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  1. Envy Always Bites. (Was supposed to be a short writing exercise after a few months away from my keyboard, ended up spiraling into something longer. Feedback is appreciated!) Dylan emptied his lungs and used all his might to curl the heavily loaded barbell to his shoulders. He struggled for a moment, but as expected the heavy bar came upwards controlled with perfect form. It was at the mercy of his thickly muscled biceps. Blood rushed into the veins adorning his arms and made the impressive sweaty muscles even more perfect looking. Dylan gave his biceps a final squeeze once the bar was at the top, before slowly curling the barbell back down and setting it back in the rack. The big athlete couldn't help but smile when looking at his reflection, it wasn't just his pumped up biceps with pencil thick veins covering them that brought him joy, the bit of pec that was sneaking out of his tank-top looked tantalizing too. Every part of him looked good Dylan mused, looking at how rock hard every muscle on his body seemed. Dylan raised his right arm for a bicep flex, the muscle jumping upwards and tightening at his command. It looked like had a cannonball trapped in there. His smile grew into a grin. Eight years training his ass off in the gym well spent. While his arm was still raised, a poignant smell hit Dylan in his nostrils. The reek of manly sweat and musk was radiating from his armpits. The smell of his own thick musk sent blood to another limb in his body that was much beyond an average size, and meaty as hell. His shorts tented in order to contain a cock that could give quite a few porn-stars a run for their money. Dylan blushed, not sure whether to be more embarrassed about the fact he had let part of the gym suffocate in his manly reek or the fact his manhood was even more poorly concealed than normal. “Time to hit the showers.” Dylan said with a mumble, his deep voice still a bit out of breath from the killer workout he just went through. Dylan walked over the locker room, his walk turning into a swagger despite his hardest intentions for it not to be. His shoulders and arms seemed to have their own center of gravity at the moment, which resulted in a strut that perfectly showed off his wide shoulders and granite arms. And although everyone might tell you all the people keep to themselves in a gym, Dylan still felt all the eyes in the building burn into his sculpted body. This made the big man rush into the locker room even faster, despite having worked out for more almost a decade, he was still not quite used to the attention his big body attracted. Dylan ended up walking into the locker room so fast he nearly knocked over a fellow gym-goer hanging around in front of the shower. The big man's mood soured somewhat after his post-workout ecstatic high after seeing who he had bumped into. “Hi Nate.” Dylan's deep voice boomed, checking-out the gym pump of the guy he had been unfortunate enough to gain an uneasy acquaintanceship with. Nate had started going to the gym around the same time as Dylan a few years ago, and almost had muscles to match Dylan’s granite body that could win a few gold trophies for bodybuilding if he was able to find a poser that would fit his anaconda. Almost. Nate was just a little less impressive all around. Which didn’t mean Dylan thought any less of him, but it was clear his near decade long position as the slightly smaller guy between the two of them was of great annoyance to Nate. Nate turned around and his face changed rapidly between expressions of annoyance, surprise and worry once he saw who had bumped into him. The green tint of envy that occupied Nate's eyes whenever he saw Dylan's super hunky body was what made the big man a bit uneasy, and hesitant to hang around with him. Especially considering Nate himself could be in a fitness magazine somewhere, still being so obviously envious while you already had so much seemed rather childish to Dylan. “Hey small guy!” Nate said jokingly, but his jealous tone came across as rather revealing. He punched his fist into Nate's shoulder as a form of greeting, Dylan tried his best to suppress a smile when Nate tried to act like he hadn't hurt his knuckles in the process after. Nate's eyes rapidly darted between his gym bag, Dylan and the one shower stall that wasn't out of order. “Say, hypothetically speaking, if you were about to do something which would change the course of humanity forever, would you take a shower first or get on with world history writing instead?” Nate asked, his eyes still fixed on his gym bag. Dylan cocked his head to the side, considering the question for a moment, but mostly just thinking he wanted to shower badly and pump out his fifth thick load for the day while he was at it. Nate's odd questions and weird looks really weren't needed today. “I'd just shower dude, especially you, you reek.” Dylan said with a half-hearted and tired smile. Nate didn't reek, he never pushed himself in the gym to level where he would build up a sweat to Dylan's extent. But as the big man expected Nate saw it more than a compliment than anything, and disappeared into the showers with the swiftness of a man who got his huge yet fragile ago stroke. Dylan quietly groaned a bit, if Nate hadn't wasted time with antics and standing around for no reason he might have already been done showering by now. Oh well. The big man considered doing a posing routine while he was still pumped up in the mirror, but thought better off it. If Nate walked out, while Dylan was giving his enormous bi’s a flex, he’d have to deal with even more envious stares. Instead, Dylan plopped down with a sigh of resignation on the bench right next to Nate’s bag. CRACK The sound of wood splitting filled the changing room for a second, before Dylan suddenly found his muscular bubble butt on the floor. The bench had given way under his weight and had split down the middle. “Fuck” Dylan mumbled under his breath, partly in awe of the display of his own formidable size, and partly embarrassed by it being the second time this week he had broken a piece of furniture. Dylan supposed he was nearing the 300 pound mark, his remarkable height stacked on weight rather easily, he guessed it was to be expected that some objects might not be able to handle him anymore. He didn’t expect gym management to be as enthusiastic about losing a locker room bench as the girl was when he had ruined her bed earlier in the week. She had seemed almost offended at Dylan’s offer to pay for a replacement. To be fair, having your bed break because a hung super stud fucked you too hard was probably something she felt she could brag about. Dylan scratched his head, he’d walk past the front desk and inform them of his accident after his shower. He’d have to pull in some extra hours in the office, but the least he could do for the gym that had taken from boney to bone-able was take some responsibility for the stuff he broke. Inspecting the carnage his buff body had caused Dylan only now noticed Nate’s bag had fallen to the ground admits splinters of wood. The contents of the gym bag had spilled out over the floor. Not wanting to give his fellow gym goer even more reasons to be a two-faced dick wad Dylan quickly started to put the Nate’s stuff back in his bag. Water bottle, towel, keys. The big guy moved apart some bench wreckage to make sure he had gotten everything. Dylan’s mouth dropped open when the final thing belonging in Nate’s bag revealed itself. A small green thin tube rolled into Dylan’s large feet. “RD-Mk7” was written on them in black font. “That absolute prick.” Dylan muttered under his breath, red burning anger consuming him almost completely. Dylan gnashed his teeth, he had never quite liked Nate but wouldn’t in his harshest judgements see him as capable of this. Not after the scare every gym rat got after last year’s Olympia. The stories about RD-Mk7 before that had been from isolated parts of the world and judged as fictional folktales. Guys claiming their muscle mass was stolen? Who would believe such a thing? All of that changed after the Mr. Olympia of 2023. Now there was live video evidence of bodybuilders shrinking down to the size of nobodies in the middle of their routine on stage while some pathetic nerd blew up into perfection by taking years of hard work he had no right to. It was despicable. Harrowing. The army had found out where the technology was produced and swiftly turned the factory to ash. There hadn’t been a case of ‘muscle theft’ (as it was branded by the media) since then. There had however daily been thousands of stories of people embarrassing themselves with fakes they had paid way too much money for. Nerds playing out revenge fantasies, jocks greedy for more size, husbands suspicious of the ripped personal trainer of their wives, Dylan had heard all of it a million times over. All of it had ended up in disappointment for the guys that had assumed to change their lives forever. Dylan looked at the small object in his hands with eyes that sparked fury. He had no doubt this was a fake as well. Whether it was a fake or not didn’t really matter to Dylan though, what mattered was that Nate, who had worked his own ass off in the gym for eight years and knew the effort that was involved in building size, was fully ready to steal some poor souls hard work. The thought of committing the crime was nearly just as bad as the crime itself. In the background Dylan could hear the shower being turned off. He had his back turned to the shower cell, which he now considered a good thing because he wasn’t quite sure if he could look at Nate’s smirk again without beating him to a pulp. Nothing angered him more than people taking what didn’t belong to them, especially if they were so aware of the value as Nate was. Dylan could hear Nate stepping back into the locker room, the guy’s oblivious whistling angering him on an indescribable level. “Woah! What happened in here?!” Nate said with a shriek. The freshly washed stud looked for a second at Dylan’s wide back. He could see the big hunk was clutching something tightly in his hands. “What ya got there, little gu--” Nate was interrupted by Dylan’s deep and sexy bass. “Were you planning on using this on me?” Dylan asked, anger seeping into his normally calm voice. Nate looked at his open gym bag and Dylan’s clenched hands. “Ah, uhm, well…” “I guess that’s a yes.” Dylan mumbled. Nate offered no correction. Dylan had been furious before. Hot with anger. Nate would have turned his back on his kind, discarded his fellow hunk, purely for a chance at some extra size. It wouldn’t have worked, but it was still despicable. But the thought of Nate using it on him, the guy who had helped him get started in the gym, the guy who had given him tips on his diet and form, the guy who was the reason he was buff in the first place? It somehow managed to make Dylan boil even more. His anger took hold of him completely temporarily and it made an idea jump into Dylan’s mind. A cruel idea for a guy who truly deserved it at the moment. Dylan realized that unlike him, Nate was operating on the logic that the object in his hands really was capable to siphon out the size of anyone. Nate hadn't realized he had, just like millions of others, paid a high sum of money for a piece of plastic that could do absolutely nothing. The thought of the object in his hands actually being the real deal hadn’t even entered Dylan’s mind. Dylan smiled, he could give that envious son of a bitch a good and proper scare. A spoonful of his own medicine. With a surprising swiftness Dylan turned around. The big man took a second to think back to the video he had jerked off to a thousand times of the scrawny nobody blowing up to the size of a super stud by stealing all that size of those Mr Olympia contestants. What had he said again to activate his version of this stupid wand thingy? Oh right. “What’s yours, is mine.” Dylan said with his stern and deep voice. For a moment Nate looked dazed Then terror and horror crept over the smaller man’s face.
  2. Quite the opposite! If I may be so bold, I'd say it's your finest tale yet David's ascension into hunkhood is extremely hot, and I'm thankful you shared it!
  3. Ya'll ever stumble into a project that got way out of hand? Well, this was one of em for me. Unfortunately this story got so out of hand I was sitting on 20 pages by sunday and I still had 70% of the story to go. Oops. Knowing I wasn't gonna have enough time to finish the story off what follows below is the result of a pretty drastic last minute overhaul. Hopefully it's still enjoyable, and if I have the time, I hope to do one day do the story more justice. Farenheit 94,1° Blissful. Ecstatic. Euphoric. None of those words came even close to describing the emotion of pure joy coursing through my veins. The grass didn’t feel rough and harsh anymore, instead it felt caressing and gentle on my big bare feet. I almost felt a bit guilty for pushing the ticklish grass into the dirt while imprinting my large footprint, but I was running so fast it was hard not leave behind a large and deep mark, especially with all the muscle mass weighing me down. I expected my breath to be short and raspy, having run so fast and for so long, but I had never felt more at ease as when my thick and long legs were shooting me forward on the grassy plains. I suddenly felt a loud urge swell up inside my solid chest, an urge to let out a load roar. I tried rationalising myself out of it. The last thing I wanted was the world knowing where I was. But suppressing urges had never been my strongest point. “FUCK YEAH!” My deep voice boomed while the softly hilled plains shot past me in a green blur. The deepness of my voice had caught me slightly off guard. I hadn’t heard much of it since the change and it sounded so different. It really was a tremor now, if my body wasn’t causing earthquake's by itself this voice certainly would be doing the trick. I let out a short laugh, reveling in the sensation of my entire chest moving and cascading with even the slightest giggle. There were so many new sensations going through me in the last minute alone. No way I wasn’t gonna enjoy every last bit of all these unfamiliar experiences. I slowed down my lightning speed sprint till my feet were firmly planted into the ground again. My body showed not even the slightest sign of having just run faster than any Olympic record for more than an hour. I tried acquainting myself with my surroundings. From this angle there was only green as far as the eye could see. I know better than to turn around, the grey drab of The Capitol was surely poking in my wide lats and I had no need for turning back. My eyes landed on a small lake just a few strides away. I noticed my run had left me thirstier than I had thought, must be from the thinnest layer of sweat coating every surface of my body. Bending down to my knees I was ready to take a big gulp of the small clean pool when I caught my reflection in the water. The sight of my insanely muscular physique caught me off guard. Damn was I hot. Big enough to fuck any guy till they were seeing stars. That thought caught me by surprise too. These new thoughts of sex were so alien to me. In my old body fucking had never been on my mind, just like The State enforced. It just was all work with no play, and with how I looked, and everyone else in the country, it was no mystery why sex and pleasure didn’t take up an iota of my brain power. Now ripping open cute bubble butts with my beer can sized fuck stick formed a comfortable constant backdrop in my mind. To think I had been deprived of this for so long. I grinned, I was gonna fucking love looking like this. I let my gaze glide over my body, checking my arms, the thick biceps that could hold any pretty face in place while I fucked someone’s throat out still looked as massive as ever. I smiled as my I saw pecs jutted outward enough I could probably use them to squash a melon in between their deep ridge. I had to use my fingers to check my abs, the deeply cut washboard formed an 8-pack that felt tight enough to be bulletproof. All the goods were there, including the very meaty shaft I had dangling between my legs that was slowly waking up seeing just how hot I was now. I couldn’t help but let a wave of disbelief wash over me. Man, had I not expected this day to go this way. I mean, just this morning I had been your average scrawny office drone. Loyal to the state, loyal to the state’s belief sex was nothing but gross dirt that had to be scrubbed off soceity. I was indistinguishable to nearly every other male, all off us short, thin, and with nothing of a dick. We were clean, cleansed of attributes that might inspire sexual arousal, cleansed of thoughts that might horn us up. Fuck, I even remember being excited for my yearly ‘scrubbing’ just this morning. I had noticed a few stray hairs on my chest, and the development of a few muscles near my calves from many walks up the stairs to my apartment. I was ecstatic to plop my little dicklet into that machine and have all of that drained away, all the muscles that had incidentally developed, the masculine traits that had peeked their heads, all of it the machine could efficiently suck out. I smiled, man, had I been naive. Of course that was before I had stumbled down a few wrong corridors in Cleaning Clinic trying to find the bathroom, and discovered that the sex residue that was sucked out of every citizen, the liquid form of all their atributes that might call forth feelings in others of lust and desire, was decidily not destroyed by the state like they preached they’re doing on every corner of the street. Instead the pink goo containing a nation’s worth of height, muscle mass, handsomeness, hair and cock size went into tubes tunneling deep underground. The goo reeked of testerone, at that point I had still been disgusted by the smell of real men, but I had followed the tubes regardless, occasionally having to sneak around to dodge watchful eyes, my curiosity always spurring me on. Discovering where the tubes led had been the most important moment of my life. I smiled while looking at the sinews making up my arms, the network of veins covering them reminding me of the network of tubes from Cleaning Clinic’s all over the nation converging at that central chamber. All that sexual power the state had so efficiently scrubbed away, brought to one point, one room. A room I could look into just a bit behind one of the air ventilation ducts. A room housing all the state’s controlling oligarchs. I had looked on in horror as the one’s who had liberated us from the nastiness of sex by wiping every trace of it out of our lives now indulged themselves in a the nation’s residue of sexual taint. I couldn’t imagine drinking the thick pink goo, I knew I had to stay a mile away from anything that could make me as hard as a whiff of the testerone reeking goo made me. But my horror hadn’t just stemmed from the fact that the most powerful people in this nation, the ones who had set us long ago on this road of total liberation, were now consuming a sex reeking drink. No, it came mostly what followed from them drinking the goo. They convulsed, they merrily screamed, they moaned, and they grew. God did they fucking grow. All the muscle mass, height, handsomeness, all of what they had taken away from the state, it started reappearing on them. Their twiggy arms grew to thick meaty pillars that could rip apart tanks. They didn’t stop growing till the former buisnessmen who had been just as scawny as me were looking like pure paragons of sex and size. The moaned, as they worked their new horse sized cocks with their meaty mittens and explored the muscular valley making up their chest. I was stunned. Why would the nation’s most elite defile themselves with all these sexual blasphemies? I started connecting the dots once I was able to see the founding fathers of our modern nation fucking twinks in another room. I didn’t even have to be silent not get noticed peeking around, the sound of their deep manly grunts as they partook in their sacrilege of the new consitution banning sex they had personally written was louder than any sound I could make. I understood in an instant. The values of our modern world, the values that had led from the humble beginnings of the banning of porn websites to our current complete liberation from sex, those values were nothing more than a lie. A lie the elite of our world had used so they could have all the pleasure to themselves. I trembled. For how long had we willingly given these fuckers everything that made us special and unique? How big was the group of supersized oligarchs that had taken everything from the state’s residence? I bit my lip and carefully readjusted my very humble package, and god, why did seeing all these extremely hunky men make me feel so good. I remember with joy the decision I had taken after that. “If these fuckers are gonna steal everything from me just so they can feel good, I can at least take a few sips from that pink goo too and get back what they owe me, right?” It had not taken me long to find a tap attached to the tubes. Originally I had wanted to take just a single sip, get back the definition to my calves and the little fluff of chest hair I had given up just a few hours earlier. But after that single sip, and after feeling how it felt to slowly inflate with power, the rush of energy, I couldn’t stop myself from taking another sip. And another. And another. And a few dozen more. Before long I was sitting in the shreds of my work clothes, bulging with muscle mass, and oh so thirsty for more. Of course that had been the moment one of the security guards finally found me. His mouth was agasp, and I could see why. I embodied sex, I was an adonis in the purest sense of the word, I had a body that was made for delivering pleasure. Even just seeing me made the scrawny fucker shoot his pathetic load. Licking his lips while watching my massive pecs twitch I had just laughed and walked away, I wasn’t gonna wait around till he realised what he had just seen. That taser he had around his belt didn’t look like too much fun. So I just ran, ran till I was back on the dark streets of The Capitol again. I was bucknaked, my filled out glutes and oversized fuck stick on full display for the evening trafic. I realised I couldn’t stay here. I wouldn’t want all this glorious size to be taken from me again, so I continued running. Running till I left the city and it’s stunned inhabitants behind, ran until the green of the rolling hills was all I could see. I smiled, today had been a day. I was just about ready to finally fully explore this wonderful body and colour this natural pool of water white with cum when I spotted a man approaching from the bushes. My muscles tensed, I had thought I was far enough away from agents of the state to still be following. “Evening.” I called out, trying to make out his size from his shadow. He looked to be big, but I was ready to test out what these biceps bigger some people’s heads could do. “Good evening.” He replied, his voice warm and deep. He revealed himself, he was truly a giant. I swallowed. “No need to be anxious.” He said with a smile. “I won’t hurt ya, big guy.” I had a hard time believing that. “Guessing you figured it out today? There’s always new blood on the annual scrubbing.” He continued I narrowed me eyes, was this a spy trying to find out how much I knew? “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I mumbled, trying to not let myself be distracted by his handsome square jawed look. His eyes traveled all over my new huge muscles and threw me a grin. “I think you know, Mr Sexy.” He said with a chuckle. “I hope you didn’t think you were the first to figure out we were getting robbed, there’s a camp with a few of us up just ahead. We all sought… Compensation for being cheated, just like you.” The stranger looked at my legs, large enough to squat a train with an amused smile. “Though not many took quite as much as you, obviously. Size differences are good for fucking though” I was at a loss of words. But I knew I probably shouldn’t trust strangers promising more than I could dream off. My mind threw up it’s last defense mechanism, falling back on the ideology that had controlled my life for so long seemed like the best choice. “Sex is a horror, I’m not going to your camp of degeneracy. I hate being this full of sexual energy. I should go to cleaning clinique and get all this dirt washed off me. I’m not even into you, all that muscle mass and sexual appeal is an abomination --.” Words died in my throat as the stranger suddenly grabbed my arms, although I could easily have thrown him off, I was intrigued by his grip, the way his hands felt on my biceps. “Did you know the skin is remarkably constant in temperature?” He asked. I nodded no. “It’s nearly always the same, 93 degrees. It only really changes in one condition. Wanna know what that is?” My breath grew short while seeing how the stranger’s muscles twitched with his every move. “When were aroused, then it changes. Tends to go up a degree.” I stared at grooves making up his chest, I had never seen such beauty. The stranger pulled out a small digital thermostat, taking the temperature of my skin before I even knew it. “You know, you can say what you want about still believing the lies the state has fed you, but your body temperature disagrees.” He waved the result of the thermostat in my face. 94,1 degrees. Biologically my body was ready to fuck this handsome stud into the ground. “So, why don’t you come back to our camp, and I’ll introduce you to the guys?” I smiled, and I took a leap of fate. “Yeah, that’d be nice.” I said with a grin.
  4. I'm glad you like it! I'm sorry the next part is taking so long. Part 5 is about 90% complete, but it also has been that length for a couple of weeks now. I struggled to find the right mood to finish it off earlier, and currently too busy with exams to write much. I'm hoping to get it done next week, but, considering I've not been able to finish any of the parts on time before this one, I wouldn't take my word for it. Hopefully once summer rolls around I can get to adding more updates on a regular schedule, cuz I have quite a few more planned for this story. Part 5 is a bit of a different beast, a lot longer, and a bit less focused on Matt and Luke interacting. If you like Matt as the dominating, yet sometimes gentle, archetype I think you'll like it? No promises
  5. Settling in. “Fuck man, you’re really settling in. This pic is gonna get all the guys hungering for you.” Brax’s deep voice boomed. “That distant stare… All those hard as shit muscles on full display in the afternoon sun. I can’t imagine a guy who wouldn’t want to get a taste of those salty lips while having your prickly beard pressing in their faces.” Brax continued with a soft whistle of admiration. Brax tried adjusting his extremely formidable package with as much subtly as he could muster. “Every boy on the block is gonna want to get up close with the guy who has biceps bigger than their heads.” Jeff replied with a grin. The muscular beast swiped through the rest of his photo album. Jeff smiled while showing off some of the other pictures his photographer had made that day on the small phone screen. It weren’t all that many. It hadn’t been long before the twerp taking pictures had given in too his urges and had licked each and every muscle that Jeff had on display squeaky clean. Brax couldn’t decide if the special shine on Jeff’s huge chest in the pictures came from either a dive in the pool or was just from the natural layer of sweat coating the huge man. Well, ‘natural’, that was a strong word. “Very nice. Clearly I need to get me one of pro photographers too for a shoot.” Brax said while using his thick and muscular digit to do some more swiping down Jeff’s photo album. Jeff raised an eyebrow. “Those pictures on your Instagram looked alright.” The viking look Jeff said bemused, recalling the various lewd pictures of Brax bursting out of clothing. Brax shrugged, his wide lats rolling with the effort. “Lot’s of close-ups of my bulge. Need someone to capture the rest of my huge and hunky body. Whoever this dude is, he clearly appreciates your steel like muscularity.” Brax said with widening grin. Jeff chuckled, the little guy sure had been in pure awe and admiration when Jeff had first thrown of his shirt and revealed his cobblestone six pack and voluminous pecs. “Well, when you’re hung like us, it’s hard not having those monsterous cocks dominate every picture they’re in.” The viking mumbled while adjusting his own quickly inflating package. Brax swiped through some more pictures. But his smile quickly faded when, in between the galleries of him using his footlong salami to split open bubble butts, and photo’s others had taken from is insanely muscular and manly physique, the big man noticed a selfie Jeff had taken. “Dude.” Brax said in a tone of annoyance while his faced pulled into a grimace. Jeff looked over, his selfie stretched out over the phone screen. His tanned skin almost immediately went white. The selfie was from just a few weeks ago. Most wouldn’t recognise viking looking Jeff right away, mostly because he was a few hundred pounds lighter, nearly a foot and half shorter, and looked more like a twig than the towering hunk of manly muscle he was now. The two friends locked eyes, Jeff’s cheeks burning scarlet on his pale skin. “I told you to delete all your old pictures.” Brax said in a hushed tone. Jeff looked at his size 17 feet in embarrassment. “What if someone had found this selfie? What if someone had made the connection between this twig like stain of bones, and your current deliciously hunk and powerful body?” Brax scolded. “I told, you could join our little league of super studs, but you had to keep a low profile. I thought you were settling in just fine…” Brax said, bouncing his pecs and stretching his large and beefy arms. “We can’t have anyone know. Otherwise the whole town, the whole country, the whole world, they’d all want to be looking like a god of size and strength who can drive any girl of guy to orgasm with a simple glance. We really can’t have that, my brot--” Brax continued on babbling about ‘responsibility’ and ‘secrecy’ but Jeff wasn’t really listening anymore, checking out the grooves on his muscles was far more interesting. “You didn’t transform anyone else, did you?” Brax said with side eyed glance, his voice cutting through the increasingly thick fog of pleasure clouding Jeff’s mind. “What? Do the one thing you ordered me not too? No way.” Jeff said, in a tone that might to a more observant listener sound like slight panic. Brax wasn’t really that observant any more though, his own steel like muscles brushing against the viking sitting next to him had awakened more than a few things inside him. “Good. You know how easy it goes. Just one drop of cum down their throats and they’d be looking like an stallion made for fucking and lifting just like us. Then they can turn people into super studs themselves. The shit you’d be in if you turned someone without the league’s permission…” Brax mumbled while eyeing his friends outward jutting pecs Jeff let out a nervous laugh hearing his friends comment, quickly putting his phone back in his pocket. While doing so, his own twenty plus inch arm brushed against that of equally muscular Brax. That finally pushed both men over the edge, and it wasn’t long before they were rolling around the floor, kissing passionately in a duel of tongue’s. Jeff was glad Brax hadn’t stumbled upon the big folder of Jeff’s thick manhood shooting loads down the throats of tiny and eager twinks. Turning a hundred men in his first week probably wasn’t gonna make Jeff look too good.
  6. Stage Fright. Kameron’s breath was raspy and uncontrolled. He kept pushing his thick glasses up the ridge of his nose, his boney fingers unrhythmically tapping on his skinny legs. Describing him as a nervous wreck would be an understatement. Feverishly he mumbled out his one line in his nasally voice. “Thin like a twig? You betcha. Doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna get ya!” Kameron just hoped his out of tune singing voice wouldn’t be too disruptive. He had to replace one of his friends last minute for a speaking role in the college performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The prospect of playing one of the trees with a singing line, rather than just standing motionless in the background while he waved his leaf coated hands like normal, had nearly given him a heart attack. Through the stage curtains Kameron could spot the various actors jumping across the stage while the actors sang their heart out. Kameron couldn’t help but look a bit envious at the football jock playing the Scarecrow sensually making out with their barely dressed version of Dorothy. Not because Kameron really had any interest of the hot bimbo of his own. No, he was more jealous of how confidently the two were in front of an audience. The small, frail nerd knew he was up in a minute, and also knew that even if he’d manage to get his line out, it’d likely sound small and meek. “I wish I could walk around the stage with such confidence.” He said dreamingly. Suddenly a bright light seemed to envelop the world, even with his eyes tightly closed Kameron couldn’t see anything but a shining brightness. A pulsing headache clouding much of what Kameron knew about the world suddenly painfully shot through the small man’s big brain. Then suddenly, the light faded. “Sorry! Light malfunction!” One of the barely trained technicians meekly mumbled. “Everything all right Kam?” Another operator asked in a tone of combined fright and concern. Kam? No one called Kameron that. Kam implied his name was said often enough it needed shortening. “All good.” The inexperienced actor said in voice that was many octaves lower than just a minute ago, Softly Kameron opened his eyes again, looking at his reflection in the mirror for last costume check ups. He winked a few times, convinced his eyes were still messing with his vision while staring at what was supposed to be his mirror image. But, after each wink, the large shadow in the mirror didn’t go away. In fact, it only seemed to grow clearer and huger. In disbelief Kameron took in the big body occupying nearly all of the mirror surface. A nearly nude bodybuilder was blinking back at Kameron in the reflection. Kameron raised his right arm. The powerful muscular man of his reflection did exactly the same. Kameron flexed his bicep. The amount of muscle mass that jumped and tightened in his reflection wouldn’t look out of place on a god. In shock Kameron looked down, and saw as he feared. Somehow his skinny, unremarkably shrimpish and twerpy body had suddenly turned into the massive piece of muscle meat he had seen in his reflection. Slowly Kameron bounced and flexed a few of his remaining muscles, feeling liquid power shoot through his skin with each muscle that felt ready to burst out of his skin. He felt ready to lift a car. A grin swept over his face. “...And saw as he feared.”? Fuck no. Suddenly blowing up in size wasn’t anything to be fearful of in the slightest, it was awesome. With some difficulty he managed to see past his outward putting pecs a bit. He was in nothing but a tight poser, and the garment seemed to be struggling quite a bit with a massive cock that had the throbbing and excited nature of a member that realised it was now attached to one of the finest specimen alive of masculinity. “Seriously, again Kam? You just had five twinks drain you for hours. Fuck it. You’ll be going on stage with the rest of the trees with pre leaking member on full display. It’s not like all of campus doesn’t already know you are a extremely well endowed super stud. “ The musical's director said in a tone of playful annoyance. Oh. Right. The play. Somehow, with the weird occurrence of him turning into the size wider than the tree was playing as, Kam didn’t feel nervous in the slightest. Kameron he looked up, staring at the rest of the group of antagonists made out of wood. All of them had been transformed into similar highly ripped and insanely muscular bodybuilders. Well, none was quite as big as the new towering 6’8 mountain of steel Kam now was, but some got quite close. Kameron felt an intense wave of pleasure shoot through his body while they strutted all onto the stage. He felt enticed by the prospect of exploring all these hunks’ powerful muscles and bubbly butts, that were barely covered up the leaf green posers that now had pass as costumes, as soon as they were back in the changing room. ---------------- Overall the college’s theatre group's performance of the Wizard of Oz got glowing reviews from the nearby paper. Although the first act was rather a drag, as soon as a certain group of men as wide as trees strutted onto the stage it really picked up. The five minute long song on their meaty logs making them horny 24/7 really hit home. And when the cute footballer playing the scarecrow went down on his knees to worship their devine bodies and cocks you could really feel the pleasure out of their grunts of approval. The moans of lust coming from the orgy the stage ended up turning into ended up being the best song the small town reviewer had ever heard. With the way every muscle in the body of Kam rocketed with his every orgasm you almost believed him when the sex god looking man screamed out he had just lost his virginity. Of course, everyone in the audience had a hard time believing that the man looking like he could dwarf most professional weightlifters had only just now popped his cherry. The man was just a brilliant actor. A brilliant, huge, sexy and hung, actor.
  7. Awaiting his Arrival. “How’s this pose. Menacing enough?” Ben asked with a grin. Ian pursed his lips, carefully looking at how dangerously hot his friend was looking while he had his arms widely spread on the cushions, his muscles bulging threateningly. “Pose is nearly perfect. Push out your pecs a little though.” Ian said, his soft voice nothing more than a mumble compared to his friends deep bass. The big man lying on the bed obliged, the thick pecs cascading with size while he rearranged them till they perfectly showed off how powerful the iron slabs were. “And. Uh. Push up your dick a little. Don’t want those thick legs obscuring the salami.” Ben grinned at the mention of his new supreme cock, eagerly grabbing his extremely formidable bulge till it was clear to see just how much his underwear was struggling keeping the tool of pleasure in line. “What did you say was my line again?” Ben asked. It was clear the lumbering stud wasn’t really paying attention. The titan of size was mostly preoccupied with one hand running the eight cobblestone bricks making up his abs, and smirking while he looked at his other hand softly kneading the large amount of hardening man meat making up his nether regions. “I don’t know. Just say something along the lines of ‘Guess who’s taking over your position as the football quarterback, twerp.’ It doesn’t really matter, he’s gonna mostly be focused on the fact the nerd he bullied for years is now outsizing him by a nearly a hundred pounds anyways.” Ian said with a shrug. Ben chuckled, clearly the testerone factory he had hanging between his legs was doing it’s job and filling him up with much needed confidence. “You think I’ve got time to beat out another one before he gets here?” He asked with feigned innocence. Ian slowly squinted at the perfect male image his friend had turned into. “He’s gonna be here in a minute. Besides, haven’t you emptied those balls enough already?” Ian mumbled, while trying not letting his cheeks burn scarlet while he thought about the sixth time Ben had came that morning, his hot spunk going right down Ian’s tight throat. Ben shot Ian a look that made it very clear he’d never be not horny ever again. Ian just swallowed. He hoped Ben would be able to cage his desires enough during the stern talking to they had planned for the rest of the football team. The new huge Ben was supposed to be intimidating. But if things were going as they were now, the day would likely be filled with jocks dropping to their knees while doing everything thing to get a taste of the throbbing man meat swinging between Ben’s new marble legs. Or a scramble to simply get the honour of touching one of Ben’s many massive muscles. Ian didn’t even get a chance for further objections before the football captain and former tormenter they had been waiting for finally barged in. The look of awe on his face while he stared at the sweat from Ben’s steel like muscularity soaking his mattress seemed mixed with a healthy dose of lust. With a sly grin the nerd thought that no matter how the day with the new behemoth that was Ben was going to turn out, it was probably going to be good.
  8. Bigger than Ever. “Lil’ Bro, good to see you!” A shiver traveled down Jack’s spine while he heard the deep bass of his older brother’s greeting. “Hi Dave.” Jack mumbled meekly, not quite wanting to look up from the floor and be greeted his brother’s massive body. But Dave, like usual, cared little for what his little brother might want and quickly grabbed him for a hug. Jack tried his very best to not pop a boner while his small body was pressed into his brother’s steel like pecs, his thin legs dangling in the air while the huge biceps of his brother easily kept him suspended in the air. “Damn little bro, did you get shorter?” Jack knew this was just his brothers usual spiel, but played along anyways. Who wouldn’t when they were trapped in between a set of huge outward jutting pecs. “No Dave. You must have gotten taller again.” This earned a chuckle from Dave, something which sent a rippling through the entirety of his huge body. “Damn! Last time I saw you I was like… 6’8? Think I can add a few inches to that.” Dave said with a grin. Clearly talk of how massive his body was got the tall man going, because Jack could feel Dave’s mammoth meaty bulge he was bumping into stir and throb. Thoughts of just how incomprehensibly hung Dave was added to the already complicated feelings shooting through Jack’s body after seeing just how much bigger and more studly his brother was looking. “Haven’t just gotten taller.” Dave said with a smirk, confirming Jack’s suspicions that the big man’s lax training regimen was somehow still paying off with huge gainz. And that glint in Dave’s sparkling blue eyes suggested that the meaty baseball bat swinging between his marble pillar thick legs Jack had accidently seen when he had run into the big man after a shower had somehow gotten bigger as well. Jack was just hoping the upcoming family weekend wouldn’t have to involve any more awkward nude encounters, being confronted with just how perfect and manly his brother was never failed to fill the small man up with envy. “Come on little guy. We still got a long drive to the family cabin.” Dave gently put his little brother on the floor, guiding him to his parked car. It was a huge Jeep, and although it was a tight fit for the goliath that was Dave, Jack thought he didn’t look much better than a toddler in the big seat. With a grin Dave picked up a few of the used custom made condoms littering the floor, the smell of thick cum radiating from the used rubbers. “Sorry bro, you know how horny the gym guys get seeing me throw around iron many times heavier than their body weights.” Dave said, softly letting out a reminiscing chuckle. Jack could imagine, considering how many times he had jerked off to videos of all the college jocks that had once ruled the campus now begging for his brothers supreme manhood and manly muscles. The rest of the car ride was largely silent, apart from a few occasions where Jack couldn’t help himself and smelled the ripe essence of masculinity radiating from Dave’s sweaty gym top. Jack could hardly tame his excitement when a few minutes later that got the big man to throw off his tank top and sweater, which besides freeing the deep musk, also gave Jack an excellent view of the sweat running in between the stud’s ripped 8-pack. After a few more hours of Jack being painfully hard while studying the every movement rippling through the giant’s arm while steering they finally arrived at the family’s outhouse. Dave was looking forward to all of the family being in awe of continued growth. His nerdy little brother was going to attend Harvard after the summer, and the weak nerd had been all the family would talk about for years. But after his ‘growth spurt’ and beefing out most of the family was far more interested in Dave’s bicep size rather than some nerdy achievement. “We’re gonna be sharing a room. You won’t mind staying out during the day, right little bro? I’ve got my ‘urges’ to take care off…” Dave said with a widering grin. Jack just nodded. Who was he to get in the way off his massive brother’s jerk off sessions. The two walked on inside, Dave carrying both of their heavy bags with ease in just one hand. AThe other hand was twisting a small golden ring that he had in his pocket. It had a bright green gem, it’s shine somewhat diminished by the fact it was coated in a sleek layer of the pre cum that was constantly leaking out of his gargantuan cock. He turned the ring in his hands a few more times, considering if he should wear it for a few more minutes so he could grow past the big 7 feet. The magical artifact wouldn’t mind being used to keep up his illusion of a natural growth spurt, right? Dave smirked, man how his uncle had laughed at his aspiration to grow up as a big hulking brute. The frail fuck didn’t even reach his outward jutting pecs now. While his family excitedly shrieked as the big man’s big, heavy footfalls made everyone aware of his towering presence, Dave didn’t even notice the small sleek ring suddenly slipping through his fingers. Nor did he notice how it rolled across the hardwood floor, till it bumped into Jack’s shoes. And Dave was far too busy showing off his sex oozing body to the fiance of one of his cousins to notice Jack picking up the small muscle growth inducing piece of jewelry with great interest.
  9. Coach in Control. Toby’s breathing tightened, air seemed like a rare commodity, and the thick furry pecs that were pushing into his face made it the more difficult to breath. “You OK, Tobes?” A deep tremor asked, the impressive chest that was pushing into Toby’s face vibrating accordingly. Toby just nodded, letting out another soft moan while he felt the fat rigid cock taking up so much space in his ass twitch. The waterboy pressed his face even deeper into the valley of pecs surrounding his face, biting his lips while he made sure to have another inch of the monstercock stretching open his ass. Missionary sex was the best. Toby made sure he was getting the fullest experience. All the muscle, all the manliness, all the cock. Not an inch of it would be allowed to go unused. He had to make the most of this really, because he knew that after this, no experience on Grindr would compare. How could anyone measure up to a man of this size? “You better get back to stretching me open, coach.” Toby managed to murmur out between his short breaths. The stallion just grunted, picking up his pace again. Toby felt his eyes roll back, nothing felt as good his tender and tight ass being used for another man’s pleasure. Thrust after thrust filled him like no other man could. The thick biceps planted next to him to support the thick hunk for fucking him into the mattress had never looked so deliciously beefy. Toby’s bliss increased even more when he suddenly found Coach’s tongue invading his mouth, the man’s soft stubble prickling nicely into his face. The waterboy could even smell the protein from the coach's last shake tainting his breath. It smelled nice, and not just because Toby knew that was the shake that had transformed the coach from his former drooping middle aged self to his current status as a muscle stud. The small and tender waterboy could feel the big manhood throb and pulsate inside him menacingly. The muscular behemoth was on the cusp of orgasm. Toby didn’t blame him, they had been going at it for what felt like the last hour straight. The slender waterboy let the cock stay in his tight ass for a moment longer, before pulling it out with a plop. “What the…” Coach mumbled, pleasure still hazing his mind. Toby eagerly pulled off the condom. It was soaked in the constant stream of pre leaking out of coach’s cock. Without much further warning Toby placed his small hands on the gargantuan throbbing manhood. He barely even got to complete a single stroke before it exploded. And explode it did, jizz shooting out of like a firehose. It wasn’t long before Toby, and the rest of the room, was coated in a thick layer of the other man’s cum. He liked licking his lips clean, the salty taste reminded him of the coach’s lips. The orgasm subsided, and the pair panted for a moment. It was only after a minute Toby noticed he had also shot his load, but it was considerably more humble in comparison, his average cock leaking dripping just a few drops. “Something tells me it won’t be so hard settling into your new life as a hung and muscular coach, sir.” Toby murmured, looking at the exquisite specimen of human masculinity in front of him with a longing gaze. He hadn’t signed up for any of this when he had barged into the coach’s office two hours ago to make another report of disrespectful behaviour from the college football jocks. But he certainly wasn’t gonna complain about getting to witness the coach’s transformation into a bull made for lifting and fucking. The coach chuckled, gliding his hand through the new canyons that made up his chest. His own muscles felt hard like granite, and if he wasn’t being careful, his new favourite body part would grow to its salami sized granite state too. The big man strutted over to his desk, his oversized cock and testerone overflowing balls slapping against his mighty tights with a meaty slap. He grabbed the tub of protein powder from Hunkify that had fueled his own transformation into a powerful brick house of muscle. “Not big enough yet?” Toby asked with a slightly bemused tone while looking at the coach mixing up another shake. A snarky follow up comment dying in his throat when his nostrils were invaded by the coach’s deep musk. “Oh, I’m big enough alright.” Coach said with a chuckle, his whole demeanor slowly shifting away from his shy pudgy persona into something more formidable. The coach grabbed the finished shake and walked right up close to Toby, enjoying how much he towered over him with his powerful muscularity. “I just gotta have an equally big football captain...” Coach said with a smirk. Toby had downed the thick shake faster than any other men could have. He could say he was enticed by putting the unbearable set of football jocks in their place. And make them lick his feet after years of taking the waterboy for granted. But really he just wanted to be able to be fucked by the coach without the big man holding back. As he saw his own lithe muscularity pop up and inflate at an rapidly accelerating pace, he knew that goal wasn't far out of reach.
  10. Improving the Force. Like most things in his life, being jailed didn’t faze Antonio in the slightest. The Greek stud couldn’t recall the last time he had been scared of anything, it came with having muscles that could deadlift most cars. As expected, the dimly lit cell hadn’t raised his heartbeat a bit, he was just waiting till either his immense wealth or a phone call from his powerful father would set him free again. With slightly annoyed expression tainting his handsome face he had to admit that his friends had been right in saying the USA wasn’t worth visiting. Apparently strutting around in nothing but a speedo, showing off his juicy pecs and ripped eight pack, was enough to get you thrown into a jail cell. To be fair, Antonio’s extremely formidable greek sausage had been spilling out quite a bit of the straining garment. But how was it his fault the makers of the Speedo hadn’t anticipated someone so extraordinary hung would be waltzing around in their feeble piece of clothing. “Public indecency my ass, they’re probably just jealous their weak, frail and tiny dicked bodies don’t compare.” Antonio said with a snort. All the girls abandoning their husbands as they got a glimpse of what a real man looked like, eyeing Antonio’s hunky body, probably hadn’t made him the most popular man in the city. And everyone spontaneously orgasming whenever they placed a hand on one of his steel like muscles or low hanging fat cock, might have aggravated enough twerps that one was enough of a loser to file a police report. Antonio sighed, he couldn’t wait to be back in Europe. At least there the prudes knew to keep their mouths shut when the Greek stud was swaggering around obscenely. “Antonio Ambrosia?” A thin, nascally voiced, police officer asked. The Greek hunk just rolled his eyes. In a just world, men like Antonio would have every inch of their bodies worshipped by men as shrimpish as this officer, not be locked up by them. Alpha’s deserved all the respect this twerps could muster in his boney body. “Am I free to go?” Antonio’s deep voice enquired, slightly grinning at the officer’s meek hardon while the frail man glanced at the stud’s unbelievable body with disbelief. “Yes. No. Uhm, Yes, you are free to leave, but there is a certain… Condition.” Antonio placed his thick hands on his wide back, relishing at the way his biceps blew up in size whenever he inadvertently flexed them. He knew where this was probably heading. Back in Greece a few police officers had arrested him for nonsensical reasons too, with the only way out likely involving their pleasure depraved wives and Antonio’s legendary manhood. “We want to test the new ‘MR’ project. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. It should help prevent similar incidents from happening in the future” The meek man mumbled, trailing every inch of Antonio’s lewd body with a hungry expression. The stallion shrugged. It wasn’t ‘fucking your way through a set of hot wives’ levels of fun, but he didn’t mind. He’d test their little project if it’d get him out of the damp cell and back into the sunlight, where his muscles could be put to good use tanning. Maybe it was time to head back to Greece and enjoy being treated as an Alpha should be. “Fine. Whatever. Just hurry it up.” Antonio said, scratching an itch deep in between the valley of size and manly beef making up his chest. The police officer walked into the cell with eager excitement. His boney fingers quickly pulled out an old looking device and applied a few wires to Antonio’s immense frame, the greek god made sure to flex whatever muscle the little man touched, the combined expression of lust and awe never failed to amuse him. Lesser men were the greatest toys. Antonio watched with some intrigue while the officer tapped away at his machine, the “Project MR” logo plastered all over the device. “What’s ‘MR’ an acronym for anyways.” The rich stud asked, though not really all that interested. He really just wanted to get out of here and stretch some holes open, it had been hours since he had been been able to drain his bull sized balls, a new record for him. “Muscle Redistribution.” The police officer said with an unsettling grin. Antonio suddenly felt a small shock go through his body, shaking his tall and immeasurably hot frame. His vision slowly turned black and he felt awfully tired. While his heavy body dropped to the ground he saw a weird horrifying sight. It was probably nothing more than the sleep intruding on him, but Antonio could have sworn his pecs had looked a less impressive. His arms thinner. His bulge less impressive. A wave of sleep washed over him before he got time to consider any of those things however. ----------- Antonio woke up with a groan. He kept his booze fairly well, and wondered how much he had to have drunk to have a headache this throbbing. He rubbed his small tender hand over his head, letting out a small, high pitched moan as he felt his tiny morning wood into his thin thighs. Wait, that wasn’t right. Small tender hands? High pitched voice? Tiny dick? Antonio let out a squeak as he caught sight of himself in mirror on one of the cell walls. Gone were his muscles. His size. His handsomeness. His commanding presence. He looked even scrawnier than the police officer who had done this to him. He’d say his sexiness was gone too, but as he felt his his sensitive bubbly butt he had to admit he was radiating a different kind of sexiness now. He looked like one of those guys he used to drill into the mattress when all the girls were still recovering from taking his meaty battering ram. Another moan died in his throat as the newly small twink looked at the other side of the cell. The police officer seemed to have undergone the exact opposite transformation. His new big feet stood spread far apart as a set of tree trunk thighs forced his legs to spread. His chest was wide and large enough he’d never fit easily through another door again. Antonio got the huge man’s attention after audibly swallowing while taking in the mouth watering size of the former twerp’s new cum cannon. “What did you do.” Antonio asked, not quite able to stop rubbing himself while he took in the handsome stud’s thick muscles. The smell emanating from him alone was intoxicating. The officer chuckled, his voice a new vibrato. “Made sure no one in this town ever indecently shows off again. I mean, when they’ve got a titan like me strutting around, who outsizes all guy’s in every conceivable way, who would think of cockily swaggering around in nothing but an ill fitting speedo?” The policeman said with a widening smirk, bouncing his muscles so it was clear just how huge he was. It was not like Antonio could forget for a moment the wealth of muscle adorning this new hunk. He found his mind rather occupied with that, rather than stressing out about losing his own incredible body. “I’m sorry I had to steal your size little guy. You should be honoured you got this chance to strengthen the force though.” The officer said with a sympathetic grin. The new stallion tried his best to fit into his police uniform, suddenly finding the formerly loose hanging clothing suddenly awfully tight. His new supreme manhood was especially bothersome, there seemed to be no way to shove his erect member into his pants. “I can help the force out in a few more ways too.” Antonio softly whispered, pushing the meaty pre leaking member down his tight throat.
  11. Strange Changes “Bzzz” the phone chirped. Mark grudgingly opened his eyes, wondering who could be sending him text messages at 6am. His nerdy ass certainly wasn’t the most popular around. Knowing he wasn’t gonna get more sleep anyways, Mark opened message. “Morning cutie. Just got back from my run.” It read. Attached was a selfie from the finest, thickest, most muscular man Mark had laid his eyes upon all week. Instantly Mark felt himself bone up, looking at the studs outward jutting pecs and veiny, beefy arms. Arms that could put quite a few bodybuilders to shame. Mark was fully ready to jerk off to this fine, masculinity oozing, specimen when he noticed who sent the picture. It was Chris from his courses. Nerdy Chris. Thin Chris. Geeky Chris, who spent all his spare time in the comic book store, and not, as this hot picture of a jocky behemoth would suggest, lifting the heaviest weights in the gym. Most people would perhaps assume the picture was a joke. That there was no way Chris could have simply gained a hundred and fifty pounds overnight. Mark however, was not like most people. And not just because of his far below average height and shrimpish body. Mostly because he was friends with a reality bending wizard. Mark bit his lips, gazing a second longer at the picture’s masculine perfection before clicking over to one of his other contacts. “I told you not to mess galactic balance, shithead.” Mark typed out, memories of Chris failing to lift up his backpack sharply contrasting the image of the muscular adonis he had must been sent. While he waited for a reply, Mark went back to gazing at the handsome smirk adorning Chris’ face, a face beautiful enough to get Mark’s attention away from looking at the powerful body it was sitting on for a few seconds. He always went back to staring at those pecs with a hungry stare however. “Shit. Did I mess with something again?” Carlos, Mark’s friend, finally replied. “Don’t try to play innocent. It’s Chris, he went from a scrawny twerp to a thick stud that calls me ‘cutie’.” “Well. Wasn’t me. You don’t remember Chris as our local porn star who’s fucked his way through nearly half of the campus?” Mark recalled the way Chris had been shyly stumbling through the halls yesterday, blushing and mumbling whenever he had the misfortune of walking into someone. “No.” Was Mark’s only reply. “Hm, can you find anyone else acting or looking out of the ordinary?” Carlos asked. Mark thought for a deep moment. He could hear the female moans of pleasure coming from his older brothers room vibrate throughout the house. The stud probably had another girl to ride his massive muscular shaft. He could see his neighbour mowing the grass outside, his bodybuilder sized physique in full display while his muscles shone with a shimmering layer of sweat. He could see the mailman swaggering down the road, his muscular arms bursting out of their seams. He had packages on top of packages stacked on his wide shoulders while people swooned whenever they opened the door for him. Mark remembered all of these people as studs, but now that he was thinking about it, it did seem rather odd to have this many super studs walking around in their small town which didn’t even have a gym. “I’m… Not sure.” Mark replied, his modest boner pressing into his thin thigh with insistence. It seemed all three studs surrounding his house were now taking care of their urges. A deep intense musk of sex and pleasure filling the air. “I think you are just imagining things man. Next you’re gonna say you don’t remember yourself as the weightlifting champion of our college.” Mark chuckled. At first because he thought his friend was making a great sarcastic joke. Nobody would think for a second Mark’s twig like body could be that of a weightlifter. Then he chuckled again, a few seconds later, in a much deep voice. Now it was because of the absurdity of for a second thinking his body, where his arms tended to bump into his steel like pecs with his every motion, didn't belong to someone who threw around great weights with ease. “Hagaha I ghuyss dso” Mark replied, his thick digits far too big for his phone’s tiny keyboard. Mark suddenly found the whole discussion about finding out who was messing with the fabric of spacetime a rather boring affair, and wanted to quickly get back to exchanging pics of their godly bodies with Chris. Comparing pec sizes was Mark’s favourite pastime. Mark smiled as he saw Carlos sent him a slew of hot videos of tiny twinks getting monstercocks shoved down their throats. He was such a good friend he likely knew taking care of morning wood each morning took quite a bit of effort. Even though the ten inch monsters these pornstars were sporting often didn’t compare to the mammoth sized rod Mark had swinging between his thick thighs (Not to mention their often average bodies not coming close to dense sinew of muscle making up Mark.) The muscle stud still appreciated the stimulation it provided. If nothing else, it just got him horny thinking about how much better he could please these permanently horny twinks. -------------- Carlos took a deep breath of fresh air when he finally saw Mark go offline. Carlos was glad the big man’s primal urges were doing their job in clouding his judgement. Beefing up Mark had been an improvisation. Carlos silently cursed under his breath, having such a beefcake walking around as a friend was going to be distracting. But what else was he supposed to do, admit he had done the one thing he had promised not to do? Messing with lives, making a stud out of everyone he considered worthy? Carlos bit his lips. These powers had been rather much of hassle so far. With great power comes great responsibility and all that. The frail nerd was scared he had just taken away his one clear voice of conscious by turning him into a permanently horny muscle hunk. Then he caught sight of himself in the mirror. His sunken face. His boney shoulders. His thin frame. There was no harm in bending the universe a little more to his whims, right?
  12. The guys on the left/right are the Vinci twins. Unfortunately they have since deleted their Instagram, where this pic was likely first posted, so it's no longer possible to find out who they tagged. Did a reverse image search but couldn't find anything. I hope someone else happens to know because I have no idea.
  13. The Underwear Run. “Are you sure you don’t want to join us?” Andrew asked in his nasally voice. Max looked at his three runty friends, standing in nothing but their boxers, a bit quizzically. He nodded no, still unsure if the scrawny nerds were pulling his leg. The two pale and thin geeks next to Andrew were softly mumbling among themselves. Max could faintly make out the enchantment they had been mumbling all week about ‘bathing in the light of the blood moon’ and ‘running laps three around the house of better men.’ Max had seen the spell in the old tome, and was sure if this wasn’t a prank from his friends, it was probably a cruel joke from the campus jocks. I mean, who believed that magic could turn you into a muscular stud? “I’ll pass, thanks. Have fun being branded as weirdo’s for while while you run around naked.” Max said with a soft chuckle. “Nearly naked.” Andrew corrected, riding the bridge of his glasses back up his nose. Max thought that the lack of any bulge whatsoever revealed more about Andrew than seeing his pitiful completely naked form probably could show off. “Alright, your loss.” Andrew said with a shrug, his boney shoulders looking ghostly as the walked out doors Max couldn’t recall the last time he had seen his weak friends being so desperate. ------------------ Max could hear his friends approach from quite the distance before they stepped back into the living room a few minutes later. “Did you see Stacey ogle over these pecs.” “Fuck no man, she was totally looking barely contained salami.” “Right guys, Hate to break it to you, but she was totally swooning over my good looks.” That earned a bouldering laughter from all three men as Max saw them strut back into the living room. It was clear whatever spell they had tried, it hadn’t done shit. They still looked like young american gods of sexiness and size. “Back already?” Max asked meekly, feeling his modest penis jump seeing the three virile muscle hunks that were ballooning out of their skin and out of their only garment. “Yeah. The magic thingy did fuck all.” Andy said, throwing a cocky grin at the way Max was swooning at their nearly nude legendary bodies. The three studs swaggered over to the large mirror standing in the living room. They never wasted a moment they could be checking out their sick ‘gainz.’ “Was pretty fun running around campus nearly nude though. Got plenty of guys trying to dent these steel like bi’s. Fuck this one guy shot his load right in front of his girlfriend while he tried out how solid Andy’s abs were.” Another one of the super studs chirped in. All three big men had to adjust their extremely formidable packages simultaneously at the mention of the encounter. Max had known his friends long enough that he knew they loved nothing more than proving their superiority over other men. God, with bodies like theirs, who wouldn’t. “Shit man, your monster is still hanging out of your gym shorts.” Andy said with a chuckle, grabbing the meaty shaft of his fellow muscle hunk with a grin. “And your tongue is still hanging out of those hot lips of yours.” Was all he got a reply before the two went in for a kiss. Max tried pulling his gaze away but had some difficulty. One the one hand, he wanted to give his friends the privacy they deserved, on the other hand, seeing the urgency of their heated making out session, their muscles rubbing into each other, it wasn’t a sight you’d find much elsewhere. “C’mon guys, you know how I feel about being left out.” The last ripped and hot guy in the room said with a chuckle, slowly tracing Andy’s skin with his tongue. It wasn’t long before the living room was filled with groans and moans of the fit super studs as they whispered just how sensitive their big muscles were. “We’ll take this to our room.” Andy said while softly biting on his equal’s lips. The other two greek gods quickly escaped into the big bedroom. Laughter and groans of pleasure followed them, as well as the gurlging noises that could only follow from their massive shafts straining open one of their throats. Andy waited for a moment, looking at Max with a slightly guilty expression. “I’d invite you as well, but you know how… Aggressive we can get. I don’t think your shrimpy body could handle us. No offence.” Max tried gently smiling, he’d be content just jerking off to the noises of pleasure coming through the thin walls while they desribed their immense muscularity and supreme manhoods in the most excruciating detail. “You can have some fun with these though…” Andy mumbled, throwing him his stretched out boxer briefs. It was stained by the constant stream of pre escaping Andy’s sublime body. Max could swear for a moment he saw ‘Andrew’ imprinted into the fabric. He blinked a few times, till he saw the letters move and spell out ‘Andy. Was probably just his head spinning after getting his first whiff of the studs manly musk, because Max couldn’t recall the last time someone had called the fine specimen by his birth name. Andy was just more respectful for a hunk like him. “There. Now, you won’t have to steal a pair for a change.” Andy said with a widening grin, making Max’s cheeks burn scarlet. They were almost as bright red as the blood moon shining from outside.
  14. (Pic and inspiration provided by @ABSQRST. You can see what he wrote for a pic I gave to him here.) Resisting Temptation. "Why did he have to choose chocolate chip." Nick said with a groan. Much to his own displeasure Nick couldn't stop his big hand from going into the roll of cookies again, retrieving another sugary snack. As much as hated how little command he had over his desires, he was at least glad he had a bit more control of his muscularity now. No more crushing cookies to bits above the new deep crevices of his abs. Nick held one of the cookies up close to his eye, licking his lips while savouring it's scent. It looked normal enough. A bit doughy perhaps, the pieces of chocolate sticking out with a mouthwatering look. It was the second tastiest snack in the room, right behind the newly grown thick piece of manly muscles Nick had been turned into. Nick wanted to throw it down his hatch, but hesitated for a moment. That one cookie was probably just as expensive as all the things in his small college dorm combined. Shouldn't he feel a bit guilty about stealing so many of them? Nick shrugged, your conscious was there to be ignored, and threw another one of the cookies down his square jawed maw. He scratched the manly scruff coating his chin while his face formed a widening grin, it wasn't like his rich roommate would really miss a few thousand bucks more or less. The big stud savoured the sweet taste while he munched it down. Of course, just tasting good wasn't what gave it it's exorbitant price. As he could feel liquid power beginning to pump through his veins it became quite clear why this roll of cookies was special. Nick just grunted, bawling his fist and making the veins on his arms pop. It had always started in his arms. Sinews breaking down and rebuilding. Bigger and stronger. The feeling of growing bigger, of having muscles expand, it is quite something. Especially if you were like nerdy Nick and had been used to being the runt wherever he went. Seeing his already beefy arms growing even bigger every second... "Fuck." Nick growled eyeing with lust how his already baseball sized biceps grew to footballs of steel. The powerful throbbing feeling spread through all of Nick’s body, pushing his muscles bigger, manlier and more virile. It felt like he was inflating like a balloon, each part of him just bulged and jutted out more and more. Well, if balloons were tough like iron and handsome enough to make anyone swoon. Nick let out another groan and slowly felt the feeling of growth subside. He felt a bit breathless, noticing for the first time the deep stink emanating from his armpits that was attacking his nostrils. It reeked like a locker room. Only then many time worse, that testerone laden sweat dripping over Nick’s body was beyond compare. Nick despised the smell for a moment, before suddenly finding himself in love with his new natural odor. Something about smelling like a man while he looked like this super stud just felt right. With a newfound energy Nick jumped up from his chair, strutting over to the small mirror they had in the cramped dorm. He enjoyed how even his feet looked bigger, even the size 14 shoes of his roommate would look small next to these overgrown feet. Nick couldn’t help but grin at his reflection, tracing all the new mass on his body with a single thick digit. He could even feel his skin pulse and throb with a certain kind of powerful virility. His pale skin had been replaced with a healthy tan and he looked ready to dominate on the beach. Thoughts of a summer filled with many sexual exploits filled Nick with great excitement. His roommate would definitely be first, the rich jock had it coming, and Nick would be more than happy to indulge in his fetish for powerful, masculinity overflowing men. Men like Nick now was, especially after this latest growth spurt. Realy the preppy jock had it coming. I mean, what idiot goes through the bother of smuggling in that now banned ‘Hunkify’ muscle growth serum, carefully concealing it in a roll of cookies while brining it in from Europe, only to then leave it unattendedly lying around? Nick bounced his pecs, ogling at the way the muscle contracted with glee. He knew exactly what kind of idiot his roommate was. The kind that would ever think of sharing that roll of serum laced cookies with the whole football team, rather than just claiming it for himself at the first opportunity. Nick smirked, looking at how his tighty whities had gotten very true to their name after munching down his latest cookie. His mandarin sized balls hung apologetically free in between his thighs, no longer capable of being constrained. With how packed his bulge was looking at the front, Nick guessed with wouldn’t be long before his thick salami sized cock, would break free as well. Well, his roommate fixation on turning the football team into state champs might have costed him his chance at godhood, at least he’d have the fun of living together with the the sexiest piece of beef on campus. Nick slowly ran his big mittens over his tree trunk thighs, reveling in how powerful his legs felt. There’d be no more getting winded from just walking up stairs, that was for sure. Although Nick hadn’t anticipated any of this when he had grabbed the roll of inconspicuous looking chocolate chip cookies from out of his roomie’s drawers, he certainly wasn’t gonna complain. Speaking of the those cookies… Nick strutted back to his bed, enjoying how his muscular thighs and very formidable package rubbed together. He still had half of the ridiculously expensive sweets left. Also about half an hour before his roomie would get back. He was bringing his teammates to their room, probably so they could finally enjoy the smuggled in dose of Hunkify together. Boy, were they gonna be in for a surprise. Without much conscious thought Nick felt his hand disappear into the cookie roll again, and before he knew it, he was enjoying the sweet chocolate taste. “Shit.” Nick mumbled, already feeling his body throb and swell. One more probably wouldn’t hurt. Two might be fine too. If it’d get to that point, three more would really be his last. Maybe four, if he really was having that much trouble caging up his desires for the sweet taste and the feelings of his muscles expanding with size and power. Nick licked the last cookie crumbles from his lips, looking with joy at how much trouble he was having seeing past his pecs. He kinda wished he could see the cock that had finally broken free from the humble garment though. The new muscle god looked at the roll of cookies again. He should definitely leave one or two. He’d have to size up his roommate if he wanted him to be able to handle Nick’s horny fucking after he was fully done growing. Nick growled, his hard, pre leaking, cock slapping into his tightening abs with a meaty thud. He could just about feel another row being added to his six pack, the grooves and edges only getting sexier on his body. Resisting his temptation to munch down the whole roll of cookies in one go was gonna be hard.
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