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    Muscle, spandex, growth, and anything involving any of all three.
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    5'10", 205lb, ~14%bf
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    5'10", 215lb, 8%bf
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    Calum von Moger, Chris Bumstead, Mike Pearson
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    Spandex, superheroes, muscle growth, superhero transformations, master/slave...

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  1. Buffling

    The Wellspring

    Definitely got me going -- woof!!!
  2. I’ll be writing a story in this mode for my Storyversary offering. Stay tuned!
  3. Buffling

    The Librarian

    As a current library student, I wholeheartedly approve of this story and look forward to more!
  4. Buffling

    The accident

    I feel like you're making an apology for a lack of originality -- don't worry about it. Write what you like. Your style is great, and I totally got off reading this. I'm curious about Korhonen and Swanson's motives, and what be more than happy to see you continue...!
  5. Really hot story - totally turns my crank. SuperGod is an old favorite of mine and you reinvented it beautifully!
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