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  1. TotalRookie

    Bigger, Blockier Abs

    If you're looking to get size on your abs, train them like other muscles - with weight resistance. Leg raises, decline sit-ups, side bends, Russian twists...you can get some weights with these bodyweight exercises and build up more muscle that way.
  2. TotalRookie

    Training methods to make the most of lower weights

    Though my reading of random bodybuilding articles, why not increase volume to the extreme? If you're looking at keeping your weights light, nothing wrong with light weights and doing 100+ squats.
  3. TotalRookie

    Leg suggestions

    Have you tried going bodyweight with your leg workouts? Squats (normal, wide, jumping, etc), lunges (forward and lateral), bridges, and glute-ham raises come to mind.
  4. TotalRookie

    What draws you you to muscle?

    If people are still looking... Strength to improve. I'm not looking to win contests of strength, or get supremely swole. Just stronger overall to handle the heavy lifts that occasionally happen in life. Personally, I prefer the back. It's critical for holding the body together, and in many respects it's underappreciated.

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