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  1. The guys on the left/right are the Vinci twins. Unfortunately they have since deleted their Instagram, where this pic was likely first posted, so it's no longer possible to find out who they tagged. Did a reverse image search but couldn't find anything. I hope someone else happens to know because I have no idea.
  2. The Underwear Run. “Are you sure you don’t want to join us?” Andrew asked in his nasally voice. Max looked at his three runty friends, standing in nothing but their boxers, a bit quizzically. He nodded no, still unsure if the scrawny nerds were pulling his leg. The two pale and thin geeks next to Andrew were softly mumbling among themselves. Max could faintly make out the enchantment they had been mumbling all week about ‘bathing in the light of the blood moon’ and ‘running laps three around the house of better men.’ Max had seen the spell in the old tome, and was sure if this wasn’t a prank from his friends, it was probably a cruel joke from the campus jocks. I mean, who believed that magic could turn you into a muscular stud? “I’ll pass, thanks. Have fun being branded as weirdo’s for while while you run around naked.” Max said with a soft chuckle. “Nearly naked.” Andrew corrected, riding the bridge of his glasses back up his nose. Max thought that the lack of any bulge whatsoever revealed more about Andrew than seeing his pitiful completely naked form probably could show off. “Alright, your loss.” Andrew said with a shrug, his boney shoulders looking ghostly as the walked out doors Max couldn’t recall the last time he had seen his weak friends being so desperate. ------------------ Max could hear his friends approach from quite the distance before they stepped back into the living room a few minutes later. “Did you see Stacey ogle over these pecs.” “Fuck no man, she was totally looking barely contained salami.” “Right guys, Hate to break it to you, but she was totally swooning over my good looks.” That earned a bouldering laughter from all three men as Max saw them strut back into the living room. It was clear whatever spell they had tried, it hadn’t done shit. They still looked like young american gods of sexiness and size. “Back already?” Max asked meekly, feeling his modest penis jump seeing the three virile muscle hunks that were ballooning out of their skin and out of their only garment. “Yeah. The magic thingy did fuck all.” Andy said, throwing a cocky grin at the way Max was swooning at their nearly nude legendary bodies. The three studs swaggered over to the large mirror standing in the living room. They never wasted a moment they could be checking out their sick ‘gainz.’ “Was pretty fun running around campus nearly nude though. Got plenty of guys trying to dent these steel like bi’s. Fuck this one guy shot his load right in front of his girlfriend while he tried out how solid Andy’s abs were.” Another one of the super studs chirped in. All three big men had to adjust their extremely formidable packages simultaneously at the mention of the encounter. Max had known his friends long enough that he knew they loved nothing more than proving their superiority over other men. God, with bodies like theirs, who wouldn’t. “Shit man, your monster is still hanging out of your gym shorts.” Andy said with a chuckle, grabbing the meaty shaft of his fellow muscle hunk with a grin. “And your tongue is still hanging out of those hot lips of yours.” Was all he got a reply before the two went in for a kiss. Max tried pulling his gaze away but had some difficulty. One the one hand, he wanted to give his friends the privacy they deserved, on the other hand, seeing the urgency of their heated making out session, their muscles rubbing into each other, it wasn’t a sight you’d find much elsewhere. “C’mon guys, you know how I feel about being left out.” The last ripped and hot guy in the room said with a chuckle, slowly tracing Andy’s skin with his tongue. It wasn’t long before the living room was filled with groans and moans of the fit super studs as they whispered just how sensitive their big muscles were. “We’ll take this to our room.” Andy said while softly biting on his equal’s lips. The other two greek gods quickly escaped into the big bedroom. Laughter and groans of pleasure followed them, as well as the gurlging noises that could only follow from their massive shafts straining open one of their throats. Andy waited for a moment, looking at Max with a slightly guilty expression. “I’d invite you as well, but you know how… Aggressive we can get. I don’t think your shrimpy body could handle us. No offence.” Max tried gently smiling, he’d be content just jerking off to the noises of pleasure coming through the thin walls while they desribed their immense muscularity and supreme manhoods in the most excruciating detail. “You can have some fun with these though…” Andy mumbled, throwing him his stretched out boxer briefs. It was stained by the constant stream of pre escaping Andy’s sublime body. Max could swear for a moment he saw ‘Andrew’ imprinted into the fabric. He blinked a few times, till he saw the letters move and spell out ‘Andy. Was probably just his head spinning after getting his first whiff of the studs manly musk, because Max couldn’t recall the last time someone had called the fine specimen by his birth name. Andy was just more respectful for a hunk like him. “There. Now you won’t have to steal a pair for a change.” Andy said with a widening grin, making Max’s cheeks burn scarlet. They were almost as bright red as the blood moon shining from outside.
  3. (Pic and inspiration provided by @ABSQRST. You can see what he wrote for a pic I gave to him here.) Resisting Temptation. "Why did he have to choose chocolate chip." Nick said with a groan. Much to his own displeasure Nick couldn't stop his big hand from going into the roll of cookies again, retrieving another sugary snack. As much as hated how little command he had over his desires, he was at least glad he had a bit more control of his muscularity now. No more crushing cookies to bits above the new deep crevices of his abs. Nick held one of the cookies up close to his eye, licking his lips while savouring it's scent. It looked normal enough. A bit doughy perhaps, the pieces of chocolate sticking out with a mouthwatering look. It was the second tastiest snack in the room, right behind the newly grown thick piece of manly muscles Nick had been turned into. Nick wanted to throw it down his hatch, but hesitated for a moment. That one cookie was probably just as expensive as all the things in his small college dorm combined. Shouldn't he feel a bit guilty about stealing so many of them? Nick shrugged, your conscious was there to be ignored, and threw another one of the cookies down his square jawed maw. He scratched the manly scruff coating his chin while his face formed a widening grin, it wasn't like his rich roommate would really miss a few thousand bucks more or less. The big stud savoured the sweet taste while he munched it down. Of course, just tasting good wasn't what gave it it's exorbitant price. As he could feel liquid power beginning to pump through his veins it became quite clear why this roll of cookies was special. Nick just grunted, bawling his fist and making the veins on his arms pop. It had always started in his arms. Sinews breaking down and rebuilding. Bigger and stronger. The feeling of growing bigger, of having muscles expand, it is quite something. Especially if you were like nerdy Nick and had been used to being the runt wherever he went. Seeing his already beefy arms growing even bigger every second... "Fuck." Nick growled eyeing with lust how his already baseball sized biceps grew to footballs of steel. The powerful throbbing feeling spread through all of Nick’s body, pushing his muscles bigger, manlier and more virile. It felt like he was inflating like a balloon, each part of him just bulged and jutted out more and more. Well, if balloons were tough like iron and handsome enough to make anyone swoon. Nick let out another groan and slowly felt the feeling of growth subside. He felt a bit breathless, noticing for the first time the deep stink emanating from his armpits that was attacking his nostrils. It reeked like a locker room. Only then many time worse, that testerone laden sweat dripping over Nick’s body was beyond compare. Nick despised the smell for a moment, before suddenly finding himself in love with his new natural odor. Something about smelling like a man while he looked like this super stud just felt right. With a newfound energy Nick jumped up from his chair, strutting over to the small mirror they had in the cramped dorm. He enjoyed how even his feet looked bigger, even the size 14 shoes of his roommate would look small next to these overgrown feet. Nick couldn’t help but grin at his reflection, tracing all the new mass on his body with a single thick digit. He could even feel his skin pulse and throb with a certain kind of powerful virility. His pale skin had been replaced with a healthy tan and he looked ready to dominate on the beach. Thoughts of a summer filled with many sexual exploits filled Nick with great excitement. His roommate would definitely be first, the rich jock had it coming, and Nick would be more than happy to indulge in his fetish for powerful, masculinity overflowing men. Men like Nick now was, especially after this latest growth spurt. Realy the preppy jock had it coming. I mean, what idiot goes through the bother of smuggling in that now banned ‘Hunkify’ muscle growth serum, carefully concealing it in a roll of cookies while brining it in from Europe, only to then leave it unattendedly lying around? Nick bounced his pecs, ogling at the way the muscle contracted with glee. He knew exactly what kind of idiot his roommate was. The kind that would ever think of sharing that roll of serum laced cookies with the whole football team, rather than just claiming it for himself at the first opportunity. Nick smirked, looking at how his tighty whities had gotten very true to their name after munching down his latest cookie. His mandarin sized balls hung apologetically free in between his thighs, no longer capable of being constrained. With how packed his bulge was looking at the front, Nick guessed with wouldn’t be long before his thick salami sized cock, would break free as well. Well, his roommate fixation on turning the football team into state champs might have costed him his chance at godhood, at least he’d have the fun of living together with the the sexiest piece of beef on campus. Nick slowly ran his big mittens over his tree trunk thighs, reveling in how powerful his legs felt. There’d be no more getting winded from just walking up stairs, that was for sure. Although Nick hadn’t anticipated any of this when he had grabbed the roll of inconspicuous looking chocolate chip cookies from out of his roomie’s drawers, he certainly wasn’t gonna complain. Speaking of the those cookies… Nick strutted back to his bed, enjoying how his muscular thighs and very formidable package rubbed together. He still had half of the ridiculously expensive sweets left. Also about half an hour before his roomie would get back. He was bringing his teammates to their room, probably so they could finally enjoy the smuggled in dose of Hunkify together. Boy, were they gonna be in for a surprise. Without much conscious thought Nick felt his hand disappear into the cookie roll again, and before he knew it, he was enjoying the sweet chocolate taste. “Shit.” Nick mumbled, already feeling his body throb and swell. One more probably wouldn’t hurt. Two might be fine too. If it’d get to that point, three more would really be his last. Maybe four, if he really was having that much trouble caging up his desires for the sweet taste and the feelings of his muscles expanding with size and power. Nick licked the last cookie crumbles from his lips, looking with joy at how much trouble he was having seeing past his pecs. He kinda wished he could see the cock that had finally broken free from the humble garment though. The new muscle god looked at the roll of cookies again. He should definitely leave one or two. He’d have to size up his roommate if he wanted him to be able to handle Nick’s horny fucking after he was fully done growing. Nick growled, his hard, pre leaking, cock slapping into his tightening abs with a meaty thud. He could just about feel another row being added to his six pack, the grooves and edges only getting sexier on his body. Resisting his temptation to munch down the whole roll of cookies in one go was gonna be hard.
  4. The New Guy. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the latest towering piece of meat to strut into the campus locker rooms. His breathing was low and heavy as he walked in sweaty and fulfilled after a workout. While I changed my own lithe body into my gymnastics gear I made sure to steal as many careful glances as I could. Something about the way how this filled manly muscles sat under his skin made him irresistible. It was probably just that he had the most massive set of arms I could see winning any wrestling match easily. They rather easily stole my attention. He stripped down till nothing but his boxers remained. Of course, this man was looking as virile as he was looking powerful. I’d say the bulge he in his sweat stained briefs was but only proportionate to his height and muscularity, but that’d be doing a disservice to the meaty salami that looked ready to tear apart to strained garment. The stallion, who seemed made for lifting and fucking, swaggered over to the mirror, bouncing his muscles with an expression of sincere glee. He gave a scratch at his meaty outward jutting pecs, they weren’t the most ripped in the world, but he didn’t need them to be to exclaim power and sex. My feet moved on their own. I simply had to get a closer look. Luckily for me this powerful stud was to obsessed with looking at his own gains to notice my ogling. Under his breath I could hear him mumble names of guys he’d make clean out his musky armpits with their tongue as a form of retribution. Considering all those names were just from lowlife bully’s barely half this behemoths weight I wondered how they would have been ever been able to make this hunk upset. It was only after I audibly moaned and gasped seeing him do a most muscular flex that he finally became aware of my presence. He looked a bit shy. I found that a bit odd, I doubted I was the first guy to pop a boner to seeing his magnificent body in nothing but an ill fitting boxer. “Hi.” He said meekly, his voice clapping like a deep rumbling thunder across the empty changing room. If that manly beard of his wasn’t covering up as much of his square jawline, I might have been able to see his cheeks burn an embarrassed scarlet. “Fuck man…” I said, slightly winded and out of breath from the intense salty musk radiating from this stud. I placed my small hands on one of his warm muscles. They still felt wet and coated with sweat. “Don’t stop your show.” I mumbled The stud didn’t need to be told twice. He was back to flexing and showing off in no time. I loved the way sinews hardened and bulged wherever I placed my hands. The way I could feel the already marble like muscles turn into steel whenever he flexed them. Clearly having a set of hands to worship him was increasing his own enjoyment. I recognised the glinstering in his eyes too. It was the sparkle of realisation within a man becoming aware now occupies the upper epsilons of the tower of masculinity. He tried to hide his surprise at just how gargantuan he was, but his awed expression was doing a pretty bad job at covering it up. I was no idiot. I had heard the rumours about coach testing out some new stuff he planned on using the football team on a few forgettable nerds. I had also seen the new massive bodies throwing around a few hundred pounds of weights in the gym each week, each one more massive than the last. It wouldn’t take long for this latest towering stud to settle into his rhythm. He’d be having a permanent cocky smirk as he’d strut around campus in no time. As I heard the sounds of sounds of underwear ripping, and saw the studs meaty manhood slowly fighting for freedom, I thought I may have the honour of draining his overflowing balls yet. Someone was gonna have to teach these new super studs how to facefuck their twinks into submission, and I wouldn’t mind if it was me for the third time this month.
  5. Short thing I originally posted on my tumblr, before it was decided those thick pecs were too lewd to keep around. Overexcited. “Sorry coach, might have gotten a little too enthusiastic with that muscle boosting powder you let me test.” Jason's deep voice rumbled. Jason, who was the team’s scrawny water boy two days ago, now struggles to get the team’s Jersey over his newly grown muscular chest. His outward jutting pecs are just too meaty to be constrained. “Are you sure the uniform you gave me is the largest size available? My back is too wide for the jersey, and that crotch cup you gave me… Well, let’s just say that the powder is fixing every part of me that was small before.” The jock continued with a chuckle, he didn't even need to grab his bulging crotch for the coach's eyes to be drawn to it. The coach blushes at the mention of Jason's already legendary thick cock. He softly mumbles he can order an XXXL uniform online and pay out of his own pocket, Jason will just have to take it slow with growing any bigger if he doesn’t also want to outgrow that one. “Haha, glad you still got your sense of humour, coach.” Jason said with a smirk while he gives a slap on his coaches back, nearly knocking all air out of the big man. "Because you and I both know I’m not gonna stop taking any of that muscle growing powder till I have made the entire campus into my bitch.” As Jason downs his 5th protein shake filled with the powder that morning, the coach began to wonder if giving the schools loser the body of a god had been his brightest idea. Thoughts interrupted by Jason’s moaning as his muscles swelled and became rounder, thicker, denser, and impossibly more powerful. He was already the biggest man on the team, biggest player in the state was next if he continued ballooning with mass. Well, whether he had created a growth obsessed, narcissistic, sex craving, giant or not, it didn’t really matter. Wining the cup this year mattered, and any team with Jason on it was going to be hard to oppose.
  6. Nerdy Retribution. Silas felt the blood drain from his face when the door of the door on the campus bathroom smacked open and Jeff strutted in. Silas knew he should have heard Big Jeff coming, the loud thudding of his large feet was a noise hard to miss. Silas had done his best to avoid the towering hunk after he heard the rumours Jeff’s late growth spurt had taken him from a small meek nerd Silas had loved to torment to an titan of size and strength. Going by the grin on Jeff’s face as he spotted the terrified former bully, it seemed his dance of avoidance had to end here. “Sil! Long time no see.” The new stud said with a smirk. Silas felt his mouth go dry. The rumours of Jeff’s new size had not been overstated in the slightest. His superman shirt, that last week had been hanging over his frame, now hugged into his muscularity incredibly tightly, hiding little off the all the muscles that were cramped underneath. The outward jutting pecs, the ripped set of abs, the beefy arms. Silas knew his own football jock build was nothing compared to the behemoth of power and size that was now Jeff. “H-hi... J-J-Jeff.” Silas mumbled, looking with slight terror at the fur coated biceps that were bursting out of Jeff’s shirt. Silas felt his heartbeat jump through the roof as the former geek took a few steps forward, bumping into what had been the big man on campus just a few days ago. The jock got barely a millisecond to relish in the feeling of the oversized steel like muscles pressing into his before he lost his balance and fell to the floor. “Sorry.” Jeff said, in the most insincere tone Silas could imagine. “You are awfully hard to keep track off, with that smaller body and all.” He added, with a widening grin. Silas knew his place. It was best not to upset someone with pecs the size of your head. “It’s no problem.” Silas mumbled, shuffling back on to his feet. Jeff took a few more strides to one of the urinals. Silas couldn’t help but watch on in envy as another new campus rumour was proven right in front of his eyes. The cock Jeff grabbed out of his pants was an enormous tool, hanging thick and heavy halfway down his thighs, with orange sized balls to boot. Even the steam of piss coming out of it seemed mightier than that of a normal man. Silas briefly wondered how a dick he had ridiculed just last month in the gym locker rooms for it’s small size had grown into one of the largest manhoods he had ever seen seemingly overnight before Jeff’s deep vibrato pulled away his attention again. “You know, I’ve been meaning to find and have a chat with you for a while.” Jeff grinned. “Cheerleading and gymnastic team pulled away my attention for the last few weeks, they’re a needy bunch.” The big man continued, shaking his oversized tool with a soft chuckle. “But now that I’ve caught you, I should probably thank you.” Silas’ eyebrow rose. Thank him? Not beat him to pulp? “If it weren’t for your constant bullying I wouldn’t have had any motivation to perfect my serum.” Jeff said with a grin. The big man shook his mammoth cock a few more times, either to get out the last few drips or to show off to Silas just how meaty and thick it was, before stuffing it back in his trousers, making a prominent bulge. Jeff stepped up to the sink, washing the thick digits that probably rivaled the size of lesser men’s cocks. “As you can see, what I ended up cooking up after you gave me little your speech about how my runty body was never gonna please anyone in the bedroom, it was quite the success.” The big man used his still wet hands to fix his hair a little, it did not take much work to make his square and stubbled face look handsome. He then balled up his bicep in a flex, something Silas at first took as another way to show just how much bigger he was than his former tormenter, but then Silas spotted the phone, he was just taking a picture for his already viral going Instagram. Jeff turned to the dethroned jock. Silas was sure it was coming now, he was finally gonna be beat into the floor... Instead Jeff gave him a gentle pat on the head. “So, thank for the motivation, little guy.” The new alpha of the campus was nearly out of the bathroom before he halted one final time. “Oh, and Sil?” Jeff asked, not even bothering turning around. “Next time I run into you in the campus bathroom’s I expect you to be on your knees, ready to drain my overflowing balls, within seconds. Alright?” The big man closed the door behind him. He didn’t need a reply, the cute hard-on Silvas had been sporting the moment he had laid eyes on the muscle stud had given a louder reply than the jock himself ever could have.
  7. You shouldn't feel the need to apologise man, even Elongro doesn't take precedence over enjoying the start of spring. Glad we're getting a new part soon though, that last one was hot!
  8. Movie Night “Man that Shazam guy looked like a twig. I’m leagues above that punk and I barely qualify as a superhero.” Amir said, softly chuckling as he and his best friend walked out of the movie theatre. People quickly moved out of the way for the towering hunk and his lithe companion. Leo would have enjoyed the attention he and Amir got but his own eyes were firmly fixed on the way the stallion’s outward jutting gigantic pecs bounced and twitched with every word that came out of his mouth. “I’m surprised you paid attention to the film. Thought the girl choking on your cock would keep you occupied.” Leo mumbled, wistfully thinking he had been the one that got to have the massive meaty shaft down his throat for two hours straight. “I can multitask.” The lumbering giant said with a grin, rearranging his formidable bulge at the memory of the hot girl who had gone from making out with her wimpy boyfriend to servicing matt’s throbbing member within a few minutes. “Besides, I’ve been this big for what, six months now? Once you’ve had one bimbo wrapped around your monstercock, moaning about the immensity of your muscle mass, it loses some of the fun.” Amir said with a shrug, people having to move out of the way because of the width of his cascading shoulders. Leo, in awe that his 6’0 frame barely got him at eyehight with Amir’s steel like pecs, didn’t think anyone in the world would have adjusted so well to growing into peak male perfection as well as Amir had. He had done it with such a casual demeanor, it was like his formerly sickly friend was always meant to be a dominating super stud who fought crime in his spare time. The way he always threw cocky grins to even the biggest bodybuilders as they goggled with jealousy at the way those oversized muscles moved under Amir’s paper thin skin, Leo would almost forget this was the guy that had been afraid to undress in the city gym in fear of his wimpy body being mocked just last year. “Oh. And besides the hero looking like a runt, they got quite a few other things wrong about the superhero lifestyle too.” Amir said thoughtfully, scratching an itch on his back, making his t-shirt ride up his chest and reveal the first few rows of his shredded ten pack to the world. Leo quietly hoped Amir would give him an exact account again of how he would have had the villian down his knees, begging for Amir’s supersized superhero body before the start of the second act, like he had done when they had rewatched some Marvel flicks and Amir had aired his balls shortly after his transformation into a godly hero. “Like, where we are the girls and guys throwing themselves at him while he was trying to save the city? Fuck, these days people show up to bank robberies of all places because they know I get horny as fuck after smothering baddies into my crotch.” Amir said with a smirk. Leo felt himself bone up at the mention of Amir’s ‘heroic’ exploits. He had jerked off countless of times to the footage of BeefBull’s valiant fight against MuscleManiac while the later tried to blow up the city for the third time that week. The way Bull thoroughly put the MuscleManiac in his place by showing off just how little his size compared to Bull’s manliness, on every front, always made for the best jerk off fuel. He was a bit surprised no one else had been able to draw a connection between some skinny twerp blowing up to godly proportions and the emergence of BeefBull, fighter of justice. It was a small town with a big new inhabitant but putting two and two together seemed to be impossible. “Ah shit.” Amir groaned, grabbing his ringing ‘work’ phone out of his pocket. “BeefBull here. Hmh. I see. Yes, Mr. Mayor, I’ll be right there.” Amir tried putting up his best disappointed expression, but Leo knew the stud loved being whisked away because his divine body was needed some place. “Emergency?” Leo asked. Amir nodded. “College cheerleading team who is dangerously horny. Gonna make sure they get their hormones back in check.” Amir grabbed the sausage his jeans was trying so hard to contain and give it a slight squeeze for emphasis. As if Leo hadn’t been ogling the oversized salami with a watering mouth already. Leo watched as Amir jumped and shoot a few hundred feet into the air, flying away to his next source of pleasure. It was if he had never been there, well besides his big size 17 feet deeply marked into the pavement, as well as his reeking smell of course. Leo walked on home, letting out two quiet prayers. For the first, he hoped that the video’s of Amir’s upcoming fuck fest would find their way onto pornhub sooner rather than later. And for the second, Leo hoped that whatever force had given Amir the body that oozed masculinity out of every orifice, would soon relent and make the still small nerd the god’s sidekick. He couldn’t imagine a greater honour than fighting side by side and refreshing the condoms during the marathon fuck sessions of BeefBull.
  9. Before the Match. “Stop whining.” Brian said rather coldly after hearing the latest set of groans of pain from his friend. “It just… hurts.” Tom mumbled, rubbing his red and throbbing muscles through the wrestling singlet. Brian rolled his eyes, displeased with the spineless behavior coming from Tom. “You transformed from a skinny twig into an over 300 pound muscle hunk. What did you expect it’d feel like?” The nerd said while pushing his glasses back on the ridge of his nose. Tom shrugged his wide, mountainous shoulders. His new calloused mitten moved on to gently rub his big overdeveloped traps. The wrestling singlet dug into the hard lat meat in a way Tom found strangely pleasant. “I don’t know.” Tom mumbled, looking at his new size 15 feet. Although Tom had a few chess championships under his belt, Bran had a knack for making him feel like an idiot. “I guess I just thought it’d be more pleasu… Augh!” Tom’s new baritone was interrupted by another high-pitched scream of agony. “I thought you said I was done growing!” Tom managed to murmur out while doubling over, grabbing his new 8-pack with his bulging biceps like his life depended on it. The way his new thick pecs pressed into his arms while doing so felt alien, but sexy. “I said you were done growing in height and muscle mass.” Brian corrected with a smug smile. Tom was lucky that despite being nearly on his knees, his new towering height could still look in the mirror to see what exactly was changing this time. He could see the fabric being stretched out right at his crotch as the formerly flat area suddenly ballooned outward to accommodate a growing anaconda. “Are you gonna complain about how terrible it is your pathetic dick is growing to a piece of manhood porn stars are gonna jelly off too?” Brian said with a snide smile. Tom took a deep quavering breath while he slowly felt his balls sink lower and lower down his legs. He could understand now why Brian had insisted on wearing nothing at all beneath the singlet, this did feel… Good. Finally, the growth tapered off again. It left Tom slightly winded, and with singlet that looked like he had two oranges and an oversized cucumber stuffed into it, besides all the muscular beef spilling out of it of course. “It… It worked…?” Tom asked with a tone of disbelief, carefully bouncing his new massive pecs and letting his paw rub over his meaty sausage. He could get used this. Being a stud. The comment earned him another roll of Brian’s eyes. “Of course. Did you think I’d bet with the wrestling captain you’d have him on his back, smelling the fumes of your cum factory, within minutes otherwise? You can be such an idiot sometimes...” Tom thought making a singlet out of magic cloth that transformed the wearer permanently into a perfect wrestler mega hunk was perhaps going a bit too far for a single bet, but he knew Brian could be a bit excessive. Besides, if he won the match they both got to have wrestling team captain as their personal cock sucker for the next year. The guy was about to really regret saying that a twerp like Tom would never in a million years win a match from the top jock’s thick form. Tom thought winning would be rather easy with over eight extra pounds of solid beef he now had on the wrestling captain. His new horny body was really looking forward to turning the cocky jock into his personal cum dump, might need his services more than a few times each day. Tom felt his steel like rod grow even harder as images shot through new stud’s mind off coating the jock who had mercilessly bullied everyone he considered beneath him in layers of cum while showing just how little his puny muscles were next to Tom... Tom’s eyes blinked. He hadn’t really been an aggressive or horned up person before, but he considered it a side effect of his testosterone growing tenfold. He scratched his low hanging balls with a grin. Brian looked at the hard as steel cock planted nicely inside the ripped eight pack, barely covered through the thin fabric of the singlet with a smile. “Yeah you’re ready. Go win me a guy to suck my cock, Lil’ TomTom” The still small nerd said with a smirk. Tom grimaced. He hated that nickname. Then he remembered he now he the body to do stuff about things he didn’t like. So he tilted his head for a moment, looking at Brian with his deep gaze and subtly flexing his new insane muscularity with a grin. “I’m not gonna win you jack shit.” The new hunk said, bouncing his thick pecs till he heard Brian audibly swallow. “I’m gonna win it for me. And you best come up with a reason for me to not start treating you like the annoyingly bratty nerd you are before I’m back.” Tom’s new deep voice ordered. The stud closed the distance between them, making sure the twiggy nerd got a good smell of the deep testosterone like musk and pheromones emanating from his every orifice. And then, without any further warning, Tom grabbed his former friend by his hair and pushed him right into his new supersized crotch, looking at the hardon Brian was quickly sporting with a smile. “Just testing out my moves for later.” Tom said with a sly grin before strutting out the room. Brian laid there, coughing for a moment, trying his best to process the last hour’s events. He carried himself from the bathroom to his bedroom, anger boiling up. What right did Tom think he’d have to slap back after years of abuse? Did the dumb guy think he got to boss around his intellectual superior just because Brain had decided to bless him with a body that’d put many gods of masculinity to shame? Brian’s face pulled into a cruel grin. He still had just a small piece of the magical cloth the singlet had been made out of left. The cloth that had been the cause of Tom’s transformation into a super stud. “Probably just enough to make the bodybuilding poser.” Brian thought with a smile.
  10. Justia’s Gym: Old Dog, New Tricks. I knew the man’s type the moment he walked into the gym. The sunken shoulders. The bleak skin. The shuffling walk. The draping clothes. If you work long enough at the reception of a gym you learn to recognize the middle-aged men who life has passed by. Not many had the courage to still walk into a gym for the first time when they were fast approaching their fifties. I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad for them, the office drones of the world and their sad bodies. Of course, we at Justia’s gym are all too pleased to help these men out. “What can I help with?” I said with my deep, rumbling voice. I threw the man my most gentle smile, but my massive chest, barely constrained by a string tank top, clearly intimidated the smaller man. “I’d like to buy a membership.” He said meekly, looking a bit fearful at my bulging biceps. Considering how much he had to crane his head upwards to reach the end of my towering body I guessed he was just a little below average in height. “Excellent!” I replied with a hearty chuckle that made my full pecs bounce. I tapped away on the keyboard, enjoying the pleasant kicks of my thick digits typing away. No one had noticed so far the computer was never on, the screen was a broken old model, and keyboard hadn’t been plugged in. It was just for show. Things go differently here at Justia’s. “Name?” I asked. “Frank. Frank Thaler.” He mumbled. I recognized the last name right away. Just last week we had another Thaler who had wanted to join. Probably this guy’s son. He had been a big college jock, obviously very pleased with his quarterback sized bulging athletic body. He’d been an annoying brat and I had denied him a membership, stating we only took men and women who were really serious about lifting. Being told he wasn’t big enough to get what he wanted for the first time in his life had clearly taken a toll on his ego, seeing as he now had to send his father to what he assumed would be the same fate to restore his authority. “And previous experience in the gym, Frank?” He looked embarrassed while shaking no. “I’ve seen my son work out plenty of times in our home gym though. I used to help him clean the sweat from the benches and machines after he was done.” Frank mumbled, his cheeks turning red after he realized how pathetic he sounded. I ignored it. It was time for some fun. “Really? No experience in the gym? You look like you have quite a few years of throwing around weights under your belt.” My voice said, coated in a new sweet tone. Frank was too distracted by making sure his pecs looked good in his tank top to notice the new tone of voice. Or notice the fact he had gone from being a flabby office worker to having a solid and defined physique seemingly instantly. “Yeah. I got I have a few years of weightlifting under my belt. Guess I’ve been in my son’s shadow for so long I don’t really feel all that much like a lifter though.” Frank said with a shrug. I bit my lips. Damn it, I had wanted to refigure reality just a little, but it seemed I was going to have to throw some more weight into the game if I wanted to create an alpha hunk. “You in someone’s shadow? Didn’t I see you on the Mr. Olympia stage last year?” As soon as I closed my mouth those words suddenly rang true. Gone again was the fitness physique, in its stead was a big bulging bodybuilder. “Glad you recognized me.” Frank said with an excited smile. He threw up friendly bicep pose, the meaty muscle jumping up with flair. My rational voice said this was now enough. The horny side of me wanted to go a few steps further. The horny side of me tended to win. “Of course, how could I forget you man? You were like the one pro there that was taller than me.” I said, anticipating what was coming with giddy glee. I swallowed, now having to look up to look at Frank’s handsome stubble. Meeting men taller than me was a rare occurrence at my 6’7. His bodybuilder sized physique had grown in perfect proportion with his new height, making him now look like an absolute titan of size. Frank gently smiled and blushed. Hm, I had encountered that type before. The one’s that would still be humble and kind even if they were had triple the average body weight in pure muscle mass. That was nothing a big dose of testosterone couldn’t fix. “You gotta have a secret, right? Is it all the hormones pumping from legendary bull sized balls and monstercock that make you such a stud?” Frank cockily smiled down at me, palming his obscene bulge in his workout shorts. “They certainly help.” Frank said with a smirk. I smiled, happy with my work in creating another alpha hunk for the world to enjoy. “Alright. Well, thank you for joining our gym. Lockers are on the left. Gym is on the right. Due to hygienic reasons we gotta ask you keep a shirt on at all times.” I mumbled, finding myself a bit shy in the company of the hunk. Frank considered this for a moment, and then threw his tank top on the ground, revealing his fury off-season chest to the world in all its glory. “I’ll do as I damn well please.” Frank muttered in his testosterone seeping tone. He bounced his pecs for me, and I reveled in the bulk he carried and moved with his every breath. “And you, kiddo…” Frank said as he took a few strides forward, towering over me with just inches away. I could even smell the protein in his breath. “You better address your superior man with ‘Sir’ boy.” I couldn’t recall a moment where I had been so aroused, or had so much muscle hanging around me. “Yes… Sir,” I said meekly. Frank let out a chuckle, mumbling something along the lines of ‘Attaboy.’ while strutting to the weight racks. I found myself hypnotized by the swaying of Frank’s formidable glutes as he claimed his new position as the big man in our gym. As soon as anyone caught sight of his massive chest protests died away about his position as the top dog. . I’d overdone it with the cockiness again. The boss wouldn't like that. But Frank’s son would like it even less. I had it set, so he’d be the only other man in our galaxy aware of the changes to his father. When Frank would be done with his workout, and would head home reeking of sex and the gym, the football quarterback would be in for quite the surprise as his formerly pathetic dad would strut in as the man of the house. I wondered how long it’d take him to crawl back to our gym. Everyone gets what they deserve at Justia’s.
  11. Workout buddies. “Out of breath already? Come on man! We have five more miles to go!” Even Caleb’s deep voice was not enough to give Brett the spurring on of a second wind. His breathing remained heavy, and his head turned even redder while he tried to continue matching his friend’s long-legged strides. Brett felt even worse seeing the unfazed and unchallenged look Caleb’s body emitted. He didn’t look tired in the slightest after running ten miles, the only evidence of any kind of physical activity was the slight coat of sweat adorning his chest. But the resulting perspiratory shine running between his watermelon sized pecs only made him look sexier. Caleb's manly body was a far cry from how tired and beaten like Brett was looking. As Brett did his best to jog on he couldn’t help but stare at all the muscle his bare chested friend had on display. They had started working out at the same time, both of them had been thin and small looking a few months ago. And although Brett was proud of his progress, with his new abs and slight pecs, not to mention his full arms, his own transformation was nothing compared to Caleb. No Caleb was something else now. A deep six pack. Protruding pecs. Veiny biceps. And one meaty and full cushion passing for an ass. Caleb's whole body just got thicker and stacked with muscle. Not to mention the growth spurt in height he had experienced too. He now absolutely towered over Brett with his 6’7 and wide shouldered frame. Brett reminded himself he should ask Caleb for his weight too sometime, the way his size 16 feet thudded on the pavement it was clear he was carrying quite the weight of muscle mass on that large body. And of course Brett couldn’t help himself but stare the big bulge Caleb had in his compression shorts. He had showered with him enough after the gym to know he was the complete package, an absolute muscle hunk and hung as a horse to boot. The thick veiny cock had been the subject of many late night jerk-off sessions of Brett. Brett wondered briefly how it was possible that what had been such a complete runt had managed to grow into such a stallion in just a few months time, before his thoughts were interrupted by feelings of lust and jealousy seeing Caleb’s thick biceps twitch while he rearranged his oversized package following a seductive wink from a hot girl on the sidewalk. Finally, Brett’s legs realised that hungering after Caleb’s incredibly hot bod wasn’t a sustainable source of energy. Fifteen miles might be doable following after the months he had spent honing his body, but it wasn’t possible at this breakneck pace. “I… I’m gonna… Walk…” Brett managed to puff out in between gasps for air. Caleb nodded. “I get it man. Not every man be a fast lumbering giant like me.” The big man said with a grin. He scratched the valley of muscle making up his chest thoughtfully looking into the distance for a moment. "You won't mind me running on ahead, do you little guy." Brett nodded no, wistfully thinking back to the time he had been able to call his friend the little guy. Was before Caleb had arms that looked like they could bend steel. Caleb threw him a smile before asking his next question in the same innocent tone. “You don’t mind me quickly drilling your hot girlfriend into her mattress right before you find your way back right? She’s been lusting after me for a while, and I don’t think I can keep her off me if she gets a whiff of my post workout musk.” Caleb said with a widening smirk. Brett felt his mouth go dry, not quite sure how to respond. He supposed he should he have seen it coming after he had drunkenly told Caleb the only thing that got him off anymore was jerking off to the lewd pictures the titan posted on Instagram where models would be lustfully groping his muscularity and sausage. The alpha put his hands around his own formidable bulge, giving the, formidable even when soft, cock it was trying so hard to contain a hard squeeze. “Besides, with how horny this cum factory gets me, I’m not sure I wanna keep her off me.” Caleb said while winking. Brett swallowed, his neck hurting from craning up all morning just to look the lumbering giant his friend had turned into in the eyes. “I don’t mind.” Brett mumbled quietly, as if his permission was still a point of relevance. Brett hesitated for a moment before following up. “Would you be ok with me watching though?” He asked, with the most hopeful tone. Caleb gave his friend a playfully slap on his back, knocking the wind out of him once again. “Sure. You just gotta find your way back before I’m done. No need to rush too hard though, I last for quite a while.” Caleb shouted the last few words while he sped off running again, leaving his friend and workout partner in his dust. At the speed he was going it was clear he had held back the true power of his thick legs quite a bit. The big stallion made sure to playfully bounce his pecs at any hot girls or guys he passed. When the hunk was sure he was out of sight from Brett he fished a small blue tablet out of a small pocket in his compression shorts. He threw it done his muscular throat, he could use the extra pounds of muscle and inch of height the pill would provide him with when he’d fuck his latest conquest into cloud nine. Besides, 11.5 inches of cock was such an uneven number. He'd enjoy feeling the pill do it's job and finally make his cock grow past the one foot mark. At first playing off his transformation into a super stud as a natural consequence of picking up the gym and working out out with a friend had made the giant feel a bit guilty. He'd felt like being honest with Brett about all the experimental muscle growth pills he was testing for his dad that were slowly turning him into a young god more than a few times. He had even thought about giving Brett some pills too so the guy could join him in studhood, plowing their way through every girl on the cheer leading time side by side. However, seeing his hungry expression now, and how much he enjoyed goggling at his muscular body, Caleb was sure he had made the right call in the end. Some men will still be wimps even after they start working out.
  12. Trying to find a story that I saw a few years back. Can't remember if it was posted here, on metabods, or someplace else. What I remember is that it was a guy telling about a jock in his college that has been draining and stealing the other students muscle and size. Turning the chearleading team flat chested to fuel the growth to his pecs, and turning a nerdy D&D group into dumb runts to up his intelligence. Does it ring a bell for anyone?
  13. Part 5 part should be ready next week. A big thanks again to all the great comments, and also to @rolling24, who has helped, and hopefully will continue to help, making this story even hotter. Enjoy! (Link to Part III) PART 4: Luke slowly opened his eyes and immediately wanted to fall asleep again. Reluctance was not unusual after waking from a short night’s sleep, but when Luke saw the large stain of his dad’s cum soaked into the mattress, he knew that today was going to be horrible. Last night’s events lingered in the air like the next day’s stench of an orgy, but he had little time to contemplate this before hearing a familiar sound downstairs. Slap. Groan. Slap. Groan. The stroking of morning wood caused loud echoes through the house. His dad was at it again. Luke quickly turned and checked on Macy, but she was fast asleep with a gentle smile on her face. He reminded himself he’d have to wake her up early, she’d need extra time in the shower if she didn’t want to show up to work reeking of sex. As much as he’d rather not deal with his dad while he was going to town on his fat cock, Luke certainly didn’t want Macy to intercede, she’d probably want another round if she got an eyeful of his dad’s thick rod and studly body. Besides, he had a few questions to ask, like how the fuck he magically grew in size whenever he pounded Macy out. Luke didn’t put on anything other than his worn boxers before walking downstairs. He realized what a poor decision this was at the first glimpse of his dad’s magnificent body in the perfect morning light. Luke immediately wanted to cover his flabby body as his dad’s physique put his to shame. The changes to Matt’s body this time were clearly visible to the naked eye. Matt had been athletic for his age before, but this was something else entirely. Wide shoulders capped with large, rounded delts….. Thick, powerful biceps….. And his showpiece square, solid pecs…... Instead of having his eyes closed, Matt was looking with an expression of glee and fascination at every new muscle, every new bulge. And there were quite a few to admire. Even more remarkable, his skin looked healthier and tighter than before. Luke wouldn’t have classified dad’s skin as sagging, but the signs of age had definitely been there. Those seemed to have vanished entirely over night however. It was like whatever was changing Matt had turned the clock back to better showcase his tighter and bigger body. “Hey Lukey.” Matt mumbled in between grunts, not looking away from a thicker, longer rig than the cock he rocked yesterday. Luke felt curiosity bubble up inside him but knew it was best to resist his perverse fascination with his dad’s body. “Dad. I really didn’t think I’d have to tell you twice, let alone thrice, that you’re on full display here, and you need to take care of your urges elsewhere.” Luke did his best to sound confident despite his dad now looking closer to a full on alpha hunk instead of a just an above average big guy, but his shaky voice betrayed the scared little kid inside. Matt lay there, distracted by his own growth spurt from the previous evening and with thoughts of pleasure tainting his mind. He didn’t ignore his son’s question on purpose, it just…happened. “You know kiddo, I had always heard men with large dicks experience considerably less pleasure while jerking off than guys with normal sized dicks. Nerve endings, or something.” Matt took a deep whiff of the thick scent of testosterone emanating from the large balls between his spread thighs. A smug smirk spread across his lips as he examined the fat new veins snaking along his tool. “Now that I know what it feels like to jerk off with a dick that is much bigger than that of an average man, I’m convinced that’s just a wistful myth created by men with teeny weenies.” “I mean looking at my powerful cock and knowing it’s even bigger than it already was… Fuck. That just makes beating my big meat even more intoxicating.” Luke felt his mouth go dry while Matt got more comfortable in his position on the couch, spreading his big thighs wider. He wasn’t gonna leave the couch. “Dad…” Luke tried before the big man interrupted him. “Why?” Matt said sternly without even looking at Matt, continuing his self pleasure without pause. Luke was at a loss of words. “‘Why?’ Do you really need any reason other than the whole street can see you here?” Matt shrugged his newly widened shoulders and said with a chuckle, “You really think this bothers them son?” Luke couldn’t believe this, Matt had been rather disrespectful towards him ever since he had lost his status as the bigger, more muscular man a few years ago, but this was rude even for him. “Excuse me? You’re a guest here. You’re free to jerk off on full display in your own apartment. But for as long you’re here, you’ll respect my authority as the man in the house.” Luke felt proud for making a stand. He normally just ignored his dad’s bullshit, and let him do his thing, but after the humiliation he suffered watching his dad fuck his wife, standing up to him made Luke feel he gained some power back. Than he saw that gleam return in Matt’s eyes and liquid terror shot through his veins. It was the gleam that shouted ‘I’m fucking done with your bullshit, twerp.’ at the loudest volume. Matt jumped up from the couch, the floorboards creaking suddenly under his increased mass. “The man of the house?” Matt asked with a snicker as he calmly strolled toward Luke. Standing toe to toe, Luke was horrified to realize that he had lost his height advantage. Matt used to stand at an average 5’9, with Luke having a good 4 inches on him. Now they stood eye to eye. Matt nonchalantly ran a hand over his thick chest, Luke’s eyes were drawn to the impressive brawn and he felt the masculine authority that emanated from his dad. Matt continued to casually tug and knead his cock despite there being only a few inches between them. Luke knew he should have felt repulsed, but instead he felt attracted and intimidated, the dominant display casually eroding away the last shreds of his authority. “Lukey, I’m pretty tired of you bossing me around. Giving your old man rules...” “...But you know what? I’ll humour your little request, but you’re gonna do something for me in return.” Luke knew that wasn’t right. This was his house. It was his responsibility to prevent his family home from becoming the laughing stock of the neighbourhood by the brazen display of his father's epic nudity. But he was exhausted from his experience the night before and he just wanted his dad out of sight so his inferiority wasn’t being rubbed in his face. It was like his dad relished showing him up. Luke saw the tub of protein he had picked up at the store sitting on the table. He wondered why doing stuff for his dad kept feeling like such betrayal to himself. “Ummmm. Sure, whatever you need to do keep this out of sight.” gesturing at his dad’s swaggering frame. Matt gave him a snide grin, like he hadn’t doubted for a moment that would be Luke’s reply. “Great. I need someone to take my measurements. Gotta track my gainz kiddo!” Luke didn’t know if you could count the muscles that magically grew on your body after having sex with the wife of your son as ‘gainz,’ but he didn’t object. Matt bounced his jutting pecs for emphasis, as if Luke had forgotten about the large mounds of flesh for even a second. ------------------------ “So. What do you wanna start with?” Luke asked meekly while he rolled out the measuring tape. “Arms.” Matt commanded. He flexed a bulging bicep and threw Luke a self satisfied grin. It was a sight that eerily reminded Luke of the pose he had seen yesterday evening, only now without Macy’s moans in the background. Nevertheless Matt’s muscle was impressive even when he didn’t have a nubile young woman squirming on his cock. His arm had been beefy before, but losing a few pounds of fat and gaining a few pounds of muscle made it more powerful looking than ever. And the new vascularity snaking around the mound of power was a sight to behold. “You just wanna stare at it all day or do you think you can put that measuring tape to use?” Luke jumped a little, as if awakened from a trance, and slowly rolled the piece of tape around the angry looking muscle. He couldn’t help but think that he felt pure power pulse through his dad’s veins while his hands held the piece in place. There was no acknowledgement of thanks or consideration coming from Matt, who more than anything looked rather annoyed that the simple act of measuring took Luke so long. “Spit it out!” Matt barked when he saw Luke check the number for the fourth time. “19 inches.” Luke whispered with a deep sense of awe and astonishment. Even Matt was momentarily caught off guard. He went from an nice and thick 17, a number which was largely inflated by body fat, to having a truly massive arm. Matt hoped he still had enough tank tops. “Fuckkkkkk, 19 Inches!” Matt said with a rare sense of wonderment at his physique. “Calves! Do calves next!” Luke felt his dad’s own excitement rub off on him. Enough that he could almost ignore the precum dripping out of Matt’s erect and large shaft that nearly brushed his head as he kneeled “18 inches.” Luke called out while looking upwards past the large cock, his dad’s muscularity looking even more impressive from his knees. Matt sense of awe increased. His legs had always been his least stellar asset, now they were in perfect harmony with his new bulging biceps. “And 26.5 inch thighs to go with ‘em.” Luke sighed. Luke shifted to measure Matt’s waist. While doing so, he temporarily forgot the man he was measuring was as naked as a man can be, and his left hand briefly pressed into the fully exposed hunk of warm meat. Luke couldn’t help but think for a moment just how solid and manly that thick cock felt when his hand rubbed firmly against it... Then he suddenly realised what he was doing and quickly pulled his hand away, dropping the measuring tape on the floor. His son’s hand had lingered just a moment too long and was withdrawn so hastily, with such shame, that Matt considered the possibility the incident wasn't accidental at all. “Wouldn’t that be hilariarious” Matt thought with a bemused smile. Luke kept his eyes firmly averted from Matt’s gaze. He was thankful when his dad didn't mention the awkward encounter, but he didn’t need words to know that whatever it had done to the balance of power, it surely hadn’t shifted in his favour. An awkward silence filled the living room before Matt finally spoke. “C’mon Lukey, my waist and pecs aren’t gonna measure themselves.” Luke silently nodded, grabbing the measuring tape again and circling it around Matt’s waist, the new V-taper and tighter waist only further highlighting the masculinity of his body. And the sexiness. “28 Inches. On the dot.” Luke murmured quietly, slowly rising back from his knees. “Damn, all that extra size, and I only got leaner?” Matt laughed with disbelief. He took another few seconds to bask in wonder at the changes in his physique before regaining his confident footing and shaking his head. “Hah. Other guys were hardly competition before Lukey, but now…” Luke felt his cheeks burn spontaneously with humiliation. Although Matt hadn’t directed that statement at him, he felt quite spoken too. As his gaze slowly slid over his dad’s upper body, Luke could spot even more changes. There were the outward jutting pecs of course, meaty slabs of flesh that had always been Matt’s proudest asset. They were even more impressive now, the increased bulk forcing his slightly darker nipples downwards. The abs, but a faint outline before, were now defined and cut with enough bumps to make up a six pack. The tortoiseshell that made up his stomach sat like a crowning jewel on top of the Apollo's belt that had emerged, pointing downward to the Matt’s big, fat, uncut coc-- Luke tore his gaze away when he noted Matt calmly watching him, unsure why he was increasingly fascinated with his muscular father’s naked body. Knowing that his salvation was close, Luke found the courage to roll out the piece of measuring tape again and slowly circle it around Matt’s chest. “56 inches.” Luke said, trying not to let his voice quaver with admiration. The huge chest did look slightly out of proportion on the rest of Matt’s body. 50+ inches was bodybuilder sized, but he the new height and existing handsomeness somehow made it look manly and dominating instead of freaky. Luke sighed a breath of relief, taking a few steps backwards. Barring the ‘incident’, he’d survived intact. Now Matt could take his jerking out of view. Matt picked his self worship up again, basking in his own exquisite, undeniable manliness. He let out a deep, vibrating moan as his head lolled back on his thick neck and his pace increased. “Uh, Dad. We had a deal. I took your measurements, so please make sure you’re not indecently exposed.” Matt roared a growl of pleasure, moving imminently closer to his crescendo of bliss. “Fuck,” Matt groused as his firm, slow squeeze produced another drop of precum, “Yeah I’ll go do this out of view. You’ve got one last thing to measure though…” Matt said while inspecting his reinvigorated body. Luke threw him a questioning look. Arms, chest, legs, had all taken a turn with the tape, what else was there to measure? “C’mon Lukey, I’ve seen you looking at my cock all morning, hoping I wouldn’t notice. You gonna pretend you’re not curious what I’m packing after that ‘growth spurt’ last night? Hmmmm?” Internally, Luke couldn’t deny he wanted to know the exact size of his dad’s meaty prick. Not that he’d ever admit that intrigue to his father's face however. “What? No, I’m not, I couldn’t care less about the size of your penis, dad.” Matt threw him a lopsided grin, and took a stride forward, their bodies suddenly awfully close. Luke felt absolutely terrified about how much bigger his dad was now, it was like being a kid again and dealing with a jock bully from the next grade. “Now let’s get one thing straight Lukey…” Matt said, taking the measuring tape from Luke’s trembling, clenched hand. “What I’m packing isn’t a ‘penis’ at all. Penis is a biological term, it reduces what’s hanging between my legs to a tool for pissing or reproduction. That’s just reductive to use on such a nice, meaty prick don’t you agree? No, I’d call your average, little willy a penis, but what I’m packing is a COCK. An instrument of pleasure.” Matt puts the measuring tape at the base of his dick, and in full view of Luke, slowly stretched the tape toward the bulging head. “Shittttt Lukey, looks like my instrument of pleasure is a rock solid 8 and ½ inches! That’s like more than an inch since yesterday, as if the ladies and boys didn’t have enough reason to love me already. What do you say? Should we measure yours? Hah!” Luke’s jealousy of his dad’s increasingly superior endowment boiled to the surface. How much longer was he going to have to hear his dad talk about how great it was to experience a supernatural shot of growth? “And you were already hung.” Luke sniped with envy. Matt lets out a chuckle. A week ago he would have let that comment slide, but after fucking Macy as his son gawped, he found that voice in the back of his mind urging him to be more dominating. He’d gladly oblige. “Ohhhhh, Lukeyyyyy,” Matt mocked, “We both know I’ve got enough hanging between my legs to drive anyone I fuck wild, not just your sexy, and until recently, deprived wife. It’s just sad that 90% of guys can’t give that same experience. Guys like you with tiny, little penises can have ‘sex.’ But you and that dinky thing of yours? You’re not even in the same league bud.” Matt stared Luke into the ground while his jerking picked up in pace once again, the full measurement of his now even manlier body driving his pleasure up to 11. Images of how much bigger, how much leaner he is now pushed him close to the edge. “Only with a body, with muscles, with a cock like mine you can truly FUCK.” Matt growled in between gritted teeth. And with a final look down his body, seeing all his muscles throb in excitement, he came. Matt’s eyes rolled back as his morning of edging finally paid off, thick ropes of cum shot across the living room. His balls churned and churned as white shots of manliness covered the hardwood floor. “Fuck yeah!” Was all Matt roared as orgasmic pleasure rocked his body, his newly bigger muscles flexing involuntarily. After what seemed like forever his orgasm tapered off, his cock drooling a last few spits of cum onto the floor. Matt smirked, happy with the mess he made. “Alright, I’ll do round two out of view.” Matt said, shrugging his shoulders and striding out of the room. Luke was left flabbergasted, checking out his dad’s powerful glutes as he strode up the stairs. “Uh, dad, what about the mess you made?” He finally mumbled as he got over his shock and excitement. Matt halted, he was already upstairs and out view, but Luke just knew he had the biggest, cockiest grin on his face. “Hm? I thought you wanted to me to be out of view Lukey? I’m sure you can clean that mess up in no time flat, right?” Luke tried interjecting but was interrupted before he even managed to say half a word. “You know, after all the services I’ve provided over the past few days it’d be rather rude if you saddled me with cleaning. Just be a man and scrub up that cum, will you? I’ve got clients coming over in a few hours and need to make sure my balls are properly drained.” Matt loudly shut the door of the bathroom. Luke estimated he wouldn’t see him for at least another hour. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed a sponge from the kitchen. He didn’t know how long it would take to air out the room to clear his dad’s musk. Soon the low sounds of his dad’s vibrating moans rattled the house. Luke angrily scrubbed up the cum hearing them. When had he given his dad permission to host clients at his house anyway? Were there gonna be more sex obsessed weirdo’s walking around his house soon? The large pool of white semen was nearly entirely gone now, a tiny puddle was all that remained. Luke was fully ready to scrub it away and erase the last remnants of his dad’s lewd display. But something held him back. He bit his lip as a ridiculous thought shot through his head. An insane thought. But he couldn’t suppress it or push it away. In fact, to his horror, Luke noticed his hands suddenly followed the wild, cruel whim of his mind. Instead of the sponge, Luke’s left index finger had scooped up the last glob of cum. It fascinated him, serenely lying close to his face, undisturbed. It wasn’t watery like his own semen, no, this was thick and heavy, it radiated virility. Without much further consideration Luke put the glob in his mouth. The realisation of what he had just done arrived as the strong, salty taste flared up his nostrils. Luke coughed loudly as he experienced the unfamiliar, savory tang, but as he considered who had produced it, and in what circumstances, he thought it should taste awful. The painfully hard dick pressing into his boxers disagreed.
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