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    New York City
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    real profile.
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    Getting bigger, getting trained by a more muscular guy (perhaps a "hard gainer" like myself), synthesizers, drum machines, audio production, live performances, dark/odd sounds, worked-out Asian MEN(!)
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    5’ 7” at #150
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    Ultimately? A sharp (perhaps) Asian man who would like to help/train me... and enjoy a life of growing together (as a couple/friends/partners, intellectually, etc, as well as physically keeping each other fit/on track)
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    Hmmm... Closer to #190, but fairly cut, and FLEXIBLE.
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    Getting bigger, oil, wrestling, light S&M, frottage

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    Busy NYer... Between full time work, music production (my own), and "trying" to date/meet compatible guys, I'm finding it harder and harder to have time for gaming... unless its Mario Kart, or Super Smash Bros (on WiiU - for now!). Anyone up for that in NYC area...? -anthony / antfactor on Nintendo and Playstation network.

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