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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments ❤️ Link to part I & II PART 3: Luke was surprised to see his neighbour standing in his garden when he pulled into the driveway. She was a slight, elusive figure that rarely came out of her house. This had always disappointed Luke, who thought her beauty rivaled Macy. He had been thinking of opening lines in his head, trying to think of a way to show he had a sweet personality to go with his plump body when he saw the reason she was standing dazed in his garden, biting her lips. She was staring through the living room window, where she could clearly see his dad repeating the morning ritual that had startled Luke yesterday. Matt, once again lying on the couch playing with his nude body and cock, in the most blatant and obscene manner possible. Luke immediately discarded any plans for pleasant conversation and rushed inside. “Dad?!” Luke said while he shut the front door. “What did I tell you about jerking off in the living room?” All Luke got as a reply was a groan of pleasure from his dad. Luke made his way over to the couch. He glanced out of the window, and could see his neighbour moving down the sidewalk like she hadn’t been staring at Matt stroke his meat for god knows how long. “Dad?” Luke asked, a lilt of insecurity invading his voice while the man lying on the couch remained unresponsive. Luke found himself once again staring at his father’s naked body, and once again couldn’t help but think the man was a little bigger than yesterday. A few more bumps of muscle here. A bit less fat here. And a bit more size, well, everywhere. An indiscernible change to anyone else, but if you had seen your dad naked as often as Luke had, it was hard to ignore. The rhythmic jerking, an urgent yet sensual motion, and the audible pleasure it created was the only indication that Matt was awake. His eyes were closed, as he likely conjuring up hot images of fucking Macy to fuel his session of self worship. Luke felt like at a loss what to do, he couldn’t just leave his dad lying there, exposing himself like that, but if he was intentionally ignoring him… “Dad. Can you go upstairs? Please.” Without any sense of urgency, Matt opened his eyes. And for a brief moment Luke’s dad looked at him with the same cold glare as yesterday evening. A firm glare filled with dominance and contempt for the smaller man. But then it faded, and Matt’s goofy smile appeared. A lingering, foreboding dread remained with Luke however. “Oh. Sorry Lukey, must not have heard you.” He laughed, continuing his jerking unapologetically. Luke felt disgusted again, though he knew with as many times he had walked in on his dad in the middle of some sexual act he should have gotten used to the sight by now. But beside the usual disgust, Luke felt a certain curiosity and intrigue about his dad’s sexual needs. “Do you really need to do that again?” Luke said. It was more of a thought than anything he really wanted to know. His dad just raised his eyebrows, as if to ask, “You don’t?” “I mean, you jerked off yesterday morning, you, uhm, came last evening. Do you really need to let off steam again? Seems excessive.” Matt shrugged his wide shoulders. “A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I’ve needed to empty my balls at least three times a day since I’ve hit puberty, but for some reason I’ve been even more horned up today.” Matt clearly didn’t intend to brag, but to Luke it certainly felt that way. He was lucky if he got horny every other day. What man nearly fifty still had a sex drive that like that? While he watched his dad lying there, his pecs twitching while he continued his slow stroking without a care that his son watched. Luke knew exactly what kind of man would have a sex drive like that. A masculine man. “Doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of last night though.” Matt remembered with a lascivious smile. Luke felt embarrassed as he recalled the previous night’s events, then quickly remembered his confident and completely nude dad was still jerking off in front of the window. “Well, anyway. Good talk dad. You can take your jerking upstairs now.” Luke said while averting his eyes, fearful his dad had noted his lingering gaze. Matt didn’t move a finger. Well, nothing besides the hand that was providing him with self worship of course. “Hmmm, why would I Lukey? I’m obviously comfortable here.” “But the neighbours….” Matt’s eyes suddenly flared up. “Stop being such a little tiny prude.” Matt barked. Luke imeditialy dropped quiet, it felt like a fatherly scolding and he couldn’t free himself of the feeling that he had done something wrong. Matt caught his tongue before he lashed out again. “I’m sorry.” He said rather sheepishly. “I don’t know what came over me. An excess of male hormones I guess. When you’ve been edging for better than an hour you forget you aren’t king of the world. I’m the guest here.” Matt gave his cock a few last thoughtful tugs and then he athletically jumped up from the couch and strolled to the stairs, his legs jutting out just a tad more than yesterday, his masculine butt even firmer. Again, Luke couldn’t lose the thought that every part of his dad just look a tad… Bigger. He had to ask. “Dad. Do you feel bigger?” Matt didn’t bother looking back. “Besides my natural morning pump? No, don’t think so.” Luke was just about to ask what a ‘natural morning pump’ entailed when he was interrupted by Macy letting out a loud yawn. “Morning Matt.” She said standing there in her thin nightshirt with her eyes half closed. Luke still couldn’t shake the thought something was off about his dad’s body. Yesterday he had been the exact same height as Macy’s 5’9 body. But now he seemed just the tiniest bit taller, was he standing on his toes? Macy scanned up and down the erect nude man in front of her as he smiled at her. Without any warning she went for a hug, Matt’s painfully hard dick pressing into her belly. “Had a good night’s rest?” She asked while pressing her bosom into Matt’s body. Matt could only nod, even the sex guru had been left speechless by the sudden lewd display. Macy skipped down the stairs as Matt rushed to the bathroom, wanting to take care of his boner with greater urgency than before. “I can’t believe you just did that.” Luke said, not quite sure yet how to interpret his wife’s actions. Macy shrugged her toned shoulders. “Honestly Luke, we’ve had a threesome, there are no lines left to cross.” Macy pondered for a moment while staring Luke in the eyes. “You’re a bit of a prude sometimes, you know that Luke?” -------------------------- “And then I said: ‘Little lady, I’ve been counseling your pathetic husband for years on how to deal with the anxiety of being upstaged in the bedroom by a superior man, I think he’ll mind if we fucked!’ Oh man, you should have seen the disappointment on her face! I loved it!” Laughter erupted from the table, though the sound was far from genuine. Luke was only laughing out of politeness, wondering if every single story his dad had from his work as a sex guru had to involve cheating, threesomes and other men’s inadequacy. Macy was laughing just a bit too easily and too loudly, staring at the substantially pumped pec cleavage Matt showed off in his shirt following his intense workout, rather than focusing on anything he said. “You must love your job.” Macy whispered with a sense of awe. “I certainly don’t mind getting up the morning, no.” Matt replied with a grin. Luke, nervous that the two were about to exchange flirtatious comments, decided now was the right time to put away the dinner plates. “Dinner was delicious.” Luke mumbled while giving Macy a quick kiss. The display was meant as a way to rebuff his dad and defend his territory. But the limp gesture failed to spark the passion Matt easily stoked in Macy. It didn’t help Luke’s ego that she was staring deep into Matt’s brown eyes during the brief kiss. “Mmmmmm, that steak was great.” Matt said, while swiping away some grease from his thick 5 o’clock shadow with the back of his hand. “You two little lovebirds go upstairs, I’ll take care of the dishes.” Matt said with sly grin. Luke raised his eyebrows. His dad was many things, but willingly doing dishes which he considered women’s work was certainly not normal. Matt scolded Luke, “What? C’mon little guy, don’t you see the twinkle in Macy’s eye? A day of prancing and posing her sexy figure, nearly nude in front of strange men with camera's has gotten her more than a little aroused. Urges like that should always be encouraged son.” He stared directly at Macy, his thick tongue slowly licking the last bit of grease from his full lips. Luke wondered if his dad was aware that the twinkle sparkling in Macy’s eye was entirely directed at him. Maybe Matt wasn’t aware of the passion he stirred in Macy? But really, would a man of his experience not note the longing glances Macy had directed at him since he fucked her to orgasm last night? Luke’s line of thinking was interrupted when Macy grabbed his hand and guided him up the stairs. The carefree whistling coming from the kitchen while Matt scrubbed away on the dishes floated up to the bedroom, so even though he was out of sight Luke couldn’t help but feel like his dad was standing right there with him. In the dark. Matt’s prediction that Macy was lusting for release had been spot on. She quickly discarded her clothes and Luke felt himself bone up right away, seeing the outline of her beautiful figure. “C’mon Babe, hurry up.” Macy said while she slinked toward the head of the bed. Luke obliged, unceremoniously struggling out of his clothes and assuming the position between her long legs that his dad had taken last night. It did not take long for Luke to fall into rhythm, though his thrusting was a little shaky and without clear purpose. This was his usual approach. It also did not take long for Luke to notice his wife looked bored. He had hoped Macy’s inability to cross the threshold of pleasure was like a guy being unable to maintain a firm erection. That it was just in the person’s head, the result of some deep rooted anxiety. He had hoped that once his dad had given her a taste of pleasure it would be easier for Luke to make her cum. The strained and bored expression plastered on Macy face didn’t support that theory. And a more deeply rooted hope within Luke was that whatever had happened to his dad last night that made him bigger, more muscular and leaner would happen to him too, however slight. Looking down across his sagging hairless chest, he remained his flabby old self. Luke panted like an out of shape office worker as he approached the cusp already. This wasn’t gonna work. He pulled out without resistance, catching his breath while he looked at his average dick with disappointment. “What’s wrong babe?” Macy asked, her voice containing real concern. Luke thought about his options for a second as he held his quickly softening penis. He could just say that nothing was wrong and life would move on. He likely wouldn’t ever be able to give her a thrill in the bedroom without sacrificing his dignity to a strap on. In that scenario she’d never ask for a repeat of last night’s adventure, no matter how pleasurable it was for her. She might feel a constant hunger for Matt but in a few days he’d move out and be gone from their lives for god knows how long again. In a sense, she’d always be the small town timid girl, to shy to ask for big presents. Or. Or he could give her the thing she wanted most in the world right now. But he knew that once could be written off as a fluke. But twice? That’s a pattern, a pattern that could continue regardless of how Luke felt about it. He sighed. Luke might like to think he had options, but knew deep down he really didn’t if Macy was ever going to be sexually satisfied and truly happy.. “Mace. I think we should try with my dad again.” -------- Matt had been calmly sitting in the living room, staring into the void of the evening sky when Luke barged in. The way he had been looking into nothingness, unoccupied, his hands behind his head, lounging like a king, it almost appeared as if he had been waiting. “Done already?” Matt said with a teasing tone that bordered on arrogance. “No. It’s just.... Uhmmm.... We thought that…. Well, since we have you here…. We might as well…” Matt just had to raise his eyebrows before Luke got the hint. “Right, I’m rambling. We wanted to ask, since we have you here…” Luke took a deep breath and just blurted out the rest. “....Do you have any tips to show us in the bedroom. You know, as a ‘guru’ or whatever.” Luke felt proud that his apparent prudish mind had been able ask a question so directly. His dad seemed unshaken. “Oh yeah? Hmmm, I guess so.” “Had he been expecting this?” Luke wondered, or was Matt just so casual about sex that even fucking his son’s wife was not out of the ordinary? Luke didn’t have to ponder that for too long, because before he knew it, he was standing in his bedroom again. Only now his dad was not looming over him in his thoughts, but in reality. “Lesson one kiddo, sex is all about the foreplay. You gotta tease your partner.” Matt explained as he looked at Macy. Slowly he lifted his shirt up, revealing his hairy, muscular body then tossing the shirt at Luke’s feet. After dropping his trousers he slowly groped the significant bulge in his grey boxer shorts for a bit, causing Macy’s mouth to water. Luke looked down to his own pudgy body and much, much smaller bulge and wondered how he would ever tease Macy to arousal. Maybe the reviews for his dad’s workshops stating that it contained little actual expertise besides the bragging of a hung stud had a ring of truth to them. After bouncing his heavy pecs up and down, something that made Macy squirm in delight, Matt finally stepped out of his boxers, revealing his soft, heavy manhood. “Lesson two kiddo, start with the female’s mouth and work your way down, gives you plenty of time to bone up before you pound her.” Luke felt that need for time was rather redundant. He couldn’t look at Macy’s naked form for more than a few seconds without getting rock hard. Only someone like his dad, who had slept with hundreds of women, would need to additional stimulation by such a hottie to get hard. With an expertise that Luke was all to familiar with Macy started to enthusiastically exploring Matt’s plump penis with her tongue. It didn’t take long before Matt let out a groan of approval. Besides the intimidating cock her tongue was getting acquainted with, Macy took time to explore each and every part of Matt’s body: his large, heavy balls, the muscles that made up his thick thighs and glutes, the faintly outlined abs, the protruding set of fur covered pecs. Her small hands swept over all of it, feeling the masculine power just beneath his skin. It was clear Macy’s expertise was a little much for even Matt to handle. After Macy carefully traced one of the veins trailing from the root to the tip with her tongue, his cock looked painfully hard and angry. “Lesson three. Take charge when you need to.” Matt growled through clenched teeth. Without any further warning he grabbed Macy by her hair, and shoved the entirety of his big, thick cock down Macy’s throat. She struggled for a moment, emitting some choking noises as the hefty cock filled so much space. Without regard for his prey’s struggle Matt started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, using her throat as if it was his personal plaything. Luke wanted to intervene, to make sure his wife was okay, but then he noticed her expression of utter happiness. She even tried to let out some primal moans, but the big cock drilling down her throat was muffling any and all sound. Any hope that Luke had for his own sexual prowess was destroyed when he saw her underwear getting wetter and wetter. He swore he could smell her arousal. Macy was clearly having a good time. Matt definitely was. Luke wondered how such utter disregard for her pleasure could evoke such a strong response within Macy. He had tried every position he knew she liked and even some she didn’t! But his dad just grabbed her by her hair and shoved his cock in. Why did she not get horny when Luke tried his best, but did do so when Matt barely tried at all? Luke only had to look at his dad’s body again to get his answer. Matt was big, everywhere. Women would love him in bed no matter what he did. He didn’t have to try, every woman would want to be his cum dump. “Fuck yeah.” Matt whispered while pulling his drool covered cock out and shoving it back in. It was at this point that Luke again noticed something odd. Odd perhaps wasn’t the right word, because he had seen the same strange sight once before, when the same two people were banging. With every thrust that Matt made, he inflated with size and masculinity. Like a balloon, pounds just seemed to pack onto his frame like a magic trick. “Now, boy. Lesson five. Or three. Or whatever number we were on. When a woman is already on the edge you show her what real pleasure feels like.” Finally Matt let her head go, and pulled his cock out with a plop, Macy resisting his retreat. Her moving mouth reminded Luke of a fish out of water as her lips reached for that fat prick. “Dad. Something seems really wrong with you. You… Grew. Just now.” ------------------ Matt ignored Luke, as he was too consumed with how fucking great it felt to be himself to listen to the latest nonsense coming out of Luke’s mouth. Fuck, Matt had to admit he felt even better than usual, some unknown energy fueling him, making him feel even bigger than he already was. Shit, even my cock looks bigger than normal, Matt thought to himself. Matt took the same position he had yesterday evening between Macy’s spread legs, granting his glorious battering ram prime access to her wet pussy. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Luke timidly crawl up to the position he had been in yesterday, though Macy’s mouth eagerly opening to service the thinnish member pointed toward her face. She couldn’t get enough, even if Luke’s painfully average dick was a downgrade from the beefstick that had just been stretching her jaw. Haphazardly Matt pulled a rubber over his cock, failing to notice how much tighter the thing felt on him while he lustingly stared at all the curves making up Macy’s body. Even though she now had her husband’s dick in her mouth, all Macy could stare at was the man standing between her legs with an athlete’s stance radiating testosterone. With the raincoat in place, Matt firmly pushed into her as she moaned and started pounding away. With each thrust Matt felt an intense burning sensation in his chest. He had felt it yesterday and again today when he fucked her mouth. He assumed it was just the feeling of satisfaction you got from finally getting the piece of tail you’ve been lusting after for years. Matt was not accustomed to women who didn’t beg for it. That’s why Macy’s teasing flirtation had enticed him for so long. Thrust. He chuckled as Macy’s eyes rolled back. Softly he heard Luke’s nagging voice, begging for attention, but Matt couldn’t be bothered to lift his focus from fucking his son’s beautiful wife. At first he had respected Luke’s claim to the girl. But that was when Luke himself had still been a stud. A stud worthy of the young goddess. But for the past few years Luke’s claim had weakened as had his body…. Thrust. A loud moan traveled out of Macy’s lips as Matt held her in place. For the past few years he had considered Macy free game. But despite the palpable attraction between them, she kept true to her wedding vows. Exclusive commitment was understandable and respectable, but Matt thought it was so… Boring. Thrust. Macy mewed like a kitten eliciting a sneer on Matt’s thick lips. Matt had realised that the one thing holding their exclusivity together was their inexperience. Macy stayed with Luke because she simply didn’t know any better. An ‘accidental’ bump at Christmas with Matt’s thick cock must have been an eye opener for her. Thrust. Matt could feel Macy’s whole body tremble with pleasure and he laughed. Out from the mist of thoughts and sex Matt heard Luke’s whining voice again. The big man didn’t feel bad for ignoring it. Despite the fact he was getting his dick sucked, Luke was but a spectator now, watching as his dad easily pleasured his wife. Matt didn’t really mean for that ‘accidental’ nude encounter to dry-up Macy’s pleasure. He had just wanted to show her the world outside of her husband existed, and it was much brighter than she imagined. How could he have known that simply seeing an actual man for the first time in years would ruin Luke's flabby attempts at sex. Thrust. Macy’s pupils were dilated and her eyes were filled with tears as Matt stared directly into them. Of course, it had brought him great joy that he she had chosen him to not only open up this world, but guide her through it as well. Guide her to pleasure she’d never get from fat, lazy Luke, who was content to pursue the pleasure of a donut rather than that of a nubile woman. Thrust The heat in Matt’s chest reached a boiling point and suddenly he became aware a fog had been covering his mind, twisting his perceptions. Those thoughts that had been shooting through his mind felt strangely alien now, like they hadn’t been his own. Matt agreed with them, to an extent. He had always hungered after Macy like she was a delicious meal. But the nude encounter had been accidental, right? I mean, of course he knew exactly what time Macy went for a shower each morning, and he just so happened to forget his clothes… Matt realised what alien entity had been depositing these thoughts in his mind. It was his own deep subconscious, a confession of his guilt. Matt glared through the haze of sex and lust covering the room and finally made eye contact with Luke. The alien voice of his subconscious told Matt of Luke’s real place. The place of any man who was less muscular and less well endowed than him. The place of a man who allows another to fuck his wife. The voice urged him to be dominating. To be more just, to not let politeness inform his actions toward the inferior men walking the globe. Matt resisted. He wasn’t ready to submit to such a cruel way of looking at the world. But then a couple memories flashed through his mind. His son commenting on how he looked bigger. His son lustfully looking over his own father’s naked body. His son watching his father’s larger cock as he stroked it in the living room. Then he remembered the deep powerful sensation whenever he was inside Macy, stretching her open. Matt finally made the connection. Confidently, Matt raised his right arm into a bulging bicep flex. He smirked as his inferior and jealous son looked with glassy eyes at the globe of power. The powerful stench of intense fucking filled the air. And then he could see what his subconscious had been trying to tell him. His biceps slowly inflating with power. Growing bigger and bigger. He didn’t really care how it was happening. Or why. He just loved that it was. The effect slowed as Matt’s dominant humping tapered off. He could usually have gone for hours boning a hot woman like Macy but with his realization found himself incredibly close to an orgasm. Macy gave him a sated smile, clearly content with how many times she had come over the last hour. As she should have been. Matt stared at his arm again, which now looked so much tighter and more muscular than before. Exclaiming ‘Brawn!’ at an very audible volume. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad snarled between heavy breaths. Luke whined as his body gave a weak convulsion and dribbled a few drops of cum onto the bed. Matt joined his enthusiasm, albeit much more triumphantly. He pulled out, quickly ripping of the condom, which was drenched in his pre and her copious emissions. Macy laid there, a vision of contentment and satisfaction smiling gratefully. It was the last kick he needed before the best orgasm he had ever had hit him. He roared. Ropes and ropes of thick cum shot out of his cock at record breaking speeds coating Macy in his seed. There seemed for a moment no end to his pleasure or the contents of his balls. But eventually, after what felt like forever, even his titanic bliss tapered off. But not before he had created a nice thick stain of spunk all over Macy’s chest. Matt had to catch his breath after that epic fuckfest before he could go back to making snarky remarks to Luke. “And that son….” he paused, his new, bigger chest rising and falling as he found his new dominant footing, “....is how a real man fucks your wife.” Matt gloated looking Luke directly in the eye with a smug grin and a full body stretch, displaying his large endowment and far superior physique to his out of shape and modestly hung son. Fully nude he strutted out the door, his softening penis slapping loudly between his thighs with a sound that oozed manliness. It didn’t even register to Matt that he was a few inches closer to the top of the doorframe, or that his width had equally increased. Luke, however, took note. For some reason, as Matt walked down the stairs he couldn’t help but sing a little song. It was the first one that came to mind, one he had heard in the gym earlier today. “Ain’t her fault she’s out there getting loose.” He sang with a whistle. “Gotta blame it on her juice.”
  2. As a Dutch guy, and someone who fits into the 'nation of giants' stereotype that floats around, I sure hope whatever caused this switch wouldn't switch around our tallest average height with a less vertically gifted nation
  3. Preamble: Here's the first two parts of a new series I've been working on. A big thank you to @rolling24, who besides commissioning the following multi-part series and inspiring me with idea's, also made ton of spelling corrections and other improvements. Cheers! Dad, The Homewrecker. PART 1: Despite our best efforts, some places on our globe remain shrouded in mystery, tempting us from afar with intrigue. Like, for example, the bedroom of a failing marriage. ----------- “Dad….” Luke called out meekly, intense pleasure shooting through every fiber of his body. Fuck. It was hard to focus while Macy was giving you a blowjob. Images of the bedroom formed a whirlwind in his mind. But his dad remained the one point of clarity, visible through the mist. While Macy was giving her husband a blowjob, Luke’s father was stretching open her pussy with great expertise. She was thankful her husband’s penis didn’t take up as much space as the equipment his dad packed, making it a lot easier to let out moans of pleasure. “Dad.” Luke tried again, his voice now rising above the involuntary crescendo of moans from Macy and the brutish grunts from his dad. His dad still didn’t seem to have heard him. Maybe the ecstasy clearly etched on his face while he fucked his latest conquest completely dominated his mind. Luke focused on his dad’s body again. The effect was unmistakable this time. He had to tell him. Through the smoke of bodily odors and sex he tried making eye contact with his father. He could see his brown eyes shining as their gazes met, on opposite sides of the same woman, his wife. His dad just pulled a smirk, cockily raising his right arm into a bicep flex. Of course, Luke didn’t need to tell him. He had probably figured it at himself at this point. Luke was mesmerized by the bicep flex, you could see it most clearly there. With the sound of his dad’s heavy balls slapping against Macy’s body as background noise, both men watched the already flexed peak slowly rise higher and higher, inches of brawn magically flowing into the muscle by the minute. The effect slowed as Luke’s Dad’s dominant humping tapered off. Son and father made eye contact again. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad said in between heavy breaths with a confident grin. Luke came. ----------- 48 HOURS EARLIER. “I’m a bad little cop. I can’t help but ogle all the hot secretaries, and I like toying with the bad girls I arrest.” A small uncomfortable silence lingered before the reply. “No, this is not it.” There was a little rummaging in the box of props. “Your scores are terrible, you only look at my bulge in class, but if show me your tits I might give you a passing grade…” This time the answer came much more quickly. “Nope, doesn’t do it either.” More rummaging in the box of props. “Girls like you shouldn’t mess with guys like me. We both know we won’t be able to cage our... Desires.” The replier hesitated for a moment, gently avoiding a hurtful comment. “I’m sorry Luke, I don’t think this is gonna work for me.” Luke seemed disappointed by the response, and he shoved his set of role-play props in the closet. Macy stood up from the bed and put her bra and underwear back on, dissatisfaction with the night’s results evident on her face. “Did I at least spark something in you?” He asked, while the couple was on opposite sides of the room, getting ready for another sexless night. Macy asked herself if the image of her chubby husband hanging over her, playing various roles, saying the corniest lines with the worst acting had ignited any arousal. “No,” she replied. Luke’s cheeks went scarlet. He had been so sure role-play would be the answer. He jumped into the bed and quickly covered himself up with the blanket, his belly jiggling wildly in the process. Luke stared at his wife while she prepared for bed. He knew most men would kill to have a wife as good-looking. She was voluptuous and beautiful, with an hourglass figure few women could emulate. A few years back they had been the resident power couple on their college campus, both of them sexy and virile. Him strong, muscular and wide, her curvy and enchanting. Now one of them was slacking, and it wasn’t the woman who looked like she hadn’t aged a day since college. It was the man who couldn’t resist a donut each morning, who ate through an entire tub of ice cream while waiting for his wife to get back from her modeling gig, who hadn’t set a foot into a gym since his days on the football team. “We can just try regular sex.” Luke proposed with an eager tone, desperate to please his wife. Macy gently smiled while she looked at her soft husband in bed. He tried his best, there was no denying that. “We already did so last night. I know about your stamina.” Macy quickly kissed him on the forehead. “Honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal, most women go without an orgasm for years.” “We’ll give it another whirl soon then, yeah?” He saw the unused strap on his wife had bought still protruding from the box of earlier discarded role-play props. The sight made him slightly uneasy. “What other option do we have?” she asked, while stepping into bed. And then the doorbell rang. -------------------------------- Luke opened the front door, ready to tell the idiot who thought it was a good idea to ring doorbells after midnight to go to hell. But the big shadow in the cold night air wasn’t just your regular old idiot. “Dad?” Luke called out in disbelief. He almost couldn’t believe the man standing in front of his porch was his old man, he hadn’t heard from him in months. “Lukey! Kiddo. Sorry to drop in on you like this at… 8pm? But...” “It’s 1:30AM.” “Right! 1:30. Just got back from a business trip from Hawaii. This gorgeous gay couple I was counseling was having difficulty finding the male G-spot so I---” “Look, my evening hasn’t been great. I’d appreciate it if you could just get to the point.” Luke said, with a face that confirmed he was pretty tired of his dad’s endless tales of the sex therapy he provided. “Riiiight... So, you know the girl I was dating?” Luke nodded, unsure what his father’s love life had to do with his sudden reappearance. “Welllll. She kicked me out. Turns out I hadn’t told her we were in a polyamorous relationship. Crazy how that happens. Anyways, I just need a spot to rest my head for a few days until I get an apartment.” Luke just raised an eyebrow in reply, hoping his dad wasn’t asking what he thought he was asking. “... I was hoping that spot could be here? I’ll sleep on the couch. Or on the floor. All the nearby motels are full, I’m kinda out of options.” Luke sighed in exasperation. He turned his head and stared at the starry night sky for a moment. Luke couldn’t look his dad in the eyes while he thought. He had to make a rational decision. Luke rather wouldn’t have dealt with his dad for another moment if he had any option, but he was family…. “Sure. Fine. Whatever. Come on in.” Luke said with a shrug, like the decision had been entirely out of his hands. There probably was some truth to that. Men like Luke don’t say no to men like his dad. As his dad stepped out of the night black and into the warm lighting of the house, part of the reason Luke preferred not to talk with his dad became obvious. Because where Luke was all soft and flabby with a thick layer of fat, any vestige of his college football body long past, his dad continued to have a body that radiated masculine energy to some extent. He hadn’t given in to his every whim as Luke had and it clearly showed. Matt looked good for a man his age. He had maintained his quarterback build from thirty years ago with a strict gym regimen. Even though he had a good layer of chunk covering him it was clear he still muscular and handsome. His dad couldn’t be faulted the unfortunate difference between them, but Luke always blamed him a bit for having to reside in his more muscular shadow. At least the few inches of height Luke had on his pops gave him a few coat hangers to hang his masculine pride on to. He couldn’t help but long for the college days when he dwarfed his dad with his own muscularity, but those days were now long gone. “Matt! It’s been too long!” Macy squealed while she ran down the stairs. Luke tried to not to blame his dad for his obvious ‘excitement’ upon seeing Macy. The way her rack bounced up and down as she rushed down the stairs was unintentional, but Luke could see how a red-blooded man like his father was aroused. The pair exchanged quick hugs, and Luke thought his dad’s eyes rested on Macy’s body just a second too long. “Did I just hear correctly you’ll be staying with us for the next couple of days?” She innocently asked. She had a certain shine and glimmer to her most people didn’t have at 2am, and her beauty contrasted sharply with her husband’s sunken and pudgy face. Matt let out a short uncomfortable laugh while scratching his mostly bald head. Luke was reminded with a grin how much his dad disliked being in anyone’s debt. “Yeah, Lukey was kind enough to let me have the couch for the next few days. I hope you don’t mind.” Macy quickly waved her hands in giddy excitement. “Of course not! We haven’t chatted in forever, it’s about time I got all caught up with my father-in-law. There are some blankets in the cupboard Matt, I imagine you’ll probably want to hit the hay.” Luke was glad his dad nodded and head towards the couch. He’d feel a lot better about having his dad strutting around his house if his wife wasn’t wearing her revealing nightgown. “We’ll catch up tomorrow dad. Good night.” “Good night kiddo.” ----------- When the couple was again tucked in, the events of the evening replayed in Luke’s head. Some part of him felt like he had made a terrible mistake. He’d put his foot down this time, and not let his father walk all over him. “This time will be different” Luke softly mumbled while sleep slowly caught up with him. He stretched out his arms and gently spooned Macy. His big body may fill him with self loathing, but at least it was good cuddle material for his wife. While he brought her in for a hug he noticed how tense her body still was. She was wide awake. “Everything okay hun?” Luke asked as he drifted further and further away. “Luke. Babe. We need to talk.” Immediately Luke was brought back to reality. He felt a bit anxious. “Alright,” was all he could mutter. “I’ve been thinking about my little… predicament. I know we’ve been trying really hard, but it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere, so II did some googling today….” Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. “... And I think we should bring someone else into the bedroom.” Luke shot up in surprise. He definitely hadn’t been expecting that. He could get behind it though. Another sexy woman crawling over him, that’d be sure to finally be able to push his wife over the edge. “Who do you have in mind?” Luke asked with as much innocence as he could muster. He had his mind on their sexy, young neighbor girl. Her husband had been deployed for the past few months, and she looked horny enough to even fuck Luke, fat rolls and all. It helped she was always watching whenever Macy was sunbathing in her bikini. The thought of the two women making out was already flashing through his mind. Luke’s last attempt at eating out Macy had gone rather horribly but the neighbor looked like a girl who knew her way around those parts. “I was thinking Matt.” Luke’s blood turned ice-cold right away. “My dad?” he practically screeched in disbelief. “Calm down. Yes, it’s a little weird. But honestly, anything besides a guy isn’t gonna do much for me.” “Okay. Fair enough. But still, my dad?” Macy shrugged. “Do you know any other guy as sexually liberated as him? He has a fling every other night. One woman could not be enough for him. I want this to be a one time thing, and your dad is the only one I know who sees sex as just sex. Do you wanna get in some internet weirdo?” Luke had to admit she had a point. He couldn’t count his dad’s ‘girlfriends’ in the last month on one hand. Slowly, Luke felt his wife’s gentle and tender hands interlock with his. “Only say yes if you’re okay with it hun.” Macy softly said. But in her eyes Luke could see a certain kind of desperation. Their sex had been dull for months. He hadn’t heard her orgasm for nearly a year, and he was sure she had been faking it for a while before that. They used to go at it daily, even when Luke had turned into a blob, but Luke’s sex drive was slowly drying up while hers was still very much active. Luke couldn’t imagine the amount of hormones raging through her body, a woman like her needed to be pleased. “Okay babe.” Luke said with a gentle smile. The idea of his dad in the same bedroom as him, fucking the same woman, was still really weird to him. But Luke also knew it’d be good for her. He had heard the female orgasm was kind of like an engine, after a kick start it could be relatively easy to reactivate. And as unfortunate as it was, his dad was the best man for the job. And hey, maybe his dad wouldn’t even succeed in getting her off, wouldn’t that be a blow to his ego as self certified sex guru. The couple looked at each other and smiled. After one awkward encounter maybe their troubles could be behind them. Finally, after a long, eventful evening, Luke dozed off. “And whenever had a little awkwardness killed anyone?” He softly mumbled while the world faded to black. ---------------------- The events of the night before suddenly jumped back into Luke’s mind when he found his dad jerking off on his living room couch. First Luke calmed down somewhat while remembering that he had voluntarily provided lodgings to his dad. Then he was severely freaked out because his dad was lying completely nude and jerking off in his living room. He wanted to scream out but hesitated for a moment, the sight intriguing him. He could see why his dad was such a lady killer, he had the body to pull it off. Perhaps he’d was best categorized as a having the build of a coach, with thick juicy pecs and the faint outline of abs. All of it covered in a slight layer of grey fur. And of course, there was the thick cock he was jerking off in a slow rhythmic motion. Luke found himself a bit jealous of his dad’s member, because he looked to be packing an inch or two more than Luke. In fact, seeing his dad lay there say comfortable in his own skin flared up quite a few of Luke’s own insecurities. Luke stopped his pondering and brought himself back to reality. “Dad? What the fuck!” Matt didn’t seem the slightest bit dazed by the interruption of his son. “Hey Lukey! Morning.” He said, while not looking up from his jerking. Luke had prayed his dad had grown some inhibitions since they last slept under the same roof but that clearly wasn’t the case. He knew that sexual self-confidence was probably just as attractive to the younger women Matt slept with as his masculine body. It was annoying to deal with if he was your dad though. “There’s a bathroom upstairs. If you gotta take care of your morning wood, do it there. There you aren’t in the view of the neighbors.” Luke calmly explained, trying not to look while his dad let out a few more grunts of pleasure. “Alright. Alright. I’ll go do this out of view…” Matt smacked his hard member in his hands, the sound plastering a grin on his face. “Wanna join me? Often during therapy sessions I recommend guys jerk off with their friends, helps the bonding experience as well as activate…” “Normal dad’s don’t jerk off with their sons. Don’t be weird.” Matt let that hang in the air for a moment, considering if he should go with his reply. “Most dads don’t fuck their son’s wives either.” He said in an amused tone. Luke felt his blood turn cold. “How did---.” “Macy. She asked me if I’d be willing to fuck her as she left for work. I’m glad she did, it’s gonna be a reallll fun evening.” Matt said while slapping his son on the back with the hand he had just seconds earlier being using to jerk off with. There was a smirk on his face but it didn’t seem cruel, rather one of genuine excitement. Luke cringed and winced, but he was thankful he himself didn’t have to be the one asking his dad if he’d be up for the threesome. “Alright, I’m gonna take care of this.” Matt said pointing as his cock before bounding up the stairs with a confident whistle. As Luke heard the slapping of his dad’s balls between his trained thighs Luke reminded himself to kick him out as soon as possible. Probably the worst part of the jealousy that raged through Luke while he heard more grunts of pleasure emerge from the bathroom upstairs, was knowing his dad didn’t mean to make Luke feel bad. Matt had always been completely relaxed with nudity, his many, many sexual partners and countless hours of discussing intercourse in lecture halls had dissolved any restraint about sex and being naked. He didn’t mean to make his son feel bad about his fat and sexless body, but feeling bad was all that Luke could do while he compared himself to his more virile dad. Luke sighed, and hoped the eight hours of office work that were ahead of him would take his mind off things. PART 2: They decidedly did not. “Threesome?” He heard the snack lady ask while she strolled past his desk. Luke felt his blood turn hot. “What? No.... I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. Happily married. Who told you? My wife---” He stuttered and stumbled. How could she know? Did the whole office know? Did everyone know? Was his life over? Should he moved to Texas? India? The snack lady looked unfazed. “Tea, want some?” She asked again, shaking the kettle she had on her cart. Ah. He had just misheard. Shit. Luke mumbled something along the lines of ‘No thanks’ and she moved the cart along. He knew that mishearing ordinary conversation probably wasn’t an indication of confidence, yet still he didn’t feel like pulling out of the night’s upcoming plans. Part of that was desperation, part of it knowing there weren’t that many alternatives that didn’t tap into his wife’s fetish for fucking men with dildo’s, and part of it a certain….morbid curiosity. Luke’s phone buzzed with a text. It rarely did that. “Hon, grab some dinner near work and only walk into the bedroom at 8pm sharp. I want both my studs walking through the door at the same time. ❤️ -Mace” Luke smiled a little, his wife could be one kinky fucker. And being called a stud made him feel a little better while chomping down a donut. --------------------- Luke quietly looked at his dad again under the dim light of the lamp. Matt’s handsome square jaw and stubbled face looked intensely into nothingness. Luke was reminded again of how much better his dad looked in his fifties than he himself looked now in his thirties. He tried not to let that bother him, especially as they were so close to the big moment. Both men were standing in nothing but their briefs, so Luke had ample time to scan up and down his dad’s body. He didn’t even look that great, but he carried that body with such confidence he didn’t need to be ripped like a model. “At least I’m not 5’9.” Was all Luke could think while he looked at his own belly with discontent. “Come on in boys.” Macy’s songbird like voice sang from the other side of the door. The two men quickly glanced at each other. Father and son. An unusual couple, but Matt had enough gentle warmth radiating about him that Luke felt somewhat put at ease. His dad was just treating this as fun. Luke reminded himself he should do so too. With a last nod of consent both men entered at the same time. Macy laid there, temptingly and tantalizingly nude with just a then sheet covering her exquisite body. She was a goddess. Luke suddenly felt bad that he’d never shared her before. Her figure was beautiful. They had been each other's first the initial semester of college a dozen years back an neither had been with anyone else. Luke placed himself in front of Macy’s ‘entrance’ and softly pushed his bulge covered in sagging tighty-whities against her. He had hoped the display would be a tease, but it looked more like he was just pushing his belly into her. “Lukey, baby, I want you up here.” Macy said with a wink and a gentle tap next to her head. Luke took his new position with a little unease. His wife stripped him of his unflattering garment, his cock jumping into the warm air of the room with eager excitement. Macy’s eyes were completely focused on Luke’s hard cock and Luke’s cock alone. Macy stretched out her hand and slowly jerked it, her small her hands making the average piece of equipment look bigger. Luke tried focusing on the way his wife’s eyes beautifully sparkled while she stared at the piece of meat in her hands. But he found his gaze alternating between his wife’s curvy form and his masculine dad, who was standing at the end of the bed. Matt’s gaze was firmly planted on Macy’s hot body, his big chest heaving while he rubbed his bulge through the fabric of his stylish and tight underwear. Luke thought he’d be a whole lot more weirded out by his dad standing there if he hadn’t seen him naked and in a state of arousal so many times. Seeing him slowly getting himself hard felt strangely… Normal. With a gruff his dad stepped out of his underwear into complete nakedness. Macy didn’t even look, her eyes were still plastered firmly on her husband. It was something Luke was thankful for, he knew how much of a thing she had for muscular guys, and his dad somewhat fit into that category. Luke wanted nothing more than for his eyes to roll back and to be lost in a wave of pleasure, but he couldn’t pull away from the sight of his dad preparing to enter his wife. Matt pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto his completely hard dick with a single casual hand and the expertise of someone who did it often. Luke felt jealousy burn in him again. Why did his shit genes not endow him with a thick seven and a half inch tool like his dad had swinging between his legs instead of saddling him with an average five and half? Slowly and gently his dad entered, without pause. Macy took it like a pro, her vagina was made for cock. Without even a glance at Matt, she directed Luke onto the bed and pulled his cock into her mouth, licking up the small drop of pre at the tip, savoring the taste. Luke felt like he was on top of the world, his model like wife giving him a blowjob with an expression of pure pleasure plastered on her face, undoubtedly because she had the honor of servicing his great cock…. Then Luke remembered there was another man inside of her, and he was much more likely to be the source of the pleasure. His feeling of greatness was shattered by the large silhouette of his father standing on the edge of the bed. Luke pursed his lips in dissatisfaction while he looked at the guy standing on the other end of Macy, a man with a trained physique and superior endowment, who Luke knew was much more virile than he currently was. Luke once again found himself not looking at his beautiful wife, but at his dad. Part of him hoped he could spot some secret technique that he could replicate to give his wife the pleasure Matt was currently providing. That would mean her new moans of pleasure weren’t just a consequence of a bigger, better cock. Then Luke spotted something awfully strange while looking at his dad’s silhouette. He knew people said sex is the best work-out, but he had never thought to take it seriously. His dad looked a little leaner than just a few minutes ago. Like he had burned a half dozen pounds. Clearly all of it had been fat, because the abs that were now on display looked great. His pecs looked a little deeper and square too. Luke was just about to comment on it when he felt himself going over the edge. It had come suddenly, but then it almost always did with him. He didn’t even get to shout that he was cumming before shooting his small dribble into his wife’s mouth. A wave of tiredness washed over Luke following the encounter. He always felt drained after sex. He threw himself back onto the bed. At first he closed his eyes as sleep always came seconds after he came. But the sound of Macy’s soft moans and his dad’s grunts were too overwhelming to ignore. “Now it’s just you that needs to come.” Matt said smiling while lifting Macy up in his arms. It was the first time that Macy really looked at her father-in-law while getting fucked by him and her faced showed she clearly liked what she saw. Matt increased his pace and depth, making Macy’s eyes roll back in their sockets. Matt closed his eyes as he drilled her, savoring the feeling of stretching yet another woman open. Luke was the only one aware of the remarkable scene unfolding while Matt’s cock continued to firmly push into Macy. Because it almost appeared as with every thrust his dad made, he seemed a little bigger than before. It’s effect was nearly unnoticeable, but due to Matt’s rapid pace he slowly seemed to inflate with the tiniest part of a pound. And it wasn’t fat, mind you, it was the most masculine of compounds. Muscle Luke could see that after ten minutes of continuously fucking his wife, his dad seemed a bit beefier. Proportionally more muscled. Luke didn’t think about how that was odd and against every law of nature he knew till the screams of pleasure from his wife suddenly dragged him back to reality. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck? Oh fuck!” Macy yelled out while experiencing an orgasm for the first time in forever. Her stiffened body loosened as she rode her wave of bliss into cloud nine. Matt gently laid her on the bed and pulled his thick cock out of her. He didn’t seem to have noticed yet that his arms looked just a tad beefier and more muscular than before. Luke bit his tongue. Whatever he saw, he assured himself, it probably wasn’t real. A trick of the light, or whatever. People don’t just grow, right? Matt looked at his rock hard dick. He still hadn’t cum, but he felt like he was just a few tugs away from exploding. He looked Macy directly in the eyes and then gave his baby maker a firm squeeze. “Fuck yeah.” He growled with a grin, while he shot his load into condom. Luke thought his dad’s dick looked just a hair longer than a few minutes ago, had he not been fully hard when he entered? Matt carefully peeled the tight condom off his rod, and looked at it cluelessly for a second. “You got a bin?” He asked. Luke stared out into the distance, the entire last minute feeling more and more like a dream and haze. He only registered the question had been aimed at him after a few seconds. “Oh! No. Just put it on somewhere on the desk.” Luke said with a slight, dismissive wave of his hand. He just wanted to catch some rest before he started seeing weirder stuff than growing dads. Matt shifted his naked weight from one leg to another in front of the desk, not certain where to put the stretched-out cum-filled rubber. He ended up hanging it over a picture so it wouldn’t drip out over the table. Luke wasn’t sure if he intentionally chose to hang it over a honeymoon photo, covering Macy’s face with the worn out condom. “Thanks for the fun and a great lay” Matt said as he winked at Macy with a chuckle. A girlish giggle from Luke’s wife was the only reply. “We’ll see you tomorrow dad.” Luke said, while firmly looking at the door. “Oh. Before I forget, Lukey. Mind grabbing me a tub of protein from the store tomorrow? I’m gonna be apartment hunting and super busy, but I’ll need some after my heavy lifting session tomorrow. Don’t want this body getting soft!” “Get your own protein. Dad.” Luke said with snark and sleep invading his voice. Matt’s eyes flared for a moment and Luke thought he had made a terrible mistake. He was fully prepared for a speech about what happened if you ignored requests from the better men in the world. The more muscular men. The more hung men. The men that fucked your wife. But such a speech did not come. “Good night, Lukey.” His dad said with a shrug. Luke looked at the variety of bodily fluids slathered over his wife’s puss. He did not feel like saying “Good night” back. -------------------------- Quietly Luke shut the door on his car. It was 6am and he had tried to be as quiet as possible while he had sneaked around the house. He had originally just wanted to sit in the living room and watch some TV till it was time to leave for work, but he had forgotten his dad had taken over the couch. So instead he sat in the car. The scenery was better too, because it was a place that didn’t involve seeing memories of his dad in every bit of furniture. Memories of his dad growing and swelling with muscl---. “No.” Luke mumbled to himself. He wouldn’t give in to spectral images just yet. People don’t just grow. He had to take his mind off things. He slowly kicked the car into gear, driving to the nearest 24H grocery store. Yet still images of his dad were all that filled Luke’s mind. His heavy breathing. His muscles slowly inflating with each and every thrust... Luke turned on the only piece of distraction he had readily available in his car, the radio. “...To close of the midnight show, here is Lizzo, with her hit new single ‘Juice!’." Luke wasn’t familiar with the tune but considering it was designed to be an earworm, it didn’t take long for him to sing along unapologetically loudly. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose.” Luke sang, while tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers. “Gotta blame it on the goose, gotta blame it on my juice baby.” The rhythm was infectious, and Luke almost forgot about the pickle he was in. Almost. Because while he waited for the traffic light to turn green, his mind conjured up strange daydreams and images. Daydreams that were more akin to remnant’s of nightmares. Instead of being in the car he suddenly found himself outside his bedroom door, peeking timidly into the room he had spent countless nights. The colours were hazy, washed out and vague, but what he saw inside burned into his eyes nonetheless. His wife was being held suspended in the air by one man’s beefy arms. Another big man was standing in front of her delicate body, stretching her passage wide open with his superior manhood. Luke couldn’t see their faces, but he didn’t need to, he knew who these men were. They were his worst fears personified. The fear that sooner or later his hot wife would get powerful men worthy of her delicious body. Luke felt sick. When he had first lost his football honed body to rolls of fat, this was a common nightmare for him. But he hadn’t seen it for a year or two. Had the threesome reawakened his anxiety? But he had consented to his dad’s participation, so why did he still feel so… Defiled? Luke felt his mouth go dry. Besides the deep horror, some of the vision inspired awe, he had to admit it. It’s in our human nature to love seeing the best our species has to offer during their most intimate moments, straight porn of guys with big dicks is popular for a reason after all. And jeez were these men and his wife perfect together. The man railing her was much bigger than Luke had been in his prime, with muscle cascading over muscle to form a thick and solid build that would be the envy of any man. His wives mewling sounds coupled with the juices cascading over her thighs, convinced Luke this modern hercules was big everywhere. Luke’s goggling was interrupted by a sudden sharp scream of pleasure coming from his wife. Luke knew it was all a daydream but it certainly sounded very real. He made eye contact with this dream version of the woman he was married to. Her mouth formed into a cruel grin, and she opened it to speak. But the sound that left her throat wasn’t the voice of Macy. It was the voice of Lizzo, singing her new hit single. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my--- HONK Luke jumped awake again with a startle. The traffic light was green again, and clearly the people behind him wanted to get on with their day. He quickly pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, rubbing the temple of his head trying to figure out where those strange dreams kept coming from. ------------- Even when he pushed his shopping cart through the isles there wasn’t much else Luke could think about. He threw in some croissants, breakfast was his favourite. He passed by the tub of protein his Dad had requested. He halted for a moment in front of it. He could be the rebellious little devil and disobey his dad’s request, but there was no harm in helping him out, just this once, right? He threw the tub of protein in his shopping cart. While he did so he felt a strangle electric shock travel through his body. Luke clicked his tongue and pulled his face into a frown while an uncomfortable thought lingered in his mind. He suddenly thought hadn’t been daydreaming or experiencing left over nightmares at all. It was something more powerful. More primal. Not just a simple conjuring of the mind, instead it was a warning. A word of caution. An exhortation. Luke felt a chill travel through his spine while he sought the exact word to describe the alien feeling. A premonition. ------------------------------------- Continue to part III
  4. Thin Walls. As roommates we always jokingly complained about the paper thin walls that was letting the smallest of noises through. If you were listening to a track on your speakers, all four of us were listening right there with you. Made your workout prep meal? Yeah, we could smell that. It helped being joking about it, because in actuality it was rather annoying. Guys in college want nothing more than a little privacy and there was none of that here. And if you got a bunch of over-competitive straight guys in a room together with a thing that annoys them it won't be long before it's made into game. Rashad started it by blaring the new Katy Perry single at full volume for a few hours straight. Dave continued it, making us drown in loud death metal coming from his room for a full day. And I finished it, playing an episode from a kids shows at max volume while I was out of town for weekend. The only one abstaining from our little competition of annoyance was Max, as per usual. But he didn't need thin walls to get on your nerves. Max was the scrawny nerd in group of sporty jocks and was the odd one out. He never joined us to parties or the gym, preferring to spend time in the books and studying. As a roommate he straight up sucked. That's why it surprised us so much to discover after the three of us came back from the gym Max had ended up joining our little competition after all. Apparently the cheeky little twerp was playing some porn at max volume from his bedroom. The three of us could have a good laugh at that, we went to Max's room to congratulate him on his joke but his door was firmly locked. Fair enough, I could survive sitting in the sound's of sex for a few hours as a payback for my prank. "God you're so fucking massive!" A high pitched voice squeaked. "I've never been with a guy with so much muscle." Another voice said. "Fuck! Are you still not done growing?" A third female voice enquired. All the voices got as a reply was the loud testosterone laden grunts that vibrated through the whole appartement. Fuck, I was gonna have to ask Max what video that was, that sounded hot. I felt myself bone up at just the sounds of female's moaning, whatever guy there were using in the video he must be gigantic, being able to pleasure three women at the same time to the extent they experienced such bliss. It continued for a few hours, and it got all three of us very horny. I mean, what guy wouldn't be, sitting in the sound of girls screaming it out in pleasure for hours straight. I even tried jerking off to it in my room. But once I got my dick out I felt awfully self conscious. The girls, driven to such extremes of pleasure, they were talking about a gigantic battering ram of flesh, my own slightly above average dick felt tiny compared through the sizes they were moaning through the walls. And the muscles they talked about on the male hunk providing them such delight, the girls couldn't stop purring about the arms that could break their boyfriends like twigs. Fuck. It was hot, don't get me wrong, but jerking off to the girls moaning felt like cheating, like I was taking credit for the mountain of man's accomplishments. Around the 6pm we began expecting Max was using some sort of audio manipulation software to orchestrate the whole scenario. The male's tremors of satisfaction were so deep and manly. And the girls were beginning to scream about some really weird stuff. The nerd was probably mixing some audio files to make them say whatever he wanted. "Fuck yes Max, you're like a foot taller than Rashad." "Jesus Max, you're cock must be twice as long as Dave's." "Oh god you must have atleast 200 pounds on Micheal." We were gonna have to have a little chat with Max as soon as he was finished. It sounded like he was using our girlfriend's voices in whatever messed up audio program was creating this chorus of sexual noises. That wasn't cool. Nor was the thick smell of sex that descended on our apartment as it neared 8' o clock. Male musk penetrated the thin wall mercilessly and it smelled like 25 guys stayed here instead of four. I wasn't even sure how he was doing that, must be some sort of package at the prank shop. I was sitting on the couch and it was nearing midnight when the sounds finally stopped. I sighed in relief, maybe my boner would finally die down now. Loudly I heard Max's door being pulled open. "Funny joke Max, but that thing with our girlfriends and our sizes took it way too far." I shouted while looking at the football game on the TV. I heard heavy earthquake causing footfalls and a deep chuckle. "Glad you liked." A deep tremor said in an amused tone. Was the twerp using some sort of voicebox to change his voice? I looked around. An unknown giant was standing in the hall, with my new red sweatpants pulled over the biggest set of legs I had ever seen. Everything about this man was big. He had a giant outhanging shelf of pecs, and biceps that were laced in thick veins. He seemed to stand over 7' feet tall and he had a handsome smirk adorning his face while I checked out every part of this giant. I knew in an instant this was the man bringing the girls we had been hearing such pleasure. Fuck, how could it be anyone else? That cock he had stuffed down one leg of the pants looked inhumanly large enough for it to make a great deal of sense. This giant strutted over to the fridge, taking out a green drink. It was 3/4 empty already, and his adam's apple swallowed it's remaining contents with much eagerness. I recognised it, was some weird energy drink only one person in the world had the sugar tolerance for standing. "Max?" I called out in disbelief. The giant let out a burp and he grinned at me proudly. "Haha, took you a while, little guy." He bounced his massive pecs while giving me wink. He seemed to move an insane amount of air by just making his massive meaty globes dance. My awe at the giant Max had turned into turned cold while I realised what else about the afternoon's sounds we heard must have been real. "So it was you, fucking..." Max interrupted me with a smirk. "Yeah it was me fucking Kayla, Valerie and Lara. Honestly, I can't belief some of you guys have been together for years. They were so fucking tight! They're stretched wide open now though. I made sure they now know what real men feel like." Max ran his hands over his thick chest. It looked like he could get used to being the biggest man in the room by a long shot. He suddenly firmly grabbed his own mammoth cock, kneading it through the cloth of the sweatpants. "...Should have used that spell years earlier. Feels so fucking good being a stud." He growled. The display reinvigorated my own need for release, and my dick tented my pants painfully. "Well good luck with that. I'm back to stretching open your girls till the sun comes up." Max said with a wink. "Oh, and make sure you keep the sound of TV down. We have thin walls, and I wanna hear the girl's scream about how much my muscles turn them on."
  5. Fantastic chapter! I love the ending scene, happy Trevor makes the world a sweeter place. I hope Logan comes back, Trevor could use the confidence. Seth seems to like showing off for him but only to fuel a deeply rooted narcissistic desire, but Logan seems genuinely nice. I hope we get a scene where Jack get's put back in his place. We hear that the other giant's feel like they are in Seth's shadow, but I haven't gotten the impression that Jack is majorly bothered by being only the second biggest. But after that scene with Brooke (I don't care if you were just trying to impress your jocky badboy boyfriend, you were just being an ass there Brook) it feels like he could be taken down more than a few pegs. Maybe someone injecting him with all those shots of Elongro causing some major shrinkage? Would make this line some cruel self-fulfilling prophecy.
  6. (A little interlude I wrote in between other projects. Daily captions will be back soonish™.) Sharing Is Caring. “C'mon Jason, give the Speedo back, you've had it for long enough.” Dan's nasally voice bemoaningly wailed. Jason looked up from his sunbathing spot, his awesome muscularity shimmering nicely in the sunlight. It took Jason a second to reacquaint to himself with his surroundings after his nap in the sun, and as became clear while he looked down to his massive outward jutting pecs, he had to take a few seconds to re familiarize himself with his body too. His sleepy face made place for a huge grin while he bounced the massive meaty globes that made up his pecs up and down. With the smirk that grew on his face while he inspected more and more of his bulging muscles you'd almost get the ridiculous, biology breaking, unheard-off thought he'd only been a hunk for a day. This wasn't the case of course. He'd only been looking like a god of masculinity and sex for less than an hour. Jason's self worship was interrupted by Dan's annoying voice. “Aren't you big enough yet? C'mon Jason, we all paid for the magic Speedo. You're being a bad friend.” The small man demanded. Jason looked at the yellow Speedo he was referring too. It was looking awfully snug around his large and bulging package. Just a few hours ago Jason had been as pathetic looking as Dan himself. The token black friend in a group of nerds. He'd been elected to test out the Speedo they had ordered from a witchcraft and curse website. All the friends had to sacrifice their college funds in order to the buy the item, and yet none of other friends had dared to put on the magic item first, fearing it's incomprehensibly noted effects or how it might mess with their asthma medicine. Now that they had seen their scrawny and weedy black friend slowly inflate next to the pool to the biggest hunk any of them had seen for the past hour those inhibitions were completely out of the window however. “Stop being selfish and share the thing already.” Dan demanded. Jason considered those words for a few seconds. He had always despised Dan's bossy attitude, but he had been even scrawnier than twerpy Dan and had been too afraid to say anything. Obviously there was a change in that now. Jason jumped up to his full height, looming and towering over the smaller man. Dan's 5'10 height was looked at with jealousy in the group of nerds but it didn't get him much further than a view of big black man's pecs now. Formerly 5'8 Jason could get used to extra foot in height. “You want me to give you back the magic Speedo all of you were too chicken shit to test out?” Jason asked, his voice booming and a good octave lower than before. Dan nodded, his sudden infatuation with the cobblestone bricks making up Jason's abs preventing him from speaking. Jason looked past his own pecs with a little difficulty and down to the yellow Speedo he was stretching out. He could just deny it to them, but that didn't seem like too much fun. He relished the feeling of every part of his body magically inflating with masculinity and size for a second longer, and then pulled the garment with a little difficulty of him. “There you go, little guy.” Jason said with a generous smile as he dropped the Speedo in Dan's hands. The small man almost looked a little suspicious at how easily the new black hulk had given up the magic item. Suspicions that were discarded in favor of eager excitement that he'd soon be top dog within the group of friends again. Dan quickly stepped out of his own clothing and underwear, the thoughts of the chicks he'd bang if he a body like Jason's (or even bigger....) already shooting through his mind. He tried not to let the pool of pre that continually leaked out of Jason's horse cock and had drenched the Speedo bother him too much while he pulled the garment on. With a smirk of his own Dan looked at Jason while he had the piece of swimwear on. He wouldn't wave to look up to the big man for long..... Suddenly Jason felt the warm summer air again on his very humble but rock hard dick, the Speedo lying on the floor looking at him with a grin. Dan pulled the thing back up again, not eager to show off his hard 3.5' inch dick while the black cock swinging between the set of muscular thighs in front him seemed to be twice as big while completely soft. Dan could see why it hadn't hung onto his frame now that he pulled it up again. The material was completely stretched out and ruined by having to hug around Jason's superior manhood and glutes. It's new tent like form didn't come anywhere close enough to still comfortably fit around any of the scrawny nerds. Dan tried desperately to press the cloth into him, but he didn't feel the buzz of growth Jason had described when he had first started growing. "Fuck man, did my new fat prick stretch it out too much to still fit around your tiny dicklet? Jason asked in a completely unsurprised tone. “The packaging did say 'For men.' not sure if that qualifies.” He continued with a chuckle, giving his own coke can thick cock a few tugs for emphasis. Dan looked like he was a combination of angry, disappointed and aroused. “Don't worry man. It stated on the site it was for multiple uses. One of the thousand papers this thing came with probably has some kind manual on how to reconfigure the stretch.” Jason said with a little more sincerity. Dan nodded, still too embarrassed to speak. He hopped out of the piece of clothing and put his own boxers back on, staring longingly at the Jason's thick arms and biceps. “Don't worry little guy, as soon as you've figured out how to get this thing to fit around your skinny asses it won't be long before you've got big biceps like this of your own.” Jason said while shoving the 22 inches of steel his arms flexed up to in Dan's face. “In the meantime, I'll be sure to keep this thing safe...” Dan said while pulling the Speedo with some difficulty over his body. Dan looked on in awe as every part of Jason's already big body started growing ever so slowly again, inflating him with more and more size. Dan quickly hurried back to the group of nerds standing on the other side of the pool, murmuring something quietly about what they needed to find in the pile of incantations, papers and spells the Speedo came with. Jason looked on with a smile, loving the feeling of his body growing more masculine and bigger by the second. The only reason he had thought that there was a way to reconfigure the stretch was because he had found how to do it half an hour ago. By that time the Speedo had already been stretched out to the point it wasn't gonna be useful to any of skinny friends, but he found out that if you just tugged at a small string in the back the cloth collapsed back in on itself till it was its original shape, fitting perfectly on any pathetic twerp. Naturally Jason had made sure to remove that magical string and throw it in the trash. He hadn't been eager to share his way of obtaining masculine perfection with any of his 'friends'. Despite their financial contributions they really didn't deserve the body of gods, and least of all Dan. The big man slowly heard the first signs of ripping. Wouldn't be long now before his growing and swelling cock would be too much for the Speedo to handle and it'd be shredded into a thousand pieces, it's magical growing capabilities going with it. Jason made sure he remembered all the nerds from the group who had told him they had a crush on the hot neighbor, he was gonna need to send them all video's of her and her husband being split open by his foot long muscle cock as soon as he was done here.
  7. Holy hell that was hot. Can't wait for part 2!
  8. I gotta go with Regan. He has the advantage of me seeing his calves, and I like what I'm seeing Not to mention you just know he's a handsome motherfucker by the way he takes care of his beard and hair, I'm sure with the serum he'll look even closer to masculine perfection.
  9. Author's Note: I’ve done ~1000 word captions for a while in the blog section, but this is the first time I'm tackling a larger story. I welcome all feedback! This first foray into larger writing is very loosely based on a caption I did a long while back, you can read it, and see the pics that inspired this story here. A big thanks to: @ABSQRST for encouraging me to make this story happen. @Muscleace for providing pics to inspire this story throughout, and being a saint and checking my work. Broken. In a large mansion somewhere in the Southern US, a woman was experiencing the best banging of her life. “Oh fuck...” She sensually moaned, while going through the sixth orgasm of that hour. She clutched into the big arms of the man giving her ecstatic pleasure, feeling the muscle move and throb in his big bicep. She wasn’t aware the arm she was clutching had only been as thin as a stick just a few weeks ago. That the rod giving her divine pleasures had been the size of a peanut a couple of dozen days back. How was she supposed to? The girthy cock providing her bliss and the muscular body it was attached to had been an international sensation for years. Well, it had been in this tampered with, broken, version of reality. Time and space were out of order. And only a two people were aware of the discord within the fabric of Everything. One of them was Brandon, for the moment ogling how his muscular stallion of a brother impaled a girl with his massive meaty shaft. The other was Reggie, Brandon’s brother, and currently enjoying having his dick be tightly pressed in the pussy of some bimbo while he watched from the corner of his eyes how puny Brandon tried to subtly gawk at his behemoth like form. The fact that the author of the current fragmented shape of reality and its main victim were the only ones aware of the deranged state of the natural order was of course hardly a coincidence. But there is little one can do if they know the arrangement of the universe is out of order, besides sitting back and going along with the ride. Sitting back and enduring the torturous ride was exactly what Brandon was doing while he watched his brother fuck a girl senselessly, the luxurious bed creaking in sync with the loud moaning of the girl. “Condom!” Reggie growled, while he pulled out his gigantic cock from the strained pussy with a plop. That was Brandon’s queue. He looked at the meaty rod in a raincoat with a mixed feeling of disgust and lust before slowly peeling the tightly stretched piece of rubber off the cock. Pre-cum had soaked the shaft and most of it got on Brandon’s fingers while he tried to remove the condom. With the piece of protection removed, Reggie’s cock once again stood in its full glory, veins spread out over the gigantic piece of meat. It had to be longer than thirteen inches, and girthy enough it was probably pushing past nine inches in circumference. Like everything about Reggie, it was huge, masculine, and sexy. Hurriedly Brandon grabbed a fresh condom from a box sitting at the foot of the big bed, and pulled it over the throbbing member. Reggie immediately went back to his mission of showing the girl on the bed what a real man felt like, the mushroom sized head and long shaft once again out of Brandon’s view. Brandon looked at his fingers for a moment, the pre cum that had soaked his fingertips mesmerizing him, urging him to take a small sip of his brother’s salty taste. Brandon tried screaming to himself that he wasn’t gay, and that the thought of tasting another man’s cum shouldn’t even be in his mind, but the fingers went into his mouth regardless. It tasted better than anything else in this broken version of reality. Brandon sighed. His brother had being fucking this girl for hours, he had been there beside him the entire time. Someone had to be. Reggie needed fresh condoms applied every ten minutes, otherwise they might overflow with his pre cum and snap. And the sex god himself certainly wasn’t going to waste his precious time refreshing his custom-made XXXL rubbers. Seeing the muscles that made up his brother’s wide back move with the rhythmic thrusts had made Brandon incredibly hard, and he counted himself lucky his own puny penis was too small to ever be obvious. Standing there, watching his brother bring pure bliss to the latest pussy he was destroying made Brandon strongly nostalgic for the old Reginald, or Reggie, he remembered from the unbroken version of reality. The version of his brother that had been shy and cute, runty and nerdy, inexperienced and overexcited, and small yet resilient. His cute lil’ brother Reginald. There was barely a shadow of him left in the beast fucking who was fucking this latest bimbo into cloud nine. No, this rendition of his brother was almost the exact opposite of the version of his brother Brandon remembered. Strong and virile, confident and cocky. And with a body to back that cockiness up. God that body. Runty had made way for hunky. The strong edges of incredible muscle definition had replaced the formerly boney body. And there was the fact that this distorted version of his brother was no longer a pale rose like white. Instead, Reggie’s skin now was a deep dark black, shimmering and absorbing the rays of the light like a dark calla lily in the spring sun. To say it simply, Brandon remembered his brother as tiny Reginald, a sorry excuse of a man. But this version of reality provided him with Reggie, someone who had always been a proper stallion who earned thousands each day by simply selling old stretched out and drenched underwear to one of his 4.2 million Instagram followers. He’d feel sorry that he had lost his nerdy bro to the beast of sex his brother had become if it wasn’t for the fact Reggie had designed this twisted version of the universe. The soft moaning of the girl got increasingly louder as he approached her seventh orgasm of the day until all sounds of arousal suddenly dried up and ceased. “What’s wrong babe.” Reggie’s deep and sensual voice inquired. The girl hesitated for a moment, lost in the globe like form of Reggie’s pecs while she tried to find her tongue. “It’s your brother... When I see his head poke out behind your muscular chest it just... Dries up down there. Can’t one of you’re hunky friends do the condom refreshments? Maybe the handsome model that likes playing with your pecs?” She finally asked. Brandon didn’t need to be told twice. This wasn’t the first time a girl had complained about puny Brandon managing to offset the arousal Reggie managed to awake. He shuffled out of the room, the intense fucking continuing as soon as his shrimpish body was out of view. He closed the door behind him, noticing only how thick and warm the air was in there with sex now that he was out of it. Brandon sighed, he should have been thankful he was out of that room, instead he longed for watching his brother fuck. He hadn’t even got to see his brothers legendary cum fountain. Brandon’s thoughts about his brothers cum fountain were interrupted when felt a boney finger prick in his side, noticing that he had to look down to talk to someone for the first time in forever. Reggie stood at a commanding 6’8 and Brandon had begun to think he was never going to get above someone’s pecs ever again. Brandon shouldn’t be someone to talk on this front, with his current body and all, but man who had tried getting his attention was awfully pathetic looking. Old, puny, and long past his prime. Going by the expensive looking suit, probably with the only redeeming factor of being filthy rich. “How much longer do you reckon they’ll be going at it?” The man asked in a nasally voice. Noticing the ring he had around his finger Brandon relatively easily deduced this was probably the husband and sugar daddy of the bimbo currently drowning in Reggie’s voluminous muscle. “Probably an hour or two more, at the least. Depends if Reggie wants to cum one time or many. He can go on for as long as he wants.” Brandon felt a little awkward as he saw the man having to rearrange his package after learning that information. Brandon tried maneuvering away from the man, but he suddenly felt the strangers warm hand clutching him tightly. Brandon hated how easy he was able to be overpowered, even boney seniors like this one. “Do you think he’ll mind if I watch? I think I could really… Uh. Learn something seeing an expert like him pleasure my wife.” Brandon was reminded of the time he himself had tried to spy on one of his brother’s orgies, after being discovered Reggie had forced him through the humiliating experience of undressing and showing off just how much the brothers were unlike each other. The girls' laughter as Brandon’s puny two inch penis was put next to his brothers horse cock was still fresh on his mind. Brandon had learned his lesson about spying on his brother when it wasn’t wanted. “Oh, Reggie will definitely mind.” Brandon mumbled. This was probably one of the few occasions where the rich guy couldn’t get what he wanted. Brandon saw that as an excellent opportunity to teach the guy a lesson or two about what being rich meant to the alphas of this world. “But, uh, if you sit under the desk he definitely won’t be able to spot you.” Brandon innocently lied. The rich man’s expression lit up, running into the room where his wife was being fucked by the sexiest man on the planet with an unmatched eagerness. “Idiot.” Brandon mumbled under his breath. He hoped the guy was as much into humiliation as he was into cuckoldry, because when Reggie was going to spot him a few minutes in he probably was going to learn the hard way what happened to people not paying the multimillion dollar entry ticket to watching the finest male specimen fuck. Brandon shrugged, when you were reduced to a small dicked wimp you had to take the few opportunities to make yourself feel in control you could get, even if that included throwing others under the bus. Brandon looked at the cheap watch he had around his wrist. Already been a few minutes since he did the last condom refresh, he should probably find his replacement if he didn’t want his brother to impregnate another girl. The small man shuffled down the hall, the loud moaning of the girl slowly fading into the background, and the whimpers of a twink slowly faded into the foreground. Brandon sighed, there was no escape to the amount of hunky men in this house. Opening the door he saw his brother’s friend, Zack being worshiped by a small gymnast while he threw around massive weights. Brandon sighed, Zack had always been a friend of his brother, even in the true version of reality. The two nerds had played plenty of Xbox games together when Brandon had been forced to babysit his scrawny teen brother. Not that there was even a small trace of gaming obsessed Zack left in this variation of the real. No, instead of a nerd who asked if E-sports counted when you asked him if he did sport, and finished high school looking as thin as when he had entered it, Zack was now a pro bodybuilder who had been throwing out weights heavier than his body weight since he was 14. Brandon felt kind of bad Zack, he had been a smart kid but had always been in the shadow of his brother massive intellect. Now his professional trained body was in the shadow of his brothers rock hard and massive muscles, Reggie not even sticking with a diet and throwing around weights only occasionally when he could pull himself away from fucking had more size than the trained athlete. Don’t get Brandon wrong, Zack was massive, but he was also living together with only man who outshone him in every regard. At least it had taught him to stay humble and nice, unlike Brandon’s now cruel brother. Brandon knocked on the now open door, trying to get ripped man’s attention. He was in the middle of benching 400, while the twink was giggling and feeling the pecs flex and grow under his small hand. It took a couple of knocks to get the muscle behemoths attention. “Yo! Brandon’s, What’s up?” Zack said, while effortlessly continuing his lifts. “It’s Reggie, you’re on condom duty.” The hunk immediately stopped his reps, standing up right so quickly that the twinks small fingers had to dig deeply into the grooves of Zack’s abs to not fall to the ground. “Thanks Bran!” The hunk said, nervously fixing his hair and bouncing his pumped up pecs in the mirror. Brandon had the slightest suspicion the big man might have a crush on Reggie, going by his nervousness around the stallion and the pile of Reggie’s used condoms Zack had stuffed in his drawers. Brandon looked at the twink Zack had hurriedly set down and back to big man. “I, uh, didn’t know you had a thing for smaller guys too. I could suck you off some time, if you want…” Brandon’s started unsurely. Zack looked at him caught of guard for a moment. “Eh, I do have a thing for twinks. But, ehhh…” Zack shuffled around a little, trying to find the right words. “But. You might be a bit too… Weak? To fully handle my throat fucking I mean. Sorry man.” Zack said, while throwing him a gentle smile. Brandon bit his lips, trying his best to hide his disappointment. Going by the gentle “Awww.” coming from Zack he guessed he did an awful job. “Some of the guys downstairs desperately need to be drained after their workouts though, maybe you can ask around if they want to be serviced?” Zack looked at Brandon again. “Might have to be a glory hole type situation though, with your face and all…” Zack gave Brandon a friendly tap on his head before walking over to Reggie’s room. The big man looked just a bit too excited for someone who was going to be replacing condoms for the next few hours. Brandon sighed. The sound of iron on iron coming from downstairs was incredibly loud, and he wasn’t looking forward to being thrown around by the thickly muscled jocks. Maybe they’d leave him alone for once, but the small man doubted it. There really was no escape to oversized muscles in this house. As quietly as possible the small man made his way down the stairs. Grunts and growls slowly rose to his ears, Brandon knew that the best way for some of his dignity to survive today he was to remain as hidden as possible. The ground floor smelled entirely like the home gym that occupied a small part of it. Sweat seemed to reek from every surface, even the hired cleaning crew couldn’t scrub the smell of testosterone and manliness from the walls. The home gym was packed with jocks, the open door allowed Brandon a glimpse into the den of muscular men honing their bodies within. Brandon could spot Taylor and Cayden doing bicep curls in front of the large mirror adorning the wall. Brandon knew the two were in the normal version of reality chess champions, and had been so scrawny they had been beaten up by fifteen year olds when they had started college. Not that there was any vestige of that version of them now. No, now they had been high school football heroes, packed with muscle, and currently YouTube celebrities while they documented what it was like living with ‘Red-Blooded Reggie’. Brandon felt his cock push painfully against his jeans again, seeing these jocks pump up their biceps. It was painful to admit that even though these sportsmen had no recollection of ever being nerdy and scrawny chess players, the idea that they had been made their current masculine bodies even sexier. Brandon gazed intensely at them for a moment, the exercise had coated their bodies in a nice thick layer of sweat, and had them too preoccupied to notice the tiny emasculated man ogling them in the mirror. Brandon went from eyeing their backs to seeing their mouthwatering pecs in the mirror. In that same mirror he caught a quick glance of himself, a sight he still hadn’t quite adjusted too. The small size, the loss of muscle mass, it’s something you feel every moment of the day. It isn’t that bad, in that way, you have more time to grow accustomed to it. Being turned from handsome to unsightly and repulsive is not something one easily adapts too however. Brandon traced over his skin with his hand, feeling over all the new acne and zits he could see in the mirror. The color of skin being turned from white to a deep dark black was the only change his brother had made to the fabric of reality he felt somewhat okay about. It was overshadowed however by the fact that Reggie had stripped away his previous life as a college athlete. Suddenly Brandon’s thoughts were interrupted when he made eye contact with Taylor in the mirror. “Brandon, bud! Why won’t you be a good twerp and grab me a towel?” The big man commanded while continuing his reps. Taylor was easily lifting 35’s in hammerhead dumbbell curls, Brandon knew those were just his warm-up weights. He considered his options for a moment, before deciding he probably had little choice but to obey. Brandon tried his best to not get distracted by all the eye candy he could see as he made his way through the gym. Grunting could be heard from all corners of as all the men in the home gym focused on getting their bodies beyond perfection, and maybe even close to the big black man upstairs. The sounds of the headboard of the bed slamming against the wall could even be heard here, even the loud moans of the girl Reggie was fucking into cloud nine dangled in the air, and it undoubtedly motivated all these beasts to push their bodies even further. At least being friends with Reggie had provided them with the best training materials around. Grabbing a towel from the pile and throwing it into Taylor’s direction he hoped he was finally done and could get to the privacy he so desperately needed, but the big man thought otherwise. Taylor just had to give on lasting look at the towel lying on the floor while continuing his reps for Brandon to get the message. The scrawny man quickly grabbed it from the floor and indecisively stood with it in his hand for a moment. Taylor just gave him another intense glare, which was enough for Brandon to slowly start cleaning up the thick layer of sweat coating the impressive man. Brandon thought it was a rather futile exercise, Taylor was likely going to continue exercising for hours more and the sweat cleaned up now would be back in a matter of minutes. Not that he could really complain though, feeling the power pulsing through these triceps was an experience. Slowly feeling the muscular arm grow even bigger with each rep made Brandon even harder than he thought was possible. Taylor was completely focused on his own reflection in the mirror, either checking out his form, or ogling at how amazing his own muscles looked. With a final heaving breath Taylor completed his set and placed the weights back in their rack, checking out his own pumped reflection. He smirked, seeing the puny man stand on his toes to clean up the sweaty arms with the already drenched towel. “Good job. Wanna feel my pump, little guy?” Taylor asked with a smirk. Brandon couldn’t nod fast enough, his lips suddenly feeling awfully dry. With an innocent smile Taylor held out his arms, Brandon grabbed on like a kid seeing candy. It somehow managed to feel even better without the towel in the way, the skin to skin contact only enhancing the feeling of these muscles moving and cascading with every little movement. The small black hand on the gigantic bulging bicep formed an ‘interesting’ contrast too. Taylor was very much aware of the awe plastered on Brandon’s face. He gave another cocky smirk before mumbling “Watch this little man.” in his deep baritone. Without any further warning the muscle in Brandon’s hand flexed, the pumped up bicep growing to a hardness of granite. Of course Brandon’s hand couldn’t stop the advance of the swelling and throbbing bicep, and his fingers were instantly pushed apart by the flexed muscle. For a moment Brandon felt like he couldn’t breathe. He was lost in the memories of the day, his brother’s fucking, Zack’s globe like pecs bouncing up and down excitedly and now Taylor’s cannon ball sized biceps in hand. It made Brandon feel... wrong. Because it was wrong, all those guys were supposed to be tiny and twerpy, that was how Brandon remembered them. But above else it made him feel small, his own below average body felt even more insignificant in this house of masculinity. That experience of feeling small, combined with another twitch in Taylor’s bicep, was what pushed Brandon over the edge. He couldn’t help but moan and tightly clutch into Taylor’s bicep as he felt his small dick spew out his few drips of cum. The world came crashing back down as Brandon heard laughter spread all throughout the home gym. “Can’t stop yourself from shooting a load in front of us for just a week, huh Bran?” “You probably wished you had biceps like Taylor, right little guy?” “Glad we still got you whenever we feel small around Reggie.” “Jesus, you call those three tiny drops of cum an orgasm?” Chuckles continued hanging in the air, the entire gym had seen the embarrassing display. Brandon’s cheeks flushed instantly to an intense scarlet. He wasn’t even sure why the thought of him being smaller than all these men had aroused him so much. He quickly covered up the small sticky spot in the front of his trousers with his hand and hurried out of the room, the sound of iron on iron continuing as the gym went back to its workout. “Oh Brandon! Hold on for a moment.” Taylor said. The smaller man stopped in his tracks right away, his urge to please the big jocks trumped his need to get away from embarrassment. “Reggie told me he’s gonna give you some more ‘juice’ to work with as soon as he’s finished upstairs, you better be ready and waiting.” Taylor said nonchalantly. Taylor gave him a final wink. A glister in his eye hinting at the fact that making Brandon cum had been his exact plan, before turning away again and starting his next set of curls. Brandon had wanted to run aside and get some fresh air for the next few hours, but Reggie apparently wanted to get back to work as soon as he was finished stretching out his toy. Well, to the extent you could call it work. Brandon sighed, and headed for the only room he hated as much as the gym in this house, his own room. Brandon walked past the dozen or so bedrooms of the jocks on his way to his own room. All the bedrooms on the ground floor were quite large, maybe not of the caliber of the two rooms upstairs, but still large and spacious enough to house many littering weights and posters of scantily clad women. With the amount of large bedrooms and the home gym it was probably fairer to call this place a mansion than a house. Brandon allowed himself to enjoy the quiet in the kitchen for a moment, the sounds of sex and workouts now far in the distance. Brandon gathered as much courage and strength as he could muster, and open a small tightly shut door in the far back of the house. The strength he had gathered hadn’t just been for opening the tight door, it had also been for the contents awaiting him on the other side. The smell hit Brandon before his eyes could even spot its source. Deep manly musk, denser than anywhere else in this house filled with testosterone laden men, emanated out in waves. Brandon took a final breath of fresh air and closed the door behind him, there had been complaints before of the scent lingering in the kitchen, the door had to be closed at all times to prevent the smell from seeping out. The small room looked like a storage unit, stacked with metallic shelves. In the corner stood a small desk and a bed. Carefully Brandon maneuvered in between the tightly together placed shelves and plopped down on the bed. This weird distortion of reality he was living in would be more habitable if his own room didn’t reek of manly men. Brandon tried not to think to hard about the jugs filled with Reggie’s cum that occupied the shelves and were the origin of the deep salty stink. If he thought about the ropes of his brothers spunk he was lying next to he’d probably get hard again. Although he hated this room, he was not only here to await doing his big chore for Reggie. Brandon grabbed the phone lying on the desk, the calm green waving hills of his background calming him somewhat. He opened up his Instagram, and was immediately greeted with thousands of messages asking a variety of wildly inappropriate questions. It wasn’t really Brandon’s account of course, no one would be asking that twerp if his cock was really the rumored baseball bat sized. No, it was Reggie’s account, Brandon ‘managed’ it, which didn’t really mean much besides posting the daily pictures of his brother being his manly perfect self. Brandon pulled up a picture from just last week, his brother standing on the beach with a few members of the nearby college sorority in resting against his bulging abs. Brandon considered for a moment if it was appropriate posting pictures of girls who were so aroused their bikinis were dripping wet, but then remembered their venomous remarks of ‘how unbelievable it was earth’s biggest hunk and earth’s biggest twerp being related by blood.’ Without much further consideration, Brandon typed up a half arsed caption about how you could get all the girls you wanted too, if you just followed the tips in Reggie’s new (ghostwritten by some lame pickup artist) book and hit ‘Post.’ Brandon shrugged, he felt bad for a moment, but reminded himself that all twerps and shrimps of the world had to use every opportunity to feel in control they could get. For next few hours Brandon worked himself through all the sponsor offers his brother had gotten. He submitted the video of Reggie bursting out of an UnderArmour shirt up for review for the sponsorship deal. He got a reply right away, telling him the $500,000 would be in his brothers bank account before sundown, as well a request to forward her number to Reggie himself, with a picture attached of her hourglass figure spilling out of her clothes. Brandon complied, his brother would probably enjoy a fresh piece of meat to stretch out. Suddenly Brandon’s door swung open, the large looming shadow, unable to pass through the door frame, could only belong to one person in this house of muscular men. “Done already, Reggie?” Brandon meekly asked, his boner returning with a full vengeance now, throbbing painfully. The big man shrugged, and carefully stepped into the room. The smell didn’t really seem to bother him, and he didn’t have the common reaction of pure repulsion and lust most had to seeing the room stacked to the brim with bottles of his own cum. “We were interrupted.” Reggie replied, his deep baritone shaking the glass bottles. Brandon was immediately reminded of the that frail businessman he had sent into Reggie’s sacred den of sex. Oops. “Can we just get this over with bro? I’ve got some things to… Handle.” Reggie asked, distracted by his own smell. The big man didn’t even award Brandon with showing off his handsome features, instead he looked at how his pecs were straining against the cashmere pajama. Brandon didn’t think he had all that many options. He was Reggie’s employee after all, he posted his pictures, and exported his ‘product’. “Let’s just get it over with.” Brandon mumbled. Quickly Brandon grabbed a small empty measuring cup from the corner of the room. Unceremoniously he handed it over the giant he called his brother. Reggie looked dazed for a moment. “I’ll need something to get me going man, I can’t just do this dry.” Reggie gave him an innocent look, but Brandon knew what he was talking about. Brandon quickly grabbed his laptop and was immediately embarrassed when he opened it up, it was still playing a video on Pornhub. And, even worse, it was a video featuring his brother, cockily grinning into a camera while hot girls tried to worship his gargantuan cock. Brandon wanted to close the tab but before he got to do so he heard Reggie growl that this material would be good enough. The small man placed the laptop down, Reggie’s complete attention was already focused on the video playing, he didn’t even notice Brandon anymore. It might be seen as arrogant to some to jerk off to a porn you star in, but it would be difficult to find anyone as perfect as ‘Red Blooded Reggie’ himself. Clearly the contents of the video was enough to ‘get him going’ as Reggie hurriedly stepped out of his pajama pants. His donkey dick was for the moment still soft, and swinging left and right between his thick quads. His cock didn’t show a sign of wear from the hours of use it had already went through today, and was beginning to pulse and throb seeing the action happening on screen. Brandon thought just looking at his brothers dick was doing him a disservice, and he eyed the rest of his lower body. He remembered Reggie’s measurements well, measuring Reggie was the highlight of his week. Thirty-four and a half inches of thighs. Twenty-two inch calves. All neatly stacked under a waist off under Thirty-eight inches. All of it was big and ripped, not an ounce of fat on his Adonis like body. The action on screen was heating up, and so was Reggie. He threw of his shirt, giving Brandon a look at his awesome chest. Sweat was draping between the crevices, giving his entire dark black skin a sparkling gleam. The only thing better than a ripped set of muscles was a ripped set of muscles coated in a layer of sweat. Brandon thought he could even spot the beginnings of a layer of chest hair and pubes, even though he knew Reggie had shoved both of those places just this morning. Having more testosterone pumping through your system than ten normal men is one hell of a drug. Brandon continued eyeing each and every muscle of his brothers hunky body. Sixty-two inch pecs, jutting out so much they could nearly pass for tits. Biceps twenty fou-. No, biceps were twenty-five inches as of the latest measurements. There wasn’t an inch on his brothers body that wasn’t oozing sex and masculinity. Having satisfied his silent worship for the moment Brandon paid attention again to the cock Reggie was jerking. It wasn’t handicapped by a condom, and it looked all the better for it. One of Reggie’s massive calloused mittens had tightly grabbed near the base of his protruding shaft. Reggie had no trouble maintaining a boner, even with his massive phallus, but it was much quicker to shoot a load if he kept his cock at its most aroused. And time was everything, this was just business after all. Though one might be easily mistaken to think this exercise was for pleasure, going by Reggie’s loud grunts as he stroked his shaft with his other hand. It was just a primal sight seeing someone so big, muscular and manly bring pleasure to himself. Simply watching someone jerk-off was much more erotic than it had any right to be when the one bringing pleasure to himself produced an interplay of flexing muscles with those long, long strokes over the big and thick shaft. Much like this morning, Reggie was very much aware Brandon’s eyes were burning into every fiber of his stallion like body. And much like this morning, the thought of his former big alpha bro being turned into a little bitch who watches hunky men with great shame turned Reggie on. Very much so. On screen Reggie saw himself shoot his first of many loads into some bimbo, the big man took that as the excuse to finally unload the contents of his balls he had been fighting to hold back. “Fuck!” Reggie roared, orgasms were so intense in this large body. Every fiber of his muscular body flexed at once, and pleasured washed over him. All thirteen inches of his cock felt like they were in heaven as ropes of cum traveled to their freedom. He aimed into the small, half a liter holding, cup and let his cum fountain loose. Rope after rope of cum filled the cup, the smell of manly musk somehow managed to grow even more intense and salty with this latest fresh batch. When the cup was half filled and Reggie felt no end in sight to his orgasmic bliss he realized he hadn’t emptied his balls for hours. Which probably wasn’t good if he didn’t want the cup to overflow and spray cum all over the carpet in Brandon’s room. The small man himself noticed too that the river of cum flowing out of his brothers cock was more voluminous than normal. Brandon thought for a moment at the two choices he had for just a few seconds. Either he could do nothing, and get an irremovable stain of his brothers cum branded into his carpet, likely ruining the chance of him ever not having a boner while being here for the rest of time, or he could help… Relieve the cups efforts. Brandon saw that while he had been thinking, the cup had flowed up right to the brim. Without much further thought Brandon jumped forward and placed his head on his brothers spewing cock. The pre-cum he had tasted a handful of times was nothing compared to the real deal. It was intensely salty and sweet at the same time. Thick like a milkshake it was a little hard to swallow down, but Brandon made his best attempt to keep up with the barrage of cum flowing out of the monstrous cock. After successfully managing to not choke for thirty seconds, Brandon managed to establish a pace to keep up with the continuing fountain of cum. He even let himself be carried away a little, tracing the head of his brothers cock with his tongue, and fondling around with Reggie’s bull sized balls. If Brandon hadn’t closed his eyes, he might have been able to spot Reggie biting on his lip. After the orgasmic wave had passed, and the flow of cum had slowed down to a dribble, slowly the realization of what just happened set in for both men. Slowly Brandon tried crawling away, but Reggie grabbed him by the collar and raised him till his small body was eye to eye with the hunk. “What did I tell you about touching my cock.” Reggie sneered, his eyes flaming intensely. “Fuckin’ faggot.” He muttered with great disappointment, before dropping Brandon back to the floor. Normally, this is where the conversation would have ended. Brandon watched while his brother stuffed his bubble butt and horse cock back into his pajama trousers and felt his cheeks once again turn red with a fiery passion. Brandon never talked back, Brandon never argued, Brandon never complained. But inside Brandon there was just the tiniest bit remaining of him before his brother had messed with the fabric of reality. It was a fragment of Bran, star lacrosse player and athlete. And that fragment burned brightly after this latest day filled with humiliation. “Don’t call me that.” Brandon whispered. Reggie chuckled, assuming he had misheard. “You don’t get to call me that.” The small man said with a little more self-assuredness. He raised himself from the floor and locked eyes with the paragon of masculinity standing across the room. “Oh? I don’t get to call out for being the gay dick sucker that you are? And why’s that?” Reggie still had his signature cocky grin plastered on his face, and his voice was still his normal base filled self, but he was a little surprised by Brandon’s new attitude. “You don’t get to call me that…Because… Because... Because you made me this way!” Brandon poked one of his fingers in between Reggie’s rock hard abs. “I was straight as an arrow before, you made me gay.” Brandon’s eyes were burning with rage now, a sparkle igniting in his eyes as fury spat out from his mouth. “Just like you made me from a jock into this pathetic twerp. Just like you made your nerdy friends into a group of weightlifting meatheads.” Reggie had wanted to say something but was quickly interrupted by another barrage of words spilling out of Brandon’s mouth. “So yes, I sucked your cock, but honestly, what did you expect? I have to collect your cum every day to sell it as a protein shake for your Instagram followers. I have to watch you have sex for hours on end, so I can refresh your condoms. I’m surrounded at all times of day by the sounds of sex and manly men being men. Excuse a guy, a guy you personally turned gay, for being a little horny.” Brandon had endured months of torture in this version of the world his brother had created without as much as a whimper. But finally his cup of built up rage had overflowed. “Back. Down. Twerp.” Reggie growled. “I told you not to mention how our lives were before I ‘fixed’ things.” Reggie continued while his maintaining his intense glare. And that, his brothers voice, was all it took for big brother Bran’s attitude to once again fade away into nothingness. His memories of being a big athlete who didn’t take shit couldn’t compute with the current broken version of reality. Brandon’s dull submissive gaze returned. Reggie crossed his arms over his ballooning pecs. Like a father who was disappointed. Or, well, a big ‘little’ brother that was disappointed. “Put today’s load of cum in the tanks. And start selling the previous loads, it’s $20,000 a ’protein shake’ and it’s good money.” Reggie ordered. Reggie stood authoritatively and towering over the small man. Brandon just nodded, his mouth awfully was dry. “Oh, and before I forget. That video I jerked off too on Pornhub is only supposed to be available on my website with a ten thousand dollar entry fee. Take it down.” The door slammed loudly shut behind the muscle stallion and Brandon was once again left alone. The tiny man obeyed his orders and went around doing what he was asked. He updated Reggie’s website listing the new ‘protein drinks’ promising awesome results. Brandon tried being happy with the thought his room wouldn’t be used as a storage unit for his brothers cum anymore, but the thought of not living in the big man’s musk was strangely uncomfortable. Brandon looked around but couldn’t find the labels he still had to slap op the bottles of poorly disguised cum. His brother probably had a few more lying around somewhere in the mansion. Brandon stepped outside, and wandered around for a few minutes. Reggie wasn’t in the dining room, or in game room. He found his brothers deep earthquake causing voice rise out from the kitchen. Brandon briefly glanced inside, but immediately took a few steps back. His brother had been standing in the middle of the kitchen floor, once again nude, and air fucking the bimbo from earlier. Reggie was probably upset his session from earlier had been so rudely interrupted by the old man Brandon had allowed in. One thing didn’t make sense however, the frail man was sitting there again, and his face hadn’t even been reduced to pulp. Brandon glanced into the room again, his brother wasn’t facing him and using the girl as a fleshjack. The frail man was jerking what looked to be the most pathetic cock in the world. Brandon couldn’t imagine the price tag on a session like this. It must cost the man a small fortune to have the privilege to jerk off while he watched while the biggest, sexiest man on the planet ruined his wife’s sacred passage. And god was he ruining her with his male perfection. The woman seemed nothing but a toy, an instrument, compared to the enclave of primal strength that made up Reggie’s body. She seemed to enjoy being treated like a pump for his throbbing oversized manhood however. She even managed to retain conscious enough to trace the veins criss-crossing over the swollen bicep of the black stud’s arm with her fingertips. “I bet I’m the biggest fucking guy you’ve ever been with.” Reggie loudly whispered in her ear. The bimbo could only reply with more moans of pleasure as she tried sliding down to take another inch of his throbbing fuck stick inside of her. She made a hard effort to not close her eyes in pleasure, wanting to savor every inch of Reggie’s muscularity while she learned the true meaning of bliss. Reggie seemed to consider the question he just asked for a moment, looking back and forth between the girl he was enjoying stretching out and the husband sitting in the corner. He clicked with his tongue. “It’s just too easy.” Reggie mumbled. His veined up and thick biceps, which had been used to effortlessly turn woman into his sex toy and suspend her in the air, gently placed her back on the ground. “What’s going on! You promised at least another two hours of fucking my wife. I paid good money for this!” The old man’s ferocious attitude was dampened with just one of Reggie’s intense glares. “ “Don’t worry man, you’ll get your money’s worth, and then some. Just need to…. Fix a few things.” Reggie mumbled while scratching an itch in the valley that made up his pecs. Brandon watched from the shadows while his brother opened up a small tightly locked vault nestled in the wall. “ “Oh no.” Brandon mumbled. “What’s that? A tablet?” The businessman asked in his nasally voice. Brandon couldn’t see the tablet in question, but he knew very well the only possession valuable enough to his brother he’d keep it tightly locked up. “I don’t recognize that brand. What does it say next to that genie logo on top, ‘Chronivac’? Have you ever heard of ‘Chronivac’ dear?” Brandon wasn’t the bimbo the frail old businessman has asked the question too, but he was all too familiar with the Chronivac. It was the device Reggie had used to break and bend reality with in accordance with his own whims. He had seen it just a few times. The first time was when Brandon, then still Bran, had come home from campus for the holidays. He had found his small brother Reginald obsessed by the tablet, Bran hadn’t even been sure where his wimpy bro had got it. His brothers preoccupied obsession had annoyed Bran, because who else was he gonna boast his lacrosse accomplishments to? By the time dawn broke the following morning Reginald’s, now Reggie’s, version of their lives started. A version of reality that seemed to at least be inspired by how the day’s prior events when Bran had flexed his seventeen inch bicep in front of his nerdy bro’s face while Reginald had the reality altering capable tablet in his lap. A version where Reggie had always been a giant stud of a man who was kind enough to house his wimp of a brother in his mansion. Brandon had seen the Chronivac just a few times after that. First so Reggie could grant his friends a smaller, less divine version of the godhood he had given himself. And then a couple of times after that whenever Reggie encountered a man with a body part larger than he had given himself. That’s how Reggie’s cock went from an already insane ten inches to an unbelievable cum cannon of thirteen inches. Brandon audibly swallowed, fearing for how his brother was going to use the all powerful device next. He feared a bit for the cuck’s safety, the man seemed to have gotten on his brother’s nerves. And things don’t end well for those who get on Reggie’s nerves, Brandon thought while looking at his own pathetic body. Reggie was feverishly tapping away on the tablet, leaving the couple looking at each other rather oddly. Brandon wondered how he was going to punish the man for the offense of existing in the same room as the primal sex god Reggie had become. Maybe Reggie was going to turn him dirt poor? Maybe only make him able to get off while watching how other men fucked his wife? Make him the cleaner that scrubbed away all the stains of pre-cum Reggie leaked around the house? “How much do you lift?” Reggie asked, in his thundering voice. The frail man looked around, half expecting someone to be behind him to whom the question was really aimed at. “I. Uh… Don’t understand.” The man said, while waving up and down his suited body. From how much his suit hung over his frame it should have been obvious he didn’t lift. Reggie smiled a wicked smile, and tapped a final time on the tablet before putting it away. He walked towards the couple, still completely nude. The Chronivac beeped “Changes applied” in a robotic voice from its safe spot back in the vault. “How much do you lift?” Reggie asked again. This time the businessman answered without skipping a beat. “330 Pounds on a good day” He proclaimed proudly, pounding on his outward jutting pecs for emphasis. If Brandon hadn’t already been familiar with the Chronivac and it’s abilities his mouth would have dropped wide open by now. Where mere moments ago had sat an old broken man, now a gray maned stallion rested. Some of his features had remained the same, but for the most part he was unrecognizable. His frail old body had made way for chunky muscles and a body that seemed to scream ‘Power!’ Brandon wondered for a moment why Reggie had rewarded the old man so. He had seemed more than a little annoyed at his existence just moments ago. Once Reggie started speaking however his plan became clear. “330? That isn’t even a warm-up weight for me.” The throbbing personification of manhood said while bouncing his pecs. “Guess that should have been to expected however, my pecs are an awful lot bigger than yours.” Reggie said while he strutted up right close to the newly hunky businessman, and let out a small chuckle. Reggie relished in emasculating men. But for men to be emasculated they have to have masculine pride to begin with. Reggie had just given the man a big body because now he had some self-esteem to actually crush while the man watched Reggie fuck the bimbo senselessly for hours. Reggie noticed the intense stares from both parties at his thick black sausage. It had gone soft again, and the uncut foreskin hung over it peacefully. “Hold on, I wanna check something.” Reggie mumbled. “Take out your cock.” He ordered, a grin already firmly planted on his face. The aged business hunk did not need much convincing. The meat he whipped out was also much different from the one Brandon had seen moments ago. It was big and virile now, like the body it was now attached to. It stood erect and was leaking, clearly aroused by the imposing powerful figure standing in front of him. From the distance Brandon was hiding from, he guessed it to be around eight inches long. Reggie’s cock remained completely soft, and he slowly pressed against the ripened white cock in front of him. Even while completely soft Reggie’s absurdly big cock seemed to be bigger than the eight-inch battering ram of the man. The alpha man let out a bellowing laugh. “Fuck, they crowned you ‘Best guy in porn’ with that cock? I’m not even hard I’m packing more heat than you.” Reggie said while pointing at his oversized cock for emphasis. Reggie let out another of signature cruel snickers while he pressed his soft meat more tightly into the silver haired stud. The ripened hunk’s breath slowed, clearly the sight of the erect white cock and the soft black one was arousing him just a bit. “God I’m such a fucking stud.” Reggie mumbled, letting just the slightest hint of disbelief intrude on his tone. As suddenly as Reggie had pressed their cocks together, he let them go. The big black man took a few steps back, and easily lifted the bimbo over his shoulders, letting her rest in between his mountainous chest while tightly keeping her in place by placing one of his gigantic mittens on her protruding ass. “C’mon then, I’ll show you how a real man fucks your girl.” Reggie said, while leading the way back to his bedroom with his big strides. Brandon had bundled up in the shadows and saw how Reggie was closely followed by the matured new hunk. When he heard the headboard slamming continue from upstairs he slowly arose from his hiding spot. Brandon tried to ignore his cock, which was painfully hard again, and walked into the kitchen intending to just grab a snack. Constant arousal makes a man hungry, even if he is pathetic looking. But before he could even take something from the fridge something else caught his eye. Something extraordinary careless. Something which Brandon hadn’t allowed himself to dream off even in his most pleasant nights. The vault housing the Chronivac was still open. Reggie must have gotten distracted by his instant urge to humiliate the second biggest guy in the room to remember to properly lock away the all powerful machine. Brandon’s hands shook while he took the tablet into his hands. The tablet turned on with a bleep. “CHANGE EVERYTHING” Quickly flashed in bold black letters on the screen while the Chronivac logo slowly faded in. Brandon still couldn’t believe it. This had to be some scheme of his brother again, right? Something else to punish him? There was only one way to find out. Testing it. Brandon made his way through the open tabs on the tablet. Sliders and boxes to check filled the screen in an unorganized and messy manner. Whoever had made the machine capable of messing with the fabric of space and time clearly wasn’t a graphic designer. His finger finally ended up on a name he thought he could use as a guinea pig. Taylor. Big Biceps Taylor. As soon as he opened up the window of Taylor’s name the Chronivac listed a plethora of suggested changes. Brandon could make Taylor even bigger. He could give Taylor an insatiable appetite for fucking the girls stretched out by Reggie. He could turn Taylor into a submissive shell of his former self who was only good for doing the dishes. Brandon bit his lips. So many options, better to start small. Lost in the sea of options Brandon’s eyes caught sight of the sexual orientation slider. Now that was interesting. A few moments, and a few sliders and checked boxes later, Brandon thought he was ready to see if this tablet really was the device capable of altering reality his brother had toyed with. Before Brandon could hit ‘Submit’ the Chronivac asked him who should be aware of the new changes. He unticked his brothers name, leaving only him to remember all the iterations of reality and history the universe had just gone through for the past few weeks. After a few seconds the device gave a pleasant buzz. “Changes applied” it murmured over its small speakers. Brandon couldn’t wait so see the result, quickly running to the home gym. He tightly clutched the Chronivac in his hands, still not entirely sure if this wasn’t one of his brothers cruel jokes. Looking into the home gym quickly convinced him the device he was holding was really capable of bending reality to his whims. Inside Taylor was still busy with his workout. Only now workouts included sucking Cayden off while he did his bench presses. Taylor’s long blond stylish hairs bounced up and down while he excitedly and with great expertise worked his friends shaft. “Nothing better than having testosterone pump through you while working out, right guys?” Cayden asked the filled out home gym, who all thought it was completely normal that Big Biceps Taylor was on his knees giving his best friend some head. Like he wasn’t the beast who had fucked his way through the entire cheerleading team. Taylor was working that engorged dick like it was his everyday business, licking along the veins of the shaft while he played around with Cayden’s plump and outward jutting pecs. It clearly got Cayden going, who grabbed the blond hunk by his hair and forced more of his manhood with the girth of a coke can into Taylor’s welcoming throat. Brandon’s head twirled for a moment before his mind cleared again. He had the most powerful device in the entire universe in the palms of scrawny hands. Time to set some things right. Brandon made his way back the kitchen, and opened up his own profile. He let his eyes hover over the recommended changes for a moment, grinning with glee while reading them. Brandon could turn himself into freak who completely overshadowed big Reggie. With a cock so enormous it could even make his brother’s oversized meaty rod look small. He could turn himself into the big bro again, like it was before Reggie meddled with things. The thought of having his own powerful black skinned body which oozed male sexuality made his still puny dick rock hard. Brandon was fully ready to turn himself into a paragon of muscle and size, but before he could hit the button applying the computer generated preset, he hesitated. Wouldn’t he and Reggie be back to start if he did that? Reggie would be back to being the smaller brother again, even if he was still a 6’8 feet of power. And as evident from the tortuous reality Reggie had created, that at every moment was to reinforce Reggie’s status as the big man between them, Reggie clearly thought he had a score to settle with Brandon for being the brother in the athletic spotlight for so long. Than an ever more demanding question jumped into Brandon’s mind. Did he really hate being the smaller brother as much as Reggie clearly did? Sure, the current version of reality was hell, but also an… Enjoyable hell? Not many versions of reality can make you orgasm multiple times of day without even having to touch your dick. And of course, some of that was his brothers work the and Chronivac’s programming, messing with his mind, but some of that was also Brandon’s own deep-rooted desires for servitude and humiliation, something that had even existed when he had still been a star Lacrosse player and a hunk. Now that Brandon had the ability to change everything and everyone in the world, he noticed how surprisingly okay he was with most of it. He could just make Reggie love being the smaller man, but Brandon would always carry the memories of his giant, rage filled, brother. Playing with Reggie to that extent just wouldn’t feel real. Brandon thought for a moment that I might be best not to change anything at all. Well, there was still the fact that he only saw Reggie when the big guy felt the need to once again state his superiority over small Brandon. The puny guy only saw his brother when the latter wanted to show off how great his cock looked when it was draped in other people’s bodily fluids. Brandon noticed only now how much he missed his brother. He just wanted both of them to be happy. But there was no need to feel sad, the Chronivac could fix things. Patch em right up, make Brandon be the only one remembering things when they still were out of order. Brandon smiled, he knew exactly what sliders to play with to set things right again. What buttons to turn to fix things. What to do to mend the scars Reggie had gashed into reality. Brandon knew how to repair the universe that was broken. --------------------- Three hours had passed and Brandon still wasn’t done. His eyes had been reduced to slits while he was sitting in one of the kitchen chairs with his mouth open. He only half remembered to breath while his fingers feverishly flew over the screen. Brandon wasn’t leaving anything to chance. Brandon was so focused he didn’t even notice the house settling down and the sounds of sex coming from Reggie’s room slowly dying down. He was to obsessed with making sure every detail would be perfect he didn’t even hear the loud thuds of the giant man walking down the stairs. Brandon was so distracted he didn’t even see his big beefy brother till his shadow was looming over him. “Did you steal my iPad to jerk off to vids of me again?” Reggie snarled, while he grabbed Brandon by the collar and dangled him in the air for the second time that day. He must have not noticed the Chronivac logo on the tablet yet. Probably didn’t even consider someone else could mess up his perfect storm. Brandon couldn’t waste any more time, Reggie would probably register the logo in a few seconds and when he did all hell would break loose. He gave one last glance down at the tablets screen, seeing the long, long list of changes he’d apply to the fabric of space and time. He made sure his brother was set to ‘oblivious to changes’ like the rest of the world. Brandon saw Reggie’s eyes grow wild while he glanced over the black lettering spelling ‘Chronivac’. Brandon’s time was up. “Changes apply in: 12 Hours.” The robotic voice of the Chronivac chirpily announced. Fire sprung from muscular alpha’s eyes. Now Reggie’s time was up too. “What the fuck did you do, Brandon?” Reggie said. Fear was present in his voice. For the first time since he had turned his voice into a deep booming bass he sounded like Reginald, the chronically anxious nerd. Brandon shrugged. “I’ll guess we’ll see in twelve hours?” Brandon meekly tried. It took all the courage in his feeble body to look Reggie in the eyes. Reggie snatched the Chronivac out of Brandon’s hands. But as the small man had gambled, he couldn’t see the changes Brandon had queued. For a moment Reggie looked dumbfounded. His glorious chest glistered in afternoon sun. Sunlight always seemed to bend to hit his deep black chest whenever he was shirtless. He was wearing his pajama pants again, freeballing of course, there was no jock or underwear that could contain his manhood. Brandon didn’t he’d ever seen his brother’s bulge so flaccid, must be the terror. The dumbfoundedness lasted for a moment, and then Reggie regained his cocky composure. A grin once again adorned his face, like he was once again the most powerful man in the universe. He let Brandon drop to the ground, and walked out of the kitchen with big strides. Brandon ran behind him, panting to keep up with him. Still with the Chronivac in his hand Reggie walked outside into the yard, carelessly dropping the important machine on one of the logs Reggie used whenever he wanted to show off his woodcutting skills. “Careful! You’ll break it!” Brandon said, looking a bit anxiously at how Reggie treated the Chronivac. Reggie chuckled. Reggie left the Chronivac be and ran over to the shed at the far end of the large yard. Brandon made sure the device was still working, the “CHANGE EVERYTHING” tagline as it booted up reassuring him. It wasn’t like Reggie or Reginald to so carelessly treat his electronics. “Move. Or you’re getting smashed too.” Reggie’s deep voice boomed. Brandon had to crane his eyes fully upward to see what the big man was talking about. A heavy sledge hammer was resting in one of the big man’s thick hands. “Jesus Christ! Reginald what the fuck are you doing? Do you know what kind of power you’d breaking if you let that hammer come down?” Brandon didn’t even notice he had used Reggie’s ‘wimp name’ while in deep shock. Reggie’s tight grip over him was slipping, and the magic’s of the Chronivac hadn’t even been involved. Seeing the biggest, most muscular man you know in a state of absolute terror will do that. “I’m not going back to being a wimp again. I’m smashing this thing before those changes you queued will apply. You have one second to move or your brains are getting squashed alongside that tablet.” Reggie growled. Brandon wanted to calmly and rationally explain the changes he had made wouldn’t turn Reggie into a wimp, but he already saw the hammer come down. He skittered away just in time to see the sledgehammer make contact with the most powerful piece of hardware in the known universe. For a moment Brandon hoped the Chronivac would have been built to withstand such a blow. That whatever force had put it together, would have made sure it would have been immune to the damage caused by one of the most strongest men on earth swinging one of his sturdiest tools in the world at it. Turns out that even the people capable of putting a tablet together with the ability to alter reality can’t prepare it for the force of an angry Reggie using his mountainous muscles in a hammer swing. There was just a small, sad, cracking noise before the device’s screen splintered into a thousand pieces. On the wooden log the Chronivac laid broken, broken like the reality it had helped create. Reggie exhaled, his wide shoulders rumbling while he put the hammer down. “I guess that’s over.” He said, rather matter of factly. Brandon still couldn’t quite believe his brother had just smashed the most powerful object in the universe. He stammered for a moment, unable to find the words he was looking for. “Even if I turned you into a miserable twerp again, wouldn’t you just have been able to turn that back as long as you would have had the Chronivac?” Brandon asked, his thoughts scattered like the glass of the broken Chronivac. Brandon was beginning to feel like it had been a bad idea to queue the changes rather than applying them right away. His one chance at making things better seemed to have been squashed. Literally. “Who says you’d still have me be capable of using the Chronivac in whatever alteration you had cooked up? Too much of a gamble.” Reggie said with a shrug. “Besides, I was getting bored with having all that power at my disposal anyway.” Brandon thought that sounded a lot like the time Reggie had played off a string of bad moves in monopoly like grand social statement against capitalism, but knew better than to speak off it. He had allowed himself to entertain the possibility of making things better for far too long, it was time he’d grow to accept this version of reality instead. Reggie strutted back indoors, his bimbo and her now beefy husband were probably gone, but it never took long for Reggie to find another girl to stretch open. Brandon gave one last respectful glance at the broken Chronivac and moved back inside as well. Now that he didn’t have the prospect of his ‘improvements’ to look forward too he thought the world looked a lot more grim. The small and broken man slipped into his small room, even though it was barely five o’clock he felt awfully tired. Tired enough he didn’t even have to jerk off while the intense musk of his brother invaded his nose, the bottles of Reggie’s cum silently watched while Brandon dozed off for what was supposed to be a nap. A nap Brandon wouldn’t wake up from for another twelve hours. While Reggie continued to unload his balls for the 5th time that day, and Brandon was deep asleep, a low buzzing sound could be heard outside. It originated from the broken Chronivac, that even with a shattered screen continued to operate perfectly. “Changes apply in: 11 Hours” It announced in a muffled voice. -------------------------- When Brandon woke up that morning the first thing he noticed was his brothers deep and intense musk. That wasn’t necessarily out of the ordinary, if you spend the night with your brother’s bottled cum the smell tends to be pretty noticeable. But this musk was different, it was… Fresher? Brandon yawned. Stretching his limbs and slowly reacquainting himself with the world. His slow reacquainting was rudely interrupted when his hand bumped into a boulder of granite like flesh. Muscles. There was only one man he could wake up close too with muscles like that, Reggie. Brandon’s eyes sprung open, his giant of a brother was peacefully snoring next to him. “Shit” Brandon mumbled. Did he fall asleep while on condom duty again? Brandon tried rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, but found the events of preceding sleep rather hard to recount. Images of sledge hammer hazily shot through his mind. All of Brandon’s thoughts were interrupted when he saw himself in the mirror standing at the foot of Reggie’s bed. The image staring back at him was not that of puny Brandon. “Oh fuck yes, yeah, keep that up Brandon.” Reggie mumbled in his sleep, his morning wood slowly pushed the blankets away while it rose to its mouthwatering full size. Brandon wondered for a moment what dreams could stir the beast that was his brother so, but went back right away too looking at his reflection. He touched his face, having to reaffirm to himself this was real. It was real, the Chronivac must have completed its task besides having a sledgehammer get thrown into it. Brandon traced his face with his soft fingers. No longer was he repulsive and acne ridden. He wasn’t handsome old self either, he was… Cute. A tight angular face with sparkling blue eyes, the eye color dancing beautifully against his clear and smooth black skin. Brandon had to see the rest of the changes. Carefully not to rouse the giant snoring and mumbling next to him Brandon lifted himself out of bed. His fully nude body looked back at him in the mirror. He was still small, lithe probably was a better word. He had muscles and definition, but nothing that would rival his brother, or any of the guys downstairs. No, his asset was his lower half. Thick thighs rubbed together with his every move. The meat making up his legs was sensitive, the way the rubbed together was oddly arousing. The most prized possession of his new body was visible even when it wasn’t facing the mirror, it spilled out that much. It was his butt, his beautiful, bubblicious butt. Round and perky it’d make every girl jealous. An abandoned kinky jockstrap laid lonely on the floor. Brandon picked it up, and knowing it was his. It reeked like his brother, but the text “Reggie’s Bitch” didn’t quite seem like something the giant would wear himself. Brandon smiled while looking in the mirror, his ass was even more sensitive than his thighs. His lips felt dry, and he only now noticed how plump they were. If a body could scream a word, Brandon’s body would likely softly and shyly whisper: “Cum Dump”. Brandon couldn’t stop himself from giggling, the sight of his body made him happy. The pleased tittering was a girlish sound, his voice seemed to be an octave higher than before. The sound slowly roused the giant still in the bed. Reggie scratched an itch in between his fluff coated pecs. He slowly pushed against his rock hard morning wood, pleasure shooting through every fiber of his muscular body as his mammoth sized cock felt the giant mitten close around it. “Get back in bed.” Reggie growled. It was an order, but his voice carried a more playful tone than yesterday. Like he was self-aware about the absurdity of what he was saying. Brandon let out another giggle. He was still standing at the foot of the bed and shook his ass from side to side, tempting the big man in bed to be the first one to make a move. Well, that was what Brandon wanted to think this looked like, in reality he just had to be 101% sure every change he had selected in the Chronivac came through. “Oh? And why would I want to come back in bed?” Brandon said while flashing an innocent smile. Reggie didn’t see the need to reply, instead he just lifted the small man up in the air and dumped him on his ripped abdomen. Brandon continued pouting his lips innocently, while feeling the deep grooves of his brothers 8-pack with his fingers. “Oh I think you know very well why I need you in bed.” Reggie said while giving his brother a seductive wink. On queue Reggie’s meaty rod gave a throb and coated Brandon’s jockstrap in another layer of his pre-cum. Brandon locked with his brothers emerald green eyes, and threw his one piece of clothing on the ground. Careful not to hurt the small guy Reggie flipped Brandon over, the small guy’s face now nestled on the black man’s powerful chest. Without any further warning one of the biggest cocks in the world forced itself in between Brandon’s stuffed buns. Brandon squealed in delight, the experience making his eyes flutter. Most butts needed to be trained for years to work up to a cock that big, let alone the hours of foreplay needed to open the ass to accept such a threatening phallus. Brandon however didn’t have to complain about a thing while he was stretched wide open however. The Chronivac’s work, obviously. Now, some might find it odd to use the most powerful machine in the galaxy to turn yourself into your brother’s personal cum dump, but Brandon would disagree. He had thought about it long and hard, and found this alteration of reality to most suitable for everyone’s happiness. If he had paid attention to his Philosophy classes during the original version of reality, when he had still been an athlete floating through college on sport accomplishments, he might have called it the Utilitarian approach. He was too much in cloud nine because of the cock that was throbbing inside his sensitive ass to think about what Jeremy Bentham would do with in this dilemma however. Really what he had done was just taking the seeds his brother had planted and taking them a lil’ further. Reggie had wanted Brandon at all times to feel humiliated by showing off his new enormous size. But he had also made it so that Brandon was extremely aroused by hunky and muscular men. Clearly the two could easily be combined. Slowly Reggie stood up, making his way through the bedroom while continuing to let Brandon rest on his cock. While walking, he slowly started using Brandon’s lithe body to jack himself off, always nearly taking the mushroom head of his cock out of Brandon’s ass before slamming his full size back in. Brandon let out a slew of soft whimpers and moans, and clutched around Reggie’s thin waist with his beefy legs. The big man didn’t need the extra support to keep Brandon suspended in the air, but the sensation of muscle digging in his sensitive thighs managed to make the feeling of the thick throbbing cock stretching him open even better. “To imagine you almost messed with this perfect version of the world.” Reggie muttered in soft heaving breaths that betrayed his arousal. He let out a grunt of pleasure when he felt Brandon teasing him and tightening his hole. Brandon almost wanted to tell his big bro that he had messed with reality, that just like his big bro, he had broken down and rebuild reality according to his own desires. But another moan escaped his lips, and he couldn’t let out a word. The door of the bedroom opened up and Zack, his brother’s best friend, walked in. His pecs were already full and pumped even in the early hours of the day. “Aw, you already started without me?” The young bodybuilder said with a chuckle. He dropped his own gym shorts, revealing another big bulge. “I think I’m gonna try those adorably plump lips out for a spin...” Zack said while eyeing the cute piece of eye candy that Brandon had become. Brandon heard himself swallow. Maybe making all of his brother’s big and horny friends into dumping their loads into him had been taking it a step too far. Oh well, at least he now had Reggie’s strong arms to comfort him. Brandon thought having Reggie stuff his enormous cock down his ass every morning would be a hell he could live with. ----------------------------- Outside the house the Chronivac gave off a new buzzing hum and a set of nonsensical beeps. It vibrated a bit on its resting place of the wooden log. It was happy it had managed to fulfill its purpose of making reality a better place. It gave out a last electronic whirl, and then shut down for good.
  10. That's Olivier Richters, also known as the Dutch Giant. He's 7'2/7'3 so Seth is getting close 😛
  11. I've been loving these last few chapters for the development with Trev's en Seth's characters. The idea that some nobody has grown up to be big man on campus and the alpha wherever he goes continues to be extremely hot. Love the fact that Seth is turning into such a handsome stud. That said, I think I kind of have to agree with the comments above, Seth is definitely entering abusive behaviour. He acknowledges that Seth's confession took a lot of guts to put forward in part 7, but then actively uses that information to humiliate Trev in part 8. The fact that Trevor get's off on the behaviour doesn't make it okay for a friend to do, not without their explicit consent. I'll emphasize it's absolutely fine to make Seth and abusive dipshit, but then the story (and Trevor) have to recognise and notice Seth's toxicity. The story so far has sketched the two friends as being on equal moral footing (The 'you're just being jealous' remarks come to mind) while it's becoming increasingly clear Seth is using their friendship as a way to make himself shine even brighter and being the abuser. I'd also stress that the reason you've got so many comments is because of you're enormous talent as a writer Dred, people are just so easily drawn into these characters you've created because of it. Hope that sort of explains me adding my comment to the rapidly growing pile analysing Seth's behaviour
  12. New Brody here (https://muscle-growth.org/blogs/entry/259-jock-sale/?tab=comments#comment-344), thought I'd answer your questions real quick before I'm back to my daily legendary fuck sessions. 1. What are the biggest changes you feel about this new body compared to your old body? Fuck man, where do I start! I used to be so intimidated by everything. Scared of any kind of social encounter. Anxious when talking to people. Living in chronic fear made so weak and tirid looking. This new body doesn't have any of that. I've got more testosterone pumping through my system than 5 normal guys combined. Comes with having bullsized balls I guess. That just makes me just feel so good about everything. So confident. When I meet new people now they just can't help but ogle my bulging muscles. Their mouths water and they can't help but stutter as they catch sight the oversized cock hanging down the leg of my pants. I'm not intimated anymore, people are intimidated by me. 2. How is life being a pro bodybuilder now. Are you adapting well to it? Haha, how do you think I'd like taking pictures for my instagram each day and getting nothing but messages of lust and envy from my millions of followers? Each day I just post a gym selfie, my muscles ballooning bigger with pump that any of my pathetic followers could ever imagine being, and get showered in requests to stretch open their girlfriends (and their own) holes. It's fucking awesome. I've been thinking about competing in a bodybuilder competition, you know, overshadow some guys standing on stage. Yet to find a poser that won't look obscene however. 3. How different do people treat you now? People treat me with the respect an alpha body like this deserves. They move away without me having to ask. Their stares linger on my outward jutting pecs when they're hanging out of my dress shirts. Guys try to sneak peaks at my 'equipment' in the gym showers. People worship the ground I stand on. Guys realise they'll never be half the man I am after periods of envy and do anything to curry my favor. It's fucking hilarious. You know this guy from work, Mark or whatever, he used to be the big guy in our office, the Alpha if you will. Obviously when I arrived in this new hunky body that changed, once I showed him videos of me curling what he benches his cocky demeanor couldn't drop fast enough. He was jealous for a while, eyeing me with rage while I got myself promoted to CEO. Once that video leaked of my secretary chocking on my fuckstick however he suddenly wanted to be friends. When you can't be the alpha in the room, being friends with the alpha is the second best thing. I made him come along as my lifting partner to the gym. Fuck that was funny as shit. Seeing inadequacy spread over his face while I lifted more than he could ever dream off, nothing more entertaining. I even let him watch while I ruined his girlfriend by stretching her open. I couldn't help but comment on how tight she was, I think with my thick long cock was the first time she was really 'fucked' if you will, his puny dick probably couldn't bring her an ounce of pleasure. The best part? He still wanted to be friends after I let him watch me fucking his girl, I swear it's just the funniest shit. I get why Brody screwed all those people over now, they just let you get away with anything if you're a stud. People treat like you're a god. 4. If you were to buy your old body back as a slave what would you do to it? (As I understand you knew the old Brody back in college.) Probably enjoy using him as nothing but a cum dump in between my intense fuckings. I like dumping my massive loads of spunk into twinks as much as into girls, and he's got a tight little throat. Knowing it is Brody, former alpha in that body helps make the experience even better. He can clean out my jocks after, his tongue is the only thing that can clean my worn jocks after a day of use. You should call him by his new slave name by the way, Broderick. Brody is way to jocky of a name for the pathetic twerp so I changed it after 'adaption'. Broderick is settling into his new role nicely as my maid and cum dump. He still has a little trouble with constantly shooting his loads when I haven't permitted him too however, he says my muscles just arouse him too much. I'm working on it, but Broderick is being a obedient little bitch otherwise. 5. Anything you would like to say to Old Brody? Should have stayed in school, dipshit.
  13. AdonisObsessed

    Jock Sale

    Het Goggletan, Wasn't all that surprised to see Brody on here, I knew him from college before he dropped out after a few months. He was a freshman, few years younger than me, and quickly seized control of campus as the big man on the grounds. All the senior year athletes just had to had to stand by and watch as he fucked his way through their girlfriends, Big Brody has always been an big hung alpha muscle stud. He dropped out after a few months though, said the huge money was on the internet and that college degrees were useless to superior men like him. I remember him walking off campus with a smirk, promising us he and his muscular body were gonna be a super star in a few years. I guess it didn't work out, going by the fact he'll need to sell his body to pay off his debt. Anyways, back when he was still around he scared me out of the gym. His endless laughing and humiliating made me unable to work out. And when he left I didn't have the motivation to return. It shows, I've grown pudgy over the years. My acne remains insistent, even know that I'm nearly passing the halfway point on my twenties. I'm not even interested in chicks anymore, all I do is beat my meat to the videos of Brody stretching open the quarterback's girl. The memories of his musky smell from when I got the honour of sitting behind him in class is what usually pushes me over the edge when jerking off. I'm doing pretty well for myself otherwise. You know, if you ignore the pathetic body. I've landed a well paying job. A very well paying job. Seeing that ad, I thought it be hilarious to just buy Brody's body. Just to give him a "I told you so" about staying in school to earn the big bucks. When his oversized cock is swinging in front of him while he's trapped inside my twerpy from he'd probably get the message.
  14. (Originally posted on my Tumblr) Comparing I never understood why my lifting partner had such a complete obsession with being bigger than me. He always tried to put a few extra weights on when we were lifting together. He wore weird shoes with thick soles so he could be just an inch taller than me. And he always felt the need to comment how much more of a ‘man’ he was, even though the difference between us was minimal. And, if anything, I was pretty sure I beat him in almost every regard. I was stronger, and bigger, yet he insisted that he was the man between us two. It irritated me to no end, and his latest obsession was about my dick. I was pretty hung, and when you shower together after hitting the gym for a few years my lifting partner was bound to find out. Recently however he had been 'joking’ about how I supposedly only was a 'shower’ and that, if he got hard, my far below average lifting buddy would really outgrow me. And if anyone should know I was very well endowed it should have been him. Wasn’t it the girl he had a crush on I ‘accidentally’ send a pic of, being penetrated by my fully hard battering ram? That had really pissed him off a while ago, I assumed he had been looking at my 8 incher as well when he jerked off to her in that pic. At first I just brushed it off, my 8 inches of heat had never disappointed anyone, so I tried to not let it bother me. But something about him repeating it, every, single, day, really got to me. So after the third joke that day at the expense of my beautiful cock I just told him: “Fine, we’ll hold a little dick measuring contest, if that will shut you up.” It did, he looked at me with slight unease. I was going to love wiping of that smirk from his face. And so I came to sit in my private backyard with my dick in one hand and an old playboy in the other. My lifting buddy, looking rather anxious now, with the ruler opposite of me. My cock never needed that much encouragement. It got hard easy and stayed that way as long as I wanted, and soon pre started leaking out of my cock head. It was a little over 8 inches and hard as steel. I looked over my to spotter, who also looked about as hard as he would get, and still not much larger than 4 inches. I raised my eyebrow at my spotter. “Think measuring is a little redundant, no?” I asked, wiggling my cock around in my hand. “No man, you’ll see, just measure your one first, I’ll really get hard in a minute.” I thought he looked at my cock with just a little too much excitement. Of course he was just a fucking fag, who wanted to see my massive cock, I knew it. Even more pathetic was that he couldn’t even admit he had lost when the it was swinging in front of his face. But if it would shut him up… I grabbed the ruler, doing my best job with the tools available. “8.2 Inches” I exclaimed triumphantly. “Come on man, you expect me to believe that?” Of course I did, because he had been looking at me while I had measured. I sighed. I really wanted to get this over with. “Want me to measure again?” He nodded, the assured expression that was now plastered on his face making me slightly uneasy. I put ruler next to my cock again, my mind not really processing the results when I read them out loud. “6.1 Inches.” I said. I wanted to scream that wasn’t right but… I felt a headache pass through as slowly my memories seemed to become less clear. I packed eight inches of heat, right? My memories seemed now to disagree. Encounters with hot chicks who had noticed my bulge fading into nothingness, and being replaced with more average sex with a more average dick. Yeah, I had nothing to be ashamed off, six inches still got the deal done, most of the time, and it was well above average. I scratched my head, wondering where I had gotten the idea I had some massive cock down my trousers. I looked over at my spotting partner, who’s cock indeed seemed to have gotten larger when I was busy measuring. He looked to pack around six inches too now, looking just a centimeter or two smaller than me. I wanted to hand him the ruler so we could get this over with, still confident I was going to win this, but he just shook his head. “Nah man, I’m still not fully hard.” His self-assured expression turned a little more wicked. “Besides, little man, 6.1 inches seems way too large for your tiny dick, measure it again.” The confident me, who would have told that fairy to get out of his house and to ogle dicks elsewhere, seemed weirdly unavailable. So I just grabbed the ruler again, and placed it next to my dick. “2 Inches” I admitted meekly, reading the results from the ruler. New memories flooded my mind. Girls being disappointed the hot bod came with so little cock. Embarrassing moments in the shower where I had to cover up my little penis. Years of humiliation for my tiny endowment were now ever-present in my memory, of course I wasn’t average, I was pathetic. My lifting partner smiled, stroking his massive cock with a smile like it was the first time he was holding his legendary fuck stick. I could always see his massive bulge through his gym shorts, it’s contents bouncing happily when we did cardio together. Girls biting their lips whenever they spotted his manly manhood through his trousers. The showers falling silent when he walked in, with that log swinging between his legs. “Give me the ruler, buddy, this is about as hard as I’m gonna get.” I handed him the ruler, but his cock extended just a little further than the ten inches it was equipped to measure. “Well, my cock is somewhere over ten inches then I guess. I think we can say I won, right?” I nodded, not even sure why I had called the dick measuring contest in the first place. Well, I did know, to see his mouth-watering sized cock hard in the flesh of course, all those videos of him jerking off online just weren’t enough for me anymore. I smiled, slapping my lifting partner on the back. “At least I still got the bigger muscles.” I said, playfully. My spotter’s expression turned sour, his face turning dark as he mumbled some words in a weird sounding foreign language. I felt dizzy for a moment, before refining my footings. I slapped him on his ass again, the bulging glutes shaking pleasantly in my frail and bony arm. His handsome face having a very satisfied expression on his thick neck, as he guided my mouth to his jaw breaking cock. I couldn’t believe that I had the honor of being able to worship my buddy, the international fitness icon before he went to the gym. His 8-pack glistened in the sun of his private outdoor yard, his muscles seeming just as bulging and massive as usual. He always asked me join him when he went to the gym to train that massive body of his, but I always respectfully declined. My slender frame had no place in a gym, I could train my bubble butt at home. Before taking his gigantic member in my mouth, and letting him use me like the cum rag I am, I managed to muffle out: “Funny how we’re the same height, ain’t it? Guess even you have stay stuck at 5′11.” He just smiled while shoving his enormous shaft down my throat, the sound of some weird foreign words he was mumbling drowned out by my puny body moaning.
  15. (Originally posted on my Tumblr) Becoming a man. Little Daniel had been the latest of the Branson family to turn 18. And just all of his 10 brothers before him, his 18 birthday had been mostly filled with moaning and puffing as his tiny little frame suddenly swelled with muscle and testosterone. It had been a stressful day for him, he had woken up frail and weak and with a body that would be put to shame by most 12 year olds, and by the time he blew out the candles on his birthday cake his clothes were bursting and was he growing a beard. “Just is the Branson way, lil Danny” His uncle would rumble while shoving cake down his extraordinarily muscled neck. “Why do puberty over 6 years when you can do it all at once.” His bodybuilder sized farther would chime in. But in between all his older brothers and nephews wanting to compare cock sizes and some distant uncle trying to tell him about the birds and the bees in the most erotic way possible Daniel just couldn’t wait for this day to end. So he had sneaked out, and had been quietly growing in the backyard against the wall for the last thirty minutes. Well, as quietly as you can call whimpering every time his muscles swelled bigger. Daniel’s peaceful growth was suddenly disturbed. “Is that you? Danny, my god you’ve grown!” To Danny’s horror he saw his hot MILF of a neighbor in nothing but a bikini peeking over the fence. “OH, hi miss Clarence.” He meekly called out, his voice alternating between his boyish voice and manly tremor. “Oh I’ve got to come take a closer look at my birthday boy.” She quickly jumped over the fence, her tits juggling wildly as she did so. “I’m very naked!” Daniel called out as a helpless final warning. “A little nudity has never killed anyone. Let me seen how tall you’ve grown!” It was taking every ounce of willpower within Daniel to not grow hard as his neighbor slowly jogged towards him. In the Baywatch sort of way, where ever hot part of a woman is in full display. “My, my, aren’t you a big birthday boy!” Miss Clarence apologetically eyed every piece of the shy hunk standing in front of her. She bit hardly on her lip and felt pleasure move throughout every part of her body. “So big…” A whimper escaped her lips. “So strong…” She gently caressed his bicep. Miss Clarence continued her soft caressing, stroking through the new hairs that were sprouting every second throughout Daniel’s body. New shock waves of growth spread through his body, slowly pushing him past 6′4. “Oh please tell me you got wonderfully spoiled for this big day.” Miss Clarence managed to murmur while her bikini was getting increasingly wet. “My parent’s gave me… gave me this wonderful… wonderful set of…” Daniel interrupted himself. “Aw fuck yeah.” Was all he could say as his biceps grew past 18 inches. He put a hand behind his head, flexing the newly grown muscle and deeply lost in pleasure as his neighbor managed to find new crevices with her fingertips.. “…Gave me this wonderful set of.. of.. of XXXL condoms.” His cock jumped alive, and even though he was standing in a puddle of his own cum already his cannon or his balls seemed no worse for wear. As miss Clarence circled his very plump nipples, his pecs growing in the process she slowly saw the last of her shy neighbor drain out of the incredible piece of meat standing in front of her. His unsure moans were traded for grunts, the last remnants of his squeaky voice erased as his tremor took over and he drew short breaths. “But my favorite birthday gift came from you, Miss Clarence” “Oh.” She managed to wimper, while Daniel’s thick digits removed the remnants of her soaked bikini. “Yeah, something tells me this fuck is going to be the gift of a lifetime.” Danny effortlessly raised her petit form, and smashed her down on his 10-inch cock.
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