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  2. Tetsuo88

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    ha.. might be that indeed T_T
  3. Tetsuo88

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    I'll be removing all my content as for myself and do a douchy last post linking to my all other social media. It's stupid to try to sanitize from porn.. everybody knows that "internet IS for porn" XD Well another brilliant strategic move from yahoo... i'll hope they'll go bankrupt on this one again To quote the french king Louis the XIVth : A quand nous allons faire rendre gorge à ces gens là !
  4. Tetsuo88


    soooooooo cute ❤️
  5. Tetsuo88


    Big bro !!! ❤
  6. Tetsuo88

    Meet up.

    Tetsuo -Meatball- (tetsuo88)

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