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    Growing bigger & meaner!
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    6'1, 250, 18a, 34w, 45c
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    Ideally "swolemate". Other than that looking to connect with like-minded guys to share any advice, support or anything to grow! Nothing is too big!
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    6'1, 270, 7% bf
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    Jason Amato, Andy Velcich, Russ Allen, Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, Flex Lewis, Antoine Vaillant
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  1. MuscledMonk

    how long to rest after tooth extraction

    I went to gym 24 hours after 4 wisdom teeth extraction. Did not even take the painkillers prescribed by my dentist. It should be okay unless you're still bleeding.
  2. Should try fried gator too! I think "personal section" would be more appropriate. Probably one of the admins will move it there.
  3. MuscledMonk

    How do you manage your gym time?

    There's always time to work out. My situation has been like you & even worse now with teaching/grading, supervising students, & research on top of the classes & HW (in grad school btw). Technically, I am on campus between 9-10.30 pm every day. Even on weekends, I still do research especially on Saturday which is very common practice in my department (Sunday is optional for me). But it hasn't stopped me. Is it ideal? No, but it's doable to grow a decent size. When things get extremely busy, I still manage dragging myself to work out for 3x a week but 4-5x per week is what I usually do on regular day. An hour max (3-5 times a week) is doable. I also go very early in the morning or very late an hour before the gym close. That's when the gym is not that busy so I save more time to do efficient workout. Additionally, I go to school gym, the equipments are great fortunately & I don't waste my time on the road going to out of campus gym. Check out your school gym & try to go there. It is probably free (included in your tuition) too so you can save gym membership for food and you can go there between classes/study group, or when you need a break from study/doing homework etc. Good luck, bud!
  4. MuscledMonk

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    45-60 mins for lifting and additional 20-30 minutes if I do cardio. I always think if I take longer than an hour, probably I just take too much break between set. Unless the gym is overcrowded which I have to wait for every equipment I wanna use.
  5. MuscledMonk

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    Not the biggest & leanest guy here. But here what I have had experience: 1. Nurses were asking me, what my ethnic background was. This is what I remember N: What are you? Me: Ugh, what do you mean? I'm human? N: *Laughing* I mean your ethnic background. Me: Oh, I'm Chinese N: Really? Never seen built Chinese. Usually they are skinny and shorter. Me: **feels good & gave her smile** 2. I feel like people are more friendly to me than when I knew nothing about bodybuilding (not saying I'm expert now either, still have lot of things to learn) 3. Random guys at gym R1: Man, your chest looks big, I wanna be like that. R2: Hey man, how do you train your calves R3: Where are you from (just because I'm not white lol)? You look big! R4: You need a bigger t-shirt. You almost rip it up. R5: **saw me entering the gym** Holyshit man, what you're taking, I want something like that R6: Nice traps 4. Random guys at the same building where I work C1 (he had competed when he was teen): Man, do you compete? Me: No, I do not think I have the built to compete. C1: Yes, you do Me: **wanting to get even bigger**---+ -----+++++------++++++--------++++++-------- Another guy work at the same building saw me at gym C2: **stopping me** Hey come here Me: Hey what's going on? C2: **complementing my arms & comparing his to mine, then laughing** Me: **laughing, kinda felt awkward but nonetheless felt good** 5. Got offered money for doing 'something' that would be illegal lol 6. Senior at work S: He (referring to me) probably could break the door if he wants to. 7. My boss B: How long did it take you to build muscle? B: I know you have lots of muscle but when you do this kind of work, you need to be more patient (I was laughing) In general, I see how people treat me differently once I workout. It can be because my confidence or because of the physical appearance. But those kind of things are the one keep motivating me. Cheers, MM

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