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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Running, working out (occasionally), history, writing, playing the piano, seizing the means of production.
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    Tall and lanky.
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    Reading stories and captions on size/muscle, role-play partners, and people who are just up for a chat. I might post my own writing.
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    7'0 300lb of pure muscle and strength
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    You can't make me choose!
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    Olivier Richters, all seven and a half feet of him.
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    Muscle growth ;P Size theft, changing power dynamics, musky smells, big feet.

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  1. AdonisObsessed

    TUTORIAL: Braxton’s Sauce Guide V1

    The Russian's appear to now have two export products I'll feel guilty while using, gas and great search engines. Had great luck finding finally finding the source of pics that had been collecting dust on my comp for year. And you don't even have to sift through 50% half related results from Pintrest 10/10
  2. AdonisObsessed

    Community muscle growth

    There's the "The Town Where Age Went Crazy" series, which sort of hits that theme http://malebodyexchange.blogspot.com/search/label/The Town series It describes the strange effects throughout a city where old daddies suddenly get turned into hunks and football jocks get turned into twinks. It's not the whole town that grows big but a pretty big part of it
  3. AdonisObsessed

    Celebrities, Bodybuilders, Wrestlers, etc.

    Chris Hemsworth? Chris Hemsworth.
  4. Hey everyone, Longtime lurker, and newbie to the forums here, not sure if this is the right subsection but here it goes. Tumblr is banning all porn as of December 17th: https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/3/18123752/tumblr-adult-content-porn-ban-date-explicit-changes-why-safe-mode That ain't clickbait unfortunately, you can read the post by the staff here: https://staff.tumblr.com/post/180758987165/a-better-more-positive-tumblr All porn, nudity, dicks, tits, are going down the drain. Considering how much of MG community had taken residence on tumblr for captions, long and short, I thought it might be of interest to forums. Written Erotica is """allowed""" for the moment still, but since so many captions are made as reblogs on posts featuring nudity a large section of MG captions will disapear overnight. And since the rules have only gotten stricter, and they are gonna be using an automated system, there's no telling for how long written erotica is going to remain on the platform. So, you better start backing up the works of your favourite tumblrs, the end of an era has dawned. Also shameless plug to my own caption blog, for as long as it is up: https://adonisobsessed.tumblr.com/ (NSFW)

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