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  1. Thank you so much! This is a great finale!
  2. Hi Warlock.  Just wasted to say thanks for giving my story a thunbs up.  Authors love praise! ?  More stories to come. Cheers!

  3. Love the story. I do have one suggestion, though. The last three or four paragraphs, slow down. You getting it into pure numbers that are hard to visualize, and we have no frame of reference except our own fantasies. Maybe devote some time to showing us what he can do with that bulk. Give us some numbers for what he is lifting, or show us his day-to-day. This guy is only of average height, but he's carrying over 400 pounds. How well can he move? Is he doing anything to compensate for the inflexibility that develops? Aside from lifting, does he have a sex drive?
  4. Loved the story, just went so fast. I wish that last paragraph was at least half as long as the rest of the story. I would want to see him grow.
  5. Yes, please, more. I didn't want to necro-bump after so long, but since b2b already did, I'll add my encouragement. This is an amazing story, it needs to continue!
  6. Looks good, looking forward to more. Though one little editing thing, there are little chunks of 'rnrn' that seem to be interspersed into the text, probably a linebreak that isn't copying over right. Shows up for me, not sure if it's visible to anyone else.
  7. Found like 1-8, but I think there were something like 12 chapters, there's a 'final chapter' that seems to have a major time-skip between pt8 and itself I remember more happening in there.
  8. I remember this story from something like 4-6 years back on the old forums, maybe older. Don't remember the author, except possible details. I remember 90% of the plot in detail, this smart teenage guy helps a homeless guy in the park, and in return is offered a 'card', which transitions between an image of a bear and a gorilla, which causes him to gradually grow bigger and bigger, with reality shifting along the way. Eventually, his two friends get drawn into the mess, getting their own cards that 'improve' their life in different ways. (the female friend gets a 'beauty' card, don't remember what the guy friend gets.) Eventually the whole thing is revealed to be a plot by the 'homeless' guy, who is gradually stealing their souls or somesuch. I tried looking for it everywhere, and I can't find it. Might have been deleted when the author vanished (I recall a claim he might've died, his stories pulled down by his S/O, though there were conflicting reports, IIRC, with some saying he was just cleaning up his internet presence in an attempt to go professional or something). Might even be conflating one author with another, not sure. I'd really love to find the story, I thought it was awesome. If I can't get a hold of it, I might write something along that direction, though admittedly favoring my own preferences, just because I like the mechanism.
  9. This is awesome! I hope we see more! I'm hoping Jonas was just a hint of a more in-depth growth story to be told. Something 3-4 times longer that showcases the mental descent and physical ascent of the narrator. Keep it up! This is almost exactly my main wish/fetish right here.
  10. Looking forward to the next part! I hope we'll see it soon!
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