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  1. Good to see where your inspiration comes from! That was a fun read.
  2. I'm trying to find this story where the character makes a deal with a demon for the ability to steal strength from people. He starts getting stronger, then bigger, then giant. At some point he even drains the demon. Anybody remember this?
  3. I would love to see the other sketches, or any other art you have! Maybe start a thread? Your drawing really seems to catch the right perspective and has the right energy. I'd love to see more.
  4. So glad I chanced into this with wo much written, as every chapter made me want to read more! Excellent characters, writing quality, plot development, and imagery. Remarkably high quality of everything. Cannot wait for the next part!
  5. I'm just going to put a brief note here in response to the criticisms & praise. Follow the Tom of Finland Rule: "Write what makes you hard." Tom is quoted as having said he knew his drawings were right if he was hard most of the time he was working on them. If not, the drawing wasn't really good, in the sense that it didn't carry the "weight" he wanted it to have. It didn't push your button the way he wanted it to. Do the same thing in your writing. You're doing it for you, and if someone doesn't want to read it, they don't have to read it. This isn't a work assignment for anyone - writer or reader! Thank you for sharing your art.
  6. I love this! I wish you hadn't stopped it here. I was picturing Tom growing to something like Chad's size. I'll just do that in my imagination instead. You're a great author. Writing of this quality always makes one wish for more. Thank you for sharing your work with everyone here!
  7. To reply to the above: if Dredlifter is OK with it, you could do the follow on story. Looks like you've got an idea or two that could have some legs!
  8. Nice. Sounds like a tough problem. /Rolleyes/ Hopefully she wants to also! I've been told something interesting about straight BB's and women, offered here for comment. (FYI, I'm a gay male.) I've been told that women, in general, are actually NOT into big muscles. Fit/toned, yes. Big, ripped, BB type guys - not so much. There seems to be some support for this. A few ideas were posed by the person who said this to me. These are offered for thinking, I'm not really advocating them myself. Women prefer to be the center of attention. Very attractive males dilute this. Women do not want to think their husband could replace them, and being big/attractive is threatening. To be seriously successful at bodybuilding, a person has to indulge some level of self-centered-ness, due to the consistency and focus it requires. These are interesting to me because in the gay male community, the value placed on being physically attractive is so high that the energy and work put into it is appreciated and valued, not seen as a negative. (I just made a big generalization, I know; an I'm-too-pretty-for-you, or "out of your league" attitude from anyone is an instant turn off, they can go from a +10 to -10 in a second with that crap.) I'll put some more out on this later, a few ideas kicking around my head.
  9. This is a little different for you! Nice work. Love it as always!
  10. I read a story recently and can't find it; possibly deleted? A guy is doing a video chat or just jacking off online, and someone's comments are making him bigger than he was. Reality shifting stuff, guy gets bigger, knows it's happening. I thought it was "Camjerk", but apparently not. I have looked through the forums but can't find it. Any help? I really enjoyed it! Thank you!
  11. I just love your writing. Good work.
  12. Really enjoying this story. Thank you for sharing it!
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