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    I have been turned on by growth since I don't know when. I love doing growth videos and visualizing my favorite ways to grow. Check out my blog and enjoy! Hopefully I will be able to get just as big in real life too. :-)
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    6'4" 220 lbs 16" Arms
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    Same as above but 15% less body fat. :-)
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    :-) Paul Krueger I bet you know why. :-) Wish there were more videos of him out there.

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  1. Thanks for all the flexie votes guys. This cub feels amazing!!

    1. ThickRick


      Yes you do, er,  (slobber). You are spectacular and I'm proud to be your bud. 

  2. Awesome drawing by Taka! :)

  3. Haven't been reading stories too much lately but this one caught my eye. Glad it did as it was thoroughly worth it! Fucking hot!
  4. Really starting to feel the testosterone course through me. So this is what keeps all you muscle beasts going!

    1. Hialmar


      Yes. Amazing, isn't it? Just remember that testosterone is just one part of the experience. Endorphins are another one.

    2. growcubgrow


      and I love both of them! I usually run for at least a half hour first wich releases the endorphins. They drive me into lifting time and I'm in euphoria by the end.

    3. jojo9


      Well damn, I'd love the feel the testosterone coursing through you sexy beast.

  5. Finally started supporting this site with my wallet. It's worth it.

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