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  1. I agree. While I am openly gay I am also Catholic and I believe that while everyone should be free to love whomever he happens to be in love with, there must be a balance between the right to love and the right not to be obscene, or at least there must be some form of moderation, which does not depend upon being homosexuals or whatever. Some sorts of politeness are always necessary for my humble opinion. That said, I think Jake understands it very well. He is a proper gentleman. Dean too, while (as Mr. Bercrow would probably say) being overexcitable, I think he understands how to behave in social contexts expecially if he cares as much as he proclaims to our sweet Jake. That is just to say that probably people would not be too unfriendly to Jake and Dean (and not just because of the incredible size of the latter), but due to an understanding of the context (young couple, deeply in love... I have even met some 80 years old ladies blessing gay couples) and the gradual acceptance of homosexuals in Italian society
  2. This is more or less what I suggested. By the way, I love the stereotyped geek/jock relationship
  3. Sequel. Please...
  4. I would love to write a screenplay on it! And I would love to help you writing if you agreed. I have tons of ideas...
  5. At this point, it is quite unanimous that you have to write a sequel. As a boring twinkish lawyer I have no right to suggest how you should continue your astonishing work, but I will give you my ideas anyway. I would make a hiatus in the story, at least 4-5 years and i would open with the day before the marriage: AJ, a worldwide bodybuilder champion (and one of the very few openly gay) marrying his long-term boyfriend, a writer (who accidentally happens to have written a novel about their love story, which is the story we are reading) who after his graduation and a PhD on the representation of the male body in the literature from Homer to Oscar Wilde (or something like that) has gone living in LA with his professional bodybuilder's husband-to-be. To make it short, AJ just wants to be the first gay bodyb. to win the Olympia but has already decided that he needs to make something more substantial (than his 280 lbs of pure shredded muscles) getting an LLB and an LLM in MBA before going to work in some financial corporation or some IT newco somewhere in California. Dumb jocks might be hot, but smart and educated ones are even better and are less banal. I would like to read their everyday's life, their growing up as a couple during the years surviving together the loss of their parents (Noah's mother dies from cancer after a long battle assisted by her beloved son and her equally beloved [almost] son-in-law whom she blesses with her last breath) and overcoming the deep insecurities that for different reasons afflict both AJ and Noah. Coming back to the marriage, I would also put some pepper in the story and I would like to read the pain of AJ tailor fitting the suit for his marriage and some "oh crap" moments where he forgets how big he is straining too much his clothes. In synthesis, I would like to make me cry, to excite me, to make my heart beat at the rhythm of our beloved characters. I have no authority to do so, but I forbid you to abandon your story. I want an invitation to AJ and Noah's marriage (and I have some ideas for the proposal too.... maybe somewhere in a certain Tesco and a ring enveloped in a bodybuilder's pink poser?). Enjoy your Christmas than start writing again. Marsh!
  6. I am sorry for the off-topic. I hope I didn't bother anyone. It is just that when I find something that makes me reading 98 chapters in a single say it is quite extraordinary... Let's wish our best to our Noah: I wish I had a muscle-bound boyfriend/husband... Please, when you have time keep writing your story. I have to know how the trial will end and I want to know what happens to Jason, Nick and Sean: are they going to have a menage à trois? I am just joking. Thanks to you all to make me dream that one day I will find my person. Best regards
  7. Hey, I am in love with your works. In just 2 days I have devoured your story on Nifty [https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/celebrity/boy-bands/my-everything/my-everything-98]. Are you planning to continuing it? Thanks a lot.
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