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    fantasy profile.
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    muscles admirer/worshipper
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    [for my boyfriend: 190 cm; 120-150 kilos]
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    AJ and Noah
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    creating a musclegod

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  1. LOve4muscles

    AJ & Noah

    I am sorry for the off-topic. I hope I didn't bother anyone. It is just that when I find something that makes me reading 98 chapters in a single say it is quite extraordinary... Let's wish our best to our Noah: I wish I had a muscle-bound boyfriend/husband... Please, when you have time keep writing your story. I have to know how the trial will end and I want to know what happens to Jason, Nick and Sean: are they going to have a menage à trois? I am just joking. Thanks to you all to make me dream that one day I will find my person. Best regards
  2. LOve4muscles

    AJ & Noah

    Hey, I am in love with your works. In just 2 days I have devoured your story on Nifty [https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/celebrity/boy-bands/my-everything/my-everything-98]. Are you planning to continuing it? Thanks a lot.

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