He began tracing the veins covering the cock with his tongue, slowly leading him back the head. The skin covering it slowly pulled back more and more as the cock filled itself with blood. Bryan looked up unsurely, the bartender had already closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of his cock, already bigger than most men when they were erect, slowly growing hard. Bryan took the head into his mouth, his other hand grabbing for support on the bartenders still covered up meaty buns. His jawline had to be opened up quite a bit to just let the head sit in his mouth. His tongue playing a little with the cock’s head, enjoying the salty taste it was picking up. Bryan felt his comparatively puny penis grow hard in a matter of seconds while worshipping the throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for the bartender to fully bone up. Bryan couldn’t take much more than the bartenders smooth head in his mouth, the cock was too large and thick to willingly go in. Bryan tried playing with the kiwi sized balls hanging in their silky smooth sack, but the bartender needed more to be pleasured. He grabbed Bryan strongly by his waning hair and pushed more of his cock inside. Bryan couldn’t protest, not that he would have wanted to, the cock pressing against the sides of his throat felt… Good. All Bryan could do was make some slurping noises as more and more of the shaft was pushed into him. He made sure to continue playing with the bartenders balls, something he got approval for in the form of a deep satisfactory grunt. Bryan was finally face to face with the thick lair of pubes once the meaty rod was nearly entirely down his throat. He didn’t get much time to adjust however once the cock sat safely and secure the bartender started pulling it back only to quickly slam it fully back in. The layer of sweat that was covering the man’s abs became visible through the expensive looking suit. Bryan grabbed onto the man’s muscular midriff enjoying the feeling off the still covered up muscles under his fingertips. He felt the muscles making up the man's chest flexing and contracting as he fought with the orgasm that wanted to shoot from his cock. Bryan was a little proud his tight throat could drive the man to such pleasure. He felt his own cock spew a tiny load into his boxers, but the thoughts of his own orgasm paled in comparison to the urge to drive this beast exhibiting everything that made someone a man to pleasure. Bryan continued playing with the larger man’s balls. The bartender uttered a final “Oh yeah…” before his balls started to heave and pump, the hunk’s muscles cascading with pleasure and bliss. It took a while before the orgasm to finally reach his throbbing cock, but it had been worth the wait. Thick salty ropes of cum rolled over Bryan’s tongue and down his throat. The bartender had pulled back enough Bryan got a good taste of his manly spunk. Bryan’s head was kept perfectly in place while the hunk shot load after load, his orgasm going on for nearly a minute. After finishing up and pulling out his dick made a final throb, covering Bryan’s face and clothes in cum. The bartender smiled rather sheepishly. “Sorry about that, you did such a good job swallowing everything too.” The hunk left Bryan heaving for air for a moment while he tended to an order. Bryan caught his breath quicker than he expected from his out of shape body. There seemed not a soul who cared about the blowjob he had just given to the hung hunk. Bryan tried cleaning the cum off his face with a napkin, but most of the salty load was too thick to be absorbed by the paper. Bryan looked down, expecting to his already pudgy and fat belly bloated even more with the amount of cum he’d just downed, but instead his clothes seemed a lot more loose fitting than they had done so earlier in the morning. He could even see the faint outlines of muscles where there had only been fat just before… The thoughts about the odd things happening to his body were interrupted as the handsome barman approached him again. He hoped for a round 2. “We’ve got some reserve suits for staff lying in the back, if you want to get out of those cum stained ones.” Bryan wanted to laugh at the idea, walking around in the suits he saw as exclusively reserved for the hunky men, but feeling his own muscles pulsing and swelling under his skin, the idea seemed to grow less ridiculous by the second. “You’d have to work a little to earn such a suit though, you know, walk around and take orders. Give the customers the real ‘Full Service’ service. We are awfully low on staff tonight…” “And don’t worry about the size of the suits too much. You’ll grow into them.”
  2. Revenge of the Nerds - The Coach (Last entry into this series, (for now ). I'd recommend reading the other parts first. It's a bit different than my usual stuff, but it's back to regular captions tomorrow.) “Huh, that’s odd.” Oliver mumbled softly. He looked again at the old college yearbook he had open in his hands, staring in disbelief at the picture and name of an old professor. Maybe the musty basement air was making him see things, he had been down here for way too long. Oliver took his glasses off and closed his eyes, softly rubbing them. He’d take a deep breath but the moldy air would probably make things worse. He didn’t understand why he had to be the one to clear out this campus basement. Oliver wouldn’t even get to use the pleasure centre they were building here, it was just for all the many new athletes that needed their balls drained after their training. Oliver groaned and opened his eyes again, expecting the trick of the light and his tired mind to have disappeared. But it had done no such thing. And in the old yearbook he had opened in his lap he still saw the same hollow grin stare back at him, with a name written under it recogniseable to anyone on campus. “Ronald Biggs. Prof Biology (2008)” It read under the photo of an old and tired looking professor. Oliver couldn’t believe it, could that be the same guy as coach Ron Biggs, the muscle daddy who had recently seized control of the campus? It seemed highly unlikely that the scrawny biology professor from this picture would be the same as the super sized stud coach, but after Oliver had seen the chess club of all things grow into bulging hunks with mass he doubted anyone couldn’t be turned into filled out muscle packed specimens of masculinity if they got trained by coach Biggs. Oliver licked his lips, the thoughts of the sexy oversized coach drying up his mouth, even in the humid basement. Oliver contemplated what to do for a moment, the old yearbook still open in his hands. Oliver had hoped when he had found the small box labeled ‘Biggs’ behind a shelf it would be filled with old jockstraps from the aged and ripe stallion coach. Instead he had found out the lumbering stud who currently had the entire campus in the palm of his hand might have once been a weak biology professor. Oliver scratched behind his head, left the yearbook for what it was, and grabbed deeper into the box. To his dissatisfaction Oliver discovered there wasn’t any clothing carrying the manly musk of the coach there either, instead it seemed filled with a large supply of old papers. Oliver considered just trashing the box for a moment, getting on with the cleaning of the basement, but his curiosity got the better of him. What papers could be in a box labeled after the big coach? He grabbed one of them. After dusting the front cover off it read: “Revenge of the Nerds: A Manifesto. By Prof. Ron Biggs” Under the dim light of the one working lamp in the basement Oliver started reading. His mouth slowly falling open in the process. --------------------- Coach Biggs loved the way he smelled after a workout. He loved a lot after his workouts, the way his eight pack rippled, and his veins popped out of his body, but the smell was the best. That deep musk of manliness could be smelled from 20 feet away and forced everyone to turn their heads and look what deep fragrance their nose was picking up. Well, they’d most likely were already looking around because Coach Biggs deep thudding footsteps could shake the ground with his massive weight, but you could see the extra urgency in their stares when they smelled pure testosterone dangling in the air. And when people saw the sweat covering his ripped upper body, his hair the same colour as the salt that covered his body in the form of sweat, well that really got their attention. Coach Biggs smiled, he could get used to being big. Coach Biggs smile faded however once he walked into the basement he had asked one of the college kids to clean out. He should have been angry that the small twerp wasn’t finished yet but instead got very scared once he saw that he was reading through an instantly recognisable thick set of papers. His thick set of papers. His manifesto. Shit, he hadn’t planned on being discovered so late into the plan. “Oliver! What are you doing, slacking off?” Maybe the twerp hadn’t read too much yet? Coach Biggs hoped so. Maybe his first reaction of fear was unnecessary? “I know what’s going on, Coach.” Oliver said, lifting his head away from the papers and directly looking the big man into his eyes. Nope. No unnecessary fears. Biggs had been right being scared, the twerp had access to some very… Sensitive information, about the plans Coach had for campus. Biggs hadn’t felt any fear since he had all these giant muscles at his disposal. The emotion felt a lot more violent now that so many big muscles all tensed up. ‘Okay. Control yourself Biggs’ The giant thought to himself. Breathing in and out. Let’s see just how much the nerd knows. Coach raised an eyebrow. His wrinkled with age yet handsome and bearded face betraying nothing of his inner turmoil. He made sure to jut out his gigantic pecs some more, confidence was key. “Oh? Then what is going on, runt?” His voice was loud and booming. Soothing the big man slightly with his own deep voice. “You’re using the schools teams as an cover up for some foul, foul magic.” It was almost cute seeing the tiny man so worked up. Well it would have been cute if he wasn’t uncovering plans years in the making. “Magic?” The coach tried innocently. “Muscle draining magic.” Oliver answered resolutely. “Muscle transfer by competition, difficult spell to pull off, I’ve seen it at work a few times. In blurry shaky videos. Friends doing little arm wrestling competitions, the winner gains a few pounds of muscle, loser loses some. Most with a little knowledge of the arcane forces think it’s relatively harmless… But to imagine something on this scale!” Oliver shook around his hands violently while he spoke. Coach Biggs knew that him playing dumb was gonna run out at some point. But he had to keep up the act for now. He shrugged his wide cannonball shoulders. “What do you mean?” “You’re draining the competitors to our teams of their size!” Oliver cried out, clearly relieved he got to share the information, even with the architect behind that design. Coach Biggs just had to raise an eyebrow before the runt started telling even more about what he knew. “You’ve applied some version of that spell to this entire campus. Every time one of our many oversized teams obliterates their competition, your magic steals a little size.” The Coach just held his questioning eyebrow suspended. “Wouldn’t that result in all our athletes looking like eight hundred pounds gorilla’s by now? With how many games they win and all? Besides, all the students I’m coaching were already gigantic and thick before they started competing.” Oliver looked even more triumphantly as he got to reveal the last part of the puzzle. “That’s the real devilish part, you’re storing all that stolen size somewhere, not even on your own oversized body.” Biggs smiled a sour smile. Oliver knew pretty much the entire plan. He really thought he had destroyed every version of that manifesto, it was awfully annoying having your entire plan open on the table. Biggs clacked his tongue. “Well. Shit.” He mumbled. Oliver’s eyes went wide. He looked again at the manifesto in his hands, a quizzical expression plastered over his face. “Why’d you even write this in the first place?” Biggs shrugged, he saw no further reasons to lie. “I thought I could make my ideas appealing to the then coach and faculty on campus. Didn’t work out, they kicked me out.” Biggs grew a faint smile. “So then I set everything up anyways. Took me years setting up a spell as big this one, even if this version of muscle transfer is the easiest and cheapest to manage.” Biggs considered what he was going to do with Oliver. He needed to build up some more trust, so he continued filling in the remaining gaps. “We really only had the old football team that was winning games a year back. Former coach had put all his eggs into that basket. Their wins gave me the firsts drops of this.” The coach shook a small vial in the air, ‘B1G’ was written on its side. “That’s the stolen size, condensed into liquid. I used it on myself first, growing me enough to be unrecognisable from my previous flabby form, and big enough to usurp the position of the old coach. Made some to the teams after that.” Oliver grew even more wide eyed, but his curiosity wasn’t yet satisfied. “You were the one behind the old football team’s downfall, right?” Coach nodded. “I got impatient and needed to give my plans a little jump start. Made a few harmless bets with football team, and after they lost those, the spell kicked in and down the drain their size went. Got to buff up the Lacrosse and swimming team with that. After that it went quick, the size of a full football team condensed down to a few select studs meant they were winning games faster and faster. Wrestling, basketball, baseball, debate, chess, football… If we could compete in it, I’d sign up a team of super studs that would win matches and drain their opponents without either party even knowing it. Soon I had quite the lucrative business of stolen size, got it over flowing in tanks now.” Oliver felt rather stupid for not suspecting magical interference before. An college where every single team is composed of bulging and swollen hunks did seem rather unlikely. “I still don’t understand two things.” Oliver mumbled. The expression on Coach’s face was still not cold, so he dared ask even further. “The first thing I don’t get, why? What’s the end dame?” Biggs almost looked disappointed Oliver hadn’t caught on by now. “Didn’t you see the title of that manifesto? Revenge. Revenge for all of nerd kind. With the power I’m aiming for, I’ll soon be able to apply the theft spell all over town, state, nation, world. It’ll be a few decades, but I’m in no rush. Once the world has been reduced to wimps, I get to rewrite who holds the physical prowess.” Oliver looked rather unimpressed. Biggs already had trouble managing this small campus, he wasn’t a man cut out for world domination. He would say so but the grey fox who was currently standing in the small light the lamp was producing could still crack Oliver’s skull rather easily with one of bulging muscles. So he bit his tongue. “The other thing I don’t understand is, why did you tell me all that? “After reading that manifesto, there wasn’t much you were still lacking, I just filled in the blanks you would have filled in anyways. As for why I did that, well…” Coach Biggs suddenly and effortlessly lifted the tiny Oliver up in the air, pressing him into the basement walls. His aged muscle beef hotly pressing into the already boned up Oliver. “I knew I could count on your silence anyways.” Now it was Oliver’s turn to be terrified. Well, and aroused, because he had the hottest coach in the world breathing into his neck. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m going to do something much worse, make you an accomplice.” Coach Bigg’s wall of pecs held the smaller man perfectly in place as he grabbed through his pockets, before finally producing two small vials with the ‘B1G’ logo. Oliver wanted to put up some resistance, to put a halt to this maniac, but an even bigger part of him wanted to feel what it was like swelling up with size. He opened his mouth to negotiate, but before he even got to utter a word the small vials popped open and it’s transparent content’s went down Oliver's throat. He swallowed it without much further thought. “I have been looking for an assistant coach for a while now.” Coach Biggs thought out loud, looking on as the small guy grew larger with mass. Since he had used an extra dose Biggs hoped this nerd could handle his footlong cock. He had also been looking for a worthy cum dump for a while now. Coach Biggs threw the small guy over his shoulders and walked out of the basement, they were gonna go somewhere a little more private to feel each of Oliver’s limbs fill out with mass. As Coach Biggs walked out of the basement, he flat out forgot about the box containing his manifesto and the yearbook connecting his current hunky body to the pictures of his former feeble form. He was too infatuated with Oliver’s growing pecs to remember the important evidence. Surely that wasn’t gonna bite him in the ass later?
  3. Revenge of the Nerds - The New Football Team (A more direct continuation of this story I posted earlier in the week. Though as you might have noticed by now, all these "Revenge of the Nerds" stories are interconnected. Final part tomorrow!) Joey woke up and felt awfully groggy and confused. It was almost like a hangover, clouding his mind. That was highly unusual for Joey. He never stayed up past nine and hadn’t drunk a beer in his life, a byproduct of never being invited to parties. But when Joey felt the soft and slow thudding of pain on his temple, he knew that this must be what being hangover was like. Joey rubbed his temple. Being hungover was as horrible as people had hyped it up to be. He tried recalling what could have happened last night, couldn’t remember anything besides the short and stern chat he had received from coach Biggs about still lacking the mandatory sport component of the college courses. Joey’s thought were interrupted as he looked at the flexed bicep that had formed while had rubbed his temple, a grin plastered on his face looking at the interlocking anaconda like muscle that made up his gigantic arms. He bounced his biceps a little, enjoying looking at the huge muscles. Wait. Gigantic arms? What? Joey stumbled backwards, almost expecting the illusion or trick of the light to break right away. But it didn’t, and when Joey looked down again he saw the same meaty muscular arms draping by his side. Joey might not remember much, but these muscle stacked arms were most definitely not there last night. Joey gasped, looking over the rest of his body. His arms weren’t the only thing that had changed, his entire body was now stacked full with muscle and size. He couldn’t see his abs under his jutted out and full pecs, but when his hand hovered over his formerly flat stomach he could feel the deep powerful ridges of a strong six pack. Joey couldn’t believe it, his formerly scrawny body, untrained and unkempt, had somehow blown up with size overnight. Joey tried desperately remembering what happened last night, hoping to find some clues about his transformation into studhood, but still couldn’t remember much more than coach Biggs eyes dancing hypnotically while he had talked down to his then still small form. Now that Joey had acquainted himself with his new body he tried finding out where he was. The distinct smell of cum was sharply in the air, ‘VICTOR RULES’ was written in white marker, or cum, on the lockers adorning the wall. He was in the soccer locker room, soccer stud Victor’s legendary orgies were always held here after training, Joey had seen the room often, when he had jerked off to the videos of the sex fest whenever they were posted online by one of the twinks attending. Joey noticed a mirror hanging on the wall, he quickly swaggered over to it, enjoying how his thighs and quads forced were pushed aside by the huge amount of muscle mass making up his legs. Joey liked what he saw in the mirror. Every part of him was just so impossibly huge, impossibly thick, impossible muscular. He played with his new size a little, flexing, pumping blood through his muscles. Nothing about his formerly scrawny body had stayed small Joey thought with a smile as he saw his new hefty manhood rise in the mirror. Suddenly Joey noticed the clothes hanging over the mirror, a football uniform, with custom made shoulder pads. A small hand written note was taped on. “Put this on and come outside Joey, explanations later. - Coach Biggs.” Joey sniffed the clothes, they smelled clean enough. He slipped on the pants and the shoulder pads, leaving the shirt folded in its place, it was too small, and Joey felt like showing off his new tightly ripped chest anyways. Joey tried one door, leading to the soccer field. It was locked, and although Joey felt like he probably very easily kick it in, he thought Coach probably didn’t want him in that direction. He looked at the other door out of the locker room, it sat forgotten and unused for quite a while now, it was the door leading to the campus football field. Joey felt the handle give as he pushed it down, and the cobwebbed door swung wide open. The sound of cheering was overwhelming on his still awakening head. The sun was bright, but even through his half closed eyes Joey could see the bleachers around the field were stacked. What had all these people gathered for? Didn’t they campus didn’t do football games anymore since all their football players inexplicably had been reduced from tall and wide jocks to small wimpy runts? Joey spotted Coach Biggs standing across the field, his massive frame impossible to miss, even in the shade. Joey jogged across the field, he would have walked around, but he felt strangely good being in the centre of attention. “All star quarterback and two hundred sixty pounds of grade A beef, Joey Denver, from the home team everybody!” A loud voice over the mic ecstatically cried out, Joey looked around surprised, was someone playing a joke on him? Quarterback? Well, now that he thought about it, smashing big guys into the dirt with his new massive muscles did seem like an awfully great idea…. “Coach? Biggs, Sir, What’s going on?” Joey said, his voice now a deep baritone. He tried recalling again what happened after their meeting last night, but his mind still drew a blank. “Oh, Joey, there you are. Right on time.” The newly hunkified stud might have a deep baritone, but it was nothing compared the inhuman amount of masculinity oozing out of coach Biggs voice. Joey felt his new meaty appendage fill with blood, he could only see the outline of the massive coach, but even his shadow looked so filled out with muscle and size. “I’m… Playing?” Joey asked, unsurely. His pecs bouncing involuntarily as kept changing his weight from leg to leg. “Attaboy, don’t need much of explanation, do you? Set up a match between our campus and the neighbouring one.” Joey still looked a bit hesitant. “I’ve never played…” Coach Biggs just waved his complaints away, a little impatiently. “Knowledge came with body, you shouldn’t have a hard time throwing anyone on the ground.” Joey looked a little doubtful at his shuffling feet. “I, Uh, don’t know coach. Football doesn’t seem like something I’d be good at…” To anyone else it might have looked ridiculous seeing such huge stud being so shy, but Biggs knew exactly what caused this. Sometimes the guys needed a little spurring after their transformation before their new cocky personalities would take hold. Biggs grabbed a vial out of his pocket ‘B1G’ was written on it in large black lettering. “See this? This is what I dosed the tea with you had at my office last night. Single vail blew your scrawny frame right up into a muscle beast. You want some more?” Joey didn’t think so, he thought he was plenty big as it was. But then images flashed through his mind what it would be like to be even bigger. To have a cock over a foot in length. To be over 7 feet. Joey nodded yes. “Well, you’re gonna have to earn it. Good way to earn it is to help me make it. And a good way to help me make it too smash guys into the ground and win every football match you play. Got that?” Joey nodded, still hungrily staring at the small vial in the coach hands. “Move it, Joey.” The coach growled, pointing the new football star into the direction of the field. Joey could spot Ahmad from chemistry, as the linebacker. The guy had been a twerp like Joey just yesterday, he guessed the entire team consisted of newly grown hunks. “Stop it. That’s mine. My shoulder plates. Mine!” A nasally voice said. Joey looked down, seeing some small twerp hurt himself while trying to punch one of his brick like abs. Joey thought he looked like Eric, one of the football jocks who had inexplicably lost all his mass just a few months ago. Man he looked pathetic, especially from Joey’s new height. “They’re my shoulderplates now.” Joey said rather matter of factly. Shrugging his impossibly wide lats as he pushed the small guy away. Joey took his position, and grinned when he realised he was the largest guy on the field. “I can get used to this.” Joey said, while rearranging his massive package. He just knew the new football team was in for one heck of a season. --------------------- Coach Biggs stood smiling on his spot in the shade as he saw his newly grown team absolutely obliterate their competition. He grabbed an empty vial of B1G out of one of his many pockets. He looked at it, as it slowly and magically filled itself with the crystal clear super growth inducing drug. The enemy team probably wouldn’t even notice the five pounds of muscle lighter they’d be once the game was done. Well, they did seem to be losing pretty badly, the spell would probably take 6-7 pounds, still very manageable. Maybe 10, at the rate they were losing. Biggs had to admit it had been a mistake draining the old football team. They had provided an excellent stepping stone, but they would have made for useful pawns too. Well, mistakes are there to be learned from, right? Biggs chuckled, with how many teams he now had setup that would easily win matches and drain their opponents, giving him even more B1G to play with, he’d soon be ready to make his move. Soon.
  4. Revenge of the Nerds - The Debate Team Ralph heard the familiar sound of excited girlish giggling as his brother returned from his latest debate tournament. The air emanating from the dorm hallway seemed to be filled with arousal. Ralph quickly put his phone back in his pocket, not wanting to get caught again scrolling through his brothers OnlyFans page. “You girls go up ahead, just going to pop in and check in on my twin bro.” Ralph could hear the deep bass of his brother say in the hallway. Ralph did his best to make it look as if he had been reading the text book lying open in front of him the entire evening, instead of jerking off to the picture of his brother shoving his gigantic meaty shaft down down some twinks throat. “You have a twin?! C’mon Rebec, we gotta see how many studs are hiding in this dorm!” Ralph’s door suddenly smacked open, the two girls ecstatically walked in and looked around for a twin brother looking just like the muscular stud they had accompanied home. “Hi. Uh, I’m Felix’s brother.” Ralph nervously tried, the two attractive bimbo’s brought him out of his balance. The two girls took just one look at the twerp reading a college textbook and then walked out without saying another word. “We’ll wait for you in your room, stallion.” Their voices said to Felix once they were out of the runts room. “And, uh, keep that loser locked up. I went dry seeing that acne covering his face.” They continued in a softer tone, but still just loud enough for Ralph to hear it perfectly. After another minute of Ralph’s brother and the two girls loudly making out, the two nicely curved hotties finally left the hallway, continuing their loud giggling in the dorm room next doors, the thin walls doing barely anything to mute the sound. “Sorry bro, they walked in before I could stop ‘em” Felix said, his deep bass tone lacking any sincerity however, and his pecs still bounced up and down with stifled chuckle. The titan of muscle and brawn had to duck a bit as he went under the 6’4 door frame. Ralph just shrugged, he was used to the reaction once people found the twin brother of the super stud was just an below average looking guy. “It’s alright.” Ralph said, trying to banish the embarrassing experience from his mind, throwing it on the pile the growing of memories of being totally emasculated by his twin. “So, how was the debate tournament?” He said, trying to change the conversation. “We fuckin’ killed it! As per usual.” His brothers handsome face always lit up when he got to talk about the debate team’s accomplishments, one of his many muscles flexing involuntarily when his former overexcited personality beat out the sex god he had turned into. “You should have seen it, I made some killer comebacks, and flirted with the opposition at the same time. You wouldn’t believe the look they had plastered on their face when I closed the opening argument by ‘accidentally’ flexing out of my tight shirt…” Felix caught himself and his over excited personality faded out as his cocky demeanor once again took over. “Well, opposition was quite distracted after that. Wasn’t a shirt in the audience that could fit. And, well, you know all about how easy it is to lose your tongue when you’re around a bunch of muscle studs, don’t ya bro?” Ralph audibly swallowed. Despite his previous jerking, Ralph’s cock once again stood at full attention imagining the entirely hunky debate team dominating their opposition. “Guess that’s were you picked up those girls?” Felix shyly smiled, his biceps swelling obscenely while he scratched an itch on his muscular back. “Yeah man girls love a guy with a big brain.” Ralph would have said it’s likely not his debating skills that made girls ooze out of every orifice when they saw Felix’s incredibly muscular and sexy form but he had a more important question to ask. “So, any chance of me joining the debate team yet?” Ralph asked, unable to mask the hopeful tone in his voice. Ralph’s dreams were efficiently and swiftly crushed by the guilty and nervous expression on Felix’s face. “Uhm, sorry bro, we just filled our our last spot…” Ralph felt a little hopeless, how was he supposed to catch up to his hunky brother now? Joining the debate team might seem like a futile way to catch join his brother in godhood but Ralph knew otherwise. Ralph and Felix used to be identical twinks, equally nerdy and runty. That changed however once Coach Biggs had taken the position of debate team captain over from the English teacher, the entire puny debate team had seen a transformation into brawny beasts. Likely a consequence of the strict training regimen the coach put the debate team under, and the plethora of illegal supplements. Felix had seemed to hit a growth spurt at the same time too, because Ralph couldn’t imagine a supplement that could take his small cock and stretch it out the mouth watering meat hammer it was today. One would think Coach Biggs’ gym and weight training for the debate team was a little excessive, and his complete non focus on any debating skills a little worrying, but it was hard to argue with the debate teams new track record of completely obliterating the competition. “Again, sorry man, now that being part of a sports team is mandatory we had a shit ton of new applications. Apparently coach is qualifying debate as sport.” Felix said, while shrugging his shoulders with earnest sympathy. “Don’t worry lil’ bro, once a spot opens up again you’ll be the first one to join.” Ralph’s eyes sparkled so brightly with renewed vigour he didn’t even hear his brother mutter under his protein filled breath: “Of course, no one's gonna be stupid enough to pass by their chance at godhood and ditch the team...” Instead, Ralph was busy focusing on what it’d be like catching up and maybe even surpassing his hot brother. Felix thought it was kind of cute seeing his twin brother so hopeful. It was gonna be fun seeing that expression be tested when it became apparent it might take a while for a new spot to open up. When was Ralph gonna give up hope again, after months? Years? Ralph would have to face the reality they would only ever be identical twins by name going forwards someday. Felix had a brilliant idea how to help his bro adjust to the transition. “You know, we still don’t have a water boy for the debate team… Someone to wash our clothes and shoot our loads into after an intense workout… It’s not like actually being part of the debate team... But it’s close?” Even Felix thought the suggestion was sounding a little ridiculous, but Ralph nodded enthusiastically, the mention of cock sucking having him excited. “Huh. Alright then, join us tomorrow at the gym, 9-o'clock. Bring towels.” Felix walked out of his brother small dorm room, and went into his own next door. Soon Ralph could hear the loud moans of the girls who had been waiting as Felix showed off his perfection. Ralph put his ear on the wall, listening to the lustful sounds, imagining a scene to go with them. And for the first time, he didn’t fantasize himself to be the hunk bringing such pleasure. Instead, Ralph imagined himself as one of the girls his brother would fuck for hours. Unlike his brother, it didn’t take long for Ralph to cum.
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    Revenge of the Nerds - The Debate Team

    Glad to hear you like it
  6. Revenge of the Nerds - The Soccer Team I probably shouldn’t have despised Victor as much as I had. There’s just something so… Insufferable, about people being cocky when they have no right to be. Victor was the perfect example of that. He had crowned himself king of the world because he was the biggest guy on a team of freshmen soccer players. I probably wouldn’t have even known about Victor’s pitiful existence had Coach Biggs not made taking up a sport necessary for everyone on campus. As far I know, we were the only college to have that requirement, probably a consequence of having our puny dean be Coach Biggs personal cum dump. Soccer had been the only sport on the list we could pick from without any mandatory weightlifting element, so naturally most of us scrawny nerds had flocked to it. And now here Victor was, having the slightest muscle definition instead of being scrawny like all of his teammates had given him quite the god complex. Well, you know what they say. “In the land of twinks, the twunk is king.” I probably wouldn’t have minded his insufferable personality as much if he at least had something to back that cocky attitude up. But all he had was the faintest outline of some abs and congratulated himself on being the greatest sportsmen in the universe. With the football team having been inexplicably reduced to short and boney in the last few months I suppose the bar of entry to jockdom had been lowered significantly. It had been in the showers following training, Victor had continued his usual bragging about the cock we could all clearly see to be just a hair above average, when I had decided I’d have to get rid of this twerp or bash my brains in. Luckily for me, being the descendant of a long line of witches, I could get rid of people rather easily. But as I slowly turned through my book of curses I was finding it rather difficult to pick one to use on lil’ Vic. “Force someone to see their worst nightmare whenever they turn off the lights.” No. “Make someone feel like their blood is boiling for three days and nights.” Nope. “Let spiders crawl through their mouth whenever they come close to falling asleep.” God no. I didn’t want to the guy to end up in mental institution, I just wanted to not have to deal with Victor’s unnecessary boasting, was that so much to ask? Entirely on it’s the own the occult leatherbound handbook turned it’s scribbled pages, text flying by in a rapid pace. Finally the magical page turning ended on a curse I hadn’t seen before, the text glowing a faint red before the book calmed down again. I read the dark black letters and didn’t even consider it at first. It was a body transmutation curse, and a vague one at that. “Force the body of the cursed to grow and swell with size.” That could mean so many things. My witching aunts had warned me about mysterious vague spells, they had knack of only making things worse. I turned the page, only to find the fifth curse that afternoon that involved bringing back dead loved ones to haunt the living. Maybe making Victor ‘grow and swell’ wasn’t all that bad of an idea? If he got enough of a growth spurt coach Biggs would probably pull him over to a sport he would be more qualified for. There’s a reason you don’t often see big soccer players, size tends to just drag you down. This wasn’t too bad of an idea I reasoned, Victor would have some fun, and he’d be quickly placed somewhere better suited for his growing body. I didn’t need some big revenge, I was just tired of dealing with his bullshit. The Lacrosse team was still a player short, Victor would fit right into their show-offish attitude. It was a simple incantation, didn’t even have to offer up any pig or goat blood, just a small load of cum. After channeling the powers of the dark realms I made myself a nice cup of tea, anxious to see what the curse would end up doing. Victor however, didn’t show up to our next soccer practice. Or the one after that. Or the one after that. For days we didn’t hear a single thing from the prick. Though I was glad to be rid of irritatingly boastful crow, I couldn’t shake the thought of my mind that the curse might have unfolded rather badly. Maybe it had just swollen up his feet and made it impossible for him to move around. When dealing with demonic forces and curses one can’t worry enough. My fears were put to rest when my teammates excitedly announced Victor was back. Well, they were put to rest until I caught sight of what the curse had done to him. I wonder why they even classified it as a curse in the first place, considering the absolute stallion of a man it had transformed Victor into. “Hey twerps! Your god is back!” Victor said, the arms draping next to his body bulged and swelled with his every move as he swaggered over to the flabbergasted soccer team. Muscles stacked over muscles rippled, his red tank top pulled tightly over his pec wall. The lower row of his abs was now on full display, his new height of 6’6 making him too large in every direction for the feeble garment. Loud meaty slapping noises could be heard with his every step, perfectly in sync with the outline of a truly gargantuan soft cock moving left and right in a small set of shorts. “Had a bit of an unexplained growth spurt as you can see. Shouldn’t change much between us guys, I had always been the best thing on this excrement of a team.” Victor flashed a handsome cocky grin. For some reason I thought I’d see confident that grin often from now on, very often. “Anyways, my body swelling with size had me preoccupied for a few days. Fuck it was horny, feeling pure power course through my body. Couldn’t leave my room for days. I’m glad I have such a cocksucker of a roommate, having someone to shoot my buckets of loads into made it somewhat easier.” Loud ripping noises could be heard as Victor’s feet slowly pushed themselves out of their size 18 shoes. “Shit, well, guess I’m not done growing. Doesn’t matter anyways, got all this shit for free, the guy owning the store came four times simply watching me change into all this.” I had the growing suspicion that giving an already cocky guy the body of a literal sex god might have pushed his inflated ego out of orbit. “Well, anyways, I’ve had a little chat with Coach Biggs and it doesn’t seem like I’m not gonna be your teammate anymore, too big to be a soccer player…” Disappointing gasps went through the team, they undoubtedly already imagined what it’d be like showering with the humongous man. I was just glad my plan had worked. Victor could go be a cocky asshole anywhere else, I might have accidentally created a bulging and throbbing divine creature in the process, but I had rid me life of hi- “...Instead, I’m gonna be your new coach! Isn’t that great? You all get to trace my muscles with your eyes as I grow bigger and bigger and I show you what men are supposed to be. Oh, and you get to learn how to be less shit at soccer, I guess.” I felt my mouth go dry. I’d have to look at this perfect piece of meat nearly every day of my college career. “Well then twerps, let’s get started.” Training from Victor was an… Experience. It mostly involved him calling out exercises that were impossible for us to do. Ten laps under two minutes, Two-Hundred Push ups, filling an entire 1st place soccer cup with one load of your cum. After we would fail he’d show how easy the exercise was for him to do. I’m not entirely sure how we were supposed to improve from any of it. Watching his oversized body swell even bigger with each exercise was nice though. I was beat by the end of the ‘training’ and the entire team limped back to locker room. Victor told us not to shower, and instead let the world bathe in our manly musk. Most of us just smelled salty and gross, he was of course the only one with a nice testosterone filled air around him. I grabbed for my clean clothes in my bag, accidentally lifting out the small leather bound spell book in the process. I looked at it for a second, ready to throw it back in when I suddenly felt a strong muscular hand take it out my hands. I turned around, bumping into Victor’s massive pec shelf in the process. He had the curse journal open in his hand, and going by his shocked expression I could tell at which page the book had decided to open. “You did this?” Victor asked in disbelief, excitedly waving up and down his body. “I... Uh… Didn’t anticipate these effects…” I tried mumbling. He gave me rough noogie, the powerful arm nearly pushing me into the ground. “Course you didn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted this hunky body on me right?” Victor pondered his own words for a moment and then cleanly ripped containing the curse the page out of the book. I tried fighting the vandal, but it was no use, he easily kept me at bay with one arm while shoved the page into his own bag. “Sorry man, I think I can handle there only being one incarnation of Hercules on campus at a time. Gotta make sure you don’t create any more studs. You can have the rest of this shit back though, don’t need spells to terrify my enemies.” He threw the book of witchcraft back into my lap. Striding out of the locker room, he looked ready for his new life as a hunk. As I looked at the black letters spelling out ‘CURSES.’ on the front cover I think I understood why the spell transforming Victor into a stud was classified as a curse. Because although it had provided Victor with the still growing body of a god, it had made my life significantly worse. Screwing with someone’s happiness, that’s what curses do, isn’t it?
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    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Aw poor Trev. I do feel a bit sorry for him, but considering his earlier behaviour and his current jealousy I think he can go endure a little more before his own growth kicks off, if it kicks off at all Edit: Is he gonna loose his girlfriend too after losing Seth? Brooke and Trev made for such a fun couple, poor guy.
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    George and Aaron: A Love Story (Chapter 6)

    Had been hungrily waiting for more, absolutely excellent 😋
  9. Revenge of the Nerds - The Swim Team “Uh, so, newbies, gonna do any training today?” Lewis, swim team captain, nervously asked, looking determinedly at his own shuffling feet. He didn’t want to grow hard in front of these sunbathing hunks, and that was very hard not to do so while looking at the anodises lying around the pool. One of the new swim team members looked up at the unimpressive captain and then went back to enjoying the sun. “Sorry man, training seems like such a bother… Why don’t come enjoy the summer afternoon with us instead?” Lewis heard himself swallow, his mind immediately thinking about how great it would be to lie down next to their heat emanating bodies. Maybe the ripped guys would even let him massage their bulging and sweaty muscles.... Shit, the thought had made Lewis hard, regardless off his earlier attempts to avoid arousal. He sighed, giving a serious speech was much harder to do when your dick was clearly erect in your swimming trunks. At least he wasn’t packing like these new swim team members, Lewis’s puny erection was a lot less visible. When the female swim team had trained at the same time the newbies had stretched their speedos to their absolute max with their oversized erect babymakers. Luckily the female swim team now trained at different times, those orgies in the showers were getting hard to clean up. “Focus Lewis, c’mon. They may be perfect specimens of male masculinity, but you’re still their captain.” The much smaller man muttered to himself. Lewis took another deep breath and tried again. “Well, guys, you have been skipping training for nearly two months now, only showing up to sit in the sun. If you guys aren’t going to be training I might have to take back those magical speedos…” Those last few words immediately got their attention. Lewis flinched a bit looking at their angry stares. “Well, taking back the enchanted speedos might be taking it a bit far, but, uh…” Lewis took a step back. “You guys get my point right?” The captain took another step back, and another. “You guys need to train those muscula---” “That’s enough Lewis.” One of them growled, his muscles sparkling almost as much as the demanding glister in his eyes. “We don’t need to train, and you know it.” The swimmer flexed his bicep, it wasn’t an enormous ball of power, instead it was a dense oval shape, filled with size, veins ran across the pumped muscle regardless. “It’s just… Uhm… I think you guys could really benefit from some more training?” Lewis tried with a final shot. “We’re gonna crush the competition as it is. Just admit you like the way our bodies move in the water man.” One of the studs said, while throwing a smile a that managed to be both sympathetic and cocky. “Besides, we all know by now you threatening to take back the magical swimwear is an empty threat, it’d never fit any of the rest of the team.” “What are you guys talking about, it’s not like any of your waists have gotten wider?” Lewis said, tracing the incredible V shape at the bottom of their abs leading to their perky butts. “Our hips aren’t the thing stretching out these things…” The biggest of the group of newbies said, slowly lifting up his package into the sunlight, the outline of eight inches and wrist thick soft cock fully visible. Seeing the soft meat slowly pulse in its clothing prison, it was too much for Lewis, he felt a warm spot of semen form in his own trunks, the few drops perfectly visible on his black shorts. Laughter quickly followed by the group of hunks as they went back to their sunbathing, forgetting about annoying Lewis as soon as they closed their eyes and took in the sun. Lewis felt his cheeks burn scarlet, he still had the rest of the team to train. He had a spare of swimming wear in the small office by the side of the pool. As he rushed to the clean garment he couldn’t help but let regret mostly fill his mind. Regret he hadn’t been able to keep his dick under control, but also regret for giving the scrawny newbies the then ordinary seeming speedos when they had joined the team. How was he supposed to know the four speedos, given to him by coach Biggs, were infused with magical powers that would make its wearer grow and swell with size? Lewis was pretty sure the scrawny guys originally just joined to boost their already good academic scores, now they were just a part of the team to show of their growing bodies. Lewis was sure the grooves in their abs were deeper each subsequent week. The swim team captain closed the door of his small office behind him, thankful for the privacy it provided. To his surprise he saw a small package stand on the small office table. ‘LEWIS’ was written on it, in rough squiggling lines. He opened it, the big box only containing a single item, a red speedo. Lewis shrugged, he couldn’t remember ordering it for the team, but it came in handy anyways. He put it on, surprised by how perfectly it fit him. Lewis had the strange, indescribable feeling of confidence somehow flooding his system. He only noticed ‘TEAM CAPTAIN’ was written in big black bold letter on the waistband now that he had it on. Even more perfect. He was just about to throw out the big box when a caught sight of a small piece of paper on the very bottom, containing a short message. “Heard you had some problems keeping the new big members of the team in check. This should help. Love, Coach Biggs.” Lewis read out loud. As he looked at himself in the small mirror hanging in his office, noticing how his muscles seemed just a tad bigger and more pronounced, he felt like this was just the thing he needed to keep the newbies in line.
  10. Revenge of the Nerds - The Wrestling Team Roy, strong and muscular, tightly clad in nothing but a singlet stood strongly pressed against Evan’s small and scrawny body. “Now, don’t fuck with me, I asked you a question. Do you have the stuff? It’s yes or no, simple, really.” Roy’s deep and commanding voice sneered. Evan stuttered, biting on his tongue while trying to form words in his mouth. “I don’t have all day, twerp, what will it be.” Roy gave an intimidating flex to his bicep, summoning an even more scared and lustful expression from Evan. Evan, deeply stressed finally managed to make a reply. “N-no. But-t-t…” Evan felt the wrestling trained body of Roy loom over him even more, the jock looking at him like he was ready to smash the nerd into pulp. Roy’s threatening demeanor only increased. “Sorry bud, you promised me another dose of B1G. I upheld my end of the deal, I hope you jerked your little dick off to my nudes, but if you can’t deliver I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson or two about what happens to those who lie and cheat to the alpha’s of this world.” Effortlessly Roy grabbed Evan by the collar and dangled him in the air. “My match against the state champion is in ten minutes. I haven’t seen him yet but from what I heard he is a monster. I need that growth serum. I don’t care how, get it for me, or else hell will be a more attractive escape than what I’ll drag you through.” Roy dropped Evan back to the floor, giving one last demeaning look at the twerp before walking out of the locker room they had been ‘chatting’ in. If Roy had looked back he would have seen Evan sit with the most sinister grin plastered on his face. But Roy didn’t look back, because, truthfully, he was scared shitless at the moment. It was easy to intimidate nerds and hide his terrified feelings but a pit formed in his stomach when he thought about his upcoming wrestling match. His road to the state championships had been easy. Mostly because of the earlier doses of ‘B1G’ Evan had provided, which had pushed his ordinary jockish college wrestling build into tightly stretching his singlet with muscle. But this final match against an unknown opponent, with rumours of a true goliath being the the undisputed champion… The last thing Roy wanted was going back to losing matches, especially after getting his first taste of dominating everything and everyone with sheer size. Roy swaggered over to some cheerleaders, wasting the time till his final match by flexing his muscles. He liked bragging about his previous victories, it put his mind off his worries. And girls clearly liked hearing about him smacking down other inferior guys effortlessly, going by their longing stares and their tender touches of Roy’s round biceps. He loved doing double bicep poses for them, making them feel all the power coursing through his skin. And of course there were there longing stares to the other thing besides his pecs stretching out the front of his singlet, the meaty sausage forming quite the bulge, even when he was soft. B1G made you larger than most men, everywhere. “Sorry girls, I’ve got a championship to win.” Roy said after handing out his Instagram. He gave one last cocky smile before strutting off to the mat. The attention had been calming. “I’ve probably been too caught up in my own head.” Roy thought to himself. He flexed his muscles, reaffirming they were still there. He was big. The talks of some unknown giant being the current champion probably were just over exaggerations. Yeah, that was it. He was gonna have to smash the nerdy Evan for not providing him godhood in time, but he’d manage. Would be a shame to reduce the guy’s cute and dorky face to pulp but... Cute? Had he just thought of a guy as cute? Roy rubbed his head, those hot cheerleaders were probably still on his mind. He looked around for Evan but couldn't see the pathetic looking twink anywhere. He’d really have to win without another dose of B1G. “Now, for the final match of the day. Please give a hard applause for the challenger of the state champion title: Roy Chauby!” Roy’s confidence was further sparked by the loud applause that followed. He winked at ladies from earlier watching from a distant, their aroused giggles and scarlet cheeks fueling his ego even more. What had he ever worried about, there was nothing that could stop him. “...And now, our state champion. Axel Connally!” Roy’s blood stopped. He recognised that name. That was Evan’s brother, he had gone to the same college before suddenly dropping out a few months back. The guy was a runt, how could he possibly have taken the title of state wrestling champion? As Roy heard the loud thudding footsteps of the champion as he made his way to the front Roy got a terrifying suspicion on how he could have gotten big fast enough to snatch a wrestling title in just a few months. Evan did say he got access to the wondrous growth inducing serum that was B1G through family. Axel arrived on the mat and Roy could see why the audience had been gasping while the champion had worked his way forward. He was massive. Gargantuan even. He only had the lower part of his singlet on, his thickly muscular upper body on full display. It looked like a granite rock of muscle, carved out and shaped by Michelangelo himself. Actual rocks seem to make up the abs of this stud, with the deep canyon in between and all. Roy hears himself audibly swallow seeing the behemoth wrestler. “Sorry Connally, but we need you to be properly dressed.” One of the referee’s apologetically mumbled. Axel did his best impression of a surprised face before slowly pulling up the straps of his wrestling singlet, the entire audience was clearly displeased the giant had to cover up his chest. “Don’t worry, my pecs will spill out anyway!” Axel boomed loudly, he didn’t lie, his muscular globes jutting out of the barely concealing singlet. Roy thought the man standing opposite of him was big enough to lift a truck. How the fuck was he supposed to do any of his wrestling moves on a guy two times his size? Roy probably didn’t realise that was how all his opponents had felt when he had easily obliterated them on his way to the championships. Axel gave a friendly pre-game handshake. He easily pulled Roy towards him holding him tightly in place with his enormous biceps.. “Hey Roy, long time no see.” Axel softly whispered. Axel pulled out a small green vail, the smaller man immediately recognised it as another dose of B1G. Roy had never seen so much pooled together, he himself had only used a few drips to get his somewhat out of shape jock body into prime form. Roy wondered how much one could grow from a full vial of the stuff. He tried grabbing for it, but Axel easily held it of reach before putting it on his lips and downing it’s whole contents in one go. “Should have bought a bigger singlet.” Axel mused. “Don’t worry though, I intend in toying with you for quite a while. I could win three seconds after the match starts, but where’d be the fun in that? No, you’re gonna feel how my every muscle is growing while they trap you.” Axel let Roy go out of the handshake, giving a big innocent smile to the audience. Safely hiding among that audience was Evan, who was going to immensely enjoy the upcoming match. His brother probably was looking forward to beating Roy into the ground too, going by the horse sized bulge that was now forming in his singlet. And Roy himself was probably going to enjoy it too, going by spot of pre his eight inch cock was making. B1G’s sexual orientation altering side effect had probably finally kicked in for Roy. Evan smiled, he had to give it to his brother, this had indeed been a great plan. First you give the jocks a small taste of power with a tiny dose of B1G, you make sure they’re strong enough to end up in the state wide championships, and then you crush all their dreams by providing an opponent so huge they’ll never get above second place. Defeat was even more sour if you had a nip of sweet victory before. Now that they had done a test run with Roy, it was time to give to do it for the whole wrestling team. Crushing the dreams of a whole wrestling team at once would be even more fun.
  11. Revenge of the Nerds - The Lacrosse Team (Note: This is the first part in a small anthology series I wrote. The other parts will be over the upcoming week.) Football training had been horrible. It had been weight training today and Eric had been forced to adjust his lifting to lighter weights for the third time that week. Eric thought his performance during training had been terrible for months now, he just didn’t seem to be able to supply the same effort he had been able to last year. Ever since that new coach had arrived the entire teams performance had just… Dipped. The locker room was quiet as the football team changed. A few months back it would have been filled with excited screaming and jovial laughter, but with everyone's disappointing results during the lifting session it was just silent, the entire team trying to figure out what could possibly lead to them all losing size and skill despite their hardest efforts. “Maybe it’s the new coach?” One of Eric’s teammates meekly suggested while looking at the flab that was now covering up his once ripped set of abs. Eric didn’t even get to argue why that wasn’t the case because the living pieces proof that it wasn’t the coach strutted into the locker room. It was the lacrosse team, and Eric could have sworn they looked bigger than the last time he saw them. They also trained with Coach Biggs, and unlike the football team they were looking and doing great. They were looking really great Eric thought to himself while he adjusted his package, trying not to notice how even his cock felt smaller than before. Eric remembered a time where the lacrosse team had been too intimidated to be in the locker room with football jocks at the same time. The old coach rightfully focused all his attention on the proper American sport of football, the lacrosse team had been filled with all the puny rejects who were too small and fragile for the football team. It was just easier to deal with all the wimps if they stayed out of everyone’s way and were all pooled together. Eric had to admit the runts had made for easy targets too after the football team was pumped up after their training. The football team understood little of Lacrosse, but because the only guys they knew who were playing it were a bunch of wimpy nerds they just assumed the sport was made for inferior men. And they had made sure to tell the lacrosse guys so while the latter softly discussed the meaning behind Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber in the locker room. Not that there was any more of that now. No, quite the opposite. It was the football team that had to move out of their way in the college halls to make way for the wide lats of the lacrosse team. Anyone not moving quick enough would bump into their massive outhanging pecs. Coach Biggs, in the short time he had trained them, had done wonders transforming the lacrosse team from a disheveled group of nerds into a tight team of hunks. They were still talking about things like the latest marvel movie, but now did so loudly while they put on their training clothes. Eric started hungrily at the tight shirts they peeled off their bodies, and grew even more aroused when he saw the tight jockstraps barely containing their equally big manhoods. Most of the football team quickly got out of the locker room when the new alpha’s arrived. They newly huge nerds had been docile so far but the former jocks weren’t waiting till the lacrosse team finally realised they were much bigger than the out of shape looking football team and unleashed their wrath. Eric on the other hand went through the last parts of his changing excruciatingly slowly. He wanted to take every chance he could get to ogle the ripped men while they were shirtless. The cocky smiles they had plastered on their face while they flexed their still cold muscles in the locker room mirror reminded Eric of the times he had compared their twig like arms to his own bulging bicep. The bulging bicep that currently seemed to grow smaller by the day. “Lacrosse team! Be out of the locker room in two, otherwise you guys are doing a thousand extra push ups.” Coach Biggs roared from the other side of the door. The big and hunky men quickly walked out into the gym. One of them stayed behind, softly mumbling something and motioning to Eric when his teammates asked for an explanation. Eric went pale, fear suddenly spreading through his tired body. He looked around, he was the last one left in the locker room besides this behemoth. “Relax, relax. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You’re Eric right?” The lacrosse hunk asked. Eric nodded, unsure what the big guy was up to. The former football star could see the hunk grin, clearly seeing his former tormenter reduced to this brought great joy to the man. “It’s just, well, we’re with nine on the team now, still one short for joining competitions. We thought you might wanna join us at the lacrosse team?” Eric felt his mouth go dry, that wasn’t the question he had been expecting. He’d love to join and get an opportunity to ogle these man in the showers after training each day, but… “I, uh, might be a bit too small now to join you guys.” The hunk shrugged. “Coach Biggs could give you some extra… ‘Attention’, and fix that. He sure boosted our muscles up. Got any other objections?” The stallion of a man said while extending his hand for a shake. Eric was so close to shaking that hand and joining the team. But he couldn’t. Even now that he had diminished and lost so much size, he still couldn’t step over his pride. He rapidly pulled his arm back, like the sexy man that was offering a handshake was the devil himself. “I can’t. Lacrosse is a sport for wimps. For nerds. For men who aren’t worthy of playing football. A sport of pathetic runts.” Eric had given the same speech once before, but his words just sounded hollow in his nascally voice now. He looked up, fearing he had unleashed anger but the hunk’s handsome face was as calm it always was. With the self satisfied smirk that was creeping over his lantern jaw, it almost looked like that was the exact reply he had been expecting. “Alright then, suit yourself.” The excellent specimen of masculinity said. He swaggered away, opening the locker room door so that the sounds of iron on iron filled the changing room. The loud grunts emanating from the gym were deafening while one of the lacrosse team members loudly discussed the new ‘Avengers’ trailer with coach Biggs, comparing Chris Evans’ beardless look to a twink he had shoved his pulsing rod into. The hunk halted for a moment. “You sure you don’t wanna join us?” He tried a final time. Eric violently shook no. “Okay, just be sure your reduced size isn’t the thing holding you back from joining the lacrosse team, something tells me you and your football teammates might get even smaller while we work to be the strongest team in the nation.” And with that, the lacrosse stud walked out. Shutting the door tightly behind him.
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    Justin's question - final part now added

    Love stories where the now smaller men learn to love their place. Awesome job!
  13. I'll add my voice to the chorus then and say I dig into these the moment I see the notification you've updated. The MG is hot on itself, but I'm invested enough in these characters that the smoking hot scenes you write isn't the only thing that keeps making me come back for more
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    Self consciousness, depression and weightlifting

    I'm not sure if that's recommendable. Human biology is complex and complicated, and muscle building can't really be traced back to just testosterone, there are a variety of factors at work there and testosterone is just one of them. It's an indication, sure, but it would also be easy to just point at that number and feel even worse. If you eat well, and aren't suffering from anything, 99% chance your testosterone levels are healthy enough for your body. Getting caught up in averages and feeling worse because your number of abribratry male sex hormones is lower than someone elses seems like a worse outcome than the small amount of gratification you'd get if you found out your testosteron levels are normal. It's not worth the hassle, IMO, and could only lead to more problems. As for how you should go about tackling those issue's, it's hard to say. I know it's easy to say "Well, just focus on yourself and don't think about other's too much." and it can be difficult to follow up on that, but I still think it's the best advice here. Setting results that can be achievable for you, and learning to appreciate what you do achieve is an important first step. If your coach is being impatient with you, remember that he should only be there to help and challenge you, if you find him to be demoralising, you could think about seeking out another personal trainer who can better see the goals you have in mind. Also consider talking to someone about those issue's. Internet forums can't replace face to face validation, and I certainly don't have an idea what I'm talking about when discussing human psychology. Males seeking out therapists for body image related reasons is less uncommon then you'd think. I hope you can find some peace in 2019.
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    The Apology.

    The Apology. “Ah shit, sorry bro.” “I know how much effort you put into cleaning those floors, I made a bit of a... Mess.” The smell of cum of is thick in the air. An unknown titan of muscle stands the rays of moonlight, his feet planted in one of the pools of sperm littering the floor. The hunk raises an eyebrow at my flabbergasted look, before planting one of his big pawing mittens on his face. “Shit, gotta apologize again, I must’ve scared the shit out of you. It’s not every day you have a stallion standing in your living room, you probably don’t even recognise me.” Slowly I back away from the mountain of muscle, unsure if the police would even be able to remove the intruder. “Haha, fuck man, you really don’t recognise me, huh? It’s me, bro, Davey, your roomie.” My expression of shock apparently spoke for itself. This sexy, muscular, beauty of a man didn’t look in the slightest like my flabby nerdy roommate. He needed to provide some proof. “You’re favourite colour is blue. You brush your teeth three times a day…. And you’ve been dating a girl named Jessica for two weeks, you’ve confided in me you’re not too sure about your performance in bed.” It really was Davey, I hadn’t told that last thing to anyone but him. I barely even go to ask how my formerly puny runt roommate had turned turned into a sex god before Davey took charge of the conversation again. “Hey man, mind grabbing me that blue training suit over there? It used to be so baggy, but right now it’s the only thing that might fit.” I wonder why he doesn’t just grab his stuff himself, but I find something about his deep baritone voice… Compelling. Guess Davey is still lazy, even in this new bulging body. I throw him his clothes, his thankful smile pleasing me in a way I can’t describe. It feels good pleasing the big hulking man. “Right, so about how I got this big… I think I owe you a third apology this evening.” My roomie unsurely scratches behind his ears. “You know those magic growth promising pills you ordered, from Hunkify or something, to better please Jessica? Well, they came in last night, and, uh, I might have tested a few…” I feel my mouth go dry as I watch my new stud of a roommate struggle himself into the previously roomy blue training jacket. He doesn’t even bother with underwear, his soft cock forming an obvious wrist thick third leg in his trousers. “Might have accidentally eaten up the whole tub… Fuck man, once you start, there is no stopping until you look like an alpha fuckin’ hunk.” I’d like to scream and shout at my adonis like roommate for eating up all the pills I had payed a quite a sum for, equal to years of college tuition. But I soon found out all the sound has left my throat and was admiring just how great Davey looked in that jacket, his biceps slowly pushing against the seams. Instead my mouth is just barely able to utter one mundane and dull question, where Davey was off too, getting dressed up and all. “Glad you asked! You know I’ve been feeling each of these huge swelling muscles all night, slowly jerking my ten inches of cock and painting the room in my cum. I think it’s time I really gave this body a test drive. You know, plow my way through some chicks…” Davey strokes his hands over his hard body again, reinforcing just how real his muscles are. “Well, you did order these pills to finally get a body worthy of Jessica’s hot ass. Maybe I should pay her and her bouncing tits a visit first, you know, put these pills to their intended use of finally giving her an orgasm.” I want to protest, but the new alpha cuts me right off. “No back talking, little man. Us big guys just have these urges you know. We gotta pleased. And the only thing that can please us is big full bouncing tits while fuck our women into cloud nine, and get out muscles worshipped by their tongues…” Davey looks around the dirty room with dissatisfaction. “You better have this place cleaned by the time I get back. Those pools of cum might get into the wood otherwise, and I might want to bring Jessica back here for some more fucking, you do have that big bed…” “Hey, don’t look at me like that. It’s not like she’s gonna end your relationship, she was in it for the money anyways. Just man up already and accept she’s gonna be seeking more qualified men for her needs.” “Anyways, I’m off, gonna take care of my own urges. And that’s nothing to apologize for.”
  16. AdonisObsessed

    A New Kind of Baseball

    A New Kind of Baseball It was a filled stadium for the first national championships of BaseBalls. Most likely because nearly the entire audience thought they were watching the final tense competition in the Baseball world cup, and hadn’t realized the S at the end of BaseBalls wasn’t a typo, and instead indicated an entirely different game. They should have realized they were in the wrong stadium when they walked past the refreshments area really, but everyone had dismissed the cum themed smoothies as a funny novelty. “Ladies and gentlemen, unbuckle your trousers, and give a warm applause for the home team: The Boston Big Cocks.” The stadium looked on in awe as twenty-five large and muscular men strutted on shirtlessly over the field. Even from the highest and furthest seats there ripped and manly bodies were apparent. The tight striations and rippling size shimmered in the sunlight, the deep grooves and peaks that made up their abdomen in full display. Tall and packed full with muscle, these men showed up in the dictionary next to the word ‘manliness’. “And put your hands together for their stark opposition: The Toronto Blue Gays” Opposition couldn’t have been a more applicable word. For the twenty-five men that that jogged into the field looked like the exact opposites of their manly counterparts. Instead of the square muscular edges, there were soft round curves on their bodies, their ass bubbling out of their uniforms and looked to be the only thing trained and honed on their body. Thin and close to the ground, no one would have mistaken them for sportsmen. But then again, BaseBalls did require a certain kind of body. “Opening our match is Matt, swinging around his dangerous bat while Ron is gonna be running bases. Patrick is going to be pitching this match it seems, a bold choice considering his unproven nature.” The men in question walked up to their positions on the field. Most would question why the batter wasn’t also the one running basses had it not been that they had become infatuated with Matt’s rippling body. Collective moans and gasps went through the stadium seeing the tight set of lycra shorts pulled over Matt’s tree like quads, his calves shimmering brighter than their diamond shaped likeness. He stood there, towering over Patrick, smiling cockily for all to see. “Cocks out!” The referee’s voice shouted across the field, his voice almost unnaturally deep and far-reaching for such a puny man. Acting like it was the most normal thing in the world the two hunky players currently on the field grabbed around in their crotch for a minute before heaving out their rock hard and pre leaking cocks. It was clear why Matt was the one batting, his oversized foot long cock was thick enough to be a baseball bat on its own. Not to detract from Ron magnificent own tool, but it was hard to beat over twelve inches of dripping and veined up cock. The small army of twinks that littered the field looked hungrily at Ron’s tool. Patrick just looked with determination at the giant of a man standing in front of him. The stadium collectively held their breath. They knew little of this sex focused game, but they knew enough that the pitcher probably opened it. And open it he did. Like a suction cup Patrick attached himself to Matt’s throbbing member. His small hands feverishly grabbed for hold on in one of the ridges of Matt’s divine body. Patrick worked the steel like shaft with an incredible expertise, Mat shook almost instantly with pleasure. Ron started running the bases like his life depended on it. The field team started making their move, circling the running big man and lunging onto his body. Soon the runner had one twink on top his magnificently muscled body, and then two, and three, and four…. All playfully toying around with one of his muscles, licking up the sweat pooling up in his pits and pecs. Soon Ron had a twink who’s bubble butt had pressed itself on top his rock hard member, Ron’s every move drowning him in pleasure. Both Matt and Ron had to fight the oncoming orgasm with all the willpower they had in their hunky body’s. Both the game and their continued life in masculine godhood depended on them fighting off the urge. Perhaps if they hadn’t wanted to open with a home run they could have made it work, but alas. Matt buckled. Ron had been halfway across the field when he suddenly heard the loud moaning and grunting coming out of Matt’s perfect chest. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!!” Matt screamed out while his balls turned and the orgasm took over. Patrick smiled gleefully, satisfied with his work. Cum shot in thick ropes of across Patrick’s face who licked most of the salty mixture up. Matt’s faced changed from its handsome, self-satisfied, post orgasmic expression to one of pure horror when it set in what he had just done. “What a turn of events, veteran Matt losing to a newby in the first round. Unheard of.” From his panting it sounded like the announcer had just done some cumming of his own. “Well folks, we all know what's next for BaseBalls players who can't stop themselves from cumming.” Matt looked around anxiously while he soaked the grass and himself in the cum still spewing from his cannon. Ron quickly threw the twinks still attached to him on the ground, he was on the edge of an orgasm as well, and didn't want to have the same humiliating experience Matt was about to go through. The referee gave a short whistle to indicate the fault. It'd effects were immediate. The cum flowing out of Matt intensified as he lost all control over his body. Patrick put his lips over the out of control spunk faucet, swallowing down all the thick cum effortlessly. But cum wasn't the only thing leaving Matt’s body. Much like a balloon, Matt, stars BaseBalls player, was deflating. His impressive muscles flattened. His eight pack smoothed out to a soft tummy, his pecs looking more like fat male tits. Handsome features made way for soft edges and thick, cock sucking lips. Bones creaked as he grew closer and closer to the ground. Matt’s cum spewing horse cock was the last thing discerning him from the army of twinks that littered the field. But even that slowly drained and disappeared, till he was nothing but a sorry excuse of a man shivering with the last remnants of pleasure as Patrick drained his 2 inches of cock and pea sized balls for the last drops of the sweet nectar. “Oh I love the next part.” The sounds of his stroking clearly audible on the announcer's mic. Patrick slammed his cum filled belly with enthusiasm, it jiggled, and then bounced back, looking a little less round than it had done a minute ago. Soon stretching could be heard as the puny looking’ Patrick stretched and grew. Where once had been nothing but fat and flab, now the round defined curves of muscle started emerging. Patrick went for a double bicep pose. It looked kind of ridiculous at first, but soon real biceps popped out. And it wasn't before long that the flex showed off how much every muscle on his body had to fight for space. “GOD YES. MORE. MORE! MORE!!” Patrick roared. He got his wish, in mere moments the stud grew into a full-blooded hunk. Could have easily been a part of the Boston Big Cocks with how big he was. But he wasn't done growing. Patrick wouldn't be done growing till he was standing over seven feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds in pure ripped muscle. A true mountain of a man. Matt jealousy bit his lips. He tried summoning his most sportsmanlike behavior and meekly smiled while handing over his team's uniform to his competitor. Of course the new giant couldn't continue playing for the twink filled team. He was a divine muscular man now, a member of the Boston Big Cock's. Likely their new team captain with all that size on him. Patrick tried pushing his legs into the tight lycra uniform, but to no avail. Hie legs were too thick, his cock too massive. The uniform was too small. He just shrugged his impossibly wide lats and gave up on clothing all together. Instead, he just plopped down next to his new teammates. All cheerfully welcoming the big nude hunk. “We’ve never had an athlete be able to down that much cum, and wow, would you look at those effects! Patrick is looking like the biggest BaseBalls player around. That chest is looking mighty fine and way past fifty inches, and that cock… Damn, that might just be pushing the fourteen inches.” Matt meanwhile looked disgusted while he put on Patrick’s old uniform. It was drenched in cum. He sighed. You win some, you lose some. That was so great about BaseBalls, you could always make a comeback to godhood. “What an opening match y'all! To imagine we still have so many hours of this to go! I've been asked by the caterers to remind you we still have fresh batches of Matt’s cum for sale, doesn't look like he's gonna be shooting any of those fountains he's so known for in porns anytime soon.” Slurping noises could be heard as the announcer himself worked through one of these smoothies. “Doesn't come with any of the magical growing powers, but damn if it doesn't taste good…” “Oh and before I forget. You can take the fun home with your own BaseBalls starter kit. Comes packaged with enough magic for three full games. Muscle draining fun for the whole family.” Going by the loud noise of people grabbing their wallets sweeping through the stadium it seems quite a few wanted to try out this new kind of baseball with their friends.
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    Working Late

    Working Late I was still feverishly scrubbing the kitchen floor while I heard recogniseable loud thudding footsteps come down the dorm hall. There was only one person on campus who could make walls shake that much by simply swaggering down a corridor. I bit my lips in worry, I had procrastinated doing my chores again, the big burling man that was about to bust in wasn’t going to like that. “Afternoon pup!” My entire body wavered for a moment, his booming voice always made me weak. He walked into the small dorm provided kitchenette, I grew hard seeing him stand there in an instant. His body was hard and rigid with muscle, he stood tall and filled with power. His muscles defined but carrying the weight of a powerlifter rather than a model. He looked bigger than anyone else in their early twenties I could imagine. Not that anyone would ever estimate him to be in his twenties. His face was gruff and greyly balding, stretchmarks plastered all over his bulging muscles. No, he looked like someone in their forties or fifties, except more stacked with visible muscle than could be possible at that age. He was my roommate, Chase, and the man wearing the pants in our college blossomed relationship. Well, for the moment he wasn’t wearing any pants, he had discarded those somewhere in the hall. Instead he bulged out of his sweat and pre drenched jock, his wife beater being the only separation between the warm air and those fluffy pecs and abs of his. I barely even got a chance to reply to his greeting when I noticed brusque look of disappointment his face had taken on. Shit. “Mikey, we talked about this, you gotta finish your chores on time man.” Although his voice was still harsh and commanding it got the soft mellowing tone of someone who had been let down. Like a father talking down to his son. Chase sat down in in the our old armchair, his thick and muscular digits tapping on it with dismay, his veins popping out of his still tight skin. “Let me guess, you spent the entire day watching me ‘work’ again?” I felt my turn a deep scarlet in embarrassment, I had been caught in the act, again. “You were working till so late…” I started to whine. The disapproving clack his tongue made shut me up right away. “Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, we talked about this. You get to have the real deal walk around you almost all the time, there is no need to waste your time watching those Chaturbate streams, those are just my job, just to pay the bills.” Chase was right, as he almost always was, but I couldn’t follow his advice regardless. As soon as his big muscular and mature body walked out of the door I opened up his streams, seeing him flex and show off all that aged beef of his, and watched the hundred dollar donations flow by in chat tempting the massive man to take off his jock and edge his oversized cum cannon for hours. Chase had a very lucrative job, even if the long hours had forced the sophomore to ditch classes, stroking his massive log for hours had been more lucrative than following an education. After I had been promoted from mere housemate to his personal maid and ditched classes as well I thought we would be kicked out of our dorm, but I guess security was too scared to take on the beast of a man. “So, you aren’t done cleaning, but did you at least get to the laundry?” I felt my cheeks burn an even deeper scarlet. “Mikey, pup, I’ve been wearing the same jock for days. You know how much I leak, this thing is practically drench in my cum.” Chase leaned back into his armchair, rubbing his temple while deep in thought. Luckily I knew how to cheer him up after disappointing the big manly man. Carefully I removed the straining jock, his huge manhood plopping out thankful for the space. It had to be eight inches while completely soft. It would look freakish on anyone else, but Chase had the huge muscle size to make it work. I let jumbo sized cock be for a moment and focused on the stretched out jockstrap instead. Gleefully I dug into the few days supply cum drenching the garment, savouring his raw and salty taste. Chase let out a deep laugh in approval. “C’mon Mikey, I’ll give you some fresh from the tap.” He rose to his full height and easily tossed me over his wider shoulders while waltzing over to our small bedroom. I let my boyish face rest against the deep interplay of muscles that made up his back for a moment, looking at the bald back of his head. To think how scared Chase had been when the first side effects had showed up from those muscle boosting pills he had been testing for one of the college profs. “I’m going bald! I’m aging! I look like I could be my own dad!” I smiled, remembering how my once twinkish roommate had been transformed into the fine ripe hunk he was today. God, to imagine he had just wanted to turn into some adonis. I wouldn’t want him any other way than his current hoary and hairy form. The form that could tenderly hold me and then plow me like there was no tomorrow. The form that made me do his chores but always thanked me for the work I did. The form that could outlift all those ‘hunky’ guys at the gym, and rubbed their feeble masculine pride in their face in the showers. Chase threw me on the bed, my bubble butt bouncing up and down happily. “Fuck me.” I moaned, bathing in his musk having shut down all but my most primal urges. Chase growled. “Fuck me, sir.” I haphazardly corrected.
  18. AdonisObsessed

    Remaining Unnoticed. 

    Remaining Unnoticed. Slowly I feel a familiar heat spread through my body, my muscles bouncing and twitching involuntarily under their tight lair of clothing. Not here, please not here. Just a few more minutes and I would be home, where I had privacy in spades. I’m familiar enough with the sensation however to know that once it starts, there’s no going back. I look around anxiously, I had enough unwanted attention as it is. Prying eyes tracing the bulging muscles making up my tall and adonis like figure. I’m not even sure why I still went with the subway nowadays, the potent beef that made up my calves could carry me faster than any train could. Old habits die hard I suppose, and this new masculine body craved this kind of staring attention as much as gym time. The hot and burning feeling intensified in my chest. I regretted doing an extra chest work on what was supposed to be a core day now, my pecs were already pumped and hard with the workout, I was terrified what the heat was gonna to the straining and globe like muscles. I felt a pit turn in my stomach. Well, it was too late for regrets now. My breathing slowed as the burning pain made way way for soft sensual pleasure. My knees buckle as I widen my stance. It feels good having some air between my legs and the meat dangling down there. Feeling good faded into feeling really good, my muscles cascading, the worries of being seen not even in the back of my mind as I let euphoric ecstasy wash over me. Pure power and exhilaration pumps through my veins, and I notice the first signs of the transformation. My biceps feel pumped, like I had just worked them out. I’d done no such thing but the pleasant glow and swollness is there regardless. I firmly grab one of the poles placed around the subway for support. I look on in awe at the massive arm that is holding the metal pole. My massive arm. It’s peaks are stretching further and further, each muscle becoming more pronounced. As I feel the growth slow down in my biceps I casually roll up the sleeves, and look in awe at the raw power on display. Fuck, they looked a solid inch bigger than when I had measured them just a week ago, I normally never grew this much from a single growth spurt. Instead of the exhilaration and euphoria fading now that growth did it’s job I felt it’s pleasant buzz persist. Slowly I could feel it move on to my impressive chest. Feeling your pecs grow and swell is unlike any experience describable. Once the sinews making up those globes grow past a certain size, and you always feel your pecs hanging out of you, being dragged to the earth, the mere idea of them growing can be erotic. Let alone standing and actively feeling them being pushed bigger and bigger. The hardon I had down a leg of my pants grew hard as steel feeling the pump and size of the swelling muscle. Slowly I could hear the rattling noise of the zipper of my sweater being unzipped. The muscular rack making up my chest, growing more and more impressive by the second, would no longer be contained. As I felt the cold soft breeze on my chest, my nipples growing plump and solid, I remember I wasn’t wearing a shirt under my sweater. Well I had been, but after my workout in the gym I had been forced to sacrifice it as cum rag to shoot my load into. “Hey! You you there!” I heard a voice say coming from somewhere in the back of the train. I woke up from my euphoria, I snapped back my arm from the steel pole it had been holding, only just now noticing the deep imprint my massive paws had made. I hoped nobody had seen my muscles swell and ripple with power. The subway screechingly slowed down to halt and I quickly get off. It was a few stops early, but I’d already drawn an awful lot of attention to myself, and the persistent pleasant warmth promised more growth to come, and I wasn’t sure if my shorts would be ready for that. “Hey, you! Meathead! I’m talkin’ to you!” I didn’t look back, I could feel the growth move to my already obtrusive cock, I didn’t want things to get any more obscene. I felt some wimp grab onto one of my colossal arms, he was taking two steps for just one of my big strides. Was I gaining height too, or was he really that puny? “You’re not getting away from me that easily. You’re one of those freaks that is all over the news right? The ones who seem to magically pack on size? What are they calling it, that disease, now? ‘GR0-B1G’ or something? Well, whatever it is called, you're infected with it!" I nod to indicate no, but there probably was little I could say after he’d seen me gain 20 pounds of muscle in a few minutes. Shit, I’d manage to go undiscovered for so long too. “You’re not fooling me! Last I heard the army was paying millions to citizens that handed one of you aberrations over. Got your little freaky growth spurt right on camera.” The paltry and tiny excuse for a man said while waving his phone around triumphantly. Instinctively I grabbed the small device right out of his hand. I consider my options for a second. I had always been a law abiding citizen, but sometimes you gotta put your own safety first. I can’t help but feel a little intoxicated with my own strength as I crush his small phone in a matter of seconds. Wasn’t planning on being some lab rat for the army, especially now that I had this body to play around with. As I leave the puny runt to mourn the loss of his phone I wonder why I always worry so much about being discovered. If I could crush it, it wouldn’t talk. Advantages of being a behemoth. And as I hear the ripping noises of my cock fighting against its clothing prison I wonder how much growing is still to come.
  19. AdonisObsessed


    Overcompetitive Jason had to admit he’d passed having a swimmers build. As he looked at the engorged and hard muscles swiftly carrying his body through the water, he had maybe overshot the lithe and smooth body of a swimmer by a mile or two. Not that his results were suffering, Jason was hardly putting in any effort and yet continued to be ahead enough of his competition that he could safely contemplate the predicament that was his hunky body. If Jason fully made use of the 240 pounds of muscle he now had at his disposal he might cause enough waves to leave his competition spinning. He didn’t need to win the nationals by such a margin, that’d only attract attention. Might even inspire someone to look into Jason’s previous records and discover the previously average swimmer had somehow managed to get pecs bigger than some full time bodybuilders in less than a month. And Jason didn’t need extra eyes investigating how he had somehow managed to grow a solid foot in height while already being in college. “Woohoo! Go Jason!” He just smiled hearing all the cheering. There used to be barely any attention for the swimming team. Changed once the cheerleaders found out a hunk bigger than their rugby honed boyfriends was clad in nothing but an overstuffed speedo and beating all the competition however. Jason let himself be guided by the cheering for a moment, speeding up ever so slightly to show off his muscular prowess for his fans. He’d had to slow down again once he noticed he had gained 20 meters over his nearest competition. Damn this powerful body, Jason thought, can’t even use it to its full potential. Jason knew it was his own fault really, he’d gotten… Carried away once he started using those instant muscle providing pills from Hunkify. But who could blame him, and who would have guessed his overcompetitive nature would force him to use those pills to win games till he had ended up competing against the best college swimmers of the nation. All these twinks claiming their small bodies had the best hydrodynamic qualities apparently didn’t know that having biceps the size of footballs was a much easier road to success. Winning was easy really, once you had so much strength over all these other twerps. The bulging muscles even made up for the decidedly unhydrodynamic swollen package Jason had dangling between his legs. Jason barely even registered he had just crossed the finish line till loud clapping and cheering erupted from all around the pool. 30 Laps flow by if you’re having fun he supposed. He looked at the clock, still a couple of dozen seconds remaining from breaking 15 minutes, he was he hadn’t broken the world record by accident again. Jason pulled himself out of the pool, his water cascading and running off his thick muscular body. He loved the look of people had on their face when they were confronted with his outhanging pecs. The combined look of lust and jealousy was his favourite. “Jason! Congratulations on your win! What’s next now that you’re the best college swimmer in the nation?” Jason had to think for a moment. He’d love to be challenged again, to be able to push his body to its limits. Clearly swimming wasn’t gonna provide that. He scratched his head, his arms revealing the thick interconnected sinews that made up their impressive muscles. “Uh… I’ll guess I’ll try competing in something different? Weightlifting maybe?” He wondered out loud. The small group of journalist eagerly scribbled his answer down. “Are you planning on taking up the offer to join the olympic team?” “Any comments on your supposed substance abuse?” “Is there any relation between you and that unknown wrestler that has been dominating the nationals for the last few weeks?” “Is is true you injured an teammate while shoving your gargantuan cock down their throat?” Jason waved with his hands. “No more questions.” Jason headed for the showers, he normally enjoyed the running water after a good tiring swim but his muscles barely felt pumped with the record breaking effort. He was just about to to head to the changing rooms when he felt the soft bubbly butt of one of his competitors press into his meaty and overflowing speedo. Jason finally realised that those softly curved hydrodynamic bodies might be good for something yet. As he patiently pulled down his last remaining garment he realised he still had the relay title to conquer. He’d have to be careful while shoving the eighth wonder of the world up this guys ass, he’d have to be nice and pristine when Jason would use some pills to size him up to be a suitable relay partner. And hey, if Jason had covered all swimming titles, his earlier thoughts about competing in lifting or bodybuilder shows seemed attractive. He’d just have to be careful and not let his over competitive nature again. That’d be easy, right? Who knew how big he’d grow if he tried being the best in either of those categories...
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    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Love this part, it's beginning to blur the lines between Seth purposefully making Trevor feel small and do it in little subliminal unintentional ways. The alpha being taken down a notch is always great. Curious to see in which direction this goes, I do hope Trevor get's that growth spurt, but Seth and Trevor seem obsessed enough with their physiques that they wouldn't be happy being even a quarter inch shorter than each other
  21. AdonisObsessed

    The Baseball Star

    The Baseball Star Lianna squealed in delight once she saw her boyfriend Blake strut onto the baseball field. Even from the far distance away on the bleachers she could make out how tightly the team uniform was stretched over his powerfully muscled body. His baseball cap was pulled backwards atop his handsome face. Lianna was sure there was no other college baseball player that matched his immense muscle mass. She loved coming to his trainings, watching his vigorous body swiftly move around, those big biceps cascading when he hit a home run. And, Blake always rewarded her with that fresh post training musk while she used her tender hands to massage the big burging muscles. But, as she tracked the massive man taking his position on the field, baseball bat in hand and down a leg of his trousers, she couldn’t help but feel like something was off. Lianna thought it was great having a muscular behemoth for a boyfriend, but it was all a little too… ... Perfect. The loud clapping noise of her facepalming her makeup stuffed face was masked under the noise of one of Blake’s lesser teammates playfully slapping one of Blake’s bulging ass cheeks. Normally Lianna would be jealous someone else got to play with her mans ass, but at the moment all she could think about was the amount of shit she was in if her new suspicions were true. Blake was way too perfect, too muscular and sexy contrasted to the rest of the comparatively pathetic looking baseball team. She was sure she had done it again. Lianna quickly made her way down the bleacher stairs, her nice and perky tits jiggling wildly while she stormed up to her study boyfriend. Grabbing him by one of his muscular and bulging arms she dragged him away while he was in the middle of telling the story about how he had managed to make Lianna cum seven times in one hour. “Babe, what's up?” Blake's thundering voice boomed loudly. He was a bit annoyed he didn't even get to tell the part about how he smothered Lianna's face into his crotch and how the soft pulse in the gigantic yet soft meaty package had shoved her over the edge for the first time that evening. “It's…. Uhmm… Hmm…” The normally always confident Lianna always lost her tongue in front of her hunky boyfriend. The way the deep valley between his pecs was visible even in his uniform and ensured all the moisture in her mouth relocated too… Other places. God was Blake perfect, she really needed to get this over and done with. “So, you know that I'm like, a witch right?” Blake's discovery of her arcane heritage had come just a month earlier when he had noticed some magical force had prevented his cock from leaving Lianna's body during one of their daily fuck sessions. Blake was rather chill about discovering his girlfriend had a connection to mystical powers, he thought it was pretty cool that he had finally found a girl who could fully handle masculine body during intense his fucking. That she used magic to make his cock easier to handle hardly mattered. Blake nodded, rearranging his growing and swelling package now that he had a good view of his girls nice rack again. “Well, sometimes, my magic sort of manifests without me knowing about it.” Blake looked at her with glossed eyes. “You know my wimpy creepy neighbor right? He picked up weightlifting a few years back to put some meat on those bones of his. I was supportive, apparead on his body, and soon he did look bigger. I kept up the compliments, and he kept on growing, soon his formerly wimpy form seemed like a more and more distant memory. And then my memories of him being wimpy really grew hazy. “Puny, my neighbor? No, he'd always been a stallion.” I'd say. My memories and reality itself had been altered by my unintended magic.” “Wake up call came when I was working his gargantuan cock shaft one morning, reduced to nothing but a milk maid for his unending lustful meat. I had just been running through his ripped 8-pack when I thought: ‘Hmm, my neighbor really is the complete package isn't he. Almost too complete, too perfect, almost like the stuff of my fantasies come to life.’ From there I made the connection to my magic real quick. So I gave a quick snap with my fingers to undo any magic present in the room, and what do you know, the 10 inches of cock I had been draining suddenly reduce themselves to barely 4. The ripped abdominal made way for a pudgy belly, and his deep approving grunts replaced by the whimpers of a virgin. I was back to reality, the hunky version of my neighbor only existing in my head again.” Blake looked like he had been barely listening, instead he had been rather preoccupied with own swelling and heaving muscles. “So, uh, where do I come in to play.” Lianna gave an exasperated sigh. “Blake. Honey. Stud. You're the biggest man on campus and you haven't set foot in a gym. All you do in your free time is fuck me and play a sport you are way too big for. You're a star that doesn't follow any of nature's rules.” Lianna threw her hands around wildly. “I don't even wanna know how much magic must have seeped out of me for it to create and man this irresistible. The amount required to alter reality this badly…” “I've just got good genes…” Blake tried, but Lianna wasn't having any of it. “Zip it, hunk” She looked at the baseball star for what she assumed was the last time. God he really was impossible sexy. That incredible V leading from his wide pecs shelf to his narrow waist… Lianna closed her eyes and snapped her fingers, hopefully undoing the magic and returning Blake to whatever size he was before. Lianna opened her eyes, expecting to be greeted by a wimp, instead, she was looking at the same ungodly studly Blake as before. Actually, that wasn't true, he looked even bigger. “Told ya, no magic necessary, just got good genes.” Lianna was agasp. Her unintended magic hadn't beefed up some wimp by accident, it had slightly shrunk this Hercules to a mere star athlete. She audibly swallowed as she looked at Blake as he pulled out his fourteen inches of cock, looking 4 inches longer than before. She had probably involuntarily shrunk him to make him more manageable. Blake softly stroked his meaty baby maker with one hand, exploring his body which looked even more muscular to Lianna with his other massive mitten. “So babe…” Blake wondered out loud. “If you didn't use your magic to grow me before, does that mean you could you know…” Blake bumped his massive shaft into Lianna's thigh, letting her feel the power pulsing through his cock alone, and knowing full well what the temptation did to Lianna's fair sense of judgment. “....Does that mean you could use your magic to give me a little boost now?”
  22. Don’t Let Your Guard Down Carl’s breathing grew unsteadily as he heard the bed slam against the wall in his roommate’s room, the loud banging noise in sync with the womanly moans and whimpers of the lucky girl that got to be penetrated by his roommate’s big cock. The sound itself was erotic, no bed could put up much resistance to the roommates hunky and muscular body, and was forced to move around during the hour long fuck sessions. So erotic that Carl noticed his own tiny and pathetic looking manhood had jumped up to full attention. He sighed, hoping the erection would die down soon, there was just a few more hours left on the bet. Carl put on his headphones, hoping to dim the lustful sounds coming through the thin wall. “Oh baby you’re just so big.” “Ah fuck- fuck- fuck, slam it back in.” “Jesus. Are those pecs bigger than my tits?” The headphones didn’t help much. Carl was just glad his roommate was staying quiet this time, his deep reverberating bass would have made Carl’s small dick even more erect. And he couldn’t let his guard down, not with the short time left on the wager. Carl let out another deep sigh, unsure why he had made the bet in the first place. To defend the remnants of his masculine pride he supposed. After his roommate had been put on those new hormones by the doc, and had blown up in size, Carl had argued he was still the same scrawny and pathetic guy on the inside, just with a new hunky body. Once a nerd, always a nerd. Carl’s roommate used to not be one to talk back, but he had taken him up on that. Probably all those experimental growth inducing chemicals pumping through his body and affecting the once shy personality. “If I’m really still a runt, you probably aren’t all that attracted to all this, right.” His roommate had said, carelessly pointing at all the big peaks his new muscles were making in his shirt. “If you can keep that tiny dick of yours from cumming to this big, sexy, muscula- oh I mean nerdy, body, I’ll believe you.” And now here Carl was, a week later, still in the race. It had gotten pretty close a few times. When he had watched his roommate try out his new weightset, those new muscles pumping themselves with the effort, veins spreading over bulging biceps, that had gotten him really close to just shooting his load. The same went for the time Carl had watched his roommates massive shaft being worked by some twink through a small opening in the door. But Carl had been able to keep his dick under control for all that time, and he wasn’t planning on slipping up now. He’d heard his roommate fuck enough that the sound only turned him extremely on, instead of the near orgasmic experience it had been when Carl had first heard his stallion like roommate bring woman buckets pleasure. It might seem silly, working yourself up for a bet with nothing to win or lose, but Carl knew he had much to relinquish if he lost. His roommate would the definitively be the alpha between them, and never see him as an equal again. And that would be a greater loss than any bet based on monetary gain. Carl was thankful when he heard the loud womanly softly fade away. Maybe his roommate’s libido had been satisfied early for a change. Going by the soft wails and cries, the bimbo he’d taken home this time wasn’t taking kindly to only cumming three times. “Don’t worry babe, I’ll just ask my roomie if he’s got some.” Carl heard the deep rumble of his roommate mumble. Hearing the deep thuds in his hallway, Carl realised his roommate was heading to his room. Swiftly Carl clicked away all the tabs open with sexy pics taken from his roommates instagram. Carl felt his boner return with a vengeance when his roommate walked in. His roommate's body glistened with that post sex sweat. His roommate just stood in the doorframe for a moment, his red sleeveless shirt pulled tightly over the big body. Carl saw his roommate speaking to him, but didn’t bother translating the sound coming out of his roommates tight lips to words. Carl was too obsessed with the canyons and valleys that made up his roommates triceps and biceps. “...Brah?” You there? Earth to Carl?” Carl was pulled away from worshipping the incredible hunk with his eyes and brought back to reality. “Right, sorry, come again?” His voice sounding nasally and weak compared to his roommates deep bass. “I asked if you got any condoms left, I’m out.” Carl shuffled through his drawers for a moment, hoping his roommate wouldn’t notice all the the stretched out and stained jocks Carl had ‘borrowed’ from him and kept in his drawers. Triumphantly Carl handed his roomate one of the larger sized rubbers Carl kept around his room for the big dick top from Grindr. “These won’t fit.” His roommate said rather dryly. Carl raised his eyebrow, these were Magnum XXL’s. His roommate spotted his disbelief. “Here, I’ll show you.” Carl barely got a chance to protest before his roommate pulled out his meaty member, still looking damp. Carl had to bite his lips and curl his toes to keep himself from shooting his load right away. Carl’s roommate gave his prick a little wiggle, blood rushing in and quickly growing to it to its full size. With an awful lot of expertise for someone who had only been a male sex god for a week he ripped the packaging open and pulled the raincoat over his pre-leaking member. It stayed put for just a second before a small pulse and a twitch shredded the condom to a thousand pieces. “See? Too small.” Carl didn’t even get a chance to reply, the display, the footlong cock, it was all too much for him, he could no longer hold it back. Carl gave a small moan while a small spot of semen appeared at the front of his pants. He’d lost, just a few hours before the deadline of the bet too… His roommate just gave a clack of his tongue, and walked out, he’d have to look elsewhere for a condom. Before he left Carl too bathe in shame he gave one final look back. “You know, if you could have gone the entire week without shooting your load in front of me, I’d given you a dose of the same godhood providing elixir I am on. But now… Well, you know what they say, once a pathetic wimp, always a pathetic wimp.”
  23. AdonisObsessed

    1.8.2019 (Jackoff Tuesdays: Maskurbate)

    Very hot selection Having some trouble opening some of them though, getting the error 'hqq.tv refused to connect.' Is that my ad blocker messing with the video?
  24. AdonisObsessed

    Business and Pleasure

    Business and Pleasure As Alan inspected himself in the mirror he had a hard time convincing himself he was getting the better half of the deal. Alan traced the flat and smooth surface of his belly while looking at his reflection. It was beginning to look a bit flabby. Alan bit his lips, he had lost a little more muscle mass than originally planned. But great things can only be achieved by making great sacrifices, right? Slowly Alan slid into the suit and tie prepared for him. His expression lightened somewhat, the new hand tailored outfit neatly hid some of the more unsavory curves on his body. Alan even let a smile briefly creep over his face, his handsome jaw was still largely intact. Largely. Alan’s smile faded once he heard the loud knocks of his twin brother, Travis, banging on the bathroom door. “Open up twerp!” Alan let out an exasperated sigh, opening the bathroom lock so his twin could waltz in. Alan felt his own tiny dick grow hard as he saw the bodybuilder sized Travis strut up to the mirror. His tree trunk sized legs had to move awkwardly in order to not crush the massive bulge that was barely contained in a filled out set of posers. As Alan looked at brother’s ripped and shredded physique he felt nostalgic for the time he and Travis had been equals. It was barely a few months ago, but the times that Travis didn’t have a squad of girls worship his devine body while he did his workouts in the mansion’s gym already felt like a distant memory to Alan. Alan jealousy watched as Travis started shaving, a thick shadow already having formed between the last shave a few hours ago. Travis’s big biceps flexed involuntarily with the motion, veins spreading and thickening to feed the big swelling muscle. “My muscle.” Alan thought with another pang of jealousy. Alan immediately scolded himself for the thought. A deal was a deal, and he could hardly call himself the CEO of one of the world’s biggest companies if he couldn’t accept the terms of a fair trade. Alan been sober and well when he had signed the agreement. He had given up his college grown muscles for them to be added to already bigger twin, in return, Alan had gotten the knowledge of the economics field his brother had acquired at college. Five years of muscle mass traded for five years of knowledge, it should have been indisputably fair. But each day Alan doubted the fairness of the deal more and more. Travis hadn’t just taken his muscle. His formerly formidable cock had been drained and added to Travis’s body as well. Lot’s of other things too, hair growth, testerone, feet size, all had been taken away and fed to the newly dominating bigger twin. Travis had argued that having two college degrees was much more useful than all these useless qualities that were just there to distract Alan from the company. But Alan missed needing two hands to play with my cock. And he was getting tired of his wimpy reflection. Alan was sure Travis had taken more size than he was supposed to, Alan hadn’t been this shrimpish before college. Alan was just about to ask if maybe they should have written their deal so he could have the matter looked into by one of the companies lawyers when he was distracted by his brother’s immense bulge jumping up and down happily as Travis tried to stuff his thick legs into trousers. “No home workouts and hours of worship today?” Alan said in surprise. His brother hadn’t stopped for a moment getting his immense muscles played with since he stole…. Acquired them. “Nope. Got a job interview.” Travis said, preoccupied with checking how great his massive muscles looked stretching out the suit. “Oh! What position?” Alan asked, privately hoping his brother would finally get into porn so Alan could jerk his puny dick off to images and videos of his brother flexing his weighty muscles. “Your position.” Travis said with a grin. “Shareholders called me, said they’re willing to buy you out and lose billions if that means they get a strong man in charge.” Alan stammered, unsure what to say. “But dad left me the position in his will….” Travis shrugged his wide lats. “The partners want you gone man, they think you’re just some wimpy college boy.” Travis reconsidered for a moment and opened up the last few buttons of his dress shirt again, his square pecs bulging out obscenely. “And they want a man in charge, someone they’d love to watch fuck their wives.” Alan’s expression grew even more dumbfounded. “Their words, not mine. Though all those trophy wives with sad and drooping husbands are probably aching for a real man like me.” Alan finally managed to refind his tongue, nearly biting on it while crying and stammering out something about ‘the deal’ and ‘the agreement’ Travis grew even more absent minded, trying to find an arrangement for his package that looked less lewd. “Don’t work yourself up so much wimp, haven’t said yes yet.” Gears seemed to turn inside Travis’s head as his groped more and more of his mountainous muscle mass through the tightly stretched suit. “In fact, I’ll even decline their offer if you can counter it with a better one. Better offer something big, the partners did promise a pretty big signing bonus.” Alan jumped on the opportunity right away. He wouldn’t allow himself to feel any more emasculated. If he couldn’t even keep the job he literally inherited… Alan doubted he could match the signing bonus or salary Travis was promised however, all of Alan’s bank accounts were maxed out trying to pay for Travis’s lifestyle. The big house, the new weights, the expensive hand tailored clothing, the never ending bills for hand made XXXXL condoms… It added up, even on Alan’s generous income. But he had other things to offer. “You could take a few inches of my height. We’re still both 6’0, you could finally be the taller brother.” Alan pleaded, desperation seeping into his voice. “And there’s still dozens of pounds of good muscle hiding under this fat. 20 pounds extra you could take…” Alan saw his brothers expresion remain unchanged. “30 pounds even, ripe for you to take, fuck, you could probably head straight for Mr. Olympia with 30 extra pounds of pure muscle.” Alan was practically on the floor, begging for his brother to take the deal. “And cock, can’t forget about that. Still have 4 inches left… You can have it all. But please, let me just keep my job” Alan looked up, Travis had grown a wicked smile. “You got yourself a deal, lil’ bro.”
  25. AdonisObsessed

    The Lost Phone

    The Lost Phone I let out a sigh of relief holding my brothers phone in my hand. It had been lost for hours, and he said he’d put a halt to my diet of his thick ropes of cum if I wouldn’t find it for him. I was happy I’d be able to continue to worship his massive babymaker and take the edge of his bull sized balls. I heard his loud grunts coming from upstairs, he was probably having a worshipping session with his harem again. I bit my lips, jealous off the guys and girls who got to worship his massive and globlike pecs while his post workout pump was still fresh. He had told me he didn’t want to be disturbed during these hours where his harem played with his impossibly large muscles. I wasn’t risking barging in, even with something as important as this. I was painfully reminded of the last time I had walked in, wanting to spy while every inch of my brothers skin was licked clean from his workout sweat. He had gotten furious after he had spotted me, the idea that someone as weak and puny as me would be present while he was at his most masculine had enraged my brother enough to cut me off from his doses of nutritious and delicious spunk for a full week. No, I wasn’t making that mistake again. I don’t think I could go another week without seeing my brothers filled 8 pack in front of my face while shoving his massive mahood deep down my throat. I’d just carefully watch the phone till he was done getting his masculine form admired. I might even start with the protein filled dinner I was supposed to be making for him. I was ready to forget about the phone for the next few hours and listen to my brother’s deep earthshake causing grunts while cooking dinner and jerking off when I felt the phone insistently buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out again, his notifications streaming full with a never ending requests to see and touch his ripped and powerful body. In between all the requests for sexual satisfaction I could just barely see all the emails from big companies offering ten thousands of dollars for stretching out one of their clothing garments in a instagram photo. I guess that is how my brother was able to maintain his lifestyle of lifting and fucking. But, seemingly ignoring the constant stream of messages was one notification, unmovable from it’s top spot. I didn’t recognise the app that was sending it. Must have been a virus, with an odd sounding name like ‘Chronivac’ I hesitated for a moment, and then tapped on the app to open it, curiosity guiding me. As soon as the app finished loading I was greeted by a fully nude 3D rendering of my brother’s hunky body. The tagline “Chronivac: Change Everything” was written in big letters on top. Water filled my mouth having a render this clear of each of my brothers filled out muscles right in front of me. I let my eyes dart around the user interface for a moment. Sliders for cock size and muscle mass floated around the hunky body of my brother. The checkbox “Aware Of Changes” had a big check mark inside of it. Feverishly I unchecked it, not wanting my brother to be made aware I had snooped around his phone. I considered playing with the sliders for a moment seeing how large and muscular I could make the 3D model of my already huge brother but I left it for what it was. Instead I looked around what other models the program had installed. Turns out the program was filled with 1:1 recreations of my brothers acquaintances. I recognised some of his fellow alpha’s and friends in the list. I was disappointed most of them were only far above averagely hung instead of carrying around a truly massive manhood like my brother. I recognised the names of some of his worshippers too. One guy my brother consistently used as his personal fleshjack had ‘Former Bully’ written between parentheses after his name. I had a hard time believing someone looking as scawny this apparent bully did as had ever tormented my filled out bro. At the very end of the list my name was written. I opened up the render of my model and it was as pathetic looking as the real me. I sat there for a few minutes, eyeing and soaking in my own puny form in photo realistic detail on the small phone screen when a message popped up. “Chronivac has a list of recommended changes and improvements for ‘LITTLEBRO.STL’ to fix broken power dynamic. Apply?” I let my boney finger hover over ‘Apply’ button for a moment before pressing it. I felt the universe around me go black for just a second before I opened my eyes again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The same hunky stallion and 1:1 recreation of me was staring back from the phone screen. Recommended changes? Fuck that, the model on the phone still looked just as great and muscular as I always had. Some long winded warning message popped up warning me about the dangers of ‘applying changes while the user was still marked as unaware’ I just brushed it aside. Didn’t have the time or concentration to read a text that long. My immense libido was taking over now that I hadn’t emptied out my balls for a solid hour. The thought of some twink worshipping my gargantuan cock really got me going, and I only noticed I had been expressing my sexual frustrations on the phone in my hands when I heard it knack and break. Oops, that was the third phone this months I had broken in the palms of my hands, and this phone wasn’t even mine. I just shrugged my wide lats. My bro had enough funds to buy a newer model, being the cute little hunky instagram model and all. Besides, there wasn’t much he could do if he didn’t like it. Afterall, I’d always been the bigger brother between us.

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