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    Metro Los Angeles
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    real profile.
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    bodybuilding, male bonding, sex, cars, bodybuilding and sex! And bodybuilding.
    Travel, exploring new places and my favorite places, urban scenes, great food and drink, great urban views, luxurious surroundings and hard core grit. House & techno tracks.
  • What are your stats?
    6'0" 237 lbs, 47 3/4" Chest, 17 1/2" Arms, 7+" where it counts
  • What are you seeking?
    Guys to muscle worship or who wanna muscle worship me. Friends & fwb's. World domination. A great pump on chest day will do in the absence of that.
  • What are your dream stats?
    20" Guns, 50" Chest, 260 lbs. I want delts like melons, traps that look like a 2nd set of shoulders, big fuckin monkey arms that I can't keep flat, cobra fuckin lats.
    As Rich Piana's slogan says, "One day you may."
    All that is a real goal. But hell, while I'm at it, let's throw in 12" junk for good measure.
  • Favorite Stories
    Shane: Confessions of An Underdog by SeaMusc. And all the audio files by GiganticBeast. All of them.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Jason Huh, Alexey Lesukov, Antoine Vallant, Rich Piana, Frank McGrath, Craig Golias, Phil Hernon, (and from back in the day, Mike Mentzer), and a whole lot of big bad pornstars like Zeb Atlas, Carlo Masi, Zak Spears, Chris Duffy, cool Joey Jordan, Muscle God Brendan and my personal inspiration: Brad Kalvo, not to mention many, many other manly, manly men.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    big guns, huge traps, lats, delts, hairy muscle men, fighting, spitting, hot talk, arrogance, domination (mine or yours), gym gear, hot butch clothes of all kinds, boots, husky dudes, young nubile butch dudes, old grizzled badass dudes, tough Asians with attitude, tough Latinos with attitude, swole black mofos, big badass white dudes, hairy middle eastern dudes. Did I miss any?

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  1. Hey ThickRick! Thanks for the "I like" on my comment on "Partners/Significant Others Who Get it". 

     Good to see you're still around - you look bodaciously swole!  Inspiring!


  2. Damn fine profile, big guy.  Bring on the dominance and power and huge muscle anytime! 

  3. That new (to me, anyway) profile pic is HOT ThickRick, grr!

  4. Wow, big muscledaddy! ;)

    1. ThickRick


      Since my avatar was flushed when the site was updated, I put up one of my recent shots. That's not even the best one, but the shine on my artillery and the unusual (for me) white tank top looked grrrrr so I thought I'd toss this in there. Just watch my next cycle. I've got wood just THINKING about it.

  5. Niiiice. This is the first growth story that reminds me of how I was inspired to begin lifting by my great, jacked bud Chris. Except my journey started in my 50s. The next chapter will undoubtedly be inspiring while being sploogeworthy. Mike, thanks for coming out and publicly sharing your writing with us, not to mention your own hot bod and journey to swoledom.
  6. Kitchen remodel complete. Meal prep time.

    1. Jim


      Hope it went well! My youngest son designed my kitchen as well as expanding it. It was part of his final project for a class in November. He studied interior architecture and design.

  7. The next playmate who pounds my pecs is gonna have to go harder. I almost reached pec punching nirvana tonight. A new standard for clobbering me has been set.

  8. DAMN!

    1. GiganticBeast


      I'm hopin that's a good DAMN! like a 'you just caught site of how fucking monstrous you're getting and are seriously having trouble walking through doors without your shoulders scraping the sides as your body hulks into this fucking wall of THICK muscle' kinda damn. Not a bad kinda damn lol

    2. MLMuscle


      ...The torpedoes - Full speed ahead!" Just thought that I'd finish it with a historical flair... :)

  9. Lat blast last night gave me a hellacious pump. But boy is the cut needed. Waist waaaay too thick.

  10. Wild weekend promises followed by exciting week ahead. (new meds working, apparently)

  11. Wild weekend promises followed by exciting week ahead. (new meds working, apparently)

  12. That's what it takes bro. Embrace your carnivorous nature. (I finally gained 20 lbs on this bulk. Had to eat like a bull.)

    1. ThickRick


      LOL I know that bulls and horses are both herbivores, but I use examples like them because they symbolize power and manhood. Maybe it would've been better if I'd said "eat a bull." Mmmm. Beef tartare. Haha. Just having fun.

  13. Bulk still working. Broke the 230 lb mark on morning weigh-in.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mdlftr


      Good work! Roar!

    3. SeaMusc


      Turning into a BEAST! Damn.

    4. muscledoz


      Congrats Beast!

      Keep at it.

  14. Bulk still working. Broke the 230 lb mark on morning weigh-in.

  15. Hit a PR last night that's been a very long time in coming.

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