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  1. was not going to say anything , but now that someone else has, might as well put a bit into this discussion.... me and him were talking quite a lot... working on ideas (that's why he wrote the continuation of a story he hadn't wrote as anything for and didnt plan on) and were even chatting a lot about life... He was a VERY believable person, was even making me show a lot of sympathy for him as he told me he was having body modification surgeries and was in pain and stuff... I even showed him some pretty vulnerable pics of my own that I typically dont hand out freely.... then one day he started sending me pics that I was like "huh... I've seen this before..." got nothing on google reverse... till I one day did... and then a few days later another I hot a hit on.. and a few days later another... wasnt going to say anything to him, but finally I did... i just told him he didnt need to lie about who he was to impress anyone. hes a great writer, and hes still a good friend to me and just to be truthful and honest. After that all communication stopped... it was about 2 weeks later he deleted his account.
  2. no one is upset lol... but bashing someone for their writing style and solely their writing style makes people not want to write. it's basically still a form of bullying... This is honestly why I stopped writing myself... I just jow stick to rping and lending ideas... like I helped create this idea with the writer.... there wasnt even a plan for a sequel till I was like "you know what would be hot???" and now you all are getting not just one part but 2 parts...
  3. he does it every time lol, must be the boomer generation. Some, not all, think they are entitled.
  4. moat the people here are NOT professional writers... we write cause we're horny... enjoy the work, but dont insult a writer for not having your "STANDARD" of writing... with that said, Keep it up Ncgazza! You're a pro here on the forums and in the muscle growth community!
  5. I am bumping this... if you have not read this hot tale, it needs to be read... if you have, then reread it... Something BIGGER is coming from Ncgazza that I kinda helped stoke his raging passion with...
  6. great story! happy to see the runt this time getting the comeuppance! also most high schools now have 2 hour classes, they switch every other day... one day being odd periods, the other being even... 1,3,5... 2,4,6...
  7. Soooo good to see you back! Another amazing chapter!
  8. Here you go! https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/26221-p1.html
  9. Great read! Always look forward to your stuff! Never keep writing
  10. Hot... you should have did a role reversal story with this set up.
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