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  1. I loved your comment about Piana and Synthol. 

    Having been on this forum for about two years now, and having made really close friends offline as a result, I enjoy seeing posts from you and guys like you, who I've sorta known or known of for a long time. Your tumblr is a good one, too.

    1. sannong


      Hey man thanks! It's good to hear from you. I've been on the forums for quite a while actually, but only really became active in the past year or so. I've been having fun with the tumblr, always trying to find new pics I don't see posted elsewhere. Hit me up on skype if you ever want to chat: sannong21

  2. Niiiice. This is the first growth story that reminds me of how I was inspired to begin lifting by my great, jacked bud Chris. Except my journey started in my 50s. The next chapter will undoubtedly be inspiring while being sploogeworthy. Mike, thanks for coming out and publicly sharing your writing with us, not to mention your own hot bod and journey to swoledom.
  3. Kitchen remodel complete. Meal prep time.

    1. Jim


      Hope it went well! My youngest son designed my kitchen as well as expanding it. It was part of his final project for a class in November. He studied interior architecture and design.

  4. The next playmate who pounds my pecs is gonna have to go harder. I almost reached pec punching nirvana tonight. A new standard for clobbering me has been set.

  5. DAMN!

    1. GiganticBeast


      I'm hopin that's a good DAMN! like a 'you just caught site of how fucking monstrous you're getting and are seriously having trouble walking through doors without your shoulders scraping the sides as your body hulks into this fucking wall of THICK muscle' kinda damn. Not a bad kinda damn lol

    2. MLMuscle


      ...The torpedoes - Full speed ahead!" Just thought that I'd finish it with a historical flair... :)

  6. Lat blast last night gave me a hellacious pump. But boy is the cut needed. Waist waaaay too thick.

  7. Wild weekend promises followed by exciting week ahead. (new meds working, apparently)

  8. Wild weekend promises followed by exciting week ahead. (new meds working, apparently)

  9. That's what it takes bro. Embrace your carnivorous nature. (I finally gained 20 lbs on this bulk. Had to eat like a bull.)

    1. ThickRick


      LOL I know that bulls and horses are both herbivores, but I use examples like them because they symbolize power and manhood. Maybe it would've been better if I'd said "eat a bull." Mmmm. Beef tartare. Haha. Just having fun.

  10. Bulk still working. Broke the 230 lb mark on morning weigh-in.

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    2. Mdlftr


      Good work! Roar!

    3. SeaMusc


      Turning into a BEAST! Damn.

    4. muscledoz


      Congrats Beast!

      Keep at it.

  11. Bulk still working. Broke the 230 lb mark on morning weigh-in.

  12. Hit a PR last night that's been a very long time in coming.

  13. Bulking cycle still working! I'm up 15 lbs. I can see more beef where I want it. Will post pics soon.

    1. Mdlftr


      Awright, ThickRick -- getting THICKER!!!

  14. Gym owner told my trainer he noticed my my chest is bigger. Hallelujah.

    1. Rigel126


      If he's hot then go give him a big thank you kiss!

  15. With the support of my meathead friends here, I get through tough times. Here's to my forum bros

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    2. swolegoal


      You're stronger than you realize.

    3. cutlerfan


      You can do it stud! Keep growing as big as you want!

    4. buffguy31264
  16. Squats last night went great--hitting my stride.

    1. Mdlftr


      Go Rick, Thicken!

  17. Squat squat squat. Pray for me at 4PM Pacific. Gotta stay upright and not drop too fast.

  18. Strong arm night. Now I'm gettin' somewhere. Something (ahem) must've kicked in.

  19. Strong arm night. Now I'm gettin' somewhere. Something (ahem) must've kicked in.

  20. Home & on a bulk.

    1. Mdlftr


      Awright! Bulk on, get even THICKER!

    2. muscledoz


      New super thick ThickRick!

  21. I've read several of the chapters of The Twenty over the past couple of days. As one of the biggest resident horn dogs on our forum, I must give this high praise. This is, to put it in plain English, nut-busting stuff. I came so hard once I was left convulsing and gasping. The rich descriptions, the depictions of extreme hypermasculine, hypersexual activity, make a fantasy world that could hardly be a more potent drug for those of us who are slaves to our muscle addiction. I'll be reading some more of this great stuff tonight. I'll have the Gun Oil handy. It will take some restraint to keep myself from exploding too quickly. Thanks to Joey Silverado for giving pleasure to a bunch of us horny motherf*ckers. ThickRick
  22. Countdown to my return to Los Angeles finally underway. I'll be back terrorizing Silverlake and WeHo by the end of October. This year.

    1. Tomoshiraga


      Haha, bet your just bursting with anticipation!

    2. Augment


      Great to hear you're finally getting back to where you want to be! Wishing I was in LA to be terrorized...

  23. Back in steamy Florida, back to my regular workout routine after a week with my old trainer in LA.

  24. Just landed at LAX 11PM is a great crush of people. I am so stoked. Much indulgence and vice ahead

    1. Tomoshiraga


      Jealous! Have fun and feel em all up for me!

  25. Going home to my beloved L A Fri August 14 for just a week. Swimming pools. Porn stars. Ahhhh

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    2. Mdlftr


      @ swolegoal...

      "Oil that is....posing oil...for bodybuilders in LA"

    3. Mdlftr


      @ swolegoal...

      "Oil that is....posing oil...for bodybuilders in LA"

    4. tigerbeef


      have a blast Rick

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