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  1. yes!!!! thank you!!! so much!! i found the links with google help!! Here i found 3 chapters..but i believe there is four! Chpater 1:https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20673-p1.html Chapter 2: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20725-p1.html# Chapter 3: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/23832-p1.html
  2. Hi, i realy tried to find this, but i cant, so i hope someone can help me. Its a story from th old forum, its about a kid, who was drivind in night in a highway, and eh se a light and crashes. The scientist involved save the kid but put his brain in the synthetic body so he can leave. It end with de kid in this superbody geting out of the facility when a bomb blows. In the middle, the scientists test his body strenght speed and other things.. The name of the story is something like Little Mike... but not sure! I know that was a stpry named Little Mickey, but its not that one! Anyone????
  3. Hi, i realy liked stories where a guy became powerfull and huge based on magic. But also is important the power wont be shared with other characters (or can be shared but the story dont make them equal, the main character stay being the most powerfull). Most of this stories usually are based on acient greek or norse gods. And of course all of them involved huge muscles I remeber some stories I read a long time ago but none of them I know the name anymore. I will resume the central idea and if you know the name please tell me. Also, if you know some stories with this idea please share with me. Story 1 - Two friends in the forest/jungle, one of them finds a "place"(cave or something like that), he call his friend to go with him there, and when they are in the "place" and are scared... but one of them bitch out and give a try, it envolves cristals and the guy need to be naked to the ceremony, the clothes go tu one "table/altar", e he goes tu another altar. Story 2 - One guy.. a student, goes with is teacher to a research in some forgoten place (i think its in Grece), ther a hole and they dont know whats in this chamber... the student falls inside, and its dark and he sees some light glowing and this makes him some sorte of god. He can come back and he fuck his teacher (woman). Story 3 - One guy (i think its some native froam a place in the forest) was hired to help other guy finds a "forgoten place", when they find the place this guy who was wired go to this altar and receid the power of a god, he bitches out with his former master and fucks him. Story 4 - Some history where you have hercules or thor (dont remeber witch one) statues. Some janitor of the museu where this statue was hame som sor of sex with the statue, blacked out and wakeup as the statue god and the statue disapear. Story 5 - Ther was a small guy, who tries to became huge with some sorte of rock, but the bully research before and stole the rock form the weak one and became all powerfull, its kind of a fail revenge! (this one happens in a locker room) So, i know i'm not making this easy, and i'm asking too much inone time, but i think this post can became some sorte of reference to this kind of stories having all in one post only. And please if you know any other stories with this kind of idea, please share with me! Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language.
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