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    Growing bigger & meaner!
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    6'1, 250, 28
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    Ideally "swolemate". Other than that looking to connect with like-minded guys to share any advice, support or anything to grow! Nothing is too big!
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    6'1, 270, 7% bf
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    Jason Amato, Andy Velcich, Russ Allen, Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, Flex Lewis, Antoine Vaillant
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    Well muscle (Duh!)

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  1. MuscledMonk

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    45-60 mins for lifting and additional 20-30 minutes if I do cardio. I always think if I take longer than an hour, probably I just take too much break between set. Unless the gym is overcrowded which I have to wait for every equipment I wanna use.
  2. MuscledMonk

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    Thanks mate!
  3. MuscledMonk

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    Not the biggest & leanest guy here. But here what I have had experience: 1. Nurses were asking me, what my ethnic background was. This is what I remember N: What are you? Me: Ugh, what do you mean? I'm human? N: *Laughing* I mean your ethnic background. Me: Oh, I'm Chinese N: Really? Never seen built Chinese. Usually they are skinny and shorter. Me: **feels good & gave her smile** 2. I feel like people are more friendly to me than when I knew nothing about bodybuilding (not saying I'm expert now either, still have lot of things to learn) 3. Random guys at gym R1: Man, your chest looks big, I wanna be like that. R2: Hey man, how do you train your calves R3: Where are you from (just because I'm not white lol)? You look big! R4: You need a bigger t-shirt. You almost rip it up. R5: **saw me entering the gym** Holyshit man, what you're taking, I want something like that R6: Nice traps 4. Random guys at the same building where I work C1 (he had competed when he was teen): Man, do you compete? Me: No, I do not think I have the built to compete. C1: Yes, you do Me: **wanting to get even bigger**---+ -----+++++------++++++--------++++++-------- Another guy work at the same building saw me at gym C2: **stopping me** Hey come here Me: Hey what's going on? C2: **complementing my arms & comparing his to mine, then laughing** Me: **laughing, kinda felt awkward but nonetheless felt good** 5. Got offered money for doing 'something' that would be illegal lol 6. Senior at work S: He (referring to me) probably could break the door if he wants to. 7. My boss B: How long did it take you to build muscle? B: I know you have lots of muscle but when you do this kind of work, you need to be more patient (I was laughing) In general, I see how people treat me differently once I workout. It can be because my confidence or because of the physical appearance. But those kind of things are the one keep motivating me. Cheers, MM