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  1. Are there any more chapters of this great story planned? Would love to find out what happens next.
  2. More please! Absolutely great story!
  3. I don't mean to be pushy, but.... is another chapter of this great story planned?
  4. xmrr20a

    no sex Bulletproof

    Will there be another chapter? Please.
  5. No Dude! Thanks for writing it. I'm in your debt big time for all the great work you put out there for our enjoyment. Seriously - thank you for all of it!
  6. This is such a fantastic story! Is it going to be continued? I'm checking pack every day to see what's going to happen next.
  7. Love this! Cannot wait for it to continue. I love strength stories of small/ordinary guys with great strength.
  8. I love where this conversation is going! Really great story and writing. I'd like to join the chorus in saying I'd love this story to continue!
  9. Hey - I hope you get time to write about this great story!
  10. I'd like to second debate1's comment. A continuation would be awesome! One of the best series here, EVER!
  11. I echo the request for MORE. Will you continue the story?
  12. What a great idea! This was such a good series.
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