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    Huge hung bodybuilder looking for other muscle jocks.
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    5'8" 220 lbs pretty ripped, 50" chest, 28" quads, 33" waist, 20" arms, huge ****
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    Younger, muscled up gymnast/wrestler types who love muscle and big meat.
  • What are your dream stats?
    5'8" 260 lbs ripped, 65" chest, 33" quads, 33" waist, 24" arms, bigger ****
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    Alexey Lesukov, Peter Molnar, Cody Montgomery, Flex Lewis
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    Yup. Ask me.

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  1. love your profile big man

  2. HungBull    When will you have a new update on your site? Or where can I see your new vids? Thank you for all the awesome fantasies! You are an inspiration.

  3. great stats, pics and hot profile.  keep growing.  where are you located?

  4. Love ALL your stuff, Tom!  

  5. Thanks, hot boy!

  6. Hey man!  Thanks for the comment!

  7. Hey, thanks buddy!

  8. Thanks for being a great inspiration to me!

  9. Happy birthday bud. Nice solid frame!

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