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  1. AdonisObsessed

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I've been loving these last few chapters for the development with Trev's en Seth's characters. The idea that some nobody has grown up to be big man on campus and the alpha wherever he goes continues to be extremely hot. Love the fact that Seth is turning into such a handsome stud. That said, I think I kind of have to agree with the comments above, Seth is definitely entering abusive behaviour. He acknowledges that Seth's confession took a lot of guts to put forward in part 7, but then actively uses that information to humiliate Trev in part 8. The fact that Trevor get's off on the behaviour doesn't make it okay for a friend to do, not without their explicit consent. I'll emphasize it's absolutely fine to make Seth and abusive dipshit, but then the story (and Trevor) have to recognise and notice Seth's toxicity. The story so far has sketched the two friends as being on equal moral footing (The 'you're just being jealous' remarks come to mind) while it's becoming increasingly clear Seth is using their friendship as a way to make himself shine even brighter and being the abuser. I'd also stress that the reason you've got so many comments is because of you're enormous talent as a writer Dred, people are just so easily drawn into these characters you've created because of it. Hope that sort of explains me adding my comment to the rapidly growing pile analysing Seth's behaviour
  2. AdonisObsessed

    Jock Sale : Brody

    New Brody here (https://muscle-growth.org/blogs/entry/259-jock-sale/?tab=comments#comment-344), thought I'd answer your questions real quick before I'm back to my daily legendary fuck sessions. 1. What are the biggest changes you feel about this new body compared to your old body? Fuck man, where do I start! I used to be so intimidated by everything. Scared of any kind of social encounter. Anxious when talking to people. Living in chronic fear made so weak and tirid looking. This new body doesn't have any of that. I've got more testosterone pumping through my system than 5 normal guys combined. Comes with having bullsized balls I guess. That just makes me just feel so good about everything. So confident. When I meet new people now they just can't help but ogle my bulging muscles. Their mouths water and they can't help but stutter as they catch sight the oversized cock hanging down the leg of my pants. I'm not intimated anymore, people are intimidated by me. 2. How is life being a pro bodybuilder now. Are you adapting well to it? Haha, how do you think I'd like taking pictures for my instagram each day and getting nothing but messages of lust and envy from my millions of followers? Each day I just post a gym selfie, my muscles ballooning bigger with pump that any of my pathetic followers could ever imagine being, and get showered in requests to stretch open their girlfriends (and their own) holes. It's fucking awesome. I've been thinking about competing in a bodybuilder competition, you know, overshadow some guys standing on stage. Yet to find a poser that won't look obscene however. 3. How different do people treat you now? People treat me with the respect an alpha body like this deserves. They move away without me having to ask. Their stares linger on my outward jutting pecs when they're hanging out of my dress shirts. Guys try to sneak peaks at my 'equipment' in the gym showers. People worship the ground I stand on. Guys realise they'll never be half the man I am after periods of envy and do anything to curry my favor. It's fucking hilarious. You know this guy from work, Mark or whatever, he used to be the big guy in our office, the Alpha if you will. Obviously when I arrived in this new hunky body that changed, once I showed him videos of me curling what he benches his cocky demeanor couldn't drop fast enough. He was jealous for a while, eyeing me with rage while I got myself promoted to CEO. Once that video leaked of my secretary chocking on my fuckstick however he suddenly wanted to be friends. When you can't be the alpha in the room, being friends with the alpha is the second best thing. I made him come along as my lifting partner to the gym. Fuck that was funny as shit. Seeing inadequacy spread over his face while I lifted more than he could ever dream off, nothing more entertaining. I even let him watch while I ruined his girlfriend by stretching her open. I couldn't help but comment on how tight she was, I think with my thick long cock was the first time she was really 'fucked' if you will, his puny dick probably couldn't bring her an ounce of pleasure. The best part? He still wanted to be friends after I let him watch me fucking his girl, I swear it's just the funniest shit. I get why Brody screwed all those people over now, they just let you get away with anything if you're a stud. People treat like you're a god. 4. If you were to buy your old body back as a slave what would you do to it? (As I understand you knew the old Brody back in college.) Probably enjoy using him as nothing but a cum dump in between my intense fuckings. I like dumping my massive loads of spunk into twinks as much as into girls, and he's got a tight little throat. Knowing it is Brody, former alpha in that body helps make the experience even better. He can clean out my jocks after, his tongue is the only thing that can clean my worn jocks after a day of use. You should call him by his new slave name by the way, Broderick. Brody is way to jocky of a name for the pathetic twerp so I changed it after 'adaption'. Broderick is settling into his new role nicely as my maid and cum dump. He still has a little trouble with constantly shooting his loads when I haven't permitted him too however, he says my muscles just arouse him too much. I'm working on it, but Broderick is being a obedient little bitch otherwise. 5. Anything you would like to say to Old Brody? Should have stayed in school, dipshit.
  3. AdonisObsessed

    Jock Sale

    Het Goggletan, Wasn't all that surprised to see Brody on here, I knew him from college before he dropped out after a few months. He was a freshman, few years younger than me, and quickly seized control of campus as the big man on the grounds. All the senior year athletes just had to had to stand by and watch as he fucked his way through their girlfriends, Big Brody has always been an big hung alpha muscle stud. He dropped out after a few months though, said the huge money was on the internet and that college degrees were useless to superior men like him. I remember him walking off campus with a smirk, promising us he and his muscular body were gonna be a super star in a few years. I guess it didn't work out, going by the fact he'll need to sell his body to pay off his debt. Anyways, back when he was still around he scared me out of the gym. His endless laughing and humiliating made me unable to work out. And when he left I didn't have the motivation to return. It shows, I've grown pudgy over the years. My acne remains insistent, even know that I'm nearly passing the halfway point on my twenties. I'm not even interested in chicks anymore, all I do is beat my meat to the videos of Brody stretching open the quarterback's girl. The memories of his musky smell from when I got the honour of sitting behind him in class is what usually pushes me over the edge when jerking off. I'm doing pretty well for myself otherwise. You know, if you ignore the pathetic body. I've landed a well paying job. A very well paying job. Seeing that ad, I thought it be hilarious to just buy Brody's body. Just to give him a "I told you so" about staying in school to earn the big bucks. When his oversized cock is swinging in front of him while he's trapped inside my twerpy from he'd probably get the message.
  4. AdonisObsessed

    Archive: Comparing

    (Originally posted on my Tumblr) Comparing I never understood why my lifting partner had such a complete obsession with being bigger than me. He always tried to put a few extra weights on when we were lifting together. He wore weird shoes with thick soles so he could be just an inch taller than me. And he always felt the need to comment how much more of a ‘man’ he was, even though the difference between us was minimal. And, if anything, I was pretty sure I beat him in almost every regard. I was stronger, and bigger, yet he insisted that he was the man between us two. It irritated me to no end, and his latest obsession was about my dick. I was pretty hung, and when you shower together after hitting the gym for a few years my lifting partner was bound to find out. Recently however he had been 'joking’ about how I supposedly only was a 'shower’ and that, if he got hard, my far below average lifting buddy would really outgrow me. And if anyone should know I was very well endowed it should have been him. Wasn’t it the girl he had a crush on I ‘accidentally’ send a pic of, being penetrated by my fully hard battering ram? That had really pissed him off a while ago, I assumed he had been looking at my 8 incher as well when he jerked off to her in that pic. At first I just brushed it off, my 8 inches of heat had never disappointed anyone, so I tried to not let it bother me. But something about him repeating it, every, single, day, really got to me. So after the third joke that day at the expense of my beautiful cock I just told him: “Fine, we’ll hold a little dick measuring contest, if that will shut you up.” It did, he looked at me with slight unease. I was going to love wiping of that smirk from his face. And so I came to sit in my private backyard with my dick in one hand and an old playboy in the other. My lifting buddy, looking rather anxious now, with the ruler opposite of me. My cock never needed that much encouragement. It got hard easy and stayed that way as long as I wanted, and soon pre started leaking out of my cock head. It was a little over 8 inches and hard as steel. I looked over my to spotter, who also looked about as hard as he would get, and still not much larger than 4 inches. I raised my eyebrow at my spotter. “Think measuring is a little redundant, no?” I asked, wiggling my cock around in my hand. “No man, you’ll see, just measure your one first, I’ll really get hard in a minute.” I thought he looked at my cock with just a little too much excitement. Of course he was just a fucking fag, who wanted to see my massive cock, I knew it. Even more pathetic was that he couldn’t even admit he had lost when the it was swinging in front of his face. But if it would shut him up… I grabbed the ruler, doing my best job with the tools available. “8.2 Inches” I exclaimed triumphantly. “Come on man, you expect me to believe that?” Of course I did, because he had been looking at me while I had measured. I sighed. I really wanted to get this over with. “Want me to measure again?” He nodded, the assured expression that was now plastered on his face making me slightly uneasy. I put ruler next to my cock again, my mind not really processing the results when I read them out loud. “6.1 Inches.” I said. I wanted to scream that wasn’t right but… I felt a headache pass through as slowly my memories seemed to become less clear. I packed eight inches of heat, right? My memories seemed now to disagree. Encounters with hot chicks who had noticed my bulge fading into nothingness, and being replaced with more average sex with a more average dick. Yeah, I had nothing to be ashamed off, six inches still got the deal done, most of the time, and it was well above average. I scratched my head, wondering where I had gotten the idea I had some massive cock down my trousers. I looked over at my spotting partner, who’s cock indeed seemed to have gotten larger when I was busy measuring. He looked to pack around six inches too now, looking just a centimeter or two smaller than me. I wanted to hand him the ruler so we could get this over with, still confident I was going to win this, but he just shook his head. “Nah man, I’m still not fully hard.” His self-assured expression turned a little more wicked. “Besides, little man, 6.1 inches seems way too large for your tiny dick, measure it again.” The confident me, who would have told that fairy to get out of his house and to ogle dicks elsewhere, seemed weirdly unavailable. So I just grabbed the ruler again, and placed it next to my dick. “2 Inches” I admitted meekly, reading the results from the ruler. New memories flooded my mind. Girls being disappointed the hot bod came with so little cock. Embarrassing moments in the shower where I had to cover up my little penis. Years of humiliation for my tiny endowment were now ever-present in my memory, of course I wasn’t average, I was pathetic. My lifting partner smiled, stroking his massive cock with a smile like it was the first time he was holding his legendary fuck stick. I could always see his massive bulge through his gym shorts, it’s contents bouncing happily when we did cardio together. Girls biting their lips whenever they spotted his manly manhood through his trousers. The showers falling silent when he walked in, with that log swinging between his legs. “Give me the ruler, buddy, this is about as hard as I’m gonna get.” I handed him the ruler, but his cock extended just a little further than the ten inches it was equipped to measure. “Well, my cock is somewhere over ten inches then I guess. I think we can say I won, right?” I nodded, not even sure why I had called the dick measuring contest in the first place. Well, I did know, to see his mouth-watering sized cock hard in the flesh of course, all those videos of him jerking off online just weren’t enough for me anymore. I smiled, slapping my lifting partner on the back. “At least I still got the bigger muscles.” I said, playfully. My spotter’s expression turned sour, his face turning dark as he mumbled some words in a weird sounding foreign language. I felt dizzy for a moment, before refining my footings. I slapped him on his ass again, the bulging glutes shaking pleasantly in my frail and bony arm. His handsome face having a very satisfied expression on his thick neck, as he guided my mouth to his jaw breaking cock. I couldn’t believe that I had the honor of being able to worship my buddy, the international fitness icon before he went to the gym. His 8-pack glistened in the sun of his private outdoor yard, his muscles seeming just as bulging and massive as usual. He always asked me join him when he went to the gym to train that massive body of his, but I always respectfully declined. My slender frame had no place in a gym, I could train my bubble butt at home. Before taking his gigantic member in my mouth, and letting him use me like the cum rag I am, I managed to muffle out: “Funny how we’re the same height, ain’t it? Guess even you have stay stuck at 5′11.” He just smiled while shoving his enormous shaft down my throat, the sound of some weird foreign words he was mumbling drowned out by my puny body moaning.
  5. AdonisObsessed

    Archive: Becoming a Man.

    (Originally posted on my Tumblr) Becoming a man. Little Daniel had been the latest of the Branson family to turn 18. And just all of his 10 brothers before him, his 18 birthday had been mostly filled with moaning and puffing as his tiny little frame suddenly swelled with muscle and testosterone. It had been a stressful day for him, he had woken up frail and weak and with a body that would be put to shame by most 12 year olds, and by the time he blew out the candles on his birthday cake his clothes were bursting and was he growing a beard. “Just is the Branson way, lil Danny” His uncle would rumble while shoving cake down his extraordinarily muscled neck. “Why do puberty over 6 years when you can do it all at once.” His bodybuilder sized farther would chime in. But in between all his older brothers and nephews wanting to compare cock sizes and some distant uncle trying to tell him about the birds and the bees in the most erotic way possible Daniel just couldn’t wait for this day to end. So he had sneaked out, and had been quietly growing in the backyard against the wall for the last thirty minutes. Well, as quietly as you can call whimpering every time his muscles swelled bigger. Daniel’s peaceful growth was suddenly disturbed. “Is that you? Danny, my god you’ve grown!” To Danny’s horror he saw his hot MILF of a neighbor in nothing but a bikini peeking over the fence. “OH, hi miss Clarence.” He meekly called out, his voice alternating between his boyish voice and manly tremor. “Oh I’ve got to come take a closer look at my birthday boy.” She quickly jumped over the fence, her tits juggling wildly as she did so. “I’m very naked!” Daniel called out as a helpless final warning. “A little nudity has never killed anyone. Let me seen how tall you’ve grown!” It was taking every ounce of willpower within Daniel to not grow hard as his neighbor slowly jogged towards him. In the Baywatch sort of way, where ever hot part of a woman is in full display. “My, my, aren’t you a big birthday boy!” Miss Clarence apologetically eyed every piece of the shy hunk standing in front of her. She bit hardly on her lip and felt pleasure move throughout every part of her body. “So big…” A whimper escaped her lips. “So strong…” She gently caressed his bicep. Miss Clarence continued her soft caressing, stroking through the new hairs that were sprouting every second throughout Daniel’s body. New shock waves of growth spread through his body, slowly pushing him past 6′4. “Oh please tell me you got wonderfully spoiled for this big day.” Miss Clarence managed to murmur while her bikini was getting increasingly wet. “My parent’s gave me… gave me this wonderful… wonderful set of…” Daniel interrupted himself. “Aw fuck yeah.” Was all he could say as his biceps grew past 18 inches. He put a hand behind his head, flexing the newly grown muscle and deeply lost in pleasure as his neighbor managed to find new crevices with her fingertips.. “…Gave me this wonderful set of.. of.. of XXXL condoms.” His cock jumped alive, and even though he was standing in a puddle of his own cum already his cannon or his balls seemed no worse for wear. As miss Clarence circled his very plump nipples, his pecs growing in the process she slowly saw the last of her shy neighbor drain out of the incredible piece of meat standing in front of her. His unsure moans were traded for grunts, the last remnants of his squeaky voice erased as his tremor took over and he drew short breaths. “But my favorite birthday gift came from you, Miss Clarence” “Oh.” She managed to wimper, while Daniel’s thick digits removed the remnants of her soaked bikini. “Yeah, something tells me this fuck is going to be the gift of a lifetime.” Danny effortlessly raised her petit form, and smashed her down on his 10-inch cock.
  6. AdonisObsessed

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I found this the most interesting part of this chapter. It has me more worried than ever for lil' Trev. His and Brooke's breakup seems imminent, and I hope it finally gives him the kick in the head he needs to start working out again and train. I don't need him to be a giant taller than Seth at this point, I just want him to be happy with his (above average) height and lift away the chunk. If ElonGro can cause shrinkage, rather than just reversing earlier provided growth, I think that'd break Trev's heart. Though, admittedly, it'd be super hot as well Thank's for keeping this masterfully written story updated!
  7. AdonisObsessed

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    You better have some answers why you broke my poor boy Pete's heart like that Dane. Not even sparring the time to click on the funny websites he's emailing you, tssskkk. In all seriousness, this story is absolutely stellar, and I can't wait to see where you take it. With the narration constantly switching between quirky and depressing it's just so unique.
  8. AdonisObsessed

    Muscle Captions

    Yachirobi and Gigantic Beast moved over to twitter, Beast still regularly still posts new captions there, as well as on his discord. https://twitter.com/yachirobi https://twitter.com/Gigantic_Beast/media
  9. I think it's a beautiful ending. I'm sure I would have equally enjoyed another thirty parts, but I hope ending it now will mean we get to see one of the other stories you want to write. And maybe, five or ten years from now, when training is long behind you, we could get an update into what Dean is up too. All the best, and looking forward to whatever comes next.
  10. AdonisObsessed

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    Dane is so sweet! The title makes me a bit worried for safety though...
  11. AdonisObsessed

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    I don't think an opening chapter has intrigued me so much, Dane is hot, obviously, but the paranormal aspect is perhaps even more interesting. Can't wait to see where this goes
  12. AdonisObsessed

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    Damn, this story keeps getting hotter and hotter. If Trevor's growth stays out, which seems the most likely at this point, I hope he might be able to worship Seth's growing muscles. He certainly seems to be getting more and more okay with his size below Seth, and the giant himself seems to be pretty into reinforcing his big status. Maybe if Trevor got a good feel for those swollen muscles and a look at the contents of that bulge that seems to intrigue him so, he'd be less depressed
  13. AdonisObsessed

    Heaven and Hell

    (This will be my last caption for a while, taking a short break from daily captions to focus on finishing some longer stories/series I've been toying around with. Hope to be back in two/three weeks with with daily stuff) Heaven and Hell The blood in Steve’s body couldn’t decide whether to rush to his humble cock or to his scarlet blushing cheeks as the black tank top clad hunk pushed his pecs even deeper into Steve’s face. When Steve got a good whiff of the deep manly musk building between those globes of power, he had to remind himself that this hunk wasn’t any more real than an ordinary trick of the light. But despite knowing better, it was for Steve hard to write off the muscles pushing into face as simple illusions. The blood pumping strongly through the protruding pecs certainly felt real. Perhaps the only indication of the spectral nature of the muscles slowly pushing themselves into Steve’s face was the fact that the entire afternoon commute on the bus seemed to not notice the lewd display. Well, that, and the fact that the hunky body wasn’t reflecting in the bus’ windows or casting any shadow in the midday sun. “Come on Amaimon, don’t taunt the mortal.” A deep voice commanded from behind. Steve was slightly disappointed as the warm cushion of pecs slowly pulled back, the cocky grin adorning the hunk’s face made sure his shorts stayed tenting however. “You’re such a killjoy, Xapham. The human likes being taunted, doesn’t he?” The hunk asked the last question while throwing a wink into Steve’s direction, who had quickly covered his bulge with his college books. With a sigh a second hunk walked into view. Just like the one who had just pushed his pecs into Steve’s face, this hunk was similarly bulging and hulking with mass. When he had last seen him, the hunk had introduced himself as Xaphan, full time stud, part-time emissary of the heavens. He was the inverse to the hunk who had been teasing Steve, who just so happened to be the envoy all things demonic. The fact that the representation for all things virtuous happened to wear a white tank top, and his antithesis happened to wear a black top at least made the two supernatural yet sexy agents easy to keep apart. Steve grew a little sweaty, he knew what was about to happen now that the two heralds were in the same room. “I guess there’s another target?” Steve meekly asked, trying not to lose himself too much in Xaphan’s downward pointing plump nipples. “Bingo, twerp.” Amaimon snickered, bouncing his own pecs to reenter Steve’s center of attention. Steve traced the stretched out arm of the demonic emissary, seeing it point to what looked like a college jock sitting five rows in front of him in the bus. “That’s Max, a relatively unremarkable jock. Attends college a few towns over, just in town to spend a few nights with his girl.” Xaphan calmly explained. Steve shook in his seat as he suddenly felt Amaimon's large hand smack down on his shoulders. “You know what’s next right, little guy?” The demonic emissary enquired. Steve nodded, the two hulking heralds had visited him enough times by now he got the gist of their game. “The rules state we’ve got to first lay out his options transparently, Amaimon, we’re following those, to the T.” Steve could hear the demon groan in the background. Xaphan did his best to ignore the childish complaints coming from the supersized stud. “Max is relatively unremarkable, as far football jock’s go. Not the best on his team, far from the worst. Helps around in the community, donates to charity, and is truthful 96,45% of the time.” Xaphan was clearly happy with the report of Max’s merit as he read it out loud, his thick and low hanging adam’s apple bouncing up and down happily. Amaimon looked like he was just about to comment on the boring nature of Max’s life before Xaphan cut him off again. “Our side recommends we award Max for his virtue. We could size him a quite a bit, but continue to keep him humble. Motivate him to dedicate his life and body to inspiring others to take a path beneficial to others above all else.” Xaphan smiled happily as he spoke, the idea of a supersized paragon of morality clearly seeming appealing to him. Amaimon yawned, stretching his muscles and redrawing the attention to himself, his twenty two inch biceps glinstering attractively in the sunlight. “Booorrring.” The demon mumbled in between his yawns. “Wouldn’t it be way more fun to expand Max’s ego even more than the giant muscles we’d give him? How about some sex obsessed narcissist who fucks his way through everyone on campus? Someone who takes pleasure in showing off how inferior all the lesser men of the world are compared to his divine body?” Amaimon’s eyes lit up, fires dancing in his pupils at the thought of an egotistical overgrown jock. Xaphan did his best to cover up the growing boner in his trousers, and pulled his best impression of someone who was disgusted by what he just heard. The deep rooted desire to see a self centered muscle freak was unmistakably on his face however. “The morality paragon plan would inspire around 500 souls to make enough changes to their life to get entrance to up to there.” Xaphan softly said, using his thickly muscular thumb to point to the roof of the bus. “And the overgrown dickhead plan would push around 50,000 souls to such extremes of jealousy and lust they’d end up down there.” Amaimon added, pointing to the disgusting floor of the bus. “As usual, you have five minutes to decide.” Xaphan soberly noted. “Choose wisely.” Amaimon said, a cocky smirk once again plastered on his face. Not even a plop was heard as the two emissaries suddenly disappeared into nothingness. They’d be back soon enough, demanding an answer once again from poor Steve. He wondered when heaven would finally come up with a plan convincing enough to pick it over boundless attractiveness of creating another cocky jock.
  14. AdonisObsessed

    Yard Work

    Yard Work Kenny briefly contemplated his options while looking at his dirty white tank top. He had been planning on keeping at least his abs covered up, but the tank top was so stained in sweat it almost diminished from the gravitas of seeing Kenny’s exposed thick arms. Plus his pecs were hanging out anyways, it wasn’t like they were covering up much. With a smirk plastered on his face, a smirk exclusive to the most muscular men of this world when they realised they were about to have some fresh air flow through the thick ridges of their chest, Kenny pulled off his tank top, struggling slightly to get the snug small garment over his outward jutting pecs. Kenny was showing off a little more than he had wanted, but reality was going to have to face his brother at some point, it was better to rip this band-aide of cleanly and quickly. Kenny gave a last glance at his own perfection in a small puddle in the backyard before picking up the wheelbarrow again and slowly making his way across the garden. The metal groaned loudly while trying to contain its heavily loaded contents, Kenny on the other hand found the pushing the fully loaded cart rather effortless. The sweat that had drenched his body was mostly from the excitement he had built up jerking off his cock for hours. Just like Kenny had predicted his brother walked out of the house at 12PM exact, four hours late to go scan the yard with his little brother for the meteor that fell from the sky a few days ago. His brother looked like he had a heart attack once he spotted Kenny approaching, each of Kenny’s muscles glinstering in the early afternoon sun. Kenny’s confident smirk seeped into a gleeful smile, the surprise readable from his brothers face filling him with delight. “Pretty cool, huh?” Kenny said while flexing one of his biceps, the muscle exploding with veins to keep the beef fed. Kenny’s brother just stammered. “Found the meteor.” Kenny said, not there could have been any other explanation for weeby and runty Kenny’s sudden transformation into a super stud. The former big brother still had trouble finding his words. He had hardly believe Kenny’s tales about seeing a meteor crash land in their backyard last week, especially after no craters could be found on the large plot of land. Kenny and his brother had been digging up the ground for the space rock all week, well, Kenny did most of the work, his brother just played along to please needy Kenny, all the while enduring Kenny’s long explanations about how this rock was there to bring about male perfection and a gift from distant aliens. How Kenny supposedly knew all this his brother had no idea, he thought Kenny was far too old for believing in such fantasies. It was pretty hard to deny the existence of the perfection granting space rock now that tiny Kenny had been sized up to six and half feet of beef however. “Can I see it? The rock?” Kenny’s brother practically begged, hoping he could be sized up as well. If he hadn’t slept in he could have been pushing his cock down the throat of that hot cheerleader across the street by now, no way would she reject him again if he used that rock to grow himself a little. Kenny just shrugged his wide lats. “Sorry brah, crushed the stone while I felt my biceps grow past 20 inches.” Kenny said rather absent mindedly. The new muscle behemoth gave his bro a friendly tap on his head, reinforcing their new difference, and walked inside. When he had a bit more privacy Kenny looked at the small red rock in his hand. Crushing the meteor, as if that was even possible. His brother should be thankful, really, that he had been excluded from the fate of being a super hunk. Kenny doubted he could ever go out on the street again without fifty men and women throwing themselves on him, what a horrid fate. Kenny turned the alien rock around in his hands, wondering who he should grant perfection to next.
  15. I think you're underestimating how hot it is to jerk off to descriptions of super heroes casually putting puny politicians in their place

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